Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akash calling Pragya at night. Pragya picks the call and asks what happened? Akash tells her that they went to lawyer office and got locked by the guard. Pragya asks why did you go there. He asks her to do something. Pragya says okay. She sees Abhi sleeping and goes to Dadi’s room. She waken up Dadi and tells her everything. Dadi worries thinking about Police. Pragya asks Dadi to tell if she knows anything. Rachna tells her that it was Purab’s idea to steal the divorce papers. Pragya says why did they take step without asking her. Rachna says they went to talk to you, but you was busy with Abhi. Rachna and Dadi asks them to get them out. Dadi says I will also come with you. Pragya says no, and says I can’t put your life in danger. Tanu goes to Police station and slaps

Purab hard angrily. Purab asks how dare you? Tanu asks how dare you to enter my lawyer office and insults him. She says you are exposed and will be punished. Nikhil asks what did you want to steal? Pragya and Abhi’s divorce papers. He says I knew you are at Pragya’s side, but today it is confirmed.

Purab slaps Nikhil and says I did a mistake by bringing you home. HE says you have stabbed at my back and says I will not leave you. Akash intervenes. Tanu says Purab is back stabbing on abhi by supporting his enemy. She says now I know and says your face should be blacken. Aaliya thinks what to do as she will fall down in Purab eyes. She wonders what to do. Purab asks Tanu to stop it.

Abhi is with teary eyes and imagines Pragya leaving with her stuff. Pragya also cries. A song plays……………..She waves him bye and goes. Abhi falls down from the bed shouting Pragya’s name. He looks for Pragya and sees her missing. He thinks Pragya might have left from here. Pragya is in the car and thinks why did Purab take a big risk for me. Purab says your face is already blacken, and says once Abhi comes to know about the truth then he will punish you. Tanu asks Nikhil to call Police and get them arrested. Nikhil says I don’t want them to get arrested as he was my friend at one point of time, and says he is giving them concession. Tanu asks Lawyer to call Police and tell that there are two thieves caught here. Jhunjhunwala calls Police and asks him to come there. Pragya comes to Lawyer’s office. She looks at Aaliya and goes inside.

Rachna asks Dadi, why did you let Pragya go. Dadi asks her not to worry and says she has become stronger now. Abhi comes there and asks if you saw Pragya. Rachna says Pragya came here sometime back, and says she will not leave her property being greedy. Abhi says I didn’t ask you that, and asks Rachna what are you doing here? Rachna says we were talking just. Abhi thinks there is something wrong.

Tanu says come Pragya Arora. She says thieves leader have come, this theft’s mastermind. She says she said that she will not let me marry and will stop my marriage. She asks her to accept defeat. She says you can just see a dream. She says Police will come and arrest the thieves. She tells Nikhil that when she went to talk to Abhi, he was feeling guilty as he took Pragya’s signatures by cheat. He says if he would have been here, then he would he relieved of his guilt seeing his betrayal wife and fake friend, and confused brother. She says marriage, friendship and relation, three of them will be exposed. She says today all of them will be exposed and calls Abhi, but Nikhil asks her to come. Tanu asks why did you cut call and took me to side. Nikhil says if Abhi comes here, then we will be exposed too.

He says Abhi will understand everything. He says Pragya will tell Abhi about them, and asks what you will get trapping Purab and Akash in jail. They will trap you too. Aaliya says Nikhil said right. She says if you expose yourself while trying to expose them. Nikhil says Abhi might ask what we are doing here and can get angry, and can get stay order on the divorce proceedings. Abhi sees Tanu’s missed call and asks where are you? He asks what is going on? Pragya and Aaliya are also not at home. Tanu says I came out to have black current icecream at a five star hotel. Abhi says I will also come there. Abhi says Dadi and Rachna are hiding things from me. Tanu says I am coming home, and disconnects the call. Abhi thinks something is wrong and thinks how to find out.

Purab apologizes to Pragya for increasing her problems. Akash also apologizes. Pragya asks them not to make her feel guilty. She says if Bulbul would had been here then she would have done the same thing. She says I will not let you both go in jail, and asks them to have trust on her. Tanu comes back and says unity…wow. She asks Pragya to go to jail with them, and says you will get more time to plan against me in jail. Sadly you won’t get time as you will be punished, and says I will be marrying Abhi here. She says I will make you eat my marriage sweets.

Pragya apologizes to Tanu with folded hands. Tanu asks her to accept Abhi and her marriage and smirks. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Divya Chandru

    Why the CVs torturing audience this much … worst . the charm of the show is getting worse day by day

  2. Nandu

    Welcome to another dumb epi…everyday even though v get sick of these CVs v come here with hope..may B 2day v can Fnd sme positive note….but everyday by each epi …v gt again disappointed… Y pragya ..purab n akash..cant cross check this thaliya gang by using abhi..name wen tanu gave warning…to them…oooo I forget this pragya gang is dumbest in the shw…even in real life one cannot b sooo gooood at some point they loose patience…but here..y to say nthng happens….hw cme pragya gang think abhi dumb…he z nt dumb at all…if he z ..hw can he save pragya in mms track.. Y can’t ..these.use their minds…oooo god…even if tanu sent purab jail…abhi vl scold tanu..n he vl nt n cannot think negative abt purab..bcz purab z bst frnd…even he vl gve bail..n he says to tanu…he did this bcz I said him that I m feeling guilt so..to save me 4m dat guilt may b he stolen papers….n this pragya gang cannot understand n cme to reality…they have drawn box across them..n they r in dat…they are unable to c out of box…n PRECAP is worst…I hate it!!! Even though v Fnd abhi getting doubt instead of investigating he jst takes chill pill..n quarrel with pragya dat’s it!!! Noff of diz crapppppp

  3. Pri

    Bakwas…epi always show fake promo..just dragging CV are trying yonshow only greedy wins..atleaat in rerl show good wins over bad.already in reality only bad wins…near excepted such a crap..so stupid. Jut dragging dragging.tanu is not going to be exposed. No other track.Bakwas full of Bakwas.

  4. Pri

    Abhi will have doubt.but in next moment will believe tanu and not pragya.he is like man with no back bone doenot think every to g is clear in front of him yet he pent want see or accept it.its better I quit kkb

  5. Sahithi

    Okay if I am right this is epi# 550. My last for KKB. Done with it finally after watching today, in fact I stopped half way before the epi ended. If I watch this show any more its a question on my own intelligence n sanity than of the writers n their characters.

    Love love love you so much Sriti n Shabir but it’s finally bye. Hopefully u guys will pick a better show next. And I will get to watch u if not together at least separately in better characters.

    • :)

      Watch kasam ? aND bahu hamari Rajni kant. I left kkb months ago I couldn’t take the torture to my intelligence any longer, but for the love of abhigya I came here to read the updates☺. Now even the updates seems unbearable?

    • stepphyrao

      Yes agree KKB is reaching its height of stupidity & total frustration terms of script . Tanu is just becoming unbearable. I mute her whenever she even breathes. But do read the write ups n give thy input. I believe if the CVs dont wake Abhis character at least by todays episode then i m very sure the trps are gonna trip for sure. Theres so much even a no brainer audience can tolerate. Economics will tell you that as in the law of diminishing returns. So do return lady….

    • "Revelation "

      Omg!!!! This is really the ultimate. Have to agree with you Sahithi that the CVs really poke fun at our intelligence. To sit s
      through & watch Takhil shoot crap out of their trap especially with team Pragya knowing Takhils truth. Such a mockery of our intelligence.
      Pls God make KKBs trp drop by leaps as Ekta & team mock loyal viewers of the show. At least you God who is a fair God be fair to the viewers & punish the disrespectful, cunning & senseless cvs of kkb who have been using their cheap script writing & taking the loyal viewers of KKB for a ride & destroying the craft of the talented cast of KKB. THY WILL BE DONE!!

    • shobana

      Its completely ur wish to watch the show or to quit but pls don’t stop commenting.

    • Well sahithi agree with ur reasons and facts. It’s completely as ur wish. But I will want to say that don’t stop watching after coming very- very near of ending if this track, when u have tolerated since long till now. Tabhi’s wedding sequence is on the way in upcoming episode according to shikha Singh and most probably tanu’s game will get finish in this wedding sequence with this track. Pragya and team is going to giving up but I think we r going to get our old abhi back in these upcoming episodes which we were wishing to watch since long. Almost exposure ended by abhi with a bang and blast so this once also is going to b that level’s. We have tolerated lots of rubbishness, illogical things, evilness, tanu’s screeching, evil’s plannings and plottings and their annoying victory, abhi, pragya’s differences and their pain of seperation, all positive characters dumbness and their vanished charm of their characters in this whole tanu’s pregnancy’s track, which annoyed and irritate us a lot. But now when it’s time to get all if these torchers result which is suppose to b going gud even blasting so don’t stop here to watch the show. Just keep little more patience until tabhi’s marriage sequence, if then also nothing will happen then u can leave the show to watch even I will stop to watch it. But till then I think u should watch it. Rest is ur wish.

