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The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi is drunk still and tells Pragya that he is feeling hot. Pragya asks driver to increase AC volume. Abhi says he is still feeling hot. Pragya asks him to open his shirt button. Abhi asks her to help him open his shirt button. Pragya asks if he is feeling good now…He says you are very good fuggi, wherever you are with me….I feel good. Aa Zara Khareeb Se song plays in his car. Abhi moves his finger on her face and romances with her. Pragya asks driver to stop the song. Abhi asks if you didn’t like this song….Pragya says no…Abhi says I heard this song in the room, where you asked me for dance and dances there with me. Pragya thinks he was seeing me in place of Tanu. Abhi gets closer to her and is about to kiss her. Sanam Re plays…………Pragya

looks on. Tanu thinks Pragya trapped her and kept her in jail. She thinks Purab will not help her and thinks Aaliya is the one who can help her come out. She tries talking to Inspector and asks him to talk to her in loving tone. Inspector asks do you want to trap me. Tanu asks him to let her call her lawyer. Inspector agrees.

Aaliya thinks where is Tanu. Tanu calls Aaliya from Police station’s phone and tells her that she is in police station and asks her to bail her out else she will become criminal among criminal. She says I’ m alone here, Purab and Pragya trapped me here. She asks her to come and bail her out. Aaliya says I can’t afford to lose my image because of you. Tanu begs infront of her to bail her out. Aaliya says she will come and help her only this time. Inspector takes the phone back.

Abhi asks why the scene is cut again and says how our picture will be completed. Pragya says our picture will complete surely. Abhi is doing strange things. Pragya is quite surprised and asks what you are doing? Abhi says everything is moving round…Pragya asks him to keep his head on her lap and sleep. Abhi keeps his head on her lap. Pragya asks him to close eyes and sleep. Abhi says you will leave me and go. Pragya says I will not leave you and asks him to sleep. Abhi says he needs to hear lori to sleep. Pragya is surprised and smiles, asks if he is a child to hear lori. Abhi says you are making me sleep like a child naa, so you should sing lori for me too.

Pragya sings lori lori Chandaniya……song….Abhi sleeps hearing the lori, but driver puts sudden break and he is about to fall down the seat, but Pragya holds him. She thinks he is looking innocent while sleeping. She is about to kiss him. Abhi opens his eyes and asks what she is doing? Why she brought her mouth closer to his forehead. Pragya says I was checking if you slept. Abhi says no, you was checking my nose and thought to switched off my button. Pragya says correct. Abhi says I am a rockstar and says I makes people quiet, but they can’t make me quiet. Pragya asks him to close eyes and sleep. Abhi tells her that he is very hungry. Pragya says we will have food at dhaba.

Dadi calls Sarla and tells her that Pragya reached Lonavala on time and saved Abhi. She is bringing him back to Mumbai now. Sarla is happy and says God heard our request. Dadi cuts the call. Dasi asks her to stay peacefully. Dadi says I didn’t tell her that Abhi is fully drunk. Dasi says Pragya is with him and she will bring him home safely. She is hopeful and says Abhi can confess love to Pragya. Dadi says whatever God did was for betterment. She says Tanu made Abhi drink, but Pragya got advantage.

At Dhaba, Pragya makes Abhi have food. Abhi asks her if she had food? Pragya says no. Abhi asks why do you wear specs? Pragya tells that she has a number. Abhi says no, and says there is a secret and that’s why you tries to hide it behind the specs. Pragya says it is not like that, I want my heart talk to be known to you. Abhi wears her specs and looks at her eyes…….Pragya also looks at him….Allah Wariyan plays………….Abhi tells her that there is a deep secret in your eyes, you love someone but don’t want to tell his name, don’t you worry….I can see his name and face too in your eyes. Pragya smiles. Abhi looks in her eyes carefully and says I saw myself in your eyes. Pragya smiles. Abhi asks if that man is me….Pragya smiles and makes him have food. Abhi says that man is me…..He asks the boy serving food about his name. Pragya asks if he goes to school. He says yes. Abhi says you likes kids. Pragya says I know that even you likes kids. Abhi asks if you will have kids, what you will name him…

Pragya thinks about Abhi telling her that their child name will be Abhigya……Abhi says he didn’t hear this name before. Pragya says it is a combo of two names and never used before, says it is also a secret. Abhi asks her to look at him. Pragya says Dadi is waiting for us, and asks him to have food. He makes her eat food…..Pragya also eats food with his hand. Abhi bites her hand while eating food mischievously. Pragya pays the bill amount and asks the boy not to miss school. Abhi laughs and claps with his legs. Two Singhs come there and greet Abhi asking if he identified him…Abhi calls him Sindhu..and then tells different name. They greet Pragya and calls her Bhabhi ji….Abhi looks on.

