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Aaliya was excited in disbelief. Tannu tells her that Pragya had no other option but to leave. Aliya boasts it was her ideas, Tannu says this time she did this without anyone’s help. Aliya was ready to give the credits to Tannu but asks for a party. She calls Tannu to Nikhil’s place, Tannu was excited as Pragya has left her life forever. Purab had heard this conversation from outside Tannu’s room.
Sarla calls Dadi to complain her for using Pragya, she didn’t let Pragya disclose the reality. Pragya always fulfil all her responsibilities of a wife and a daughter in law, but Dadi didn’t take Pragya’s side today. Dadi was clueless, Sarla complains crying that Pragya has left the house and returned after breaking all her relations with Abhi. Dadi fell on the sofa, Sarla breaks her relations

with Dadi as well and hangs up. The phone fell from Dadi’s hand when Purab comes there in time. He picks the phone and asks Sarla what she said to Dadi. He explains that no one here knows about it. Dadi assures Sarla that she will never let their trust break, she would never have let Pragya leave and Pragya will live here till she dies. She was determined not to let anything get wrong, she promises to bring Pragya back after handling the situation here.
Dadi questions Purab why Pragya left. Purab says that Tannu fed Abhi who poured all his anger at Pragya. He was irked and wasn’t ready to leave them. Dadi accuses Abhi for being responsible. She wonders how dare Abhi asked Pragya to leave home, now either Pragya will come home or Abhi will have to lose as well. She was ready to go and tell Abhi she is responsible for all this; so either she will stay in this house or Tannu will. Tannu was leaving for party, Dadi stops her. Tannu asks Dadi not to spoil her mood and accept her as a daughter in law of this house.
Dadi comes to Abhi who was crying already, she pours her anger over Abhi to make Pragya leave the house. She asks Abhi why he did this, she has always taught him that one has to fulfil all the rights and demands of these relations, as these relations are made in heaven. He couldn’t even get along with her for a single year. Abhi says he didn’t tell her to go, Dadi complains he didn’t even stop him. She asks why he didn’t tell her about it, or has he broken his relation with her as well; forbidding him call her as Dadi. She demands a reply for all her questions. Dadi then announces her decision, if he thinks Pragya must not live with him then she also doesn’t want to live with him. She hasn’t broken her relations with Pragya, she will live with Pragya. Abhi must live with Tannu here and forget about having any relations. She turns to leave.
Abhi says she is right, he must forget he had his owns. They all must leave his life, he wonders where he must go as he has no choice, and he never had any. He wanted to love Tannu, he married Pragya because of her. He took care of Pragya, respected and loved her even; but what he got in return. Pragya snatched everything from him, even his child. Can’t she see Pragya’s mistake, why Pragya snatched his right over his child. He told Pragya to leave and didn’t stop her, he left his child and its murderer was in front of him. He didn’t even do anything wrong. Purab had joined Dadi there. Abhi says alright, no one needs to leave the house but he must. He will be broken here, and heads to leave. Dadi stops him. Abhi shouts why he can’t leave, his love left him, his sister left too; now she is also leaving. He hurries outside.
At Nikhil’s house, he was excited and tells Tannu he will murder Aliya someday. He will cut Aliya’s tongue, she was lecturing him about not being emotional. He says had he known if their child would have died earlier, they should have killed this child a long time ago. Both Tannu and Aliya eye him. Aliya asks Nikhil to prepare them some drinks as well.
Purab comes to speak to Pragya, and inspite of Sarla’s resistance goes inside. Pragya sat with her photos on floor and denies talking to anyone while crying. Purab insists on her to open the door, if not for him then for Abhi atleast. Pragya opens the door. Purab asks why she didn’t tell anyone about leaving, why she broke all relations all at once. Pragya says he doesn’t know what Abhi said in anger. Purab says Abhi was angry, he has lost his child according to him. Pragya says Abhi needs Tannu more than her. Purab qualifies Tannu can’t take care of Abhi, she isn’t even upset about losing her child and is celebrating her victory of throwing her out of the house. Abhi will fell alone, as Dadi also warned him to leave the house. Purab tells her that when Abhi’s mother died, he was ready to lose his life on the railway track. He was afraid Abhi doesn’t do so this time as well. Pragya was worried about where Abhi is, Purab was tensed that Abhi has left. He was sure Tannu will never take care of Abhi.
At Nikhil’s house, the three cheered about their victory. Tannu boasts about her tricks. Nikhil calls his best tool was their child. Pragya comes there and slaps Tannu hard and demands if Tannu was going to take care of Abhi and support him. If this is the care she is doing for him. Is she celebrating with them both, she calls herself an idiot and consider them as worse than animals. She has now understood well that she has to stay with Abhi. Tannu asks how Pragya will prove herself to Abhi, Pragya shows them the proof in her mobile. Tannu tries to snatch her phone but she pushes her down on couch. Nikhil tells Pragya she will leave this place only after losing the proof. Pragya tries to run away by throwing marbels on floor and hitting Nikhil with a vase on head. Her dress get stuck between the doors that she tears while Aliya drags it.
There, Dadi prays for Abhi’s safety and protection. Pragya comes home calling Abhi, and finds Dadi in front of temple. Dadi slaps Pragya wondering if she brought her here for today. Why she started the fight when she had to accept a defeat only. She took such a big decision without any consent, couldn’t she understand Abhi’s sadness and pain. Pragya accepts her mistake, she thought he would be happy when she is away but now she knows he can’t live without her. Dadi tells Pragya he left home hopeless, to never return. She was tensed and cries as his phone is also not responding. Pragya assures Dadi to bring him back, after telling him Tannu’s reality.
Aliya curses Nikhil for not being able to stop Pragya. Nikhail defends himself, and accuses Tannu being responsible for this. She must have announced to everyone she is coming here. Both challenges each other for strength, Tannu brings a knife at Nikhil’s neck. Aliya brings their attention to getting themselves unlocked. Nikhil thinks about Vipin who would surely come to open the door.
Pragya calls the office where the guard tells her Abhi didn’t come here. She recalls playing with Abhi once, he deterred to go to a place where he only go he is very angry. She thinks she know where he is and is coming to him. Purab calls her, Pragya says she know where he is. Purab suggests about going together, Pragya insists on going alone.
The door was unclocked. Tannu hurries them home else Pragya will tell Abhi about all the reality. Nikhil says they have to find a permanent solution to this problem, to kill Pragya. Tannu was afraid of being jailed. Nikhil leaves it to Tannu again. Aliya sides Nikhil, their lives would end if Pragya wins this time as well; they need to eliminate Pragya from their lives. Nikhail was determined to kill the spider than to clean the web on daily basis.
It was raining heavily, Pragya was worried for Abhi. She looks at the video. She thinks about telling him everything, then worries what if Abhi tells her to leave in anger. She was relieved by thinking about the proof.

