Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi drops Prachi and Shahana to their uncle’s place

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The girls look for the lift but none of the cab stops by. Shahana complains to Prachi that they lost the thief and luggage only because Prachi stopped to listen to the speech. She gets an idea to get the lift from the film. She decides to fake an accident, the car owner will give them both money and lift. Prachi was afraid what if it happens in real. Shahana executes the plan in real and gets lift from Abhi. Both Shahana and Prachi get in the car. Abhi inquires about their relationship, family and house. Abhi scolds Shahana for the odd behavior to take the lift. The girls explain their situation and the loss of luggage. Abhi asks why they moved here. They say they have come here to complete education from MMIS College. Abhi says his daughter studies in the same college. At the location, Abhi drops

the girls. Prachi returns to complement that she loved whatever Abhi said in his speech for his daughter. He spoke his heart out; like the kids say my father is the best father. He is really the best father, and it seems a father’s love is no less than a mother’s love. She never saw her father, though her mother never let them feel his absence. Only sometimes, she wish her father was there. She gets tearful. Abhi says life is like this, we never get many a things. His daughter didn’t get a mother, and Prachi didn’t get a father. He asks what her mother’s name is. Prachi was lost in deep thoughts. Shahana calls Prachi inside. Abhi says her mother is more loving than him, she sent them to an unknown city. He advices her to enlighten her name. Prachi waits to bid Abhi a good bye with a wave. Shahana complains to Prachi that she met Abhi as if he is her real father.
At home, Chachi complaints to Chacha ji that she won’t be able to bring up two more daughters. Chacha ji promises to accommodate for a while, he will later talk to their mother. He opens the door to the girls. Chachi was annoyed at their arrival. Shahana says they have lost their luggage and will use her Chuni Munni’s clothes. Shahana counts at once that Prachi gave up her new dress when they came over to visit them as well. Then requests Chachi to eat something. Chachi says there is leftover of the day she can offer. Shahana complains to Prachi they always serve them well whenever they visit us. Prachi says she might have a bad day and will soon be fine.
Pragya calls on Prachi’s number and was angry as she doesn’t answer. Bee ji tells her to keep trying, the girls are in a strange city. The phone rings in Abhi’s car. He was irritated and doesn’t pick up the call and instead returns to Chacha’s place where he dropped the girls. He cuts the constantly ringing phone. Pragya tries again. Abhi takes the call but signal was weak due to rain in Pragya’s city. Pragya comes to the window and was at once nervous hearing the voice other side. Bee ji asks Pragya who is it. Pragya says the line is weak. Bee ji takes the phone. Abhi can hear her clearly. Bee ji deems it is Churinder and asks about Shahana and Prachi. Abhi says he dropped Shahana and Prachi to their uncle’s place and their phone was left in the car. Pragya takes the call. Both weren’t able to speak to each other.

PRECAP: Pragya discuss with Bee ji what if Prachi looks for her father in Delhi. Bee ji says Prachi knows her father disowned her and his wife when she was a minor. There, Prachi thinks well about Abhi but shows hatred for her father.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. this much seperation in love if this is kumkum bhagya then its better to say no to kumkum and even kundali huh !
    despite this saga phir bhi dil hai hindustani mode for indian viewers are just awesome this reminds me of an incident where people still expecting 4 2 ka 1 and mere karan arjun aayenge hahah no wonder this tv pur has kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and kahani ghar gharki and soon not behind but still far balika vadhu or even pavitra rishta and yes not to forget grandest of them all yeh rishta the never ending saga
    either the viewers have lost the meaning of entertainment or they are very much interested to see pragya in wonderland

  2. Abhi/Shabir looked a little more interested in acting today. And the set-up, is coming to completion with the entrance of weird chachi (weird is a prettier term than b*tchy) and of course Abhi is beginning to question the identity of Prachi. Will a few more characters be introduced, immediately or are we at the start line of the next go-around? Otherwise the script remains pretty much the beginning of KDB.

