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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi wondering where did Pragya go missing suddenly. Abhi comes and asks what happened? I am here. Dadi says she is looking out for the girl. Abhi says I came for my fan no. 1 job, and tells that her name is Nikita. Dadi thinks if you are sure? Abhi says yes. Pragya thinks how I will give interview now and thinks to leave immediately. Abhi tells Dadi that he will drop her to temple. Dadi says she wants to go home now, as she is feeling unwell. Purab tells Beeji that Abhi told me that he left Pragya home, but didn’t tell me about his promise to find a job for her. He calls him. Abhi thinks Nikita is strange. She went without saying anything. He picks Purab’s call and says I came for Nikita’s job. Purab asks why you was pretending yesterday that you don’t care about

her and says you have hidden fact from you. Abhi asks who told you this? Purab says someone told me, and the bottomline is that you didn’t tell me. Abhi says there is something wrong with you, and sees Pragya there, ends the call. Beeji asks Purab to show his hand to a good palmist and wear ring.

Tanu couldn’t believe Aaliya and says you gave me surprise suddenly. Tanu says how you will react when I will tell you that Purab is going to propose you. Aaliya says shut up. She asks her to do something so that Abhi falls in her trap. Tanu says you have given me green signal, now see what I will do. Abhi sees Pragya and asks her to statue. He asks what do you think of yourself and asks why you are leaving silently. Pragya says I was leaving because of Dadi. Abhi asks what? He asks her to tell about the number of hairs on her head. Pragya tells 6 lakhs and change. Abhi thinks she is clever and have answers of my questions. He asks why you was leaving? Pragya says I didn’t like the office, as it is a construction company. She says I have no interest in construction company, and says I thought it is a music company. She asks him to get her a job in a music company. Abhi asks you like music and teases her. He gets Aaliya’s call and she asks how is the meeting? Abhi says it is good and asks her to come and check out once. Aaliya asks him to come for a casual meeting in the evening with her model friend Tanu. She says Tanu invited me and I thought to take you too. Abhi says what I will do with you both. Aaliya asks him to come suddenly and check her. Abhi says okay. Tanu gets happy, but thinks what will happen if he don’t come. Aaliya says I will go mad with you, and says I will cancel the meeting. Tanu says I was just sharing my feelings. Aaliya says I am least interested and asks her to change her get up, says it is now or never.

Abhi asks Pragya, what you was saying? Pragya says I told that I like music company. Abhi says I will slap you under your ears and teases her. He asks her to go. Pragya thinks if Dadi saw me, then thinks she didn’t see me. She comes home and sees Sarla talking to someone, who was insisting her to return his money. Sarla promises to return his money soon. Pragya thinks what I am doing? I forgot why I am doing job, so that I can meet the house expenses. She thinks to find job as soon as possible.

Aaliya and Tanu are in the restaurant. Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi is on the way. Tanu gets excited and asks if her make up is fine, or needs touch up. Aaliya asks her to pretend as if she didn’t know about Abhi coming there, and asks her not to over act. They see Abhi coming and start acting. Tanu tells her that Abhi has a gold of heart and single too. Aaliya says even you are busy, and have a many male following. Tanu says I blocks 100’s of guys daily and tells that she needs a guy whom she can trust. Abhi hears her words and looks on. Abhi says trust’s market price is high and only few people invest in it (very true). Aaliya acts surprise and asks Bhai you are here. Abhi says I thought to join you, getting bored at home. Tanu says it is okay, you can join us. She says I will order juice. Aaliya says her preferences is same as you. Abhi is surprised and compliments on her fresh and charming face. Tanu smiles.

