Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi driving the car. Pragya asks Bulbul and Purab to take cheap outfits for their reception. Bulbul says she will not look nice in cheap clothes. Abhi asks Pragya not to take clothes instead and says she will look like a naagin. They argue. Abhi says mall have come. Pragya gives them one hour to shop. They get down the car. Abhi sees Vijay and thinks he is the one who had accused me. He follows him secretly, sees him going towards a car and talking to someone. Aaliya is inside the car. She gets shocked seeing Abhi. Abhi comes near the car and looks at Aaliya and Vijay. Aaliya signs Vijay to run. Vijay runs hitting Abhi on his forehead. Aaliya comes there and tells Abhi that she will take him to doctor. Abhi asks what you was doing with this man. Aaliya says I met him because

of you and says I couldn’t believe when he accused you. I wanted to know who is that person trapping you. Aaliya acts innocent and says nobody can accuse my brother. Abhi says I can understand your concern, but if anything happens to you then…Aaliya says I won’t leave that person who is behind everything. She asks him to come to doctor and get treatment. Abhi says it is a small injury and asks her to go home. Aaliya thinks she will burn Bulbul’s celebration, just wait and watch.

Abhi enters the mall. Pragya, Bulbul and Purab see his injury. Pragya panics and asks what happened to him. Purab asks someone to bring first aid box. Sales girl comes and says rockstar Abhi is here. She sits beside him and does first aid. Pragya gets jealous and scolds the sales girl as she takes selfie with Abhi. She asks Purab and Bulbul to shop fast. She does his first aid and blows on his injury. Abhi says don’t know if you are heroine or vamp. Pragya pretends as if Bulbul called and goes.

Dadi and Dasi come to Sarla’s house. Sarla asks Jhanki to make tea. Dadi asks her not to do formalities, and gives sweets saying there is Purab and Bulbul’s reception at their house. Sarla says reception will need money. Dadi asks her not to worry and bless the newly weds. Bulbul tells Purab that she is tired, but haven’t like anything. She says she will try the outfits for the special day. Bulbul says she will try short top. Just then they were getting romantic. Aaliya secretly sees them together. They were interrupted by someone. Bulbul asks Purab to come to terrace at 9 pm. Aaliya hears her. Abhi and Pragya argue. Abhi says he will wear torn clothes at the reception, and says he will shout and tell everyone. Pragya asks him to buy something, but not too costly. Abhi asks salesman to show expensive clothes of the store. He selects one suit for 20000 Rs. and asks salesman to add one zero and offer bribe. Pragya calls the manager. Manager apologizes and says it is of 20000. Salesman tells that he was saying that. Abhi says customer is always right.

Aaliya swears to ruin Bulbul’s life. Pragya thanks Abhi for supporting her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhiiii….Use ur Brain….ds aaliya na…..ek din me isko zaroor mar dalunga…..kitne chalak he vo……sab ko apne acting me fasa deta hai…….
    Why is Vijay hitting o everyones head…first raj den now abhi….lol 😛

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    No progress it is waste I watch for abhi and Pragya only pls unite them soon

  3. guys shikha singh posted in instagram that she said that mrunal in on screen only they are enemies but in off screen they are best friends shikha said that like us she will also miss bulbul (mrunal) and said her best wishes and all the best to her i felt happy about their friendship and i didn’t watch today’s episode after watching i will tell my opinion about today’s episode

    1. finished watching today’s episode guys i think as usual nok-jhok guys abhi is so dumb his character is whatever his sister says is correct only like over confident about his sister he don’t once again think about it pratically and this aliya as our guess she will say some illogic stories abhi will listen to it i don’t understand the precap pls can anyone expln me

      1. Reji I dunno Hindi .. Bt I felt was she had some pblm in tat mall BT helped her .. Bt wt hpnd to her nu therila

  4. fa wat she is thanking him?hope so there would be some twist by tommo..letme say one thing..i had nva ceen an clever fellw lyk aliya..baah she is cooking up ready made stories..seriously donno frm were she get these typ of ideas?ahahaha??and well abi is dumb asusual?Hop so he would get some clue frm now thn?ahaha..waitin fa furthr updates

