Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dasi telling Dadi that Pragya went to Aaliya and Tanu. Dadi asks if she went there or they called you. Pragya tells that she has warned Aaliya and Tanu, and told that she will never let Abhi marry Tanu. Dadi asks why did you tell your plan. Pragya says she will never let Abhi marry Tanu. Dasi applauds for her. Pragya says she will sleep peacefully tonight. Dasi says I am very proud of you, wife should always stand with her husband. Pragya goes. Dasi asks Dadi not to worry and says there will be only happiness in the house. Pragya is getting down the stairs, and slips. She falls and Abhi catches her. They have an eye lock….Allah Wariyan song plays……….Abhi asks her to sing song and complete the scene. Pragya says you are a singer, and not me. He asks where are you

going? Pragya says home. He says last time you went to palghar, and asks her to promise that wherever she will go, she will take him. Pragya promises him. Abhi asks her to hand shake with him. Pragya asks him to make her stand first. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is stuck with Abhi, as she is going to marry her. Dadi and Dasi also see them, and get happy. Pragya shakes hand with him, and says I will take you even if I go to Picnic. Abhi asks her to come back to work at 5 am and then says 6 am.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya won’t let me stay in the house. She says I am confused, if Abhi lost his memory. Aaliya asks her to keep quiet for sometime. Tanu gets Nikhil’s call. Nikhil asks her to tell what is happening there. He asks if Abhi got his memory and got back with Pragya. Tanu says no. Nikhil says this means you have a chance to get Abhi, and I have a chance to get lifeline company. Aaliya takes the call and says you will ruin the company, and cuts the call. Nikhil thinks she is cheap and he should kill her first.

Next morning, Pragya gets ready for work. Sarla makes her eat halwa and says it is prasad. She says you are going back to Abhi. Beeji prays for them and asks Sarla to give halwa. Sarla asks her to check her sugar level first. Pragya thinks she is late, and Abhi will scold her. She sees Abhi outside her house, and asks what you are doing here. Abhi says I came to deliver milk and jokes. Pragya asks are you doubting me. Abhi says I thought to give you surprise and asks her to come. He makes her sit in car. Pragya says I think I will get more surprises today. Abhi says this is just the start.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she went to Abhi’s room, but he was not there. Aaliya asks did you call him. Tanu says she called him, but…Aaliya asks Robin if he saw Abhi going somewhere. Robin says no. Tanu says may be he is here, but couldn’t be seen by us. Aaliya asks you mean to say he is playing hide N seek game with us. They see Mitali and asks if she saw Mitali. Mitali asks if Abhi have changed his hair style and asks if I am a spy. Dasi comes and says we shall find Pragya first to find Abhi, as husband is always with wife. Tanu says I am his to be wife. Dasi says marriage will not happen and sings a song. Tanu and Aaliya are upset.

Pragya asks him to tell where is he taking her. Abhi says it is a surprise. His phone rings. He asks Pragya to pick the call. Pragya refuses, but picks it. Tanu asks how dare you to pick my call and tells that she is going to be Abhi’s wife and his property, shares and wealth belongs to her. She repeats the same words again and again. Pragya puts the speaker on loudspeaker. Abhi hears everything. Pragya says I understood, and says even Abhi understood. Abhi gets upset with her. Tanu thinks Pragya put the call on loudspeaker deliberately. Abhi tells Pragya that his mood is off. Pragya says lets go home, and we will see surprise later. Abhi agrees, and says when I have coffee with your hand, I feel good and my tension goes away. He says your hands have magic, and asks what else she can make. He asks about her speciality, and sees her unconscious. He gets shocked and thinks where to take her. He thinks if he takes her back to Sarla’s house, she will get angry. He thinks to take her home and call Doctor there.

Beeji is happy and tells that she prayed with God to unite Abhi and Pragya. Sarla says even God wanted them to come closer. Beeji says God should have returned Abhi’s memory, then I would have been waiting for grand kids. Sarla asks her to pray. Janki asks her to sing song till then. Beeji sings Abhi’s song happy love. Raj comes home and asks about Abhi. Dadi says he is fine. Dasi makes Aaliya and Tanu jealous. Tanu thinks she has done a mistake by telling all this to Pragya and Abhi hearing her. She gets tensed.