Pragya thinks what to do about the job and calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call and says hello. Aaliya gets tensed. She thinks why he is looking at me this way. Abhi asks Aaliya why didn’t you send the installment and says they have called me now. Tanu says Aaliya handles your work and asks him not to scold her rather boasts her efforts. Abhi says sorry. Aaliya says it was my mistake, I should have been more careful. He gets Pragya’s call then, and wonders why she is calling me now. He excuses himself and takes her call. Pragya tells him that she couldn’t find a solution for the problems and that’s why called him. She tells that she needs money to pay the loan taken by Sarla. Abhi asks do you need money? Pragya says I need a job and says you can get a job for me. Abhi asks will you do any job? Pragya says I will not do any wrong work. Abhi says I am not that kind of a guy and says your wish is accepted. He says I will call you later, very busy now. Tanu asks Aaliya, do you think Abhi is impressed with me. Aaliya asks her to keep silent.

Producer meets Abhi and introduces himself. He says it seems you came for dinner with family. Abhi says with my sister and her friend. Producer asks about Bhabhiji. Abhi asks Bhabhiji. Producer says I mean your wife. Abhi is shocked.

Abhi tells Aaliya that he will talk to Producer and enquire about his wife. Aaliya asks him to relax and tells that Mr. Sehgal is mentally unstable and doesn’t know about him. Abhi is still unconvinced.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. IMG now alia will black mail the producer..ufff drama started again

  2. Rabul part also ended… Now wht will happen again alia tanu abhigya drama…

  3. Someone enlighten me plssss….. Sahithi or Pratiksha cld either of you do the honours of enlightening me.
    Would really love to see a stronger pragya. I know that shes love stricken. But a touch of substance & strength in pragya will really help.
    Y is Pragya so afraid of seeing dadi in Abhis prrsence???

    1. I agree with you. Pragya need more substance and backbone. They make her too timid and compliant. Pragya needs to be more forceful in what she wants and stop letting others tell her how to live her life. Even though Abhi”to her” is her goal doesn’t make everything about Abhi. she needs to think about herself for once.

    2. Becoz Dadi is the main villon of Abhigya..
      she made them being together,
      she made them being responsible together,
      she made them love together,
      she made them cry for together,
      she made them sacrifice together,
      she made them miss together,
      she made them stay together,
      she made them hate together,
      she made them trust together,
      But she doesn’t want them to LIVE together..
      She just played with Abhigya just like kids play with dolls, play again and keep playing again make them finally broken and destroy..
      Abhigya too just left with DELICATE MIND and FRAGILE HEART..which are now trying to be reconstructed by own with their each piece of broken instinct..
      Just like a beautiful ice spectacle got melted n messed up with streaming rays..
      but substantially getting frozen n shape up back by winter waves…
      and ended up with a aesthetic self-proclaimed sculpture..
      Hope we will get such Abhigya..

      1. totally disagree… Dadi loves Abhi and Pragya… why are you blaming Dadi for the acts of Aliaya and Tanu? Your statements make no sense.. I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound rude but you are blaming Dadi for others wrongdoing

    3. Pragya doesn’t want Dadi to take her name in front of Abhi since Abhi knows her Only as Nikita…

    4. She hid this fact from Purab for no real reason. Purab is the only one who always stood by her. She is doing the same with Daadi also. The writers should know why they are showing Pragya this way.

      But today there is a segment where Abhi took Pragya to MM, as shown in recent promo, and so Daadi would know the truth soon. So I dont think it is for dragging story also.
      May be they will justify that Pragya thinks her meeting Abhi secretly is the only best thing, as others like Daadi might be worried for his health and push her away from his life again. She might be having such insecurities of not getting chance to meet Abhi again if Daadi knows about their meetings. Well let us see how it will be justified in upcoming episodes.

  4. i really feel bad y purab leave the show ab to serial main koi ronaq hi nahi rahe gi mrunal akash purvi and now arijit omg the list is going on i really miss arijit and mrunal love u loads

  5. Why are they making Pragya so dumb can she try to be strong and do things for herself she was a professor she can find a new job and be independent why Abhi can’t get information about his life and whom he was married to he is a very smart guy

  6. Guys very sad about purab. Going to miss him too a lot already missing bulbul. Anyway coming to today’s episode aaliya will do something to make abhi trust her but I think abhi will have some doubt since he had got some flashes of his wedding attire. But the producer could have asked pragya bhabhi instead of bhabhiji. Coming to TRP rating episodes were good but there were no abhigya eyelocks after that Ganesh chathurthi so maybe the TRP rate must have fallen down. What do u say fuys?