PRECAP: Pragya thanks Abhi for giving her a chance. She wanted to tell him toe truth, but Abhi shouts at her to shut up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sbs fatafat news express segment update- It’s just a little segment. Abhi washes his face in washroom with water in wash basin. Pragya comes with towel and forward it to abhi to give him. Abhi looks on. (Reporter mentions that abhi looks pragya angrily). Pragya looks him helplessly. In next scene, Abhi and pragya in abhi’s music room with different costumes. Abhi in jacket and pragya is in fuggy’s get up. Pragya sits on abhi’s lap. Pragya feeds something to abhi. Abhi indicates pragya to eat first. Pragya eats first and then feeds to abhi. They both smiles by seeing each other. Reporter didn’t mention that if it is real, dream or flashback but it seems pragya’s dream. Sbb serial express segment – They just showed some clips of today’s upcoming episode’s. In which, as we saw in precap, that pragya reaches at abhi’s place and abhi takes her in by makes her wear his jacket for saving her from wetting in rain. Pragya tries to tell the truth of takhil and aliyaa and about proof which she have. But abhi doesn’t ready to listen her. He drinks so much and doesn’t able to stand properly and falls from sofa. Pragya cries after seeing abhi in this condition and his anger for her. She runs towards abhi to hold him. She holds abhi and tries to make him sit back.

    1. Abhi is a big stupid when she left home he said she left me and when she went to him he was showing anger to her and one more thing I am not understanding is fr how many days they will stay in that house and will she able to show video r not

      1. Is there any character in the show right now who is not stupid? The levels of stupidity is varying and it depends on writers mood for that week. How will they drag if the characters are smart?

        She has so called proof in hand but still does not show him, I mean why cant she for once shut him up and ask him to look at what she is showing and then continue with him childish drama. On a lighter note, by the time he gets up she could well tie up his hands and legs and tape his mouth, show him the video and let him feel like a loser.

      2. Sahithi ditto yaar me to thought same really once she will shut his mouth by doing what u said it will be gd

  2. Please reunion to abhi and pragya please please………………..

  3. why everytime tanu and his evil plan will won which means good things and good persons always fail in this serial is in it please dont do this for pragya and abhi

  4. Stupid .stop these types of nonsenc

  5. pragya is the reason for everything.pragya u deserve abhi’s hatred.pragya only told tanu’s baby is his.we know that that time abhi feel how much guilty.after pragya know everything.then she told dadi everything is over.that’s why dadi give idea to change her avatar.that time itself pragya told her husband everything means there is no problem.pragya give so much pain to abhi in new avatar.she took 7 month to expose tanu.these 7 month abhi belive that baby is his only.what he will do?.abhi is so genuine also.whatever happens he only love his fuggy.he not goieng behind tanu.he only behind his baby.purab told recently after abhi’s mom dead abhi try to comit sucide.from that we know how much abhi give importance to relationship.pragya only reason for everything guys?so abhi loss memory to forget pragya.this is good punishment for pragya

  6. Guys remember bulbul hospital scene it looks like that too me she will dream definitely ……….after that aaliya’so exposure took about a 50 episodes or so .so for tanumber give or take 100 episodes more

  7. When Abhi should know about truth of tanu?

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