Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Tanu that she will steal the CD once she gets that lady’s call. She says she will make duplicate copy of the CD and give to producer. Pragya thinks she wanted to take care of Abhi, but is hurting him every moment. She thinks don’t know when he will come home. Abhi comes home drunk and says special friend has come with him who will take care of him. He asks her to come in and shows the little doll. Pragya looks on surprisingly. Abhi asks the doll not to see her, else she will get scared. Abhi asks the doll to sit and makes it wears Pragya’s specs. He says I can’t live without you fuggi. Pragya gets emotional. Abhi says this girl looks like you, but her heart is of stone. He says I will give you head massage and says I liked when you massage my head.

Pragya masks him to get up. Abhi asks her not to touch him and asks what is your problem? He asks why is she disturbing him? He says two lovers are talking and asks why she is interfering? Pragya says it is a toy. Abhi says atleast it is with me and don’t hurt me. Pragya cries.

Abhi talks to doll again and says Pragya is jealous of them as she can’t separate them. He says she is a lady villian. Pragya cries and thinks of Dadi’s words that she don’t want to see her tears asking her to be strong. Abhi sleeps on bed and is about to fall down, but Pragya holds him. Abhi opens his eyes and sees her wearing specs. He says you have come back fuggi, you were troubling me and asks her not to leave him. He says I can’t stay without you. Pragya cries and says I will be your fuggi always, will stay with you. Abhi asks why you are crying? Is that lady Mogambo said you anything. Pragya cries. Abhi calls mogambo mogambo and says she might have ran away. He asks her not to cry. He tells fuggi, you are looking hot and asks her to kiss him. He asks if she is shying and asks her to kiss on his cheek. Pragya kisses on his cheek while the song Allah Wariyan plays…………..She gets emotional.

Next morning Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi next to her on the bed. She smiles seeing him and remembers to call Aaliya. She calls Aaliya. Tanu wakes up Aaliya and asks her to attend the call. Aaliya takes the call and says I want to meet the producer. Pragya asks what you will do after meeting him? Aaliya insists to meet him else refuses to give her CD. Pragya says I will talk to boss and get back to you. She thinks Bulbul’s plan has trapped her. Aaliya tells Tanu that the lady was hesitant, but said she will talk to her boss. Raj comes and hears their conversation. He asks what they were talking about? Aaliya makes an excuse. Just then Raj sees two bundles of notes and asks Aaliya. Aaliya makes an excuse and says she begged infront of her friend for money. Raj says I feel like you are fooling me. Tanu says we are not hiding anything. Raj asks again. Tanu says we are hiding something and tells she has complications in her pregnancy. She asks will you take me to doctor.

Pragya turns and sees Abhi standing. He says he has realized her nature. He asks about the specs which is kept aside. He tells Fuggi came in his dream and have kissed him on his cheek. Pragya blushes.

Pragya tells Dadi and Bulbul that Aaliya want to meet producer and says we have to drop this idea before we get caught.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tuti

    Where can i watch the special episode…..its 2hrs duration right? And i don’t think Prags will get raped. Ridiculous…..shallow! Bad rumor…who started it?

    • Frankie

      It was earlier reported that ‘Pragya’ will get kidnapped and a worried husband Abhi (Shabbir) would immediately start searching for his wife. But unfortunately, Abhi won’t be able to rescue his ladylove
      And now according to the leading entertainment web portal, Mehra family will soon be shattered as the main protagonist of the show will be raped by some hired miscreants.

      Reportedly, the evil plan will be made by Abhi’s sister Aaliya (Shikha Singh) and her gang Tanu and Raj (Anurag Sharma). The trio conspired Pragya’s kidnapping in order to teach her a lesson. The vicious gang will also threaten Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) of dire consequences if she does not leave Purab (Arjit Taneja) alone.

      The shocking incident will leave Pragya and Abhi shattered!

      *********If this evil wicked plot is written into the show ALL viewers should STOP watching it IMMEDIATELY.**********

    • ArShi

      I feel Raj will not be exposed along with alia n tannu and again they will drag the revenge of Raj…every setail like to draaaaag a lot..?

  2. Today’s episode was bit OK. Abhigya’s part was very painful, specially pragya, I felt very sad for pragya. Really she is tolerating so much even after this changed behavior and look. And god!?Guys our previous doubt was already not confirmed that did abhi knows about pragya’s truth or not, now here is new suspense again have started that if abhi got to know pragya’s truth or not.? Becoz how he was interacting with pragya in morning, it was looking like he got to know that pragya is still his fuggy and not changed.

