Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarla gaining consiousness. Abhi asks everyone to let her rest. Purab says first we will ask her question and asks about her kidnappers. Pragya also asks her to say and says we will not leave them. Abhi promises not to spare the kidnappers. Sarla tries to speak. Pragya asks why you are unable to speak. Tanu and Nikhil get tensed. Abhi calls Doctor and asks him to come. Mitali thinks she couldn’t get masala info from Sarla.

Aaliya comes to meet Raj in his office. Raj says you doesn’t need my permission to come. Aaliya comes and says she needed permission as she was thrown by family. Raj asks when did you come out of jail? Aaliya says good news is that I am out and tells that Abhi don’t think that you have done wrong and have forgiven you. Raj says I have

done wrong and will do my penance. He clears to her and says that he is changed now. Aaliya asks really. Raj says I will not help anyone in their wrong doings. Aaliya says it is your misunderstanding, and says if Abhi does anything wrong again with you then you will again change. Raj says he don’t want to talk to her, and refuses to help her in her wrong endeavors. Aaliya says it is wonder now, and quite sad. I don’t want to interfere. I am alone, but not weak. Raj says I didn’t want everyone to hate you more and that’s why took Bulbul’s murder blame on myself. Aaliya says Bulbul have committed suicide and says she will not let his sacrifice go waste. She asks him to see what she does.

Nikhil asks Tanu why she woke up Sarla instead of killing her. Nikhil says she couldn’t speak and says lets go and find out. Tanu says she will not go and asks him not to meet her. Mitali asks what you both are doing here? Tanu says what you are doing here? Mitali says I asked this question first. Nikhil asks if Sarla told something. Mitali says she is trying to speak, but words are not coming out. She says Abhi called the doctor and asked him to come. Nikhil tells Tanu that there is some problem and asks her to come. Tanu refuses to come and asks him to call her if there is any good news. Doctor checks Sarla and also checks her reports. Everyone waits anxiously. Abhi asks why she is not speaking? Doctor says don’t know what to say? I can’t decline the truth. He says Sarla is paralysed. Everyone is shocked.

Dasi asks what do you mean? Doctor says her body is paralysed. Dasi asks him to check her properly. Doctor says she can hear us and see us, but she can’t move her body or speak. Abhi asks when she will be fine? Doctor says we can’t tell anything and asks them to consult to physiotherapist help. Nikhil thinks Sarla can’t get well and Abhi and Tanu will marry now.

Pragya thinks about Doctor’s words and asks God why you are doing this? She prays to God to make her mum well. Abhi comes and says God is helpless and don’t have a voice to speak. He says I said that he is no more and if he is there then he will give pain to his devotees. He says God is made of stone and don’t help anyone. Pragya says God is there and helps his people. Abhi asks then ask him why he breaks trust of his people. Pragya says I know that there is God and will not leave trusting him. She says God have saved Sarla from death. Abhi says ok, I am ready to agree. He asks her to tell God to make everything like before and make Sarla well or atleast return her voice. He says if God does this then he will be convinced that there is God. He asks her not to tell that there is God again.

Nikhil tells Tanu that Sarla is paralysed for life. Tanu gets happy. Nikhil thinks he shouldn’t fade away her happiness and says Sarla is like dead now. He asks her to talk to Abhi about their marriage. Tanu agrees. Tanu comes to Abhi and says you are worried as Sarla is unwell. She says we will take care of Sarla together and she will be fine. Abhi asks her not to take tension else it might effect her baby. He asks her to rest. Tanu says she will take care of Sarla as he will not marry until she is fine. Abhi asks her to sleep. Tanu thinks Abhi will start thinking about her words now and gets happy. Abhi thinks what to do now and wonders about Sarla’s wish.

Abhi asks Sarla if she wants him to accept Pragya, and asks her to say. Sarla is silent.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So tired of this drama you guys better end this shit..

  2. Naren and Kowsi can you tell us where you saw that promo….

  3. New promo is out in which pragya calls tanu as a blackmailer and says that i know you are behind sarla’s kidnapping…then tanu asks how do u know???? Then pragya cuts the call &says my guess is right tanu is behind all this….your countdown in this house begins

    1. Oh finally the writers remembered about Pragya blackmailing plan. That they left it incomplete.

      1. Hmm I think there is no use of knowing that tanu is behind all this… The important thing is abhi have to know about it… Then v vl happy??

