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The Episode starts with Pragya asking Nikhil and Tanu, what they were doing in room. Nikhil says he was just passing from there and saw Tanu crying. He says Tanu told him that Abhi scolded her badly. He asks Pragya to make her understand. Tanu blames Pragya and holds her responsible as Abhi scolded and insulted her. Nikhil says it is your personal matter and I shall not interfere. Tanu says you came here to see me crying and in pain, but you can’t separate me and Abhi as we love each other. She says do whatever you want. Abhi is mine and will always be mine. Pragya thinks what was Nikhil doing here with Tanu. She recalls seeing Nikhil before with Tanu. She thinks if he is the father of Tanu’s baby and thinks to keep an eye on him. Payal and Ronnie talk about Pragya and Abhi. Payal says

I need some money, but Abhi can’t give. Ronnie says I will ask Pragya. Payal refuses to take her help. She says they shall be together as they really love each other. Payal says we shall do something to unite them. Ronnie says so you will help me. Payal says it is my plan. Payal says it is mission Abhigya……….Ronnie likes the name Abhigya.

Abhi gets bored during Ram Leela and asks Payal about Pragya. Payal praises Pragya. Abhi asks why she is praising her. Payal says whenever you call her lady mogambo, it shows love for her. Abhi says there is no logic in your talk and asks her to become hen. Purab comes and says she is right, and whenever we love someone then we gave nickname to the person. He asks did you give nickname to Tanu. Abhi looks on.

Raj asks Vijay, if he has done his work. Vijay says Pragya shall come near the idol and her work will be done. Everything will think that it was an accident and asks him to bring Pragya near the durga mata idol. Raj gets tensed. He comes near the idol and throws oil from the lamp. He asks Mitali to fill oil in the lamp. Pragya asks her to leave it and says she will see. Raj signs Vijay. Payal happens to see Vijay holding the rope. Raj signs him to cut the rope. Abhi follows Pragya and goes near the idol. Raj signs Vijay to stop. Pragya asks him to leave chappal and argues. He leaves. Raj signs Vijay to cut the rope. Abhi calls Pragya and sees big bell falling on Pragya. He walks and puts leg on the oil. Somehow he manages to save Pragya. The bell falls on other side. Pragya falls on Abhi. She gets up and sees her maang filled with sindoor. Raja Ram plays…………………….

Everyone rushes there and see the bell down, and Pragya and Abhi standing. Sarla asks Pragya, if she is hurt? She says I forgot that she is not my daughter…..and cries. Mitali says how it can fall. Payal tells that she has seen someone there and points finger on Vijay. Vijay says he is innocent. Abhi says Payal isn’t lying and doubts on Vijay. Vijay says you can accuse me as I am poor and starts acting. Payal says he is lying. Dadi says may be he is saying truth. Abhi says it might be an accident and asks everyone to come out as Ravan is waiting. Purab asks Payal, if she is sure. Payal says yes. Purab asks her to keep an eye on him.

Tanu and Raj argue as Abhi saved Pragya at the last min. Raj says we will not talk about it anymore. Tanu says it is over, you mean we will not kill her today. She says Pragya has to die today. She says she will die or kill her. Raj says if we don’t get successful then we will be caught. He asks her not to do any mistake.

Pragya asks Dadi why she has come here. Pragya says she is fine and says nothing can happen to me. Dadi says who sent you there. Pragya says whatever has happened is for good, and says Abhi saved her and also fulfilled all the rituals of marriage by filling kumkum in her maang. Dadi says you might felt good and asks her to think about staying with Abhi for forever. She says she has a doubt on someone and asks not to tell anyone.

Abhi asks Pragya if she has given any nickname to anyone. Pragya says no and says with two names, it will be two different personalities. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. *CIBAI*
    having a production house and money just to write these kinda scripts? Haha *funny* just use that money to wipe the flu out of your brain!

  2. Guys how many of u wants to see karvachauth in kkb?, in which pragya keep fast for abhi and abhi himself break pragya’s fast somehow.

    1. Becoz karvachauth is coming and in many serials, it is celebrating.

      1. You are correct nikki… he should break her fast after knowing everything… wantedly he should, but should not show it to Pragya.. as usual taunt her to eat and she should avoid by telling some reason… this will be even more fun to watch…

      2. Ya Dave in present circumstances it is not possible that abhi break pragya’s fast by his wish or happily becoz of the differences between them but I know CVS will manage it somehow like they have managed many times to show us abhigya’s closeness by making circumstances according to it even after this much differences.

    2. Nikki.. am tamil. I don’t know what is that karvachauth??? What’s it?? Any ritual or celebration??

      1. Deepika it’s like varalakshmi firsthand or sumangali poojai

      2. Sorry it’s not firsthand its viradham

      3. Oh thanks Dave

  3. as in ramayan raavan kidnaps sita and raam saves her, here vijay kidnaps pragya and abhi comes and saves her i guess……… the role of raavan is played by vijay,sita by pragya n ram by abhi…………………..

  4. Yes Nikki I want to see karvachauth in kkb

    1. So what u think geeta? They will show it or not? Or if they will show then in which circumstances? Becoz as we r seeing that ramleela and dushehra track is still going on and this upcoming week it will continue but karvachauth is on 30th October in actual so how they will shoot for karvachauth? Before it is not possible so will it later? Well I don’t care if they show it later after actual date but I want to see karvachauth sequence becoz like everything it is also must to repeat again and becoz the show is based on kumkumbhagya which is about a husband-wife so karvachauth sequence is must. What u think guys?

      1. Ya nikki its must. There ll b chances for tat too. But eagerly waiting for it. If karvachauth is thr it become more spicy.

  5. We all want to see an innovative karvachaut.

  6. i love dis episode n abi is sooo swt..i wnt him 2 find out the truth abt tanu

  7. Sooo sweeeeeet of abhigya

  8. I think they will show it Nikki just like you said the show is based on kumkum bhagya.

  9. so happy to see ur coments guys,wish kkb is at the first always

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