Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mr. Sehgal asking Abhi about his wife. Abhi is clueless and tells that he is not married. Are you joking. Mr. Sehgal tells you are joking. I met you both last time. Aaliya comes there. Abhi gets angry. Aaliya asks Mr. Sehgal to keep his mouth shut for sometime. Tanu asks Abhi to relax. Abhi says why did he ask me about my wife. I will talk to him. Aaliya tells him that Mr. Sehgal is mentally unstable and says he says anything to anyone. Mr. Sehgal comes again to Aaliya and asks about her baby. They are surprised. Aaliya tells him that her baby and grand child are fine. Aaliya asks him to go else she will send the guards. Tanu says both brother and sister have hidden secrets. Aaliya says they are adventurous.

Dadi tells Dasi that she thought of seeing Pragya, but

that girl was someone else. She tells that she was shocked for a moment. Dasi asks her to come with her to get her eye tested by the doctor. Dadi says I told that I have a misunderstanding, and asks why do you want to change my specs number. Dasi says you have always Pragya in mind. Dadi says you always argue and asks her to bring tea. Dasi tells her that she asked Mitali to make tea. Mitali brings tea. Dasi says why did she bring late. Mitali says she got late because of her mum in law. She asks them to torture her saas. Dasi says we are on leave and that’s why we don’t tell her anything. Mitali says can I answer her. Dasi says yes, we won’t tell you anything. Mitali says now see what I do with her.

Tanu laughs and tells Abhi that she has a great time with him and laughed much. Abhi asks her to laugh daily. Tanu says I have to meet you daily for laughing daily, says she is free for a month and asks do you have time. Abhi says I don’t have much time and asks her to talk to Aaliya about his schedule. Aaliya says I am not bad and gives you personal space. Abhi tells them that he has to leave else Dadi will get upset. Aaliya asks him to go and says she will be with Tanu for some more time. Once Abhi leaves, Tanu gets happy. Aaliya asks her why did you tell that you are free. She says I have to be with you whenever you meet him. They leave.

Pragya asks Beeji if she got a call. Pragya says no. Sarla comes and says she made aloo paratha. She asks why did you get ready so fast. Pragya says I will leave after getting call. She gets a message, and tells her that she got message. She leaves. Beeji tells Sarla that Pragya will have food on the way. Sarla asks Beeji to eat food. Aaliya brings Tanu home. Tanu asks are you sure you want to make me meet everyone. Aaliya says yes, and tells that you have to face them. Tanu says Abhi is having memory loss, but not others. Aaliya says I will face them, and says they have to forgive you and have no option.

Taiji asks Mitali to bring fruit salad for her. Mitali asks her to tell Robin to bring, and tells her that she will not follow her orders, and will do whatever you do for your saas. Tai ji asks have you gone mad? Mitali tells her logic and says if you take care of your saas, then I will take care of you. Taya ji says she is right and says kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi. Tayi ji says Dadi never asked me anything. Dadi says you are saying as if you have fulfilled my commands. Mitali tells her condition. Dadi laughs.

Abhi brings Pragya somewhere and asks her not to come. Abhi says I will check first if this office is good or not, and asks her not to come until he call and asks her. Pragya nods ok. Abhi goes to building. Aaliya introduces everyone to Tanu, and says you know her from before. She asks Tanu to come and have food. Dadi stops Aaliya and asks her to take Tanu out now itself. She tells that she has betrayed us and Abhi. Aaliya says even I betrayed you, so will you kick me out. Dadi says I would have kicked you out and it is my helplessness to let you stay here. Aaliya says sorry and says I am trying to control my laugh and don’t want to insult you. She says my Dadi forgot that Abhi has forgotten what Tanu did also.

She tells her that Abhi brought Tanu here and asks her to tell him about Tanu’s child incident and their betrayal. She asks them to forget whatever had happened in the last 2 and half years, and says it is bad for health. She asks Tanu to come and sit for breakfast. Tanu sits on chair. Dadi gets upset. Pragya thinks what he is doing? He took me to three places and asked me to sit in car. Abhi comes back and asks if she is getting angry. Pragya says no and asks if he is torturing her. Abhi says no. Pragya says you told that it was a job interview, but haven’t told me anything. Abhi says I was checking your patience level as this work needs it. Pragya says you found a job for me. Abhi says yes and asks her not to refuse. Pragya promises. Abhi says lets go to your new work. Pragya is happy and hopeful.

