Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Nikhil that Abhi stopped Champak at home. Nikhil asks why? Tanu says Abhi want to proof that Champak doesn’t deserve her, but he will be jealous. Pragya hears them. Nikhil says Abhi and Pragya are helping us win, and says this night will be her last night. Tanu asks what you are planning. Nikhil tells Tanu that they have to make Pragya sleep with Champak and then Abhi’s anger will be like volcano. He says Abhi can’t see Pragya sleeping with Champak and will take out his anger on her, and will kick her out. Pragya hears them and is shocked. Suddenly the vase slips. Tanu tells Nikhil that she will go and see. She comes out and looks for the person hearing their talk. She calls Robin and asks if anyone is here? Robin says no. Pragya hides and thinks to inform

Dadi about their plan. Tanu comes back to room and tells Nikhil that she is so excited to hear his plan. Purab asks Akash, Dadi and Rachna about the happenings. Akash tells everything. Pragya comes and says Tanu and Nikhil will win. She says nothing can happen now. Dadi asks if something happened? Pragya says I heard Tanu and Nikhil’s plan. She says Abhi will not hear you, if they execute their plan. Dadi asks what did they plan. Pragya tells everything. Rachna says it is a limit. Purab is also scared. Rachna says if this night will be last night for Abhi and Pragya’s relation. Dadi says let them plan and says until Abhi is here they can’t think of winning.

Abhi looks at Champak and thinks he has to make him feel low somehow. He thinks he should make him fall on floor and thinks Pragya will run to his help. He thinks what to do. Champak tells Abhi that his house is like Raja’s palace. Abhi asks him to come and exercises. He thinks I will teach him a good lesson. Champak thinks where is Tanu and Nikhil. I shall ask them about their next plan. Abhi wonders where did he go? Dadi tells Purab that Abhi is not an ordinary husband, and says he would have thrown Pragya out, but he didn’t do this as he cares for Pragya. She says I made him understand and his love will not let them win. She says it is easy to control Champak and says they will torture him to the core so that he will go to Tanu and Nikhil, and accepts his failure. She says we will record their conversation and will show to Abhi. Pragya happily hugs Dadi. Dadi blesses them.

Mitali’s children come home. Mitali gets happy. Her children tell her that they missed her very much in hostel and say they missed food made by her. Mitali says I will cook food for you. Taya ji takes them. Dasi tells Raj and Mitali not to let their children lose their childhood because of their fight. Raj goes.

Pragya asks Champak, is he searching someone? Champak says I was searching for you. Pragya says I am very happy as you are here, and says I will cook for you. Champak says he likes sweets only. Pragya says okay and says I will go and make sweets for you. Champak thinks Tanu, Nikhil, Pragya and Abhi are getting mad about him, and says his name should have been chumbak (magnet).Tanu thinks to check on Champak. Champak says everyone loves me here. Tanu says I don’t love you. Champak says you love yourself only, I know it is written on your face. Tanu thinks he is talking like others. Abhi asks Nikhil to talk about the assignment. Nikhil says he forgot some docs and says he will talk to him in night if he is free. Bunty and Babli plays with Champak. Abhi asks Nikhil about his view on Champak. Nikhil says Champak is like intellectual guy and that’s why Pragya likes him.

Pragya asks Robin to bring Champak’s favorite food. Champak gets happy. Abhi gets jealous. Pragya says my happiness lies in your happiness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Gayathri shankar

    Pragya should slap champak with slippers in front of abhi..and make tanu n nikhil fail..and she can call for dna test now n challenge tanu..something pragya should win now..its too irritating now and serial boring..

    • Janni

      Same here, how the hell on this planet this type of story takes place. Realistically this is targeted to audience with no brain, f**k the writer/entire kkb crew

