Kumkum Bhagya 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya wears mangalsutra by Abhi’s hand

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The Episode starts with Purab, Disha, Tanu and Abhi coming inside the jewellery store. Abhi thinks what happens to me hearing Pragya’s name. He thinks he doesn’t see anything beyond her. Pragya looks at the jewellery. Tanu asks Abhi to do the work for which they came. Abhi says I am searching and destiny will unite us. Tanu tells the jewellery store staff members that abhi was busy today, and came here for her, as he loves her a lot. She asks Disha to come and see the jewellery. Manager asks them to come to first floor to see exclusive jewellery. He asks Abhi and Purab to come. Abhi doesn’t see Pragya sitting on the ground floor of the store. Pragya looks at the mangalsutra. Abhi sees her staring at the mangalsutra. Juda hokar bhi plays…..Staff member asks how is it? Pragya says it is good.

Abhi thinks Pragya came to buy mangalsutra of King’s name and thinks if she remembers him, thinks why she will remember me when she has her husband with her. Song plays…

pragya senses Abhi’s presence. She thinks why she felt his presence. Kiara asks Sunny to come to her house. Sunny tells Kiara about his parents’ marriage anniversary. Kiara says we will meet there and then tells that she will not come, as she is not invited. Sunny says may be it is not for kids. Kiara asks him to invite her so that she comes there with her parents. Sunny pretends to make a call to her and invite her for his parents’ anniversary. Kiara says she will come with her parents. Pragya says Abhi is married now and his name mangalsutra is worn by someone else. She thinks why I am looking back. Staff member asks her about the mangalsutra. Pragya says she don’t want and asks her to bring her daughter’s chain. Disha sees chain.

Tanu thinks she will not give chance to Pragya to return and will get Abhi emotionally also. She asks Salesgirl to show the mangalsutra. Manager comes to Abhi and says your wife is searching you. He says Mrs. Singh is waiting for him. Disha likes chain for herself. Purab says it is from family and asks him to take something from him. Disha says she came here for jiju and was thinking about Pragya and Kiara all night. Purab says we have to find out, even I couldn’t sleep. Tanu likes the mangalsutra which Pragya saw and thinks Dadi had chosen similar necklace for Pragya. She thinks he will do anything for his family. She tells him sorry for refusing to adopt a child and says I refused as I felt that I couldn’t become a good mum and wife. She emotionally blackmails him and says she will not be called as a wife until she has the mangalsutra. She says she wants to become his wife in real means.

Abhi says it is not needed. He says he has dropped his idea to adopt a baby and tells that Sunny and Kiara are there for him. He tells her that Pragya was a good wife, bahu, teacher etc and tells that she used to wear mangalsutra for her happiness. Tanu says Dadi would have feel good if you make me wear mangalsutra. She says she wants to wear this mangalsultra in today’s party and says Dadi had chosen similar years ago. She asks can you give me this happiness. Purab hears him. Abhi thinks of her words. Purab tells this to Disha. Disha says she made fun of the marriage and is doubtful about her. She says I am seeing her changing color and tells that she don’t want anyone to miss pragya. Purab says what might be the reason for change in her. Pragya gets King’s call and he asks her to get the chain get gift packed as he wants to gift her on her birthday. Pragya says ok and asks salesgirl to get it packed. A boy runs and collides with Abhi. Mangalsutra falls from Abhi’s hand and falls on Pragya’s neck. Pragya looks at Abhi. Abhi also looks at her. Allah Wariyan plays….

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So there we have it. Ekta is practising ‘good business’ based on the addiction that viewers have developed for Abhi/Pragya. During a week where astrologically, relationships can be cemented, Ekta is using the energy to first continue cementing the addiction to Abhi/Pragya and to top it all off, she is salt and peppering Abhi/Pragya faces onto other series, milking whatever she can from the viewers/addicts. And of course we have all seen just how many advertisers are getting plugged, during every single episode. Who’s the problem? The viewers addicted to a hoped for love or Ekta, a shameless money vacuum who is not offering entertainment but a slick , offensive and insulting to you… the viewers, product. Lovely package deal. Ekta gets richer and the viewers continue to be treated as mindless fools who are easily manipulated by bright lights and a hope which will never be satisfied. She’s playing/manipulating every viewer and laughing at all the people she truly believes are stupid. Ekta, the viewers are not stupid. Granted, they are addicted to the hope of love. For Ekta and her crew to take advantage in this manner truly defines the karma Ekta is earning, so very rapidly. Don’t buy the snacks she’s selling on her shows. They are likely loaded with poison or are GMO. Then you’ll have medical expenses and a fat body and then Ekta’s friends in medicine will start making money too.

  2. When will this played out drama end. Lol!

  3. One thing I dont understand with Pragya is why does she have to keep on thinking about Abhishek after all the abusing and insulting, be it she has Abhishek daughter she has moved on so why should she go back to him,
    However some will say she need to tell Abhi about Kiyara
    Iwish they dont mess Kings life

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