Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Aaliya was excited in disbelief. Tannu tells her that Pragya had no other option but to leave. Aliya boasts it was her ideas, Tannu says this time she did this without anyone’s help. Aliya was ready to give the credits to Tannu but asks for a party. She calls Tannu to Nikhil’s place, Tannu was excited as Pragya has left her life forever. Purab had heard this conversation from outside Tannu’s room.
Sarla calls Dadi to complain her for using Pragya, she didn’t let Pragya disclose the reality. Pragya always fulfil all her responsibilities of a wife and a daughter in law, but Dadi didn’t take Pragya’s side today. Dadi was clueless, Sarla complains crying that Pragya has left the house and returned after breaking all her relations with Abhi. Dadi fell on the sofa, Sarla breaks her relations

with Dadi as well and hangs up. The phone fell from Dadi’s hand when Purab comes there in time. He picks the phone and asks Sarla what she said to Dadi. He explains that no one here knows about it. Dadi assures Sarla that she will never let their trust break, she would never have let Pragya leave and Pragya will live here till she dies. She was determined not to let anything get wrong, she promises to bring Pragya back after handling the situation here.
Dadi questions Purab why Pragya left. Purab says that Tannu fed Abhi who poured all his anger at Pragya. He was irked and wasn’t ready to leave them. Dadi accuses Abhi for being responsible. She wonders how dare Abhi asked Pragya to leave home, now either Pragya will come home or Abhi will have to lose as well. She was ready to go and tell Abhi she is responsible for all this; so either she will stay in this house or Tannu will. Tannu was leaving for party, Dadi stops her. Tannu asks Dadi not to spoil her mood and accept her as a daughter in law of this house.
Dadi comes to Abhi who was crying already, she pours her anger over Abhi to make Pragya leave the house. She asks Abhi why he did this, she has always taught him that one has to fulfil all the rights and demands of these relations, as these relations are made in heaven. He couldn’t even get along with her for a single year. Abhi says he didn’t tell her to go, Dadi complains he didn’t even stop him. She asks why he didn’t tell her about it, or has he broken his relation with her as well; forbidding him call her as Dadi. She demands a reply for all her questions. Dadi then announces her decision, if he thinks Pragya must not live with him then she also doesn’t want to live with him. She hasn’t broken her relations with Pragya, she will live with Pragya. Abhi must live with Tannu here and forget about having any relations. She turns to leave.
Abhi says she is right, he must forget he had his owns. They all must leave his life, he wonders where he must go as he has no choice, and he never had any. He wanted to love Tannu, he married Pragya because of her. He took care of Pragya, respected and loved her even; but what he got in return. Pragya snatched everything from him, even his child. Can’t she see Pragya’s mistake, why Pragya snatched his right over his child. He told Pragya to leave and didn’t stop her, he left his child and its murderer was in front of him. He didn’t even do anything wrong. Purab had joined Dadi there. Abhi says alright, no one needs to leave the house but he must. He will be broken here, and heads to leave. Dadi stops him. Abhi shouts why he can’t leave, his love left him, his sister left too; now she is also leaving. He hurries outside.
At Nikhil’s house, he was excited and tells Tannu he will murder Aliya someday. He will cut Aliya’s tongue, she was lecturing him about not being emotional. He says had he known if their child would have died earlier, they should have killed this child a long time ago. Both Tannu and Aliya eye him. Aliya asks Nikhil to prepare them some drinks as well.