  2. Pratiksha

    I had this feeling after watching the segments that pragya might also fixed cameras in her room to catch champak or takhil’s activity so she can prove herself innocence. Becoz I noticed in segments that there were two-three cameras in abhigya’s room when champak comes in pragya’s room to execute their plan. I saw that champak fixed his camera on the couch but when he acts Infront of camera,it was on television’s side and when he tries to gt close with pragya then one more camera was capturing all activities which was dressing table’s side. So what I git from segment, it means there were more than one camera in abhigya’s room. And now when pragya has listened takhil plans so I think it is pragya who also fixed the camera to proving her innocence if something wrong happens with her according to takhil’s plan by champak. So most probably, it should happen that takhil can show some starting movements of champak and pragya’s togetherness but if pragya also will fixed camera then it will not only show it’s later part of pragya’s beating to champak, infact it could also show that activities which champak did before it, like keeping glass of mixed drink and fixing camera in the room etc. And one m ore thing which I noticed in segments that when champak was trying to getting close with pragya then the way pragya was reacting, it was clearly looking like champak was trying to molest pragya and pragya was trying to protest. So if I m getting right then takhil’s this plan will also get failed. And then not only champak will get beaten by abhi infact takhil will also gets trapped becoz they brought this champak for proving pragya’s affair to abhi. May b they will again make some story like they didn’t knew about that it was champak’s plan and like thus they can escapement champak might get beatings from abhi. If not then also it will b gud that abhi’s believe will get increase on pragya and he will come more closure to pragya. But if pragya will not do to saving herself from takhil plan even after getting aware from it then no words to say. Pragya got golden opportunity to save herself and prove her innocence to abhi in champak’s matter but if she will lost this chance then she will herself b responsible for her condition later. Abhi will easily believe on that video becoz when it was not difficult for him to believe on morphed photos then it will also not b difficult for him to believe on that video and tanu will b there to fill his ears and to manipulate him by each and every possible things and words. It’s completely in pragya’s hand to save herself when she has been aware from takhil’s plan. Well let’s see what happens?

    • shobana

      Prathiksha, yes Pragya has got a golden opportunity to prove her innocence. But will she succeed in it?? Since fixing the camera is not a big thing they have to show it successfully. They have also fixed camera when sarla ma was kidnapped in the studio. But it went in vain. I wish any such things should not happen this time.
      The show was going comic after bday party night. So it should not end up with crying..
      I have a doubt too. From when abhi has started to look after his business?? Since Nikhil says he came to discuss about an assignment with abhi. After Pragya’s make over she only looking after thing. So if Nikhil wants to discuss about assignment he has to do with Pragya. But here ulta is happening. It sounds quite illogical. And I feel this is to keep abhi away from his room the CVs are planned like this.

  3. Asmitha

    shobana pragya listend plan yaar its really a great in kkb fr first time she listend their plan and i thought that they will show feeding sceen of champak today but it is tomarrow but onething i an not getting is abhi what he was thinking now nikhil said that y pragya choosen him and after seeing champak feeding by pragya i think he may again think in a wrong way and ofcourse this stupid tanu will definetly maniplate abhi again and the other ine is about plan but she dont know how they r going to excute it as per segment champak is in house only and they did it half of it and most confusing is she drink that juice which was kept in their room by knowingly r unknowingly
    if she dosent do anything by knowing also it is very stupid to see r they will plan anything to show real faces of tanunikhil its really confusing what iam thinking they have shown something positive at first only and they simply vanish it totally by showing any negative really we cant predict this stupid cvs i think by next segment we can get anything and the other one is in today segment sriti said that she dont know they kept camera in her room and also she said she only saved herself frm champak but not frm plan by observing all these what iam thinking is may tanu will win but it should not happen lets hope fr best

    • shobana

      Yes asmitha, for the first time Pragya has heard Tanu Nikhil plan. Because of that she was able to save herself from champu.
      I also hoping for the best. I don’t want any mess in this . And i also thought that dinning scene will come today but it didn’t.
      I too was thinking the same y abhi was asking Nikhil opinion about champu??
      And that Nikhil I hate him to the core.
      And I think Pragya drinks juice unknowingly since she was lost in thoughts of abhi and while beating champu too she was not it full conscious. Don’t know exactly only episode will give a clear view of it.

      I am very happy that there is a huge fall in trp. Kkb has slipped to 5th position. Thats really a good news. Atleast now the writers should wake up.

      • Asmitha

        s shobana one thing gd is trp fallen i think they may think now to show some gd epi which audience like

  4. thunker

    cool guys its a drama they have to dragg it for their profession.just have to enjoy it or leave it.its just a entertaining show not a reality show. I like this show very much.and actors hats off after taking all type comments they still doing their job wonderfully.

    • Samantha

      People have the RIGHT to Voice their Opinions!!!! Regardless of who agrees with it or Not!!!

  5. mavis nyarkoah

    pragya why are u entertaining that guy after knowing the truth. force him to vomit the truth infront of everyone. an that tanu nikhil why are u still waiting for proof whilst there is dna test available. tanu nd nikhil are very smarter than u.