Precap: Dadi tells Pragya that Doctor told that she is pregnant. Pragya is shocked. Abhi tells how can this be possible, when she is not married or have any boyfriend. Tanu gets angry and asks then how did she get pregnant. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Moni

    Wow!!Excellent..this serial has crossed the heights of stupidity😭Pregnancy without touching each other…May be she became pregnant as abhi hugged her,kissed her on the cheek..😡WTF…Now again pregnancy track for an year…Kkb writers please pity on us..Why are you taking revenge from us..Now what will they show..Pragya’s boyfriend entry😱I will be happy IV ghe baby is abhi’s or it is b*t*h Aliya trap..Fingers crossed 😑

  2. Kavi

    Wow wow.., what this ya precap. Its real or frank i cant understant but ithu unmaikura pachathula i am so happy . I can’t control myself.What will happen nxt. Oh god this cvs give me biggest superise and shock to make me crasy.Today episode to good. Waiting for tomorrow 9pm ya epa than agum therila.

  3. Soni


  4. 3veni


    |Registered Member

    ohhh godd again pregnancyyy dramaa…bt now it’s turn for pragya…nd again dis must be pragya’s plan to expose tanu…

  5. Maanu

    Zee TV writer’s Ku yena achu…yella serial s laiyum heroin pregnant..but avanga husband kuda husband house la iruka mattanga…..how is the crap is possible????
    I’m totally confused with this zee serials…
    Unga yarukachum idea iruka ithu yepadi possible nu???bcoz abhigya pirinju Romba naal achula athan doubt….

  6. Vinodhini

    Seriously, I was shocked because of this precap… how can this happen….it’s like pragya doesn’t know anything about her pregnancy..don’t know what will happen next…eagerly waiting for the next episode….but I have a doubt… I don’t know Hindi… in precap, I think tanu blurted out that he is his pati and boyfriend…am I right friends??….I want to know abhi’s reaction when doctor confirms that it is abhi’s child..it will be amazing la….but cvs is an expert in repeating things…first tanu’s pregnancy track, now pragya’s pregnancy track….always finding a track to drag this story…

  7. shayna aka twinkle

    Hi guys this is the first time am replying for kkb nd i always use to watch only tashan e ishq nd today abt kkb am happy abt the episode hope to see abhi nd pragyas baby nd hope so this happens

  8. Diane Almeida

    Did she get pregnant the night before the accident? Now how do they tell him about their past without killing him?

  9. nithi

    Kavi Dont get too much excited yaar..becos this cvs never make us happy fr more than a day..
    Again d story will go like taliya confront saying Characterless again. then Abhi will get confused; then Pragya will challenge tat she will prove herself….Omg….no change at all

  10. Sugan

    Pragya pregnant possible only in lanovala house…. Accident before dear friend… This session is started from accident one month after…. So its possible dear….. Nothing worry, its true na? pragya explain whole story….

  11. Mary Venus

    Last day before accident Abi and pragya were together and hope they lived like husband. and wife after knowing the truth of Tanu. That would be the reason for Pragya’s pregnancy. Sure there will be a DNA drama to prove that it is Abi’s child

  12. AP

    I think it is probably Aaliya’s plan to show someone as Pragya’s boy friend so that Abhi will go away from Pragya by himself. Yet another plan to prove her characterless. Tired of these repeated sequences…..

  13. budi

    i think this is time to writer change the story line..i’m sure pragya have pregnant..maybe that was happen when pragya and abhi together before accident..but it will be great drama..tanu and aliya will take some trick to expose that Abhi is doesn’t..or kill pragya and baby both..maybe will come new character..and i hope aliya get realize about her all mistake as nikhil try to kill her, pragya and abhi..and i hope the writer able to create some new drama which haven’t same older shit crap..

    • budi

      and abhi is not get his memory back yet..when he fall in love with pragya, he confused with this happen and felt dissapoinment..then tanu and aliya play the game..and it will be drag again..again and again..not bad as if writer create some new drama..