    • gowtham

      sahithi.. yr wish to quit… but do update your comments…. bcoz people like yours and pratikshas comments only made me comment here… so dnt juz simply go.. where are you reply….. must

    • Reji

      Sahithi i can’t force u to watch ….but pls continuously comment yaar ….I like ur comments so much…pls be commenting ..

  6. susila

    Really cvs r testing our patience. Enough of watching this stupid track . If two episodes r nice then remaining will be bored. How evils alone will win at all time cha

  7. Abhigya

    Precap is disgusting y is pragya apologising that idiot tanu now I can’t tolerate this more ?but abhi thinking that people are hiding things from him this is the only good thing in today’s episode..else it was a waste tanu slapping purab is also disgusting…what to say more…It doesn’t seems like I will watch Monday’s episode….will only read the update…Ah! precap is seriously irritating me…………….??

  8. Pri

    To gain trp thy show abhigya scenes..create hope and again CV some on same place hardly 550 epi comp with one track .still no imp ..he come tanu get succeed in all her plan and pragya fails..o other how dragged a twist for 250 epi

  9. Naveen

    Tho think Pragya will accept abhi and tanu marriage now and she will leave Mehta house next with in 2 2 3 days or waste of watching now probu and akash taken big mistake now what abhi do now abhi now the tanu truth now

  10. Such a heart wretching episodes and they had to give us on weekend itself spoiling the mood of the weekend crap……guys now our doubts of will exposure take place or not is confirmed exposure should definitely take place otherwise marriage will definitely happen. …….watever tanu has crossed all the limits I hope tanu’s exposure should make up for all this dragging

  11. Pri

    All Balaji shows hero marries to thrice etc..and bad wins always.. Its my fault following such a show.where there is no logic and realistic.. Only at initial stage thy show all.later Bakwas. No rock str will be as dumb as abhi.atleaat thy will think .here he never thinks.just to have a hero is show thy kept..to maintain trp abhigya scenes.not using the talents of actors well ..when CV doenot want to show kumkum of pragya thn y u keep the show name as kumkum bhagya.its better pragya move on And live a happy life.either abhi shld be strong and speak for his love .he does nothing and doesnot take step to find the truth.

  12. gowtham

    guys clear me if i am wrong… initially tanu was not aware of prgya… thn through aaliya… she comes to knw prgya and rachana are against her… then by her talent she finds purab also working for pragya… but in wat way she comes to knw about aakaash…. today only she comes to knw or erlier days itself she knew?? coz if she knows that tday only thn y she is not getting shocked… and now she comes to knw all of them are against her…. except dadi…. but she is not feeling for anythng…. easily saying to call the police… but ahe doesnt even afraid a bit… if someone says the truth it ll go against her…. nikhil thnks logically and stops her… and really really precap sucks… to save purab and aakash she mighy accept…. wat is juz holding jer i dnt knw…. why doesn’t she open her mouth?? many times this question only arises?? and abhi is getting improved with his thinking day by day… old rockstar qe are about to see… i knw it ll be abhi to expose tanu… but somehow prgaya ll stop the marriage.. but the exposure part ll be done by our rockstar only.. m preety much sure in this… and whn rachu says prgya is not ready to give away properties.. abhi says i didnt ask about that…… that conversation was nice…. and the dream part and he fell down frm the bed shows how much he always thnks about prgay…. and juz thnk guys if this much love has, during tanus exposing day…. hw will be hia anger towards tanu?? waiting fr that day and to c shabbir acting skills on that day….

    • shobana

      I think since rachana is aakash’s wife, she might have thought aakash is also with Pragya.
      If Tanu is so brilliant she would have find abt dadi too. Because today abhi told to Tanu that dadi and rachana is hiding something from him.
      The best thing is after a long year now only abhi finds that all are hiding something from him.
      And this Tanu how dare she is . How she will slap purab. I shocked to see that scene

  13. Always this bullshit.after this many things happened now only abhi felt something is wrong.for how many years r u going to drag this tanu story.tanu is atleast 1 and half year pregnant.when r u going to end this blo*dy serial.

  14. Brintha

    Today i really banged my head on wall… iyo iyo… pragya standing like a statue.. iyo iyo.. monday tho folding hands infront of tanu… what else.. Tuesday she will be touching tanu feet by begging,… what all nonsense just because tbis dadi not opening her mouth.. instead today’s episode i wud hv watched puli 4 times..

  15. So finally it looks like that pragya and team is going to give up after failing from each and every sides and it seems like gowtham’s words r going to prove correct. Giwtham now I can say that everything will depend on abhi from here. After losing every hope, pragya will give up in front of tanu and she will accept tanu’s demand for saving purab and akaash. So now it seems we will see tabhi’s marriage sequence in upcoming episodes. Most parts of episode were full of negativity but positive part is this that abhi finally have started doubting on the things. He wants to query about what’s wrong. So I think he will got to mitali bhabhi to asks from her about what is going on in this dark night. But I think there he will end up meet with raaj and raaj will finally tell him about tanu’s truth that she is carrying someone else’s baby, not his. Raaj doesn’t know about nikhil, I think so from here abhi will start his game to finish tanu’s game, if I m not thinking wrong. He will try to find out tanu’s baby’s father to expose and punish tanu at the end wuth her baby’s father. Till then he will play hia game with tanu like he played in mms track to get to know about who is the mastermind of the mms plan. Raaj and abhi’s talk portion could b hide but will show in future after exposure of tanu. So this episode is indicating only towards this possibility. In promo also pragya just showed her confident but they didn’t showed on which bases she us showing her confidence but abhi gets stop when he about to put kumkum on tanu’s maang so i think cvs wants to shiw by that promo that abhi is pragya’s kumkumbhagya and they r destined to b together so no one can seperate them when destiny will play it’s game. So if I m thinking right and gowtham’s words r also true then it’s time to game of destiny who will b make pragya win by abhi. Well let’s see. But taaliya and nikhil pissed us today.? Enough now their victory, it’s time to watch their defeat and punishment.

    • Shikha Singh aks aaliya posted a latest pic of her on her instagram account. She is in wedding function’s outfit. She has written below her pic that we r ready for tanu and abhi’s wedding! But she has put exclamation mark so it’s clear that we will see tabhi’s marriage sequence in upcoming episode but marriage will not take place, for sure. So it means we can expect to watch tanu’s track and chapter’s end soon.

      • The

        Hey no shika is preparing for her real wedding PA. She casually put it.do you think track will end now.it will take at least 1more month guys.

      • Aishwarya

        Prathiksha i think the viral news in fb was right i think abhi were heared all from a distance and now he will became our old rockstar i wish tat my guess should be true n what ur guess guyzzz???

    • gowtham

      thanks fr saying this pratiksha…. and as u said after seeing the precap it very much certain…. but fr any resons, i will not atop watching it.. bcoz we bare this much so everything is nearer and abhis hand is gonna do some big things… so definitely i will not quit…. and i thnk aftr this, the line can go two ways… either abhi maaries tanu on doubt to find wats going on…. secnd way ll be on the marriage day itself truth will come out… either ways all in abhis hand…rockstar s gonna rock

      • Right gowtham even I will also not stop watching it after coming so near of the end and after tolerating so much crap and things in this whole track since long. It’s time to get results of our patience which we kept since long to watch it’s climax and worst condition and punishment of evils like taaliya and nikhil, specially takhil’s. So when I saw their evilness, their victory so why I do not watch their fall down. I will definetly watch it till the tabhi’s wedding for sure. Tabhi’s wedding will not happen for sure but if CVS will turn it also in worst then only I will leave the show to watch. But till then I will watch it. I m eagerly waiting to watch our old rockstar back with the bang and blastic and worst end of takhil’s evil games.

    • shobana

      Prathiksha now I am also thinking the same only that atlast abhi is the one going to expose. Because aft watching today episode I don’t find possibility for Nikhil to join Pragya and co.
      I’ve said yesterday itself that Pragya will look confident while sharing and because executing plans but aft execution only Tanu will be confident.
      The CVs are showing repeatedly same thing that Pragya getting defeated each and every time aft her plan has been executed.

  16. Silent reader

    Wat the hell?!! That tanu slapped purab?????!!!! She should get slapped from bulbul for that! Nd all this draggin is not needed! And about pragya shes so irritating! Y is she begging that idiot! Writers plz end this serial! The only serial in which evil always win! In english serials nd all they will just end it in one episode but there more than 200 episodes! Tired of this crap! They r showing abhi as a dumb! Ugh if purab tells abhi wont he believe?? Ok leave purab wat abt raj? Even if he tells he wont believe??!! Ok leave raj! The so called dadi! He wont believe her huh??! Ok leave everyone think about his love! Fuggy! If he doesnt believe her then its not even love! Stupid writers! Insulting love nd marriage! When all this comes to an end plz abhi fight wit ur family for not telling u! They r treatin u like a kid! Whenever abhi comes they change topic as if they r big ppl nd abhi is too small to understand! We do like this only to kids in our house!

