Kumkum Bhagya 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with DD scolding the nurses for giving wrong report. Pragya peeps there and thinks to inform Abhi. Abhi asks Tanu, what is all this? Abortion papers and divorce papers. Tanu says what she will reply to her parents. Abhi gets worried about Dadi’s reaction and says this is not the way. Tanu says she will know somehow and says her life will be over asking him to decide what he chooses. She asks him to call Pragya and inform her. Abhi thinks to call Pragya. Pragya talks to manager and asks him not to show report to Dadi. The manager says he can’t hide as Dadi threatened to go to Media. Pragya asks him to write some other thing in the report, other than pregnancy. The manager says he can’t write anything else, as his job will be at risked. Pragya threatened that if anything happens

to Dadi seeing the report, then you will not get job anywhere. The manager agrees and reminds her that you promised me under the CCTV. Pragya says it will not be needed. She calls Abhi and tells him that Dadi will get other report. Abhi calls her genius.

He informs Tanu that everything will be solved. Tanu thinks she has to worked on this plan, and asks on which papers he wants to sign on. Abhi says he will inform tomorrow. Abhi asks her to not worry and says he will make everything fine. Pragya thinks it is good that she managed to convince the manager. She checks the report and says this is my report. She recalls giving the original report to ward boy and thinks he might have given to Dadi. The manager comes to Dadi and apologizes. He then gives her report saying it is original. Dasi asks her to open the report and see what Abhi and Pragya are hiding. Dadi tries to open the envelope, Pragya comes running and stops her. She asks why did you come here? Dadi says she came to see the doctor. Pragya makes excuse that she came to take Bulbul’s report. Pragya thinks how to take report from Dadi’s hand before she reads it. They are on the way to home in their car. Pragya wonders how to take it and asks her to give. Dadi says she will keep it.

Sarla calls Pragya and talks to her. Pragya gets emotional hearing her. Sarla says I know you are very understanding girl. I was very happy about your pregnancy. Pragya says she couldn’t say anything seeing her happiness. Dadi takes the call and asks Sarla, why did you make her cry? Sarla says she is a mum and have right on her. Dadi says she is her bahu now. Sarla says she is your daughter in law first and my daughter later. She asks if Pragya is crying? Dadi says yes and gives call back to Pragya. Pragya talks to her and says she will call her after sometime. Dasi asks Pragya to go to her room and rest. Pragya calls Robin and asks him to give water to Dadi. She worries that Abhi might come and thinks how to take report from Dadi’s hand before Abhi comes. Abhi comes home happily and asks Dadi about her hospital visit. He snatches report from Dadi’s hand and says he will read out. He gets shocked and looks at Pragya. Dadi asks what is written in it. Abhi says everything is fine and tries to go. Dadi stops him and takes the report. She is shocked to read that Tanu is pregnant.

Dadi questions Abhi, about Tanu’s pregnancy. Dasi asks Tanu if she is pregnant. Pragya gets tensed. Tanu’s parents come there. Her mum says Tanu is pregnant. We knew that she is pregnant. Dasi says you knew that your daughter is going to be a mum without marriage. She accuses their bringing and asks who is the father of her child. Her Dad asks her to stop it and says we know it well. He asks her to ask Abhi. Dasi asks why you are taking Abhi’s name. Tanu’s dad asks Abhi to accept that Tanu is pregnant with his child if he has shame. Abhi looks on tensed.

Abhi accepts infront of Dadi that he is the father of Tanu’s baby and says he can’t hide anymore.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The story line is one big joke

  2. Yes nikki you’re right.I like your comment

  3. Pls end this Pregnancy. I think they ll surely reveal the truth next week for trp rating I think so. I mean pragya comes to know about it. And they may show some Abhigya scenes.

  4. in some news they showed all that scenes where abhi gets out and pragya ki ronaa dhona happens.which promo is that???????????where pragya will hug abhi…

  5. Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi to divorce Pragya and marry Tanu .
    Here’s the latest update on Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya …
    Finally the cat is out of the bag! Abhi and
    Pragya’s BIG secret, Tanu’s pregnancy news has
    reached Daadi and she is mighty upset. Daadi
    and Daasi decide to find out how the whole
    misunderstanding around Pragya’s pregnancy
    happen, hence they get into their Sherlock Holmes
    mode to find out that it is Tanu who was
    pregnant. What they did not know is that Abhi is
    the father of her baby. In the upcoming episode
    we will see that Daadi gets to know about Tanu’s
    pregnancy. And this news will be broken to her by
    none other than Tanu’s parents, who are
    themselves not aware that it’s not Abhi, but
    Nikhil who is the actual father of this unborn
    child. To make matters worse, Tanu’s father
    insults Abhi and asks him to show some shame
    about whatever has happened.
    Daadi is angry and decides to throw Abhi out of
    the house. Pragya tries hard to convince Daadi to
    forgive Abhi and accept his lovechild with Tanu.
    However, Daadi feels betrayed and is not willing
    to listen to anything right now. She reprimands
    Pragya and insists that Abhi leave the house right
    away much to Aaliya’s delight. Pragya decides to
    leave along with Abhi, but Daadi keeps a clause
    before her. She says that if Pragya leaves her
    sasural, she will never ever come back. Pragya is
    heartbroken and confused. May be it is Pragya’s
    decision that will decide the true twist of this
    We’ve learnt that after Abhi leaves the house
    Aaliya will use this opportunity and collaborate
    with Nikhil to destroy Abhi and his Rockstar
    status. She will leak negative stories about her
    brother and he will soon be down in the dumps.
    Tanu on finding out that Abhi is no longer a
    rockstar will decide to leave him and go back to
    Nikhil instead. Pragya will obviously be by Abhi
    through thick and thin and they will live happily
    ever after in typical Hindi serial style with lots of
    action, drama and ronaa dhonaa in their life.
    For more updates on Kumkum Bhagya come back
    right here!

