Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling that it was a mistake and they shall forget it. Nikhil tells that it was not mistake, but was love. He says we were so close that night and asks don’t you want to live every night like that. Tanu says I don’t love you, I was upset with Abhi as I had planned Valentine day with him. I drank with you and spent night with you. Nikhil says I remember everything. A flashback is shown, Nikhil and Tanu wake up on bed, and Tanu tells him that it was just a weak moment and they shall forget it as a mistake. She says she is in love with Abhi and don’t know how this mistake happened. Nikhil asks her not to say that. Tanu says she can’t think of anyone except Abhi, and asks him to forget it. Nikhil says I remember everything and that’s why didn’t interfere in your

life. I went far from this city, but can’t stay far from you as I know our love’s truth which is with you now. I know that you are pregnant. Tanu is shocked. Nikhil tells that you are pregnant and the baby is mine. Pragya thinks Tanu is in kitchen and goes there.

Abhi gives a cheque to the caretaker for the orphanage kids. Dadi asks him about Pragya. Abhi struggles for an answer. He says Pragya went home. Dadi says we would have gone with her. Abhi says I talked to her and she is resting. Dadi says we have to go also. Abhi asks her to take care of him also. Dasi says someone is burning in jealously.

Tanu asks have you lost it? I am not pregnant. Nikhil tells that he was there, when she was getting her pregnancy test done. He says I was cursing God thinking why did he make me meet you. He says now I have gained confidence on God again. He says my baby is responsible for my lost confidence and asks her to say that she is not pregnant. Tanu accepts that she is pregnant, but with Abhi’s child. She says you can’t take Abhi’s place and warns him not to come infront of her else he will repent all his life. She goes inside her room. Nikhil follows her.

Bulbul self praises her beauty and questions mirror. She thinks Purab will think to marry now itself seeing her beauty. She looks for her earring and asks Sarla. Sarla tells you have given earring for repair. Bulbul says she want that earring only. Sarla shows that earring and she gets happy. Sarla says I remember everything. Bulbul thanks and hugs her. Bulbul says I will call and ask you, whenever I forget things. Sarla asks her to take care of Purab, just like Pragya take care of Abhi. Bulbul says she will try, and says she can’t be great, selfless, perfect, mature etc like Pragya.

Nikhil tells Tanu that he was in love for the very first time, and asks her not to snatch his baby from him. Tanu sees Pragya coming towards them and hides with Nikhil. She wonders how did she come home. Pragya wonders about the fallen showpiece. Tanu hugs Nikhil to hide her face. Nikhil looks on happily. Pragya comes to Tanu’s room and wonders where is she? She calls her, but her phone is in her room. Tanu asks Nikhil to come with her. Pragya thinks to check on terrace. Abhi asks the drivers to take out the car, and says they will reach on time. Dadi says Sarla and family might feel bad if they reach before us, and asks Abhi to call Sarla.

Sarla tells that they will get late for the mehendi function. Bulbul says she will not go first as it is her mehendi function. Sarla gets an auto and asks her to come. Abhi calls her. Sarla says we will reach in 30 mins. Abhi says we came out for some work and will reach home. Bulbul says my plan will be flopped. Nikhil tells Tanu that he will not leave, until she accepts that the baby is his. Tanu says this baby is not yours. She says this is Abhi’s baby. Nikhil says I know that you have done DNA Test, and the result will be out soon.

Nikhil tells that he will give her everything, whatever she ask for. Tanu tells that she will give abhi’s name to this baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Ginger

      This show is OVER a year old and the two MAIN characters have Not even Kissed Yet?!?! This is senseless and too much. This show is NOT going to last if they continue to drag it out like this. Viewers will get bored and start watching something else. This is TOO MUCH.

  1. I knew they will easily not let pragya knw the truth … It will take another few more days …. Ohhh goddd…
    Thank u for ur update hasan

    • santya

      Priya $
      YEs….i knw tamil….but not so fluent like u all…hahha…malaysian tamil-mixed,plus i dont d basic of tamil language…just can talk randomly
      Hye ghayathri (like one of my fren name)
      HYe priya and zeha and divya…thanks for the rply in yday’s episode…seriously u guys are really kind enough…yeppidi irukinggeh?

      • santya

        Priya $- first time to be cht like this,perhaps i dont even knw whats ur age all…so respects is always there..thats why u found its like so formal.
        GHayyathri- thx sis :*
        Zeeha- i born and stay in malaysia…even my parents too…both of my granpas from india…not sure which.part….naa india’ke one time vantherekein….you guys come over la here! I can bring u around 🙂
        Kowsi- yeap tamil!! NAlla irukinggela? 🙂

  2. Malar

    Please make pragya to know the truth. I am waiting for pragya’s apologies on abhi… Pls make it fast.