  17. karthika

    guys i didn’t see today’s episode also.I feel like crying.but i read this written update.tanu slapped purab.now a days tanu is becoming unbearable for me.she hav attempted many crimes but she’s feeling any guilt and accuses team pragya.i thought alia might have help purab.but she didn’t go inside.in precap why is pragya apologizes to tanu???guys i think she’s pretending of asking apology.i’m just saying it becoz i didn’t see her facial expression as i only read written updates.if she really apologizing to tanu????tanu is juzt disgusting.abhi finds something fishy about dadi and rachna.everytime they r fooling viewers by giving clues that abhi is up to something.so if he even finds strange in their behaviour,he feels hesistant to intellect about it.he’s not instigating himself to know the truth.if even pragya instigates him indirectky,then tanu vamo is doing her melo-drama and fooling him.

  18. Oh god!! guys wat’s this……how dare this tanu ??……..actually purab shuld have slapped her ……he thought that she is pregnant ….no he have to slap her……..becoz of this baby she is going too much …….now the precap is making me more upset ….i can’t see pragya folding her hands before tanu and saying sorry………..now i am sure purab and akash will not get arrested …….becoz pragya will save them ……..now this aliya ….so she didn’t enter inside……becoz to make a good image before purab….and shobana u were right …….this aliya is trustworthy ……if she has any benefit means definitely she jump to that side……..i thought that abhi will come to the lawyer office and truth will be exposed ……but all turned ulta(upside down) ………so guys let’s make a clear conclusion ……so now tanu put a condition that she have to accept their marriage ……..so this means i think police r on the way to arrest purab and akash….so only pragya apologized ……..now i think pragya will accept that condition to save akash and purab ………..becoz in that situation pragya shuld accept it …..and after that only she have to do something to stop tabhi’s marriage ……….and the emotional thing in today’s episode is …..really abhi can’t live without his fuggy (pragya) even a second……becoz when he dreamt that pragya is going out from this house tears rolled down from his eyes ……so i felt his pain ……and the funny thing in today’s episode is abhi rolled down from the bed and the way he searched for pragya i mean under the bed cupboard and all was funny ………and finally my doubt is ..i think pragya will accept tanu’s condition …….wat do u think guys ??…….will pragya accept tanu’s condition??….

    • gowtham

      reji nala vela ne episode pakala…. feel happy fr that…. one of the wrst epsiodes la ithum onu…. and finally my guess is right…. it ll be abhi in the end who ll do the finishing wrk…. i will not quit the show juz bcoz of marriage is happening…..??? we bare this much.. so i thnk we shuld not quit and watch it fr the sake of abhgya….. wat u thnk??

    • shobana

      I too wont quit gowtham. Few days back when Pragya was in drunken stage my mom scolded me y u r watching these kind of prog . Aft that alia with wine glass. Oh god my mom don’t like such scenes. I didn’t say anything. As Pragya’s expression was cute u continued to watch. And I have tolerated this show more than a yr maybe within a month or 2 Tanu will be exposed. For that y should I leave this show. This is the only and only show im watching. So at any cost I wont leave it.

  19. karthika

    hey reji.theri padam eppidi irududhu.semma theriya irudhudha.did u had good time with ur family.by the way i like vijay but i’m a diehard fan of DHANUSH.my frnds yamini,gandhi rajan,s.janani,haritha,r diehard fans of vijay.in this gandhi rajan will be more curious for all vijay films.sometimes clashes will arrive in our class due to these fan issues.some will be thalai fan and some thapathi fan they’ll juzt fight with eachother.

  20. and tamil friends…i came home late after watching theri ……any vijay fans r here means sorry for it …..actually i am not fan for anyone …….just watching movies only that’s it ……..unmaiya sollanu na padam ethir paartha alavukku illa …….mokka pottanga ………the villains r shooting samantha radhika ……tap tap …….that’s it …….aal finish !!……..ha ha……..but hat’s off to nainika…..guys nainika is actress meena’s daughter only na??……..her performance was really good she was so cute ….and actor rajendran did so many comedy..and the songs were little boring except jithu jilladi ….that one song only stood in my mind ……ok anyways …….those who r going to watch this movie…i am saying we can watch this movie one time for ur wish that’s it ……..and if any vijay fans r here so sorry if i hurted u ……my class friends r mostly vijay paithiyanga ….they were mad for vijay…if i say anythng abt vijay movie means they will kill me…… ha ha

    • Reji

      Tamil friends intha comment padinga …theri experience eppadi irundhuchunnu comment panni irukken. .

      • hai reji. iam vijay fan and of course ilike ajith.nainika’s acting was awsome as it is in her genes.but really expect panna allavukku onnum illa.

  21. and gowtham shobana and karthika ennachu …?? i went to last episode written update’s page …..there one girl named harini her comment was deleted ……and gowtham and karthika neenga antha comment la romba kobama irundheenga …..if u want u can share with me…….otherwise sorry……

    • gowtham

      reji its not needed fr u vidu….. sari solu hw was the movie??? njoy wd yr family?? share your views….. about nainika?

    • gowtham

      sry fr being rude reji…. but its not needed fr u…. thank god u didnt read that comment… chi wrst ever comment…. leave that…. dnt mistake me fr being rude…

    • navi

      thank god u dnt read tat comment n watch strday’s episode.. I hav my semester tmrw.. even though I have my sem Im watching tis serial aftr so many days.. last one week oly I strtd again to watch.. bt I feel I wasted half an hour without studying ;-(.. Reji sme ppl dnt even thnk of their self respect n comment sme abusive thngs on net.. those ppl nevr care abt othrs.. ppl who read tat comments feels disgusting than the ones who comment.. frgt it Reji..

      • gowtham

        sem exam ah…. all the best navi do well…. do concentrate more on exams…. whn u return kkb ll in same stage.. so do concentrate more on studies….

      • Reji

        So navi all the best for ur semester …nalla pannu pa…and don’t worry I think tomorrow also situtation will be like this only i thinl so….

    • Reji

      Ok …ok leave it….don’t again think abt it shobana karthika and gowtham…sorry ..I can understand…that how cheaply some commented…ok anyways let’s leave it…and be happy hi fi? ?? If u want to give hi fi to me …type hi fi in the comment box and post it comment ok??

  22. stepphyrao

    Gosh CVs can there be some fair play & logic to your script plssss. How can your script be so dated. Pragya begging Tanu for Purabs & Akash foolishness.
    Couldn’t this part of the script at least be intelligently written at least to equal challenge to both Pragya & Tanu to make the challenge look interesting
    Its too low down & ridiculous especially when Tanus secret is known to half of MM. Personally to me, Tanu & team look stupid
    esp Takhil.
    If Abhi doesn’t suspect anything, it wld be totally ridiculous!!!
    I hope Raj reappearance will make some
    sense. As he knows Talias truth. And lives up to his commitment that he will protect Abhi as per script.
    KKB script is just leaving too much gaps & insensibility .
    Purvi so iilogically admits to her greed & Prags kidnap.
    Vijay the killer is no more being investigated.
    Its been 4 mths since Bulbuls re-entry.
    Ronnie & Abhis PA (I forget her name) are no more to be seen.
    Indu dasi who said she will be keeping an eye on Alia is suddenly mia (missing in action)
    Pls CVs this is the 21st century. Pls stop killing something that was once a good and unusual story.
    Terribly disappointing! !!!!

    • shobana

      Whoever says that I will keep an eye on alia will go missing
      First raj said later he was not shown then purab said he too was missing for somedays say vactional leave. Now Indu dasi went invisible. Just to make audience stick to the show and to give fake hope they are showing these kind of scenes

  23. Mishika

    So for this day i was watching it? ?
    Bullshit! How u can lower down good peoples? Writers really u need to get some life!

  24. shabana.

    did pragya is fool she had proof na she can also blackmile tanu why did she ask sorry to tanu the 3idiots alia nikhil tanu stupids i had cried seeing abhi’s emotional dream abhi u r not deserve to be a such a big rockstar he loves pragya he knows she is hiding something then why abhi is not interested in pragya and dont taking any step to find the truth eagerly waiting for tabhi’s wedding atleast in that pragya can revele the truth easily she wants to fight for her kumkum and one thing abhi dont want fight against pragya when knowing the truth the story wants a turning point only abhigya’s romance imagine guyz wow….it wants to be fantastic….

  25. Mittenzz

    I read that this series is set to go off air in May 2016. That means Tanu’s truth is not far in coming out. Abhi will be told about Pragya trying to expose Tanu’s truth but keeps failing. Don’t know if this is where Raji comes in as he is now back in the show or he found out through some other means, but he will find out. The question is, will he let Pragya know he knows and help by secretly gathering evidence? Will he tell Pragya outright and they join hands in exposing Tanu? I think he’s gonna play along with Tanu’s charade until the final end when she feels all is well and she’s won, then bring hers and Nikhil’s truth in front of all at the wedding?
    There’s never a better game played when you get your opponent to show his hand. Tanu…, game, set, match…LOSE!!!!!!

