Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab asking Aaliya not to take Abhi on wrong path…..and says whatever he is doing is right. Aaliya says it is our betterment and tells that Mr. Sethi has agreed to pay advance money. Purab says today you are successful, and that’s why not seeing anything. He says you are spoiling his good will and market value. Aaliya says I don’t want him to remember Pragya and stress himself. She says my brother thinks positive and will reach heights. She says if you try to make him remember anything then think what is important to you, bringing Pragya in his life or his life as he might die. Purab looks on.

Pragya looks at Rockstar toy….Oh Tere Bin Yaara…plays….Pragya talks to toy and asks him to atleast remember his hatred for her, if not love. She thinks how could

you forget our love, hate, fights…and says I am yearning for everything. She says fuggi name was bad, but it was good from your mouth. She asks him to call her fuggi once and cries hugging toy. Abhi is sleeping and says fuggi. He gets up and thinks why did I say fuggi while sleeping. He thinks something is strange, and if this goes on then everything think me mad. He then washes his face and looks at himself in the mirror. He talks to his mirror image, and asks him to think about music….He thinks fuggi is a catchy word and decides to use in a song. He makes a song…oh my fuggi meri cookie…He thinks to sleep and get the lyrics for the song. Tanu is standing outside Mehra house. She thinks Aaliya will scold her for coming there. Aaliya comes there and asks why did you come here. She says Bhai will reject you if he sees you in this condition post pregnancy. Abhi comes there calling driver. Aaliya asks Tanu to hide. She tells him that her friend came to pick her. Abhi calls driver and goes. Aaliya asks Tanu to come before Bhai sees her.

Saira asks Pragya to give 200-300 Rs. to Harry to buy energy drinks. She says I am really tensed…Pragya asks what happened? Saira says Abhi is showing tantrums and asked me to get positive energy. Pragya says I will solve his problem. Saira says do you have magical lamp. Pragya says no, and goes to kitchen. She brings coffee and asks Harry to give it to him. Saira says he asked for energy drink. Pragya asks her to believe and says Abhi will not ask anything after talking coffee. Saira says are you sure and takes coffee for him.

Abhi is preparing to sing…and talks to music director..Saira comes there. Abhi asks her to close the door. He asks her from where she called the music director, and asks for energy drink. Saira asks him to have coffee till energy drink comes. Abhi takes a sip and asks who made this coffee. Saira thinks his mood is upset and says receptionist made this coffee……Abhi goes to reception. Pragya asks do you need anything. He asks Pragya….who are you…Pragya is shocked and surprised. She says I am a receptionist here. Abhi says no, you are a spy and that’s why you knows my bedroom secrets. Pragya wonders what it might be? She says I don’t know anything about your house or room. Abhi says you made this coffee. How did you know that I drink this type of coffee whenever I sit to make music. Pragya says I just made it…..Abhi asks everyone to get back to work….Darmiyan song plays…………….He looks at her…..Pragya also stares him….

Aaliya and Tanu come somewhere. She says we can’t take risk. Tanu says I just want to see if Abhi gets same feelings for me, and says I saw a bad dream that Pragya came back in his life. She says she is not sparkling now, but want to see his reaction on seeing her. Aaliya says you want to see if he is interested in you or not, as you are insecure. She says I will make you meet him today, but do as I says. She asks her to change her clothes and look hot. Tanu says I will dress nicely that Abhi will not see others after seeing me. Pragya says you have shared your coffee in a magazine, and I read it. Abhi thinks why did I share my good music secret….She says I am your big fan and will not lie. Allah Wariyan plays………He looks at her and goes holding coffee cup.

Abhi lifts Pragya in his lap and asks where is your house? Pragya asks him to get her down. Abhi says you are my big fan and says you are in my lap now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode…. Yayyy am first

  2. Finally we are getting to see some abhigya scenes. So glad the truth will be out. Abhi will confess that he faked memory loss because he wanted to protect pragya from taliyah in next episode

  3. So is this season 2? ?????????

  4. No logic at all how come a roxkstar wife is nt known to any one.. Only abhi has memory loss na..not his fans and music industry..thn how no one knows pragya.

  5. Crap crap crap!!!! Total crap?? If abhi really faking his memory loss or did he really suffering from memory loss?? How come he’s not trying to recollect anything from past?? It seems by the end of this serial, all fans and audience will go crazy on their stupid storyline thanks to idiotic writers and producers ???

  6. Zuha Fatima

    Oh my god…The promo was sooooooo damn amazing ?????? Abhi was just ssooooossssooooo damn amazing! But I dont trust Ekta she might make it a dream sequence ????


