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The Episode starts with Pragya crying and asking Abhi to return home. She says she has done this for him. Aaliya tells whenever she does something, Pragya stops her and this time she has come as a tigress. Tanu tells that Pragya has spoiled her wedding function. Aaliya says Pragya might be upto something and has some plan as she came on the first day of the marriage function. Raj says she might have some intention to stop the wedding. Tanu says if Pragya stops the wedding then she will take sanyas. Aaliya says she will think something. Raj says only one man can help them, and ie, Abhi. He asks Tanu and Aaliya to instigate Abhi against Pragya and take him on their side, to fail Pragya in her planning. He says he will think how to transfer property on Abhi’s name. Sarla thinks about Pragya’s words

and tells Beeji that she can’t think even in her dream that Pragya could do such a thing. Jhanki tells that she has seen her daughter Purvi changing for money. Beeji says Pragya has changed. Sarla tells that she lied to them that Pragya called and said that she is fine. She says she don’t know why Pragya came to the function and did this. She asks her to think that she was someone else.

Pragya is crying in the room and thinks how to find out if Abhi came back home or not. She thinks to call Abhi and then thinks to control on her emotions. She thinks to enquire with the family members about Abhi. Aaliya and Tanu come to Abhi (Abhi might be in his office) and ask to open the door. Aaliya provokes Abhi. Tanu says Abhi told that he will never give me tension. Aaliya says Abhi will open the door. Tanu asks her to go home and check on Pragya. Tai ji gets tensed and thinks Pragya will throw them out of house. Mitali says you have tortured Pragya a lot and she might throw you first. Dasi tells Aaliya and Tanu went to bring Abhi back home. Pragya comes downstairs and asks what is happening here? She says how can you sleep, as your sleep have been flown by your grand son. She asks where is Tanu? If she went to bring Abhi home. Dasi asks her to go and sleep. Pragya says this house is mine and everyone will do according to my wish. She says I don’t want any asset to waste my money. She asks them to wake up at 7 am, and she will inform them about the do’s. Dasi gets angry. Dadi asks her to come. Pragya asks God to give her strength and thinks it is very difficult to play rudely.

Abhi thinks Pragya loves him very much and can give her life for him. He thinks she is not greedy for money, but why she is doing this. He thinks Pragya will call him and will apologize if she really cares for him. He waits for her next step. Abhi wonders about Pragya and waits for her phone call. He gets Purab’s call. Purab tells that he will go home and will enquire. He says he don’t know what is happening. Abhi asks him to enquire and says if Pragya is really after money, then he don’t want his family to stay there. He says he don’t want Dadi to feel bad. Dasi tells that she will go to her Pind, and asks aren’t you getting angry? Dadi says she is angry, but can’t do anything. Dasi says only Abhi can control her. Aaliya tries searching for proofs against Pragya in her room. Pragya comes to Dadi and Dasi’s room and asks them to sleep early in the morning so that they don’t get ill and waste money on medicine. She asks them to call Abhi and asks to come home. Dasi says she will not call, and Abhi will come home whenever he likes. Pragya says if they won’t do then she will do something.

Pragya comes to her room and see Aaliya. She asks if she is walking in sleeping and warns her not to enter her room without her permission. Aaliya tells this is my brother’s room and he needs some stuff. Pragya asks what? Aaliya says Abhi want to hear some music and that’s why she came to take music CD. She taunts Pragya and says music will be relaxing for him. Pragya asks her to inform Abhi to come and take his things, rather than sending his representatives. She warns her again. She thinks Aaliya is very clever and will not stay quiet. She thinks how to bring him back home.

Abhi asks Pragya to apologize to him, Dadi, and everyone. Pragya refuses and says his sense of humor is good. Abhi gets angry and hold her neck. They stare each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pls reveal the truth to abhi and family… show some love between pragya and abhi

  2. Guys a very very Hapieeee news for all kkb lovers tanu gonna call off the wedding pragya ll expose her infront of every one tiz gonna happen with in this week jolly jolly 🙂

    1. How u know srimati where u got this news???

      1. Even I came to know it. You can type KUMKUM BHAGYA news and will get to read the matter.

      2. yes..i too saw the news..but it seems to be a prediction…and also , i am not able to see any news like, it will be revealed in this week only and i hope, for such an important thing, we will have promo for sure…after all i think it is the longest running track in KKB till now 🙂 so if it goes to end, then there should be a promo for it 🙂

      3. Priya it is written in tellyexpress article. Let’s see how much this will b true.

    2. really… where did you get this news Srimathi??