    • tanvi

      Really? Kkb is going off air in may 2016 ?? That means we wont be able to watch abhigy’s married life !!!!! I’ll really miss kkb

  26. Fowziya

    Uffff Thank God i didnt watch the epi today.. even while reading the update am getting distressed ? !
    NOO COMMENTS !! ??

    • shobana

      I was shocked to see Tanu slapping purab. Oh god don’t know still how much we have to bear.

      • Fowziya

        Same here Shob.. i was too shocked??! How dare is she.. tchheey such a disgusting grotty charactere..! I think she deserves more slaps in her face ?

  27. Y d hell is pragya apologizng thy tannu? Fr wt?? Tannu is shwng hr attitude n sayng so mny thngs n pragya is peacefully listening to hr.. it shud hv been d opposite.. i dnt undrstnd dis bullshit.. y cnt dumb pragya opn hr mouth…. whn she hs d biggest support… dadi wit hr??

  28. Juhi

    The producers are doing an excellent job as all of you are still watching and complaining. They want rating and they are getting. Unless all stop watching and writing all these gcooments, they will realise they are losing audience. Sorry guys we are supporting the producers indirectly. Bye.

  29. KKB - to be hater

    It’s very disgusting.. If tahil put purab n akash in jail n d same tym they have to answer to abhi as well rit. And pragya character is not worth for lead role.. Bcoz I never seen this kind of dump.. Frustration level is getting increased by watching this serial..

  30. stepphyrao

    Yes agree KKB is reaching its height of stupidity & total frustration terms of script . Tanu is just becoming unbearable. I mute her whenever she even breathes. But do read the write ups n give thy input. I believe if the CVs dont wake Abhis character at least by todays episode then i m very sure the trps are gonna trip for sure. Theres so much even a no brainer audience can tolerate. Economics will tell you that as in the law of diminishing returns. So do return lady….

  31. Revathy

    Friends, audience should watch serials only upto some time i.e. upto where we are satisfied. Later shift to another new serial. Because after original story directors/writers just play with audience. In this serial story is upto pragya retutns after accident and exposed tanu and aliya. Rest all story is bakwas.

  32. I wish precap shld b dream..
    Then it vl nice
    Else it vl worst..
    CVS plz put an end for this tanu’s drama.?
    V r frustating day by day cing of tanu?

  33. karthika

    i just can’t bear one thing why this pragya is always bowing to the evils???after a long tapasya we hav got end for this track.as per as pratiksha’s information tabhi’s marriage will put end for this track.we all hav successfully came to the last phase of tanu’s track.we all shud appreciate ourself for our patience.even though the serial hav been dragged for years to complete thus track we didn’t leave it,we supported it in all situation….as pratiksha said abhi will finally put an end card for this track perhaps…becoz pragya fell down in all sides…will this track end like the mms track?????surely tabhi’s marriage will not happen….but i’m very curious to know how their marriage gets call off in front of tanu’s eyes??she ‘ll dream that she’ll get abhi,become rich and fame.but sorry thumbs down for u tanu.abhi is only made for pragya.they r destined for each other….abhigya forever…..lots of love for u abhigya……..

  34. karthika

    hey all my dear frnds and shobana sis,i hav posted episode:15 of my ff..i hope u will read it….

  35. God Of Hell ??

    welcome to the world of hell ekta and team of KKB writers we are having a special place for u here u can enjoy fully here and ur tortures are more than enough for those who have committed a sin so I God of hell decided that u will come here and assist me ??????????

  36. I think story writer doesn’t know how to control the track of the story……… This serial will be a flop in Tamil Z Tamil channel……

  37. Nithi

    So again pragya wil cry fr loosing. ..
    and she will go to her mom n tell tat wil leave d house…
    again she will plan sumthing…by d time tabhi marriage will take place……other pragya team members will watch how everuthing is happing without opening their mouth

    atlast everyone fooled Abhi well….

    good going…..

  38. navi

    Epo tha indha unmai theriyum..?! kadupae agala.. nxt week kulla therinjurum nu nenakara bec if aaliya s thr in wedding sequence na they ll finish it of soon.. bec aaliya ll tak a brk fr hr wedding.. so within 2weeks they ll finish it off.. bt guys I have a doubt tat ll tanu b xposed on wedding or js wedding alone ll b stopped..?! if it s the second case I ll nt watch tis show at al

  39. Tanu is a snake , full of poison…but a fool also. She should know what her condition will be one day , when Abhi will come to know about the truth. But Pragya and her gang are shown as real stupids for hiding such a serious thing from Abhi. It is time now Abhi to know the truth .dragging this serial more and more is losing its charm by boring the viewers to such bad extent… KB can take a different interesting turn by ending Tanu’s betrayal. KB makers apna dimag chalao intend of giving nagin Tanu to spit so much venom.Enough yaar ,take this episode to much better level where positivity wins .

  40. We have been discussed about the upcoming and it’s possibilities above now let’s discuss about yesterday’s episode’s reviews. Tanu and nikhil both came to catch purab and akaash, together with aaliya. Tanu came it was understood but why aaloya and nikhil came with her when there was no use of them. After knowing it that purab is there, did nikhil came to reveal himself in front of him?,when he was afraid to expose in front of abhi. And aaliya! If she was want to hide her truth from purab that she is helping tanu then why she came there with her? I was little surprised when purab got slapped by tanu but aaliya didn’t do anything even she didn’t showed a single expression of anger on her face for tanu. Tanu calls the police to arrest purab and akaash but then also she doesn’t stop her, except nikhil. Even, in precap tanu threatens pragya to make them arrest then also it’s pragya who us ready to save purab and akaash from tanu by saying sorry with fold hands in front of a disgusting and cheap girl and ready to sacrifice her love for them, when she have no relationship with them now after Bulbul’s death and after getting divorce from abhi. But aaliya, who claims to love purab and to get him and who is the sister of akaash too, she does nothing for saving them. It was not at all surprising becoz when she cheats her own real brother abhi then why she will care for cousin brother but purab, for whom she is helping tanu, she does nothing to save him and to teach tanu lesson to slap him even a once. It was surprising for me. But then I thought that she has become just like tanu in her company which is no one’s except ownself. So this kind of behavior is expectable from her. Purab and akaash could get the bail from jail but CVS don’t want as they want to pragya give up and abhi on work from now, I think. That’s why they suddenly showed this much suspicion in abhi’s mind regarding most of the peoples and that’s why abhi was putting so much pressure on his doubts, first time ever in this whole track. So I think now here CVS will use abhi and raaj’s equation to make a set up for climax. Tabhi’s wedding is going to happen without abhigya’s divorce! I mean I don’t think so that by any trick divorce could happen in just a day or in just few days, it takes time minimum three- six months to complete. But they r going too fast for showing tabhi’s marriage sequence by leaving all the logical fact keeping aside and if tabhi’s marriage will happen then it should only use for tanu’s exposure and the climax of this track. Tanu’s victory and her evilness has crossed every limits now. Her presence has become most worst and unbearable thing not only in abhi’s life and house by illegally and unfairly claiming on him, even not in kkb also. We have been seen already so many evil victories of her. Now I don’t think so that more needs to show as now only last part is left which is tabhi’s wedding. So in this sequence, CVS have to expose her finally and finish her track now. That’s it.

    • shobana

      If alia stopped Tanu from calling police then alia will caught and her image infront of purab will be damaged. Still now alia is claiming that she has changed and said that she is not the old alia, so to maintain that alia might stay away from that situation. But prathiksha atlast Nikhil along with alia told Tanu not to call police if so they too will caught.
      I too think that raj and abhi conversation will be hidden and at the time of exposure they will reveal. If raj and abhi jointly expose Tanu means it will be good. Then what about sarla ma ??? She is recovering well. Do u think that she too will play a crucial role in exposure ????
      And one more thing prathiksha, yesterday while abhi talking to tanu in phone he said dadi and rachana is hiding something from him. Tanu already already knows that Rachna is pragya side since abhi took dadi’s name along with Rachna there is chance for tanu to identify dadi is also a part of pragya’s plan. If tanu identify that then there is nothing for pragya to hide.
      Tanu abhi marriage preparations will start but I feel marriage wont happen it may be stopped by either tanu’s exposure or by the loop holes in divorce

      • gowtham

        correct maariage will be stopped either by the exposure.. or loop holes in the divorce…. and i agree if the conversation between raj and abhi is hidden and revealed at the ens it ll be good…. i dnt thnk tanu is aware of dadi… whn abhi talking to tanu, he says dadi and rachu hide something.. but he didnt say both of them are in same place.. so tanu wont get doubt on dadi….i dnt thnk tanu has reacted that much at that time…sarla ma will be definitely a part in exposure shobana…. she ll help abhi juz enugh to say the truth…. that is more than enough from her side… lets see the further episodes

      • What i think guys that tanu will not use abhigya’s divorce for her marriage as it’s not possible that divorce happen in just few days or in hours. So I think she will use mutual consent agreement for her wedding with abhi. Like she was putting condition in precap in front of pragya that she have to accept her and abhi’s marriage so I think tanu will take pragya’s sign on mutual consent papers, according to which pragya will not have any problem with abhi’s marriage with tanu and she have to accept their marriage. I think on this bases, tanu will move ahead for marriage.