Dasi thinks they will take advantage of Abhi now together. Tai ji scolds Taya ji for not telling anything to Mitali. Taya ji says he is tensed seeing Tanu. Mitali thinks if Tanu came to stay in this house and requests God to send her away, as she can’t do more work. Abhi comes and asks what’s up? He asks them to guess and says today Miss Hawa Hawaii came with me….Everyone is shocked to see Pragya coming there. Aaliya and Tanu are very much shocked. Pragya enters holding file in her hand.

Aaliya tells Abhi that she would have hired best assistant for him, says you deserves the best. Abhi tells her that you don’t like her, but she (Pragya) is deserving, smart, honest, not greedy and most importantly she is just like him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what really is tanu’s character importance in this show now…is it just to get the viewers to get fedup of her and her nonsence and quit….she is such a waste of time…

  2. Aaliya came with tanu and abhi with pragya so funny and precap is nice but dadi should be with her again

    1. Yeah I liked the way Abhi replied back to Aaliya in precap, I mean in a long time, I really found this dialogue of Abhi sensible and realistic. Else in last track, Abhi behaved wierdly and dramatically on most occasions. The way he understood Aaliya’s dislike for Nikhitha based on 2 incidents and the way he told Aaliya that she need not like his PA. Aaliya may hate someone doesnt mean that Abhi has to move away from them to please Aaliya. That was pretty mature of Abhi, hope he continues this behavior.

      I have read many people commenting on social media and other forums that there is nothing new to watch in this track, but for me even the slightest change in Abhi’s behavior had been a relief. And for Daadi I dont want her to take Pragya’s side this time or push Abhi towards Pragya. I want their love story to be natural and based on Abhi’s own liking for Pragya, unlike last time where Purab, Bulbul, Daadi and indirectly Aaliya, Tanu created situations for them.

      1. Even I too don’t want dadi should interfere in abhigya matter but what I am saying is she should be support and she will not be anti fr abhi’s decision towards pragya and in segment when I seen no one is happy fr her arrival even dadi too she should be gd with her like before but no need of giving any ideas to her and this tanu is really irritating what is the need of her presence in show when they want to show a love story bwn leads

      2. It true b coz once hw feel for her naturally..
        N he realise it by himself it vl b a strongest relation

  3. Abhi u r rock..aliya ur tanu ki sakal dekhne ke lyk hogi…Abhi ka bhi ajib paribar hea jho jho galat hea une sarpar bethakar rakha hea ur pragya ne kuch kya nehi firbhi, now no one like her…

  4. nice episode but was missing purab….i hope they will hire new actors for purab’s character and mayb bring back bulbul

  5. Leema Selvakumar

    Today’s episode was so super. I really enjoyed it. Tit for tat episode. Nice moves, we except same in upcoming episode.

  6. Nice episode…..??

  7. Samina khanam

    Dis episode is awesome just loved it.

  8. Shabaaa… Even alia’s acting is better than tanu for negative roles.. Idiot tanu..
    I hope abi loves pragya instead of that idiot

  9. V hav to wait …. Every day hopefully .n v r doing the same but CVs are exploiting our patience..pratiksha whether any way to contact the producers … The show had hgot wonderful actors at least give them a chance to prove their self. U hav beautiful story n valuable mix of characters but story line is killing the viewers hope. So plz do bring back everyone . Wat abt this purab may go to bring back his bulbul .we’re purvi n her his take care of bulbul .

  10. This was interesting episode .abhi came with prangya in his home.

  11. Tanu is such a shameless person. Oh my gosh. Hope Abhi stands by his wife’s side because there is no Purab. Pragya never did anything wrong to no one. They all are bullies.Indian culture become a joke.

  12. Game started…Ready ..get..set..go..
    Alia brought Tanu..
    Abhi brought Pragya..

    Play ground MM is ready with ful of audience (MM members and we too)..

    But anytime Abhi can give a check as we already know he is the Game Changer..