    1. how to stp this seris rom airing in that country ATLEAST THEY WOULD BE WITHOUT SADIST REALY ,do u know aki i read ur last comment below but couldnt reply u, but in interview shabir said that sriti doesnt know to romance

  3. Zo, if you are still here… Ha! I noticed that in the video lineup for updates and gossips, that they actually put up an old episode of Bandini. It would appear that someone doesn’t want us to forget that wretch who played TF. Please, do not let this be a hint that the wretch is hiding in a closet ready to leap out to reprise the travesty of all human kind… the Tuna Fish. We’ve had enough of her!

  4. Hate him..hate him more..he deserves ur’s and ur mother’s hatred. I just hope that both mother-daughter never returns to this man.

  5. Enock, to add to yesterday’s conversation… Very basically, Ekta aunty is one big liar. She uses bells and whistles and extravagant fireworks to keep us interested in her big lie. If you watch from a distance you can keep yourself ‘safe’. I admit, I am giving myself a bit more time to prove to myself that Kiara/ Mrunal Thakur is another lie. The thing is, in real life, once you know that they are a big liar, you remove yourself from the playground. Liars are always dangerous people. Ekta is very practiced at the ‘big lie’. I like the twitter commentator who has been recommending that people watch this show online so that the trp is lowered. I’m sure Ekta benefits even when you watch online, but if the trp goes down, who knows what change may occur. I wonder if the Indian population is so well-trained to accept lying as a normal part of communication that it is easier to get away with this. I would love to see the stats of how this show fares in other countries/cultures. And which year of production (during the ML track with the psycho Aliyah or the Simonika track where the stupidity became unyielding or at the first leap) viewership went down, if at all. Just like “Peter and the Wolf’ at some point, you give up on the constant lying because you accept that you no longer appreciate being made into a fool. That’s why so many who have commented here will admit, that they have stopped watching but like the conversation here, after reading the updates. I agree with Yami’s comment (and many many others) that the Abhigya chemistry is a ‘device’ being used to carry out the ‘carrot and stick’ lie. You have to wonder if we should feel sorry for the 2 ‘lead’ actors or if they are a conscious and willing part of the lie.

    1. Hello Akituster, I can identify with your last few lines – I read updates for KKB and that started during the Semonica track, and then watch the occasional 59 sec vids on IG, and not that I seek it out. Prior to this though, I missed a year or so and upon my return, it didn’t take long to get up to speed, as in la la land, one year is about a month real time. To be honest, in a nutshell, KDB is much more entertaining for me than KKB. ENTERTAINING being the operative word, perhaps because I can actually watch (some) good acting with a few of them, and the two main evil characters have me cracking up so much!! It’s about time the Abhi and Pragya characters take a back seat to the new generation, I’m beginning to think they’re a monopoly.

      1. Hmmm. Monopoly. That makes sense. I accept that I was not assessing from the perspective of all the serials available. Thank-you! And of course that simply supports the thesis of Ekta aunty crowning herself to again sell the fantasy that she has more authority than others. And that is what her glitter is buying her. How sad that someone has to do so much and go to such lengths to convince their ‘inner child’ that they actually have some value. Do you see the indicators of self-sabotage? I hope that the people with real talent and real stories begin to fight back the self-styled princess. She appears to be far too rude and awkward to be a princess. And more important I know that there are producers/creators who have more talent. They don’t need all the glitz because they are not trying to cover up the fact that they don’t have a real story.

    2. Akituster, I live in Ghana. Kumkum Bhagya started airing here in our local language in 2015, and you should be there to see the fervent viewership it got initially. Luckily for us, it was aired two episodes each day for the weekdays, yet the TF’s pregnancy track reduced the viewership considerably. People started to get tired of watching unresolved and dragged subplots. Now the TV station has caught up with the number of episodes so it has slowed down to an agonizingly slow one episode airing each day, and people are just like “can’t they just stop airing this shit?”. And to reclaim their lost audience, the TV station arranged for some of the actors to visit our country. It was Shabir, Leena, Shikar, and Raj(don’t remember his real name) who came, but what can I say? It did nothing to jolt the viewership up again.