      • shobana

        Prathiksha if they moved through mutual consent then the marriage will be stopped only through exposure only.
        Lets see tomorrow wat tanu is upto

      • Sahithi

        Prathiksha that will be biggest blunder from writers then, as mutual consent papers don’t have legal value. A court order is necessary for legal separation more because Abhi is getting married again. Else his marriage with Tanu will b invalid.

    • Pratiksha now suddenly i have a doubt ……actually raj betrayed abhi…….and abhi was so angry and restless and felt worry abt him…….so now if raj say that tanu is bearing someone’s child means….will abhi believe him??……..

      • Off course when raaj will say that tanu was involved with him and aaliya in all the conspiracies against pragya from the day one of pragya’s come back and when he will say that aaliya told him about tanu’s truth to him in starting befire getting involved with them in all the planings and plottings against both abhi and pragya to snatch abhi’s wealth and property from pragya. But he didn’t tell abhi about tanu as he was want to ruin abhi by every sides. Then abhi will definetly believe on him.

  41. Abhi, Gadha, should marry Tanu and be father of najayaz bacha. He deserves that punishment for betraying Pragya and for believing the leach Tanu. Insaan ko sahi aur galat ka farak malum Honaz zaroori hai.in the 1st episode itself Abhi understood Tanu was more focused on fame &wealth and being greedy also.. He didn’t love Pragya but also knew Tanu was not right partner for him. The hero of this show is shown the most stupid and foolish person being betrayed by close people one after another and he not capable of understanding the broth cooked behind him by such people. It na bewcoof how a hero can be portrayed… only in Ekta ‘ s serials such thing happen.

  42. gowtham

    and reji now u r 11th right… so 12th portion start panirupanga… inum knja naal ah you ll be busy in 12th portions…. often ah comments panala na paravala apo apo comment here…. and do concentrate more on 12th…..

      • karthika

        hi reji.ippo ni 11th std poga poriya.illa 12th ah.i’m confused.en kekurena naan inime dhan11th poga poren.by the way all the best for ur studies frnd and wish me the same.becoz naanum 11th poga porela…new phase of our life is going to start i will also miss all of u guys …but i ll make sure i’ll comment and chat with u all in week end…reji.i’m sorry that i didn’t reply for ur comment.becoz the girl commented more abusive things..which is really disgusting and unbearale one..so only.i hope u ll understand…ok once again best of luck yaaaar….

      • karthika don’t wry i am younger than u only…….my parents admitted me in school so soon …….so only …..actually now only i have to go 11th…..anyways all the best………

      • Aishwarya

        Hey reji same pinch i m qlso 12th now portions were started what about u n which grp ur studying

      • gowtham

        so neenga elarum…. gonna face 12th…. concentrate more…. why m saying this often is that i was state third in tenth… but 12th sariya concentrate panla… so school frst kuda vara mudila…and it affected the rest of my studies. as a senior am saying do concentrate more… coz 12th is the base fr everythng that u gonna fo after… so concentrate more abd study well all…

      • gowtham

        juz nw gonna complete my studies… gonna join HCL in couple ofmnth… waiting for offer letter… which is not my aim… but wat to do?? my aim is to be in teaching side…. but nothing goes in my way….. campus la y select aanom nu thonuthu….mom insists me to join… so going to join…. ithan my current status navi….

      • Congrats Gowtham ……..you chosen a very nice profession ……..actually teaching is a gud profession ………i also want to become a teacher ……..but my parents wish is to become a doctor so only …….

      • gowtham

        mediical ah reji…. good….wrk hard to getthat… actually enaku medical intrest ila… my mom insisted that time too… she said u got good cut off marks y dnt join medicals nu… i simply refused it…. en char ku hospital lam yosuchu kuda paka mudiathu… so u have guts… i appreciate it… nala padi… and get yr goal….

      • navi

        al the best 12th guys..!! Do well.. get gud marks n gt seat in top colleges n do ur best.. wishing u success in forthcoming yr..

  43. Sahithi

    Guys I am very glad that there are a lot of friends here who like my comments. Very happy to know that.

    Actually we all have seen more episodes which were like real torture to audience, but yday was like heights. I switched off TV and then in IG I saw Aaliya post from Abhi Tanu marriage. Added to that I saw later precap for Monday. That was like final thing, why r the writers showing such nonsense. Thats when I was very upset to see it any further.

    As per promo, the marriage will be stopped next week, so it is matter of 4-5 episodes may be. So all of us who have been patient till now, wouldnt mind watching one more week. But this week would be more painful to watch. And what I dont understand is why are they spoiling such a beautiful show to such an extent, ppl start hating it and run away from it.

    Anyways, as we all had this doubt, after seeing the promo, how will marriage happen when most ppl in MM know the truth of Tanu’s baby, both the evil side n Pragya team. How will Daadi let the marriage happen in front of her own eyes. So I guess yesterday episode was answer for that. As seen in precap, to save Purab n Akash, Pragya will promise Tanu that she wont spoil Tanu’s marriage. So she will accept the divorce, mostly, and also like she took promise from Abhi to get married to Tanu, this time, she will take promise from Daadi, Akash, Purab, Rachna that they wont say anything against this marriage. Since Madam Pragya will promise to Tanu, everyone else in MM will ultimately keep their mouth shut.

    Thats what I understood from yday epi, like how Pragya got drunk suddenly and signed papers for the divorce to happen, suddenly Purab n Akash went to the lawyer’s place and got caught so that a situation is created for everyone to keep quiet and let the marriage happen. Also, to not let audience feel Purab n Akash didnt help Pragya, such a scene seems to be created.

    And coming to Abhi knowing truth, I have lost all hope on that, he will know just before putting kumkum. Because as per promo, Pragya is the one who will fight for her kumkum.
    Yday when he got doubt why whole Mehra family is awake, for a moment, I got hope. But after seeing Aaliya’s pic n precap, I felt he will confront Pragya once she is back, but as usual she will get into Mogambo getup and give some random answers that she is not answerable to him, they r no longer related blah blah. And Abhi as usual will keep quiet. Because if he becomes jasoos, it may not go till marriage.

    I am still thinking Pragya will only stop marriage in last minute, either her mom gets well or Raj will bring some proof, but let us see. Anyways I will only read updates till marriage is stopped, as I cant watch all this Pragya-Tanu melodrama anymore.

    I see only one open thing which can be used now, like when Raj was on Aaliya’s side he had access to their secrets n documents. I remember Nikhil mentioning to Tanu way back at start of this track, that he got a DNA test done and he has proof that the child belongs to him. Otherwise Tanu was duping Nikhil also that that is child is not his. If by any chance such document result comes in hand of Pragya with Raj’s help, the game will change.

    • gowtham

      sahithi i too thnk prgya will stop the marriage somehow… but she ll not be able to get the truth out…. but lets see next week it ll be cleared to us…. but next week ending only they ll start the marriage function episode….

      • Lara

        I think….Actually looking at the marriage ..daadi going to b paralyzed…..so abhi gonna get a shock n stop da marriage in the …trying so hard n cudnt approach da fruit….so tanu is double shocked n gonna get pains bcz its almost more than nine months now……so ultimately looking at babies face only abhi realizes the truth….that hes not the father but nikil….bcz da baby is just like nikil…..looking at this wonderful moment….both sarla n daadi gona get out of shock n parlays….but poor pragya cudnt tolerate the situation n going to a coma thinking y did i change n get hatred from all n cud not gain o change anything…..if i cud waited….folding my hands eventually da situation wud hav got settled…..bcz abhi is so dumb n a imotional fool?

      • Mkc

        Ya dadi is going to get shock and hospitalised, sarla going to drop from bed, abhi going to get shock and he will get married in daze with tanu and pragya as usual her plan will not be successful and can only see the wedding taking place. Then the baby will born and abhi is still in shock and doesn’t know what he is doing..he and his family are staying in a poor quarters and pragya is now happily married to a rich man and living in a palace :)…

        The director does not like to show any happiness, even if there is a happiness, it is always a short lived ones….

    • Dude seriously yesterday’s episode when I saw tanu slapping purab I just shut my tv it was the worst episode ever…….and I don’t know why I have a terrible feeling that abhi will marry tanu and probably take 7 rounds and complete the marriage I seriously do think….but the moment it happens it is a permanent tata bye bye to kkb

      • Sahithi

        They can show marriage also, as they r showing 101 nonsensical things. But the next day they will have 0 viewers. I doubt if anyone wud like to watch the show if Tanu turns to b lead.

        Btw, all this frustation, it’s not only about that slap. But why r team Pragya in defensive mode. Why cudnt they guess the conversation between Tanu n Nikhil, when they went aside after Tanu threatened to call Abhi. Why didn’t Purab offer to call Abhi in such situation, Tanu would have run away before Abhi reached.

