Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Dadi that she is sure that Nikhil is the man who is in Tanu’s life. She says Nikhil will not agree if he is having affair with Tanu. She thinks Nikhil would have agreed as Aaliya is rockstar Abhi’s sister. She asks Dadi to pressurize Abhi. Abhi comes to Aaliya and tells her that they have decided on Nikhil for her marriage. Aaliya says she don’t want to marry Nikhil and will marry with her choice. Abhi asks what is your choice? Purab….Aaliya says he is out of chapter. Abhi makes her understand that Nikhil is a nice man and classy. He says I will forgive you if you gets married to him. Aaliya says Nikhil should also agree. Abhi says I will first meet Nikhil and know him, and then only will decide. Aaliya wonders what to do? She thinks to talk to him.

Abhi thinks how to convince Nikhil? He thinks where is the flowers and thinks Pragya didn’t reacted. He sees fuggi and rockstar toys together. Pragya comes and asks who is there with fuggi?

Abhi says you had brought it. Pragya couldn’t remember. Abhi says yesterday night was the most beautiful night of his life and says I can’t believe that you can be like this. Pragya asks what? Abhi says dangerous. Pragya tries to go. Abhi holds her hand and says yesterday you wasn’t leaving me. Pragya says you are lying. Abhi says I have proof too. He shows the doll and says you had crossed the limits yesterday. You got the dolls married. Pragya says you are joking? Abhi says you will lose your conscious if I tell you what happened then…..Pragya says you are just making story. Abhi asks did I take you on date? Pragya says yes. He says you told me all your truth after you got drunk and then everything happened. Pragya asks did I tell you? Abhi says if I tell you what happened after that, then you will…….

Pragya asks what did I do. Abhi says you hold my hand like this and brought me in the room. He pushes her on bed and falls on her. He says you had fallen on me like a wild cat and then brought your lips closer to my lips like a golden fish. He says I can’t tell you what happened after that, but I was very enjoyable. Pragya gets tensed. He says I am going for some work. Abhi calls Nikhil and asks where is he? Nikhil says he is stuck in the meeting. Abhi invites him for dinner with his family. Nikhil agrees. Abhi asks Payal to make dinner arrangements for Nikhil and his family. Payal says okay. Abhi asks Ronnie to go on a leave for few days, and asks what do you want? Ronnie asks what do you want? Abhi says I don’t want anything wrong to happen as my sister’s marriage is going to fix. Ronnie says I will not do anything and requests him to let him stay. Abhi says okay. Payal asks if Aaliya will agree? Abhi says she agreed. I have to talk to Nikhil now.

Aaliya thinks what is going on in Abhi’s mind. Tanu comes to Aaliya and asks why she said yes for marriage. Aaliya says I didn’t agree or said no also. She says Abhi was emotionally blackmaling her. Tanu asks her to refuse for marriage. Aaliya wonders why Nikhil is not picking their call and asks her to think what to do. Tanu gets an idea and asks her to marry Nikhil, and says it will end all your problems. Aaliya says you have crossed all the limits of selfishness, and asks her to get out of her room. She thinks Tanu is selfish.

Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words and thinks this couldn’t have happened. She thinks to talk to him. Abhi comes and asks what happened babe…..Pragya says I am your boss. She says I know that you are acting and said a lie. Abhi thinks she is very clever and thought it is just a story. Pragya asks him to tell the truth else she will file police complain against him. She calls Ronnie. Abhi gets scared of Dadi’s reaction.

Abhi tells her that nothing have happened between them and asks her not to shout or call police. Pragya thanks God. Abhi holds her and says he said right about emotions. He says I won’t take my statement back and asks her to call Police. He says I will make that story come true, and says you will come back to me when you realize my feelings for you. He asks her to practice kissing and says I am the best kisser in India. Pragya says I hate you and asks him not to touch her. Abhi says it means you loves me, and says we have love-hate relationship. He asks her to love him then she will never be able to hate her, and says when you realize my love then I will follow you. Allah Wariyan plays……………..They have an eye lock.

