Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Pragya not to worry. Pragya says I wonder where did that money go? Tanu blames Pragya and says Pragya is acting innocent and have stolen Abhi’s money. Akash says you too can steal it as you was in need of money. Tanu says I am in need right now also, but Pragya can do anything as she has stolen Abhi’s everything. Pragya asks Akash to check in her cupboard. Tanu says now I can understand what is the matter? She tells Abhi that Pragya agreed to give him money and then stolen his money. Akash asks her to stop the crap. Rachna says Pragya will not steal her own money. Tanu says it was Abhi’s money which she has stolen. She says Pragya have stolen the money and got it deposited in unnamed account. She says when I pressurized Abhi to ask her, she has stolen it. Abhi

asks Tanu to stop it and asks Pragya to try to remember where she had kept the money. Pragya says she remembers and says she had kept it there itself. Mitali and Tai ji are upset and think money is stolen by someone. They doubt on Pragya and Tanu. Tanu says how can 1 crore rupees vanish. Dadi says it might be here only, and asks her to remember. She says Purab is coming. Tanu calls her lotteri dulhan.

Sarla says Pragya that money will be find. Tanu thinks very soon you and your money will vanish from this house. She tells Abhi that she will go and rest for sometime. Dadi tells Pragya have kept Abhi’s money before also, and have suffered a lot, but today I am seeing her tensed. She says Pragya will find money. Pragya thinks how can I keep the money and forget. She asks God to help her find the money. Tanu keeps eye on her and thinks this is the best view, I am seeing her worried. Pragya thinks why I am not recollecting? She thinks if Tanu said right? If that money is stolen. She says I can’t let Abhi’s hard earned money stolen. Tanu comes to her room and sings a song. She talks to Aaliya’s pic and says she will take revenge on Pragya. She says I am more smarter than you. She says I have trapped Pragya and her mum and once I kicked them out, I will call you. She thinks to call Nikhil and inform him.

Pragya thinks who can steal the money and suspects Tanu. She recalls Tanu desperately asking Abhi to get the money. She understands that Tanu is the one who has stolen the money and thinks nobody can save her now from me. Tanu calls Nikhil. Nurse Sonal picks his call and asks about Pragya. She says I have betrayed that woman as I didn’t want to get killed. Tanu asks her to keep her mouth shut and calls her greedy. Nurse says whoever marries you will repent. Tanu thinks she will see Nurse later, but now will see Pragya crying. Purab comes. Pragya tells Purab that Tanu has stolen money, and asked me to open the locker. Purab says we shall check her room. Pragya asks him to bring everyone there and goes to Tanu’s room.

She asks where is the money? Tanu says why you are asking me as you have stolen it. Pragya says you should know as you have stolen it. Tanu says how dare you? Pragya says you have stolen keys from me and kept it back on its place. She says Aaliya and Nikhil are not here, so you are the one. Tanu says I told everyone the reason why you have stolen the money. Pragya says even you have a reason. You have to pay the goons, and also Nikhil’s hospital bills. She says you have provoked Abhi to get money, and was not shocked when I opened locker.

Pragya says you are in trouble now. Tanu says you have connected things well. She says how you will prove it. Pragya says I will prove infront of all. Purab says I have brought everyone here. Tanu sees Abhi and everyone, and asks why you all have come. Abhi says don’t know and asks Purab. Purab says Tanu should behave as a member of family as she stays here. Tanu gets tensed. Purab says we have checked everyone’s room and will check hers too. Tanu is angry. Purab says family members might tell that I haven’t check Tanu’s room and get upset. Abhi asks Purab to go ahead and asks Tanu to give almira keys. Tanu is shocked. Pragya thinks Tanu will be exposed now, and thinks if they find even a small amount then she will be caught. Tanu is about to open the almira. Pragya snatches keys and asks Purab to check. They check the almira and couldn’t get money. Tanu asks if you have found money. They leave. Tanu asks them to check beneath the mattress or break open the wall. She says you can fool everyone, but not me, as I know you have stolen the money. She asks pragya to accept the truth and send Robin as she will get her room cleaned.

Purab tells Pragya that this is someone deep planning and is not only theft. Abhi says we have checked everyone’s room. I knew that we will not get anything. Tanu says one room is remaining. Everyone looks on. Tanu says guest room. Abhi asks Tanu to stop it. He says Sarla is staying in guest room and we will not check that room. Tanu says you have checked everyone’s room, and not her room. She asks him to check her room also. Abhi says I know that we will not get anything. Tanu says I know, but we shall get it check. She says you got Dadi’s room checked then why not Sarla’s room. Pragya asks what is this misbehavior. Tanu says I don’t want Sarla to go from here after insulted, I want her to go clean chit. Dadi says if you will be sure then check her room. Tanu smirks. Pragya looks at her face.