        Ppl on wrong side r confident n fearless but why shud Purab b scared. Even if this goes to police station n court, Pragya or Abhi will bail them out. But truth would have come out. No, it shud happen only in marriage pandal. Looks like the production team already gave advances for marriage decoration, n for Tanu bridal dress n makeup, so can’t step back now.

        Why does everyone assume Abhi to b stupid and hide things from him. How come Nikhil is involved in processing Pragya’s divorce. Why is Aaliya escorting these folks at night 2. If Purab first picked the phone n rang Abhi, Tanu would have no option but request Purab by holding his legs to let go off.

        But no, MM has a super large fridge where everyone left their brains for safe keeping.

    • Sahithi glad u did respect our thoughts and suggestions. And u will keep continue with us comments. I also can’t tolerate and digest tanu and pragya’s crap anymore as after accepting tanu’s condition, it will get more worst. I think sahithi that tanu will use mutual consent agreement for making pragya agree for her marriage with abhi and later will use to proceed for wedding. She will take pragya’s signatures on those papers so then not only pragya even nobody will stop tabhi’s wedding except abhi. Through this, tanu will get ready for marriage without any hurdle without knowing this fact that there is still something behind which is waiting for breaking her dreams and making her fall down. And this seems to by abhi himself as he have started doubting suddenly on everybody in just an episode, it seems CVS r giving one more but last hope after making audience lose all the hopes in pragya and her team. Abhi could query with pragya but there is no need to pragya to become again mogambo in front of him as for abhi, she has been accepted their divorce and already ready for tabhi’s marriage. So now if only thing will happen between them so it will b just pain, pain and pain of separation from each other. And if as we r guessing that abhi will get to know about tanu’s truth in this same night through raaj then we will definetly watch again revision of MMS track. Becoz everything is now in only abhi’s hands and he will b the only person who could stop this wedding. No pragya, no raaj and not sarla maa any body is not in that condition who could stop wedding in this much speed as fast as wedding is on the way in front of us very soon. So don’t get disappoint from tabhi’s wedding, it is a gud news for us as it could b proved as climax of this track. And mostly chances r there that it will b the end of this longtime game.

      • shobana

        Agree with you prathiksha
        If mutual consent happens then tanu’s exposure is the only way to stop marriage which will happen in next week. Our long waiting will come to an end.
        What I feel we don’t want to put any hope because if cvs has planned something else it will be very difficult for us to bear and everytime when we put hope cvs will change it upside down. But I do think that pragya has lost all her moves now only abhi with someone’s ( raj or sarla ma) help have to expose tanu.

        But aft reading sahithi’s comments I ve this doubt she said that in promo they have shown us only pragya is fighting for her kumkum. According to that if pragya signs in mutual
        consent papers also I think she has a way that day before yesterday she said that she will defeat tanu in her way(i.e by
        cheating) at that time pragya was not aware of purab and Aakash is going to steal the papers. Which means pragya is
        upto something and if she sign paper also she can expose tanu right. Aft exposure abhi wont marry tanu so pragya saved her kumkum. Maybe raj instead of helping abhi what if he helps pragya????
        This is my thought only

    • stepphyrao

      Welcome back Sahithi! !!! Glad you calmed thy nerves & returned to entertain us together with Pratiksha& Gowtham.

      I just one split moment b4 the wedding if it is to take place…for Abhi to slap Tanu! They cld show it after she returns from the lawyers office for going out so late being pregnant & all. Just to satisfy the majority of the viewers.

      Come on CVs …pls 1 slap for Tanu frm Abhi just to quench our appetite. It doesn’t have to make sense at all as u cvs have written lots of senseless dialogues. So a slap for Tanu for senseless sake plssss i beg thee with my 2 folded hands like Pragy did. Since this is no more vaguely on Sense &
      Sensibility. More like SENSELESS SENSIBILITY!!!

  44. susila

    Gowtham we all r saying by next week the truth will come out. Like this many weeks rolled off. CVs r testing our patience. However we all love abighya. Makes us to watch kkb. Any segments today?

    • gowtham

      point…. wat to do… we are still sticking with it…. we have waited so long.. its nearing the end.. so lets wait… susila

  45. Lala

    Tanu and Abhi must marry . The truth will come out years later. Marriage is the biggest joke in thiesevserials.

  46. Guys new update-
    SBB serial express segment-
    Tanu is in her wedding outfit and is all set to marry with abhi, comes to put salt on pragya’s sorrow. She happily shows her outfit to pragya and taunts her. Pragya is upset as usually. But she is not silent completely. She is doing something behind the tanu to stop this wedding. In one clip they shows pragya in room, lying on couch and gets teary eyes. In another clip they shows in her room means abhigya’s room, pragya doing something in draws near music system and looking here there if somebody do not see her. Reporter says that pragya have already planned and set up everything to stop abhi from marry with tanu by showing him something. Reporter asks leena about the sequence then leena says that tanu is happy that she is going to marry with abhi and she is taunting pragya and becoming rude with her becoz tanu is like this so she is trying to put salt on pragya’s injury. Reporter asks from her that if wedding will happen or pragya will stop it. Leena doesn’t give straight answer and says that pragya couldn’t do anything yet so may b wedding will get happen. Segment ends here.

    • Guys I think wedding will get stop by pragya somehow as all of u predicting on the bases of promo but exposure will happen or not at the same time of wedding it’s not clear. May b it will happen but later.

      • karthika

        thanq pratiksha for ur segment update.now pragya will surely stop tabhi’s marriage.it’s like tortoise and hare race.tanu will unestimate pragya and fly in her world amid that pragya will stop marriage.nce again thanx a lot….

      • Ya Pratiksha i also think that wedding will get stop by Pragya…….but still i can’t guess …….wat plan she is going to do ??……..But now i am very sure she is upto do sumthng…..and in the segment …….Pragya is doing sumthng in the music draw system…..she adjusted Abhi’s photo….i think she took Abhi’s photo ………and cried so much………and she went to keep there……that anyone shuld not see her crying…… and in the segment Pragya was wearing another saree……..so this means tabhi’s wedding wedding like after 2 days …..like that…….monday only we can find out that when tabhi’s wedding is going to happen ??……..

      • Brintha

        prathiksha, wedding can’t be stopped without exposure… because tanu closed all the doors herself to be caught… pragya herself giving permission and divorce is already in process… so no reason without exposure she can’t stop the marriage… if i was in writer place i wud hv written sensibly like as per abhi horoscope this is not right time for second marraige and approximately after 6 months it can happen… so story wud hv become interesting without tanu doubting pragya team, and pragya nearing the target achieving the goal.. with in the target period.. it wud hv been more interesting..

    • Sahithi

      Reporters r again saying Pragya has gathered some proof.

      Tanu exposure shud also ideally happen as Pragya showing proofs to stop wedding.

      So Abhi is not going to get any role play in this sequence, it’s ultimately Pragya’s fight for her Kumkum.

    • Ya guys show has become more unpredictable after coming near of it’s end. CVS r showing things and characters like a pendulam which rounds here and there. So sometimes we feels this will happen, sometimes we feels that will happen. But no one can exact predict what will actually happen at the last becoz of constant creating confusion by cvs in show. So I gave up from predicting anything from now and will comment and share my view only on episodes, updates and segments. I m waiting for final scene. May b till then we could get exact thing but moreover we needs only end of tanu’s crap and game. So waiting more for that only.

      • gowtham

        ha ha nice example of bringing pendulum in this…. ? story is like that… but i am not taking my mind frm abhi… aftr all he is the rockstar of kumkum-bhagya…. slightly weak in my brain nowadays.. but he ll gain everything very soon.. juz in one episode he has doubt on all… so this is the sign that writers giving to us….. am not talking about marriage…. maybe marriage be stopped by prgya… but truth ll be revealed by abhi… i am pretty much sure in this….

      • Nithi

        But guys..still im having dbt on pragya…I meant to say she mightnot hav any proof.
        This cvs doing showing these small things to make us fool…

        she will do only crying..never ever open her mouth…

        atlast we everyone will go on mad:(

    • Brintha

      no gowtham plz don’t blame abhi.. he asked 100times before pragya leaving the house any other way to stop pragya going out frm his life… pragya didn’t give time to think also as if tanu will deliver the baby ob 3months she hurru burry took sign and went… we are knowing tanu original character as a viewers.. but for abhu tanu is his girl friend and pregnant because of him.. so his reaction towards tanu is right.. at the same time till now pragya is in mogambo only.. why? aalia, tanu, nikhil everyone knows she is same old pragya and why she is continuing as mogambo and for whar… atleast if she chages as fuggi abhi may get doubt.. that chance also pragya not giving and he abhi will get any clue about what’s happening around him

      • Nithi

        I am totally agree with u brintha.
        im also felt d same.. there is no mistake frm abhi side….pragya is d cause becos of hiding truth frm him…I dunno wat benefit she is getting still hiding d truth…

  47. karthika

    i agree with all of u frnds..in precap tanu said if pragya wants purab n akash out of jail.then she shud not mind in tabhi’s marriage and let the marriage to happen…pragya is helpless so she don’t hav any option other than signing in the mutual consent…i think nikhil have took tanu aside just to give her this idea becoz tanu is not that much intelligent..now tabhi’s marriage sequence will surely gonna happen.team pragya is really helpless.but pragya’ ll not just sit quiet and watch all tamashas…she’ll do something without the knowledge of tanu…i predict that at the end moment it will get failed…at end moment who knows some miracle might happen in the name of our rockstar?we r sure about one thing that tabhi’s marriage will never happen.i hav strong feeling that they’ll put an end card for this tanu’s track….

