Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya coming on the road and says it is dhaba. She thinks goons will wake up soon and will find her. Tanu is in car and calls Nikhil. Nikhil picks the call. Tanu asks if the work is done? Nikhil says professional killer will come in the morning and till then he is taking a nap. Tanu says I am coming there to make sure that she gets killed and scolds him for sleeping. Nikhil says what I would have done. Tanu says if I am awake then you shall also be awake and asks him to call killer and ask when he is coming. Nikhil asks shall I call breakfast for you. Tanu asks him to keep eye on Pragya. Nikhil ends the call and says until Pragya dies, Tanu will make their life hell. Purab is following Tanu and thinks he is sure that she is going there. He thinks he will see her once Pragya

is found. Abhi comes to the dhaba and asks about Pragya. The man says he haven’t seen any girl here. Pragya comes there and hides. Abhi is enquiring about her. Abhi comes near her. Pragya covers herself with blanket kept there. Abhi sees a woman and calls her Pragya. He sees someone else and says sorry.

Pragya hears truck driver telling that he is going to Mumbai. She hides. Abhi comes near there, but couldn’t see her due to curtain between them. She manages to get inside the tempo. Abhi sits in his car and goes from there, but neither Prgya nor Abhi see each other. Nikhil comes inside to check Pragya and finds her missing. He scolds his goons and says girl have eloped. Damru wakes up and asks where is she? Nikhil slaps him. Damru asks how did she elope as I tied her tightly. Nikhil says but she eloped. Damru tells that his sight is weak and scolds his goons. Pragya sees walkie talkie beeping and thinks goons have woken up. Nikhil thinks Pragya always escapes and regrets not to kill her. Damru and his goons are searching her. Nikhil gives them 30 mins.

Aaliya asks where is Tanu? She hears Dadi talking to others and telling that Purab is following Tanu. Sarla says Tanu will surely do a mistake and Abhi will save Pragya. Aaliya hears them. Dadi says God will save Pragya, but not Tanu. Aaliya thinks foolish Tanu is digging pit for them and calls her. She calls her. Tanu says she is busy on some important work. Aaliya tells her that all Pragya gang knows that you are going there and says Purab is following you. Tanu asks what to do now. Aaliya asks her to think. Tanu thinks what to do?

Nikhil calls Damru and asks them to return. Damru asks goons to take a U turn. Abhi thinks how I will search Pragya now. He sees tempo and thinks this is the same tempo in which she was kidnapped, says I am coming.

Pragya hears the goons talking on walkie talkie and thinks once she reaches Abhi, he will not leave the goons. She says I am coming to you and smiles. Bahoon me teri..main phir bhi tumko chahungi song plays while they reminisces the moments between them.

Abhi comes to the goons’ place. Pragya in different clothes says you have come. Abhi says he came to do his duty. (May be imaginary scene)

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sree1603

    If the precap is true then it will be nice and importantly I want to appreciate hasan for fast update?

    I want to see their union soon…….

    I am fed up with them.i am totally stopped to watch that serial I am only seeing these updates

    I am still watching the updates means it’s because of my ever favourite Shabir and sriti

    1. it’s fully imagination(precap)..mostly episode full of imagination and flashbacks…

  2. P.N. Bhargava

    Instead of killing Pragya why not kill Tanu and AAliya. Both are mental case.

  3. Bakwaas Karte jaa rahe or serial ko same story of purab dadi action fail as sometimes aliya heard their plan n sometimes tanu heard their plan. Purab n dad take the action but their action n planning never successful. Director drag the serial mostly with eyelock n pragya abhi imaginary song . the whole episode revolt around imaginary song n dream of abhigya.
    If the pragya kidnapping case is solve then the new story of killer ofpragya is her father coming into show make more boring. Hope that story of alive father is not true

  4. I just hate this serial’s previews because they are only hurting the feelings of the fans
    I think these directors wants us to enjoy only evil’s winnings not the good things
    But even then we are watching this serial only on a hope that abhigya will unite and take their marriage to next because it has been three years but nothing has changed

  5. Its always fascinating how Ahilya knows of Dadi’s plans… Stupid

  6. Hi guys I am watching this serial after a lot of time.when I used to watch before nikhil was absolutely against the marriage of abhi and tanu.but now I see nikhil is helping her instead.I don’t understand what the hell is going on.can anyone please tell what happened that brought such a change in nikhil’so behaviour

  7. Vidhyagayathri4

    Kanchi kaul dhi happy birthday to you . today you have blast day in your life with full of happiness and smiles and god will bless your pati my bhai and your lovely sons . I will pray to god for you and your family . have awesome day and once again happy birthday my dhi

  8. Please writter if you don’t know how to conclude your serial please kindly call on the Bollywood actors to help out. Rubbish

  9. i really dont understand dadi and her team.. for pete sakes u all kno dat ur plans always fail cause someone overhears or something yet u’all still talkin and givin alyiah dem info on ur plans y is noone ever hears wat aliyah and her team r plannin but pragyas team always gets sell out. hmmm u would tink dey would learn but then again dis is reel life and dumb is d norm for d stars and evil always thriumps.

  10. It is not fun anymore to watch the show. I just read the written update just to know the story. Dragging the story with the same style…. not fun. You know the story can be fun after marriage also. Abhi n pragya as team . Give us something worthwhile n fun.

  11. Everything in flashback….. live for the future… we always teach our children to look forward….

  12. You have two very fine actor n actress…but ….

  13. Complete nonsense this serial is turning in2..fans loved it but writers have really tested the patience of fans for long..if they dnt figure out a way to mk things work for abhigya soon.. .the channel s gonna lose its viewsrship…

  14. If precap is true then that’s awesome and I think that is imagination of abhi or pragya.

  15. how long dragg this serial…put on end..

  16. End it already!!! Everytime Tanu and Aliya has to win!! Stupid story,not realistic at all!!! End it now!!

  17. hahahah totally imaginary scene….

  18. I think I should give the directors the ending!! Please contact me, cause this is embarrassing now!!

  19. Hafeefa Appzz

    Bqws serial

  20. Funny and brain less script. How many time same situations repeated -uncountable. I think writer lost track of what is happening or suffering from Alzheimer disease. The villain gang easily comes to know about Abhi, Pragya or Purab moves but Abhi and Pragya plays hide and seek within the close vicinity. How many times this happened. I also stopped watching this and only reading the updates only to know how they are making fun of the serial.

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