Abhi says lets go. Tanu says 1 min and takes out money from the bag. Everyone is shocked. Sarla and Pragya are equally shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hello guys ..how r u all ??…i think u all remember me …..it’s me reji. ..wat doing all ??…and shivanya so so so so sorry for the late wishes yaar….many more happy returns of the day !! ??? …wish u a very happy birthday akka ….actually u r elder than me …anyways I will call u shivanya ….okok …my all friends …pratiksha sahithi shobana gowtham fowziya shivanya kutty …karthika ..hency. ..swetha sheetha and all…how r u all ??…wat happened in kumkum bhagya….??…from Friday last week I didn’t watch the episodes….anything positive happnd ??…tanu is exposed ah??… tell me guys…and today I should return Chennai…but suddenly plan changed …after going to ooty kodaikanal my dad changed the plan that next we r going to pollachi and Coimbatore to meet our relatives … so tomorrow only coming to chennai. ..missing u all !!..?????

    1. And comedy queen brintha…i missed u…sorry ya. ..how r u ??…????????

      1. hi reji happy holidays.. i think tanu delivery and ur 12 exam results wud be same period.. ??

      2. Hair reji. ..I am fine…wat abt u…I too miss u r comments. ..☺☺☺

      3. Hi reji?missed u. I m gud. Enjoy ur trip and come back soon.?

    2. Heeyy Reji!
      Am fine, what about yu ?
      Have fun with your family dear ?

  2. No wonder today in Mehra house including Dadi that they believe sarala theft the money. Because they do not have brain. I really do not understand when abhi listen to his dadi for everything why he cannot listen Tanu’s truth.

  3. I’m in my native .. Here no zee tv .. I’m glad that I cannot watch kkb here .. If I’m at home even though I’m irritated I’ll not stay widout watchn .. Thank God n my mom tat m here .. At least next two episodes I’ll not watch fa sure .. Thanks to this local cable connection 😉

  4. Okay so as per segment, Tanu is not blaming Sarla but blaming that Pragya didnt want to share the money with Abhi, so she stole it herself and kept in her mom’s room for safe keeping.

    Since her mom wants to save Pragya from such words, she will take it on herself that she stole the money. However, when police come, Abhi argues it is a family matter, so they need not involve in it.

    This is what I understood from E24 segment.

  5. Sarla is mother of Pragya. She has every right to stay in Mehra house not in guest room but in a regular room. Tanu had come as a guest. she should stay in guest room. A guest comes for a few days and goes but she is staying like her own house and behaves like a boss of the house. She should be kicked out like Alya. She has no authority to call police to take against Sarla. She needs a good slap from Abhi.

  6. New segment update-
    Tanu calls police to get arrested sarla maa. She trues her best to trap sarla maa but when she sees abhi and family doesn’t ready to believe on it then she tries to trap pragya by putting the blame on her. She says that pragya is traping her mom to save ownself. Sarla maa could b innocent and pragya did all this. Sarla maa takes the blame on ownaelf to save pragya. Just then police comes. Abhi asks them about their coming. Police officer says that they got a call from his house that his 10 crore rupees has stolen and thief is in the house. Poce officer says u don’t worry, we have listened the confession of thief, now u will get ur money back. Police officer gives orders to lady constable to arrest sarla maa. Abhi stops them and says she is his mother and he is like his son and he will not let his mother go to jail. He says there is no theft happened here and no body is thief here, it’s his family matter so they will solved it by ownself. Police officer warns abhi not to interfere in police’s work otherwise they will get arrested him too. Abhi gets mad and warns police officer that if anyone of u will try to arrest her then he will complain in any possible place like to commissioner, women rights association, media etc and then they have to give answers to them. Police officer gets scared and leaves from there. Tanu gets angry with abhi to send police back. Abhi says something to tanu and leaves. Tanu gets irritated and mad on the failure and spoilation of her plan of trapping pragya and sarla maa as abhi doesn’t believe on it that pragya or sarla maa did this. Tanu takes out her anger and frustration on pragya by saying her something. Pragya too gives her back. Tanu leaves in irritation and anger. Abhi reminds that there r CCTV cameras allover in his house. He decides to check the CCTV footage. Reporter asks from shabbir about it then shabbir says that tanu is so clever. She always ready to trap others to save ownself before she gets exposed. Reporter asks shabbir about CCTV footage checking. Shabbir cracks joke on it and says yes he decides to check it but when he sees, he finds that locker room have no CCTV camera. Reporter says abhi is thinking to joking at this moment also. Reporter asks shabbir that now after his favour to pragya and her mom, we will see abhigya’s romance? Or when? Abhi says ya some scenes have been showed in last episodes, some will b start with rain. As rain will get start heavily, their romance will also start in it’s full way. Shabbir laughs. India TV people says soon purab and pragya will expose tanu’s this plan.

