Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya thinking if Abhi is thinking about her at this time or not. Abhi in his room thinks why he is liking Pragya so much now and reminisces hugging Pragya.

Pragaya reaches Bulbul’s room with Abhi and Purab and starts crying thinking when will Bulbul get well. Bulbul wakes up just then and calls her name. She gets happy. Bulbul reminisces ramming her car into Neil’s car and asks if he is caught. Everyone laugh and say yes. Abhi says she is very brave and has brought her a gift. Purab gets emotional and says he was worried about her and if something had happened to her, he would have died. Abhi says he wants him to carry Bulbul to temple and marry her before she goes unconscious for 10 days again. Sarla says she wants Bulbul to get well soon and

then marry. Bulbul says even she does not want to marry as she cannot dance with broken hands and legs, it was her wish to dance in her marriage. Everyone start laughing. Abhi does his jokergiri, gets embarrassed and leaves. Pragya gets shy.

Pragya goes back to her house and sees Bunty sitting sadly, asks where is Babli. He says she has gone out with mamma and he is feeling sad. She says she will play cross words game with him and if he wins she will get him choc. Abhi hears that and thinks she is playing with small kid to win and if she had played with him, he would have defeated. He sees them playing and kid winning. In next game, kid is about to lose when he signals him. Pragya sees that and says it is cheating. Their nok jhok starts. Kid asks them to stop fighting and asks Pragya to give his choc first. She says she does not have it now and will get it once Robin comes back. He leaves. Abhi continues his baseless comments again.

Purab reaches Bulbul room and says he wanted to see her. She says she is feeling like a princess with the attention she is getting and loving it. He says he could not make Abhi jealous and could not unite Abhi and Pragya. She suggests him to push them in a room and lock it for some time. Their romantic nok jhok starts. She acts as getting angry. He gives him a pillow with parrot sound which says I love you. She gets happy and hugs him.

Purab meets Aaliya and happily thanks her for her help and asks her to give him an idea to make Abhi jealous and develop feelings for Pragya. She thinks when will he realize her feeling. He touches her hand and leg while talking subconsciously, and she starts feeling pleasuring touching her hand when he leaves. He comes back and asks her to promise she will help him unite Abhi and Pragya. She hugs him, feels pleasure, and promises him. Once he leaves, Tanu who listens to their conversation comes in and starts shouting that instead of being a friend she is helping their enemy and wants to unite Abhi with Pragya instead of her. Aaliya says it is just her plan to unite her with Abhi. Tanu asks her not to think she is a fool and warns her she will reveal her secret to Purab. She starts acting as nauseated. Aaliya gives her water and asks her to go to doc straight.

Abhi switches on TV and watches suicide news, thinks why this young generation is so mindless. He starts reminiscing Pragya proposing him and gets restless. Pragya comes with milk and thinks why is he acting weird. He sees Pragya’s pic instead of suicide girl on TV. Pragya says Daadi sends Robin out again, so she brought him milk. He takes milk, sees it has ice in it and turns to scold her, but Pragya also turns and milk falls on his face, making him angry and Pragya afraid.

Precap: Purab telling Abhi the feeling he is having for Pragya is called love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. They wasted a milk shake

  2. Is tanu really pregnant with abi’s child

    1. No tanu is just acting

  3. Is she pregnant with abi’s child

  4. Ohh this scene …abhi make clean his face with her duppatta….the episode was gud…but not that much level gud…upcoming track will be irritating yaar…

    1. Guess u overheard d writers when dey discuss

      1. โ™ฅโ™”SaRaโ™”โ™ฅ

        hahaha no bharathi I think she read spoilers

  5. I don’t want that to happen

  6. Anyway Bulbul got consiousness….She will help pragya to overcome Tanu s plan….But for all this to happen it wil take one month…

  7. BULBUL is back !!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Again boring yaar….but seems gud

  9. For tamil people-ippo kumkum bhagya tamila polimer tv la odikitirugu as iru malargal.at 6:00pm daily.ippo episode70 kitta irukkum so happy.