Purab comes to speak to Pragya, and inspite of Sarla’s resistance goes inside. Pragya sat with her photos on floor and denies talking to anyone while crying. Purab insists on her to open the door, if not for him then for Abhi atleast. Pragya opens the door. Purab asks why she didn’t tell anyone about leaving, why she broke all relations all at once. Pragya says he doesn’t know what Abhi said in anger. Purab says Abhi was angry, he has lost his child according to him. Pragya says Abhi needs Tannu more than her. Purab qualifies Tannu can’t take care of Abhi, she isn’t even upset about losing her child and is celebrating her victory of throwing her out of the house. Abhi will fell alone, as Dadi also warned him to leave the house. Purab tells her that when Abhi’s mother died, he was ready to lose his life on the railway track. He was afraid Abhi doesn’t do so this time as well. Pragya was worried about where Abhi is, Purab was tensed that Abhi has left. He was sure Tannu will never take care of Abhi.
At Nikhil’s house, the three cheered about their victory. Tannu boasts about her tricks. Nikhil calls his best tool was their child. Pragya comes there and slaps Tannu hard and demands if Tannu was going to take care of Abhi and support him. If this is the care she is doing for him. Is she celebrating with them both, she calls herself an idiot and consider them as worse than animals. She has now understood well that she has to stay with Abhi. Tannu asks how Pragya will prove herself to Abhi, Pragya shows them the proof in her mobile. Tannu tries to snatch her phone but she pushes her down on couch. Nikhil tells Pragya she will leave this place only after losing the proof. Pragya tries to run away by throwing marbels on floor and hitting Nikhil with a vase on head. Her dress get stuck between the doors that she tears while Aliya drags it.
There, Dadi prays for Abhi’s safety and protection. Pragya comes home calling Abhi, and finds Dadi in front of temple. Dadi slaps Pragya wondering if she brought her here for today. Why she started the fight when she had to accept a defeat only. She took such a big decision without any consent, couldn’t she understand Abhi’s sadness and pain. Pragya accepts her mistake, she thought he would be happy when she is away but now she knows he can’t live without her. Dadi tells Pragya he left home hopeless, to never return. She was tensed and cries as his phone is also not responding. Pragya assures Dadi to bring him back, after telling him Tannu’s reality.
Aliya curses Nikhil for not being able to stop Pragya. Nikhail defends himself, and accuses Tannu being responsible for this. She must have announced to everyone she is coming here. Both challenges each other for strength, Tannu brings a knife at Nikhil’s neck. Aliya brings their attention to getting themselves unlocked. Nikhil thinks about Vipin who would surely come to open the door.
Pragya calls the office where the guard tells her Abhi didn’t come here. She recalls playing with Abhi once, he deterred to go to a place where he only go he is very angry. She thinks she know where he is and is coming to him. Purab calls her, Pragya says she know where he is. Purab suggests about going together, Pragya insists on going alone.
The door was unclocked. Tannu hurries them home else Pragya will tell Abhi about all the reality. Nikhil says they have to find a permanent solution to this problem, to kill Pragya. Tannu was afraid of being jailed. Nikhil leaves it to Tannu again. Aliya sides Nikhil, their lives would end if Pragya wins this time as well; they need to eliminate Pragya from their lives. Nikhail was determined to kill the spider than to clean the web on daily basis.
It was raining heavily, Pragya was worried for Abhi. She looks at the video. She thinks about telling him everything, then worries what if Abhi tells her to leave in anger. She was relieved by thinking about the proof.

