Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla seeing Pragya in OB-GYN lab and asks what is she doing here. Pragya says she is feeling dizzy and asks why is she here. Sarla says she came to collect Bulbul’s reports. Abhi enters telling Pragya that her mom is here. He sees Sarla there and panics. Sarla asks what is he doing here. He stammers. Pragya says his manager’s wife is a doc here Sarla gets happy thinking Pragya is pregnant and so feeling dizzy. Pragya gets nervous and says she is not. A serious of confusions and jokes continue.

Tanu comes from testing lab. Pragya turns Sarla to stop her see Tanu. Doc comes out and asks Pragya to come for test. Pragya says she will not do it now as her mom has come. Doc says she wanted it just 5 min ago. Abhi says she does not it now and is afraid

of drawing blood from hand, etc. Doc gets confused and says she will get her test first. Sarla asks whose test. Abhi and Praga continue their confusion spree. Sarla says if she stays here, she will have to get her BP test done. Abhi says he was telling her same and says he is taking care of her one daughter and Purab second, but since Purab is out of town, she should take care of Bulbul. Sarla tells Pragya that she may be dizzy due to summer heat and murmurs in her ears that she wants her to get pregnant soon and kisses her. Abhi listens to their conversation. Sarla leaves.

Pragya and Abhi’s romantic moments start. They look into each other’s eyes…while soap bubbles fall on them… A few moments pass.. Sayyara o sayyara…song.. plays in the background…Pragya gets conscious and says something was there on his face. He asks her to open her eyes and look at him. She closes eyes. Bubbles stop and child from upstairs says his mom that bubble liquid finished and leaves with her. Peon informs Abhi and Pragya that doc is calling them.

Doc tells Tanu that she is pregnant and if she wants she can inform her husband. She says she does not have husband. Abhi and Pragya enter and doc tells them that Tanu is pregnant. Abhi asks how can it be and asks if she is lying. Tanu asks doc if she asked her to lie? Doc says she is a professional. Abhi asks her to show the sonography report. Doc shows video with baby moving (1.5 months’ pregnant, but sonography of 6 months’ pregnancy….).. Abhi says this cannot be. Dumb Pragya pampers Tanu.

Aaliya joins her friend in reunion party and they all discuss about Purab…and their college days.

Abhi and Pragya hug each other and cry.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that he should accept his mistake and accept Tanu and her child.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Gigi

      Please tell me what woman gives up her husband to his pregnant girlfriend….PLEASE Tell Me!!!
      This is RIDICULOUS and the writer’s must think everyone that watches is Stupid too!!!

  1. I think the reports are pragyas and tanu changed it probs or doctor mixed both of there reports by mistake that’s usually how ekta kapoors dramas usually go

  2. pragya

    Abhi in his state of mind makes a request to Pragya for friendship since he wants to give their relationship some name. Since Pragya has made up her mind on Abhi’s marriage alliance with Tanu so she takes a backseat. She further informs Abhi on Tanu’s possessive nature for him and declines his friendship proposal on that note. She leaves his home and makes a return with Tanu. She didn’t stop there and even makes arrangement for Tanu in her room. Where does Tanu’s child pregnancy matter take Abhi and Pragya ?

  3. wt d hell how can dis serial writer can do dis serial s gettin worst pls don make him t marry her ppl ‘ll stop watching dis serial oly…

  4. ani

    Writers, kindly don’t make a fool of yourself by showing pragya as a dumb woman. You are spoiling her character.

  5. Is tanu really pregnant….
    Dump pragya can’t understand her husband y she doesn’t believe her husband abi

  6. kowsi

    Come on abhi …do something..dump pragya..if u really ur husband pls trust him..pls unite abhi and pragya..if it s tanu and abhi means pls end the serial …or better to watch another serial…ektha mam for kindly req pls unite them dnt dragging like ur stupid MMS chapter….balh also u seperate the love birds like sammy and suhani ..and now here also doing tat same …its better to watch kidnapping drama..dnt lose kkb viewers and also trp..

  7. ani

    Previously abhi used a marriage to prove pragya’s innocence and now it s pragya’s turn. It shd b that way. Otherwise pragya’s character will become too dumb to believe all nonsense.

  8. kowsi

    Dump pragya…if u really love abhi pls trust him..wat he say first..there s limit for our waste sacrifice..at least pls give one chance to prove him innocence..i cant see him crying ….abhi pls dnt cry..waiting for gud episode…alaiya otherside plan to trap purab…here tanu…two devils get out of the serial..i think aftr 300 episodes abhi and pragya sweet romantic moment will be on air….pls come focus on abhigya love story…also rabul love story.

  9. deepika

    Dumb pragya. If she really loves abhi she should have believed him. How come she believe that tanu and not abhi…. Ridiculous

  10. madhumitha

    lets wait its abt abhi & pragya abhi will have a plan to prove tanu is not pregnant…

  11. Mokha thaangamudiyala as priya told I will also quit this serial IF THIS TANU AND ABHI MARRIAGE HAPPENS! If they drag this too much like this viewers will definitely loose their interest. So pls Ektaji konjam viewers sidela irunthum parunga ji.