    1. I like ur comments, It was so funny and real too

      1. Thanks Dear…

  13. abhi yeh sab jann puch kar kar raha he knyo ki aliya se pragya ko bachane keliye….

  14. indera sanichara

    I think Abhi knows what he is doing He is giving Aliya a taste of her own medicine. Pragya nice move with Abhi.

  15. I think that abhi know what he’s doing. He’s trap aliyah and tanu in his game.sometimes I wonder if pragya and abhi are playing the game together

  16. Sorry guys I’m not so good with my English. In my country (Suriname, South America) we’re speaking Dutch??

  17. Kumkum bhagya ka ratings niche aagaya ekta kapoor kobshock hogaya so plse change the track nai toh trip ratings aisechi niche ayega
    Todays episode was nice

  18. I hate dadi she can allow tanu but not pragya. Why only abhi is important. How can dadi live happily in that house. Sending prgya out. She dont know that she is married to abhi. Who gave her rights to separate husband and wife. Theres no respect for woman in this serial. If abhi is really a celebrity why cant he just google his wifes pic.

    1. To avoid confusion can you post your name as PRATIKSHA 2 as there is another long time contributor with the same name. Your comments on the old hag Dadi is absolutely correct??????


    Back on track show…..
    And best part is what abhi did…
    That is Nehle pe dehla (नहले पे दहला)।।।
    Aaliya ne socha abhi or tanu ko kareeb llaaya jaaye but yahan to Abhi kud Pragya ke kareeb aa raha hai… bichari aaliya and tannu, but where is their 3rd partner in crime, tanu’s illegal husband…??????????

  20. yes pratiksha I too hate dadi for her selfishness towords abhi as she is the one who bring pragya into his life and she is the one who send pragya out of his life only because she is bahu of that house. if she has a daughter and she was in the same situation will she do that no never right. Now purub and bulbul was not there to support pragya, entire family should stand by her side. I want to see pragya in Mogambo avatar and play with aliya and tanu who are responsible for her husbands health. she should not even forgive aliya for what she had done to bulbul considering as abhi’s sister. as she became PA to abhi, she should help abhi to get his memory back by repeating past incidents one by one slowly sp that his health shouldnt get deteriorated. I want to watch this season with full swing of playing with aliya and tanu by entire family especially by abhigya.

    If pragya was failed again by aliya or suffered by aliya again I will definitely stop watching this serial which shows evil will always win over innocent.

  21. Omg!!! What’s this?!!? One more Pratiksha. Oh..noo…I have to face problem again now. Guys keep remember ur old Pratiksha’s profile colour is purple so don’t get confused. That brown profile Pratiksha is new to this site. I thought to inform u all so u guys do not confused.

    1. ImRagela

      Ya Pratiksha i already got doubt with that Pratiksha (with brown colour) so only i didn’t reply that one !!..Thank God u informed !!..Again this problem started !..Pratiksha (with brown colour) pls stop commenting with some other’s name !And don’t confuse others !

    2. thank god u inform abt your colour sweetheart(Pratiksha) thats y i was thinking y u comment like that even my name also there is another person but my profile is blue na

  22. Guys … ya its nice of pragya be abhi’s assistent but here after she going to face more prblm like wat tanu and aliya does before…

    And the other things are… in upcoming days there is navaratiri kavachutra diwali like some fun are come so for that celebration pragya definly want to be in mehra house

    And i think maybe dadi will help pragya and also may be dadi insisct abhi to marry pragya…

    Ya there is too much way they have but we don’t know wat cvs going to show us… be ready for any thing… now a days i like kkb little more of pragnancy track. i watch kkb every day i won’t see its be in top or last in position of trp. We all are know that in pragnancy track also kkb is not in top position but we all are watch that continuously… wat ever happen in kkb i know abhigya is always together…

  23. Abhi always 4steps ahead from aliya…

  24. kumkum bhagya

    abhi ka memory loss fake hai tho kab reveal hoga serial mein

  25. Abhi faking memory loss will be known to us after ekta and cvs and producers and writers regain their memory.

  26. Hi frnds..how r u all??after a long break I’m commenting …shobana sis,reji,pratiksha,sahithi and all..how r u??I’m missing u all bt studies and all so only I’m not getting time to comment..kkb is rockiselfish..pragya entered in mm…I eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes…I don’t know what vl be dadi’s reaction?? Guys do u have any idea??now a days I hate dadi becoz she’s being selfish?????????…