  6. Sangeetha rajesh

    Uff!!!!!! Fed up plz end Tanus track…. It’s enough…… Its since 2 years because of Tanus dragging kumkum bhagyas TPR has fall down.

  7. Narendran


    |Registered Member

    Ohhh!! Another brilliant idea by writer!! Anyone knew writer name of this show?? Anyways.. Superb!! ??????This is award winning show!! Nikhil and tanu Jodi is pakka!! Make them as lead.. Pls make abhi and pragya as negative role.. Then show will be the best among the best!!

    • sathish

      one of the cv name is tanushri u can check in kkb wiki page. Thats why tanu wins always in this serial

  8. mahi

    Only dragging hi shobana,hency neenga kuch rang pyar ke asie bhi serial sony entertainment channel la pappingala its awsome…deva sona

    • shobana

      No mahi I saw for few days but didn’t like much. That too I feel bored when dev and Sonakshi scenes comes. I really feel odd. So stopped watching it. And my mom too don’t like it. Actually my mom don’t like kkb too. But she used to enjoy abhi’s funny activities. So I wont miss such scenes. Where as i feel in krpkab no such things are there.
      I’m sorry if this comment hurts any krpkab fans

      • mahi

        Shobana Enakum abigya scene avulo pidikum ….tamil and hindi 2ndulayum papen ..bt ipa abi panurathu suthama pidikala love na trust tha bt abi epavume pragya hurt pannura maari kaaturanga ipa kuda suresh vachu abi pesumpothu enaku rmba kovam vanthu….bt ennala intha serial stp panna mudila….

      • shobana

        Actually naan Tamil la pakka matan since mom titu vanga rendu languages Partha. But ennala vara serial parka mudiyala. Since I feel odd if I watch it. Aama abhi konjam too much ah dha panuran but indha champak track finish aagiduchi na everything will become okay
        Ennala kuda indha serial pakuradha stop panna mudiyala. But my mom will always say that indha kupa serial pakuraku pakamale irrukulam. Epidiyum kadai irrundha idathai vitu move aagadu so edhu pakanum solluvanga. But I wont hear it.

  9. bhagyashrijagtap

    Hi pragya mam ab tanu ka such samne laye kyun ki bahut bura lagta hai har bar tanu jeet jati hai to
    Plz do something

  10. Yash

    Worst serial ever….once I loved watching KKB…bt now hating it day by day. No concept. Truth fails always and false story always wins….which is always a boring thing n dis serial.once n a while s fine. Worst …….hate this….not wasting half an hr n watching d episode. Just reading written episodes .soon will lose interest in this too.

  11. Smitha

    I completely agree. I stopped watching and reading updates last year. This year May just came to check what happened. Then I understood that nothing has changed. Only change is Pragya’s dressing style and Bulbul’s death. I didn’t miss anything. Tanu still plotting, Abhi still an idiot, Pragya still struggling. And I can’t believe the high Trps.

  12. Sandy

    Never seen such a bullshit serial than this. I don’t understand why they are dragging and making things so irritating. Sometimes back when they wanted to frame pragya with Suresh love affair whole of abhi’s house was installed with CCTV camera and when these people wanted to find who robbed money from locker the camera never hit their stupid brain. And even now if pragya wants to prove tanu and nikhil are behind this whole story they can refer the same CCTV installed at home to prove it. I really think none in this serial has brain. They just keep making plan’s.

  13. Pratiksha

    Guys after shikha’s quitting news, there is one more news came about arjit’s quitting now. Times of India has published an article, according to which, arjit is going to quit after 12th August as he have nothing to do important in the show except only sideline role. So he decided to quit. Guys may b it could true as really purab’s character has sidelined since long even after being parallel lead but what I feels that it is also just a rumour as arjit is very much attached with kkb and it’s cast and crew. He himself has been admitted it that how much he likes them and how much he misses them when he takes vacations. And shikha’s quitting also not confirmed yet so I think these r just rumours. Well let’s see.