    1. i agree with you abinaya

  5. Our prediction has proved right. Yesterday’s Precap has wasted. As usual aaliya came up with an impressive excuse and made abhi fool. But one thing I assumed that abhi was not looking much convinced with aaliya’s excuse but ya it also not looking like that he will think about it later. As usual he will ignore this. He should think on it na that how did aaliya contect with decorator if she doesn’t know him or if she somehow found his address then he should find it by own self by taking decorator’s contect medium from aaliya. But if this much brain will use in the show then how CVS will drag their story so they will waste this scene’s benefits also by showing abhi’s ignorance towards it. Shopping mall part was entertaining becoz of abhigya asusual. Sarla maa’s words again were teasing. It doesn’t suits on a mother to think this type of thinking and use such harsh words but now we has become habitual by watching such stuffs against pragya once in a episode and we know we have to watch it until the end of this track so I will not give much attention to it. But at last I want to say episodes r showing only dragging not much than it, no improvement, no movement in story, as nivi said everything is going in a circle round and round means repeating things again and again. That’s it.

    1. i dn knw wat s d need 4 sterday episode, they did purchasing tats al nikki
      waste episodes lyk patient still in coma condition
      writer din get bother abt d script , they r making us fool
      bt 1 thin nikki, aliya s really smart than our lead role pairs, better v hv hope on her, yy im telling is in tis serial she ly can do @least smthing to move track

      1. Off course nivi villains r so smart than the positive ones. That’s how villains makes them dance on their fingers, in most of the times. Simple logic nivi if villain will not being so smart and clever than positive ones then leads will not have any problem in their life. Their life will become boring without twists and turns bring by villains of the show a d through which CVS keeps their show’s ratings and trps on high. So logically very smart villains should b needed in the show but ya not like this as in trying to make villains powerful, CVS make leads dumb, as in this show.

      2. Aaliya getting Vijay’s contact is one question that Abhi should have asked.
        But the samething he or Pragya should have checked on the day he implied Abhi and left. Since he came to their house as decorator, they should have questioned who hired him as decorator. Is he part of the decoration team, else someone in house helped him to sneak in and that’s why he was roaming around so freely.
        Similarly, he was speaking to Aaliya in relaxed way yesterday, he was running seeing her brother.

        Now for Purab’s reception we see some decoration work going on in upcoming episodes, then it makes sense for Abhi or Pragya to check the people who are coming into their house, atleast this time, after previous experiences. Or it is like Pragya is relaxed because Abhi will save her everytime when there is a life threat, same with Abhi, he can jump in last minute and save his family.

        Now every story, show, movie needs an opposition to have some friction n conflict and for the story to move forward, but this show is becoming very one-sided, where evils always think about hundred possibilities but leads are busy fighting with each other or misunderstanding. I hope the writers will realize that twists and plans will be interesting when there are attacks and counter-attacks. It is simple logic that having the leads bit more smart will only make the drama interesting than being stale as it is turning these days.

  6. Any new segment updates Nikki ??

    1. LOL…..

  7. Words areNOT been invented to scold EKTA IDIOT 🙁 🙁

  8. In many websites it is there dat bulbul gets to know about alia’s secret plan to kill Pragya and she is the only one who is going to save Pragya from alia’s plan…. Lets wait and watch….

  9. Writers could not even give us satisfaction of abhi catching Aliya red handed as Christmas gift. Please let the torture of abigya end.

  10. devishivakumar

    Nothing change

  11. devishivakumar

    I don’t know that how the serial without mirunal?

  12. Stop this show………

  13. May b in 2row pragya may get to b insulted but abhi will support her think so that she is thanking him..

  14. The actors are enacting what is written in the scripts. The writers and the director are to be blamed for poor story lines.