PRECAP: Pragya thanks Abhi for giving her a chance. She wanted to tell him toe truth, but Abhi shouts at her to shut up.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. shobana

    Super fast update
    I didn’t expect one hour telecast.
    But it was nice.
    Will abhi hear pragya’s words ??? I think yes. But not for sure.

  2. Nandini

    I have a gut feeling dat😂abhi will listen to pragya in drunkenstate n😂after consumation😂he forgets what proof pragya showed n everything..lol crappppp

  3. Turn from Evil

    The writers of KKB are being directed by Satan and that is why the story “always” has evil as the victor. The bible says” resist the devil and he will flee”. Stop watching this evil story or it will get in your spirit and have negative affects on you. Turn to Jesus and be blessed. God loves you but the devil does NOT. Read the bible: John 3:16.

  4. Sahithi

    Guys a surprise 1 hr episode, don’t want to discuss on what is shown today. Not that bad, but I am keen about next 2-3 epi, if most awaited truth revelation will happen finally. Only good thing finally writers r gonna show is both the leads r out n away from the Mehra mad house. They always needed this private me time to sort out things. Otherwise Abhi’s room is like public park everyone including Daadi n Robin walk-in as n when they wish to.. atleast one good conversation could never be imagined in MM without unwanted interruption.

    • Asmitha

      Is truth is going to reveal r not if we believe promo so it is but in precap he is not ready to listen her and there is no segment also as revealing truth but in precap she wore jacket it was cute

    • asmitha

      One more thing which I felt happy is no one knows where they both are so let’s see will abhi listen to her r not but whatever going to happen bwn them it must happen when abhi is in conscious

      • shobana

        Yes asmitha that’s true no one knows where pragya and abhi is. That’s really good. I feel that there are chances for abhi to hear pragya’s words. Since I think according to new promo abhi will come to the truth and then only tanu and co will do something

      • shobana

        I have a doubt, tanu will always tell that because of this baby only I have to bear this Nikhil. Now no baby then you she is still roaming around Nikhil ???

    • razia

      Is thr any possibility fa consummation? Sahithis nowadays m not guessing anything since lill busy bt m jus watchn kkb widout missing bt afta watchn dis promo .. m so confused .. temme dear .. wat vl happen according to u next ? ML ? consummation? Hu vl get in to the accident trap ? Wat vl happen .. m torturing my torturing askn the possibilities. . he’s laughn at me 🙁

      • Sahithi

        Hey Razia, good to see u back. I am also not taking guesses as writers twisting logic n script as per their convenience. For now I think they will show some silly logic how Tanu n Nikhil will know about this location where Abhi is and they may end up here n spoil the car breaks. Like anything to maintain ratings n showing silly twists.

  5. sravs

    hi guys. yeh KKB na kabi bi nahi badlega kya kar rahe hai yaar yeh dadi to kehne hi vali thi par kya huwa? yeh writers na drag—- karke ja rahe hai agle kya hoga mein to pichele epi ke tarah kuch fiction hi hone vala hai jab pragya abi ko voh video dikane jayegi tab abi gusse mein phone ko faad dega yehi hoga deklena

  6. Shadia


  7. Rithu

    Nice.. it is starting of one more new direction of the serial… crap never showed in a possible way…

  8. Bhavani

    Why does pragya need to put an exhibition that she has the video of tannu. Whenever the villains have some video, they sharebl it to everyone of mehra house. It doesn’t happen liie that when pragya has something to show.. Dont archana aakash purab and daadhi have mobiles? Why doesn’t she send it to them.. This has become one big mad show..

    • Jada


      |Registered Member

      One of the reasons why Pragya always fails – she only knows how to show off her evidence and then cries when it gets stolen or she gets kidnapped

  9. "Revelation"

    I hope thy predictions come true Sahiti. Its so tiring & draining to watch Abhis character spiral down so senselessly. Do you really think the Cvs are gona allow the truth to prevail????
    Theres an olv posted today on Abhi drinking away & drowning his sorrows thinking about Pragya & tanus accusation that he is the cause of the death of the
    The cvs have dragged this track so messily in such an illogical manner & always with Takhil winning.
    Its hard to imagine them allowing Abhi to know the truth tru Pragya.
    I hate to be a wet blanket but i cant see it happening after watching the olv on abhi drowning himself.
    But i do sincerely want thy predictions to come tru☺

  10. Zuleekhah

    Why is it that dadi just scolded abhi and didn’t tell him the main point that the baby wasn’t his….this show is so unrealistic….

  11. shonali

    Haha..what a crap..pls stop watching this serial..its spoiling..its height of irritation..silly direction as if public is foolish..lol

  12. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Dadi i hate u very much. Instead of saying the importance of values, relations, responsibilities…. If u had told the truth and takhil, aaliya means it is worth for abhi also. But u always wasted abhigayas life and ofcourse our time…. Bcoz u r the biggest enemy of abhigaya.. Seriously pragya is a dumb women. Dont she have a little bit if brain? Takhil and aaliya are the biggest enemy of her life. They are asking about the proof which she is having to prove her innocence. If we r facing the same situation would u guys anyone show that? Will u people have that much of gut’s? But that genius pragya showed the proof to them. cvs are making us fool.
    Come cvs show some facty things in ur show!
    But todays episode is better when we compared with previous episodes! And the story plot is going good. Reveal the truth ya. It had been long time since we r waiting for this. And the story line going through like we already predicted only. Lets see. Where are u prathiksha?