Abhi tells Nikhil that my Dadi thinks that you are perfect for my sister Aaliya and says I also thinks so. He asks will you marry my sister?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys . Is Bubul really leaving kum kum bhagya ??? I heard that they are kill her character in this show… I am feeling sad because Purab and Bubul will never be complete :'( and Pragya will no longer have her sister anymore and she will be lonely because Bubul loves and understands her always :'( Pragya , Sarla ma will fall into a very bad depression ,, Purab will be sad and alone

    1. I cried when I heard that they are killing bubul :'(

  2. Abhigya romantic scene was wow.
    Hope abhi will find the pragya’s truth

  3. why this aliya still not open her mouth to expose the truth about tanu to abhi.. when she knows about to marry that Nikil…

  4. where is chithu 55.. no more new updates regarding kumkum bhagya.

  5. Guys new on location video update- Tanu brings property papers and says to abhi to take signature of pragya on it. Abhi avoids it by saying that he just started to woo mogambo so he can’t take this risk to take her sign on papers becoz she could doubt on him. Suddenly pragya about to come in the room then abhi hides tanu by saying it that he don’t want that pragya will think that he is playing double timing, one side with her and other side with pragya. He firstly tries to hide tanu behind the curtains but ends up hide her behind the bed. Pragya enters in the room. She becomes doubtful from the presence of someone’s too in the room. Abhi tries to distract her by getting her close but then also when pragya moves further to watch if someone in the room or not, he hugs her tightly in his chest and gives indication to tanu to run off from the room so pragya couldn’t see her. Pragya struggles to free herself from his grips, abhi leaves her and says he was just tying to feel her like this.

    1. But Abhi is again playing that double game of convincing Tanu he is doing all this to get signature from Pragya. After watching the new on location scene, feels that this will drag on more.

      Btw Tanu was supposed to be more cunning before, these days she also sounds quiet silly on certain occasions, like hiding behind curtains and beds.

      1. Sahithi this is right that he is playing double game but he is forced to do becoz he didn’t get solution yet directly. Pragya is hiding truth from him and becoz he has no power in his hand so he is unable to do or take any strong action to end all the problems. Property is not his main purpose of doing all this with pragya but here his main purpose is to find out pragya’s truth first that has she ever changed or not? If not then it is important to him to know the reason, help pragya in finding it’s solution and bring his fuggy back in his life forever. Tanu is insecure for abhi’s relationship with pragya so she will never let abhi go close to pragya ever l, if she gets to know that abhi is doing all this not only for greeting his property back but mainly to bring his fuggy, his love back in his life forever. So abhi is forced to fool tanu and at the same time he is forced to fool pragya also becoz if she gets to know that abhi is doing all this purposely to find her truth, then for escaping from abhi, pragya will not give attentions to abhi’s talk and she will not let her truth out infront of abhi. Abhi knows that if pragya still loves him then his love will make her weak and her truth will definetly come infront of him somehow, becoz of her feelings to him. That’s why he is forced to play double game. If yes, she has changed so it is also important for him to get back his everything from her becoz he made his wealth after so much struggles, for his family’s gud future. So giving them again that level’s life, he needs his wealth back again. But we knows that this situation will not occur ever becoz pragya has never changed and she is doing all this only for abhi’s gud. So once abhi will find out it, he will never take his property back from pragya, even he will give her all his rights forever. I know he fools tanu but I don’t think so he will play with pragya’s emotions and will repeat his mistake again. He knows that he could easily get everything from pragya by making her emotional weak and by his love trapping but other side he knows too that if he gets his everything, his wealth from pragya but after this he will lose his fuggy and a chance to bring her back,forever. That’s why he refused tanu to take pragya’s sign on property papers and That’s why he is concentrating mainly on pragya’s truth finding mission.