    • budi

      that’s why new season begin after accident..we don’t know in additon to accident role..maybe it will be surprising moment in new season..but it too much dragging with abhi memory lost as lot dissapointing us..maybe..apologize if i wrong..

    • budi

      that’s why new season start after accident moment..we don’t know what else other surprising moment in addition to accident..maybe pragya pregnant is main surprising moment in new season KB..altought many episode past with dissapointment, this moment can be amaze..apologize if i wrong..

  14. Shriti


    |Registered Member

    omg unbelievable yaar wat wil happen as per i know abhigya not consummate their marriage but i think they will give flashback may be or may be not

  15. Abhishek

    It might be tanu or alia plan they might have bribed the doctor or it may be real i think abhi and pragya have consumated their marriage before accident

  16. prabha

    It wl b either f 2 cases..one, pragya is really pregnant and tat might hapnd coz of their togetherness d day b4 abi’s accidnt or second it might b aaliya’s drama wit doc tat pragya is pregnant ..either way they found a way to drag d serial !!

  17. prabha

    It wl b either f 2 cases..one, pragya is really pregnant and tat might hapnd coz of their togetherness d day b4 abi’s accidnt or second it might b aaliya’s drama wit doc tat pragya is pregnant ..either way they found a way to drag d serial !!

  18. Kavi

    Hai nithi, may be you are right.But what i will do when dadi tell pragya about pragnancy i can’t control myself, i m really happy. How long we are wait for some new storyline on kkb. But one matter clear namma cvs guysku kidnap, accident, pregnant, charracterless drama itha thavira vera ethum thonathu pola stupid guys. Anyway pragnancy real or aliya plan ethuva irunthalum story will interesting to see i think. I want to see abhi reaction when he hears about pragya pregnancy and aduthu ena than nadakum i cant thinking. This story nowdays unpridictable ya

  19. ShitStrikesAgain

    I can’t believe that you are all so very busy trying to determine when Pragya got pregnant!!!! It is amazing that you all are looking for some logic in this serial. Surprised that you all do not yet understand the basics of this KKB serial. Do you really think the writers care about what you want or that viewers want a better logical and meaningful serial to enjoy – it is no longer a pleasure to watch but painful to sit with family and watch this rubbish and that is why I don’t bother watching but occasionally visit the telly updates site to see any change. All of you by now know that they are all dumb retarded writers under Ekta who can only write shit storylines – real pathetic state of affairs. So the writers think that you don’t have common sense and logical thinking and all of us are real stupid that we will take any crap storyline and continue supporting this crap serial. They think all of you are also very dumb like them and suffer from memory loss – so don’t ask any logical questions like how, when, what & where she got pregnant – just get ready for another 18 months of pregnancy drama, DNA testing, killing the mother, poisoning the baby, throwing her down the stairs, getting her in an accident, and all this repeating shit for the next 18 months to get rid of the baby by Tanu, Aliya & Nikkil. Enjoy the stupidity folks and am surprised the actors can go on acting despite the silly storylines – the actors have no RESPECT AND CREDIBILITY LIKE EKTA KAPOOR.

  20. KKB BS

    I read the last two episodes comments after more than 2 months and note the same crap is there going in circles. Am really surprised that we still have comments from SAPPHIRE and PRATIKSHA – I used to enjoy their very incisive and objective comments and analysis – glad you both have the patience to keep on watching and commenting on this truly crap serial by Ekta the moron. Looks like nothing is going to change as we are all invisible to the idiotic writers.

  21. Deepi sri

    It is unbelievable yaar. i think its Dadi’s plan to remember abhi everything about his past and not marry tanu.

    i think Pragya also don’t know about dadi’s plan. because if she know she would not accept this cheep idea to stop the marriage. She is not like this character………….

    Its actually dadi’s plan to remember abhi’s past or the evil Aliya’s plan to prove pragya characterless in front of abhi to separate them.

    Purab where are you????????
    The great shocking news is wait for you………

  22. Deepi sri

    If her pregnancy is true, it will make her cry again. The episodes will move by pragya get struggle with prove that is abhi’s child………… and get bad opinion and hate ness from Abhi………

  23. Pinku

    Hi guys, i am new to this site,but a silent reader since long, am big fan of kumkum bhagya. Can i join u guys?