  13. surbhi

    didn’t got anything about today’s episode precap itself is a confusion and again the promo is creating a confusion that why they told that someone will meet accident does this mean that they knew where abhigya are or as per the promo they will fail the breaks of car and someone else will become victim of that accident. then one more thing according to today’s segment abhi is drunk so how will she show the proof to Abhi all are remaining a question mark nothing else everything is creating more confusion 😕😕😕😕😕

    • shobana

      Hi 🙋 surbhi
      What abhi has drunken??? But in precap he doesn’t look drunken.
      Now what I think is if someone follws pragya then there is way for those evils to reach abhigya’s place.
      And may be pragya tells the truth he might have drunken.
      Or pragya would’ve have not said the truth. With this confusion he might have drunken.
      I think abhi will get accident instead of Nikhil.

      • SURBHI


        |Registered Member

        hi shobu 🙋 yes I saw the segment on IG there they shown that he is drunken and that is creating a huge confusion and it doesn’t matter that who will face the accident because then also we will get only one thing and that is dragging and the thing which sucks the most is everyone use to keep their mouth shut and if this accident drama took place then also all of them will keep quiet and start crying but what is confusing the most is first that is the OLV Pragya wearing that mangal sutra and when Abhi was drunk according to segment then how did she told the truth and the big question mark for me is what will be there in further episodes after Abhi will come out of his toxicity ugh all are like loop hole and the messed up woolen ball which CvS have to solve otherwise now a days every scene is looking like forced and that’s the reason is that I am not commenting now a days 😣😣😫😎😎😎😎

      • shobana

        Ah nowadays telly update too not posting the comment properly. Most of the time the server is down.
        It is one of the reason for me not commenting properly.
        Yes surbhi according to me till the trp is high CVs won’t stop dragging lets see what happens further

  14. Bapi

    Sorry spoiler alert guys. Abhi will be injured in the accident which is actually planned for Pragya by Nikhil, Aaliya and Tanu. Abhi will lost his memory where he won’t remember Pragya and their marriage. Tanu will take advantage of this and the same story will go on for 1 yr again………..

  15. Patra

    Pragya no mtr how much of evidence in us possession, no1 is going to blv u nor wil u able to produced it so I’ve btr idea ,,btr u dispose it n go on with ur life cos abhi he’s a total waste. I hate tis serial!pls end it!!

  16. seeta

    This show has become absolute nonsense now. They have been dragging on this story for far too long I! I have stopped looking at it only reading the updates occasionally to see if the writers finally got some common sense to put an end to this nonsense once and for all. This show has become so predictable and that is that Pragya will always fail in her attempt to expose the culprits.

  17. Sandy

    If she really wanted to show she could have even sent it to him through MMS, it’s not necessary she has to go in person. Finally this proof is going to get erased by nikhil or tanu