  7. I liked by the way abhi don’t want to reveal the marriage since at that time when he got married he loves tanu.. but the producers got to know about and after that tanu drama came then all announced about abhi will marry tanu..so though abhi is rockstar they don’t know who is his wife..
    But it is very fishy though i liked and enjoying abhi and pragya’s acting..but I liked now very much since now once again the real love story is starting wav ???wav super pragya she acts very nicely and naturally super??

  8. I liked them*

  9. story is gng in different way cant predict anythng

  10. Christine Nanan

    Need to spend it up it’s too long

  11. If Abhi is faking his amnesia then it’s only between him and his doctor because they don’t have the power to stop outside catalyst from informing or questioning him about his life, wife or accident. It’s quite easy to fool his family… They are already fools. So its quite easy to fool a fool.
    If Abhi indeed has amnesia, CVS says it’s retrograde amnesia it means that Abhis memory is not far from coming back because according to research, retrograde amnesia can return after couple days to a couple months.
    If they follow this line of healing Abhi is not far from having his memory return.
    I remember saying that if Abhi really have this ML his heart will remember what his brain cannot. On seeing Pragya that first day, why jump to say she’s his favorite fan. His heart is speaking to him. At nights he’s having memory flashes but he’s viewing them as dreams.
    I think Abhi has indeed lost his memory but he’s slowly getting them back but can’t quite put them in order. He will eventually have them return but I feel he won’t let on that he’s rememberingvery just to find out what his family is about, especially Aalyia.
    I feel his going back to Pragyas house is the place that will trigger his memory the most. Eating all that food and enjoying their company. I feel this is where it will happen.
    He will remember that they plan to kill Pragya and I think that will be his reason to continue to fake his memory after getting them back just to protect Pragya.
    I feel also somehow his actions will alert Aalyia and then she will get suspicious on Abhi about his memory. But how far will she go to get what she wants before Abhi memory fully returns?
    I want his memory to come back before he meets Tanu, that way when he rebuffs her is not only in not remembering her but out of truly despising her.
    Let’s see how CVS team will play this out.

  12. Keeping all practical n logic apart…. I’m liking the track.. we saw pragya’s mogambo avathar for some time now. Let’s see abhi’s hitlar avathar n let’s enjoy the beginning of a cute love story.

  13. 100% agree with you mittenzz.but I still have the feeling that’s a plan between the two(pragya and abhi)

  14. Whenever I heard “Allah Wariyan” plays, I knew it Abhigya must be in the right track

  15. This z d worst serial i hv ever seen in my life…such a bull shit strory line nd behenchod ekta,story writer,directer nd producer r such f**king ass holes.They don’t hv any idea about story writing,directing….blaa blaa blaaa…last word fr ekta…chutiya behenchod hai saali

  16. ImRagela

    Hi guys !!..Happy Krishna Jayanthi to u all !!..How r u all ??..Actually now we got some updates that Abhi is doing Fake memory loss drama?..Pratiksha sahithi shobana any idea about this ??..Now lets keep a poll to find it !!..You can pls share in your views ! ..You can vote that option A yes and option B no !!..So lets find out from this !!..

    1. Happy janmashtmi to u too reji and hi, how r u? Yes u heard right. According to SBS news, this is new upcoming twist in kkb, where Pragya will get to know that abhi is faking his memory loss. He is doing this drama of memory loss with some motive. Reji SBS news peoples were the first news peoples, who told this news firstly that abhi will lose his memory and he will forget pragya after getting injured in an accident. Now here also, these peoples told it also firstly that Abhi is faking his memory loss and we will get to know about it along with pragya in further story as an upcoming new twist. We have already this doubt from day one of this new story’s start that if abhi is his memory loss or not? So after getting the confirmation by SBS news peoples it has confirmed now that abhi is faking his memory loss. I m waiting for more confirmation by more news channels. If this news is correct then we will soon watch it in upcoming episodes. So let’s see.

      1. ImRagela

        Hi Pratiksha !..Iam fine how r u ??..Ya u r ryt even i got this doubt from the first , But didn’t get hope that my doubt willl be true . First SBS people only shared abt Memory loss even india forums people said this now these both r saying abhi is faking his memory loss to save pragya from enemies . First Pragya turned a saviour for Abhi . Now Abhi turned a saviour for Pragya . So let’s see ..

      2. But Pratiksha, in yday episode Abhi was speaking to himself about the word Fuggy being new to him, as if his ML is true. There was no one around with him at that time, so there is no reason for him to act. I had doubt about his ML till yday but they showed completely different stuff yday.