      1. Well, you would have to wonder if the results would have been different if Sriti Jha had shown up. I always felt that she was the key. She could create that chemistry with any actor. I never saw Shabir as being that totally convincing. What is really sad is that people do see through the abusive, corrosive content elsewhere. But in India, nobody seems to protest these parties of dehumanization on the backs of the viewing public, by spoiled rich ‘kids’ looking for more power and celebrity. I wonder how KKB will do in Russia and the other countries it is reaching.

      2. to regain the viewership only they came there ah so only b*t*h as been called there super plz dont support u are in preg track it will bored totally they just abigya as material or this serial plz let that serial go off in ur country plz dont suport it .

      3. really didnt it worked y didnt ,eventhough shabir came there how can these gyz make viewership again if the story is entirely clumsy and disguting mainly tanu preg trac is enough to get detachment from the show or viewers .the most terrible track is unwanted character
        preg track of no use for pragya returning as mogambo .dont know how it will work after 7yrs leap when tanu be shown as his wife.

  6. Akituster, many were disappointed with Jha’s absence because the actress is deeply loved. Whiles shabir is criticized for his acting. What they tend to turn a blind eye to is that behind the abusive egoist is a mastermind(Ekta.) It’s actually sad that these actors are made to look so stupid, and India is presented as some brainless, corrupt country all thanks to HER.

    1. wsnt leena and shika and raj loved like her

  7. Enock and Ishu and everybody! Naz I hope you have time to weigh in on today’s discussion! First Ishu. Now why does it not surprise me that Shabir would say something like that? I wish I remember the episode where I noticed a complete change in Sriti Jha’s acting. I knew that a major change had occurred on set, with relationships amongst the actors. She had stepped back and has never come back. It was just before I began commenting. I had been watching the games that Aliyah (I keep forgetting her real name) , TF and Abhi would play, that weren’t edited out. The relationship between the three appeared to be like a high school romance set where romance has nothing to do with it. It is manipulative personalities trying to win each others favour. The cool kids insuring that they remain the ‘cool kids’. I would bet actual money (I’m not a gambler type of person, so that is huge for me to speak it) that Pragya is the only sincere and honest actor who has tried to stay out of their ego games. What a horrible position for her. At that point, I felt that on set, she had been further cut out of their games. I truly believe that she was hired for first, her obvious star qualities and 2ndly in order for Ekta Aunty to punish someone who is actually a non-manipulative personality. I could be wrong. She might be the best and smartest manipulator of the whole bunch and that is why Ekta Aunty needs to constantly make her ‘less’. Ishu, with that interview I would suspect that what Shabir was really saying was that he can’t control her and she doesn’t fall for his manipulative demands …like the way Leena and ‘Aliyah’ would fawn all over him. The desperation in Leena’s actions and touches were hard to miss. So of course he would find Leena ‘good’ at ‘romance’. The man has an oversized ego. And ‘Leena’ appears to be the type who will become anything that a man/woman might be interested in, in order to get her need/desires met. I suspect that she conveniently ‘falls in love’ with whomever has the most to satisfy her ego and material demands (biggest bank account/power). She uses her ‘ sugary sweetness’ to cover up that fact. You know the type. Please remember that their screen personalities have followed perfectly each actor’s real personalities according to their birthdays. Some characteristics in the negative light and other characteristics in a positive light. Ekta was clever (exactly like the rest of the manipulators of her genre) to do that. You don’t have to worry about their ability to act, in the same way. What a way to use people!! And Enock, thank-you! Personally, I do not find men who look like Abhi attractive, in any way. That’s personal but after watching his acting skills and learning little tidbits about his real life, I agree this guy’s got one heck of an ego. I was sure that the editing room was purposefully leaving in bits to remind viewers that the gang of three were actually just that. Petty, little attention mongers. Aliyah, the actress, seemed to step away from that for a time but may be allowing that part of her personality to take over again, from her ‘safer’ married position. Perhaps this is why Sriti Jha has made an effort to publicly separate herself from the KKB gang. And my gosh Enock, did they really imagine they were going to attract new viewers without Sriti? I see that Ishu and Viewer also understand this. I would suspect that Abhi and TF really resent Sriti Jha because the reality is, that they are holding onto her coat tails to get their own fame. Shabir would not have become ‘famous’ with another female actress. Sriti could have created the magic with any man. This is a typical dance that mediocre, needy people play (Ekta, Shabir, Leena, Aliyah) on a person with sincere talent. It happens in every type of work. First they are friendly and once the real talent starts bringing in the results, the mediocre people speak as if they are the talent. At that stage, the mediocre people begin to attack the real talent. Just look at the way Ekta attacks Sriti Jha, through the script and the costuming. And Ekta is the most mediocre of the whole bunch. As Kalika has said a few times, the only reason that Ekta Kapoor is where she is… is due to Daddy’s money and her clear willingness to play every dirty trick in the book, to try and make her look like she is something that she is not. Look at the woman’s choice to buy a baby. How disgusting, when she even announces that she spends one hour in the morning with the baby and 30 minutes at night with the poor child. And she now calls herself a mother. An insult to every sincere mother. Hopefully somebody in her circle made sure that the baby has some kind of loving single caregiver. I’m not quite sure of the meaning of the word ‘Dayaan’, which is Kalika’s term for Ekta, but I suspect the word would describe the very ugly image I know that I have for the diabolical and not always smart (clever yes, but not smart), ‘Ekta Kapoor’. Very, needy, demanding, self-hating control freak, Ekta Kapoor. She’s that obvious. And I bet that her closest ‘friends’ know that about her. They would be like Leena, present and willing, in order to get as much as they could from the rich-kid brat Ekta, who’s now ‘old’ and likely rather irrelevant on the club scene. That’s why there needs to be a baby. She’s needing to feel relevant some where. What a sad example of a human… who arranges for her own awards, so she can host a personal party and be worshipped for a little longer. She could of course, come onto this site and explain her reality to us and correct our misconceptions but remember that we do not matter or count as real humans. We are a part of the unwashed masses who fund her, through our attention, but nothing more. More likely, cursing us in private takes less time. Look at the way she blew up at Pewdiepie. Very good example of a badly parented three old having a temper tantrum. Pity the poor baby brought into her home. Hopefully he will not be turned into another ‘useless eater’. I think that the ‘useless eaters’ of the world are the majority of the so-called ‘elites’.