  18. Pratiksha

    Hi guys🙋gud morning to all of u. Ya I didn’t comment yesterday as I had headache so I slept early in yesterday’s night. Also I m not watching kkb since the starting of this week so I didn’t saw yesterday’s episode too. But ya I m reading hasn’t updates regularly to know what’s happening actually as segment amd updates doesn’t give exact info so i have to read it to know that if I didn’t miss anything interesting or important but I can watch annoying and irritating stuffs anymore who makes us torcher so I feels better in reading written update of the episode instead of watching it. Anyways let’s talk about the ongoing events. Ya surprisingly yesterday we got an hour episode. I think it is just becoz they had no other show to show at 9:30 pm yesterday. This whole week of kkb was the worst week of kkb ever so far. Except only few things, episodes were full of negative and worst stuffs. In this whole week, I liked only two- three things. Firstly, I liked pragya’s decision to leave the house and abhi for not to create trouble amd confusion anymore in his life when he is completely shattered and broken and is not in situation to think or decide anything, I liked pragya’s strength of her patience. Secondly, i liked abhi’s emotions for loss of baby. Although it was not his but according to him, it was his and that’s why he is genuinely feeling pain for poor and innocent soul’s death. He is the only one who is actually upset and sad for the baby and his/her death, when nobody is thinking and caring for the loss of that innocent baby’s soul, not even it’s own actual parents. They r celebrating on it’s death. And for the rest of the people, baby doesn’t matter as unfortunately it was a cheat and a part of evil mother’s evilness. I liked abhi’s mourning for that baby and his guilt too that he never did care of it. Thirdly, I liked Sarla maa’s out burst on dadi amd support for pragya. Sarla maa did it second time after revelation of abhi is the father of tanu’s baby, after that time, today Sarla maa again open her mouth Infront of dadi to show her the mirror of her wrong steps. It was so much needed becoz it is only dadi who is most responsible for this messed up, complicated and worst situation of abhigya. Fourth thing i liked, pragya still determined to telling the truth to abhi before he take Amy wrong step of his life. OK,these r the few things which I liked about the episodes in this whole week but there r many things too which I didn’t liked. Firstly, Pragya have wasted het time a lot and evils took advantage of it I’m their favour, secondly, abhi’s not using his mind. I know he is so much sad for the loss of baby but still he needs to use his mind when instead of showing concern and sadness fir the loss of baby, everybody was focusing on putting accusations on each other. I know he was not in situation to think properly so that’s why he should remain silent instead of blaming and bursting on anyone and should handle with everything when his mind gets free and calm from sorrow. Third thing, i disliked, everybody is still not opening their mouth to tell the real truth to abhi, no dadi, no purab, no Sarla maa and no other supporter of pragya who knows every truth. Finally pragya decided to open her mouth, not in so much explaining manner but simply point to point to abhi but unfortunately she couldn’t convey her truth to abhi becoz no one supported her on that time when it was needed. They all r busy on only in what to do next and elders r busy that how to deal with situation by lectures. Everybody knows the truth and everybody wants to tell it but nobody have gutts to tell it without proofs. They all depends on only pragya and pragya has become weapon for everybody. Abhi has been lost his all senses to sense the hidden truth and pragya has been lost her all impact who could show the truth to abhi without proofs. They both become victim becoz of the misguidance and disbelief and now they needs to b alone by keeping themselves away from everyone. Either they needs time with each other or they needs break from each other. Only then, situation can b fine. But it seems cvs r thinking another thing. In precap, I think pragya will get succeed in telling truth to abhi. Almost chances r there but let’s see. But ya abhi needs to b in his senses at that time otherwise all could b waste. Well now when I have lost my all interest so now I don’t care of anything and about further story. My interest got finished when abhigya’s originality got finished. I wish those peoples do not disappoint who have interest left in them for it.

  19. LJ

    Dragging dragging again…memory loss of Abhi will bury This show already on life support. Miserable lives for the KKB families and misery for us dummies still watching!

  20. Billu

    Guys we have segment today as well kuch kas nahi abhi ……pragya is trying to talk to abhi they both are wet loops like pragya has not talk to abhi yet about the proofs they have an eye lock while trying to close the window . Pragya finds abhi has fever hence prepares khada . She forces him to drink and he drinks .abhi sleeps after that pragya covers him with blanket abhi holds pragya’s hand in his sleep they both sleep in each others embrace
    Offscreen interview : both of them are just joking around. …….

    Guys anyway CVS have not done anything whatever we have expected and I don’t think pragya will ever tell the truth ……I just wish ki pragya meets with the accident and dies heights of stupidity

    • Sahithi

      Now Pragya is trying to tell truth, but Abhi doesn’t want to listen anything. Atleast till what’s shown in OLV she didn’t reveal truth, as Abhi very angry n upset with her n Abhi slept off. Almost recycled scenes of what happened after Champak came on Pragya bday. Pragya trying to explain, Abhi not ready to listen, getting drenched n Pragya attending to him, but since it’s MM he left locking her in room.

      Here since he can’t send Pragya out at that time, in that weather or he himself can’t walk out being very ill, they both ended up in same room. But everything else in the sequence felt similar for me.