  12. zaramary

    Do u think we r idiots…….sahikunathnu oru paridhi undu…….ninghalku thonunu ezhuhy direct cheyanano kasu mudaki serial undakunath…….script writers are such a f***….hell wth all dumb serials in Zeetv

  13. How can she b pregnant. She has revealed that she is not pregnant in the last episode. I think she has played some tricks with the report or else would have bribed the doctors ……

  14. Liya

    Madhuthu forest exile kazhinjappol pregnancy problem.ee writers ennu nannavum!alla veruthe paranjittum kaaryam illa avar evide vaayikaana idhu.

  15. diya

    Omg, i cant believe this!!!! Why is pragya trusting and taking the side of someone who was trying to destroy her life?!?! Has she even forgotten that it was because of tanu that her mother nearly had a heart attack?!? All i hope is that the writers & director knows what they r doing allright…i mean i hope they r aware that they will go down in their trp if they seperate abhigya!! All ekta kapoor shows r so similiar in their story sometimes….we want to see something new!!!!

  16. sandy

    I feel pragya is doing right…in the past abhi tortured pragya really badly and even flaunted tanu in pragyas face. Now that he has realized what a gem of a wife he has….his own past is coming back to punish him…lol…he deserves to be with tanu for a while!!! Hopefully he will grow up and fully understand his love for his wife and appreciate her all the more?

  17. pragya

    Guys i think pragya is acting in d same way how abhi didn her marriage wit suresh to prove het innocence… what do u all think

  18. I think pragya wil soon feel dizzy and the doc checks her And tell that she is pregnant and abhi will feel confused and he will find that tanu is not pregnant . Thia will be the story for 2 or 3 weeks … &finally this is my guess only guys. … good night**

    • jose

      Are you out of your mind..what kind of guess was this..how can pragya be pregnant..that’s not possible since she didn’t have any s*xual relations with abhi

  19. what is this?Tanu is 1 month and a half pregnant in the video but the sonography says ^ months.Therefore there is a lie hanging in the air.This baby belongs to who.Is it the modelling director or someone from the modelling show but I do not believe it belongs to Ahil.Therefore she was cheating on Ahil and then playing miss goody ,tooshy.Why Praggya do not try to listen before she ruin her life for good.She may be the one without a support if she becomes pregnant.

  20. Emm

    Am damn sure the baby is not due Abhi but some one other…coz if it was Abhi then he must have known abt it…but as he doesnt and he himself declining it dn baby is sm one others….

  21. Priya

    Paarunga nama abhi pragya sera poranga nu nenaichetu irukom. Kadaisila tanu going to marry abhi. Apurum bow bow

  22. khloe

    Kkb was shocking but heart felt so was qubool hai too but i just don’t know why my emotions being bothered

  23. kutti

    I Think Pragya will identify her mistake for wat is she doing now foolishly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. i dont know anything pa . i just want abhi and pragya to unite . VPVS stylela sollanuna engaluku seriala nadathunga illa nadathaama ponga ana abiyum pragyavum serthey aaganum ha!

  25. ishwarya

    Plz romba izugAthingA ..sekaram indha Tanu topic ah close pannunga.first irundha Tanu than billi role. Ku correct. Ah irundhanga.ivunga set agala she is looking like baby face.really Tanu cute..and Pragya abhi also

    • angy

      U must b tamilan right…..if u think hindi serial r nonsense stop watching it….n tamil serial must great na? ur nonsense

  26. kc

    Pls don’t separate abi and pragya.they are made 4each other. The writer should bring a twist in their life…….. pls…..

  27. Ya u r right kc pls ekta ji don’t separate abhi and pragya . Don’t miss your fans by separating them pls….

  28. Today Sunday even though I am thinking of this serial only thinking / puzzled whether abi will expose tanu or pragya will expose tanu on the day of wedding ?. Wat friends do u have a thinking like me .

  29. dd

    Pls story change,pragya and abhi kula life nalla poganum.abhi and pragya dha sernm.tanu va avanga life la irndhu veliya thooki potudnga pls..indha storyla ena twist venalm kondu vanga ana abhi and pragya kula pirivu matm vena pls

  30. Latest gossip regarding this kumkum bhagya in serial gossip (tanu’s pregnancy truth might be revealed on Wedding day)

  31. Priya

    Y this pragya doing lik dis. She cant allow tanu to allow in abhi’s room. I hate it..

  32. ss

    Simply dragging de story pragya z blindly helping tanu.If abhi goes fr DNA test he can prove right i think dat z the only way to prove aftr dat only pragya come to knw n then only abhi can xpress his love to pragya but each n every issue abhi only solving but prgya z fr crying n suffering abhi n pragya acting well

  33. hibz

    WTF*****How can any1act soooo stuppid…..
    Is der any malayaalii here…..is der any1 frm Kerala…..:/

  34. Liya

    Tanu’s character is really boring.writers plz let abhi nd pragya enjoy a bit.every epi there ll be sth 2 irritate the viewers.uff….

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