Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu telling Aaliya how Abhi rejected her valentine’s day celebrations and left to rescue Pragya. Aaliya says he did right as she did not use her brains and thought of valentine day celebrations. Abhi on the other side is outside kidnapper’s den. He sees goons busy playing cards around Pragya and thinks of entering silently in. Aaliya gets corporator’s call and walks out silently. She meets corporator outside house who yells at her and says if he is caught, even she will be also be caught. Their fight continues, and he walks out. Bulbul who is sitting with Purab and Daadi sees Aaliya walking out and also reminisces Tanu’s challenge that she will take Abhi from her Pragya and even will stop her and Purab’s marriage. She follows Aaliya

thinking of telling her about Tanu’s challenge.

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Abhi enters kidnapper’s den, throws smoke inside it. Goons panic and run out to check. Abhi goes an stands infront of Pragya and she gets happy. He says he will torture her more than goons at home. She smiles and hugs him. He says he is not her valentine to hug her and says they have 2 hours to reach home and can fight ont he way. He continues his blah blah blah…his brainless talks… and asks if she knows short cut. She says she does not know. He says he will message driver, takes out letter and tries to tear it. She asks him to keep it back. He takes out her bangle. She asks why is he having her bangle. He jokes that it is GPS gadget and then makes her wear it. He then asks if she wants to eat and feeds her cake. Tere haath me mera haath ho….song.. plays in the background. Pragya thinks this is the best valentine day of her life. She gives him water. He says she needs water more to run, feeds her water and wipes her tears.

Bulbul sees Tanu and asks her to stop playing her game. Tanu thinks she must have come to know that she is also involved in Pragya’s kidnap. Bulbul says she know she is behind Pragya’s kidnap and to tell where she has kept her. Bulbul says she does not have time for schemes and kidnapping her worthless sister and says she is very tensed as Abhi rejected her valentine’s day celebrations and went to rescue Pragya. Bulbul is surprised to hear that. Tanu walks out yelling. Bulbul goes to Purab and asks him to do something.

Abhi and Pragya’s jokergiri starts again. They start searching way out and hides under boxes seeing kidnappers coming in. Abhi says they cannot go out till morning.

Purab goes to commissioner’s office and informs him about the whole incident. Commissioner asks why did he delay so much in taking his help and asks if abhi called him. He says not yet. Commissioner calls an urgent meeting with his officers.

Goons try to provoke Abhi to come out with their witty words, but Abhi continues hiding. He thinks of rescuing Pragya at any cost.

Precap: Pragya is hiding. She thinks Abhi is there and asks if she should come out. It’s corporator. Pragya gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. today’s epi wz jst superrbbb…like AbhiGya scenes…

  2. finally AbhGya r back..yeah!

  3. Ughhhh ffinish this kidnapping drama..!!!
    It’s getting worsen off..!!!

  4. Now abhi will rescue pragya & throw out tanu

  5. I am really missing my cute cute rabul scenes…!
    For God’s sake they needs to stop thinking about abhigya..and concentrate on themselves.!!

  6. oh at last abhi wiped pragyas tears dat was so cute…

  7. awesome epi…love u abhigya

  8. who is Anti AbhiGya here? Some pple r disliking that commnts which r related to AbhiGya

  9. Naveed munavar

    so nyc ….wanna more scenes..

  10. Oh gosh is pragya really so daft and stupid.is she seriously going to get kidnapped for the third time!

  11. Enjoyed today’s episode!

  12. this serial is just total shit and when I say shit I mean shit to the highest It is the worst

  13. Are you writers for real? Abhi finds his wife ,instead of fooling around ,take your cell phone and alert the cops.What the hell you all are fooling around with feeding cake and drinking water.There will be time for that when you are set free.Will this kidnapping continues for the rest of the year.Common writers you are playing with us.

    1. Rosey i think u didnt pay attention while watching d episode before commenting..coz dy r continously stating d network problem due to which du r not able to contact abhi and it’s quiet obvious kidnappers do stay in remote areas..d feeding cake and giving water is jst representation of his care and concern which he has jst developed so please be patient and enjoy coz if u go through spoilers dy sound pretty interesting

  14. How more long will it take to rescue pragya n dat is so sweet he feeds her cake

  15. When Abhi and Pragya met why couldn’t she tell him that the corporater is behind everything to trap Bulbul. Next contact Purab and inform him such that he can go to the police. I guess writers chose not to do this to drag this kidnapping on for months

  16. Superb episode

  17. Guys i hear tat d goons going to shoot abhi while runing pragya come infront of abhi n she get attack n admit in hospital abhi realise his love:-D

  18. Weldone Abhi


  20. Loved the episode.abhigya r together it’s grt.

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