  3. kowsi

    Ohhhh godd…..they r draaaaagggggggginnnnnng tooooooooooooo much…………mudila …if thy r dragging this much level..the result of trp definitely looooowwwww..alrdy kkb gone to 6th place..and thy r shown nikkil some scenes r clz to truth so tats y kkb came to 3rd position..last week trp stating..wait for thursday..(trp day)….and another new promo…engagement promo…abhi and tanu…hey first potta promo va mudika three weeks ithula nxt promo va…sure ah one month tan..

  4. vashtie motilal

    all these days they were showing prgya catching tanu what are waste of time f**k up writer

  5. Gayathri

    Oh no..pragya didn’t hear anything…it will take another week to reveal the truth…??

  6. Yuvi (Aviman)

    I alrdy thought dat guyzz pragya didn’t hear anything they r dragggiiinngggg yaar..guyz yarellam tamil pa..?

  7. Priya $

    Frnds tanu itself gave for DNA test ah. I can’t get it clearly. Can anyone explain me pls

  8. That precap still not yet done. Then tmrw pragya will c their talking only. When tanu is going to take reports that time she will get caught I think so. So upto next week this. Then tanu mom will cum and ask abhi to engage that two weeks. Oh no when I will c they both going to unite?

    • kowsi

      Priya…first potta promo va kamikkave three weeks.(innum kamikkala)…nxt promo va potanga athukula…inum itha ethanai week illu pangalo therila..

  9. wat is this rubbish how tanu will give abhi name for nikil’s baby .plz end this tanu part .we r wating to see abhipragya romance

  10. kowsi

    Xam la kuda ivlo kadhai ya illuka mattom ..ipdi kadhai ya illlllllllllluuuuuuu iiiiiiillllllllluuuuuu nu illuku renga….nanga romba pavam……

  11. Guys I saw promo on TV and what I assumed that promo has lost it’s intensity like abhigya in present time. Nothing is understandable. Pragya was standing there when tanu’s mom was forcing abhi for engagement and both abhi and pragya’s action and reaction both were full of dissapointment.Is this a passionate love story!well not looks like.

    • kowsi

      My doubt was while tanu’s mom forcing to abhi na…whr s our rock star dadi…but pragya stops the engagement …

      • Priya $

        Kowsi promo va Kagan yelunthathula athu. So only tanu wearing same dress pragya too. But this ll happens in some other place I think so..

      • Priya $

        Sorry promovukaga yeduthathu athu. Supp Apadiyae nadanumna Nalaiku nadakanum yen na mehanthi function they ll change their dress

      • Pragya stops tabhi’s engagement but I m disappointed with abhigya’s actions and expressions. When I read the update, I thought pragya came just when abhi is about to put the ring but when I saw it on tv, it was different. Pragya too was standing there along with tabhi and tanu’s parents. I mean how can she tolerate all this bullshit with so much patience! Does she not know about tanu’s truth or does she not tell about it from abhi or may be she is waiting filor the proof and then wants to tell it to abhi but she couldn’t get time and suddenly tanu’s parents came. So I think when tanu’s parents were forcing abhi to engagement, may be pragya was in dilemma that what she should do here to stops it, because at that time may be she will not have any proof to prove tanu’s truth.

  12. If they Oscar for any most dragging show … Then this show will b the first to bag the award ….. My goooodddd ….. Javvvvvvvuuuuuuu miiitaaaaaiiiiiii kuda ivlloooooo ilukadhu … 🙁 uffff

    • Factu factu factu !!!!!!!!!!! Yeppa evalavu drag kuda panuvaangalla….. Ithuku thaan enga veetula serial vendamnu solraanga pola happa…. Sappa mudiyala!!!!! Theivamae !!!!!

  13. Writer can the serials have English subtitle.plzzzz for better understanding.I don’t understand your language so much.I watch all of them especially kumkum bhagya,jamai raja etc.plzzzz think about it

  14. SA

    Can’t believe I’m tat this show does not peek my interest in the least bit, how can they possibly get away with a stupid show!!!!!!!! Cannot believe this!!!!!!!!!! I’m shocked, Mittali sitting at the table laughin away while her husband is in jail for a crime she committed????? Tat is realy a Lol, an Bul bul is so damn irritating an childish!!!!!!!!!! Cannot believe how she acts, like a 16 year old. Not eveb a 16 year old wud act like her if I come to think of it n shud I say 6 year old. This comedy between Abhi an Pragya is getting a bit overwhelmin now, like I want to puke!!!! Its like everything tat happens is a big JOKE ther!!!!!!!! 1 minute planning a Mendhi, the next the opening a children’s home????? What’s all tat!!!!! So while this soap is on I’m writinng my comment tat is how bored I’m at this serial 🙁 unbelievable???????? Is this wedding wit Bulbul an Purab also realt gonna take place wit this Tanu’s pregnancy!!!!! SO BORED !!!! Pls do sumthin!!!!!!!! Can’t take this anymore

  15. Majesty

    Pragya’s and Abhi’s characters have become ridiculous! I can’t feel their chemistry anymore- it is more like 2 jokers playing in a circus!!!