  15. Any new segment ? Waitn

  16. I am sure that the viewership numbers are dwindling (becoming less and less). I used to love this serial, however, the story line has become so boring & unrealistic. Now i only read the updates once a week…. hoping that it might become interesting again. Writers… please rescue this serial or end it.

  17. whats the link to watch kkb?


    1. Jeez sorry I don’t know the current category u r asking but favourite beti is gayathri and naya sadasya female is survi but the category you are asking is I think in Indian telly awards 2015 in that only best female lead goes to our pragya from kkb and gopi from sns and best jodi goes to our abhi and pragya kkb and raman and ishita from yeh hai mohabbattein so you can watch telly awards on &tv on 27th December and in zee rishtey awards also best pati patni rishta goes to abhi and pragya


    1. this year there is no such award……..only in indian television award .Pragya got

  20. josphine muthoni

    please someone tell if the show jaabaz sinband is replacing khumkhum bhagya

  21. This blo*dy abhi is so dumb why is he so stupid and believe this alliya wen he knows what she is capable of and what she did with bulbul and purab. I don’t think this will ever get resolved. Why is this serial is dragging so much evry episode u think something new will happen never happens.

  22. I’m just thinking wen bulbul said for purab to meet her in terrace what if alliya goes there and pushes bulbul or something she is bound to do that if that’s the case that’s all we need. It’s always the evil winning and the innocents lose.

  23. no. jaanbaaz sindbaad only Sunday at 7 pm

  24. That tanu is pregnant in feb till now she didnt got her bumb up so silly

    Abhi knows about them very well n love pragya so much that he can do anything for then if she told him the truth he would have believed but till noe single mission is also not completed that dadi she makes stupid plans….no change

  25. I think is serial ko ab end kr daina chahiy tanu n alia ko expose na kr k burai ki jeet dikhana chata hai writer that’s not good lagta hai hmari next generation tk ye drama isi trha chalta rhy ga tanu n alia ki games k sath now I just hate this drama plz kuch acha dikhay ab is mai…..

  26. Shreya Agrawal

    what nonsense when they will unite abhi and pragya

  27. Guys I just saw instagram pics of some of kkb’s cast like arijit, sruti, shikha with mrunal from reception party’s off screen pics. They all have quoted gud luck wish and bye to mrunal below in their pics. Looks like, reception sequence will b the last shoot of mrunal on kkb’s set, after that we will see new bulbul means kajol srivastav in the show after this sequence. I think in the process of saving pragya, bulbul will get hurt and I think CVS will reflect her face with most injury so they can bring new replacement with new face by surgery and all that thinhs, in the show. I also wants to wish gud luck to mrunal for her future. Hope we can see her soon in another show in an impressive and strong lead role which she couldn’t get it in this show. We will really miss mrunal so much as bulbul becoz we were so much attached with her as bulbul from the starting of the show but as someone said true that the show must go on so let’s welcome this new entry. She can impress us like mrunal or not, it depends on her acting skills but we loves the show so we will watch it until our interest.

    1. ya nikki 1 i also said this istagram news only in my comment i hope bulbul dressing style will be changed because firstshe wore tops and leggings but this after married it will be chudithar i think if it is chudithar means chudithar will suits for kajol srivatsava i think so i saw her pics i think she is ok in chudithar what you think bulbul’s dressing style in the upcoming episodes guys

      1. Reji whatever kajol will wear for married Bulbul’s role, I don’t think that she can match with mrunal becoz their physic r totally different. Mrunal was looking mature from her physic but kajol is looking like a teenage. She looks so less for Bulbul’s character which mrunal had played. I don’t know on what bases CVS have chosen kajol as a replacement of mrunal but for me she is not fitted for Bulbul’s role from her physic as mrunal was. If cvs r foced to do replacement then they should choose someone who could match mrunal at least from her physic. From outer side, I don’t like kajol as bulbul but now let’s see if she can catch up mrunal’s acting as bulbul or not.