    Courtesy: IZZA KHAN

  6. Thank u so much guys☺ who likes my comments and predictions. I just shares what I feels and assumed. And I know all of u r abig fan of kkb like me that’s why I tries my best to provide all of u anything about kkb and it’s cast.I feels gud to share my thoughts with all of u. ?

  7. too much of dragging….fed up of this storyline….let the cv’s expose tanu’s truth soon n make abhigya confess their love….let them be happy at least for sometime!!!

  8. I likes your comment Nikki.

  9. I know guys there r no possibility for this yet in the show but imagi e guys what if dadi arranges pragya’s second marriage, instead of abhi, with other guy who is better then abhi in every thing and prefe t match for pragya. Pragya is doing so much try to convince dadi for accept tabhi’s marriage a d their baby and forgiveness for abhi. So what if dadi puts a condition for this in front of pragya that if she will marry with a guy whom dadi will select for her and give promise to her that she will b happy in her married life with that guy, only then she will forgive abhi and accept tanu and her baby. Guys then what will happen? Obviously our pragya will ask for some times to think on it but she will agree for this just for abhi’s happiness. Then what will b abhi’s reaction? What will he do? Omg! Plz CVS don’t let this happen in the show becoz it will b a worst nightmare for all of us. Guys I was thinking these things becoz CVS always do opposite in the show.

    1. Nikki it’s ur prediction r going to happen ah.

      1. No priya I was just imagining. But seriously I don’t want something like this happen in the show. I was just thinking from CVS perspectives that what can else they do for bring another twist in story. Like I said before that they always does something beyonds our expectations and predictions.

    2. Nikkiiiii…. Very nice imagination yaar…I think if they do so, the trp will go high ..provided they r not dragging it..like if it is shown in a fastest way..am sure this story line will be very good….Like Abhi’s jealous and tension if Pragya’s marriage is arranged…

  10. priya,where r the other friends,kavin,zeeha,another priya,andother people.where r they????and nikki ,if that happens then definiately abhi will come and say pragya not tto marry an other person,or atleast he will confess his love in that tension,where his love is goingto be others.

    1. Ya harini I said na I don’t want this happen in the show but if it happens like this as u said that abhi ends up by confessing his love for pragya and will not let her marry with someone else. Then it will b gud. At least by this he will open his heart and confess his deep love for pragya. Anyways but after abhi’s exit from the house, it will b interesting to watch, abhi’s restlessness for meeting pragya or how will abhi live without pragya.

    2. Hi Harini how u doing. Nikki I m having one doubt Tanu’s parents ask abhi to come with him means. I mean tanu and abhi in same house means. V ll make u ppl to Marriage like tat tanu parents compelled abhi means. It’s Ekta’s story so it may also happen. Wat do think. I know tanu won’t go out of Mehra house but still I m asking.

      1. Priya…I don’t think Abhi will go with them even if they ask…he knows tat it ll surely increase dadi’s anger and hatredness… Also, did you guys see Tanu and her parents in the place when Abhi was leaving? I think they were not there…. I saw even Aaliya offscene except them…anyway v ll come to know today…

      2. No matter PRIYA if tanu’s parents insist abhi to live with them in their house but don’t forget it that tanu will never want this. If she is satisfied with her parents richness then she never goes behind abhi all the time. Tanu is greedy for abhi’s wealth, fame and name. If abhi will live with her and her parents in their house then media and public will definetly come to know about this and abhi will loose everything which he achieved as a rock star for which tanu have greed even she could also lost her carrier and future.So tanu will never take this risk. She will convince her parents somehow with her cunningness like everytime. And abhi have his self respect too. So I don’t think so that abhi will go with her parents.

  11. Don’t let this happen plzzzz.I love abhi and pragya.let them reunite writer

    1. Don’t worry yaar. According to the story of the show abhigya r destined to b together so they cannot separate. CVS r bringing these twists to make this story and their love journey interesting. That’s it. I msure after ending of this pregnancy twist, abhigya’s love will b strongest and their romance will b worth watching. So have patience and just wait and watch.