    1. Hi karthika ? I’m gud. How r u? Nice to see u after long time. Seems very busy ha…? Anyways, if u r asking about the ongoing story of kkb so frankly and seriously I didn’t liked pragya’s entry back in Mehra house becoz this place is hell for her, whether abhi is with her or not? We r seeing this from the day one that she didn’t spend a single day of happiness in this Mehra mad house. Even being with abhi also is not gud for her as it can never give happiness for her for whole life. But becoz they both loves truely each other and we loved too so much their pair so I have no problems with pragya’s meetings with abhi but I don’t like that pragya come back in Mehra house, a horrible hell. Don’t know what happens further in this new season’s story but it’s past record is well known by us. But as sahithi said that a slightest improvement and changed has shown in abhi’s behavior in this new story so a ray of hope could b expected here. About dadi so karthika, dadi is angry and upset with pragya becoz pragya didn’t tell about it from dadi that she met with abhi and abhi and his health didn’t affected after seeing her as he couldn’t identified her. Sriti herself told this in her interview that dadi and family is angry with her only becoz this reason. So karthika possibility is there that once pragya will make them understand her situation like she made understood to purab then dadi and family could forgive her and atleast dadi and dadi could support her in absence amd on behalf of purab. But as sahithi said that it’s better that abhigya’s love story should start without any interference this time, that’s why I don’t want that pragya come in Mehra house, where the peoples will only spoil her life whether they r her enemies or they r their well-wishers. Until pragya was outside from Mehra house and far from it’s peoples and taaliya, her problems were less but After entering in Mehra house, her problems will b increased on the cost of meeting with abhi and for increasing closeness with him. India tv news peoples were saying in their last segment that abhi’s memory is going to b back so whatever will happen further, only he will do. That’s why I didn’t comment om last Friday’s episode and about further possible story. I thought we should wait more before teaching any conclusion. But today when u asked about my view than only I shared about my views about this ongoing story but for now I can’t say anything surely about further story. We have to wait more for this.

      1. It’s dadi and dasi and it’s reaching not teaching. Sorry trying mistake.

      2. Thanq pratiksha…BT according to me I feel that pragya’s entrance in mm vl bring some positivity and hope to the story..by becoz if pragya becomes abhi’s personal secretary than both vl get to spend tym together by which abhi starts to lyk pragya once again…I can’t understand one thing abhi is often getting inclined by seeing tanu..I don’t lyk that.and yeah u r ryt pragya has to really meet all the consequences after entering mm…taaliya vl not leave any single chance to make pragya fall of from abhi’s eyes..and abhi is not even feeling that something is missing in his life…CV shud bring some moments in abhi’s brain that relates abut his relationship with pragya…BT they r not showing something lyk that..one thing seems illogical to me pratiksha..pragya is abhi the rockstar ‘s wife who is music sensation so everyone must have known abut her..BT in music comp no one recognized her..this is impossible in reality ryt..u r ryt we have to wait for the upcoming story..as per as news if abhi gets his memory back then the track vl end soon..I think it vl get tym for abhi to gain his memory back..I want abhi to love pragya again ????

    2. ImRagela

      Karthika how r u ??..I am very fine !..Super ah irukken neenga ?.now only my quarterly exams completed and now only i am free ..???..so inga exams mudinjiducha ?..And kumkum bhagya is just rocking ..U r ryt !.for a several weeks it was trp top now past 2 weeks only kumkum bhagya trp is falling down ! All r fed up by thinking abhi is faking his ml or not ?.??..So this week by seeing SBS segment i think trp will rise and CVS will surely do something to be no 1 ..And in before segment pratiksha’s SBS update .She said Abhi will bring pragya home as his fan no 1 and dadi will feel happy and little bit angry and all the family members left leaving pragya alone on the hall ..I cant remember correctly but may be its true !!..?..so lets wait and watch !