  21. Blossom

    Jus go to hell pragya. Coz of ur dumbness, foolishness and stupidity u wil lose ur husband. Thr ws no need fr pragya to shw off tht she hs recorded evrythng. She wud hv jus walkd away. Bt no she wanna shw tht shez great. Buzz off!!! N stupid dadi gave lecture to purab tht she wil go n tl abhi tht she ws d 1 who brought pragya bck in d chngd avatar. Bt wt did she do eventually???? Gav lecture of relationship.. hell yaaa. Dis shw hs no logic left. Its jus meaningless.. !!!! Sheesh

  22. priya

    Frnds i don’t think pragya tell the truth…

    We already know there are lots and lots of truth is not known by abhi like
    1) in purab aliya mrg tanu change later
    2) in mms matali and tanu involved
    3) before mms abhi concept day his gitur was broken by tanu
    4) tanu steal pragya’s proof for abhi released in jail.
    5) bulbul acid attack
    6) in kidnap also tanu involed
    7) the great truth is tanu is a gold digger
    after tanu pragnancy track there are lots of truth is hide… bulbul died , champak …..etc

    The most great truth of tanu’s unborn baby father is also hide to abhi..

    I know very well they don’t show truth releave…….

    They defnly move to another situation and drag that situation to one year and there also they don’t releave any thing.

    I think the writter think we all are fool… bcos they drag almost 1 and half drag a pragnancy but the truth is still not releave…..

    I really like kkb very much even in pragnancy track also i njoyed well …. but i always think y they show pragya is suffering always… still she is suffed for get her love back..

    But what is the identity of pragya? Where is our old and bold pragya?

    In first day first epi they show a girl, her mrg is broken in last stage but that girl don’t get panic and talk boldly to all and nxt day she again get back to her normal wrk without hesitation. And that girl has lots of goal to achive her life she wants to live small life with full of happiness. That girl is my pragya.

    But nowadays also pragya is bold and strength but only for abhi.. she wants her abhi only.. i know she loves him truly madly… but wat about abhi?

    Y they show pragya always run beheind abhi ….. y not abhi follows pragya.

    This is serial is love serial so they have importantce to love but for thar y pragya is only suffer for everything ? It’s the ques of mine

    I don’t know iam speaking right or worng its only my thought…. but i love kkb.. sply for actors they all are super duper actors done there job 100% .

  23. asmitha

    I have seen olv it was so romantic and hatred and love fr each other but I didn’t understood about abhi what he needs he wants her r not

    • Sahithi

      He is behaving like a grumpy kid, which Purab n Daadi also confirmed that he didn’t grow up from his mind set what he had at 12 yrs.

      He is actually lucky to have a person like Pragya because not everyone has so much patience to keep handling such adult-kids everyday. Who keep throwing tantrums. Fact is he knows Pragya won’t stay away from him without attending to him n will take care of him, even if he objects.

      • Asmitha

        Sahithi did u saw olv and more than baby matter something has happened bwn them in olv at one place he asked her that y she was caring fr her because of his wife and nothing more than that and she said s and what is their bwn us when u r not want any relation with me and not ready to see proof

    • Sahithi

      But I also very much liked his encounter with Daadi before leaving MM. Daadi before coming to Abhi finally said that it was her idea of whole Mogambo drama, so its her responsibility, that she will tell all truth. But when she came to Abhi she again started speaking indirect and started blaming Abhi. Abhi definitely had a point in showing his frustation.

  24. Soundarya

    Can anyone pls tell me when is golden globe awards pls tell i do know about the date and time

  25. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Hi friends! I dont know whether my thinking is wright or not? But, Sorry for wishing like this pragya. But i, want pragya to meet with an accident and has to lose her memory. S, after revealing the truth to abhi she must go into ml. If it happens abhi will suffer. I just want abhi to know and feel the insecure feeling which pragya went through in past episodes. He must feel the pain of love. Once it happens abhi will start struggle to get his love and wife. I’m eagerly to waiting to see him like that. I hope and wish cvs will do that.! Friends what do u think?