  7. My family used to love watching this show.
    Now, whenever we change the channel to zee tv and see that this show is on…we all want to break the tv.
    From being one of the best shows, it is now the worse show ever.
    The only way I will watch this show now is if Abhi is faking his memory loss.
    I seriously cannot believe that evil is always winning in this show. This show is garbage.

    BTW, I think they should hire someone to play Bulbul to come back and take revenge on Aliya and Tanu.

  8. I really going to miss purab…that means arjit…. i love him too much.. i know this was his wonderful decision but we going to miss him.

    And in kkb if purab is not help pragya means who will help her bcos now a days purab is only man to know every truth and he only support pragya in every step… if purab is not there means what going to happen???

  9. Jo mrzi kr lo..Kb tk chupao..ik na ik din pta lg…jaye..Abhi ki wife…Pragya abhiesheikh prem mehra hai ….

  10. What is the need to show tanu when audience r not interested in it and they r not showing any clarity in abhi’s character and of course how audience will enjoy it when they already shown us how much love they both had fr each other in before year but now they r showing only abhi is considering pragya as his fan only and not more than that so many r losing interest and arjit also quitted the show if they want to be top so they must unite abhigya if not they would be at same position

  11. this show is going worst day by day from two days i just watch the old episodes of kkb i really miss purab

  12. Yar ya kab apas main milay ga waiting….

  13. And I seen two pics of arjit with sriti and shabir I think those r new but their bonding was awesome but surely going to miss arjit when I seen segment itself disappointed

  14. I hope the producer make abhi realize dat he was married before

  15. Heeeeey Guuuyz ? !! How r yuu all? Shobuu Pratiksha Reji Hency Aishwarya Kutty and all? Do u guyz still remember me ? ?
    It had been days that i’v havent commented, i’ve comment long time ago!

    1. Commented*

    2. Hi fowzia ? how r u dear? After a long time!!! Where were u?

    3. ImRagela

      Hi fowziya !!..how r u ??..i remember u very well !!

    4. Am good dear, wat abt you? Yess Pratii i was lil occupied thats why couldnt comment properly, i was just reading written update sometimes ! Henceforth i will b back yaar ? I missed you all

    5. Am good Reji, hwr u ? Ohh nice to hear that u guyz still remember me ?

  16. Hei frnds let’s unite and make voice so that writes can hear us.plz bring back all the characters that v lost frm the show v can replace everyone .. n no screenspace for mitali thaaai jee etc .this show was amazing when it have all the elements .. but it’s trenching down . Produces any hw spend such a huge amount y can’t bring a better story line .. a lot of scope are ther….a lot of talented actors who can handle the roles r ther in the industry … Y cnt they bring them back … I just hope CVs vl pay attention towards us …

  17. This serial moves from best to worst. Who wants to watch those witch faced women Aliya and Tanu. Why do they come back? Even if they are back why cant they be the better ones? Those two faces nobody can stand especially Aliya with her artificial acting and pronounciation.

  18. while I know not to expect good from this producer and KKB writers
    I am looking forward to Abhi’s questioning the producer … sad Aaliya and Tanu were present for this discussion..
    Don’t know where this show is heading just hope they’ll change direction away from horrible drawn out tracks before memory loss.
    so far, Everything Aaliya has planned have been FAILS… so that’s a good start. we know to expect sad days ahead if Purab’s exit is by death..