  4. Hai jaydeep thank you for updating

  5. Episode starts with Pragya trying to feed Maa some soup. Abhi comes in and says she is not eating because she is bored with P’s face etc. small nok-jhok. Sarla Maa seems to smile a bit. Abhi says he made her smile and wants to feed her. He is feeding her and Maa is looking at him thinking he should know the truth about Tannu/Pragya and accept Pragya. Abhi remembers Maa giving Pragya’s hand in his. He says it means you want me to have Pragya in my life, why would you do that when I have to marry Tannu.
    He asks Maa to answer in blink (YEY he read my Stephen Hawking technique or what?) if she wants him to be with Pragya.
    Pragya is trying to make Maa not answer him. Maa is looking at Pragya and Abhi. But Pragya is making signs asking her not to tell, trying to stop Abhi. Maa thinks she should not mislead Abhi and sort of blinks. But Pragya starts shouting on Abhi to distract him saying you can’t stress out Maa. Abhi feels guilty and says sorry and leaves.
    He is thinking why would he push Maa when she just gained consciousness and feeling bad. Purab comes and shows some hospital bills. Abhi says he is not feeling okay, Daadi is crying etc..asks him to leave him alone. Purab thinks something is off and he should check with Pragya.
    Pragya asks Maa why she was trying to tell Abhi the truth, will he believe the baby is not his, we don’t have proof, we didn’t succeed in plan etc. Sarla Maa feels bad why she busted Pragya’s plan
    Purab comes and asks what is going on. Pragya explains how Abhi is worried about that hand in hand thing, how he is trying to make Maa tell him the truth. She says he is really worried that’s why he is putting pressure on Maa too and Maa also wants to tell him everything but I stopped.
    Janki comes and tells she will take care of Maa. Talks to Sarla Maa nicely.
    Mitali comes to meet Aaliyah and explains her bad situation. Aaliyah thinks she needs information about Mehra Mansion although she told everyone she won’t go there. So she thinks of using Mitali as her informer. Aalu wants her to make tea. Lol.
    Tannu comes to Maa’s room, sends the nurse out. And taunts Maa badly like how she will kill her, how she can’t do anything etc (PATHETIC). Maa starts to shake badly looking at Tannu like a wounded tigress. Pragya enters the room. She is worried. She shouts Suniye/Purab. Abhi and Purab come in. Abhi asks Maa to not worry about what he asked. They call nurse. Maa is still looking at Tannu wherever she goes. Pragya thinks why she is looking at Tannu like that, what does she want to tell. Episode ends.

    1. Guys this is today’s highlights of the episode. And sorry I was very busy that’s why I didn’t comment. Even I m still little busy so I will continue with my comments after sometimes. Till then enjoy today’s update.

    2. pratiksha i was waiting for your comment last night itself i thought you have busy work ok now we move on today’s episode i think pragya should left sarla maa tp say the truth becoz still abhi believes sarla’s words and the one who is going to help aliya is mitali but y ???? still i can’t understand she is pragya’s side or villains side now pragya got to know that tanu is involved in the kidnapping so now only CVS remembered that the blackmailing part is missing so i think CVS will also remember her about the CCTV footage wat do u think??!

  6. Stupid pragya she is not telling abhi the truth & even someone tries to tell him she is stopping her also ….. Don’t know what she is thinking while doing these stupid things

    1. Yeah exactly so irritating really, Sarla anyhow is not going to open her mouth soon. If Abhi is just bringing out his frustration n confusion in front of Sarla, why is Pragya intervening there also.

      What if Abhi again gets ready to marry Tanu, she will again start crying n thinking that she wanted to save him from his enemies blah blah.

      Which era does our beloved heroine belong to..

    2. I’ve a doubt jaydeep wat the new promo is abt
      I mean they r going to prove abt tanus involvement in kidnapping or tanu ke bacha ka sach

      1. I think pragya comes to know about kidnapping only.. Then they will detect about that irritating tanu n her baby

      2. I guess after knowing tanu’s involvement in kidnapping she may check video footage & eventually comes across the Nikhil admitting that he is father and might expose tanu after it using it ….this is what i think…

    3. U r right jay.. she is d one making her life so complicated…and by hiding truth she is making abhi more stressful…. how cum she able to see her love always in stressful without knowing wats goingon around him..and all r hiding d truth frm him….

      im really felt bad fr Abhi situation:(

  7. Faltu ka daily ka rk hi drama..serial ko itnaa drag kr rhe hai pta ni kyu..its so boring now and i will not watch this serial now and i hope many of u guys will also not watch this rubbish from now onwards

  8. Shraddha Sharma

    Tanu and Nikil ka sach na ho gya birbal ki kichdi ho gyi, na unka sach bahar aata hai or na kichdi pakti hai….
    Ab hadd ho gyi hai…

  9. friends where and how can I download past episodes of kkb?

  10. Y can’t TU look at these comments n block those ? Then wts the use of the comments moderation ? Megha jus leav those sick .. Let it shout .. Las tym too he/she was f**ked .. N nw too .. He’s mentally ill it seems .. Don consider his comments jus leav it .. Let it shout n it’ll go off .. C no one is replyn him it’s jus cuz everyone knows tat al words used bt him resembles him his character tas it .. Neva ever reply 🙂

    1. Yes razia wat u ve said is right

      Megha just avoid such comments

    2. ya razia i am happy u r so strong y jiyana is commenting ill about others and megha don’t get that sort of comment in ur mind

      1. Listen u jackass razia i have more frnds thn u… I think u r blind thts y u couldn’t see my supporting comments 😛 U r nothing infront of me so f**k off ur the biggest looser on this earth 😛 atleast my s*x is specified bt urs…. Its not even specified if ur a guy or a girl 😛 And yaa first learn english then tlk in english u illiterate piece of shit wasting to be on earth well well as far as my character is concerned its far better frm urs u make me sick razai get a life looser 😛 and shobana and reji ur s*x is unspecified too 😛 f**k OFF SUCKERS !!

