Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Pragya not to worry. Pragya says I wonder where did that money go? Tanu blames Pragya and says Pragya is acting innocent and have stolen Abhi’s money. Akash says you too can steal it as you was in need of money. Tanu says I am in need right now also, but Pragya can do anything as she has stolen Abhi’s everything. Pragya asks Akash to check in her cupboard. Tanu says now I can understand what is the matter? She tells Abhi that Pragya agreed to give him money and then stolen his money. Akash asks her to stop the crap. Rachna says Pragya will not steal her own money. Tanu says it was Abhi’s money which she has stolen. She says Pragya have stolen the money and got it deposited in unnamed account. She says when I pressurized Abhi to ask her, she has stolen it. Abhi

asks Tanu to stop it and asks Pragya to try to remember where she had kept the money. Pragya says she remembers and says she had kept it there itself. Mitali and Tai ji are upset and think money is stolen by someone. They doubt on Pragya and Tanu. Tanu says how can 1 crore rupees vanish. Dadi says it might be here only, and asks her to remember. She says Purab is coming. Tanu calls her lotteri dulhan.

Sarla says Pragya that money will be find. Tanu thinks very soon you and your money will vanish from this house. She tells Abhi that she will go and rest for sometime. Dadi tells Pragya have kept Abhi’s money before also, and have suffered a lot, but today I am seeing her tensed. She says Pragya will find money. Pragya thinks how can I keep the money and forget. She asks God to help her find the money. Tanu keeps eye on her and thinks this is the best view, I am seeing her worried. Pragya thinks why I am not recollecting? She thinks if Tanu said right? If that money is stolen. She says I can’t let Abhi’s hard earned money stolen. Tanu comes to her room and sings a song. She talks to Aaliya’s pic and says she will take revenge on Pragya. She says I am more smarter than you. She says I have trapped Pragya and her mum and once I kicked them out, I will call you. She thinks to call Nikhil and inform him.

Pragya thinks who can steal the money and suspects Tanu. She recalls Tanu desperately asking Abhi to get the money. She understands that Tanu is the one who has stolen the money and thinks nobody can save her now from me. Tanu calls Nikhil. Nurse Sonal picks his call and asks about Pragya. She says I have betrayed that woman as I didn’t want to get killed. Tanu asks her to keep her mouth shut and calls her greedy. Nurse says whoever marries you will repent. Tanu thinks she will see Nurse later, but now will see Pragya crying. Purab comes. Pragya tells Purab that Tanu has stolen money, and asked me to open the locker. Purab says we shall check her room. Pragya asks him to bring everyone there and goes to Tanu’s room.

She asks where is the money? Tanu says why you are asking me as you have stolen it. Pragya says you should know as you have stolen it. Tanu says how dare you? Pragya says you have stolen keys from me and kept it back on its place. She says Aaliya and Nikhil are not here, so you are the one. Tanu says I told everyone the reason why you have stolen the money. Pragya says even you have a reason. You have to pay the goons, and also Nikhil’s hospital bills. She says you have provoked Abhi to get money, and was not shocked when I opened locker.

Pragya says you are in trouble now. Tanu says you have connected things well. She says how you will prove it. Pragya says I will prove infront of all. Purab says I have brought everyone here. Tanu sees Abhi and everyone, and asks why you all have come. Abhi says don’t know and asks Purab. Purab says Tanu should behave as a member of family as she stays here. Tanu gets tensed. Purab says we have checked everyone’s room and will check hers too. Tanu is angry. Purab says family members might tell that I haven’t check Tanu’s room and get upset. Abhi asks Purab to go ahead and asks Tanu to give almira keys. Tanu is shocked. Pragya thinks Tanu will be exposed now, and thinks if they find even a small amount then she will be caught. Tanu is about to open the almira. Pragya snatches keys and asks Purab to check. They check the almira and couldn’t get money. Tanu asks if you have found money. They leave. Tanu asks them to check beneath the mattress or break open the wall. She says you can fool everyone, but not me, as I know you have stolen the money. She asks pragya to accept the truth and send Robin as she will get her room cleaned.

Purab tells Pragya that this is someone deep planning and is not only theft. Abhi says we have checked everyone’s room. I knew that we will not get anything. Tanu says one room is remaining. Everyone looks on. Tanu says guest room. Abhi asks Tanu to stop it. He says Sarla is staying in guest room and we will not check that room. Tanu says you have checked everyone’s room, and not her room. She asks him to check her room also. Abhi says I know that we will not get anything. Tanu says I know, but we shall get it check. She says you got Dadi’s room checked then why not Sarla’s room. Pragya asks what is this misbehavior. Tanu says I don’t want Sarla to go from here after insulted, I want her to go clean chit. Dadi says if you will be sure then check her room. Tanu smirks. Pragya looks at her face.

