Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Tanu dancing under a veil in the dandiya competition. Dasi tells Dadi that this girl is Tanu. Raj thinks she is gone. Abhi asks what you were doing here and says I told you that this baby is important for me. He says I sacrificed my marriage and love for you and for this baby. He asks why did you put your life at risked. Tanu says I have done this because of you. She says you are helpless and thought to earn money for you. She says I thought you can fight case against Pragya with this money and you are calling me selfish. Abhi asks how can you put baby on risked. Tanu cries and says she needs money for some test. She says I have been doing this for my baby. Abhi says I would have arrange or beg money from someone. Pragya thinks she is lying.

Tanu says Pragya is at mistake and goes.

Abhi looks angrily and comes to room. He pushes Pragya on bed and asks if she is at peace now by spoiling his relation with Tanu. He says you have proved today that you can do anything. Pragya says I didn’t force her to dance. Abhi says she used to earn lakhs of rupees from modelling and blames her. Pragya says she would have asked money from me if she really wants and says I paid her hospital bill also. Abhi says you are very greedy and have crossed all limits today. He says you have put the baby in danger for whom, I have promised my fuggi. Pragya gets teary eyes. Abhi says you can’t spoil my relation with her as she is standing with me when no one is with me. I will never leave her. Pragya cries and thinks she can’t bear his hatredness.

Purab comes to Abhi and asks what happened? Abhi asks about Bulbul. Purab says I asked Bulbul to rest as her legs were swollen. Abhi says I am getting bored. Pragya comes and asks him to give speech at the start of Ram Leela. Abhi says I am not interested and says he will not get any profit. Purab asks him to give speech else his name will be spoiled. Abhi says she didn’t ask me before committing to sponsors. Pragya says you said that you will give speech. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Pragya tells her that Abhi has refused to give speech. Abhi asks her not to take Pragya’s side. Dadi tries to convince him and says you are not like others, and praises him. Abhi melts down seeing Dadi asking him. Abhi says yes, I will give speech which will make everyone speechless.
Vijay tells Raj that his work is done, and asks him to bring Pragya during last scene when Ram and Ravan will be fighting. Raj agrees. Vijay says it is my plan to end Pragya’s story.

Nikhil is still waiting for Tanu in Aaliya’s room and thinks to wait. He then thinks she might lied to me, to keep me away from her and dandiya. He says I will not leave her and she is taking advantage of the space which I have given her. I will not bear anymore.

Taiji and Mitali see Ram Leela. Mitali asks her to see her favorite character Suparnakha. Abhi says everything is boring without a rock performance. Pragya says it will come in end when Ravan is lighted with fire. He asks about the time of Ram Leela. Pragya says it will go on for 2 more hours. Abhi says I will sleep till then. Nikhil comes and wonders what happened here? He asks about Tanu. Payal informs him that Abhi scolded Tanu when she was playing dandiya. Nikhil goes and searches her everywhere. He wonders where is she? Abhi takes a quick nap. Pragya goes to get her phone. Pragya tells Payal that her boss is falling. Payal holds him and thinks he is strange. She thinks what he is hearing and wear ear plug. She hears Abhi listening to rock music and transfers bhajan in his phone. Abhi wakes up hearing bhajan and asks Payal. Payal tells God punishes us if we listen rock music during Ram Leela.

Nikhil spots Tanu sitting in one of the room. Tanu wipes her tears. Nikhil says I have been waiting for you in that wrong room and you were playing dandiya happily. He asks her to think about his baby and calls her selfish. Tanu says she will dance and says nobody asked why I am doing this? Nikhil asks her to share her heart talk. Tanu says you can’t help me. Nikhil insists. Tanu tells that she needs 5 lakhs rupees. Nikhil asks why you do you want? Tanu says you can’t take care of my needs and want me to marry you. Nikhil says you loves money and says I will give you 5 Lakhs rupees. He asks will you come back to me. Tanu says she is marrying Abhi for money and his half of the money will be hers once she marries him. She says I will then come back to you. She says we have to end Pragya for that, and says she needs money to give to the killer. Nikhil is shocked. Tanu asks him to decide.

Pragya is coming towards that room. Nikhil agrees to give money for their relation. Tanu hugs him and thanks him. Nikhil asks her not to lie to him. Tanu promises and thinks she don’t want to see his face, leave marriage aside. Pragya comes just then. Nikhil asks Tanu to stop crying and gives her tissue. He asks her to smile. Tanu gets shocked seeing Pragya.

Tanu tells Pragya that you can’t separate me and Abhi, and says Abhi is mine and will always be mine. Pragya looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Priyanka

    So much dragging……now,this serial irritates me…plzz reveal tanu aaliya nd Raj’s truth as soon as possible…writers are dumb

    • KKB Has Lost it's Charm

      Same old BS. Don’t fall for the phone Precap. Nothing was heard and Pragya still does not have a clue!