  26. Sahithi

    Guys Shikha(Aaliya) posted a pic that she is going to Australia with her husband on a vacation. Similarly Supriya ji (Sarla) posted pic that she is in London currently.

    So if there is gonna be truth revealation or a big accident and ML following it, either such imp scenes are already shot or there arent any scenes for these 2 ppl for next few days. Let us see..

  27. Heer

    Daily i watch this show..to see the end of tannu’s drama..now my ques to the director is there will be end of this drama or nottt?? How much i have to wait for ???

  28. prachi yadav

    Yaar kyo drama bnaya hua hai pure serial ka ,an bta b do sach or kr lo believe pragya ki baat ka .sabse phle to dadi ko or pure family members ko mil me abhi ko sach bta dena chaie..


    An than chuke stupid drama dekh ke

  29. Pratiksha

    Sorry guys I know I m too late to post yesterday’s updates but I was not well yesterday and in evening, i had gone for shopping. I reached at home late night, till then I had been so much tired so I got slept. Only in today’s morning when I m feeling well and fresh then I thought to share yesterday’s onlocation and segments full updates, for those who couldn’t got it. Yesterday’s onlocation video full update- Abhi and Pragya are in Abhi’s holiday home. Abhi is sick and Pragya had made kaada for him. She comes to give it to him and thinks he’s unconscious and panics. She tried waking him up and he sneezes and angrily says I’m alive not dead. She asks him to drink it and then moves away but he catches her by her arms and pulls her towards him. He asks her angrily why when he said no, why is she doing all this? She says because it’s all happened because of me, I know I am wrong. Pragya says if I hadn’t left, you wouldn’t have come here or gotten sick. I know after a few days we will be living separately but till you’re in front of me, I can’t leave/not take care. Abhi is holding her arm very tightly and she tries to free herself. Abhi asks her if that’s the only reason she’s taking care of him and she says what other reason could there be, you don’t want to keep a relation with me or listen to me and don’t want to see proof. She moves his hand away and gets up:.
    . . .
    She’s sitting on the couch and Abhi is sleeping, she goes puts a blanket on him and Abhi in his sleep clutches her arm and so she sleeps bear him while he is sleeping holding her hand:.
    . . .
    In another scene she’s putting a blanket over him, he’s sneezing. He gets angry and says you don’t have a right to talk to me or take care of me and by wearing this mangalsutra nothing is going to happen. Don’t act in front of me, soon we will be divorced so consider it temporary. You know, throw this mangalsutra now, you don’t deserve to wear this. Pragya says it’s my right to wear this and the divorce hasn’t happened yet. She tries taking care but he screams again. Pragya moves away:.
    . . .
    Romantic scene of Abhigya. It is raining heavily and Pragya is having trouble closing the doors & she gets wet trying to close them. Abhi comes to help her and once he shuts the door, his hands are on top of hers and they are oh so close and eyes locked. Abhigya are looking at each other’s eyes and lips. Then Abhi realizes and pulls away and leaves.
    . . .
    TiSha interview, Shabir can’t stop laughing when they ask about Pragya hand coming in the blanket.

      • Pratiksha

        Yesterday’s all segments update with it’s links- SBAS http://youtu.be/Z6_ZWxnbDCc

        SBS http://youtu.be/YJpwSCikOpU

        SBB http://youtu.be/YXv69ibdI8w


        Pragya will try showing Abhi the proof but he won’t listen to her at the first attempt. Abhi catches cold. Pragya takes care of him against his will. She brings him kaadha & he drinks it.

        Abhi Pragya shown struggling to close the window as it’s windy and raining. AbhiGya end up in an eye-lock & being extra close to each other

        For now, Abhi Pragya are alone and far away from all their enemies Lets hope Pragya manages to show him the proof she got.