Abhi says lets go. Tanu says 1 min and takes out money from the bag. Everyone is shocked. Sarla and Pragya are equally shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Raven

      Oh please….this is Stupid. Do these people have a brain?? Tanu suggests Sarla’s room and then goes to the bag and pulls out the money….OH What a Surprise!!! Stupid Show.

  1. Poulami Chatterjee

    There is a limit of dragging a particular topic…this serial is getting on my nerves…I don’t know how this serial manages to get a high trp..

  2. sagar

    Reallyy yaar ek hi person ko lekar kb TK serial ko chalaogi ekta kappoor….tanu Tanu and Tanu..plzzz reveal her truth infront of all and bring some more character or more twists….so atleast show can get more TRPs..

  3. Priyaraj

    i am very angry now this used to be the best serial now it has gone worst by dragging tanu’s case. It looks like writers want to make people should bang their heads after watching this idiotic thing.

  4. bunu

    What is going on…the worst seriel I HV never seen…plz ekta don’t lengthen it…when tanu will be caught…so boring and disgusting seriel..meaningless seriel .

    • Brintha

      karmina, otherwise we will be shocked.. and we may change the channel, we ourself will not beleive we are watching kkb… if they show something sensible…

  5. ann

    the $h!t has hit the fan now….I won’t be watching the rest of the week….unless this is turned around…..the nonsense has gone way above now…I think the writers are only interesting in driving away the viewers…

  6. I think script writer doesn’t know how to end the serial……I request members post their own climax in this….so that they can choose one ……try to end it

    • Brintha

      balaji already 101 options hv given.. cvs has got madras eye.. so they can’t read our comments boss

  7. Rishneee

    Ok now.. exactly 10 lakhs will be short.. n they will recover sarala ma hall papers.. so done tanu escaped again…

  8. Aishwarya

    Hey guys if this abhis had memory loss tanu is behaving like in d begining of pragnancy drama pragya n tanu planed to steal money n put that blame on pragya then dadi will through her out even abhi knows theirplan now also tanu behaving like that so abhi should suspect her a little na totally illogic the cvs r making the hero of d show character totally idiotic i love abhi character in d begining now also i loves his acting n expressions but d charm of his character was totally lost nowadays tanu is being d hero of d show i think takhil truth will expose in climax not only pregnancy track its gng to be d climax of kkb totally what u guys thinking prathiksh,reji,gowtham bro,shobana,sahithi and everybody

  9. Neha

    What is this every day?…I’m totally tired of Tanu’s chapter. It’s really unpleasant. I can’t understand how do they drag along this.. Please end this…

  10. Sorry for the late reply SHOBANA KUTTY and FOWZIYA …I am fine dr☺…SHOBANA. .. my exam was tough…?.hai kutty I too missed urgent comments ☺☺☺

  11. Teebastri

    Sucks big time i swear!! I think meri saasu ma comes with better story line than this stupid drama. Why can’t ABHI USES his brain for once. So stupid and have never seen anyonee as stupid as him. Everytime pragya show something he is so dumb cant get it. Sarla is stupid cant u tell abhi oh stupid!

  12. Shruthi Ravichandran

    Juz writier go to hell.draging serial?.writer of kkb atleast see some ff and get concept to write the story

  13. Leila

    I think the nurse will feel bad n give back the money tell pragya n tabhi who is the culprit

    • Hai hency….??? I’m good dear.. Hw abt u?
      Haha its k yaar.. No sorries&thank’s in frndshp.. Got it?
      I to didn’t watch the episode dear
      Written update is enough?
      Its disgusting?

      • Hai. ..kutty. .?…well said…even i dont have patience to read written updates. ..I think the writers have no script…they should go to good hospital to check whether they have brain or not…

  14. Hai. ..my exam was too tough…enneku ethuvum theriyila…enjoy exam hall la yellam thongitanga including me???and u know I too love travelling
    …romba thurum porathu romba romba pidikum ☺??

