Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Purab calling Pragya and asks her about her job. Pragya says she has joined job two days back. Purab says you would have joined my company. Pragya says no, and says if I had joined your office, then you would have taken my care rather than work. She says I will talk to you later. Aaliya tells Saira that Abhi does whatever she asks him to do. Saira asks her about her job. Aaliya says it is secure. Abhi comes there. Pragya recalls about her happy times with Abhi and thinks she shall leave this job for his safety. Abhi brings a box of sweets. Tai ji says she wants to eat it. Mitali and Tai ji argues. Abhi says I will bring two boxes next time. He says you both fight like bunty and babli. Taya ji says I will distribute sweets.

Purab comes to Abhi and says you are doing

wrong. He says you have threatened the company owner to give money and that too before the deal is done. Abhi asks Raj, if he is wrong. He asks his money. Purab says you had changed 2.5 years back, and became humble, soft spoken, polite and understanding. Abhi asks if you are hiding something from me. He then asks Raj. Raj changes the topic and goes. Then comes Aaliya. Abhi asks what happened with me 2.5 years back. Aaliya asks Purab, do you want to tell him truth, and asks him to tell everything to Abhi. Abhi looks on surprisingly. Aaliya asks Purab, why is he quiet and asks him to tell because of whom, he was changed. Raj asks Abhi not to take stress.

Aaliya says I don’t like bhai to stress his mind and asks Purab to do honors. She says I will tell him truth. She says you had changed and it was because of someone. She asks him to promise and asks him not to pressurize his mind. Purab asks Aaliya not to tell him anything. Aaliya says you have changed, I can’t tell you all the details, but the crux of the story. She tells that you have changed because of Purab…Everyone is shocked. Aaliya says he didn’t like your way or my way. He threatened to leave you and this city. You had agreed to do as he said. She says you have supported Purab’s decision, and suffered losses. You kept quiet as you don’t want to lose your friend. She asks Purab, if you want to tell him same thing. Purab says yes. Raj says we don’t want to pressurize on his hand. Abhi asks Purab if he wants him to suffer loss, and says I won’t let you go anywhere. He says my hand is paining now. Aaliya thinks Purab will never dare to tell him truth. Abhi asks Purab not to leave him. Raj asks Purab not to make Abhi remember anything else they might lose him.

Aaliya asks Abhi to lie down on bed and gives him medicine. She says I told you not to burden your head. Abhi asks if Purab really want to leave me. Aaliya asks him not to stress himself else she will not tell him any secrets. Abhi says okay, I will hear some music to relieve my mind. Aaliya says they got Mr. Sethi message, and he agreed to give money. Abhi says I know, he would agree, purab doesn’t listen. Aaliya thinks to talk to Purab. Purab is going inside Abhi’s room. Aaliya says he is sleeping and don’t let Purab go to his room. She asks why you are doing this? Purab says I want to show your face to Abhi. Aaliya asks am I cheating him? She says I am doing everything for his happiness. Purab says Abhi’s happiness lies with Pragya. Aaliya says she don’t want anything happen to her bhai for Pragya. She asks if anything happens to him then can’t you forgive yourself.

Beeji asks Pragya if she met Abhi today. Pragya says no. Beeji says I can see your face’s brightness and asks her to share with her. She asks do you meet him in office. She says I enquired everything about your office and poster. Pragya says you know everything and asks about Maa. Beeji says she will not tell Sarla and asks her to tell everything to her as she needs material to gossip. Pragya says I am thinking to leave job. Beeji says you both will come closer if you meet frequently and then his memory can return. Pragya says Aaliya have made him money minded like hers, and it seems he has gone far away from me. Beeji says my heart is saying that you both will soon unite, just like darkness gives way to light. Pragya hugs her.

Pragya says you have forgotten me and cries. She asks rockstar toy to call her fuggi just once….

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Pratiksha

    Episodes has shot very cleverly by CVS. One moment it seems abhi is faking but next moment it seems he has lost his memory actually. We don’t have any strong reason to make sure our doubts. Finally they showed that abhi knows that he has been lost his memory of two and half years. But he is not bother at all to know what happemed between in these two years!! He knows it also!!!, that doctor adviced him not to take stress or so much pressure on his mind to recall these past two and half years!! Nobody from his family can tell him about anything but what about outsiders. He is a celebrity and so famous rockstar so how the truth is hidden from him since one month after getting recover from accident and after returning back in his lifestyle and carrier?? How the producers and music company’s peoples r unaware from pragya and her marital status as Mrs. Abhishek prem mehra?? These types of some questions r still unanswered.Aliya says to purab that becoz of pragya, abhi’s life could b in danger becoz he has forgotten her so how aliya is allowing tanu to come infront of abhi when they r not sure that if abhi remember tanu or not? Tanu also could b dangerous for abhi if he has forgotten her also like pragya but as purab said and we knows too that how much taaloya r selfish so no expectations with them for thinking about abhi or anything else except their ownself. But what about others? They can’t keep aliya away from abhi and can’t bring pragya back in abhi’s life by make him recall his past but they can keep abhi away from tanu na until abhi gets his memory back. They can keep pragya’s place safe in abhi’s life or they can keep abhi safe for pragya from tanu and others na. So purab and dadi should do at least this much effort. If pragya is not allowed to come back in abhi’s life becoz he has forgotten her and becoz his life could b on stake so tanu should also not allowed to enter in abhi’s life again, when abhi is not reminding her. After getting two gud episodes, today’s episodes were bit disappointing. Precap was so emotional. I m also missing abhigya’s cute moments. Hope CVS will fulfill it. If abhi’s memory loss is really true so just want to see abhi again changed by pragya becoz of her love and want to see him fall for pragya soon before that evil tanu’s coming. Well let’s see.