  48. karthika

    gowtham u r really great.state 3rd in 10th standard.u r intersted in teaching side.now a days no one is interested in this field…teacher is the one profession which makes all profession..u r really appreciatable..actually my father is a teacher.but don’t worry if u aren’t going in the way of ur aim…may be destiny have something greater than that for u in store…actually i’m sorry as i don’t have that much age to advice u..but i’m just saying as a friend..i hope u won’t take me wrong..wish u all success in ur professional life…

    • gowtham

      thank u so much…. ? yeah u r absolutely right… from my childhood days i am dreaming this aim… but wat to do?? fate is written already….. though i got good cut off marks to join medicals, i refused it and told my parents that m not at all interested in medical line… so only joined engg… and now gonna complet this too…. time is running fast and all my dreams too running out fast…. and actually though i got state third, it didnt help me a bit… not able to do wat i wanted to do….

      • navi

        wow Gowtham u hav a vry gud aim.. even I wanted to do teachin.. bt the path I had chose brought me to engg world.. even here u can xplore thngs n latr u can bcme a Gud trainer in ur field itself.. who knws u ll b one of the best trainers in hcl… so ur aim ll also b fulfilled.. lse tryna do ME n bcme a teacher.. sry if I have told smethn wrng.. 🙂

      • Brintha

        no gowtham better go for masters.. nowadays bachelor degrees hv become 12th std… right age we hv to finish our studies.. job any time any where v will get.. what ever gr8 v do in our job ppl won’t be satisfied.. and just having masters ppl just do smart work and benifited.. just my advice as i am 15 years experience working lady… decide u want to do hard work or smart work..

  49. karthika

    don’t worry gowtham..actually my dream is to become a cardiologist.i’m only interested in medicals…i have planned to get good marks in my 12th standard.so that would get good cut off and get selected in merit….to b frank i’m not interested in engineering…my father is saying in case if i didn’t get good cut off for medical he wants me to study engineering….but i’ ll not leave this chance for himm…but i’m sure if i’m selected he’ll be the happiest person…so i have thought to gift this happiness to him….

    • you will give this happiness to ur father karthika …….!! all the best ……..even i too have interest in medicals………my interest is to become gynaecologist……..but still aims will change ……and i have to wait for the fate ……..

    • gowtham

      oh u too medicals ah karthika good…. reji and u have guts both ll get ur dream comes true…. i appreciate it…. if i joined medicals, i would have studied my 4th year now…. but i refused it… till now my relatives blames me fr my decision…. u got good marks but didn’t go wd medicals nu….nala marks edutha medicals than ponuma?? wat u guys thnk?? did i do anything wrong on my decision??

      • gowtham actually in ur family’s point of view …….they thought u would have chosen medicals……but it’s upon ur decision …if without ur interest u took medicals means…..u will not get satisfacton…..and my parents will always tell me ……they will say it’s for ur good …if u didn’t achieve ur doctor’s aim …don’t wry ……move for the next one…….and if u r not interested in doctor try the next one……. so gowtham this is ur life and the decision is urs ……. unakku pudichatha nee sei ……think positive u will achieve it…….

      • shobana

        Congrats for getting 3rd rank in state.
        I want to tell you one thing that don’t believe hcl. Try on some other company or do as per your wish. Because I know abt hcl very well they will fool the freshers in the name of selection. With my own experience im tellin this.

    • shobana

      Good aim karthi and reji
      Work hard on it definitely u ppl will get it.
      And reji since ur 12th std u need to concentrate more on your studies than kkb. I want to tell u one thing, be strong on what you want. Since u said aim will change I’ve said like that. If u keep on changing your aim then you can’t achieve anything. So be fixed to what you want.
      My best wishes to karthi and reji for achieving your goal

  50. Ammu

    Hi Guys,

    I Like your Comments.Im also from TN.I thing bulbul reentry can happen and she will stop the marriage.


    • welcome ammu ……..me too from TN… r u from chennai ??………..and ammu actually now there is not possible for bulbul re-entry ……..becoz kajol is chosen for ashoka series ………..she will portray the role of devi and signed that show becoz ….bulbul’s entry delayed…….and so now there is no possibilities for her entry……Pragya only will do sumthng to stop tabhi’s marriage…..

  51. Raji

    Gowtham dont wary, carry on with ur job first and then u can do ur ME and go to teaching profession which is ur childhood aim….

    nice to see all comments … after a very long time i am seeing the written updates but still the plot has nt changed more than a yr …

  52. Ha ha hahaaa…?now it turns too much funny after reading everybody’s prediction on who will b expose tanu? I think leena must b enjoying all this limelight as her character is getting much attention than others. And if cvs reads all the comments, reviews and discussions on every sites regarding tanu’s exposure then they will b enjoying to create confusion among the audience regarding this track. And I think they will keep continue it until they will get more and more trps. Obviously they r almost reach till the end of this track but they could b stretch it little more before showing it’s end as it is beneficial for them afterall. But seriously guys when I read everybody’s prediction on who will expose tanu, I just laughed so much. This Discussion has become so much funny.??

    • hazel

      I am ur fan pratiksha…… i only cum to dis site more den 5 times a day only to read ur comments…. seriously u have became a star… n we love dat

    • gowtham

      pratiksha…. watever the situation.. we have only two options….
      A) prgaya
      B) abhi
      so, other mm members will help either abhi or prgya… so finally these two only ll reveal the truth…many people here believes in prgya…. some with abhi… so lets c….. why dnt we take a survey here?? guys select option A or B… juz one wrd reply is needed…. shall we start??

    • shobana

      Prathiksha this happens daily in my home. I used read each and every comment and tell to my mom. Today I showed some of the comments to my mom she was laughing ? on reading the comments.

      I must thank each and every ppl commenting here for bringing smile ? in my face. Thank you guys keep commenting

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, I would have preferred some more dragging than this sudden turn of events by showing illogical things. If Tanu is getting ready for marriage, we have to see how they will close the divorce thing. Then what about Nikhil, he wanted the CEO post before the marriage.

      So if we are left with only 4-5 epi max in between, how will all these things be shown. Definitely they will hurry and rush in last minute on important things, but for those rude words n taunting of Pragya by Tanu n Aaliya they will spare more time.

      If they want to show some logic on above 2 points, they should say ‘After 10 days, after 1 month’ something like that.

    • Thank u so much hazel and karthika for this much appreciation and liking my comments. It means a lot for me.
      I joined this site becoz of kkb but now I got more attached with it becoz of all of u guys. If I will say that I m still here even after getting so much annoyed from the present track, then it is becoz of sriti and shabbir and mostly for u guys. U guys r sweethearts and I feels really proud to b the part of such a wonderful group. I mostly spends my lots of time on this site for keeping in touch with u all guys. Even my mom have started complaining from me that I mostly keeps busy on my net all the time.? But then also I can’t keep me away from this site and from u guys, not even for sometimes.? Really guys all of u r so amazing and it’s pleasure to keep in touch with u all through this site by commenting and I wish to keep continue it even after this show also.?

  53. karthika

    u r ryt pratiksha..but i always find something sensible in ur comments and some other frnds like sahithi,gowtham,shobana sis,reji,brintha,navi and all……

  54. guys i am not talking abt kumkum bhagya ….but abt us………actually guys we didn’t know anyone each other here…….and even we didn’t see anyone’s face ……..but i will feel very bored…..without reading my telly updates friend’s comments……..even though i didn’t know anyone here i really sticked to this i can’t be without seeing ur comments even for 1 day……guys u itself tell me……even though without seeing each others face…….one friendship is growing by this………wat do u think guys am i ryt??..

    • Off course reji a friendship could b grow without seeing each other also, if the person is gentle, humble, understandable and sweet and what I feels that all of u guys have all these qualities which helps a friendship to grow even with more strong bond, which is ours.

    • Aishwarya

      Reji enakum apdi dan skl poitu vandadum unga comments lam patha aprm dan endha work um seiya especially prathiksh segment pathi sollirukangala nu pen and all of u like my best frns i read all ur comments neengala nan pathu pesi palagada ennoda best frns u all love u all frns

    • Aishwarya

      Guyzzz n also one thing tat we all r close without seeing each others face frst thanks to hassan n kkb this serial bring us together some time i will read some other serial telly update but no one were growned frns like us they were just sharing abt serial but we r sharing abt our aim personal things n my aim is to complete c.a n go to a good job n earn more money n want wwant built a orphanage for poors in my parents name n i should make grow throughout all d country this is my aim so i should study well when nxt i m gng to write my exams if kkb is on air or ended plzzz remember me n wish me with ur lovable heart frns it will defenitly reach me i know u all will pray for me

    • sheetha

      S reji i too feel the same… i wont comment like u people becos my english is poor… but i read each and ever comment and feel like i have a group of frnds here… and i love all ur comments… i spend my most of the time reading ur comments… i love u all lots…….