  15. Brintha

    Thank god… what ever we expected only happened.. i was worried cvs suddenly change their mind and unexpectedly they will show some twist… nothing happened like that.. again cvs proved that they are brainless, useless and shameless….one gud thing i hv learned from kkb… if anyone irritate to the most also, me i won’t get angry at all .. what a gud discipline i hv got through kkb…… thanks to cvs.. and about episide… extraordinary, marvellous,fantastic and mind blowing episode… cvs… have a gud sleep..

  16. Shaz

    There r no words to blame this serial. I don’t know what I want to comment. What the hell is going on??? OMG! Why the writer is doing like this?? Y doesn’t the writer want to expose tanu?? Y he always protects tanu as nikhil?? They don’t care about the fans. The only one reason for watching this serial is the actors. Though the story is getting worst day by day, they are acting perfectly. But there is a limit for the fans patience. If the story crosses the limit, then the fans will not consider about the actors also. Bcoz fans are human beings. So “IF THEY DON’T LIKE SOMETHING, THEY WILL TRY TO CHANGE IT. IF THEY CAN’T CHANGE IT, THEY WILL CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDES”.

    • Brintha

      accoding to me the last 3 line advice u wasted.. shaz.. plz advice who is worth.. kkb is not worth that much.. and they cant understand such difficult lines..

  17. Abt today..
    Its dragging???Even ff is too too good…writers must see ff to get an idea how to proceed a story. …

    • Brintha

      hency ur questions papers are better than today’s episode na?.. atleast u slept thr… after watvhing this episode we can’t even sleep.. also…

      • Hai Brintha sister. . .u r impossible☺☺☺. ..I always used to laugh when I see ur comment…may be u right… my question paper is better than this epi ???

  18. JJ

    What crap, is there anything else that happens in this rockstar life otherthan cheating each other. What the hell is the story…. three hours movie has story of 100yrs long.. but this crap is unending. You guys are thinking us fool. Such a dumb males of mehra mansion. Such fights happens on the road side too.

  19. Ashi

    Y cant sarla aunty open her mouth n say that she saw tanu lingering aroung abhigya’s room yesterday night? I mean cut the crap.. Which couple sleeps inside the room without locking? N more over that dumb ass tanu came took the heavy bunch ok keys opened the so called tijori without msking any noise? Or were both the occupants deaf or unconcious? It the height of dragging.. Evn rubberband might hve got tensed tht how come this serial has more elasyic properties than me..

    • Brintha

      yes ashi.. today onwards in our language elastic the word wud replaced with the word kkb… i too agree..

  20. Naveed,USA

    Nobody is so fool that they can not recognize Tanu.
    Totally stupidity is being shown in the show,could u pl stop it now?
    When Tanu talks to Praggya she can easily record.Many a times Purab was present,he could have done that.
    Big incident happened with Praggya ,she was going to be died ,Purab was there, he could easily make video of Nikhal and Tanu talk and acts.
    How could Paragya and Sarla conceal what all happened to Sarla? Wow!
    I think it should be ended now,we already have plenty of non sense.
    The most boring scene in this show of Mitali.

  21. Annie

    The dumbest serial ever….Tanu is not even a member of the family & acts as if she is abhis wife..why is sarla quiet now ?? Cant she open her big fat mouth n tell abhi about tanu & nilhils misdeeds…..goshh sriti is wasting her talent in this flop serial..everyone should just stop watching & let the TRPs fall for some weeks only then tanu track will be over.

  22. ahana

    will ever dis drama end…bludy bullshit….if cv’s are not getting any story den just plz end d show….i left watching dis shows months ago….today i thought may be tanu’s drama would have ended so read d update…but no dey r still dragging d crap…..
    thank god mrunal (aka bulbul) left d show or she would have became a flop actress like dis worst show….

    seriously d worst show i have ever watched……even sasural simar ka iss much better dan dis…

  23. Naveen

    Waste of watching serial now if kkb fans watch we will also no brain already director kkb is no brain tanu pergency going above 2 years never come new story now they will dragging tanu pergency 1 or 2 years of more it is stupid serial zee tv better go to another better see Telugu serial all of them now


  25. sana

    OK ekta mam when u go to expose tanu and stop unnecessary stories. Change plot of story most of 1 year all r watch that tanu stupid pregnancy.we can’t tolerate and irritate everybody.

    • then why u all watch , leave it ekta’s serial is always torturing, it really interrupts our good attitude, and spoil our good sense so rather you avoid to watch any serial made by ekta’s it would be good.