    • shobana

      I expect that this would happen. CVs didn’t give importance to purab. He didn’t even get screen space as Mitali gets. So sad . If each and every actors quit like this what will happen to kkb ?? Atlast only the directors writers CVs and the producers will themselves act and watch what the stupid storyline they are writing

    • Asmitha

      ya pratiskha i seen this news in instagram i dont know about shikha will she quit r not but about arjit once in int i have seen that he said he will not leave kkb i think it is rumour only

    • Sahithi

      Purab is suddenly vanishing these days, like he vanished in the middle of the bday party. If this news is indeed true, kill Purab also like Bulbul as we lost hope that this Pragya-Tanu-Nikhil triangle will end any time soon. Oh I forgot Daadi. All other characters are not needed, these 4 are sufficient for the writers. Abhi they are showing in between so that we know for whom these 4 r supposedly fighting.

      Why doesnt Pragya start calling Tanu as sister like Abhi was calling Champak brother, the equation will make sense then.

  14. Pratiksha

    New onlocation update- Abhi plays guitar in his room and sings a song. Pragya comes and start listening him and smiles. Abhi noticed it later. When he sees her, then he intentionally starts playing bad tune from guitar. Pragya tells him he ruined the mood. He retorts that he wasn’t playing music to cheer her up. She asks who he was playing for, he denies it was for her, and he asks where did she go. He says you probably went to take care of Champu, and she replies that if he can play the guitar for Tanu, then why can’t she remember Champak. He denies he was singing/playing for Tanu. And then she asks for who was he playing? And he says he was playing for the person he missed. She smiles and asks who is that. And he says sometimes when you miss a person, they’re with you the next moment “aur dekho, tum aa gayee.” He pauses soon after, realizing he just confessed he missed her. Pragya says something to him, smiles and then leaves the room. Abhi wonders why he always has a slip of the tongue in front of her.

    • Pratiksha

      Along with this there r more onlocation videos before it about abhigya’s emotinal conversation infront of eveyone in main hall of mehra house. Nikhil also present there. Video r less audible so couldn’t get clear conversation of it. But after watching it, it seems takhil showed champak and pragya’s video but at the same time, pragya somehow proves innocent too so abhi apolozizes with pragya. He blames and curses himself for the insult and pain which pragya faced beco of misundrstandings. Nikhil gets shocked. Mitali and taiji shows as making fun of takhil. Abhi and pragya both gets too emotinal and gets teary but the same time they gets happy too as misundersatnding gets clear between them. They comes close to each other slowly-slowly, watches each other with emotions and happiness. In background song plays” pal bher sambhal jaoon, dil ye phisal jaye, kaise tumhe roka karoon”. Video ends on there starings of each other.

      • shobana

        Its gud that the misunderstanding between abhigya has been cleared.
        And happy to see Tanu Nikhil’s failure ?

      • Sahithi

        I hope things are cleared but I couldnt hear audio properly, not sure if some part is dream, may be. Multiple videos are actually confusing on what is happening. Hope there will be a segment today based on these videos, as segments will give more clarity.

      • shobana

        But if Nikhil and Tanu’s plan has been flopped means abhi should have doubt on Nikhil since Tanu said that Nikhil is the one gave those pics. And Tanu too said that she herself saw Pragya and champak together. If Pragya has proved her innocence means Tanu and Nikhil should be caught. Abhi should ask Tanu y she created such a big scene in bday party. But will abhi think this much ??? Its a question mark. I think this will be cleared if we get more segment news. Lets see what the writers are upto.

      • Sahithi

        Shobana, you are still hopeful writers will give Abhi his brain back from MM deep freezer. I lost hope and think Abhi will stay that way till end of show.

      • shobana

        What to do sahithi, one corner of my heart is still expecting that our old rock star will be back and everything will set and go in the right track.

  15. Sasha

    I also stopped watching this show. And even stopped reading it. Today I try but same useless, boring and dragging story. Strongly vote for ending this show. Shows should be like dehleez with quick climax and interesting story and good examples can be taken. Kkb and ssel are two shows that not even one good example can be taken. Only negative and above all evilness. These two shows exist I think more than two years but bakwass. Bahut hi kharab kahaniyan

  16. shaz

    Mrunal has quitted the serial
    Now shikha & arjit are going to quit the serial
    Guys! When will you be going to quit this serial???
    They will not expose tanu till the last episode of kkb or will not expose tanu forever.
    I don’t know why the serial’s name is ‘kumkum bhagya’. But there is no any kumkum in pragya’s forehead.
    Change the title of this serial as
    1- ‘love is brainless/useless/blind’
    2- ‘Fool wife with useless husband’
    3- ‘Garbage family’
    4- ‘Mehra choultry’
    5- ‘cheat forever’

    In Tamil change the title as
    1- thiruttu manaiwiyum thirundhaaaaaadha kudumbamum

  17. sathya

    i too hate this serial now a days but before i wait to watch this serial abhi should believe pragya without proof that is love but he always he suspect pragya

  18. sathya

    i too hate this serial now a days but before i wait to watch this serial abhi should believe pragya without proof that is love but he always suspect pragya i want this serial to end with this problem

  19. nita

    itna bakwas and faltoo serial maine aaj tak nahin dekha.sayad writter ko kuchh naya sujh nahin raha hai… i don’t know how one can bear watching this serial.

