Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode begins with Sarala taking tension about Bulbul as it is late and she has not yet returned. Purab & Bulbul arrive there and Sarala is worried and asks about the party being cancelled. Bulbul makes her understand and explains that Prgaya is not pregnant. Sarala is not ready to accept this. Purab also tells her about it and then Sarala believes it. She starts crying over it. Bulbul convinces her and tells her how Abhi supported her and spoke of Pragya’s importance, also about how Dadi praised her. Sarala is very happy after this. Bulbul wants Purab to become caring like Abhi and Purab in turns tells her to become like Pragya.

Indu Daasi and Dadi are making plans to go to the clinic and for that they need Pragya’s reports. Tanu over hears and decides to use their plan to

expose her pregnancy. But before that she wants to remove the biggest hurdle from her life.

Pragya comes to the bedroom and sees Abhi has misplaced CDs and the room is in a mess. She starts keeping everything neatly and they have silly cute arguments. Abhi goes to freshen up. He sees Pragya’s pregnancy report kept openly and tells Pragya to either throw it or keep it somewhere else as he does not want to see it again. Pragya arranges some files and keeps the report in it half way out. Dadi and Daasi come there and ask Pragya to make tea. When Pragya goes to the kitchen Daasi searches the room for the reports. By then Abhi comes and tries to hide the report but Daasi finds it. Pragya comes with tea but they deny it and leave the room. Abhi tells Pragya about it and they run behind them to find out what are they up to.

Tanu meets Nikhil in a restaurant and tells him that she loves him and that she realized Abhi does not love her. Tanu wants to marry Nikhil. Nikhil is very happy. Tanu tells him her parents are having problem with their house documents as they need to sell it and settle down in Mumbai. Nikhil tells he will go to Delhi and help them as he has many lawyer friends in Delhi. Tanu is happy that she can get her work easily done when Nikhil is not around.

Daadi and Daasi reach the hospital and start questioning the receptionist and others about the wrong pregnancy report. Nurse tells them to be quiet and wait. Abhi and Pragya hide and peep from behind. Dadi tells them their one wrong report created havoc in their house. They want to speak to the manager of the hospital. Abhi and Pragya are thinking of ways to stop them. Meanwhile Tanu calls on Abhi’s phone. Abhi does not want to talk so he gives it to Pragya. Tanu blackmails by telling she is going for abortion. She wants to talk to Abhi. Abhi makes her understand but Tanu does not listen and tells she has no option but to go for abortion. Abhi gets angry and says do what you want and cuts the call. Pragya convinces him to go meet Tanu.

Tanu is at the restaurant waiting for Abhi. She wants to keep Abhi busy so that Dadi can get to know about her pregnancy from the clinic. When Abhi come there she gives him two options either to sign the abortion papers or divorce papers. Abhi is shocked and confused.

Precap: Dadi open the report at Mehra mansion and is stunned that Tanu is pregnant. Tanu’s parents come in and tell everybody that Tanu is pregnant. Tanu’s dad tells to Abhi to tell everybody it is his child. Dadi is shocked and is full of tears in her eyes.

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  1. Swathi sri

    Yakkk….it is still troubling…… Can’t wait to see the reaction of pragya and abhi after knowing that truth……plz make it fast

  2. thank god atleast all the member in the Mehra’s mansion know the truth….. and soon put a fullstop to this tanu…. she is really annoying …..

    • Gigi

      AGAIN where is the Proof from the doctor – that Nikkil said ( 2 Weeks AGO) that he would have that the baby is HIS????

  3. How long do the writers have to prolong Abhi and Pragyas union. Shame a lovely soapie wish they made it a normal soapie with real life problems couples go thru.

  4. Finally tanu’s pregnancy is going to b revealed in front of dadi and family. And as our predictions tanu and her parents r going to revealed it. Poor abhi? is about to face his worst nightmare in reality? by biggest punishment of his life??becoz of the biggest mistake of his life that is vamp,? wicked tanu.??.