  26. The writers thinks the viewers are stupid by showing crappy episodes every single day. Seriously kum kum bhagya is the worst serial I’ve ever seen and they need an award for that. This serial is an embarrassment, waste of time and sooooo unrealistic. Words cannot describe how unrealistic this serial us. The writers should use their brains to think not their ass. Someone needs to knock some senses into the writers heads to create some real and beneficial and if they can’t, end this crap already, besides nobody wants to watch a show that is f**ked up and full of negativity. Nothing positive and beneficial at all

    • visha

      You are right. No words to describe this stupid show except bakwas, bakwas, bakwas. I am through and done with this show. I wasted more than 6 months everyday waiting for Tanu’s truth to come out and it still hasn’t come out yet. Ekta Kapoor seems to be running out of ideas so she should stop producing shows.

  27. Dora

    Today even comments r less coz no 1 is seeing dis bakwass boring serial…… really writers hv gone mad nd ekta tooo

  28. Ashu

    What the hell? Instead of making story better, you r ruining it. Think this way, how can one person who is tanu win everytime. Show some reality plz.

  29. anu

    This is a disgusting story. Why this writer dragging the story. In this serial hero is not use his brain. Always he belive tanu. Iam quit

  30. Aarthi

    seriously…they are testing our patients…..no improvement in the plot for past 1 year….the same pregnancy drama….see everyone in the family comes to know about pragya’s truth….after exposing raaj and aliya…even tanu realized pragya’s love for abhi…but still abhi is not aware of anything…..he could hear everything except the convrstn between pragya and tanu…..
    now new drama…..theft case…the serial which wined the heart of many is becoming so stupid…we all are realizing that all these are unrealistic and stupid…am wondering why can’t these writer’s and ekta mam can’t realize it…..

  31. Dolly

    How rubbish in one night a peegnent lady steal the key with 2 person sleeping steal the money and paid the money to nurse for keeping her mouth shut and keep more somewhere and leave some in bag and put that bag in sarla room. Cmon if u want to drag then drag with some new idea and new character. Fedup seeing tanu and nikhil making foolish ideas. After all this sarla aunti still did not say that nikhil kidnaped her and child is not abhi it is like wtf

  32. Nandu

    If dis tym if pragya is quite it is ht of stupidity…no daughter/son can c if someone accuses her/ his parents to theft….even at this point if she is quite bcz she has to save abhi 4m his enemies..it is so dumb ..to say…if again she says to save my kumkum I can bear anything then sorry to say it’s such a bull shit…maa se bhadkar kuch nahi honi chahiye……n evn nw abhi thinks sarla ma stole mny bcz they hav proofs…he s dng again something as that of at raj tym ..bcz he believed raj is culprit by cng proofs n again nw with sarla ma…at diz tym pragya shld blurt out truth…she shld do dare …n she shld leave to abhi to believe her r not…it’s up to him….as far as we knw abhi would start thinking if pragya blurts out truth…..dumb serial..uff

  33. gowtham

    i knw iys useless to say anythng about the episode… i dnt want to tell my views either…..

    and shivanya many many many more happy returns of the day in advance dear ?????? i will surely wish u tomorrow too…. juz enjoy and may the rest of the goes well fr you….. happy bday in advance pa….

    and hency yeah i knw ssn college…. its coming under top rated college… many symposiums i have attended their and awesome infrastructure…. if u have a plan to join there, then surely u can join wdout any hesitation…. and its in omr too… nearer to hcl navalur only… ten minutes frm there….

    • karthika

      hi gowtham bro.how r u?i know u’ll be quite busy..happy to see ur comment today…..

    • Shivanya

      Thank you so much Gowtham anna this birthday is really special to me thank you so much????????

    • Hai… gowtham Anna. .. thank u for the information. ..yes Anna I am planning to join there but not sure…I hope u r enjoying
      Your work…☺☺☺

  34. karthika

    shivanya……… . wish u a very happy birthday in advance. …… u know what my frnd janani’s bday is also this month 29th….

  35. How much of u guys saw yesterday’s episode? I didn’t saw it and really guys I was feeling most happiest person after missing that episode. I was decided that I will not watch it but couldn’t make ownself ready for it. I was wishing that god plz do power cut so my episode gets missed and I will have excuse for it. Guys seriously power cut had happened on kkb’s time at my place and finally I missed the episode. I was thinking that what if I asks something else too then that also gets fulfills at that time. Anyways after reading update, I was laughing on CVS tricks and their storyline. It says na that when frustration and anger crosses it’s limits then it turns into laughter, it was that laughter. What a story cvs have made for this sequence, seriously I mean anything!!! Anything, they will show and then they will expect from us to accept it. We r not that types of fools. I just hate tanu’s screeching and her rubbish blabbering. That’s why too I missed the episode and I don’t have any interest to watch it’s repeat too. Although her every plan gets fail at last but before it, the celebration of her victory I can’t digest. Cvs repeats samething again and again. Tanu plans but it backfires somehow throufh oragya and her team at last on her. Then again one more plan, then again samething happens, same distances between abhigya for sometimes, then again back to reputated romance somehow. God knows until when. Kkb is crossing the limit of boring. Even I m not ready to watch today’s episode too. Guys how many of u have gutts to watch it?