      Nikki..and onething which makes me feel bad is.. all the villains (Aaliya/Tanu/Raj) are very sure that Pragya is upto something and she is acting….but those who were really loved by Pragya had easily believed her change… and even Abhi is asking to enquire about her .. ideally without any investigation only , he should be aware of Pragya 🙂

      but wat am afraid is, Pragya should not get into the trap of Aaliya/Tanu/Raj… since now no one is there to support her..it will become very difficult for her to manage…

      1. That is for sure, but good always triumphs and Pragya has good intentions which will surely succeed. Even this makes me sad that Abhi who could figure out that Pragya really loves him and is acting, why can’t he figure out her intentions now, and support her? And even her family left her, who lived with her these many years? I thought Abhi knows that Pragya is just doing this for his good, but really disheartening.

      2. Ya chithu I agree with u. It is very shameful for pragya’s beloved family members like sarla maa and family, abhi, dadi and dasi that they r doubting on pragya’s intentions. Mostly bulbul. What was she saying to sarla maa that just understand that she was not ur pragya. Very bad. And biji, janki amma etc they all accepted pragya as a gold digger! Shame on them. And abhi! if his heart knows that pragya can’ cheat with him so he should not b confused. Purab is better than him, at least he understand pragya much more than abhi. If abhi wants to clear his confusions then he should remember all the past things, incidents and situations about pragya, his misunderstanding will definetly solved.So instead of wasting his time, he should give pressure on his mind. And ya chithu as I said before that if pragya will trust on anybody in the house then she will b definetly in problem. But now at least she have decided to keep her eyes on aaliya. I hope through her, pragya will catch raaj also. If not, than atleast she will b alert from the moves of aaliya becoz raaj will use aaliya against pragya so pragya couldn’t catch him. So if pragya will keep her eyes on aaliya then may b she could catch raaj too or at least could save ownself from them. They r planning to involve abhi with them. I hope before it, abhi finds out that pragya is faking and she has not changed.

      3. and Nikki… i feel that we will definitely see the track of Abhi joining with Aaliya/Raj for sure(it might not be real, but in the end only they may show that Abhi was just acting against Pragya)..but not sure about Tanu…she may be eliminated before that itself…becoz, till Tanu is leaving, Abhi might be thinking Pragya is doing this to stop marriage..but if Tanu rejects the marriage also, Pragya is not going to stop her acting till revealing Aaliya….so i think, that time they will show like Abhi joininig with Aaliya,confirming Pragya is greedy for money….

        but in the end of this drama, they may reveal that Abhi was actually helping Pragya by joining with them … 🙂 but till then for the viewers, it will be very bad to see Abhi against Pragya…. in watever way i think, this is the only way coming to my mind for this track…. 🙂 after all, putting this much effort in Pragya’s look… they will drag this with more twists and turns for our shock 🙂

      4. Actually, if Abhi has gone to his office and he is researching his financial records – he should find money discrepancies for Raj recently told Aailya that he had stolen large sums of cash. So that should be discovered by him. However, Abhi can be a BIG dummy sometimes.

      5. But I think chithu. Abhi will pretending as he is supporting taaliya, just for irritate pragya and disturb her by his antics,? like before, becoz of pragya’s continuously rude behavior toward him amd everyone, specially dadi.But side by side, he will try to find out that is pragya really changed or she is just faking.

      6. I agree with you Chithu.. Its heart breaking to see how they all mistook Pragya so easily whereas taaliya and Raj suspect that she is planning something.. I read somewhere that Raaj will find out about Pragya’s truth before Pragya exposes them.. I dont know if this is true or just a prediction but I read that.. I just hope it does not happen like.. They have dragged the track enuf.. I hope atleast pragya exposes Tanu and Aaliya.. Like the news where they said Tanu ditches Abhi and her truth is revealed.