  20. Pratiksha

    New segment update- Misunderstandings got cleared between abhigya. Pragya proved innocent in champak’s matter. Abhi apolozized with pragya after realizing his mistake. Full update- Pragya walks towards downstairs from stairs. She feels dizzy and about to loose her control but just then abhi comes and holds her. He asks her about her well being and takes her to the downstair. Just then tanu comes from behind and start taunting pragya and says to abhi that pragya couldn’t sleep whole night becoz she was busy in enjoyment with champak even in ur bedroom. Abhi says to tanu to stop talking rubbish. Tanu shows abhi that half part of that video of champak and pragya’s which they were shooted by plan at last night. Tanu says to abhi that u should know that pragya enjoys not only outside even in bedroom also. Abhi sees that video and gets shocked. Pragya gets worried and denies from it through shaking her head in no to abhi. But abhi gets confused and silent. Abhi again doubts on pragya. Pragya gets heart broken. All the drama agin happens infront of everyone and in nikhil’s presence. Purab comes and shows full video to abhi that it was champak who had came to trap pragya, he was trying to trap pragya by cheap trick, whom pragya failed by throwing him out by beating him badly. Abhi realizes his mistake that how he misundestood pragya on the base of circumstances who was made by intentionally. Pragya burst out her anger and says that she was wants to realized it that what the consequences could happen beco of extra marital affair and how she felt pain everyday after saeeing him with tanu instead of her. Abhi realizes his mistake and apolozizes from pragya for his mistake that how he misunderstood her and becoz of him pragya had to take this step for realizing him his mistake that how much he did wron with her by keeping extra marital affair with tanu. Pragya too asks sorry from him to hurt him but abhi says that she don’t need to say sorry as all is his mistake not her. Abhi and pragya both gets emotinal, teary and at the same time happy that misunderstandings got cleared between them. They about to hug each other but gets stop after realization that they r between evrybody. In next scene, abhi plays guitar in his room and sings a song with it. Pragya enters in the room. She smiles after seeing abhi singing with guitar. She gets sit on the couch and start listening him. Pragya totally gets lost in abhi’s singing with closed eyes. Abhi realizes pragya’s presence later. He plays music system loudly and intentinally gets start playing bad tune from guitar naughtingly to tease and trouble pragya. Pragya comes back in her sense and scolds abhi to ruining her mood. Abhi says that he was not playing to cheer up her mood. He asked where she had? If she was remembering champak? Pragya says when u can sing for tanu then why i can’t miss champak? Abhi says that he was not playing for tanu. Abhi replies no, he says he was missing someone who played his heart’s tune. Pragya asks who is that? Abhi says that it says that whom we misses, that person comes infront of us and see u came. Abhi realizes that he confessed that he was missing her and singing for her. He gets silent. Pragya smiles and says that he can’t say lie with her more. Pragya leaves. Abhi thinks why always his tongue gets slips infront of her.

    • Sahithi

      So Champu matter is cleared relatively quickly, and Pragya used it in her favor, even if the plotting is done by Tanu. Now what next?

    • ar

      seems thy r worried of trp now
      aftr 1 yr pragya is teaching a lession to abhi wht a joke….does any point this serial has sense
      can now pragya not tell this is not tanud plan and not her leasion wht bull shit hate this to core

  21. Pratiksha

    Sbs people also has confirmed arjit’s quiting news from kkb and told that arjit taneja aka purab has given a notice to production house of kkb for taking decision of quitting with kkb becoz he feels that he has nothing to do in the show now.

  22. swetha

    plz change the track of kkb.If the new segment update is gonna happen kkb will be the best serial I feel.

  23. Boycotting kkb

    First bulbul, then Aliya and now purab leaving the show…. And yet we have not seen this baby of tanu’s. I have stopped watching this show. I am certain this show will be off air soon unless there are radical changes done within the next two weeks.

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