    • Brintha

      u missed the episode.. wow what a gr8 escspe prathikshs… ur head also safe.. because my head is bleeding after hitting my head on the wall..

      • Why u r torchering urself brintha. It’s time to hit the makers. If most of us and viewers decide it that at least in this whole week and in more upcoming weeks also we will not watch the episodes on it’s telecast time. Then we can teach them lesson. I decided that if I will want to see then I will see it later by it’s repeat or online. But now makers should have get their punishment of showing the disgusting crap on the name of story, until they doesn’t improve.

    • asmitha

      pratiksha me to not watched the epi after reading written update I to felt happy for not watching it but one thing is bothering that abhi should not misunderstands pragya if he do it na then it not have any interest to watch it

    • Sahithi

      I too missed yday episode, because of problem with Zee nw, all Zee channels not coming. Previously I used to call all sorts of service personnel to get it resolved, but yday I didnt bother to. As we know what to expect from the epi. Saw precap on IG, anyways today IPL qualifiers so I cant let other family members miss the game and watch Tanu drama. So another epi miss, but not gonna feel bad. I feel the show ppl are also aware of IPL season so just putting some dragging stuff, till IPL ends.

      And no issues with drama Mehra and Arora family ppl including the esteemed guest Tanu will do in next couple of episodes, they are anyhow from Alien origin. Not humans. So we may not be able to relate to them, but thats okay. Thats how I am watching the show these days, with assumption that show started with humans but in the course of time they turned aliens, so when u see everyone using only 1% of their brain, understand it is due to some emotional mutation that happened in MM which caused them to turn so.

      Now every other show is portraying supernatural stuff, which gets them TRPs so these writers r showing brainless characters roaming around, which is getting desired results as expected.

      • Exactly sahithi. The characters which we saw in beginning, it looks like now as they have been dead and in present we r seeing some other characters like u said as alien, about which we r unfamiliar. Gud to hear that u too missed yesterday’s episode and ready to miss today’s too. Gud decision sahithi.

    • Shivanya

      Thank you pratiksha you are really special to me i started reading written updates because of your comments in the name Nikki???????

    • Hai pratiksha.. Me to didn’t watch the episode…✋✋✋
      Exactly this crap vl never come to an end
      Its like circle & there is no end
      It vl keep on dragging???
      & im not gng to watch today’s episode too as i hv decided ?

    • Aishwarya

      Yes prathiksha as shivanya said i m also a big fan for u becoz of i ve created e mail acc n join in this comments section ciz of u n same i m also a silent reader of this tellyupdate from u were in d name of nikki then u changed nikki-1na due to some issues u changed ur name prathiksha i know y you changed ur thats why i didnt asked anything then i love reji comments now everyone comments was good

  36. kiara

    After reading the update, I will not watch this episode. It’s too painful to watch Sarla getting accused and Abhi believing Tanu, over Sarla.

  37. Nisha

    Irritating serial always showing bad things happening for good ones but not for bad ones

  38. Shaz

    The most important person in the world is mother. I am eagerly waiting for pragya’s reactions towards this situation. What will she do to protect her mom??? What will be abhi’s reaction?? Either will she try to protect her mother or will she try to protect her kumkum??

  39. Ida

    The writer is simple stupid has no brain, how did you became a writer if you are out of story line end the Searial . I agree with all the comments Tanu is ugly she is so fake she CANNOT
    ACT my God it seems to me light complexion is very big thing in India but even so Tanu is ugly . If this was a North American show you can bet it would have been of the air a long time.