    • There is No Logic to KKB

      You guys are still trying to make sense out of a story that has no reasoning to it….. If you like it then just go with the flow and wait to see what happens next. There is no logic behind talking it out for the story is SENSELESS.

    • Megha

      I think everyone have forget the important thing. Kkb starts at 2014( I don’t know exactly but I saw that one user said). Aaliya came to Mumbai 2.5 yrs back from Australia. Then Abhi pragya marriage. Next Tanu pregnancy track about 14 months. It’s approximately 2.5 yrs for us. But according to kkb Tanu pregnancy is about 7 months alone. She gets aborted on her eighth month. Then how Aaliya said it is 2.5 yrs. It’s only 1.5 yrs. Can anyone clear my doubt about this. If it’s 2.5 yrs then Tanu is pregnant for 1.4 yrs. If not, then Abhi lost his memory for 2.5 yrs then he didn’t start his carrier as rockstar yet. Also he is not asking about akash once.

  2. Aishwarya

    Guysss in today’s epi abhi’s behaviour was wierd he behaves like he dont know anything but in last week episodes his behaviour towards pragya is like our old abhi plzzzzzzzz guys prathiksha sahithi anyone clear me is spoilers are true r fake coz in d beginning we also thought that abhi’s ml news is fake but it becames true but i wish if abhi is acting to save pragya then it will be good coz always pragya sacrificed n fought for his life but now its abhi turn to save his lady love precap was so emotional n abhigya acting was mindblowing hatsoff tisha and guysss plz all share abt ur view abt this track

    • Why is Aailya back

      You can’t believe the reports/spoilers because wasn’t Aailya supposed to leave KKB – all together?

  3. Pratiksha

    Guys I don’t know much about memory loss but what I read and got from experts, they says that a memory loos patient could b treated and his memory could bring back by regular counselling sessions but before it patient have to go through many tests. Then doctors arranges therapies and counselling sessions for the memory loss patients, which helps to make patient recall his lost memory. It doesn’t put any bad effect on patient’s health if they opt this processor. Any types of memory loss patient could b treated by this processor and patients memory can bring back. But whatever kkb is showing, it is not logical completely. They r opting fiction way, more than logical, to show their story. Else they r showing illogical thing again or just using tricks to keep viewer’s interest high or else they r trying to do something else with hidden motive from all of us. So let’s see what they will show further in this new story?

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, I am not sure how much the writers will show as per my guess but like in Mogambo track, I think current track will also have similar flow and end. As in, Pragya could have told Abhi directly about Aaliya and Tanu plotting and truth of Tanu’s baby in last track. May be at start of track she didnt know about Raj and Nikhil but she could have done all that detective work and proof gathering along with Abhi. And he is generally more smart than her. But she went with Daadi’s words. The baby didnt make it finally and Abhi believed her words without any proofs or videos. She and her team wasted so many months in an attempt to gather so called proofs and when all options are over, she revealed it directly like in 10 mins. But Abhi said she could have told all this much before and he would have trusted her blindly.

      Now also, if it is not a fake ML, if someday Abhi gets his memory back at end of track, he will say the samething. If I forgot Pragya and my love for her, why did everyone stay mum and let her out of his life. They could have as well told she was part of these 2.5 yrs instead of having her go and keeping him in the dark. I am pretty sure this is what Abhi will ultimately say, who and why decided to keep her away from him.

      Last track it was Daadi’s foolishness to force Pragya to change as Mogambo and this time Aaliya is taking advantage of Abhi’s condition for her own selfishness and to avenge Pragya. In both tracks, Pragya was equally foolish and blind herself to get into someone else’s words and think whatever she is doing is for Abhi’s welfare.
      As Purab mentioned yday, Pragya is Abhi’s happiness, but see Pragya again wants to leave this job and move away from him, even after she saw that he doesnt recognize her or doesnt recall her memories.