        One complicated reason behind all of them (i mean sarla ma, beeji everyone) believing Pragya has changed may be because they are straight forward simple ppl they dont understand all this planning plotting.. where as Taaliya are experts in it and thats y they think that something might be fishy.. I am only sad that Abhi and bulbul also believed Pragya has changed.. though they showed Abhi confused but if he really loves her then there shud be no confusions.. In the love confession he told Pragya there wont be any misunderstandings or confusions between them.. then y is he doubtin her?

        The writers have made the plot so confusing.. 1) Daadi, dasi, Abhi sarla ma beeji bulbul all wanted Pragya to take over everything and handle everything and wanted to give her full responsibility because they thought she is mature, responsible, sensible, ideal bahu and they loved her so much.. Now that she has taken all the responsibility they shud be happy that all property has gone to right hands she wont waste money… instead they are calling her gold digger!! so if dey give its right if she takes she is wrong?? I dont understand y they r upset.. 2) Y did the writers show bigg love confession if they wanted to separate abhigya and create more misunderstandings between them..

    3. Oh it’s really awesome to hear . It washed out all my stress and mood offs. But srimathi, are you sure is dis gonna happen within dis week itself????

    4. Let’s see if that happens. I will not watch this as long as this story line is going the way that it is going.

  3. Expose aaliya and tanu soon pragya

  4. Pragya ll told truth2 abhi

  5. Abhi has decide to not stay in the Mehra mansion, not the way Pragya wants him to be.So, the rockstar decides to leave Pragya and his house behind and instead stay elsewhere. Now isn’t that what we would expect of a self-respecting man? Well, Pragya will start regretting her harshness and will be seen shedding tears in her bedroom. Pragya feels guilty of hurting her near and dear ones. And even as she’s figuring out as to what to do to bring back home Abhi, her first move might just work out in her favour. It i often said that rats leave a sinking ship first and so it will not come as a surprise to us if Tanu reveals the truth about her baby and ditch a pauper Abhishek Mehra.

  6. s guys tanu’s truth ll b revealed witin 2 weeks..! she ll leave abhi saying he don’t have any money n pragya ll kick hr out.. I thnk abhi s thnkin tat smethn fishy n ll find pragya’s intentions.. thr s gonna b sme cute n funny moments btwn fuggi n abhi <3 tis s gonna b interesting..!

    1. In 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. So abhi is not thinking bad about pragya .for time being i m satisfied with it . Pragya please say truth to abhi he ll surely help you

  8. lovely precape………….like the episode………….. 🙂 🙂

  9. I saw it in bollywood life and spoilers are saying that abhi ll enter his room by balcony pragya mistaken abhi as thief and beats him with stick they ll get some eyelock and cute moments there…really v gonna hav some good episodes tiz week. .

  10. good episode. pragya plzz find proof against tanu, aaliya, raj as soon as possible.

  11. Oh reallyyy abhi s gng to knw abt tanu truth…… superb guyzz

  12. You can’t blame the poor actors, it’s what the idiots write for script, they are just acting it out. It’s probably the mentality of the Indian culture. No one gets the benefit of doubt in these shows, it’s all about flamboyancy, over the top drama. Even Purvi wasn’t spared from false accusation. They just toss her out of their lives without any further investigations to find out how can a decent person do something so cheap. That’s Aliya and Tanu’s field of work. However, even though those two have committed such vile acts, they haven’t been tossed anywhere, still among the family to continue instigating/plan revenge.

  13. I think abhi will play pragya game now to find out the truth

    1. Abhi should know her by now. He knows that she is not greedy for money – at least he SHOULD know.

  14. Ab abhi ko realize hoga ..ki dukh mein apne hi saath hote hain..

  15. pragya plzzzz tell the truth to abhi..im sure he’ll b supporting u n will believe ur words..bcoz he is madly in love with u…????