  40. Shaz

    Brintha… Ur comments make me laugh, though I am in angry. Excellent… I really like ur comments than kkb serial ??. I think u have well talented in keeping others happy, though they r in hard situations. ??. But don’t get worry by thinking this nonsense serial. Because tanu is only a blabbering buffoon. Barking dog never bites. So definitely she will fall in her own pit. If she plans anything against pragya finally it makes abhigya more closer. This is tanu’s another plan to make abhigya closer than before. DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY…

    • Sahithi

      In summary this show from start had been about 2 triangles between Abhi-Pragya-Tanu and Purab-Bulbul-Aaliya.. Ofcourse there was Suresh added in between to both these making it a square may be 🙂

      One of them broke with Bulbul out of action. Aaliya how much ever she may think of getting Purab may well never succeed now that Purab knows she was reason for he losing Bulbul. So unless Bulbul gives rentry, God knows when, this is an incomplete one for now.

      The other triangle is kept as is, and going on, as both the ladies are still fighting for the same guy. For a while last year it felt Pragya was out finally, Tanu relieved. But she came back. And it again looked like Pragya is concerned with overall MM, but once Aaliya n Raj were out in open, it again turned to fight between these ladies. Tanu is in no mood to give up this time, so we have to wait, if we have the patience, till this triangle is broken.

  41. naren

    I don’t think so abhi will believe sarla becoz he got betrayal from his own sister and raj then how can he belive sarla. even if he is not ready to believe it also then easily can manipulating abhi. then surely abhi will believe tanu. its not abhi’s fault even he doesn’t believe sarla. circumstances like that only

  42. karthika

    pratiksha even i don’t want to see kkb yesterday..so that i hav planned to myself busy by making dinner for my family..so yesterday i didn’t see kkb clearly..i watched first part then i went to prepare dinner for my family…..first i vl never miss kkb but now i feel lyk yawning……

  43. bukky

    Seriously sarla is going to be accused of theft, nd prayga is not going to do anything. Pls with all d soldiers beside prayga dey cnt expose tanu for d past 1year nd dey are allowing her to win everytime. Ekta Kapoor pls we are not fools stop dis show nd bring new 1 for us we are fedup with dis storyline

  44. shobana

    Hi ? hency
    Its good to hear that you too like long distance traveling.
    Don’t worry that the question paper is tough. Everything is for good only and everything will happen good only.

  45. shobana

    Hi ? brindha
    How r u?? Daily I used to search for your comments but I can’t find it often and then I myself consoles saing today brindha has work and she will comment tomorrow.
    Really u r impossible. U r doing a great job by making all of them to laugh

    • Brintha

      shobana if they post the written update quickly like yesterday.. i am commenting easily da.. otherwise 12.0 0 am morning they post the wu.. so morning i wont hv time.. but what ever busy i read all the comments whn ever my team leader is not thr.. ???

      • Brintha

        thq kutty.. but after watching yesterday’s episode i decided all our freinds wud be frustrated to the least… so i decided to change their mood by commenting.. i may be disturbing others by replying to others.. but the cause to bring smile in all ur faces by reading my mokkai jokes and comments

      • Brintha akka. ..Neenga yaraiyum disturb Pannala. ..in fact your making everyone smile…u know my father always says that mathavangala smile Panna vaikuroonga romba nalla manasullavangala irupaanga…so u r really great…I really admire u…☺☺☺

  46. shobana

    Actually I too didn’t watch yesterday episode. Feeling happy for not watching the show and decided not to watch today also. I feel update itself far enough.
    And I really don’t want to comment anything regarding the show especially on yesterday episode.

  47. Ramya

    The worst serial ever.I mean who will drag a single plot for more than a year. And what is this proof drama. Tanu is a witch. She should get tight slap from everyone in the family for all her evil activities. If it doesnt happen soon then may be the serial will get a slap from fans.Already TRP went down.If this continues very soon they will be out of list.Even Sasura Simar Ka they dont drag a single plot for this long.I agree they repeat stories but will not drag like this. KKB from best to worst. I stopped watching it even before 3 months. Now only reading the updates.But now I got bored even to read the updates.

  48. Hai friends… Plz vote for our best actors shabir ahluwalia, sriti jha n best jodi abhigya..
    In goldawards.in
    &your wish to vote kumkumbhagya
    As best serial???
    But plz don’t forget to vote for our best actors
    Specially shabir &sriti plz do vote?

  49. Sasha

    This serial really Sucks.. Writer’s go to hell.. I am damn fed up with this track.. Tanu is a Vamp >:o Really u guys r irritating the Viewers… Draginggggggggg.. Out of 10 I ll give ly 2 mark for this serial.. This was my fav serial… BT now I just want this serial to go off air..