      • Pratiksha

        Sahithi this is the problem of not only pragya even it is purab, dadi and others problem is too that they tries to b more and more human and great, specially pragya. They all wants to b gud and to do gud but they don’t know that sometimes to defeat bad, we have to opt indirect way too for gud and that way doesn’t b wrong if it opts for gud reason. Aliya can take advantage of abhi’s memory loss by telling him false stories so why can’t purab, dadi and other? Why they r not using this opportunity to turn abhi and the situation into their and pragya’s favour somehow. They can’t tell him about bad things but they can tell him about gud things na. How gud things will effect badly on abhi’s health? They can change and turn abhi again towards gudness and pragya according to them. And obviously abhi will believe on them becoz as aliya is dear and close to abhi, same as dadi and purab r too. So abhi will definetly accept what they will say or tell to him? But if they will keep silent like this under the threat of aliya and pressure for abhi’s health then aliya will continuously win and she will make abhi and everyone dance on her fingers according to her. Sahithi it is obvious that is abhi really has lost his memory so when he will get it back, he will definetly confront everyone to hide the reality of his life and pragya from him. And yes sahithi this new story gives past track’s memory me too sometimes. Cvs will again play their tricks under the concept of the show that destiny plays role to bring abhigya together again and again as they r destined to b together and with this they will twist the story on time to time, sometimes for dragging and sometimes for change. What else they can show which will b different. Let’s see.

  4. thinker

    one more important thing is abhi’s divorce papers,and property papers is in tanu’s hand.how could they forget or abhi acting to get back those papers.

  5. Razzy

    I really don’t know if it’s true or not I read it somwhre that abhi is faking memory loss and he wil try to get more close to pragya wch wil make aliya suspicious and she wil investigate it. It was on you tube somwhre and also pragya wil hurt her leg and abhi wil come to rescue.

  6. sapphire


  7. kumkum bhagya

    ye serial trp rating mein top 1 posistion pe kaisa pohonchra hargis samaj mein nahi aara boring hai kuch intresting nahi hai serial mein abhigya ke fans ko sirf disoppoint hi milra

  8. Pratiksha

    New promo is out. Full update if new promo with it’s link- https://twitter.com/jawadsidd2/status/768286425234206720

    In background a song plays O karam khudaya hai…..Pragya is waking on road. Abhi crosses from her near by car.Abhi offers her lift but Pragya doesn’t accept. Abhi about to sit in his car and pragya starts walking further. Just then,She falls down spraining her leg. Abhi lifts her in his arms. Abhi gets lost in pragya and pragya too gets lost in him. Pragya comes in her senses and gets worried after seeing herself in abhi’s arm.
    Otherside, They shows Alia getting down from a car at some other place.

    It may be as a stranger but still pragya is getting a place in Abhi’s life. May be destiny is trying to get them together again but will Alia become a wall between their growing closeness.

  9. Radha

    Is there any hope for that Abhi will fall in love with Pragya again. If it happens that will be the greatest episode…:)

  10. Pradishma

    Just cant tolerate the attitude of Aliya..I dont know if dadi is alive or dead…
    Cant she give a tight slap to aliya,..
    Surely writers are obsessed about aaliya and tanu,,,,
    They cant even make a love story of Abhi and Pragya for now…
    Wish some miracle happens and Mrunal returns(actually no hope), atleast will be happy to see purab happy,,,Eacn and every good persons are suffering in every zee serials

  11. rishnee

    Y aaliya is getting so much screen place nowadays.. May be because she wanted to leave the show n cv made the plot to make her satisfy….

  12. Sham

    Anyone knows who is the CVS for this serial? Is it only Ekta Kapoor or more similar thinking non creative people?

  13. Pratiksha

    New segment update and new upcoming twist- Abhi enjoys food at pragya’s home after dropping her. Upcoming twist- Soon pragya will get to know that abhi is faking his memory loss. Full update- Scene continues after abhi drops pragya in his arms at her home becoz of sprain in her leg. Sarla maa,dadi and janki amma all givea a warm welcome to abhi. Abhi enjoys a lot with them, specially with pragya’s rockstar dadi. Abhi and rockstar dadi gives high five to each other during talking. They all talks happily with abhi and abhi too enjoys with them a lot. They Pampers abhi by feeding him many delicious food items. Abhi eats all with full enjoyment. Sarla maa careses his head with love. Abhi feels that he has been eaten these foods already in past. Pragya’s dadi diverts the matter and feed him another food item by her hands and says to him that it will increase ur taste more. Abhi eats it and appreciates it a lot. Reporter says that however abhi haven’t remember anything but he is enjoying this warm welcome from his sasuraal as son-in-law. Shabbir told to reporter that they r shooting a cute and lovely sequence where somehow he has been reached at pragya’s home and now he is enjoying food with them. Shabbir appreciates his set Dada to make the food delicious which they eats regularly. Upcoming twist- Reporter says that they got to know that further in the show, a twist will come in abhi and pragya’s life and love story, where pragya will get to know that abhi is faking his memory loss. Then how will pragya react on all this, it will b seen.

  14. leena

    pragya’s rock star dadi is like aishwarya rai’s dadi in him dil de chuke sanam.the main villain should be sarala maa and aliya.no more tanu drama .tanu u come later.

  15. Leenzu

    Just enjoy abhigya’s romance. Don’t over analysts this show.
    In reel life it makes sense not in real life.

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