        Now all spoilers are saying it is fake, when they finally showed a monologue of Abhi. Which is contrasting to say his ML is fake. The one scene from yday is trying to prove his ML is true. Whereas till now all scenes of Abhi from time he became conscious after accident are giving doubt he is faking.

        May be they will show he slowly recollected Pragya after this Fuggy word, but as of now it looks like Abhi really forgot Fuggy.

      3. pratiksha if he faking is ml then what is the need to ask her who is she y she gave coffee to him and so many r there like this which r confusing

      4. I can understand ur doubts and confusions sahithi and asmitha. Even I was too wondering that if abhi is faking his memory loss then what’s the need of not showing his emotions for pragya in alone? Why he is behaving like all this is new for him or why he sometimes feels about the things which makea him feel related to his past? Then I thought may b the scenes r not complete and we will see flashback of these complete scenes, later or may b we couldn’t understood the scene’s exact mean, as we knows that how much abhi is expert in making us confused by his confusing behavior Or may b for now abhi has lost his memory but soon he will get it back but he will fake it further? But SBS people were saying that for now that he is faking his memory loss and it will get reveal to pragya in further episodes. They have mentioned about this news two times yesterday in their show. First time in their segment and second time in their chugalkhor Aunty’s segment. They were seems very sure and confirmed about it. And guys do u remember that in one of his past interviews when reporter asked from shabbir that will abhi really forget pragya? Shabbir said clearly and seriously no. But it was these news peoples who were determined on it that avhi will lost his memory and he will forget pragya. At that time when I saw shabbir’s this interview and heard his statement then I was predicted it in my mind that it will b shown that abhi has lost his memory in accident and he will forget pragya but it will b his fake drama but becoz of not any confirmation I decided to watch it silently until it’s confirmation. Even after getting this confirmation by SBS news peoples that abhi is faking his memory loss, I m still waiting for more confirmations by more news channels. Till then I can’t confirmed it for all of u from my side. So let’s wait and watch.

      5. And guys if they r showing abhi has lost his memory by some scenes so guys there r some of scenes na , by which this doubt also raises that abhi is faking his memory loss. So we can’t ignore it also. But ya to being sure and confirmed, we have to wait more news and episodes.

      6. Pratiksha, my only question, Abhi’s monologue after getting up from sleep in yday episode. If in later episode it is shown as fake ML, then the writers better explain this particular scene.

  17. ImRagela

    Hi guys !!..Happy Krishna Jayanthi to u all !!..How r u all ??..Hope all r fine ..Actually now we got some updates that Abhi is doing Fake memory loss drama?..Pratiksha sahithi shobana any idea about this ??..Now lets keep a poll to find it !!..You can pls share in your views ! ..You can vote that option A yes and option B no !!..So lets find out from this !!..

  18. Total dragging….i have already stopped to watch the show and only reading the updates…..the perecap looks some interesting but we can’t believe ekta…..she can even drag this scene also….common…ekta g…we have fed up by these logics…plzz make the show some interesting….it’s a fan request..??

  19. Guys trp ratings r out of last week. Kkb is maintained and remained on number-1 position from all over the shows.

    1. ImRagela

      Ya Pratiksha kumkum bhagya is number 1 but it’s trp is falling week by week . Hoping that CVS will do something to increase the trp

  20. Neglecting Logic, i am loving this track….
    Today when Abhi called Fuggi and dream and pragya feeling that was marvellous..
    Shriti ja performed so well..

    Just wish abhi gets his memory soon..
    Ekta maiya sud not draggg it like tanu’s pregnancy…
    Writers do make abhi regain his memory soon…dont take years or janams

  21. the serial is draggy but storyline is good .show aliya scenes less.show good story that will depict moral values like beating road romeo,abhi struggling to get pragya from all the villalians,he is meeting pragya without sarala knowledge. abhi coming to pragyas level.scene in the lift,on the terrace.I say truly this jodi will rule another ten years on television screen.sriti mam speak the truth about us relationship otherwise u will lose ur stardom.yhm lost its fan after divyankasa marriage.we want see. abhigya for longest period.shabir is the best actor on TV .

  22. I can not believe that Abhi has lost his memory. In previous episodes Pragya was shown to public and fans as Abhi’s wife. So are you saying that even the fans of Abhi forgot her. Please bring back the love they both had for each other.

  23. Awesome episode abhi and fuggi acting superb I love it cute abhigya

  24. Is bulbull..back?

  25. Abhi lost his memory for sure… But slowly he will remember it like he remembered fuggy and he is gonna remember the food taste and abhi will fake it aftr getting his memory in an attempt to teach lesson for the evils during which pragya will find it out…

  26. Now he is going to remember his pragya like fuggi or fall in love with pragya unknowingly…

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