Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya coming to the store and asks sales girl about the restricted room in the shop. The girl tells about the room. Aaliya asks how much she earns in a day or monthly. Salesgirl says she earns 10000 per month. Aaliya says she will give her 2000 Rs and asks her to take Pragya to that restricted room, and accuse her for stealing money. Sales girl agrees. Tanu tells Raj that Aaliya haven’t tell her anything about her planning. She is angry at her. Mitali comes and thinks Tanu is angry at Raj. She scolds her and warns her to stay away from her husband.

Sales girl sends Pragya to that restricted room and locks her. Aaliya asks her to inform manager. Manager knocks on the door and tells that one lady has entered inside with the will to steal cash and documents. Pragya

comes out and asks why they were knocking on the trial room. Manager says you went to restricted area to steal the money. Pragya asks what nonsense. She apologizes and says she didn’t read that. Manager says I know well that your type of girls. Pragya says one salesgirl told me that I can try clothes here. He says he will call Police. Purab asks him not to call Police. Purab says she is with us, and says it is a misunderstanding. Manager asks security to handcuff them and lock in the room. Pragya says you doesn’t know who am I? Manager asks if you are star’s wife etc. Pragya says yes, I am. Abhi thinks it is good and recalls Pragya’s concern for him. He asks the manager how can he call her the thief. Manager asks who is she? Abhi says she can buy your store in one go. He says Pragya is his boss. Manager apologizes. Bulbul asks Pragya to buy the store and kick manager out of job. Manager apologizes. Abhi thanks Pragya for the gift.

Aaliya thinks her own brother has failed her plan. She thinks she will call Vijay. Just then Raj and Tanu come there. Raj asks did you go to meet Vijay? Aaliya says yes and asks who told you this? Raj says I know and says I thought Abhi send you to jail. Aaliya says she has fooled Abhi like always and tells everything. Raj says Vijay called and told me. Aaliya says she wants to know who is helping Pragya and that’s why went to meet Vijay.

Abhi is watching TV and laughs. Pragya asks him to lower the volume. Abhi thinks he shall not mess with Pragya until he gets POA papers. Pragya gives him tablet and asks him to take it before sleep. Abhi thanks her. Pragya thanks him for supporting her and protecting her from getting insulted. Abhi asks her not to thank him, and asks her to do a favor. He asks her to give all drawer keys to her. Pragya asks him not to worry and says she will not go anywhere. Pragya asks him to see the arrangements. Abhi says he will not look in the arrangements and says he will only eat medicine. Abhi thinks he wants to keep pragya busy and says lets see what I do tomorrow.

Dadi asks Ronnie to bring fresh flowers. Mitali comes. Dadi asks her if she has done her work. Mitali says she forgot. Dadi asks Tai ji if she send the cards to guests. Tai ji says she will do it now. Dadi says it seems I have to do all the work. Pragya is sitting on sofa and pretends to be reading magazine. Abhi thinks how to keep her busy so that he can do his work.

Abhi comes to Dasi and tells her that Pragya is reading magazine and making Dadi do all the work. He asks her to make Pragya do some work. Dasi comes to Pragya and asks if she is not having any shame. She says today is your sister’s reception. Pragya says I have done my work and gave money. Dasi stops everyone and says no one will work until Pragya works. Pragya says I thought to gift you freedom, but I think you don’t want that. She asks Mitali to do the decoration again. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya might give them work also. Aaliya says I will not go and thinks he has to bring Vijay inside.

Abhi asks Pragya to forget the important things and says it is his. Pragya says she will not forget.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Like seriously what sort of useless series is this…..just get it off air already

    1. I agree 100% with YOU!

  2. Guys mrunal has completed his last shoot on the set of kkb. Her replacement will b like this happen in the show- as we knows that aaliya is making plan to kill pragya through vijay. So in purab and Bulbul’s reception party, bulbul will listen their plannings to kill pragya. Vijay and aaliya would set the chandilier on fire and make pragya stands below it. But bulbul will noticed it and she will push pragya aside and chandelier will b crash on Bulbul’s face. Then she will b taken to the hospital for cosmetic surgery, after which kajol will replace mrunal and we will see kajol as bulbul in the show from here.

    1. i dont think kajol will suite for the role.. wish it shldnt be a crap

      1. mrunal is best for bulbul role

    2. I hope there will be chance for Vijay to be caught at least this time, as this time it should be considered serious because Bulbul is hurt, though the real reason is for replacing the actor.

      1. It’s high time sahithi not for only aaliya’s exposure even abhi’s information about pragya’s reality and her truth too and ya as u r saying abhi take charge of sought out everything becoz trps r showing continue losing interest of audience.

      2. Now it looks like that pragya and team cannot do anything and cannot achieve any of their aims, not taaliya’s truth exposure nor about third person’s involvement with taaliya. If anybody can solve every problem then that is only abhi.