    • Chithu

      they can finish this track as soon as possible i feel… very bad to see this much problems due to a false reason in Abhi-Pragya life.. we will see

  5. Rishma

    So dont hold back on anything now … let it all come out. But wait. Nikil is out of town so its a next month b4 he comes back to continue ???? I hope not

    • Gigi

      I am going to remind Everyone – AGAIN – that Nikkil recently said that he was waiting for the doctor’s report to prove that the baby is HIS!!!! That would put a quick end to Tanu’s bullshit lies.

  6. Lavanya

    Kaduppa iruku eppo thaan truth ellam reveal agumo….over tension nd pressure pa….. we really waiting ……. for gud episode….

  7. sibi

    Wow nice scenes..!! Waiting for tomo episode.. Stop dragging it n plz expose al the truth soon… Waiting waiting.. Love u abhii.. ???

  8. TINA

    I am not ready to see abhi face 2mmoro… and also dadi and pragya..

    Endha nikkil eppadi tanu sonnadu nambuna… avanukku dout varalaiya stupit..

    Feeling sad about abhigya.. eagrly waiting for unite.. also rabul unite…

  9. riya

    I think… evalo draging pandradu ku reason…oru stage ku mela tanu ve unmaiya solra madiri panna poraganu nanaikiren… may be ava tanna ariyamale unmaiya solli matta poraaa..its just a imagination…

  10. Malar

    Oh my god.. Abhi is innocent. Pls don’t hurt him. Always he is the best person.. Aliya and tanu are made him as a ruder. Otherwise he is soft. Pls reveal the tanu’s real face to everyone.

  11. Sanaya

    I hope someone in the Mehra family forces Abhi to do a paternity test. Soaps are nothing without vamps but Tanu’s drama is too old now it’s been dragged on for too long. I can’t wait for Abhigya to express their love and be happy.

  12. nish

    I guess when dadi will ask abhi to leave home he’ll give entire property on dadis name n will go out pennyless and then tanu will leave him fingers crossed hope it happens tanu se picha toh chute(get rid)

  13. Prabhi

    Well… In a typical soap this will drag more I guess… With Prague convincing dadi to get abhi n tanu married… N maybe last minute entry by nikhil to stop… In between at least 2 months drama of abhigya being sad….I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be true n writers change track in abhigya’s favour!!

  14. heidi

    Wauw !! Tanu just wait…. Nikhil gonna surprised you and revealed the truth who the real father is., This is what i HOPE will happen I!!!!!!!

  15. O’o poooor abhi alwaz in confuse stage becos of dis 3 women esp Aliya d boss, simply ask tanu to give him d baby soon as she deliver she wouldnt like to hear dat i guess

  16. Priya $

    If they dragg this much it’s not fair yaar. C how many days gone. When this pragya ll know abt tanu’s pregnancy. 1 st she want to find it out then want to collect proof. Then she want to reveal it. I think it ll take another one month. So much dragg. 🙁

  17. I told I na guys one more fool has joined kkb and that is nikhil. Did u see all, how easily tanu made him fool? From the day one when this nikhil has entered in kkb, I was always thinking why he is not open his mouth to saying truth, now I can understand that what can else we expected from a stupid person. Tanu’s parents r here now what he will do in Delhi. U hope God give him some common sense and mind and so he would back with a bang and finish this tanu’s chapter in abhi’s life.

    • Chithu

      Nikki…I think Abhi may not go out of the house… By the time the angry Nikhil will come and tell the truth to everyone??? Not sure whether it ll happen… But just thinking… Because KKB always used to close a track in an unexpected moment and in an unexpected way…. Also this track is already too late and if Abhi is going out then in future if again they show like Abhi loosing stardom then it ll not be a major twist as it already happened????
      What do you think Nikki???

      • Priya $

        I don’t think so chithu. Ur logic is rit only but it won’t happen yaar. But I m having one doubt nikki tanu really want Nikil to help her parents r she don’t want Nikil to b here in this situation ah. For wat she send her to Delhi.