        Offscreen INT, Shabir Sriti: Shabir mentions how he actually fell asleep a few times in between the shot and says the kaadha was extra sweet and every one should drink it in monsoon

      • diksha

        u always overact pratiksha as if we cannot see updates ourselves…u just like attention nd so u do all sorts of drama u act as if u r the director of the serial nd post comments and u think u r always right too stupid

      • diksha

        pratiksha u always d overact as if we cannot see updates ourselves u are such an idiot u feel like u r the director of the serial and post comments and u always think only you r correct and only what u say is gonna happen…too stupid..i agree the story is going bad but almost everybody overhere is genuine enough in commenting except you you are such an attention seeker

  30. asmitha

    Guys today we have a segment pragya in fuggy look feeding soup to abhi it’s look like a dream of abhi r real don’t know

    • Sahithi

      I read one caption on IG that it is flashback. But wondering when did Pragya put her hair into braid before the Mogambo track. She put braid twice during Mogambo track, once when she changed to Fuggy getup to reveal truth to Abhi after BB’s accident.

      Next when she had this dream that Tanu is exposed and she is happy with Abhi.

      Anyways let us wait for the segment, but Sriti looking too cute as Fuggy.

  31. alia ahmad

    plz stop that non sense drama….itna boring ho gya hy hm ne to dkhna e chor dena ha agr next mnth tk tannu expose na hui to lanat hy kkb ki poori team pr

  32. Pratiksha

    Sbs fatafat news express segment update- It’s just a little segment. Abhi washes his face in washroom with water in wash basin. Pragya comes with towel and forward it to abhi to give him. Abhi looks on. (Reporter mentions that abhi looks pragya angrily). Pragya looks him helplessly. In next scene, Abhi and pragya in abhi’s music room with different costumes. Abhi in jacket and pragya is in fuggy’s get up. Pragya sits on abhi’s lap. Pragya feeds something to abhi. Abhi indicates pragya to eat first. Pragya eats first and then feeds to abhi. They both smiles by seeing each other. Reporter didn’t mention that if it is real, dream or flashback but it seems pragya’s dream. Sbb serial express segment – They just showed some clips of today’s upcoming episode’s. In which, as we saw in precap, that pragya reaches at abhi’s place and abhi takes her in by makes her wear his jacket for saving her from wetting in rain. Pragya tries to tell the truth of takhil and aliyaa and about proof which she have. But abhi doesn’t ready to listen her. He drinks so much and doesn’t able to stand properly and falls from sofa. Pragya cries after seeing abhi in this condition and his anger for her. She runs towards abhi to hold him. She holds abhi and tries to make him sit back.

    • asmitha

      Abhi is a big stupid when she left home he said she left me and when she went to him he was showing anger to her and one more thing I am not understanding is fr how many days they will stay in that house and will she able to show video r not

      • Sahithi

        Is there any character in the show right now who is not stupid? The levels of stupidity is varying and it depends on writers mood for that week. How will they drag if the characters are smart?

        She has so called proof in hand but still does not show him, I mean why cant she for once shut him up and ask him to look at what she is showing and then continue with him childish drama. On a lighter note, by the time he gets up she could well tie up his hands and legs and tape his mouth, show him the video and let him feel like a loser.

      • Asmitha

        Sahithi ditto yaar me to thought same really once she will shut his mouth by doing what u said it will be gd

  33. Ruby

    why everytime tanu and his evil plan will won which means good things and good persons always fail in this serial is in it please dont do this for pragya and abhi

  34. devi

    pragya is the reason for everything.pragya u deserve abhi’s hatred.pragya only told tanu’s baby is his.we know that that time abhi feel how much guilty.after pragya know everything.then she told dadi everything is over.that’s why dadi give idea to change her avatar.that time itself pragya told her husband everything means there is no problem.pragya give so much pain to abhi in new avatar.she took 7 month to expose tanu.these 7 month abhi belive that baby is his only.what he will do?.abhi is so genuine also.whatever happens he only love his fuggy.he not goieng behind tanu.he only behind his baby.purab told recently after abhi’s mom dead abhi try to comit sucide.from that we know how much abhi give importance to relationship.pragya only reason for everything guys?so abhi loss memory to forget pragya.this is good punishment for pragya

  35. Billu

    Guys remember bulbul hospital scene it looks like that too me she will dream definitely ……….after that aaliya’so exposure took about a 50 episodes or so .so for tanumber give or take 100 episodes more

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.