Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akash calling Pragya at night. Pragya picks the call and asks what happened? Akash tells her that they went to lawyer office and got locked by the guard. Pragya asks why did you go there. He asks her to do something. Pragya says okay. She sees Abhi sleeping and goes to Dadi’s room. She waken up Dadi and tells her everything. Dadi worries thinking about Police. Pragya asks Dadi to tell if she knows anything. Rachna tells her that it was Purab’s idea to steal the divorce papers. Pragya says why did they take step without asking her. Rachna says they went to talk to you, but you was busy with Abhi. Rachna and Dadi asks them to get them out. Dadi says I will also come with you. Pragya says no, and says I can’t put your life in danger. Tanu goes to Police station and slaps

Purab hard angrily. Purab asks how dare you? Tanu asks how dare you to enter my lawyer office and insults him. She says you are exposed and will be punished. Nikhil asks what did you want to steal? Pragya and Abhi’s divorce papers. He says I knew you are at Pragya’s side, but today it is confirmed.

Purab slaps Nikhil and says I did a mistake by bringing you home. HE says you have stabbed at my back and says I will not leave you. Akash intervenes. Tanu says Purab is back stabbing on abhi by supporting his enemy. She says now I know and says your face should be blacken. Aaliya thinks what to do as she will fall down in Purab eyes. She wonders what to do. Purab asks Tanu to stop it.

Abhi is with teary eyes and imagines Pragya leaving with her stuff. Pragya also cries. A song plays……………..She waves him bye and goes. Abhi falls down from the bed shouting Pragya’s name. He looks for Pragya and sees her missing. He thinks Pragya might have left from here. Pragya is in the car and thinks why did Purab take a big risk for me. Purab says your face is already blacken, and says once Abhi comes to know about the truth then he will punish you. Tanu asks Nikhil to call Police and get them arrested. Nikhil says I don’t want them to get arrested as he was my friend at one point of time, and says he is giving them concession. Tanu asks Lawyer to call Police and tell that there are two thieves caught here. Jhunjhunwala calls Police and asks him to come there. Pragya comes to Lawyer’s office. She looks at Aaliya and goes inside.

Rachna asks Dadi, why did you let Pragya go. Dadi asks her not to worry and says she has become stronger now. Abhi comes there and asks if you saw Pragya. Rachna says Pragya came here sometime back, and says she will not leave her property being greedy. Abhi says I didn’t ask you that, and asks Rachna what are you doing here? Rachna says we were talking just. Abhi thinks there is something wrong.

Tanu says come Pragya Arora. She says thieves leader have come, this theft’s mastermind. She says she said that she will not let me marry and will stop my marriage. She asks her to accept defeat. She says you can just see a dream. She says Police will come and arrest the thieves. She tells Nikhil that when she went to talk to Abhi, he was feeling guilty as he took Pragya’s signatures by cheat. He says if he would have been here, then he would he relieved of his guilt seeing his betrayal wife and fake friend, and confused brother. She says marriage, friendship and relation, three of them will be exposed. She says today all of them will be exposed and calls Abhi, but Nikhil asks her to come. Tanu asks why did you cut call and took me to side. Nikhil says if Abhi comes here, then we will be exposed too.

He says Abhi will understand everything. He says Pragya will tell Abhi about them, and asks what you will get trapping Purab and Akash in jail. They will trap you too. Aaliya says Nikhil said right. She says if you expose yourself while trying to expose them. Nikhil says Abhi might ask what we are doing here and can get angry, and can get stay order on the divorce proceedings. Abhi sees Tanu’s missed call and asks where are you? He asks what is going on? Pragya and Aaliya are also not at home. Tanu says I came out to have black current icecream at a five star hotel. Abhi says I will also come there. Abhi says Dadi and Rachna are hiding things from me. Tanu says I am coming home, and disconnects the call. Abhi thinks something is wrong and thinks how to find out.

Purab apologizes to Pragya for increasing her problems. Akash also apologizes. Pragya asks them not to make her feel guilty. She says if Bulbul would had been here then she would have done the same thing. She says I will not let you both go in jail, and asks them to have trust on her. Tanu comes back and says unity…wow. She asks Pragya to go to jail with them, and says you will get more time to plan against me in jail. Sadly you won’t get time as you will be punished, and says I will be marrying Abhi here. She says I will make you eat my marriage sweets.

Pragya apologizes to Tanu with folded hands. Tanu asks her to accept Abhi and her marriage and smirks. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Feeling gud to c this .. Actually first n al I use to feel like y no one is interacting wid others much n jus updating the recent news segments n al of us even me use to jus let out our frustration of kkb in this site so v al din become frenz bfor bt now it’s gud to c this 🙂

  2. As much as the cvs are trying to create so called confusion, its done in the most ludicrous, insensible & illogical manner.

    The most ilogical has to be the fact that half of MM now know Tanu is pregnant & nobody can stop her. How is this even possible?

    Even though Purab & Akash were caught & Tanu is threatening to send them to jail, i dont see y pukash didnt dare Tanu to go ahead. I m sure they cld call Abhi to bail them out & give the excuse that they were doing it for Abhi as they felt he was feeling guilty. Or Akash cld hav called Raj instead.

    Cvs have cornered or rather trapped themselves in their own writing. Its such shallow writing. Theyve been dragging this pregnancy track too long & lost the plot along the way & created so much

    Well i just hope Tanus punishment is not in 1 episode. She Alia& Nikhil need the ultimate punishment. They have caused deaths& grievously harm people. Starting with the kidnap track with Aliya& Tanu instructing the death of Pragya.

    Cvs get a kick bullying pragyas character & freezing Abhis brain.

