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The Episode starts with Abhi informing Pragya that fuggi came to meet him in the night and even kissed him. Pragya smiles. Abhi says you look good while being angry and calls her lady mogambo. Pragya asks him not to call her lady mogambo. Abhi says there should be no cost cutting for his fuggi and says she needs a news dress daily, a new doll house and specs cover. Pragya says she don’t have time for waste things and asks him to bring fuggi stuff by himself. Abhi thinks yesterday I thought you have come and have same emotions as my fuggi. He says may be my fuggi didn’t come. Pragya comes to Dadi and Bulbul, and tells Aaliya might know about them. She says they should stop their plan right here and says Aaliya wants to meet Producer. Dadi says we shall drop this idea. Bulbul says we will make

her meet the producer. Pragya says from where we will bring the producer. Bulbul asks them to let her think and gets an idea. Pragya says I can’t do anything if you want me to do. Bulbul asks her to hear her plan. Pragya likes her idea.

Abhi thinks Ronnie is working with honesty and his secretary Payal is not like him. He thinks to bribe Ronnie to get him against Pragya. He gives him money. Ronnie takes the money and asks from where did you get the money. Abhi thinks Ronnie went away with his money and thinks not to leave him. He asks Payal to woo Ronnie and takes all his money. Payal says I am an expert and asks him not to worry. Abhi says all the best. Bulbul tries to convinces Mama ji ( Sarla’s brother). Mamaji says he can’t do. Bulbul tries to emotionally blackmail him and says lie is not lie when you tells for a good deed. She asks him to take inspiration from Pragya. Mama ji says I didn’t identify her when I saw her. Bulbul says I will change you. Pragya requests him to agree. Dadi also asks him to agree. Mama ji agrees to become producer.

Dadi comes and sees Abhi and Dasi staring her. She asks why you are staring me? Abhi asks where did you go? Dadi says I went to Gurudwara. Dasi asks where is the prasad. Dadi says I ate the prasad as I thought my sugar is getting down. Dasi says I knew that she will give same answer. Abhi asks where did you go? Dadi says Gurudwara. Abhi says you went to meet someone. Dadi says I went to meet someone. Abhi says did you bring Dada ji for me. Dasi says she didn’t see me and you. Dadi asks are you pulling my leg? Abhi says yes and hugs her. Dadi says I will take you to Gurudwara next time. Abhi says you both shall go together and enjoy.

Tanu tells Aaliya that the lady might have lost your phone number, or that producer don’t want to meet you. She says why he will meet needy people and asks Aaliya to call that lady. She says she wants to secure her baby’s future. Aaliya says okay, I will call her. Pragya calls her and says my boss is ready to meet you, but we will decide the time and place of meeting. She asks her to come on time and asks her not to bring her friend Tanu. Aaliya asks how do you know about my friend? Pragya says we enquired about you. Aaliya says okay. Tanu gets happy. Aaliya asks her to take rest and says she will take care. Pragya thinks Aaliya will steal the CD today and she have to make things easy for her.

Abhi draws Pragya’s sketch and asks her to sit straight as he is making her sketch. Pragya tries to see the sketch and asks him to show else she will file case against him. Abhi says he don’t have money to make lawyer drink tea also. She asks what did you make? Abhi says monkey. Pragya asks why you have made my sketch. Abhi says I am making my business card and thought to get my boss pic printed on it. Pragya asks him to show it. Abhi says he made it with love and asks her to see with love. He shows the pic and says my lady boss….lady mogambo. Pragya is angry to see the sketch and asks do I like this. Abhi says I will hang this sketch in my room. Pragya asks him to give the sketch. Abhi says I will get your pic placed in the temple and all the God’s will get scared and go.