  50. Sarla who is mother of Pragya is staying in guest room but Tanu who is really a guest in Mehra house has got a seperate room. A guest comes. How? As a guest she should have gone back to her parents speciaaly when her evil pan failed. but she is behaing lika a boss of the house. She should be kicked as Aaliya.

  51. Reji

    Hello guys ..how r u all ??…i think u all remember me …..it’s me reji. ..wat doing all ??…and shivanya so so so so sorry for the late wishes yaar….many more happy returns of the day !! ??? …wish u a very happy birthday akka ….actually u r elder than me …anyways I will call u shivanya ….okok …my all friends …pratiksha sahithi shobana gowtham fowziya shivanya kutty …karthika ..hency. ..swetha sheetha and all…how r u all ??…wat happened in kumkum bhagya….??…from Friday last week I didn’t watch the episodes….anything positive happnd ??…tanu is exposed ah??… tell me guys…and today I should return Chennai…but suddenly plan changed …after going to ooty kodaikanal my dad changed the plan that next we r going to pollachi and Coimbatore to meet our relatives … so tomorrow only coming to chennai. ..missing u all !!..?????

  52. sham

    No wonder today in Mehra house including Dadi that they believe sarala theft the money. Because they do not have brain. I really do not understand when abhi listen to his dadi for everything why he cannot listen Tanu’s truth.

  53. razia

    I’m in my native .. Here no zee tv .. I’m glad that I cannot watch kkb here .. If I’m at home even though I’m irritated I’ll not stay widout watchn .. Thank God n my mom tat m here .. At least next two episodes I’ll not watch fa sure .. Thanks to this local cable connection 😉

  54. Sahithi

    Okay so as per segment, Tanu is not blaming Sarla but blaming that Pragya didnt want to share the money with Abhi, so she stole it herself and kept in her mom’s room for safe keeping.

    Since her mom wants to save Pragya from such words, she will take it on herself that she stole the money. However, when police come, Abhi argues it is a family matter, so they need not involve in it.

    This is what I understood from E24 segment.

  55. Sarla is mother of Pragya. She has every right to stay in Mehra house not in guest room but in a regular room. Tanu had come as a guest. she should stay in guest room. A guest comes for a few days and goes but she is staying like her own house and behaves like a boss of the house. She should be kicked out like Alya. She has no authority to call police to take against Sarla. She needs a good slap from Abhi.

  56. New segment update-
    Tanu calls police to get arrested sarla maa. She trues her best to trap sarla maa but when she sees abhi and family doesn’t ready to believe on it then she tries to trap pragya by putting the blame on her. She says that pragya is traping her mom to save ownself. Sarla maa could b innocent and pragya did all this. Sarla maa takes the blame on ownaelf to save pragya. Just then police comes. Abhi asks them about their coming. Police officer says that they got a call from his house that his 10 crore rupees has stolen and thief is in the house. Poce officer says u don’t worry, we have listened the confession of thief, now u will get ur money back. Police officer gives orders to lady constable to arrest sarla maa. Abhi stops them and says she is his mother and he is like his son and he will not let his mother go to jail. He says there is no theft happened here and no body is thief here, it’s his family matter so they will solved it by ownself. Police officer warns abhi not to interfere in police’s work otherwise they will get arrested him too. Abhi gets mad and warns police officer that if anyone of u will try to arrest her then he will complain in any possible place like to commissioner, women rights association, media etc and then they have to give answers to them. Police officer gets scared and leaves from there. Tanu gets angry with abhi to send police back. Abhi says something to tanu and leaves. Tanu gets irritated and mad on the failure and spoilation of her plan of trapping pragya and sarla maa as abhi doesn’t believe on it that pragya or sarla maa did this. Tanu takes out her anger and frustration on pragya by saying her something. Pragya too gives her back. Tanu leaves in irritation and anger. Abhi reminds that there r CCTV cameras allover in his house. He decides to check the CCTV footage. Reporter asks from shabbir about it then shabbir says that tanu is so clever. She always ready to trap others to save ownself before she gets exposed. Reporter asks shabbir about CCTV footage checking. Shabbir cracks joke on it and says yes he decides to check it but when he sees, he finds that locker room have no CCTV camera. Reporter says abhi is thinking to joking at this moment also. Reporter asks shabbir that now after his favour to pragya and her mom, we will see abhigya’s romance? Or when? Abhi says ya some scenes have been showed in last episodes, some will b start with rain. As rain will get start heavily, their romance will also start in it’s full way. Shabbir laughs. India TV people says soon purab and pragya will expose tanu’s this plan.

