Kumkum Bhagya 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya spilling milk shake on Abhi’s face by mistake. He gets irked. She gets nervous and cleans face with tissue paper. He takes her dupatta and wipes face and nose. She draws it back. He washes face. She then gives dupatta. She then gets Purab’s call who asks him to come to his house as he wants to talk about tomorrow’s shooting. She says she cannot as Abhi is upset regarding yesterday’s shoot. He insists, she agrees and rushes out. He thinks where did she go and while exercising drops dumbell on his feet. Purab then calls him and asks him to reach his house right now. He thinks he will fulfill his promise made to bulbul and will unite Abhi and Pragya today.

Pragya reaches Purab’s house and says she cannot continue shooting

as Abhi is upset. He tries to convince her. Door bell rings. He checks and asks Pragya if she came with Abhi. She says no and asks him to hide her. He asks her to hide in room. Abhi enters and asks why did he call him so urgently. He says he is confused about his hug. Abhi laughs. Their conversation continues. Abhi asks what hug means to him. He says when he hugs Bulbul, he feels as if time has stopped. Abhi says he has gone mad and should consult doctor. He then says he will go to washroom. Pragya hears that and tries to hide under table, then hides in balcony. Abhi enters, sees her shadow and is about to open windows when he gets producer’s call who says his idea of modelling Pragya in his album was very good and it will be his life’s best album. He thanks him and cuts call. He checks balcony and does not find anyone as Pragya moves away from balcony. Purab thinks if he should lock door or not. Abhi comes out alone. Purab thinks where did Pragya go.

Pragya thinks she escaped and thinks it is very cold here. She looks down and panics seeing ground as she is standing holding pipe on a thin wall. People gather and ask her not to suicide. Abhi walks down with Purab and see people shouting. She sees Pragya and starts his jokergiri, asks how the weather is and asks her wave her hand. She waves. Old man asks him what did he do to his wife that she wants to suicide. He says she is suiciding as he did not do anything. Old lady asks him to save his wife, else reporters will allege him in news. He asks Purab what is he planning this time. Purab says he does not know anything and says they should go and save her first. They reach balcony and Abhi steps ahead to save her, but beam breaks, he breaks TV cable. Purab goes to call fire brigade. He runs behind him not to call fire brigade, asking Pragya not to jump until he comes back.

He stops Purab from calling fire brigade and says his name will spoil as he is a rockstar. He goes back to balcony and says Fuggi/Pragya if she wants to suicide as he did not reply to her proposal. She says she is not suiciding. Purab comes and asks him to go and save. He asks him to go inside as she will manage. He then tells Pragya what will happen to him if she dies. She shouts that she can live her life on the beam.

Abhi and Pragya promote Fear Files serial.

Precap: Abhi proposes Pragya and says he cannot live without her. She starts crying emotionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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