  27. Sorry typing mistake…now a days our kkb is rocking…..

  28. ImRagela

    Hi guys !!..How r u all ??..Pratiksha sahithi shobana asmitha karthika everyone !!.exam got finished !..And sorry guys !..Yesterday cant comment as my chachi got a labour pain . So only i was there at home .I hurriedly called to my parents .And we all rushed to hospital and now today my cha cha and chachi blessed with a beautiful baby boy .This is their second child . First daughter and now second baby is son .Felt really happy and my parents appreciated me for that good job !!.so now only got time to comment !!..

    And guys today we r having a SBS segment .Abhi gets drunk and Pragya tries to control him .Two guards holds abhi and takes him and pragya rushes and opens the car abhi comes out of the car and romance with pragya .Its a masti preview . And our beautiful naagin i mean mouni roy kkb sets . Sriti shabbir felt really happy and surprised .Mouni Sriti and spoke to the reporters !!.

    Segment preview – https://www.instagram.com/p/BKxSe3pDsz_/?hl=en

    1. Congrats to ur chachi and chacha…feeling happy by knowing this news…

    2. Congrats reji for u and ur aunty and uncle for this bundle of joy. May baby get gud health and a bright future and u and ur family enjoy each and every moment with him. Many- many congratulations to u and ur family.

  29. New segment update-
    Highlights of the segments-
    1- Pragya has become abhi’s Personal Assistant/ Secretary.
    2- Abhi gets drunk, pragya handles him.
    3- Pragya has shown as helping abhi in finding his stuff in his room, abhi questions from her?
    4- Dadi is not accepting pragya.
    5- Makers wants to bring bulbul’s, purab’s and nikhil’s character’s back in the show but didn’t found any suitable face yet after quitting of previous ones.
    6-Mouni roy’s visit on the location of kkb.

    Full update of segments-
    Abhi gets drunk heavily and loses his control. Guards takes abhi outside to his car by giving him support. Pragya sees abhi in this state and tries to control him. She makes him sit in the car and says to driver to take them for home. But drunken abhi doesn’t ready to go home and troubles pragya. Abhi comes out again and again from car. Pragya makes him sit everytime. Abhi troubles pragya by his funny antics. Abhi calls pragya as Nikku..Nikku..

    In one of previous scene, it shows that abhi tries to find his stuffs but couldn’t find them. He shouts for Robin but pragya comes and provides his all stuffs from the it’s right place. Abhi gets shocked and asks from her that how she knows whereabouts of his stuffs so well when he came here first time. Pragya manages and says that she asks about it from Robin as now she is his P.A. so she have to know and take care of his everything.
    Sriti’s interview –
    Sriti told to reporters that abhi is drunk and it is tough to handle him. She says that she don’t know what happens next after it but whenever drunk scenes comes of abhigya, lots of fun and entertainment happens so hope for this time also. She says that dadi is not accepting her in Mehra house which is biggest shock for her. She says that their shows concept is always says it that abhigya r destined together so they will b together always at the end if any situation whether they don’t want or anybody want or not?
    Shabbir’s interview- shabbir says that it is tough for pragya to handle drunken abhi but she is handling him very well.

    Mouni roy’s visit on the location of kkb –
    Mouni roy comes to meet sriti and shabbir as her show’s Nagin-2 shooting is happening just next from kkb’s set. Sriti and shabbir wish her gud luck for Nagin- 2 and Mouni too wishes both sriti and shabbir for kkb and shares that she will keep visiting on the set of kkb to meet with sriti and everyone as she is doing shooting for her show just next of kkb’s set.

    Sbs peoples told that makers of kkb wants to bring bulbul’s character back in the show and for which they called that actress, whom they finalized after mrunal’s quit but now that actress refused to do the show as they didn’t call her even after many months so makers couldn’t found any other suitable face for bulbul’s character yet. News peoples told that same problem is happening with purab and nikhil’s character’s replacement too as both actors has been quit from the show and makers couldn’t found any suitable actors for playing these characters in the show. So until makers doesn’t find any suitable faces for these character’s replacement, till then story of the show will move around abhi, pragya and aliya. Story will take change after getting suitable faces for the characters of bulbul, purab and nikhil.