  19. Hey guys in yesterday abp news sbas segment they showed purab farewell n then short clip abt d segment where abhi meets producer n then news reporter were said something that i cant understand clearly plzzz prathiksha or anyone can give yesterday sbas segment update guysss plzzzzz n i feel like crying after seeing d segment coz i love purab n his character very much n alao sad for tabhi meeting n arjit was a awesome actor misss him so badly but its good if new character of both rabul will be introduced soon i wish n everyone has to move on even for us also d day come which kkb will also be get end we have to accept everything n guys plzzz tell me if that abhi really impressed with that or not n i think now abhi will get back his memory n pretend coz according to present story there is no support system is there for our pragya so i think abhi will support n save her indirectly i wish it should happen n plzzz give me d uupdate n share ur view prathiksha sahithi shobana reji vinodhini itsme reji n all others.hiii fowzia afcourse i remember u how r u dear????where did u go for along time

    1. ImRagela

      Hi Aishwarya !..Don’t get confused its me reji and reji both r my accounts its me reji is my registered account !This is pratiksha’s yesterday’s update ..i just included the links in it

      Abhi comes to meet tanu with aliya somewhere outside. Aliya and tanu plans dinner date with abhi, on which they plans to call abhi to mixed up with tanu more and more. Abhi comes and joins aliya and tanu. They trio talks about each other. Abhi gives nice treatment to tanu. Tanu gets so much happy with this meeting with abhi. At a time, a producer meets coincidently with abhi there. He asks from abhi about his wife and asks that where is his wife and why she didn’t came with him? Abhi gets puzzled and blank. wondering what producer said. He looks aliya surprisingly with question full eyes. Aliya seems pissed off and bit nervous. Tanu too looks on all this silently. Aliya somehow manages the situation by some excuses. Other side, pragya in arora house, senses something strange at the same time when producer asks from abhi about his wife and start wondering. Pragya losts in her thoughts, while rock star dadi and sarla maa busy in playing game on mobile and arguments with each other. After leaving of producer, trio abhi, tanu and aliya takes dinner and spends time in talking with each other. After finishing the dinner date, abhi leaves from there after saying bye to tanu. Tanu gets start flying on cloud nine in happpiness becoz of his meeting with abhi. She shates his happiness with aliya and says that she is so happy becoz after a long time abhi talks a lot with her, treated nicely with her and liked her etc etc…blah..blah… Reporter says that abhi is getting things about his past so does it means that he will get his memory back?
      ARJIT’S LAST SHOT- Purab comes to arora house to meet with pragya, sarla maa and dadi. They all talks with each other happily. After finishing the shot, all crew and cast shabbir, sriti, shikha, leena, supriya ji gives farewell to arjiit and arjit takes gudbye from all after meeting eith each and everyone before leaving. Reporter says that after this last shot, he will move for delhi and then what will hapoen with him, it will b seen.
      Sriti and arjit’s interview-
      Arjit talks about his reasin of quit. He says that he had no more work to do in the show so he decided to quit and move for further. He says that he will miss kkb and it’s set a lot and each and every people related with it. Sriti says that no one can replace him on this set of kkb for her and she will also miss him a lot on the set as she was used to share her each and everything with him and every time asks for him. Although they will keep meeting offscreen but ya here, on the set and for the show, he will b really missed a lot and but he is going after taking a very gud gudbye from here.
      There is no news came out yet about any replacement for purab’s character or what will happen with his character in the show.
      SBAS segment link- http://youtu.be/ErNNpMBbLUE

      SBB segment link – http://youtu.be/U7_OlA9xmGM

    2. Am good Aishuuuu, wat about u? Sorry yaar i was lil busy these days thats why couldnt be activable

  20. Tanu scenes are seriously the worst…actress does a very bad job portraying tanu..her expressions..her tone is not very well executed..plain uninterested and boring..her outfits for a supermodel are atrocious..my point of view..today was like a stink bomb..really disgusting…

    1. S anna u r right more than her acting her make up which is really yuk and his compliments to her which is really irritating and they should lose their trp up to they will unite abhigya if not I can’t see abhi tanu false relationship and her screechings

    2. Yeah she needs a better stylist. In fact Pragya too, a simple middle class girl need not be portrayed as wearing oversized, uninteresting, out of fashion outfits. My opinion.