    • Zeeha

      Superb Kavin. Wt abt u? When will u join 2 the clg? Y dis kolaveri???
      Ippidi 1 mudiivu… Ellarkkum separate chat…

    • santya

      Did u like mentioned that treat for me too if i come over to india??? Haha….jezzz…thx….intro pls :)… please to meet u too…

  16. kavin

    if i left any one of my friends name say to me and iam sorry for that

    how are you all my friends?

  17. kavin

    sorry asna i came to coimbatore pa i think so i will be coming to kerala within this or next month where are you from asna?

  18. Sns

    i really lije tge serial in the begining as i was thinking it will be in come as Arnav and Khusi love romance comedy story , but im very disappointed as what ever the scrypt is about does not make sense at all. Abhi was saying that he will proowe to pragya that he has nothing to do with tanu child but still acts like ideot, pragya who is smart girl seems lost her braine,,, there is no romance between them conpare that they in love with each other. it getiing so boring that im not even watching just reading the update of it as don’t want to waste my time .

  19. wasalaam zeeha …r u Muslim. .?? and my bad luck my batry us critically loww…nd also no power ishere…bcoz of hvy rain….

  20. Priya $

    Frnds how much abhi tortured pragya u forgot tat. If u want to c watch in polimer. Too much.

      • Susi

        ??Sari priya…..ippa kkb serial pakarathaiye vittuten…tamil serial mathiriye pandranuga…intha serial sun tv la podavendiyathuthan…..

      • Susi

        Namma Tamil serial paravala…kalyalna tha…one masam ootuvannuga….ana ivanunga.nammaliye minjutanuga..pregnant scene 2yrs. Ootaranunga ..aiyyo ramma…!!!!

  21. Yuvi

    Nice meeting to u too susi..intrduce me our other friends who r all tamil in this website da.. 😉

  22. kavin

    yes pa , nice name , you want me call as sis or your name pa anything ok , my full name is kavinesh

  23. soraya

    how can people pass comments when all the series are all about having affairs with one another .how can you as writers send out such horrible messages and the whole world is already full of illegitimate children and divorce cases.please bring more positivety into your series.not where tanu has and affair with a married man and the wife must suffer or do you people do such things in your country.

  24. The show has lost it’s intensity like abhigya’s relationship.There are no love to see anywhere in between them. I mean the show is based on passionate love story. Is this called a passionate love story where only dumbness and idiotic things are going on and love is far away. According to me passionate love is like a couple who is in love, they can’t see anything except themselves. They have a kind of junoon to live with their love and for this they keeps a power to change anything, any situation to make their love strong but here the couple are ready to give up and easily fooled by anyone. What CVS wants to show us.Like They are showing us chocolate and giving lollipop.

    • No yaar not yet. These cvs are going to suck our blood till the end of tanu’s pregnancy chapter. And looks like they won’t to reveal anything about upcoming episodes so there are no latest updates yet.

  25. sty kavin bro …I frgt to congratulate u….am rly sry….n congratulations …have a bright future bro…n once again sry…

  26. Priya $

    Sumtimes getting irritating yaar stupidy… Kovama varuthu writer mattum Kai la kedaicha kaima than. >:)

    • I m so much irritate from tanu. She is getting on my nerves everyday and sucking my blood. When she says to nikhil she loves abhi a lot but don’t know how this mistake happened. She says she was angry with abhi because he left her alone for pragya on valentine day so she was hurt. I was thinking abhi has been hurted pragya mostly because of that witch tanu but she never feel weak and never tried to cheat abhi, when she was not in love and when she was in love with abhi, in both the situation. So my question is why she felt weak when she was in so much love with abhi? The answer is she never loved abhi she only loved his name, fame and money from which her carrier could be touch the sky. After knowing her full truth I just want that she should be out from abhi’s life as soon as possible because now I can’t tolerate her anymore till then my blood will be boil everyday after watch her with abhi and in his house and I m sure all of u having same feeling.

  27. i just wish they dont drag like this. i love this alot and icant sleep withou watching it. maybe they r many people like me but doesnt mean we ll keep watching it though its come to a worst stage which is the next step which is gonna happen. i still love it as didnt reach that stage.so please just think and write.

  28. please writers .make this meaningful.u have a very good couple with u.you have gotta think and write the story.please……….

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