Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to Abhi’s house. Dadi says you have come after many days. Nikhil says he was going from there and thought to visit home. He says he heard about Aaliya and felt bad. Dadi says she is punished for her sins. Mitali asks him about his girl friend. Nikhil asks about Abhi. Mitali says he went with Tanu for lunch. Nikhil thinks Tanu didn’t bother to reply to his message, but went with Abhi for lunch. Abhi happens to see Sarla and asks how are you? Sarla says I am fine? Abhi says you are looking ill. Sarla says I don’t have anyone with me now. Abhi says Purab and I are with you always. Sarla says my daughter had left me, and I wish I would have a son like you. Abhi says I am your son. Sarla feels bad as Pragya has done bad with him. Abhi says I need your

permission and need your blessings. He says I want to marry Tanu. I have done bad with her, and she is bearing my child. How can I do injustice with my baby? I need your blessings. Sarla says my blessings are with you. Why you are asking my permission? Pragya is dead for me and I am very happy for you. Abhi hugs her. Sarla blesses him and asks him to be happy always. Abhi asks her to take care. He gets emotional too.

Mitali tells Tai ji that they shall throw party for Akash and Rachna. Tai ji says there is no reason for party and says we will celebrate when any festival comes. Abhi and Tanu comes home. Dadi asks if Tanu has done something. Abhi says people can be wrong too. He says he has decided to marry Tanu. Tanu is happy. He says if anyone thinks that Tanu is not suitable for me, then I want to say that Tanu is the right girl for me. Dadi says we have never said that she is not right for you, and says what he wants to proof or say. Abhi says my ex wife and owner of this house think that Tanu is after my money and will leave me if I don’t have anything. Tanu says so you have filled his ears. She says you think that I don’t love him and is with him for his money. She says you are shameless and thinks that Abhi will think like you. You have betrayed Abhi and have snatched everything from him. She asks her to have pity on her baby and says if we don’t marry then what will happen to our baby. Abhi asks her to calm down. Tanu says she has spoiled our lives, but I won’t let her spoil my baby’s life. She says I think whatever Aaliya has done is because of her. She says Pragya has cooked up a story and is lying.

Purab and Nikhil comes out. Tanu doesn’t see him. She says I don’t know what you will get by making me bad infront of Abhi. You will never be able to proof that I love him for money, as my love is real. I will marry him and will stay with him. I will bring his confidence back and can do work for living also. She says I will not do whatever you have done. Abhi asks her to take care of herself. Tanu says I love you Abhi…..Nikhil is angry. Tanu thinks I wish all my days are like this. Nikhil comes and holds her hand. He takes her inside the room. He says what was going on there? He says you said that you will stay with Abhi even if he is poor. Tanu says what should I say then that I am with you for money. She says I have to lie, and says you would have appreciated me. Nikhil says I gave you permission to marry him for money, but it seems you won’t leave him. Tanu says it was just acting and asks him to stop doubting her. Nikhil asks her to stop playing game with her and says you don’t know damm it. Mitali and Ronnie try to hear them. Tanu and Nikhil are shocked.

Mitali asks why you was threatening him? And what game she is playing with you? She asks Tanu about her relation with him. Nikhil says I will tell you…and says I have hid this truth as she don’t want it. He says I have same relation with her as she has with Abhi. He says Tanu is not doing assignment with me and says he can recover his money. He says he was making her understand this. Tanu is relieved and requests them not to tell anyone else Abhi will get angry on her. Ronnie asks Mitali if you think that they have said right. Mitali thinks their story was fake. Ronnie says Nikhil’s acting was bad and says he might be the same person who have helped Aaliya. Mitali says Nikhil has no connection with our family member and says he will not help Aaliya. He says we shall concentrate on main villian now. Ronnie says don’t know from where to start? Mitali says I will think all night and will find the way.

