Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya making Sarla having a soup. Sarla thinks she couldn’t tell the secret to Pragya and asks God to do something. Pragya makes her drink soup. Abhi comes and says she shall see me to get well fine. Sarla smiles. Abhi says she means I am right. Pragya says you are mistaken. Abhi says atleast I can make her laugh, it is laughter therapy. He says he can make her dance too with his song. Pragya asks him not to experiment on her mum. Abhi asks her to get up and says he will take care of Sarla. He makes Sarla have soup. Sarla thinks my pragya is infront of you, truth is also infront of you, understand the truth and accept my daughter. Abhi recalls Sarla giving his hand in Pragya’s hand. He tells her that he needs her answer and asks her to blink her eyes if it is yes. He

asks her about giving Pragya’s hand in his hand. Pragya tries to interfere, Abhi asks her not to interfere between a mum and a son. He asks do you want me to accept Pragya and not to marry Tanu. Sarla thinks what she shall do? Abhi asks her to give him sign, blink her eyes,and he will fine the reason. He asks her to say. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya says she didn’t say yes, but she is feeling sleepy. Abhi asks her to give some sign. Pragya says her condition is not right and asks him not to force on her mind. Abhi says sorry and goes.

He thinks how can I give her stress knowing her condition. He thinks if anything happens to her again then. Purab comes and tells Abhi about Sarla’s bills. Abhi tells him that he doesn’t have money as Pragya is having his money. He tells that he is upset, and says Dadi is crying and Sarla is unwell. Purab thinks to meet Dadi. Pragya cries and tells Sarla that they can’t tell anything to Abhi and troubled him. She tells her that they couldn’t find about Tanu’s boyfriend as there were many goons there. Sarla thinks how to tell her that Tanu and Nikhil had kidnapped her. Pragya tells she will blackmail Tanu again and when she gets exposed then you can give my hand in his hand. Purab comes and asks why Abhi is tensed, and Maa is crying. He says he can’t see tears in Sarla’s eyes and says he will take her to his house. Pragya tells him that Sarla gave her hand in Abhi’s hand before fainting and that’s why Abhi is tensed. She says Abhi questioned Sarla and was pressurizing on her mind, but I couldn’t let Sarla sign him anything. Janki comes and talks to her. She jokes with her and says I brought your house papers and will get your thumb impression on those papers. Purab and Pragya smiles.

Someone knocks on the door. Aaliya asks who is there? She opens the door and finds Mitali. Aaliya asks why she didn’t tell when she asked? Mitali tells her whatever had happened with her, and says she needs support. Aaliya thinks she needs a puppet to execute her plan and asks her to sit. She says I can understand your problem, and says you have helped me always. She says I will help you. Mitali thanks her, and asks what shall I do for you. Aaliya asks her to make tea, so that she can think about her life. Mitali agrees. Tanu comes to Sarla’s room and taunts her. She says I forgot that you can just hear and can’t say anything. She says you must be feeling relieved on this soft matress, and says your life is retired now. She says your nerves can burst if you get stressed. She says you tried to save yourself, but got under the car wheels. She says you couldn’t save yourself, then how can you expose me. She says your heart talks will remain in your heart only. She asks if she needs anything, water. She says she is thinking what to add sugar or poison. Just then Pragya comes to room and sees Sarla scared. She thinks Sarla wants to tell her something. Sarla signs her towards Tanu. Pragya is shocked.

Pragya calls Tanu as a blackmailer and asks if she will kidnap her like she kidnapper Sarla. Tanu says it is good that she is paralyzed, else they would have killed her. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi is missing in today’s SBAS segment?

  2. Hei kkb congrats for 250superb episodes and 250boring episodes

  3. Happie kkb fa completing 500 episodes topping the trps bt the half of the total episodes was of tanus pregnancy tats nt fair na

  4. same like congats for both rocking and boring part of episodes still now .congradulations for full team of kkb .special congrats to sriti and shabbir.they deserve this victory and also all kkb fans deserve this victory.keep rocking kkb this wishes is behalf of all fans of kkb.kyun frnds.

  5. yes continously 3 days episodes will going to be more emotional in tamil.i will not loose the episodes.it gonna be really combined with love and sentiments in tamil.tamil guys don’t miss to watch kkb tamil.

  6. Eventhough she can’t speak, but she still can write and inform them right? Don’t tell that she can’t write. This serial is getting bored day by day.

  7. New segment update-
    Abhigya in their room, sitting on the couch. Abhi touches pragya’s cheeks and they shares an eye- lock. But then abhi breaks that eye- lock and says to her that he is seeing that now what roop she will b show of her. Pragya gets angry and says that it is waste to talk with u. It is better I talk with maa instead of talking with u so I can catch that kidnappers. She leaves from the room in anger. Then in next scene. Pragya tells abhi that tanu is behind sarla maa’s kidnapping as she don’t like me and hates me. Abhi doesn’t agree with her and says u don’t like her that’s why u r putting blame on her. Pragya says tanu wants to harm maa and wants to take revenge from her. Abhi says u wants to take revenge from her not she. U r coming between his and tanu’s marriage. Pragya says I don’t know why r u not seeing tanu’s truth and ignoring it. She is making u fool. Pragya goes, abhi looks on. In another clip they shows, pragya in house’s temple. When she turns, she sees a person is going upstairs in hoody. Pragya sees and follows that person. That person is non other then tanu. Reporter says soon tanu will gets exposed.