  3. A small change in the update.. actually aaliya points at bulbul to the salesgirl.. but when the sales girl turns to see pragya comes in the middle. And aaliya’s plan went wrong

  4. I was also thinking the same process of mrunal’s replacement on the show which CVS r going to use. But becoz of not any confirmation I didn’t share it. Now let’s talk about today’s episode so it was again waste of time. So nothing was important to discuss, everything was idiotic and rubbish.

  5. K but whether aliya truth will come out r not Nikki-1

    1. Stop acting Stupid!!! Unless nikki-1 is a Writer or Director of KKB – she does not know any more than the rest of us.

      1. Agree with you

  6. today’s episode i am really sorry for abhi aliya said this time also i fooled abhi like always i am very much worried every time she fooled abhi but abhi can’t find that please pragya do something and as usual dragging and boring scenes really i am watching this serial for abhi and pragya week y week trp point also coming down soon for this problem writers will put some twists i think so what they are going to get by dragging this show

  7. The whole nation is waiting for Abhi to take the charge ultimately n kick Tanu n Aaliya out the way he came to rescue of Pragya today.
    I so so want Abhi to be the one to close this drama.

  8. kajol???who is she??

    1. http://www.filmyfolks.com/celebrity/tellywood/kajol-srivastava.php

      piya go to this link to see kajol srivastava saying about her role in kkb

  9. Oh no… I duno what the writers are really thinking. . Y dis much dragging.. totally a waste drama.. but this was my favourite serial bcos of abhigya and purbul.. I was watching everyday if anything good might happen but its of totally waste .. this week abhigya’s nokjhok also not nice to see.. soon kkb will miss lot of fans if they keep on dragging. .

  10. oooooof enough of it.toooooooooooo much of dragging.how long vl aaliya tanu nd raj escape?y cnt abhi thnk abt d decorater nd investigate instead of concentrating in keys?wtever ths story s going in wrong directn nd i thnk truth vl nt come out bfr 2017. so v hv wait still.

  11. What a rubbish serial I think k zee tv walo ko ye serial band kr dena chahiye iske piche bekar hi time money and energy kharch ho rhe hai :/

  12. No one is as dumb as abhi. ..

  13. Even secondary school kids are smart than him these days…. how can the main characters be so dumb… I’m starting to hate this dragging now…
    I dnt understand they live in a bungalow but no security cameras. .. pragya should have recorded aliya confessions at least on phone…

  14. josphine muthoni

    I dont like the helplesness of Abhi the rock star to Aliya…i like that Abhi supports praggyia though for his own selfish gains…i see next episode ya yeh vaada raha Abhi Pragyia advising kartik to pursue his true love…thats sweet of them though there love is paralysed

  15. i hope director see people reaction

  16. Abhi is the foolish and dumbest husband I ever seen.all the serial of this writer are the same. Husband and wife are suffering so much and the evil ones are enjoying their games

  17. Last time pragya was with abhi for new year this time kumkum bhagya new year celebration is going to flop I guess last time the mms track was in climax stage but here nothing of a fact has even started guys I am done with this show

  18. Ooooooo wat a boring episode…..really stupid

  19. 2015 best dragging mokka serial goes to kkb.nothing important scene draging your best level keep it up next year this award must kkb..

  20. This show is soooo boring!
    How many more months do we have to wait for tanu and aaliya to be exposed?? Its been dragging for months and months! Watch them be exposed til after Tanu’s baby is born!
    I don’t know if Kaajol will suit the role for Bulbul….but I don’t watch the show anymore, just read the updates so doesnt matter 😛

  21. At first I thought abh& pragya r hero heroine …. Nw I realzd they r just supporting acters and jokers….. Aliya & tanu r heroines… Abhi pragya purab bulbul dadi no one can catch them…. If they catch they will forgive and forget everything… Then they will start again from first like abhi won’t like pragya………. Abhi s d no 1dump in ds show… Not even mitali…. Pls stop it….


  22. Really guys don’t worry for the upcoming track and the dragging of this serial please enjoy the Christmas for all you I am wishin you MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR hope in 2016 the will expose aliya and tanu

    1. True, next week we may see new Bulbul coming, so any twists can be expected in new year.

      Also I am waiting to see if Abhi will make any new plan after seeing fake property papers or if he will get some clue with the reception mishap n Bulbul getting hurt. Because Pragya was responsible for getting them married in a hurry n Abhi for asking them to stay back n arrange reception.

      At least this time, Pragya should give Abhi some hint, if still not willing to reveal the entire truth. spill the beans Pragya, before it is too late.

  23. I ttly agree wid u reji….. Dey wil xpose the villains when they want to nly….. Dnt worry as dey will b no use… njoy dis Christmas season…. MERRY CHRISTMAS ?

  24. Mrunal we will miss you.
    I don’t think any other can do bulbul’ s role better than meunal

  25. Merry Christmas to all of you friends

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