    2. Today’s segment update- same as new on location video. Tanu comes in abhigy’s room with property papers and says to abhi to take signatures of pragya on it. Abhi refuses from it by saying that he needs more time for it becoz pragya has doubt on his intentions. He was sending tanu out from the room but suddenly he sees pragya coming towards the room. He pulls tanu back to the room and hides her behind the bed. Pragya comes and sees him giving indications to someone. She gets doubtful and tries to look whom he is giving indications. But abhi tries to stop her by coming close to her and starts talking romantically her so she gets distract by his emotions. But pragya maintains her doubt and again tries to find out but again abhi tries to distract her by his emotional talks. He suddenly hugs pragya and hides her face in his chest so she couldn’t watch tanu becoz tanu came outside from behind of bed and indicates abhi to do not come close to pragya. Abhi angrily indicates her to get out from the room. He hides pragya’s face in his chest by a tight hug. Pragya gets starts feeling suffocation. She struggles to free herself from abhi’s grips but abhi doesn’t let her go out of it until tanu goes out from the room. After going of tanu abhi leaves pragya. Pragya moves back and shouts on him to hug her like this without her permission and goes out from the room. Abhi feels relief.

      1. after showing these tracks, Tanu pregnancy, Pragya make over n Abhi flirt drama, for so long, i hope it will end in a good way.

  6. Abhi abhi even though u luv her don behave as such yo cheat her .. It’s really bad .. Yua hugging her jus to hide tanu ? Disgusting .. Don ever do this .. Yo vl alwz hug tanu fa time sake fake uh bT this tym yua dng this wit pragya too ..

    1. no razia is not just for hiding tanu,the main reason is to hide those property papers in tanu’s hand..if tanu was in room pragya won’t react more but if she see those papers then it ll b a great issue.. and moreover Abhi corners pragya to the door and flirts her and ought to kiss and pragya seduced and closes her eyes Abhi just get romantic and forgot tanu at the time tanu purposely making a noise to distract them!!Suddenly pragya open her eyes and wondered from where the sound came and she is trying to look at the time Abhi hugs her face towards his chest and asks tanu to get out and tanu goes out and pragya relives herself from him and she gets scared by his hug and asks why are u doing such things with me have lost it suddenly Abhi shivers his hand and says I can’t control my feelings for u and getting closer with her pragya pushes him and ran away!!

  7. Guys I’m just feeling happy that my tweets (edits) was liked and favorited by sriti and shabir.. sriti favorited my dual edits… feeling happy..

    1. Congrats feeling very happy too… They are with us…

    2. oh congrats srimathi

  8. How many of you think abhi is playing game with tanu ??

    If abhi wants property back from pragya he can take pragya sign when she was drunk ..

    Abhi is trying to find what pragya is hiding from him ..

  9. Wow kinda beautiful abhigya scene. Gd epi too. Nice

  10. Guyzz wants to share something ..
    Abhi seems to be playing three games at the same time … He is making tanu believe he is onto getting back his property .. He is making mogambo believe he has fallen in love with her .. He is trying to bring pragya hidden secrets out – this seems like his real game ..

    How many of you agree and disagree with it ???

    1. Ya I agree with you ayesha

  11. Ohh..if Abhi is really acting for properties and if pragya comes to know this she will be break down like Abhi earlier..Plz don’t act Abhi, try genuinely..

  12. plz dont kill bulbul in the serial….because pragya – bubul relationship and also bulbul-purab relationship is so good. we all fans love purbul relationship same as abhigya relationship.

  13. Very nice episode. ABHIGYA ROCKS………………

  14. Dont kill Bulbul……..pz make her to come back in the serial.

  15. Abhi rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….
    Pragya’s expressions are very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  16. thank u hema and reji

    1. your welcome

  17. third week is going to b something big
    N enjoy the to show
    Now I understand y my hubby said this
    Really loving episode n saw location shoot
    Just love over dose in most scenes

  18. Yes Maggie .. But can you tell what will happen in third week ??

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