      • First of all chithu, abhi will surely leave the house but only for sometimes or few days becoz I think in during this time when nikhil will come and get to know that tanu is trying to fix her marriage with abhi by making him fool behind his back, then he will go to pragya and will tell the whole truth or may b when he will confronting tanu then pragya will listen. Then she will start her mission to expose tanu and bring abhi back. And priya, tanu send nikhil by making him fool for make her way easy to get abhi. Becoz she thinks that if nikhil will b here then he will create problem for her and will not let her marry with abhi.

      • And one thing more I forgot to tell u all that yesterday in SBB serial express segment, they showed abhi was packing his luggage to leave the house and pragya was trying to stop him from leaving the house. She tells him that this house needs u, if u will go like this, then things will become more drastic but abhi doesn’t ready and says her that he have to leave and then he moves ahead for leaving. So guys abhi is actually leaving the house.

      • Chithu

        Tanu doesn’t want Nikhil to be here when all this happen Priya… she is thinking he may do something so that all the plan flops..so he sent him to Delhi…but Priya, there might be a possibility of above guess i told..becoz EK’s show will always have unexpected twist… so now v all r thinking that Nikhil is away and Abhi will go for sure..in On location shoot, they have shown that Pragya is not going also… so there should be some unexpected twist.. also i feel Pragya may go out instead of Abhi..like if above guess happens..then if Sarla ma is coming to know all the truth about this marriage , then though Abhi proved to be innocent she may ask Pragya to come with her as there is nothing true in this marriage…

        But all guess.. we will see…

    • Priya $

      I think they won’t solve this Tanu’s prob easily. They ll something against pragya too I mean tanu and aliyah ll torture. She want to over come all those things. After only they ll reveal the truth I think so. Nikki wat do u think when they ll finish all this. 1 month????

      • Well Priya show’s trp will decide now,how should the track’s story unfold. This week kkb is on no-1 guys in trp ratings in overall shows becoz of pragya’s abortion drama and no updates in last week about the upcoming sequence is also a reason of the show being no-1 this week. Now i m sure abhi’s exit from the house brings it again no-1becoz audience was waiting for this since long and becoz if abhi will b out means less abhigya scenes so CVS have to bring a solution for this in the show as soon as possible becoz it could affect the trps. That’s why pragya won’t leave with abhi becoz now it’s time of tanu’s truth revelation in front of pragya so abhi could come back soon And for this she have to stay in mehra mension. I think CVS now understood it that audience r in no mood to tolerate this pregnancy crap anymore and they can’t make us fool anymore by unnecessary dragging. So I think this track is near of it’s end now but when, can’t say it surely.

  18. Ya may be chithu. But if abhi goes out then truth will be revealed to pragya so they can join. Anything may happen. As per story now if tanu parents came here he too will be there na. But in the videos abhi went out of house pragya is crying. Let se if nikhil came with the report it will be a beautiful episode and tanu will face the worst in it.

  19. anamika

    Atleast now nikhil shud tell the truth.. abhi has to knw the truth about tanu nd her bad face… eagerly waiting to watch today’s episode

  20. berni

    all this dragging happens in EK’s serial…………..and there will be a leap for short period or longer period………….its too much rather thn takn a leap need to telecast a normal family life either middle class or high class family……….

  21. why dont pragya go out with abhi?actually guys,we should be happy that something which happened in the promo is coming out very fast…….but please dont make abhi and pragya far..actually even that is an advantage for us,beacausedistance between abhi and pragya wud make abhi realize his love for his wife,which will be awesome,and one more thing guys,abhis way of showing love is awesome.so ,the upcoming episodes may be good.

  22. I do not understand that why the stupid nikhil comes in every function and go without speaking the truth. Kaayar Nikhil….

  23. I do not understand that where is nikhil now?! He is always there to torture tanu , not saying that she doesnt deserve it , but why does tanu even exist in the episode? Couldnt there be any other story with another vamp?

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