      1. S u r right but ya I wanna ask how u felt epi and what is u r opinion on abhi tanu meeting will abhi again maintains relationship with tanu r not and one more if he again maintains relationship with her what is new in this season

      2. As of now, writers are not giving Tanu as much footage as she got before. And before Abhi could proceed further with his conversation itself, he heard about his wife from that producer and he is curious about wife and why Aaliya is not answering him on wife.

        I felt poor Tanu, Abhi was going around the city for last one month or more after accident, no one asked him about his wife. Even when she was beside him. Tanu finally planned a dinner date and someone came to remind him of wife. If Abhi continues to be the smart and sensible guy we are seeing him in season2, then he will try to find about his marital status and may be before getting clarity on it, may not proceed in a relation with Tanu.

        But with the TRPs falling this week, u never know what writers will think. During last track, they always felt Tanu n Pragya confrontation and Kumkum dialogues brought them ratings. IF they again think so they may bring such twists. And even I feel the general TRP audience are not liking the sweet scenes between the leads. Looks like they want more drama, spice and screeching.

  21. Hi guys?how r u? Little busy today so can’t comment mostly. But will try to comment and to give updates, if will possible.

    1. ImRagela

      Ya Pratiksha !!..I am waiting !..?

  22. OMG! When will abhi knw abt pragya? Again aliya & tanu’s irritated drama begins….

  23. SavitaVidya

    Ok i love KKB but this is starting to drag. now the producers are going to do something to the procducer so he doen’t tell Abhi the truth and then we will be stuck thee for another month. only way this is going to be nice is if the producer actually tell Abhi that he is married and Abhi believes him other wise…arggg!! and Tanu we have had enough of Tanu no more Tanu. i can’t take more Tanu. she is now even annoying to look at!!

  24. Jayakumarisuresh

    I feel like to slap tanu n aliya. How this pragya character looks nowadays so dumb n coward. Cant she get a job in educational institutes? Why the hell she wants abi’s help? Whole world likr rockstar fans knows whos pragya and it is ridiculous none of them remember her and ask abhi about her whenever they see them together. And moreover again he introduced her on the stage as fan no 1. Why this producer entry suddenly no clue at all. Abhi keeps meeting many persons after his accidents but after so many days one person asking about his wife. It feels strange.

  25. ImRagela

    Hi guys !..Finally my exams r over !!!!!…?????????????????☺☺☺☺???????????.I am feeling very very very very very very happy !..Now the results r remaining !..?..So till Oct 3rd i am free ..And yesterday i didn’t watch the episode just read the update !..Pratiksha sahithi shobana asmitha aishwarya and guys can u pls tell me how u felt with the episode ?

    1. I didn’t liked epi yaar the most annoying thing is abhi’s part with tanu which is really disappointing but what is he was thinking that y producer said that where is his wife if it creates any doubt then it will be gd
      And today we have a segment that abhi went with pragya to mm let’s see what will be dadi’s reaction if now also she behaves selfish then it will not be interesting to watch

  26. Bad episodes

  27. I don’t like

  28. irritating episode yaar. hell with the tanus voice and her look. why pragya asking abhi for her job, she can get job by herself as she has many degrees and also she has experience. as aliya is doing all his works he will appoint nikitha as his pa to reduce some burden on aliya and will bring her to mm so as to introduce to every one in his house. as the producer asked about his biwi he should work on it to clear his mind before entering into any relationship with tanu. aliya such a cheap sister how can she entertain tanu to enter into her brothers life as she knew every thing about tanu including her pregnancy with some other person. Abhi should try to recollect his memory by discovering about what the producer asked and his martiage photo so that he doesnot fall into their trap again. every time purub will be there to suggest him and now he wont be in touch with abhi so he has to face alone all the things. he should not be dumb like season one and he should not be puppet in the hands of aliya, he should use his brain and he should listen to his heart not brain. let him get his memory back and show his rockstar attitude and ego to tanu and aliya and take revenge on them for making his wife’s life miserable. let him give happiness to pragya and play with his sweet sister and ex lover.