  12. Any new updates nikki.

    1. Nothing related to kkb. In SBS they shares that today is shabbir’s son Ajai’s birthday. They were congratulating shabbir first his son’s first birthday and wishing his son happy birthday. Today shabbir’s son have completing one year. I wish his cutipie a very happy birthday. I wish he live long and achieve everything in his life like his dad and always live with lots if happiness. Guys wish shabbir’s son.

    2. I too saw tat in fb. I too wish tat cutie live long life and get everything. May God bless him. Happy birthday little rock star.

  13. Guys I was listening a song hale dil from movie murder-2. This is the fittest song to abhi for pragya in this present situation.? “Hale dil tujhko sunata, dil ager ye bol pata, bakhuda tujhko hi chahta haannn.. Tere sang Jo pal bitata, waqt se mein wo maang lata, yaad krk muskurata haannn…” Guys just listen it and then imagine our abhigya and relate it with them.All of u will definetly feel it.??

    1. What a think nikki that song was perfect for the moment…..

  14. Yes Nikki is true

  15. new video..pragya tries to convince dadi for abhi and tanu marriage..


  16. Hlo guys
    I hope guys u ol r missing1 thing.
    That nikhil has told tanuthat he has done the DNA test of tanu’s baby and is waiting for the reports of the same. I hope somehow he intentionality make those reports to view to pragiya n then dare will b a big hard strong and sound SLAP for tanu from pragiya. And also a huge rain of slap, scolding from mehra family too. Waiting for that.

    1. No navi we r not missing but it seems like nikhil and CVS r missing this. That’s why they haven’t showed it in the show yet. I just hope atleast now they will use it in revealing the truth. Andcya we also r all desperate and eagerly waiting for rain of slaps on tanu’s face.

  17. Guys just saw a new segment of kkb on SBB and sbs, where tanu was manipulating pragya by blackmailing her emotionally. After facing dadi’s anger and hatred, abhi is not ready to marry with tanu. Becoz dadi is not ready for tabhi’s relationship and tanu’s baby. So abhi don’t want to hurt dadi anymore by doing marriage with tanu against dadi’s wish.Tanu was doing a suicide drama for gaining pragy’s sympathy and emotionally forcing her to convince abhi to maary with her. For this she was pretending to jump from the terrace for doing suicide in front of pragya. She is trying to take advantage of pragya’s gudness so pragya will convince and force abhi to marry with her. Pragya was consoling her and trying to make her understand the situation. Like always pragya has fooled again by tanu. She was giving assurance to tanu to solve her problem soon. In their interview reporter asks them if they r now doing friendship with each other in this situation. Sriti says tanu herself in trap. She is pregnant, abhi is not ready to marry with her, she is a supermodel and her carrier on sake. So she was just trying to console her. Reported asks from Leena will her plan being successful? Then she says her every plan is fail yet so she is trying continuously and pragya is her only hope. So she is trying to manipulate pragya. Then preporter asks where is abhi. Sriti says we r missing him but shabbir is busy in celebrating his son’s azai’s first birthday so he is not doing shoot taday. At last they both wish shabbir’s son happy birthday. Reporter says tanu is trying so much to get abhi and pragya is making fool continuously by tanu’s evil plans becoz of her extra gudness.

  18. If story will go like this, pragya will b fooled by tanu everytime and truth will not get reveal soon then I think we have to face and tolerate tabhi’s marriage sequence also. I m just fed up from all this. We have seen every sequence except the truth revelation, for which we r waiting since long. God knows when will b the end of this crap.

  19. Actually tanu has trapped pragiya and nikhil. She has distracted nikhil by sending him Delhi to help her parents so that he forget the DNA reports. And pragiya she is already an emotional fool available for tanu to use for her benefit.

  20. I hope guys nikhil will be reminded by the hospital about the reports and till then pragiya will succeed to get abhi with tanu up to mandap. And nikhil will disclose the truth of tanu’s unborn child in mandir only and then abhi will fill pragiya’s hairline with sindoor in front of tanu. If this will be the story line then I will b happy to c tanu loosing from pragiya.

  21. No way !!! Story going this way i really stop watching kkb …

    But adhu ennala mudiyadu… plz truth releave pannuga plzzzzzzzz kenji kekkuren.. i beg uuuuuuu kkb team..

    1. u r rite tina ….. even i have become so mad on this serial……

  22. enough of this high time but slow drama …… so dumb this pragya we all are waiting for this tanu’s pregnancy drama to end for more than a month…..

  23. hmmm…Nikki..i remember reading sometime back that once all the truth about Tanu’s pregnancy is out..Abhi will be angry with Pragya for sometime since her quick decision and baseless belief over whatever Tanu says is the root cause of this problem… I thought that news might be a rumor initially..but after seeing this SBS i think that will happen as after this suicide drama Pragya for sure is going to compel Abhi for this marriage which will complicate the situation…

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