      • gowtham

        sheetha dnt ever say yr English is poor…. basic definition of a language is to make people understand. thats all….so nowadays people are not good at their mother tongue itslef…. so language is not at all an issue… …. if u feel to good to tell yr views in tamil or hindi we are ok with that… juz keep commenting…. which is the only thing we want…

  55. reji,karthika,aishwarya guys concentrate in your studies.karthika and reji I wish your dream comes true? .because ennodu akka doctor.and my wish is also to become a doctor.and gowtham wish you too for your dream. and i am going to 10th this year .??and i am also interested in music.i am a piano player?

  56. karthika

    u r aboustely ryt my dear frnd reji…some bond had been created among all us..we r discussing ad sharing everything about our life…i feel the same u r feeling…in fact we all really don’t even know each other.we have no acquaintancy.but the bond that’s created by heart will long lost for ever….actually i’m thinking about that day when kkb will end i’ often getting sad..becoz after that i’m gonna miss all of my frnds…i hav got a lots of love from all of u frnds…thanq all for ur huge love and concern…in fact i was in depression after getting seperated from my 10th frnds.. after coming to this site only i just feel light .i have got the same love with all of u frnds.actually when i posted my first comment,i can still remember that u reji and razia had welcomed me to this page…when i posted about that i’m having exams shobana sis have concerned about my exams and cheered me up….nd all others frnds like gowtham,shwetha,and all other frnds have given such a great love.

  57. karthika

    guys continution of my comment.our frnds from north pratiksha,sahithi have given time to time update for us all by respecting our curiousity towards it.only true frnds will help without any expectations..frnds like navi,fowziya nd all other have given immense love ….

  58. karthika

    gowtham..sorry i’m replying for ur comment here…actually u r 100%ryt by choosing the field that u r interested.in our life we have to take decision that’s comfortable for us.if u hav took medicals half-hearted for the sake of ur relations then u would have feel regret by ur decisions.i think u hav read the poem of robert frost THE ROAD NOT TAKEN. . in that poem poet will be in the dilemma to chose amid two paths..sometimes in our life we’ll face this situation..u hav done a correct thing by choosing the field that u r interested…infact u r inspiration for all who r completing their higher studies…..i’m sorry if i’m making ur ears to bleed….if u feel lyk this then apologize me by cnsidering as a frnd….

  59. razia

    Feeling gud to c this .. Actually first n al I use to feel like y no one is interacting wid others much n jus updating the recent news segments n al of us even me use to jus let out our frustration of kkb in this site so v al din become frenz bfor bt now it’s gud to c this 🙂

  60. stepphyrao

    As much as the cvs are trying to create so called confusion, its done in the most ludicrous, insensible & illogical manner.

    The most ilogical has to be the fact that half of MM now know Tanu is pregnant & nobody can stop her. How is this even possible?

    Even though Purab & Akash were caught & Tanu is threatening to send them to jail, i dont see y pukash didnt dare Tanu to go ahead. I m sure they cld call Abhi to bail them out & give the excuse that they were doing it for Abhi as they felt he was feeling guilty. Or Akash cld hav called Raj instead.

    Cvs have cornered or rather trapped themselves in their own writing. Its such shallow writing. Theyve been dragging this pregnancy track too long & lost the plot along the way & created so much

    Well i just hope Tanus punishment is not in 1 episode. She Alia& Nikhil need the ultimate punishment. They have caused deaths& grievously harm people. Starting with the kidnap track with Aliya& Tanu instructing the death of Pragya.

    Cvs get a kick bullying pragyas character & freezing Abhis brain.

    • Sahithi

      Thats right, bullying is the word. There needs to be an end to it. When Pragya gave entry after make over on first day, it was fun to see her with newly acquired BOSS attitude. But where it reached today, Pragya folding hands in front of Tanu.

  61. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    No one has to be Enoestiene! !!! To figure hw writers dragging tis tanu scene!!! Stop insulting viewers! Prags n ur team repetative dialogues . grrrrr crying dying is just not doing it anymore….nike says just do it!!!!


    • "Revelation "

      Exactly Bilkish!!!! And Adidas says “Impossible is Nothing” . So for gdness sakes “Just do it”!!

  62. navi

    oh u al guys r so sweet.. kkb keeps us united.. I wish tis goes on tis way n make our frdshp an strong one.. lov uya guys..

  63. Hi friend ,i think i this serial willan used to win bez it is one of the anothe type serial So.And 12th and 11th friends be consantrate on your studies. Bez its too hard you moght have taken diploma after 10th this would not theirs of yours as i .

  64. gowtham

    thank u so much all…… all people here are giving some good advises and wishes to me…. very grateful for that…. and m wishing all a very great lif of getting your dream comes true…. aftr reading all your comments, it makes me feel great…. that there are people here who care about me too.. thanks fr that…. feel fresh….. and reji is right… watever the busy situation, i visit this site juz to c yr guy’s comments….

  65. reji now the sup court ordered that medical students should be selected through entrance . so what abt the cut off mrk?

      • gowtham

        reji.. i say one psychological factor…. actually u got 478…and u thnk this is less…. so definitely u ll wrk hard in 12th and definitely u ll get good marks… but in my case i got 496 in tenth…. so i fix my mind.. i could easily achieve in 12th too…. bcoz of this over confidence i couldn’t achieve my goal… but yr case is different… though u got gd marks u feel lik this is less… so this shows definitely u ll be shining in 12th too…. i knw…. so dnt say you are normal in studies… i see you as a bright student only…

      • thanks for ur factor gowtham ……actually becoz of this over confidence i too losed my marks during my 8th and 9th std ……..so then i realized …….we can have confidence ….we shuld not have over confidence……

  66. Jayakumarisuresh

    Gowtham i would choose option A) pragya. I have a strong feeling that she will only expose tani. Coz after seeing her challenge in front of devi temple. She will fight for her kumkum.

  67. tanvi

    Gowtham i think I’ll be Abhi only, who is going to expose tanu. Bcoz abhigya are destined to be together. So even if pragya give up d fight with tanu destiny will curve a way by which Abhi will come to about tanu n abhigya will be reunited.

    • gowtham

      i knw u would select prgya only…. aftr all we have been discussing about this past one week….m going wd abhi…. but i get yr point shobana… u say prgya ll fight fr her kumkum… thats a fact actually…. but lets c…

      • shobana

        If abhi expose also I will be happy. Since if he expose our rock star will be back
        But my mind is telling that pragya will fight back to save her kumkum .
        We will wait and see only few episodes left out for the climax of tanu’s story

      • gowtham and shobana…….actually i don’t know who is going to expose tanu………but wat i need is tanu to be exposed……and i am very eager for it……. someone is going to expose her….it might abhi or pragya……..if anyone or both exposes also i will be happy…..

  68. stepphyrao

    I dont kno if I have the courage to WATCH Prags begging evil Tanu n clan today. Wil i have courage to stomach it. It wld be like forced FOOD POISONING!!!! AHHHH!!!!

    • gowtham

      actually it ll be juz initial 5 minutes… juz skip that and c remaining… i plan to do like that …

      • Sahithi

        But the pain n tears of Pragya n Abhi will continue till the marriage is stopped. Mostly all this week, so I decided on one strategy for this week, mute tv whenever Tanu opens her mouth esp in front of Pragya. That will keep me updated with happenings as well as save the torture.

      • gowtham

        ha ha… nice idea… u knw i love tanus voice???her voice is awesome…though she talks rubbish, i still listen.. coz m a big fan…. ?? all r ready to scold me i guess ?

      • Sahithi

        Hahaha.. I was okay with Tanu more than Aaliya till she was stupid. Like until Raj was exposed. But I started hating her after she turned extra cunning.

      • Nithi

        Sahitha I have already started frm long back to mute d tv wenever this tanu evil will start to speak…:) I couldnt digest her dialougues too

    • Fowziya

      Gowtham i’ve noticed that since the beginning u are a big fan of Tanu aka Leena i guess ahaaahh ??

  69. Kumkumbhagya tellyexpress spoiler of this week-
    Kumkum Bhagya: This week finally Tanu’s secret will be revealed in front of Abhi. After giving divorce to Pragya he finally goes to temple to marry Tanu. Pragya will reach there and stop wedding. She will snatch sindoor(vermilion) from Abhi’s hand and make put it on her hair parting. She will then reveal the truth of Tanu’s baby.

    • wow Pratiksha this is really a gud news ………i am smiling widely …..i can’t believe this …….am i dreaming ??……anyways but this is just a spoiler we can’t say this is a true spoiler ….or not true…….if she reveal the truth to Abhi means wat proof she has ??……..and can u confirm and say that this is true spoiler or not??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.