    1. At last they shows whole kkb’s cast and crew celebrates completion of 500 episodes of the show. They cuts cake send by zee tv and eats it. Shabbir leaves before cake cutting so he was missing from that occasion. Even we had only sriti, Leena, Ronnie, mitali with kkb’s crew and CVS. Rest of the cast were missing.

    2. Thank God atleas pragya started to tel abhi abt tanu .. Bt look at this abhi he’s now believing tanu instead pragya .. Omg ..

    3. After knowing that tanu is the kidnapper why is she leaving sarla ma alone in the room &roaming here and there????? Isn’t she worried for her ma ????? everytime she says I will get proof then i will tell tanu’s truth to abhi , then why she forgot this time ????she knows she has crossed all her limits and this is very big crime of kidnapping .. So,she should have collect the proof first and what happens when abhi might tells tanu that pragya is talking like this about u then tanu will come to know that pragya is blackmailer then she will become more alert and she can create some excuse so it’s very bad step to tell anything directly to abhi without any planning….. I hope she may have done some planning like she did in case of aliya exposure

    4. Guys pragya says to abhi that it is waste to talk with him and it is better to talk with maa instead of him so she could save maa from tanu.

  8. Hai razia sunday full week episode pakalam thank you so much for remaining me na marandutan thank you i dont miss sunday:-)

  9. Hilarious article, the website changes but most of them have the same list of shows that need to go off air


    This is the best part for me 😀 😀

    ‘So while we do understand that there is plenty of sadism left to dish out, flammable saris to be worn in the kitchen, long hair to be dropped into food and the glycerin manufacturers union to be fed, these are shows we would like off air, in humanitarian interest’

    Adding to that list – ppl waking up with makeup intact and carefully done hair. Yeah the leading ladies n vamps both types should look their glamorous best all the time, just out of sleep or after a long chase or after cooking a meal.

  10. Hai pratiksha thank you for updating we hope thanu and nikil expose soon

  11. thank u pratiksha for ur new segment update.atleast this time we can able to get positive results.tanu has to be exposed soon.

  12. Thank u pratiksha for ur update. Hope to see good progress in upcoming episodes

  13. Enough pragya..say everything to abhi

  14. Enough pragya….say everything to abhi

  15. Hii guys…I am big fan of kumkum bhagya..and I love abhi so much

  16. Guys the segment has shown in different- different cliping. So I joined that clipnings after watching segment again and now I explain the segment in right order. Pragya comes in abhi’s room in stressed and angry mood. She sees abhi. I think abhi asks her about the matter. Then she tells abhi that tanu is trying to harm sarla maa and just faking as taking care of her and showing fake concern for her own benefit. Abhi says I know she is doing this for her benefit but what’s wrong in it. She wants that sarla maa gets well soon so they can married. Pragya says she is doing all this becoz she don’t like me and wants to take revenge from me. Abhi says yes u r right she don’t like u that’s why u r taking revenge from her by putting all the blame on her. U r coming between our marriage ( tabhi’s marriage). Pragya says I don’t understand that u r not seeing truth or u don’t want to see the truth. She is making u fool and u r becoming the one. Then pragya sits on couch. Abhi too joins her and touches her cheeks and shares an eye lock with her. Then she sees her face from both the sides. Pragya asks what she is seeing. Then he says that he sees what
    roop or drama she will show now. Pragya gets irked and angry and says it is waste to talking with u. Instead talking with u, it is better to talk with maa so I could save maa from tanu. Then she leaves in anger. Abhi looks on and goes into thoughts.

    1. pratiksha finally kkb reached 500 episodes 250 episodes went with tanu’s pregnancy problem now pragya got to know about tanu’s involvement in kidnapping now tanu’s ending is very near her countdown starts so in today’s segment that tanu put one black dress and went inside sarla’s room pragya saw her but she didn’t that it is tanu so my doubt is will pragya catch tanu this time and expose her soon?

  17. Hai guys you all watch tashan e ishq serial i have one doubt that serial heroine twinkle is tamil movie vanam heroine

    1. yes she is the same

    2. Yes she acted in that tamil movie

    3. S swetha she is

  18. hi sweeheart plsssssssssss tel to abhi everthing not only u but his one n his only dadi which he believes bcause his dadi is his everthing plsssssss dont make us tension.

  19. Hai sana,hani,sunehri thank you for clearing my doubt guys

  20. Hiii guysss…plzz blss me about my board exam…thank u

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