  2. Of course she has feelings for you. N tanu n aaliya shouldnt be fasting they should be worrying wat will happen to them wen they ge caught

  3. K.praveena

    It’s so boring for long time. Every time precape showns a pragya hears tanu n nikil talk. But the epi she not hear fulltalk of tanu n nikil talk. People gets a irriked to see a kumkum bhagya in nowadays.

  4. Rishma

    Y is that Abhi is so foolish regarding Tanu.. this tanu track has to end fast. And Abhi needs to be shown how a woman like Pragya supposed to be treated. And Nikhil..omg … please open up your mouth and say something. The writer for KKB is dragging this down to the last.

  5. davy

    Nothing would change as these people need to drag the storyline. I think tanu and alaiya exposing might not be tat much ntrstng

  6. Huggy

    Very bored episodes.. And a dump Abhi. Same time. Pragya is a useless. Mad.. And we are wasting time to watch this show. Which don’t have any proper story for audience. F*** off. Hate this totally

  7. Chitti

    I have only one word for this drama : “yuck” pls stop this serial ! Not worth watching anymore. My day was vey nice until o reason this update ! ?

  8. Sanam

    I did nt read the updates for 1 week and hoped that this tanu track might have finished…i was highly mistaken..i should have read the update after 1 year..

  9. sania

    This drama is frustrating just getting annoyed and irritating please expose tanu Aylia and raj and same promos every time DUMB writers get up.Lost all excitement of kkb

  10. Rahul

    I felt very bad for Pragya today abhi jut literally crossed his line ,the money wasn’t only for tanu it was for everybody and why does he have to hurt her so badly ,she deserves a better person than abhi the “moron” . And if he really loved her he would read her heart and find out if she is lying or not 🙁 🙁

  11. Too bad.it take more than 75 episodes to expose tanu’s pregnancy truth.kumkum bhagya is losing its fans.writers should change the track otherwise no chance of getting the top position among other serials.May vijay and abhi fighft for pragya’s love.then it Wil be quite interesting.the story is showing like abhi is not perfect for pragya.even he can’t able to understand her.

  12. sandy

    Totally a crapppp… Hav nevr seen a pregnant woman wearing a dress exposing her stomach .. And she s d nly pregnant woman witout baby bump..
    Wellll..still ,,,,,,writers!!!!! pls chang d script..for god sake!!

  13. sandy

    Guys Its not worth watching..they wil still drag,, nd doesnt expos the ppl.. If the tanu,aliya nd raj being exposed to abi then ends the kkb..

  14. KIKI

    omg god… why is this show still running?? this is the MOST pathetic show ever. Pragya is a or was a professor and teaching kids?? I have never seen anyone act so dumb! T.V shows these days are becoming so damn predictable.. wahi saas bahoo drama, wahi punar janam wala badla, wahi double roles… I mean seriously how can Indians watch shitty shows like this?? and this show to date is the worst of its kind…actually indian tv dramas are a big JOKE!

  15. I use to like this serial very much when it started, now haven’t seen it for 6 month cos it got irritating with this Tanu never ending tack.first time after so long reading written update n finding it same stupid thing as 6 months ago

  16. fuggipraggi

    Hope pragya doesnt get hurt too much! But she shud get little hurt! Else again Stupid moron abhi who acts like he loves fuggi ll blame prgs n hurt her…this vijay atleast shud expose Raj.also bulbul pls marry purab soon..then Aliya cant do anything n she ll go by herself

  17. sritika

    Y abhi doing like this?????
    Eppadiyee pottitu erundhusu na oru stage la pragya ve abhi ta poi tanu baby ku nee appa illainu prove panna kuda abhi nambama pragya va poi solra selfish solli titadhan pora…

    Edhuku pragya edaiyum prove panna ma summa erukkurade better …. abhiye kolanda porandadu activity vashu kandu pidikattum…

    Guyd enakku onnu puriyave illa… endha tanu abhi nikki tendu peraiyume love pannala she loves only money appadi patta.. nikkil nala odane 5lakh rupees kodukka mudiyum na tanu nikkil kuda dane poganum… abhi nala eppa 500rs kudukuradee diut dan..

  18. stepphyrao

    I think viewers must do what a couple of people in the Indian forum suggested….that if u want to watch KKB…u hav to watch it as if u hav no brain.
    The dialogue is extremely shallow at the moment. The story line is kind of disconnected. The issues in the story ..i.e. Tanus pregnancy and Alias revenge n who the 3rd party is helping the antagonists is so coiled up like a packet of maggie noddles.
    Despite the crappie, draggy script, the cast are doing a great job. Thats the saving grace. Even Payal n Ronnie are doing a great job..
    Based on the script Dadi is totally responsible for poor Prags dilemma. N dadi use to be my favourite character. Abhis dialogue is ever so painful esp wen
    he deals with the Avatar Prags. OR…IS IT HIS WAY TO FORCE AVATAR PRAGS TO REVERT BACK TO HIS LOVABLE FUGGY??? Because if Avatar Prags comes back as Fuggy…Tanu is in trouble.