      2. Nikki I think when Tanu’s character was replaced, I had same feeling, if you observe both the actors who played Tanu look pretty different and even the way they play that character is very different. I still feel Madhurima looked more evil n suited the role better, but Leena slowly picked. And in fact Leena was playing a negative character for the first time. But overtime, viewers still hate Tanu’s character even if it is played by a different person.

        I understand the situation is different as Leena came in much early in the story and we did see Mrunal for much longer n she was always Bulbul. But I hope whoever is coming in will be loved as much as Mrunal was loved by audience.

        Whenever I see a commercial with Mrunal, I shout out, its our Bulbul. The show did give Mrunal a lot of exposure to become a household name. But that is also because in middle of other known n experienced folks like Sriti n Shabir, Mrunal held her own ground n portrayed Bulbul so well.

        So hoping Kajol will contribute similarly to show as will the show help her career n popularity.

      3. Sahithi I still don’t like Leena as tanu but I kept continued watching the show becoz of our lead pairs of the show, in which sriti and shabbir as abhigya r my most favourite and I m attached with them mostly so it doesn’t matter for me who comes until sriti and shabbir will remain in the show, I will watch it. And ya let’s hope kajol do justice with Bulbul’s character and gives do not let us feel mrunal’s absence coz purbul r another spirit of the show.

  28. ABHI : – I will use my brain only when my Director asks to :-)\

  29. Ever stupid serial…pls zee tv will give worst serial award to great “KUMKUM BHAGYA”…it crossed 450 episodes still now hero n heroine r not unite…villains alia n tanu are not caught…how ds happen in any serial…such a crap…i wonder how ds serial telecast…who r all guys watch?Simply confudsed…after a long time i reads updates bcoz may be any gud will happen…but i am wrong…director s always right….ever stupid heroine pragya..nothing cant do…ever ever fool hero abhi…always overacting….not act like hero…sarla mam dont have heart attack…director forget…so start sarlas heart attact…n drag one more year….che

  30. Guys..I have seen a video that Abhi is hiding the property papers inside his bed and then pragya replaces them with fake ones.. He is in red colored suit and Pragya is in black saree…so guys it seems it will happen on the day of parbul’s reception. As we knew already Abhi will break the locker with the help of carpenter and gets the papers in hand, also pragya sees that and thinks how to get them back. After that this may happen I think.. he will keep those papers inside the mattress by cutting it a little and stick with plaster then he sits on it to manage pragya not to see. Then Abhi goes out of room thinking pragya didn’t notice it. But since pragya already knows that he hide the papers some where and got the doubt while he sits on it, so as soon as he left the room she immediately searches the bed and sees the plaster on the mattress, then she opens the cutting and pulled the papers out and replaces them with some fake papers and stick it back.. so it seems she will get back the papers in hand..let’s see what abhi will do..
    These days this story is running like a Tom and Jerry, hide and seek etc.. Abhi, Pragya, Tanu, Alia, Raj, Purbul, even Dadi..everybody has their own motive and maintains secrets. Everyone is hiding something and trying to find out other’s truth, Everyone is trying to trouble each and escape from each…
    Let’s see how long it goes..

  31. In last week TRP ratings KKB fell one place, 4th overall including weekend shows and 3rd in daily shows. Hope the writers will stop this dragging before it falls out of the top 5.

    It is like, they have fabulous actors, an initially good story and script, which they are very intentionally spoiling by showing scenes without logic.

    In coming few weeks, there will be some stabilization needed for new Bulbul and if script also drags then not much hope to stay in top 5.

    1. Gud, now hope CVS will wake up at least now with some sense and movements in the story.

  32. in coming 2016 toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………….
    draging serial is kkb

  33. Thanks reji

  34. I dnt understand y all the main leads in serial are so dumb…. They show them as rich n successful with no brains

    1. Ya u r right sara I think villains are smart than main leads

  35. kkb trp ratings are dropping every week n they are still dragging. …

  36. Watching this serial is a shitttttt always dragging chiiii when abhi and pragya unite ?

  37. Nikki 1 new segment camed .. Plz check …

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