      • chithu55

        No Maggie..it is just a rumor 🙂 and Guys..in yesterday update, i saw someone else is also using the name “chithu” newly 🙂 so am changing mine to chithu55 🙂

        Nikkiiiiii….now it is reallyconfusing whether Abhi knows the truve about Pragya or not …but anyway i think it will be revealed soon as they have revealed already about all the other persons involved with Pragya 🙂 Keeping Fingers Crossed for Aaliya’s exposure 😉

      • No Maggie that news is totally wrong and bullshit. Just read that arrival carefully. It is written in that arrival that during ganesh mahotsav, pragya will b kidnapped and also raped by goons becoz abhi couldn’t save her on time. So Maggie this ganesh mahotsav kidnapping sequence have been already done, abhi saved pragya so pragya is back safely now. And if we talk about that rape thing so it could never happen in the show with pragya becoz it’s not a part of storyline and it will finished the storyline. They r just spreading rumours and nonsense things in air. So ignore it.

      • Ya sana. I felt it becoz he remember whole sequence of night. If he was heavily drunk so how could he remember anything about last night. In previous drunk scene, when he made wear glasses on pragya’s eyes, on that night he was nothing remember. But this night’s everything he remember and the way he was talking to pragya in morning suspiciously, that’s why I felt that he got to know that she is his fuggy and not changed. But let’s see if he really got to know or he is just confusing us by his actions.

      • chithu55me

        yes Nikki..i also thought the same..i mean how he is remembering it clearly about what he did…in the past episodes also, they were showing like Abhi not remembering anything whenever he is drunk…but sterday, he was like he remember everything happened and was just pretending infront of Pragya as if he had some dream… letz see..CVS shouldn’t make it ulta-bulta with today’s episode..i mean with some nok-jhok, Pragya shouldn’t prove her wrongly again today…

    • Deepika

      Hey chithu.. :-‘) means rumour is in your name na :-‘) but are you sure chithu?? This track is rumour only na?? Because I have seen this track in ABP live and in India west site also. They are raising this issue. I can’t even imagine this situation for pragya :-‘(

      • chithu55

        yes Deepika..am 100% sure it is a rumor…these people are just making story out of Mahaepisode kidnapping sequence 🙂

      • chithu55

        and Deepika, watever we have in last update(that kidnapping rumor discussion) on yesterday with “chithu” name is mine 🙂 but from today morning i didn’t give any update there… 🙂 so those updates around 10.40AM today is someone else’s comments 🙂

  3. Bharathi

    Abhi has just lost his mind……how can he b such a fool……!!!!!!! How does he believe pragya’s acting?????!!!!!

  4. ramya

    So as I doubted abhi was not in conscious … He’ll forget pragya kissed me … :-! He says she kissed him in his dream … What is this … Abhiiiiiii

  5. Priya $

    Abhigya scene rocks today but before tat as nikki said it’s so painful to c pragya. In today’s episode I m having doubt on abhi’s behavior. And one more always they used to show if abhi was drunken next morning he ll forget everything but today u ppl noticed he remembered about pragya. May b it’s a next lead ah. But don’t know these writers v cant predict anything.

  6. ramya

    So as I doubtd abhi was unconscious as he drunk n believes only in dream pragya kissed him not in real … Oh god … Even pragya some times comes out n behaves as yua fuggi but u can’t understand her … Oh god abhi … Open yua eyes as wel as yua mind n find yua fuggi …

  7. Deepika

    Where is the mangalyam in pragya’s neck??? It’s been miising for so many days since from pragya’s new avatar. I know their love bond is still the same in their hearts. And also she can’t wear it again within get drama. Show some effective ritual beliefs like befores because it’s kumkum bhagya. When will abhi again tie mangalyam to pragya??? They are already married to each other two times ( actual marriage and after mms track) but till not united together :-‘( over yar…

    • chithu55

      Deepika..i wish it could be on first marriage anniversary of Abhi-Pragya 🙂 but not sure how much we have to see about this Tanu-Aaliya-Raj before their reunion actually happens 🙂

  8. Jeeva

    Nice epi.
    I think every one
    may adict to love becos when saw these epi i feel the luv btw 2charter , if that luv happens to evry human wht wil hpn?