    1. Guys coz scenes were again not in random orders so something’s could happen back or forward. I gave highlight and main thing of segment. Rest we could see it in proper way only in episode. Guys we can skipped today’s episode as it will b full of tanu’s screeching, smirkings and accusations but ya from tomorrow we can see it, if feels OK to watch.

      1. Guys highlights of today’s segments of all news channel with it’s links-

        Tanu files a complaint against Sarla Maa for stealing money and calls the police at Mehra house to get her arrested.

        Abhi intervenes into the matter and warns the police to not even dare touch Sarla Maa or they’ll be responsible for the consequences. Police is forced to go back.

        Tanu is frustrated and tells Pragya that she won’t let her get away so easily after stealing the money and blames her for using her mother for her own advantage [Please shut up Tanu, PLEASE!]

        Reporter mentions that for now Abhi will send the police away and later decide to investigate the matter himself to find the real culprit.

        Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir shares how Tanu is smarter than Chacha Chaudhry and how she traps others before her poll is opened in front of all. Shabir jokes they have CCTV camera’s in the whole house and they will try using them to catch real culprit but find out that CCTV camera is not there in locker room Asked about AbhiGya’s romance; Shabir says they saw some highlights a few days back and now it’s raining a little, when it rains fully they’ll romance Reporter says is he waiting for monsoon? Shabir replies, ‘Mausam Ka wait kar raha hoon’


        VIDEO: https://youtu.be/XjH8laxPq44


        VIDEO: https://youtu.be/TPswMMicWaU


        VIDEO: https://youtu.be/27SaZWr9SpI

      2. Hai pratiksha. ..?how r u… thanks for the update…I hope at least tomorrow episode will be good ☺☺☺

      3. And sorry guys by mistake I have typed 10 crore instead of 1 crore in my first above update.

      4. Even I’m tired with same Eye lock scene, kissing hands, cheeks…if Sabir says that “when its raining fully they’ll romance”.. was that he means same eye lock with their open bedroom door??.. If so then we dont need that romance at all, its better to go up with the story line with some logics of exposing Tanu and bring new twist and turns and to bring new characters to go new dimension. at least it will make viewers to watch the story rather than watching eye lock bull shit.

    2. pratiksha I too watched segment in IBN 7 in that reporters said that abhi also got doubt on tanu

    3. Reporters also doing comedy right, we heard this so many times before.

      Btw Arjit is vacationing in the hills, so if indeed he is going to expose Tanu’s ONLY this money stealing act, then we have to wait for him to return, make a plan with Pragya and then show to Abhi that Tanu stole this money. By then it will be June may be.

    4. Thank you so much for this new Segment Update Pratiksha di ? so as u said today we can skip da episode, and watch it from tommo if everything goes good as said by this segment !

  7. This story is absolut rubbish – Zee please pull plug and give us something fresh and interesting.
    This Tanu issue is getting boring by the day. Every week there is a different target and ABHI is such and IDIOT

  8. Bakwas Bakwas Bakwas! Such a disgustin serial that i have nvr seen.. the writers have gone mad really out of their mind! I cant tolerate this BULLSHIT PREGNANCY DRAMA anymore

  9. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Abhi is always afraid of tanu n not praghya tanu is a third person n praghya is ur wife tanu has made some blavk magic thst is why abhi is listening to tanu than praghya abhi dont worry throe out of yr house the evil tanu n nikil first then only u abhi n praghya shall be reunited.

  10. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Tanu os a born lier n her boxy is full of lies only if she open het mouth she ssys lies how she is doing tanu is bad habit girl while seeing het only everyboby knows that she is very bad woman n a cheater.

  11. Why Tanu why ????????

  12. today only i have come to know in my team there are 15 members…. someones bday today… so in my office they arranged a party in cafeteria…. cutting cake and all… by that only i have come to know they are 15 members… none talked to me… and i juz introduced myself tats all… i was feeling different and feeling away from that party place… i dnt knw its bcoz of shy or wat?? i dnt get myself frst of all…. brin sheetha and those from IT plzz share some experience….. with me…. and tel yr opinion wat should i do?? juz let it be likr the it is.. or should i try something…. and all frds tel yr opinions…. confused state…. many says aftr entering project all ll mingle… but my mind s not relaxing… at the party i was feeling alone.. really

    1. hey bro dont feel bad… at first it will be like that only… it will late 10 to 15 days… it happens to everyone when joining to new job… so dont worry… be yourself dont get confuse… sure everything will be alright be patience…

  13. Hai sheeta swetha fowziya deepa
    I am missing ur comments …and kutty surely abhigya will win the best jodi

    1. hai hency me too missing you all dear.. my exams starting from june 1st… i m going on leave for 10 days so i have to finish all my offz works before coming 27 so only i cant comment…

    2. Hiii Hency.. sorry i was lil busy thats why i was not able to comment ! ☺

  14. It’s OK fowziya and sheeta chill…and all the best for ur exams sheeta. . .???I know you will do it well☺☺

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