    1. 6 pm retelecast…original timing 7.30pm ..today episode 82

  10. nice episode

  11. Neenga anupra comensuku How to reply ?:zeeha,rrr,barathi,Davy, can any 1 say this pls,fronds.

    1. Engada nameku paklathila reply endu irukum. Atha click panni type pannunga.

      1. Thnqs…enna padikeenga?

  12. Nice episode…bulbul and purab rockz…
    Abhi accept ur love fr pragya..

  13. When will this merry go around finish with Abhi and Pragya.Abhi is such a saint that he does not know what love is.Now ,I will like to know when he was laying up in the bed with Tanu did he not know what those emotions were when he was saying to her I love you.If so Abhi is a damn hypocrite and did lie to Tanu about love.This was only a s*xual gratification he had for Tanu.His true love is now Pragya and he cannot handle it’

  14. You can’t do pect this series to go fast because its a comedy love story type its suppose to drag like that so all episodes are nicely spaced with gud comedy this seriel isn’t suppose to make u only or cry but more den that it makes u laugh so I love kumkum bhagya ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. this storyline is way tooooooooooooooo childish and what I cannot understand is why did abhi marry pragya if he is in love with tanuto much merry go rounds and not focusing on the real storyline up to now the corporator is not being punished for what he did and what about and what about bul why she doesn’t forcua on her man purab and stop trying to interfere with pragya and abhi relationship this is one serial I never did fancy because it was not making any sense with all of the actors childish behavior whining all the time this serial needs to end just like bhandan and I hope doli armaano ki and qubool hai all these soaps have no substance anymore so end it please

  16. superb but tanu is really pregnant

  17. Gosh aaliya is so creepy! >.<

  18. Romba nala kazhuchi inniku than da episode nalla irunthu……… Hello director nd writer itha konjam keep up pannunga pa……..:-) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ thirubavum antha loosu aliya tanu va konjam nallu orankatti vainga pa

    1. U r rit ….so irritating caractrs-tanu n aliya

  19. Miss those time where only people who hindi will comment now only tamilan irritating :>)

    1. Hello angy if u can’t understand tamil just ask the meaning k …….don’t say that we were irritating ……..k

      1. Just we were giving comments thats all …podi podi

      2. U r rit…my frnd…..thnqs a lot.

    2. angy pls saw the comment that i did esspecially for u in down there
      don’t underestimate the tamilan kayh…we tamilans also respects hindi peoples….sorry in advance if my words hurts u…

  20. If writers will really make tanu pregnant then this serial will become disgusting and so I am sure that she is pretending to be pregnant

  21. lagta hai tanu sach me pregnant hai

  22. @angy wat’s ur prob if a tamilan commenting here….that is none of ur business ryte…so,mind ur own work kayh….u guys must appreciate that tamilans also love to watch a hindi drama eventhough they didn’t understand the language…rather than appreciate them u scold them…such a creepy person lar yewh….. (kumkum bhagya’s fan from MALAYSIA) for ur info i’m also a tamilan….

    1. Wow…u r from Malaysia…u r such a gret fan of kkb

      1. yup im from malaysia….yeah keerthika im a great fan of kkb esspeacially im the fan of abhigaya…

  23. Hmm evry1 has r8 2 cmnt in der own Lang… Dnt feel bad guyzzz… Evn I dnt undrstd Tamil… But I’m learning Tamil by der cmnts… Juz b +ve

    1. Thnqs..gree…nice pic-raman

    2. Thank u for ur support gree

  24. Thanku gree for supporting Tamil…vr proud to be thamizhan….since an thamizhan I know Hindi so guzy dnt underestimate the power of thamizhan…..and everyone has ryts to comment on thr own language and vr Indian plz dnt separate us through language

  25. Is Tanu pregnant pls hp no

  26. Exactly how can she tanj be pregnant eish gol gol another month….yeh kisah khatum karo.bring new serial pls….

  27. How can u guys say tamilian like this if u r proud with ur Hindi we are equally proud with our Tamil….. Plz don’t judge anything

      1. เฎšเฏเฎšเฎฟ

        Thanks fr ur support gree,Keerthi,isi,sukkita

    1. guys can we pls stop this racist…just forget about that guys…pls don’t comment anything bout angy after this…im sure she/he will never do like this afterthis…..so,we just forget and forgive angy….be happy guys….nambaley nameh ilivu paduthika vendam guys….hope u guys understand that……we must show to our hindi frens that we also luv to watch hindi dramas n we also supporting their dramas….we r INDIANS…..so let be frens n nt enemy

      WE ARE INDIANS <3 ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. U r ryt Abby. But I’m NT an Indian. But I lyk India. Don’t seperate us.

  28. Omg pragya breaks abhi heart…my feelings are not true said by pragya…bcoz of tanu pragya saying like tat….so sad abhi….im watched in utube ….for more details c dnn news in utube…

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