  16. Guys…. I think this balcony scene we will get in today’s episode… The fight in the precap should be after that balcony scene 🙂

  17. OK chithu.I like to see abhy and pragya together again

  18. sharmi you make good sense all the time you overall review of all the serials are 100% correct that is why some times I do not even bother to comment on them to tell the truth I am so frustrated with most of these serial I am just waiting to see the outcome with vibha I would not be surprise she gets off scotch free without going to jail which she totally deserves to be sent to prison because what she is doing to Vihaan is a crime real SHIT GOING ON WITH THESE WRITERS AND THEIR SERIALS WAYHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA up to now aliah and the corporator has not been known for their wrong doings come on and their are others that I can mention but it will take a lot of typing and you know who they are

  19. In the upcoming episode of Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya it will be seen that Pragya will give a earful to Tanu for coming into her room without her permission. Pragya threatens Tanu that if she repeats such
    behaviour and enters her room with requesting her permission, she will have her thrown out of the house. Aaliya will be shocked to see Pragya’s new rude avatar.
    It is known that Pragya has changed inorder protect Abhi’s property and hard earned from Tanu, Aliya and
    Raj who intend acquire it with by tricking him emotionally.Will Abhi find out that Pragya has changed in order to
    save him? It is also heard that soon Abhi and Tanu’s wedding preparations will start. However, since Abhi has lost all his property and wealth, money minded Tanu will decide not to marry Abhi.
    In the upcoming episode of Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya it
    will be seen that Pragya will give a earful to Tanu for
    coming into her room without her permission.
    Pragya threatens Tanu that if she repeats such
    behaviour and enters her room with requesting her
    permission, she will have her thrown out of the house.
    Aaliya will be shocked to see Pragya’s new rude avatar.
    It is known that Pragya has changed in order protect
    Abhi’s property and hard earned from Tanu, Aliya and
    Raj who intend acquire it with by tricking him
    Will Abhi find out that Pragya has changed in order to
    save him?
    It is also heard that soon Abhi and Tanu’s wedding
    preparations will start. However, since Abhi has lost all
    his property and wealth, money minded Tanu will
    decide not to marry Abhi. However viewers will have to a little longer before
    Aaliya and Tanu’s truth get revealed.
    Stay tuned!

  20. Absolutely spot on Sharmi!! And Keen observer. If not of the great cast, this production cld be a failure. There are so many pot holes in the connection of the script. The ones that Sharmi has mentioned & many more. From the producers, writers & directors. ..basically

    haven’t evovled frm their archaic mentality. Ekta & team seem to be still stuck in her dads era of mentality. Make No Sense & Sensibility . Just plain …. “NON SENSE”

  21. Whatever the “NON SENSE” PRAGS better win this battle this time !!!.
    Personally I enjoy the humour infused btwin Abs and Prags despite the tension. So that’s a plus point in the script. I am hoping for a Suresh come back as he is truly a great n smart Friend of Prags in the storyline.
    And m really hoping for Ekta n team to move on from this track in a positive direction & creating new plots as theres so much potential in it. It’s really unbelievable that all the Indian serials still, till today, write with a common theme n plot. (Did a research on their plots recently & discovered this trend)
    Please listen to MJ’s “Man in the Mirror ” & make a CHANGE…..
    Ekta m sure u can start the ball rolling. ….
    Pls move away from papas…era…
    Prags must win this round!!!! Hands down & in EXPLOSIVE style…!!!
    Well at least that’s what I m hoping for…
    Or is it just wishful thinking. ….

  22. Abhi should knw the truth
    V r eagerly waiting fr the day whn abhi n pragya vill b happy in their lyf

  23. Please let abhi to know truth

  24. Guys I feel like dadi n dasi r involved with pragya.becos if u observe yesterday’s episode its clear dat dey r not sad but angry n having cat fyt with pragya.in earlier episodes wen pragya acted rude jus to bring tanu home dadis were shedding so many rivers but y arent dey now? N yeah she cant tel her plan to abhi becos she changed herself totally jus to prove abhi dat tanu aliya n raj r cunning. If he wil believe her without proof den wats d need to do al dese makeover n drama? So abhi is jus out of d game n ya as u al said akash n purab hav equal chances in involved in d plan.