Pragya comes to her room and thinks about Tanu’s drama. She gets sad. Abhi comes and asks what happened? He says are you pressurizing your mind thinking what to do? Pragya says your life’s biggest truth will be revealed infront of you. Abhi asks her to tell. Pragya says I feel pity on you, and says what is the use of this goodness. She says what do you think that Tanu will say that she loves money and not you. Abhi says I told Tanu to say all that, and says I have taken her test. I took her to have road side food, but she refused and said that she can’t have food as she is having baby in her womb. Pragya says you can marry whoever you want to marry with. It was my duty to make you understand and leaves decision on him. Abhi holds her hand and says Ok, I accept that Tanu loves my money, but I will marry her as she is carrying my baby. I will not do wrong with baby and asks her not to create misunderstanding in his mind. He asks her to stay away from his new family which he is going to start. Pragya is sad.

Pragya reminds Tanu that she is owner of the house and decides who can stay where. Tanu says it is good that you have taken decision to leave his room and asks her to get out from the house as it is better for you. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Jus now saw the Saturdays episode .. I’m sure the CVS tries to show tanus baby bump .. I’m sure abt it .. It’s nt tanu became fat .. It’s baby bump oly .. Also in 2 scenes I saw tanu holding her stomach as how pregnant ladies do .. One was while abhi talkn to sarla n the othr scene was wen tanu thinkn n walkn she was holding jus then nikhil came n spoke to her

  2. ohhhh God sooooo boring episode today n too much dragging. abhi is so stupid who not seen the truth of tanu. kb pragya tanu ki pol kholegi aabke samne.

  3. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Pragya, purab ,dadi,rachna discusses who should b better to blackmail tanu. They suggests puneet,akaash and ronnie names but at the last they doesn’t b ready to use them for blackmailing becoz pragya says person should b that, whom tanu doesn’t know.
    Abhi in his room gets restless and emotional and blames god to playing game with him.
    Tanu thinks about nikhil’s warning and thinks to handle him after marriage. She reminds pragya’s divorce talk with abhi. She thinks that she should discuss this matter in front of all family and thinks to tell abhi about this and says him to ask for divorce to pragya and threaten her.
    Pragya thinks in another room that whom she should use for blackmailing tanu. Tanu sees pragya and comes to taunts her and then precap scene happens. Pragya says tanu that she will do anything to bring out her real face in front of everyone. Tanu says that she will go and tell abhi about the divorce. Pragya gets scared and thinks how to stop her. Tanu about to enter on abhi’s room, pragya comes in a room and calls tanu with a different voice. Tanu picks call. Pragya blackmails her to give her 10 lakhs rupees otherwise she will tell her baby’s truth to everyone. Tanu gets scared and wonders who could call her. She enters in that room, in which pragya was calling her. Tanu says oh! It’s u who called me. Pragya denies and ask s tanu who called her becoz of which she is feeling irritated. Pragya takes tanu’s phone just then abhi enters and asks about the matter. Pragya says someone is calling tanu and annoying her. Abhi takes tanu a side and asks tanu who is calling? Tanu says avoid it and it was just her agitation.Abhi says not to stay away from pragya coz it is not gud for her health. She asks him to take her to the checkup to the hospital. Abhi gets ready. Tanu thinks who could call her like this. Pragya thinks that she has stopped tanu to telling about the divorce to abhi.

    1. Pratiksha anyway our doubt of abhi taking thede raste is over he is infact not using anyrastha he is just blinded by pragya’s dhokha and doesn’t want to know any truth I guess he needs to be left alone and he is now become mentally weak and no one to take care of him and console him tanu just forces her desicion on abhi and pragya and others in mission guys I guess there is no one in the house who really understands him……

  4. Hmmmm surbhi or dkho tanu khud phnsy gi Indian serial me jo shadi ho jaey wo kbhi tuty gi ni tanu ki shadi ni ho gi nd nikhil bht cheap ha bht jo tanu ka sath dai rha nd guys expose to ho gi lkn pta ni kb ho jaey gi idiot movi ka end ho jta afsano ka bht years k bd soooo w8 nd watch guys …

    1. I think agle saal tak ho jayega 😛

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