    1. Bit addition in interview’s of sriti and shabbir and segment’s update which i forgot to write-
      Abhi in drunken state doing shayaris and says to pragya also to do so. Pragya says they will got to home then abhi says that we will got to five star and will enjoy there. Pragya strictly says to abhi to follow her orders to go home. Abhi says that he is the boss and he don’t want to go home. Abhi sees her jacket’s opened zip. He says howww.. What happened with me? Pragya closes his jacket’s zip and says that nothing happened. He smiles and says that he got scared. Pragya strictly shuts the door of car and moves. Abhi shouts Nikku…Nikku.. listen.
      Shabbir says that he did lots of shayari and may b lots of will not b on air. Reporter asks from him about his fuggy was with her. Shabbir says jokingly what?? She was fuggy?? He says shit u guys have told me about further track,now what he will do now?
      Sriti says in interview that always they both gets drunk but this time abhi is drunk alone and she don’t know what will happen next but whenever they gets drunk, scenes happens full of fun and masti so this time also hopefully something nice will happen. Sriti told about the scene where she provides abhi’s all stuff from his room. She says that whether room has changed but iit’s things r still on their place as robin kept all stuffs just like her becoz it was her room before. Sriti talks about that dadi is not accepting her. She says that it was biggest shock for pragya as dadi is not accepting her and she is feeling very bad as she was a part of this family in past. But it is abhigya’s fate that they will b together at the end of every situation so this will happen here also.


  30. Y dadi is not accepting her when she allowed tanu to mm

    1. Daadi didnt allow Tanu also, Aaliya is the one who forced her. Of course Daadi and Dasi and other family members should have been more stern and pushed Tanu out. But Aaliya will find a way out to bring Tanu close to Abhi or to MM.

      Daadi though brought up her grand children is still a lady from the old generation and so she seems to be only going with the doc’s words. I feel we should wait for actual episode and see what Daadi has to say. And she might just come around quickly and change her stand, as at one point she loved Pragya as much as she loved Abhi.

  31. Dadi, I hate her character…so selfish…she never deserve pragya as bahu…for dadi obly tanu is better both are selfish ladies….cheeeeee

    better this dadi should be like in this way so tat she won’t involve in Abhigya life n won’t stop pragya from her own thinking…so tat pragya should b with Abhi always

  32. Iswarya_santhosh

    blo*dy conspirator dadi….. I hate that Judas dadi…. She is accepting that cheap tanu but not pragya…
    Guys we all know about betrayer dadi but what about other family members? They cant do anything when that witch tanu comes in to their house they all were speechless and started to accept her but their bahu shouldnot come huh?…. Awesome family…. Hatsoff to the mehra family…. They deserve more than tanu…. I wish them to have a bahu like tanu or more than her…..
    I dont understand… Why these family members are behaving like this? Why should pragya inform about them to dadi… Did cunning dadi considered pragya, how she got hurt when dadi asked her leave the house?

    In yesterdays episode, pragya spke to abhi and asked to arrange a job for immediately…. After that only he asked tanu to come to mm… he took pragya to mm on next day he definitely know that tanu must reach mm. We saw yesterday abhi made pragya wait in the car for long time.. Once he spoken to pragya he might plan this meeting.I think abhis ml is nt true… bcoz of aliyas cunningness he got this chance to take pragya to mm…. Thanks to aaliya… Drama had started from friday…. Hoooo now abhi will fall for her naturally…. This time no one has to push him towards pragya… It will definitely happens by itself….

  33. Guys watch latest pics of Leena and shabbir with some peoples on instagram. Shabbir in same costume whuch he wore in yesterday’s drunk scene segment with pragya and Leena also with same peoples of the same location where abhi gets drunk heavily. I had this doubt that from where abhi could come out in drunken state. I had doubt that surely he will b with tanu. And it seems I was right. It seems abhi goes to club or disco to enjoy with tanu and gets drunk heavily there, after which he gets out from his control and senses and then pragya handles him. This is my guess according to these pics. Well let’s see.

    1. Ya pratiksha i too saw that pics !..May be ur guess is ryt !.Even i also think the same !!..May be this is aliya’s plan !..But Pratiksha i have a doubt really now abhi and all the family members accepted pragya as Abhi’s PA ?