  25. Guys just saw new segment of kkb on SBB

  26. Guys in this new segment they showed the shooting of new promo shoot where abhi and pragya were giving their photo shoot for the promo. They were standing by showing their back to each other as war mode. Reporter says war is begin between abhi and pragya becoz pragya has changed her behavior. Then they showed pragya was giving orders to tanu, aaliya and mitali bhabhi that they have to wake up at 6:55 in the morning from tomorrow. Pragya was distributing the works between them. Tanu says to reporter- yes, we r shooting for promo. Pragya r giving them works, Where tanu wil wash kitchen’s crockery,mitali’s work will b cleaning and aaliya will b cooking. Then reporters asks from pragya what works she have decided to give abhi? Then she says I have decided some different works for him also which he never did before. Reporters says in background, that now war has been begun between abhi and pragya. In previous, their fight was fight of love but this time their fight is serious fight. They says that we hope pragya will find taaliys’s truth soon and abhi- pragya reunite again.

    1. Pragya was in beautiful dark blue shiffon saree with a beaitiful broch on her saree’s pallu. Abhi was in jeans T-shirt and white jacket. Tanu was in night gown, aaliya was in morning track suit and mitali bhabhi was in simple daily wear chudidaar suit. Guys Their face’s expression was like “unki buri tarah se band baji hui hai.??

      1. yeah Sanchu…am afraid of Raj actually…since Pragya is not aware of him …if she doesn’t pay attention to him,then she will definitely be caught… and Abhi , since he is in much confusion, he will easily belive if something is proved against Pragya (by Raj/Aaliya)…my only thought is, since they have put more efforts on Pragya’s look..they should be having more shocks and twists also….

        so , i feel Raj is more dangerous here, since he is not revealed yet,he is open to do anything now…Pragya is in more critical zone now with the hateness of everyone including Abhi….so even a small slip will make her more affected…

        what do you feel Nikki/Sanchu ???

      2. Well chithu if u want ur answer then just read what kowsi has written below about abhi’s present feelings for pragya which we will see in upcoming episodes. And ya if we talk about raaj then ya he is dangerous for pragya becoz she is still unaware from his intentions but as I said in my previous comments that raaj will not directly harm pragya becoz of the fear of catching. He will use aaliya for this. And in yesterday’s episode we saw that pragya have decided to keep her eyes on aaliya. So it will help her to protect own self from them and may b through aaliya, pragya will catch raaj also. Raaj could brings hurdles in the way of pragya’s plan for making her way of reaching to the truth difficult but at last pragya will definetly succeed becoz her intentions r gud and pure and I think abhi’s indirect support will also give him strength to fight with these difficulties. And chithu if someone helped pragya among the family members then it will help her, or could prove her right in front of everyone, at the end, if raaj or taaliya will trap her in anything.

  27. guys and one more thing abhi feels pragya is surely hiding something from him.bcoz she never rude to dadi and him. so he wants to test pragya.abhi return to home stays in pragya’s room.
    pragya decides not melting in front abhi otherwise her plan to expose. abhi using some tricks to get pragya’s love. Abhi covers his face by soap and tells Pragya that he cannot take bath due to water supply is stopped in bathroom. Pragya feels bad to see Abhi in pain and wipes soap from his face and Abhi feels love in Pragya’s gesture. Pragya then turns into rude and ask him to take bath.

  28. remaing part nikki told….

  29. Nice!!!! Thanks for the update Nikki and Kowsi..

  30. And more thing guys, just look pragya’s new glamorous, hot and s*xy blouses. They r wow. Now pagya has become super glamorous in her this change look. God knows how abhi will control on himself??? becoz he have to pretend rude like pragya to find about pragya’s truth.

  31. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Still dragging eish moving on pls…..

  32. looks like the story is still the same.I never understand how the story changed ?
    Pragya was along before all the family member were against her and praised Abhi,
    Even now she is alone. story line is still the same. just rolls are reversed …. dumb writers.

  33. Well guys to tell you the truth the story line is nice, but what i don’t understand is the writer and the director, priya has change and so? Is there no sense in Abhi or anyone one to play along to see if this girl really have change? Or there’s something she’s trying to do. Common just make us happy by bringing the two lovebirds together again plssssssssssss. But as for play is wow!

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