    Sometimes I wonder if the CVS write under the “influence”. KKB story line seems so retarded lately. Are CVS glue sniffing lately that seems to project incoherence n shallowness in the present storyline. I have psyched myself to think so. As this lightens my irritation n frustration.
    No offence to the great cast despite the”influence” spell. They are still doing a great job in spite of the”influence”. For now…when i watch KKB… i inhale “sambrani” ( frankincense ) so my senses too can blurred n my frustration

  19. Sharad

    I’m totally irritated wid abhi n his foolish ways….I mean come on what’s it wid tanu n this stupid track…..n I didn’t like the way how pragya is scolded in the end for tanu’s selfishness. Plz writers expose tanu soon. ….its dragging too much. I seem to be losing my interest to watch this serial

  20. heidi

    Why is this pregnancy drama still going on SO irritating. And Pragya just expose Tanu and the truth will come out. I really dislike KKB now

  21. Minna

    So many of u r commenting abt the serial and still watching it instead as nothing happens relax watch something else read the update
    Things will move when they decide to end the serial then aaliya tanu will b caught not before that so u have a long time of boredom ahead

  22. NIBIR

    nowadays abhi and pragya r so boring.none of ekta’s serials are good.the best example Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi—>its not irritating.Only MILAN is irritating.and also YHM coz of shagun’s bhooth.so EKTA plz don’t irritate us.change the track.

  23. Dhivya

    Never seen such a dumb and annoying piece of shit…you guys should just take this crap off air.. Never ever will see this again.. Good bye kkb…

  24. Yazhini

    Roomba kadupetharinga…..indha nikil edhuku vandhan… .oppuku sappani……pavan producer …weast of money….idha character LA endha use um ila…

  25. Sandy

    Maybe Like Ranchana’s pregnancy I guessTanu’s pregnancy will also be dragged for 2 years. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  26. Maggie

    Still have hope that Abhi is doing all these purposely so Pragya says to him all that she is hiding as in yesterday episode Pragya herself told that she can’t take Abhi word as it hurts
    Abhi still have love n respect for her as he didn’t scold Pragya in front of everybody like Tanu

    • Maggie I think u r right. I think it’s abhi’s trick to break down pragya so she herself blurts out whole truth in her hurted situation.

      • I think abhi hurts, taunts, tesaes and fights pragya intentionally becoz he knows pragya can tolerate his harsh words but not his hatred. So if her intentions will b right and she is behaving purposely so one day she will b definetly blurts out her truth in her hurted situation.

  27. MiMi

    Pragya and all its helpers stupid idiots. Abhi need to marry Tanu, she will soon give birth. This show was like chewing gum shit.

  28. New segment update- Abhi and pragya were standing outside in ground where raavan was going to b burn. Abhi teases pragya by calling her ravan and tries to click her pic with ravan’s statue. He makes her pose as ravan and says give him ravan’s like pose so then I will click it and put it on internet then will see that whose ravan will b more dangerous- that statue or u. Pragya gets angry and irritated from this act of abhi. Then abhi again starts teasing her by calling her ravan during the gift distribution to ramleela’s actors. He teases and taunts pragya all the time. Reporter says pragya’s this attitude track is going very long that’s why trp is dropping so to getting it’s high position writers should end this track and come with new track soon.

  29. sabita

    I think ki tanu ki pregnancy toh 5th month se jyada ho gya toh wrist ki size toh badna chahiye yr…….. Plz yr change the dressing sense of aliya.. Kitni bakwaas kapde pehenti h….

  30. farida uttan

    You are so right – this serial is now BS of a storyline. Expose the blo*dy cheats once and for all and let us move on or cut this serial . Put on something more sensible.

  31. I Really love this drama and acting of pragya and dadi will gonna kill me one day 😉
    they should end the drama now and dont drag any another topic coz it going to be boring.

  32. pinky

    fed up totally fed up and now in polimer tv kumkum bhagya tamil version is going superb and that it will also get spoiled

  33. pinky or reji

    guys this is only my short name but i don’t know what to type so only is type REJI it means a ship in 1970 and guys i have a confusion now wat i have to type in the box REJI or PINKY

  34. preethi

    yuck shit so much dragging they have crossed more than 400 episodes from 200 only it was nice but from 300 it was little bit going down and now from 400


  35. krithika

    my internet is lost so iam getting less network can anyone please tell me wat happened in kumkum bhagya

  36. People… Wake up…!!! If Abhi listens to everything what dadi says den she shud have told about tanu n aliya’s truth. She is punishing her grandson by keeping him away from his fuggi n keeping him in dark. If pragya is so damn educated den she shud have askd tanu to do baby’s DNA test n match it wid Abhi’s DNA. Den truth will come out DAT too with proof. Simple. Dimag ki batti jalao.!

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