  9. Leila

    Abhi has lost his mind because of pragya n they should set it up in away that aaliya don’t suspect them n send someone else instead of pragya n record her

  10. Abhi’s acting was superb. I loved abhi today. I hope the news of pragyas new track could b fake instead of that they can drown pragya in water n abhi perform CPR n become more caring for her.

  11. Nithya

    How many scenes will u people show drunked abhi insulting pragya and talking to his fuggi .this scene is shown for a 1000 times .stop this bakwas and show some thing useful.always falling pragya and catching abhi with hatred look make next step in their life.how long till 2016 u will show these same pregnancy drama and tanu will not be exposed.no doctor check ups nothing .what is this yar what’s going.everybody is going behind money and see nikhil character is over.go on show whatever.yar.

  12. Shraddha Sharma

    Tooooooooooooo much dragging…. Kya writers k pass koi idea nhi h ya public unko pagal nazar aa rehi h, story ko bus goal goal gummha rehe h, na start samjg aa raha h or na hi end…. Writer’s please change this track or producers must end the show…

  13. hamza

    Yr yeh purvi kato khuch bta hi nhi rhy …..us ka kuch bta hi nhi rhy k abhi ki kidnapping aliya nay krwe thi purvi nay nhi….or corpotator kha mar gya ywr…

  14. maryan

    what the hell in mahae epi precap was showing aliya being slapped by abhi meaning she was exposed or something n now it’s different storyline am not getting what is happening guys?

  15. they always drag more and they won’t reveal the truth now….may be for producer role they ll add any new charecter now…almost old charecters are died may be like rajina and suresh and purvi and nikil……I never saw likthis writer ever in my life bcoz rajina got pregnency almost two year?

  16. how abhi acting like dumbo in this serial?aaliya did many mistake like tried to kill bulbul aftr then too abhi accepted her?? but pragya saved his life when thy got kidnaped and tried to sacrifice her love for tanu lie tht abhi’s baby? but abhi hates her how this show going? we given more rate to this show means writers need to understand hw much expectations we havng? but keep dragging is not good…..try to reveal the truth of aaliya and tanu atleast

  17. Jes

    Web is aliya n tanu will b cought…..im tired wt same dragging……..unwanted scene a lot n tired 2 c pragya failed n loose…..

  18. Samantha Thomas

    Tanu is pregnant for how long and she still hasn’t got a curve in her belly as yet and she shows none of the aspects of a pregnant lady and where is Nikhil.He has dissapeared for so long too.

  19. Maggie

    I think pragya will tell abhi everything n abhi will act as producer n aaliya wil b trap as this is better idea then bringing new character
    Or ronnie may help
    Tanu is 4 months pregnant as serial is going too slow. It takes a week in months time like pregnancy track started in April last week so 5 weeks + 20 days leap n 1.5 months when Tanu herself knew that she is pregnant

  20. chaithu

    Hi we request the writers to increase their TRP they can take a positive way also not by separating them… Plz entertain us how life can be lived but not how the hell is life.. Plz yaar for lakhs of viewers sake plz.. And some sites are spreading rumours on pragya character plz stop I can’t even think of it.. We are so connected with Pragya in and off screen we like her.. Plz..

  21. I was reading the spoilers section and what I saw! All spoilers r saying only one story of pragya’s rape. Then I thought how smartly they r copying from each other, same thing and published it as spoiler without confirmation. I was loosing my temper and felt shame whenever I saw this cheap and rubbish type of spoilers.? I was thinking that if sriti and shabbir read these spoilers then what they will think specially sriti. I m sure they will laugh on the imaginationary writing skills? of these types of spoilers but for us, these kind of spoilers makes us angry.?Already we r bit disturbed and upset from abhigya’s differences becoz of this new track and these kind of spoilers r just like doing the work of putting oil in fire.?