    2. Even yesterday itself I understood when abhi drunk and what I am thinking is after this may abhi will think that tanu would have helped him after his drunk to get to home so may he starts to think that she is nice girl and even aaliya also say that tanu has brought him home so may again abhi will start relationship with tanu which I can’t see

    3. Reji do u remember last precap, where abhi appreciates pragya and his decision of keeping her as his personal secretary when aliya protests against it. Abhi was so defined in his decision and for now no body have any strong reason to stop abhi for keeping pragya as her personal secretary and abhi will not agree for change his decision without any reason as for him pragya is perfect for this job for now. Abhi is superior in all as he is household of family so wantedly or unwantedly, everybody have to agree with him and his decisions. So reji pragya will remain abhi’s personal secretary until he wants and everybody have to accept her.
      Asmitha surly from the pics it seems abhi goes to enjoy with tanu but not to forget that pragya was too there already. It means and seems abhi take her too with him for that place but pragya doesn’t go with him inside and waits for him outside. So if he will not have remember anything of last night then also he will easily guess that it was Nikita who takes him to home and handled him and next day when pragya will come back on her duty then she will surely tell from him that what he did last night in drunken situation for making him realize his mistake. What i think that, this drunken scene is for tanu to mixed-up with abhi more and for pragya so abhi could know about her gudness more and to give fun,masti, entertainment and light mood to the audience. Well let’s see.

      1. And one more thing that these types of scenes could present gud comparison also between tanu and Nikita ( Pragya) in front of abhi.

    4. If segment news has to be believed, we will see some filler scenes of Tanu before Bulbul and Purab re-enter. If Bulbul character is going to come back, I will be very happy and wouldnt mind seeing Tanu in the meantime. But hope the makers bring them back soon and not drag forever.

      And Pratiksha, it will be sometime before Abhi will compare Pragya and Tanu. He only has a positive impression about Pragya but gave her job because she requested based on her financial situation. Also, since he thinks Aaliya is overloaded handled his career related stuff. And even with Tanu he met her only twice till now.

      Even before, when he realised his love for Pragya and went to propose to her, that was like so many months after their marriage and living together. There had to be more interesting and serious situations for such comparison and realization to come up.

      1. Sahithi I agree with u. Obviously it will take time. I mean to say that comparison will b start from these types of situations when tanu and pragya both will b with him together back to back. Abhi needs equal time with both the girls to do this comparison between tanu and pragya and to differentiate his feelings means towards pragya and tanu.

  34. SavitaVidya

    i dont like dadi for not accepting Pragya back. yet she even goes to see Sarla and daadi and beeji. but am also glad coz now atleast Abhi will love Pragha by himself. No bulbul no Purab and no Dadi. what i want to know is Daasi on Pragya’s side

  35. There was no segment today regarding the show but a news behind the scene-
    Shabbir’s angry avtaar-
    During the shoot of drunk abhi hanging by pragya and make him sit in the car, someone from outsider disturb them by unnecessary talk which makes shabbir angry as that person was creating disturbance in shoot. So shabbir gets angry and asks from that person that what’s his problem? Sriti too was there as they were shooting for that car scene when pragya makes abhi sit and tries to control him. Shabbir and sriti both calls that person to ask the matter.

    1. Sorry typing mistake, it’s handling not hanging.

    2. Any video available online for this? Please share the link if you have.

  36. The precap is nice

  37. spoiler from India forum……Abhi to propose Tanu

  38. Sry guys i dont know whether it is true or not bu i cant stay silent without sharing this.its heartbreking news that in upcoming epi tanu is gng to through a party there she invited abhi at there abhi will get into full drinken state actually this is a plan of taaliya so according to their plan abhi will misbehave with tanu in this state all d media will publish this so aaliya asks abhi to propose tanu to get her respect back abhi will ask pragya to decorate the terrace being unaware abt this proposal pragya does after seeing abhi proposal to tanu she will left heart broken……guys i wish that this should not be true if this is true then i will defenitely stop watching kkb if this happen then pragya should also move on someone thwn only it will be interesting how many time pragya will prove her love its time for abhi to fulfill his promise before accident n i feel like kills d cvs n if it happen then defenitely trp will fall for sure abhigya should be together n there is no difference between season1 and 2 i hate kkb

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