    1. Woow lots of interesting reads here from everyone. As mention is made about Sriti, I follow her on IG. She went on a reading retreat in England for her birthday weekend and amidst the countless tributes for her, one stood out for me, and I’ll never forget…it was from an elderly lady who worked with Sriti some time ago…She said Sriti is the one person in the world who never complains about anything, hair, makeup, production, nothing..She said lots more though, but I can’t remember it all. I’ve also noticed Sriti’s involvement with her passionate projects outside of screen life, her poetry is her love, and she has been gaining momentum in that field. Her talent is being wasted, if I wave a wand, and bring reel life to real life, I’ll make her stay with King Singh, far far far away from toxic masculinity Abhi.

    2. do u think shabir and leena romace was perfect,wasnt that sonewhat iriked dont know she is so desperate for eveything i am happy that sriti is not in that manipulative world she has her own world ,k when did u observes sriti being stepping back from shooritn scene you said somewhere in the 3rs line .ont know due to whom this chemsitry is going .is leena really a good actress u feel for ,

  8. Hello friends… Late with my contribution but I’m still here..trying to hold on. Interesting conversation… Akituster, would you believe, for some time now, I’ve picked up on a feeling of distance between Sriti and her co star Shabbir Alluwhalia!! I personally believe that the success of KKB is heavily dependent on Sriti’s role as Pragya. I’ve said a dozen times on this forum that Shabbir is not a convincing actor, he doesn’t portray his emotions with enough conviction, I don’t understand what the hype is about him…and the chemistry between the two of them isn’t there anymore, well it’s a good thing because of the leap, they won’t have to do any such scenes anymore… I can imagine that Shabbir has a huge ego behind the scenes, that’s him believing KKB cannot survive without him!! However, I feel differently. Anyways, I echo some of your thoughts, doesn’t matter what we say or do, daddy’s money can buy anything for his princess and Ekta’s influence on telly says it all. Somehow I think Tanu’s character is a reflection of Ekta Kapoor! Needn’t I say more??

    1. yes they had parted aways know after him knowing that if he goes close to sriti then he will be slammed in real life

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