    3. Yes Razia I confirmed that from his/her/it reply. No problem let it shout….

    4. Hey jiyana dear nice comments you hav given a vry good reply to the sucker team lol i salute you jiyana you are so confident about everything you speak i like your style and english too. Keep it up jiyana and please stay in touch always 🙂 hope to c u soon jiya :* :* 🙂 😉

      1. Guys y u people r using abused words in the public forum…
        if u people r really care abt d friends…plz first ask them dont use these kind of words…

    5. Jiya uh r 1 brilliant person never change sweetu….

    6. I’m jiya’s friend so i wil support her no matter wht situation is gud gng jiya u make us proud never lose ur confidence stay blessed always 😀 n please yaar dont pay attention to such people they are not important 🙂

    7. Razia u mind your language dont u have any sense how 2 tok 2 people in public? Jiyana i know u will not be affected by these people dont reply 2 dem

    8. Clearly razia has no sense how to tlk to people preet ji,shreyasi,kamya and sanam you all r right jiya be like this dnt pay attention to them they suck anyway *hi5* u rock girl 😉

    9. Preet ji,shreyasi,kamya,sanam and aradhya u guys love u all 🙂 thanku so much fr ur advises 🙂 i will not reply to them now 🙂 they suck *hi 5 aradhya* 😛
      thanks all fr ur love and care fr me its so nice to see all of u 🙂 and guys whr r rajat,zaid, hanish,rani and pooja?? :O haven’t heard frm them in a long time. I’ll call them today thn lets all of us meet :”) missed u guys.

      1. Hey guys long time sry yr busy life hogai the bilkul but miss kra bohot tum sbko jiya 🙂 saw ur comments tu abhi bhi nhi badle wahi kya mast bolti h :* 😛 dont change yaara 😀 aur kamu aradha saki preet ji sab theek? 😛 missed u all very much guys stay in touch :* aur shreya tujhse toh roz aana milta hi hoon tujhe nhi miss krta 😛 lol rajat rani se baat nhi hui bht time se out of station even i called them preet ji pooja and hanish r in delhi right now they called 🙂 love u all whtsapp pe baat krte h 🙂

    10. Yes uh r ryt miss them yaar jiya :* thankuh ku? We all love uh jiya 😉 smile always i called rani and rajat last night they r out of station yes lets all meep up long time shreya(shreyasi), kamu(kamya), sakhi(sanam) ,aradha(aradhya) how have u all been? 🙂 miss u all :* full forms so tht every1 knw 😛

      1. Preet ji i also miss you aapki sweetness ka toh koi tod nahi 🙂 stay blessed will meet u all soon guys 🙂 jiya thankyou mat bolo yr wht are friends for? 😀

    11. Jiya peetige agr thanku boli toh 😛 love u all guys 🙂 miss all 🙂

    12. Zaidi boy shut up pitega :* jiya love u its my duty dnt say thanks miss u all kamino kutton kitna time saath rhe h hum sab miss those momemts 🙁

      1. Hn yr love u all 🙁

  11. Thx you pratiksha. Glad to see your comments. Can you share the new promo with us

  12. Ya megha shobana and razia is right just leav it

    1. Yes friends dont bother abt those comments. .just leave it.

      1. Really I’m having fun of those guys. Could you see that they are forming gang ha..ha…ha….they making show off…they are fluent in English ah???? Others spoke descent and supporting is good but one person is fluent in speaking bad words. If they really a good gang they should stop their friends doing wrong things. Thank you for supporting guys…they are just came to fight so I won’t bother about them.

      2. Listen you Megha mind your tounge i’m dev rastogi, jiyana’s elder brother and our mom and dad died years back in an airplane crash so how dare you say our parents never taught us anything good. You are a manner less girl. Behave yourself else i’ll have to take strict actions against you and your friends. Think before you speak because you don’t know anyone of us here neither do you know what background we come from i would have stopped jiya if she was wrong but she isn’t. You have crossed all your limits commenting about our parents so better behave it’s my last warning to and your disgusting friends and yes whrevr i feel it’s jiya’s fault i wil rectify her and our other friends too.

      3. Dev :'( you didn’t have to say all this to a stranger 🙁 we are with you please don’t remember about all that 🙁 pay no heed to what these heartless and disgusting people are saying none to this matters to us we don’t even know them then why should we care? 🙁

      4. I think this all started with my comment so i support jiyana after reading all the above conversation razai megha reji shobana swetha and nithi u all r disreapectful u dnt deserve to help me or be here first learn manner then comment

  13. please don’t drag.unite abhigya

  14. Hi guys. All of u i m new here It’s just a drama yaar take it as entertainment. We know they r dragging too much but they want to show meaning of that serial kumkum bhagya means that want to show power of kumkum bhagya means they want to come out the truth by pragiya not by abhi

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