  29. New segment update-
    Abhi brings pragya to mehra house, allgets shocked including pragya as she herself didn’t knew that abhi is going to take her to mehra house. Abhi introduces pragya to everyone as her fan number-1 nikita. All gets shocked. Tanu too is present with aliya there. Taaliya gets furious. Aliya has shown questioning from abhi angrily. Abhi has shown making understand something to dadi and aliya. Pragya remains stand silently and sees everything nervously. No audio was in segment except reporter’s voice.
    Sriti’s interview- she says that pragya wasn’t knew that abhi is bribgung her in mehra house as abhi didn’t tell her anything about it and called her for providing her a gud job.
    TWIST NEWS- Reporter told that soon abhi will get his memory back and then he will do, whatever will happen further.

    1. But in segment no one is accepting pragya even dadi too I felt bad fr pragya condition and this tanu also entered mm

      1. Asmitha segment was not so clear but what I assumed from it that all were shocked after seeing pragya and some gets emotinal too but later gets angry with her, when they knew through abhi that pragya was meeting with abhi hidingly as her fan number-1 nikita. Taaliya gets angry and it is obvious they will b but dadi seems angry with pragya becoz she hid about her meetings with abhi from dadi. That’s what i assumed from segment but what exactly happened, we will know only by episode.

    2. Hi sweetheart (Pratiksha) hw r u hve a nice weekend but dont forget to updates us na n thanx for your updates

  30. I really going to miss purab. Who will support pragya Now. Hi Pratiksha how are you. Have a good weekend Pratiksha and all of you guys

  31. Hei guys pragya enters mm . Fotos r available on fb page .but that dumb tanu is ther with aliya .this if pragya needs win over abi purab bulbul purvi must b ther …. Guys hw is this idea .purvi completed her studies n now working as doctor .she can treat abhi ….

    1. Frndz in the given spoiler it is given that everyone are annoyed . Wat the hell .wen pragya broke their heart to win them bak

  32. ImRagela

    Today’s Kumkum bhagya 23rd sept 2016 written update :-
    Dadi comes home and tells her sister that she saw Pragya. Her sister makes fun of her. She says she actually saw Pragya. Mitali comes and changes the topic. Tanu asks Abhi to meet her more often. Abhi says he has some work and leaves. Tanu tells Aaliya that she is happy that she got to spend time with Abhi. Aaliya scolds her for acting so desperate.

    Beeji asks if Pragya received her call. Sarla calls Pragya for breakfast. She receives a message from Abhi. She leaves. Aaliya brings Tanu to Abhi’s house. Tanu asks if this is the right time to be introduced to the family. Aaliya tells her she has planned everything. Tanu asks what about Dadi. Aaliya tells her that they accepted her and they will accept Tanu also. Mitali argues with her mother-in-law on the table.Abhi brings Pragya to an office. He asks her to wait in the car till he call her. He leaves to check the office.

    Aaliya introduces everyone to Tanu. Dadi stops her and scolds Aaliya for bringing her home. Aaliya laughs on her. She reminds her that Abhi has forgotten everything. She tells her that Abhi himself has brought Tanu. She reminds her of Abhi’s medical condition. She warns everyone not to tell Abhi anything about his past. They sit on the table.

    Abhi asks Pragya if she is upset. Pragya gets irritated and asks him why did he call her. Abhi tells her that she was testing her patience. He tells her that he has found the job for her. She asks if the job is fine. He assures her she has checked everyone. Abhi comes home. He brings Pragya home.

    Precap : Alia tells Abhi if you needed a secretary, you should have asked and I would have interviewed and selected best of the best, you deserve the best. Abhi says Alia I know you don’t like her ever since you met her, you’ve been after her but let me tell you one thing that you won’t find such a smart, honest and hardworking girl anywhere. She is dependable but not greedy. And the biggest thing is she’s like me.

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