  24. Mahie

    I read the last two episodes TU comments after more than 2 months and note the same crap is there going on in circles. Am glad and at the same time quite surprised that we still have good continuing comments from Sapphire and Pratiksha [for the earlier episode] – I quite enjoyed their very incisive and objective comments and analysis – glad you both have the patience to watch and comment on this truly crap serial by Ekta the moron as I thought you had enough of the serials as your comments were not getting through to the mentally retarded Ekta and cvs. Looks like nothing is going to change anytime soon as all of us are invisible and non-existent to the idiotic writers. I guess as long as they see comments coming thru [ 40 comments today ] the writers must be feeling they are doing a great job with the storylines. BTW is there any other website that is also hosting comments for these Zee TV serials – it will be interesting to see wht is written there – pls share as hopefully it mirrors the feedback here.

    • Pratiksha

      Marie who told u that I m watching this crap. It’s been two months that I didn’t dare to touch my TV’s remote to switch on zee at 9:pm to watch kkb. Ya I m reading and following updates and then if I did comment in these two months whenever, I just commented to criticize it. That’s it. I just kept eye on updates and shared it for all the members of this group. It doesn’t mean that I m interested to watching this crap. Kkb has become joke in present time and I m not interested to become a part of this circus. I m highly disappointed with this new season and I will b against it until story and audience will not get justice. I loves sriti and Shabbir as abhigya very much and I want to watch their onscreen chemistry more but with some sense and logic and with better story. Sriti and Shabbir r doing great job as abhigya so I wants justice with their characters and their story. For which I m still keeping my eyes on updates with this hope that someday may it happen. But if it never happens then also I will not have any problem as how much I was attached with this show, my attachment is decreasing with each passing day and if this crap continue like this more, then surely I will get disconnected with the show completely someday.

      • Mahie

        Appreciate your honest and frank feedback and comments as always. Fully agree that for some of us there will come a stage when we will get completely disconnected from this KKB circus which is going in a merry go round. Please continue with your comments as I know most readers and contributors enjoy when you take a real good dig at the writers, producers, cvs and Ekta. A good story initially but now this crap is the biggest joke in recent times.

      • Pratiksha

        Thanks Mahie for u appreciation. I m glad that u easily understood me and didn’t took me otherwise. Surely I will keep my comments continue like this frankly and will comment only on true facts.

  25. Nila

    Ayyo mudiyala ennaya panuringa ippadi oru twista vachi usura vanguringa pragya unmaiyavae pregnanta illaiya waiting for the upcoming episode

  26. Share In English Pls

    While all of us respect your mother tongue, can you all PLEASE write in a common language so that YOUR COMMENTS CAN BE APPRECIATED AND ENJOYED BY EVERYONE. So KINDLY share your comments and thoughts on whether the serial is good or bullshit / crap or the writers and producers are brilliant or a bunch of psychos & mentally retarded people. The idea is for everyone to read and maybe reflect or have a good laugh, so DON’T BE SELFISH AND SHARE WITH ONLY YOUR HINDI OR TAMIL UNDERSTANDING CONTRIBUTORS & READERS. I don’t mean to offend anyone but like the idea of SHARING YOUR COMMENTS FOR ALL TO READ – ENGLISH IS COMMONLY USED IN THIS TELLY UPDATES COMMENTS AND CAN WE AGREE TO STICK TO ENGLISH WHERE POSSIBLE PLS.

  27. Share In English Pls

    Or if you wish write in both with translation in English – if you want people to enjoy what you write. If you don’t want to share your creative comments then it is really your choice. Most of the time people just ignore comments they don’t understand – but they will not skip if you give them a translation – but why double work for you – unless you can best express it only in Hindi or Tamil. Nothing personal here but trying to include all of you in writing comments on some of the silliest most ridiculous serials on Zee TV.