Aaliya comes to bail out Tanu. Purab taunts her and asks her to come home with him. He says I bail out Abhi, and asks her to let Tanu in jail so that she can get some mind. Aaliya says you blamed Tanu with cheap accusations. Purab says she did cheap thing. He says you are more cheap than her. The person asks Abhi why don’t he come to his garage? Abhi says cars are working properly, but don’t worry I will make it malfunctioned to bring to your garage. They leave. Abhi tells Pragya that they thought her as Tanu and called Bhabhi ji…to her. Pragya smiles.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. GeethuNivas

    wow romantic ep

  2. Hiranmaychellapat

    today episode is so nice but still Leena was reenlist. abhi you behaving like a child it sweet of you .

  3. abhi was so cute in today episode
    when he wore pragya glass he was so cute .today episode was awsome

  4. Back to square one on Monday. They couldn’t give us an epi where Tanu wasn’t me tion by Abhi. All was going so well until the last part. All this is saying is that when Abhi gets rest, he won’t remember seeing ‘ll that happen and Aalyia is going to use it to her advantage. They create the problem, Pragya and Purab cleans it up and the witches gets the praise.
    Hope I’m wrong and for once let those two be at the brunt , tired of things,working in their favor all the time.

  5. Love ep???

  6. Hi everyone, I am very new to kkb tele serial however, I was able to watch many episodes till the end online. Currently, I just only go through the comments thanks to writers as they have gone that far with their madness, shamelessness and senseless scrip which caused me to stop watching the serial.
    It is so sad as they have never respected of common values viewer’s interest and mainly the reality of life. What nonsense they write everyday. They are ruining such talented actors images, their time, kkb viewers expectations and sadly playing with their emotions. What the hell are they thinking of. Can’t they create new story line other than killing, kidnapping, illogical imaginations.
    Mixing a drug to the old and lovable dadi’s drink in order to deteriorate her medical condition is a normal for these writers??It is a absolutely a crime for me. They can send Thanu to jail. Only this incident is more than enough to act them wisely and can make to break up all the relationship with Thanu and call off the marriage and throw her out of the house. It could have ended up with killing dadi. Dadi is Abhi’s life. He adores her and believe her. Only they need to orm that to him clearly, Story is over. It is nothing related to his memory loss or nothing to fear of which has happened a day ago. I do not understand why these writers want to stay Thanu forever. My view is something is personal that they do not want to get rid of Thanu from this serial. Its kind of favoritism for her. May be they like her.
    Currently Thanu’s character is more powerful than what socall Pragya, the main female character here in kkb. It is sad to see how these two main roles are suffering everyday. The writers has never given them to be happy as husband and wife till now. They just doing eye lock and hugging which is also with no chemistry. They have got together after a long and ugly battle last august, unfortunately that lasted only few hours. and again separated them for years. by losing Abhi’s memory. and given writer’s favorite two roles Alia and Thanu to enjoy their life as much the way they want. Pragya the main female role just got tears, heartbreaking, insults from those two evils and disappointments everyday.
    My question is what is the point of watching this illogical senseless crap and get disturbs our minds everyday.
    Finally I have to say only for god sake please go to hell these writes with their rotten script and give peace of mind to all viewers.

  7. Best episode. Shabir u r the best.cutest performance.

  8. Best episode.shabir u r the best.cutest performance.

  9. I want to say that they don’t show what we think they show what is right.

  10. Today episode is next day morning… Whichever news don’t publish about abhi and tanu…. So no probelm….
    Today episode is very cute…

  11. awesome episode whatever the script must be but they both r just rocking..

  12. Lovely epi

  13. Guys please any one give new segment update

  14. Hi guys …

  15. Guys I am new to this .shall I join .
    Abhi and Pragya dance in sangeet party as a part of imagination.tanu dances with abhi .abhi looks for nikita .
    He lost in thinking of Nikita .tanu gets hurt while dancing when he steps on her foot .
    I am the big fan for pratiksha sis updates .

  16. Superb episode lovely.

  17. People resides in out station recognizes pragya as abhi wife but not the media n people in Mumbai.. how.stupid

  18. Hi guys first of all Merry Christmas ? ?to all of u. May Santa fulfills all ur lovely wishes. How r u all? I missed u all so much. I was very busy in these days and still busy but I came here to just gives latest updates to all of u after getting free for hardly few minutes. I just collected the updates from my friend which I m trying to give but if something gets miss then pls forgive.