  22. It is does not possible becoz pragya had already suffer so many sorrowfull incidents.again pragya get raped .no it cannot possible .fans of kumkum bhagya getting tensed to read such news ..so pls don’t be let to this moments
    Pls niether nobody can seen this serial.writer pls written some special script .in a serial why always heroine suffering else why not .pls change this drama

  23. What is this kidnap and shame thing ? it is strange too many kidnappings and confusing to connect between daily shows and sunday specials. We already seen one last sunday. and still one more in pipe line and a shock with in . It is unbearable to even imagine such family show widely appreciated to.have debacle like that . No way please avoid if , We as a family love to watch both hindi and tamil version just because the depiction of love and afffection between Abhigya. I dont think it is worth to show as a twist,it will be death blow for most viewers in TN

    Please don’t air such nonsense and kill the Serial totally

  24. chithu55

    and Nikki..when Abhi but was talking angrily to Pragya when she touched the doll… I felt he is conscious… Because he was bit clear in his words that time… I think if Aaliya was caught, then Raj/Tanu/Aaliya will become more careful, so then Pragya has to become more confident and Strong… Before that situation comes , Abhi shiuld start believing on Pragya..otherwise she ll be in a big trap again….

    • Maggie

      Ya chithu
      Even while pragya was near him n he was asking for kiss the whole while his eyes were closed
      So I think like earlier when he try to fool pragya by toy heart break scene she came to know that he is fooling her so this time he was careful n how he himself told pragya that fuggi came n kiss me in my dreams without asking first
      May b he wanted to know her reaction

    • Ya guys even what I was thinking that if he was heavily drunk then purab doesn’t let him go like this at home. He stops abhi in his home and makes him sleep. Becoz I remember that last time when he came after getting drunk in bar, purab left him at his home becoz he was in bar but this time he was with purab so if he gets drunk heavily then purab never let him go like this and abhi himself doesn’t come. But he came. And ya guys I too felt that abhi was conscious at some points but he has maintained again his drunken situation when he assumed that pragya is realizing somewhere that if he is really drunk or conscious. Did u remember guys at that time when he was trying to know the reason that why pragya is behaving rudely with everyone suddenly, he was trying to know it by pretending as drunk but on that time pragya caught him so I think that’s why this time he kept maintain his drunken situation infront of pragya by talking about mogambo and in morning by saying that he saw fuggy in his dream, so pragya couldn’t realize his plan, she gets alert and gets start again behaving as changed. And the way he was talking with pragya in the morning, it was all looking like he did all this with planning. Well let’s see he is really up to something or CVS r just tricking us.

  25. New segment- Abhi is doing pizza party with his family without pragya’s permission. Full update- Aaliya didn’t cook food. So everybody is hungry. Mitali pretends as she has pain in her stomach and she shouts holding her stomach. Abhi comes and sees this and then he orders pizza for whole family. Pizza boy comes and delivers pizza, whole family jumps on the pizza and enjoys it on dinning table. Pizz a boy waits for payment and asks then abhi says him to get it from pragya becoz she is the owner of this house. For avoiding creating scene infront of pizza boy, pragya pays him. Abhi makes fun of her with family and laughs seeing this. After going him, Pragya goes to abhi and says him that u can enjoy this pizza party. I have paid for it for now but I will cut it from ur pocket money and all family members have to do extra works after enjoying this pizza party. Reporter asks from mitali, taiji and dadi that how did u guys enjoy pizza without pragya’s permission. Now all of u have to ready for punishment. Then they says aaliya didn’t cook food and we were so much hungry so we ate it. We r ready to do extra work. They showed dadi was enjoying pizza after shooting also.

    • And guys one more gud news, SBS and SBB peoples has raised the issue of fake rumuors based spoilers of pragya’s rape. They have confirmed it from the production house for it and guys they have denied for any of this kind of track, they said that nothing will happen like this and these spoilers r totally wrong. Their focus is only on exposure of taaliya’s truth. So guys don’t worry and relax.

      • Guys sorry I have mistaken. It is SBS people who has confirmed from production house about that rumour and they have declared it as fake and wrong. But SBB people r going with the spoilers and saying same rape news. Both news channels r talking two different types of things. But I believe on SBS peoples becoz they said that they have confirmed it from kkb’s production house and they have denied from any kind of this track. And these SBB peoples they have been provided wrong news many times. I don’t know by mistake or becoz of carelessness but they have been done this kind of mistake of providing wrong news many times. So I will believe on SBS peoples becoz they r proving their news by confirmation from production house.

  26. sritika

    Thanks a lot nikki for ur updates…

    I really more angry and upset of that rumuor.. in google search type kkb name they give this rumuor news site first i really get more tensed … y they doing like this…. us a female i get more more angry … after that kidnapped episods end they rumour this matter continously… still they doing that…

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