  28. Mahie


  29. Pratiksha


    ABHI brings pragya to his home after her fainting. In Abhi’s room, pragya is on bed among all the people of Mehra house. A lady doctor comes and checks her. Pragya is still unconscious. Along with abhi and dadi everybody is in tension. Doctor checks pragya and says to abhi to inform her family that there is a gud news that she is going to become mother. Abhi, dadi, dasi, tanu, Aliya, metal bhabhi and Taiji all gets super shocked. Tanu gets shocked and panickly comes forward after hearing it and sees pragya worriedly. Aliya and metals bhabhi too holds her mouth with shock. After going doctor, outside Abhi’s room, everybody is wondering that how did this possible? Is this true or not? Abhi too is in deep thinking worriedly. Aliya looks abhi and intentionally asks from tanu that what she thinks, is Nikita really pregnant or not? Tanu angrily says seeing abhi that how she knows, she is not her friend which keep her every news. She taunts abhi and says that if wants to ask then ask from the one who always live with Nikita. Abhi looks her angrily. Aliya stops tanu.
    In next scene, Abhi comes to talk with pragya in dadi’s presence when she gets conscious. Abhi says to pragya that he considered her as her gud friend and then as his best friend but he always hid her all things from him. He says that he asked from her many times that if she have any boyfriend in her life but she never told him. Dadi interrupts and says to abhi that let her speak too. Pragya tries to make abhi understand and says that u r thinking wrong, it’s nothing like that. Abhi says that he considered her as his fan number one and allowed her to enter in his life. Pragya gets stand and says that whatever he will ask, she will tell everything truely. Abhi too gets stand and asks from her directly that who is the father of this child? Pragya looks on. Dadi too looks all this worriedly.

    Reporter says that this is all pragya’s drama and planning with doctor against taaliya to stop tabhi’s marriage and pragya’s pregnancy will b the trump card of pragya against taaliya and specially against tanu. They shows that scene of last episode where pragya gets faint in Abhi’s car after which abhi brings her home and calls doctor to check her. Reporter mentions about last promo where pragya challenges Aliya to never let tanu marry with abhi. So this is the first step of her plan of her challenge with taaliya.

    • Pratiksha

      This is what guys which I got from the segment. To get it’s clear picture and correct info, if u wants to know then watch tonight’s episode.

  30. Nancy

    Obviously it is Aliya and Tanu’s evil plan to have Pragya thrown out of Abhi’s life. The writers don’t have any better ideas to prolong the show. No one gets pregnant without a man!!! Abhi never touched her.

  31. Sahithi

    Before waiting eagerly for today’s episode to see how this pregnancy drama unfolds, I really liked the scene where Pragya put mobile on speaker to show Abhi Tanu’s real character. The way it was so impromptu and not really planned by Pragya but just done spontaneously was so good. Pragya left many such chances in Mogambo track and let Tanu have her way. Her biggest mistake then was trying to be Mogambo and make herself look bad in eyes of Abhi to expose the evils.

    Even now she is in so called of disguise as his secretary and not revealing her real identity but still this was better than the Mogambo stuff. In fact scenes from last 1 week or so after Tanu mehendi function are mostly good.

  32. Nancy

    We all know in this serial, Pragya’s plans never go anywhere, her enemies always strike harder and succeed. There is no direction in this love story.

  33. Nancy

    Whenever they seem to get close to each other something bad happens. Pragya’s enemies are always one thousand miles ahead of her. Their love story is not for marriage but pain and heartaches.

  34. Pinku

    Hi prathiksha, i am a big fan of yours, thank you for all your updates,your comments are so nice… i always come to this site only to read comments,I stopped watching kumkum bhagya when u stopped prathiksha…. but I wonder pratiksha, as per my knowledge none of us are watching this serial, then what makes it always top rated show, this week also it was on 3rd or 4th position, i do not undersatnd how is it possible.. any ideas on this prathiksha & friends

  35. Pinku

    I thought if we all stop watching it TRP will come down and tehy will change the storyline.. but it never happend… infact its intact on that position…i always wonder how is it possible…

  36. Pinku

    And yes as u said prthiksha, beyhad is really very nice… i saw it after u mentioned it once here.. but dunno y beyhad isnt in top 5 but kumkum bhagya doesnt get down the list at alll….

  37. Ivan

    Sometimes you can’t trust nobody this drama full of bribery people do anything to get money it’s not right and hurting others they should gave they money to charity instead and help the poor

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