    Here is the updates-
    Start from yesterday’s segment-
    Highlights –
    Tabhi’s Sangeet, Abhigya’s dance of imagination and upcoming twist.

    Full update – It’s tabhi’s Sangeet function is going on in Mehra house. Tanu pulls abhi on the dance floor to dance. She makes him dance with her willingly. Tanu enjoys dance with abhi happily. Abhi unwillingly dance with her but he looks everywhere for Nikita/Pragya. In mid of dance, abhi tries to go down from stage to search for Nikita/Pragya. But tanu doesn’t let him go and pulls him back to the dance. Abhi dances with her but he is lost in looking for Nikita/Pragya everywhere from the dance floor so he doesn’t pays attention and puts her foot on tanu’s foot mistakenly. Tanu gets hurt and shouts from pain. Abhi and mitali tries to help her but she scolds them. She angrily pulls abhi takes him with her from there.

    There is a dance sequence of abhigya too in this Sangeet function which is most probably imaginary. In this function purab has shown showing abhigya’s some old pics. Abhi looks surprisingly and pragya gets shocked and tensed. Abhi has shown doing question on it. Pragya has shown as saying to purab to tell to abhi that this is all lie.

    SBS reporter says that there r some pics of purab and pragya which has shown in Sangeet function and purab is declaring his love for pragya which is upcoming twist of kkb.

    SBB reporter says that purab shows abhigya’s some old pics in order to bring abhi’s memory back.

    Interview of shabbir-
    Shabbir talks about the upcoming twist and says that a twist is going to come in our show, after which don’t know what happen later but it’s a different kind of twist.

    Leena’s interview –
    She talks about her Sangeet function. She says that media people which was invited to captured for the mehndi function, they says to her that if they gets her pics of the dance with abhi then it will print on front page of tomorrow’s newspapers. So she takes abhi on the dance floor to dance so she could get footage and publicity. Reporter asks from her about her injury of foot by abhi during the dance. She says that Abhi’s concentration was somewhere else so she gets hurt. Reporter asks about her further planning. She says that she haven’t any plan yet as everything is going smoothly as they wants. Her Sangeet is happening and later like this wedding will also gets done so she is relaxed for now. She says that once her marriage gets happen with abhi then she will see pragya.

    Today’s segment update-
    Pragya gets kidnapped by Goons, purab saves her.

    Full update –
    Pragya gets kidnapped from tabhi’s Sangeet function by some Goons. Goons brings her in a warehouse and tied her. A goon about to misbehave with her. He pulls her dupatta and throws otherside. He about to go close to pragya but Purab arrives on time and saves pragya from the Goons. Reporter mentions that here purab is referring pragya as his di but in tabhi’s function he was declaring his love for her which is very confusing.

    New promo update-
    Purab and pragya’s pics gets revealed in close situation in tabhi’s Sangeet, purab accepts his love for Nikita.

    Full update –
    Yesterday’s segment’s dance sequence of abhigya has shown of tabhi’s Sangeet function. Taaliya has shown as fuming in anger and jealousy by seeing this. Voice-over says that abhigya’s closeness is pinching. Aliya shows some pics of purab and pragya in tabhi’s Sangeet, In which purab and pragya has shown close with each other. ( these r the pics which is captured from the kidnapping site where purab goes to save pragya and consoles her). Voice-over says that aliya has played a poisoning move. Taaliya has shown as smirking. Abhi has shown as getting surprised and pragya as shocked and tensed. Abhi asks what is all this? Pragya says this is lie. Pragya says to purab to tell abhi that this is all a lie. Purab says that pics can’t b lie, yes I loves Nikita very much. Promo ends on abhi’s surprised and pragya’s shocked face.??

    Guys this all I got. Segments r puzzled and not in exact order so it is confusing. For knowing exact info u have to watch the show if u guys interested. Till then keep guessing. ??

    Guys this was all the latest update which I shared. Guys I m still busy and still out of station and will b busy for somedays more. Most probably u guys can see my comments and updates regularly from the new year. But I will try to give updates whenever I will get some time but till then bye guys. ??