Abhi talks to Tanu’s baby and asks if he wants to come out. Tanu smiles. Pragya thinks it is not right as Abhi is getting attached to baby. She thinks to find out about the father of Tanu’s child.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Guys I think pragya’s rape is just fake because in every spoiler ganesh utsav is der but that teach is completed & in that kidnapping is also completed so just chill till we get any news from writers

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    SBS/SBSu 23rd Sep’15 Rape Rumor UNTRUE + Abhi’s Pizza Party: VIDEO

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    Posted: 23 September 2015 at 3:19am | IP Logged Report Quote


    HOT NEWS SEGMENT: They mention about the latest rumor circulating all around where in the upcoming track in Kumkum Bhagya Pragya gets raped . They clearly mention that they asked the production house about this and they DENIED any such track coming up. For the time being, Aaliyah Tanu being exposed will be the main focus.


    VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZxNTHKfMnA

    Aaliyah and Tanu have not cooked for the household. Mitaali and Tayiji make an excuse that they have a lot of aches and cannot cook. Whole family is sitting in the main hall except for Pragya, Tanu, Aaliyah and Raj.

    Abhi joins family in main hall. He gets to know about the no food issue. He orders family size pizza’s for everyone .

    Abhi and family shown having pizza party at the dining table . Pragya comes there and sees all this. She is made to pay the bill for the food by Abhi . Abhi is happy about going against her rules and making her spend money .

    Pragya will be deducting money from Abhi’s pocket money in the end . Pragya WINS .

    One clip, Abhi shown making Pragya hold empty pizza boxes one by one . Abhi also shown high five’ing Mitaali Bhabhi.

    Offscreen INT, Mitaali, TayiJi and Dadi: They just talk about cashing in on the opportunity and enjoying pizza. Tayiji says about having to do extra cleaning in return but for now pizza matters . Dadi talks about Pragya pretending to be pissed but in her heart she is happy deep down and doesn’t feel bad about Abhi ordering pizza against her permission.

  4. I think a new avtar is not working because helping hands they making things messy pragya should do simple but tactical approach like to make tanu confess let she should get everybody’s complete medical checkup this way she can alter abhi’s report that he can’t be a father then how can he be baby’s father also about Aliya should be send to psychiatric facility by some tricks where she can be admitted until she give her alliance name I guess a strong character should have strong agenda that no one dare try second time to do harm in a same manner all the best hope this advice will be read and considered in the story line

  5. Guys..this time KKB has gone to third place in overall TRP.. with Sasural Simar Ka in 1st place and Saath Nibana Sathiya in 2nd place…i think the new track if they are dragging like this without showing any changes, then the TRP will not be much good 🙂 i hope we can see much changes soon 🙂

    and onething i doubt is, why does the CVS people want to keep Tanu’s truth in the dark and instead they are revealing Aaliya first..they just want to hold Abhi-Pragya’s reunion..so that viewers will eagerly expect and continue to watch it..but i feel, they can close this Tanu’s pregnancy matter and bring in some new story line instead for Abhi-Pragya..It is illogical to see the same Tanu’s track for this long time even after one of the main lead(Pragya) and even Dadi knows the truth…

  6. Chithu if they r on third position, then it is becoz of constant misunderstanding and differences between abhigya. Another big reason is there slow speed of track too but continuous differences between abhigya is bigger than it. CVS r showing chances for abhi to know pragya’s truth and then they r smartly converting it in another new misunderstanding from abhi’s side to pragya. This is a bigger reason of their trp ratings fall. And chithu I also told previously that sometimes I feels something wrong for why cvs have dropped idea of tanu’s exposure before aaliya and now they r delaying realization of abhi of pragya’s truth also and differences r also increasing between them day by day. Nikhil is also not seen anywhere yet. So god knows what cvs wants to do with this tanu’s pregnancy matter. I hope their purpose will b only dragging not taking the track or abhigya’s relationship to the worst. I mean r they doing planning to stretch this track until tabhi’s marriage? Hope not. We r already completely fed up from this tanu and her pregnancy matter since April, now if they will stretch the track like this with abhigya’s differences and to the tabhi’s marriage then they will b out from top five also.

  7. We all viewers are foolish good for nothing people watching this kind of shit!!! Mercy on us!!!

  8. I hate cing such a dragging character-the drama queen tanu I wish of abhi taking DNA test to tany

  9. pragya luks lovely in this saree

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