Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking how he will search his fuggi and how he will fulfill the promise made to Sarla. He thinks when we will unite. He gets Aaliya’s call and she asks him to come home, pretends to be worried for him. Abhi asks her to think in which state Pragya would be in goons’ captivity. Aaliya asks why you are trying to search her, and says don’t know if she is alive or dead. She asks him to think about Tanu and her parents. Abhi says nothing will happen to them and asks her to think about Sarla. Aaliya asks him to return for Tanu’s sake. Abhi says I don’t know if I love her or not. Aaliya gets angry and says the more we talk to him, the more he talks about Pragya, don’t know what magic she did on him. Tanu says that’s why I told that Pragya have to die. He says if

he finds Pragya then many more months will be wasted. She says our betterment lies in Pragya’s death. Abhi is in car. Pragya hopes Abhi will come to her and save her. She recalls Abhi saving her. Pragya says I was never scared of death, but since I know your feelings I want to stay with you. She says I have no hope in his mind, but my heart is sensing your presence.

Damru opens the door. Pragya thinks Abhi came and calls him. Damru comes inside and asks what do you think that your husband came. He says your thinking is right, he left to search you, but he can’t come here to show his heropanti. He says he couldn’t search this place in 7 births. He says if he comes here then he will die with you. He says we have decided to sacrifice you both. Pragya is shocked.

Tanu calls Nikhil. Aaliya asks her to put call on speaker. She asks about Pragya’s death. Nikhil says he has hired professional killer to kill Pragya. Tanu asks who is he? Nikhil says Dushyant Kale. Tanu asks when he will come? Nikhil says in the morning just as sunrise. He asks her to make arrangements of breakfast and says you will get news of her death. Tanu smiles and says now it is time for action. Purab comes home and tells that goons have taken Pragya to byandra. He says tempo address was wrong. Janki says Tanu knows where is Pragya. Dadi and others also tell Purab. Purab says I have to keep eye on Tanu. Abhi thinks how to find out where is pragya? He stops his car seeing temple. He recalls Pragya telling that she presents garland to God so that she be connected with him always. Pragya thinks he is coming to save me and thinks about Damru’s words and gets shocked. She says he shall not come here and thinks to do something to protect him.

Abhi gets inside the temple and says I never believed on you, but Pragya who is a big devote is in danger and asks God to save Pragya and do something. He says she is in this condition because of me and says if anything happens to her then I will not forgive myself. He asks God to save her, or take him near her. Temple bells rings louder. Pragya thinks she has to try and escape from here. She tries to open the rope from her hands. She manages to free her hands, uses table to climb up and cut the rope. She sees goon sleeping there, some change falls from his pocket, she keeps near it.

Purab sees Tanu going in car and thinks Sarla and Dadi’s doubt was right. Tanu thinks to reach Pragya and order her death. Dadi calls Purab. Purab says your doubt was right and tells that he is following Tanu. Dadi asks him to inform her. Pragya takes walkie talkie of goons so that she can hear their plans.

Pragya manages to escape from there and hears two truck drivers talking. One of them is going to Mumbai. Pragya thinks to sit in his truck. Abhi reaches there and couldn’t see her. They are standing together while curtain is between them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Adamu Alhaji Adamu

    Please can someone very professional in Indian series explain to me in details the meaning of this story kumkum byagya. What a shame of repeating and repeating one episode for 2 years or more. I am right now in anger and very sad with all the crew that a helping this writer with no sense Shod punish u

  2. In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya there are many such situations which make Abhi and Pragya establish themselves as the most powerful couple.

    Abhi and Pragya have made up their way fighting with the goons who had kidnaped Pragya.

    Now this warrior fight made Abhi and Pragya get to know that they are made for each other completely.

    Abhi and Pragya’s this union also marked a lesson for Tanu and Aaliya whose plan got failed ample times.In between all the tension Pragya also her lost father back as Tanu had sent a sharp shooter to kill Pragya and that happened to be Pragya’s father
    It that true pragya”s father track start

    1. If this story is going to start in actual?????????????????????????????????

      sucking !!

      all the makers and writers of KKB should get a “Guinness world record” for creating such a crap story and not changing the track since a very long time.
      I have never ever felt such a hatredness for any show till date.
      Anyways, I have already stopped watching KKB and was only reading written episodes since months..and from few days I am reading only Precaps.. Now I guess this also will be stopped !!

  3. Rubbish… why would a new track about Pragya’s father start… he was dead when the show started before Pragya was in Abhi’s life so Tanu had nothing to do with his death.
    Trying g to create a spin off when the 1st story is spinning in circles for 3 years is just plain stupid… we viewers would be crazy to watch !!!

  4. Why dadi is being so stupid how come she is not saying anything to Aliya and Tanu and her mother to just leave ,she knows that it’s their plan along why’s she playing with Pragya life stupidity to the highest.

  5. Cathy

    The longest day continues.

  6. stupid sriti jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia and the writer

  7. Ada ada ada evangaluku mattum thaan therium epdi reel otradhunu?.pa thanga mudila da saami?.pragya andha truck la erna apru engaiyavadhu kan kanadha edathuku poidanum?

  8. Stupid whole cast and crew of kkb.what can be expected from characterless sriti and idiot shabir.

  9. Stupid whole cast and crew of kkb.characterless sriti and idiot shabir.bakwas acting.l

  10. boriiiiiiing…same old crap!!

  11. Tanu and aliya should get the award of barking dog.sriti should get pagal naked aurat 2017 new year.shabir should get best kisser with kanchi.he could not prove anything in acting.hopeless serial

  12. wawwww what an episode…. usually most of the serials run famous only by the unexpected twists but the main twist in this serial is all of the viewers of this serial had even known the twist earlier fantastic ekta….I just give u an suggestion y often Pragya run after Abhi my idea is u better make Pragya forget everything then Abhi try to make her remember because u guys will always come across the same track na

  13. It is so boring. even one can predict what will happen next. not interesting at all

  14. So boring

  15. ChandaMaya

    Round and round . . .have any of you seen the never ending story? This could be one.

  16. OMG is all I have

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