    1. Hiiiii prathiksha sis how r u????miss u a lot lot…happy x-mas and also advance happy new year sis and tq so much being very busy also u came for us to give d updates but nothing newly happened sis same old crap is gng dont know what d cvs r think abt us anyways leave it dont care as u said all r puzzled only d people who r interested only watch this but i ll daily visit this tellyupdate to see all ur comments sis one second a advance happy new year plzzz come back soon

  19. Are! This is the scene from ishq movie

  20. Super pratiksha…. Advance happy new year…..

  21. Hiranmaychellapat

    Pratiksha akka advance happy new year

  22. welcome back pratiksha

  23. As per new segment, the flow will be like this – Aaliya will plan for Pragya kidnap but will make sure Purab will know where she is taken away so that Purab can go to rescue Pragya.

    Purab will rescue Pragya but Aaliya will get their pics clicked. She will show those pics to Abhi and will mislead Abhi as usual, that Purab is misbehaving with Pragya.

    Abhi will misunderstand and slap Purab. Purab will realise all this is Aaliya’s trap and plan so as per promo he will then think of doing reverse plan to Aaliya and will lie to Abhi that he loves Nikhita.

    Purab’s intention is to push Aaliya’s plan back to her and fail it and also make Abhi jealous to see his reaction if Nikhita is loved by someone else.

    What is happening right now is different from the last promo where Purab and Pragya confessed their love to Abhi and did a hi-fi seeing Abhi get jealous. May be writers changed their mind suddenly and felt Purab confessing love for Pragya should be because of Aaliya’s plan and not something Purab and Pragya should plan themselves as their relationship is now of bro-sis.

  24. NEW UPDATE –



    Reporter reaches on the set of kkb where pack- up was happening after the shooting of tabhi’s Sangeet function and pragya’s kidnapping sequence and everybody was leaving fir new year’s vacations. Reporter talks about high points of this week and asks about it from Shikha Singh aka aliya. They tells that the high points of this week will b that tabhi’s Sangeet function will happen, in mid pragya will get kidnapped according to aliyaa’s plan. Purab will reach on time and saves pragya which is also aliya’s plan so when he will console pragya then she could click their pics and show it to abhi that purab was willingly, intentionally or forcibly trying to get close with Nikita/ Pragya. But Purab will leave everyone shock by accepting his love for pragya.

    Reporter tells that in upcoming story with the starting of the new year, although tabhi’s Sangeet and mehndi functions has been done but their wedding will again get postponed with some twist and tabhi’s wedding track will not come atleast for now.

    THERE IS SOME NEWS WHICH HAS SHOWN BY NEWS NATION AND WHICH IS COMPLETE RUMOUR THAT IN THIS NEW YEAR, SHABBIR AKA ABHI COULD B REPLACED BY PAVITRA RISHTA’S NAREN AKA KARAN MEHRA BECOZ SHABBIR’S WIFE KANCHI IS UPSET FROM THE RECENT DANCE SEQUENCE OF PRAGYA, ABHI AND TANU SO SHE SAID TO SHABBIR TO LEAVE THE SHOW. ( THE NEWS SEEMS COMPLETE RUMOUR SO GUYS DON’T GET WORRIED AS IT IS BASELESS AND NONSENSE NEWS). We know how much understanding is between shabbir and kanchi and they both respects their works and life. And also there had been so much onstage dance sequence and scenes happened in the show between abhigya so if then kanchi didn’t object then why she will do for now, specially then, when the recent dance sequence is not at all vulgar but a complete romantic dance. That’s it. And shabbir also has been said it that kkb has given him a lot so he will not leave the show. So guys overall I mean to say the news is totally baseless and nonsense and based on only rumour so don’t give attention to it. I just shared it becoz if some one have any doubt so it could get clear.

    Guys with this there is an article about upcoming story of this week in tellychakkar which says that-
    Alia (Shikha Singh) and Tanu (Leena Jumani) will plot another plan where they will kidnapped pragya by Goons and when purab will go to rescue her and when he will console her then they would click Pragya and Purab’s pictures in an inappropriate way.

    On the day of Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) and Tanu’s sangeet ceremony, Alia will show those pictures to the Mehra family and guests. Seeing the images, Abhi would get angry and slap Purab hard, leaving him shocked.

    Hence, Purab will plan to teach Alia and Tanu a lesson.He would confess to Abhi that he loves Pragya. However, Pragya will get amazed as she considers him like a brother.

    Later, Purab will unfold to Pragya that this his new plan to make Abhi jealous.

    Will Abhi realise his love for Pragya?

    Guys this is all the updates for this week. See u guys on new year. With this Wish U guys a very Happy and prosperous new year in advance .?? Thanks for missing me. Surely I will come back soon with my regular comments and updates. Till then see u guys. Have fun and enjoy.??

    1. SavitaVidya

      i really hope it is rumour because KKB without shabbir is not KKB he leaves i leave too!!! simple

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