    • Guys coz scenes were again not in random orders so something’s could happen back or forward. I gave highlight and main thing of segment. Rest we could see it in proper way only in episode. Guys we can skipped today’s episode as it will b full of tanu’s screeching, smirkings and accusations but ya from tomorrow we can see it, if feels OK to watch.

      • Guys highlights of today’s segments of all news channel with it’s links-

        Tanu files a complaint against Sarla Maa for stealing money and calls the police at Mehra house to get her arrested.

        Abhi intervenes into the matter and warns the police to not even dare touch Sarla Maa or they’ll be responsible for the consequences. Police is forced to go back.

        Tanu is frustrated and tells Pragya that she won’t let her get away so easily after stealing the money and blames her for using her mother for her own advantage [Please shut up Tanu, PLEASE!]

        Reporter mentions that for now Abhi will send the police away and later decide to investigate the matter himself to find the real culprit.

        Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir shares how Tanu is smarter than Chacha Chaudhry and how she traps others before her poll is opened in front of all. Shabir jokes they have CCTV camera’s in the whole house and they will try using them to catch real culprit but find out that CCTV camera is not there in locker room Asked about AbhiGya’s romance; Shabir says they saw some highlights a few days back and now it’s raining a little, when it rains fully they’ll romance Reporter says is he waiting for monsoon? Shabir replies, ‘Mausam Ka wait kar raha hoon’


        VIDEO: https://youtu.be/XjH8laxPq44


        VIDEO: https://youtu.be/TPswMMicWaU


        VIDEO: https://youtu.be/27SaZWr9SpI

      • Swetha..

        Even I’m tired with same Eye lock scene, kissing hands, cheeks…if Sabir says that “when its raining fully they’ll romance”.. was that he means same eye lock with their open bedroom door??.. If so then we dont need that romance at all, its better to go up with the story line with some logics of exposing Tanu and bring new twist and turns and to bring new characters to go new dimension. at least it will make viewers to watch the story rather than watching eye lock bull shit.

    • asmitha

      pratiksha I too watched segment in IBN 7 in that reporters said that abhi also got doubt on tanu

    • Sahithi

      Reporters also doing comedy right, we heard this so many times before.

      Btw Arjit is vacationing in the hills, so if indeed he is going to expose Tanu’s ONLY this money stealing act, then we have to wait for him to return, make a plan with Pragya and then show to Abhi that Tanu stole this money. By then it will be June may be.

    • Fowziya

      Thank you so much for this new Segment Update Pratiksha di ? so as u said today we can skip da episode, and watch it from tommo if everything goes good as said by this segment !

  57. farida

    This story is absolut rubbish – Zee please pull plug and give us something fresh and interesting.
    This Tanu issue is getting boring by the day. Every week there is a different target and ABHI is such and IDIOT

  58. Ishitha

    Bakwas Bakwas Bakwas! Such a disgustin serial that i have nvr seen.. the writers have gone mad really out of their mind! I cant tolerate this BULLSHIT PREGNANCY DRAMA anymore

  59. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Abhi is always afraid of tanu n not praghya tanu is a third person n praghya is ur wife tanu has made some blavk magic thst is why abhi is listening to tanu than praghya abhi dont worry throe out of yr house the evil tanu n nikil first then only u abhi n praghya shall be reunited.

  60. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Tanu os a born lier n her boxy is full of lies only if she open het mouth she ssys lies how she is doing tanu is bad habit girl while seeing het only everyboby knows that she is very bad woman n a cheater.

  61. gowtham

    today only i have come to know in my team there are 15 members…. someones bday today… so in my office they arranged a party in cafeteria…. cutting cake and all… by that only i have come to know they are 15 members… none talked to me… and i juz introduced myself tats all… i was feeling different and feeling away from that party place… i dnt knw its bcoz of shy or wat?? i dnt get myself frst of all…. brin sheetha and those from IT plzz share some experience….. with me…. and tel yr opinion wat should i do?? juz let it be likr the it is.. or should i try something…. and all frds tel yr opinions…. confused state…. many says aftr entering project all ll mingle… but my mind s not relaxing… at the party i was feeling alone.. really

    • sheetha

      hey bro dont feel bad… at first it will be like that only… it will late 10 to 15 days… it happens to everyone when joining to new job… so dont worry… be yourself dont get confuse… sure everything will be alright be patience…

    • sheetha

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  62. It’s OK fowziya and sheeta chill…and all the best for ur exams sheeta. . .???I know you will do it well☺☺

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