    1. Thats right, bullying is the word. There needs to be an end to it. When Pragya gave entry after make over on first day, it was fun to see her with newly acquired BOSS attitude. But where it reached today, Pragya folding hands in front of Tanu.

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    No one has to be Enoestiene! !!! To figure hw writers dragging tis tanu scene!!! Stop insulting viewers! Prags n ur team repetative dialogues . grrrrr crying dying is just not doing it anymore….nike says just do it!!!!


    1. "Revelation "

      Exactly Bilkish!!!! And Adidas says “Impossible is Nothing” . So for gdness sakes “Just do it”!!

  4. oh u al guys r so sweet.. kkb keeps us united.. I wish tis goes on tis way n make our frdshp an strong one.. lov uya guys..

  5. Hi friend ,i think i this serial willan used to win bez it is one of the anothe type serial So.And 12th and 11th friends be consantrate on your studies. Bez its too hard you moght have taken diploma after 10th this would not theirs of yours as i .

  6. thank u so much all…… all people here are giving some good advises and wishes to me…. very grateful for that…. and m wishing all a very great lif of getting your dream comes true…. aftr reading all your comments, it makes me feel great…. that there are people here who care about me too.. thanks fr that…. feel fresh….. and reji is right… watever the busy situation, i visit this site juz to c yr guy’s comments….

  7. reji now the sup court ordered that medical students should be selected through entrance . so what abt the cut off mrk?

    1. Nisha now I am studying 11th std only…

      1. reji.. i say one psychological factor…. actually u got 478…and u thnk this is less…. so definitely u ll wrk hard in 12th and definitely u ll get good marks… but in my case i got 496 in tenth…. so i fix my mind.. i could easily achieve in 12th too…. bcoz of this over confidence i couldn’t achieve my goal… but yr case is different… though u got gd marks u feel lik this is less… so this shows definitely u ll be shining in 12th too…. i knw…. so dnt say you are normal in studies… i see you as a bright student only…

      2. thanks for ur factor gowtham ……actually becoz of this over confidence i too losed my marks during my 8th and 9th std ……..so then i realized …….we can have confidence ….we shuld not have over confidence……

      3. reji my sis also got 478 .but she is a mecal student now.so dont intimate yourself .you can acheive your goal.

  8. Jayakumarisuresh

    Gowtham i would choose option A) pragya. I have a strong feeling that she will only expose tani. Coz after seeing her challenge in front of devi temple. She will fight for her kumkum.

    1. good…..point

  9. Gowtham i think I’ll be Abhi only, who is going to expose tanu. Bcoz abhigya are destined to be together. So even if pragya give up d fight with tanu destiny will curve a way by which Abhi will come to about tanu n abhigya will be reunited.

    1. good tanvi me too abhi…. only

  10. Kab tak chalega yeh pregnancy ka drama?

  11. Gowtham
    Add option C also as
    Either pragya or abhi

    I opt for A) pragya

    1. i knw u would select prgya only…. aftr all we have been discussing about this past one week….m going wd abhi…. but i get yr point shobana… u say prgya ll fight fr her kumkum… thats a fact actually…. but lets c…

      1. If abhi expose also I will be happy. Since if he expose our rock star will be back
        But my mind is telling that pragya will fight back to save her kumkum .
        We will wait and see only few episodes left out for the climax of tanu’s story

      2. gowtham and shobana…….actually i don’t know who is going to expose tanu………but wat i need is tanu to be exposed……and i am very eager for it……. someone is going to expose her….it might abhi or pragya……..if anyone or both exposes also i will be happy…..

      3. yes shobana…. its nearing nu my mind also saying.. so lets wait and see….

  12. I dont kno if I have the courage to WATCH Prags begging evil Tanu n clan today. Wil i have courage to stomach it. It wld be like forced FOOD POISONING!!!! AHHHH!!!!

    1. actually it ll be juz initial 5 minutes… juz skip that and c remaining… i plan to do like that …

      1. But the pain n tears of Pragya n Abhi will continue till the marriage is stopped. Mostly all this week, so I decided on one strategy for this week, mute tv whenever Tanu opens her mouth esp in front of Pragya. That will keep me updated with happenings as well as save the torture.

      2. ha ha… nice idea… u knw i love tanus voice???her voice is awesome…though she talks rubbish, i still listen.. coz m a big fan…. ?? all r ready to scold me i guess ?

      3. Hahaha.. I was okay with Tanu more than Aaliya till she was stupid. Like until Raj was exposed. But I started hating her after she turned extra cunning.

      4. Sahitha I have already started frm long back to mute d tv wenever this tanu evil will start to speak…:) I couldnt digest her dialougues too

    2. Gowtham i’ve noticed that since the beginning u are a big fan of Tanu aka Leena i guess ahaaahh ??

  13. hi guys i am sandy frm mysore can u all acept me as a frnd pls

    1. Ur most welcome sandy.?

  14. Kumkumbhagya tellyexpress spoiler of this week-
    Kumkum Bhagya: This week finally Tanu’s secret will be revealed in front of Abhi. After giving divorce to Pragya he finally goes to temple to marry Tanu. Pragya will reach there and stop wedding. She will snatch sindoor(vermilion) from Abhi’s hand and make put it on her hair parting. She will then reveal the truth of Tanu’s baby.

    1. wow Pratiksha this is really a gud news ………i am smiling widely …..i can’t believe this …….am i dreaming ??……anyways but this is just a spoiler we can’t say this is a true spoiler ….or not true…….if she reveal the truth to Abhi means wat proof she has ??……..and can u confirm and say that this is true spoiler or not??

  15. thank u pratiksh
    ur frm north ryt

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