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The Episode starts with everyone returning home. Abhi says he wants to apply black color on fuggi’s face. Pragya hides behind Dadi. Tanu asks why you want to blacken her face, and says you can just apply black color on my face. Dadi says your face is already blacken. Abhi says I haven’t applied black color on your face. Abhi says he wants to play with fuggi. He plays with her. Dadi asks Purab to take him to his room. Aaliya thinks it is good and they will not know what happened today. Abhi asks Dadi to send Pragya to room. Dadi says okay and says our plan is ruined. Abhi asks what plan? He says I understood, you wanted me to drink bhaang, but failed. He says it is good that I haven’t drink bhaang, else have talked like a stupid. Purab asks him to sleep. Just then they hear Pragya’s voice and

go downstairs. They see Pragya and Tanu fighting for the plate, and argue to eat the sweets. Purab asks Pragya to leave the plate. Taya ji asks them to share sweets and eat. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Both of them say that they will eat sweet and fight verbally.

Dadi asks Mitali to bring another plate, and asks Pragya to come with her, says she has more sweets. Tanu also follows them and insists to eat sweets. She says she has more right on Abhi and is going to be his wife. Pragya says I am his ex wife. Purab asks them to ask Abhi who is having more right on Abhi. They say okay and goes inside. Dadi says they will fight now. Purab says he will record the happenings in the room. Abhi asks them to hold his hand and pull him towards them. They talk pulling him towards them. Purab and Dadi come there. He asks them to think who is pregnant? Abhi gives chocolate to them. Pragya says Tanu is pregnant, but the baby is whose. Abhi says baby is mine. Tanu says when did I say, and says baby is mine? Abhi tells Pragya that you should also have a baby. Pragya says I want baby too and asks Tanu who gave her baby. Tanu says my boyfriend gave me baby and says I will tell my boyfriend to give you baby. Abhi says I will not give her baby. Tanu says you are not my boyfriend, but my to be husband. Pragya cries and says I need baby now. Abhi asks her to wait. He brings Pragya’s toy rockstar and gives it in her hand. Pragya asks her toy rockstar to give her baby. Tanu laughs and says it will not give baby. Pragya says I will sleep with my boyfriend. Tanu says I will also goes and sleep with my boy friend.

Next day, Dadi shows the recording to Abhi. Tanu gets shocked and wonders when did I say this? Dadi asks her to tell whose baby is this? Abhi asks Tanu to tell everything. Dadi asks her to say the truth? Abhi says we will watch video. Dadi plays video again. Abhi tells Dadi that they were under the bhaang effect and this madness go after the effect is gone. Dadi says people say the truth while being drunk. She asks her to say whose baby is this? Tanu is shocked.

Tanu says what wrong did I say? This all happened when Abhi was my boyfriend, but now he don’t behave like a boyfriend to me. She says Abhi praised Pragya on the stage infront of everyone, and didn’t even took her name and made her get insulted. She says I want to die, but raising your mistake, and will be punished after giving birth to the baby. Abhi blames Pragya for making him drink bhaang. Pragya refuses.

Pragya asks Abhi if he is thinking about Tanu’s baby dad. Abhi says she will know what is going on in her mind.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ama nalla illa pola boring

  2. Again they cheated us.. Like always.. Pls stop watching or else they won’t change the track… Ohhh god pls bring trp to 6… Or else they won’t change the track… Too much irritating yaar… Tanu’s drama now abhi too joined… Always y they r showing this much dumb abhi..

  3. I’VE a doubt
    It is said that there will be lot of twist and turns in the concert and lot of truth revealed in the concert right
    But nothing happened like that

    Is pragya and co found Nikhil is behind tanu was the twist and turns

    Is abhi mistakenly proposing pragya was the truth
    Nowadays dadi character has worsened since she asked directly to tanu abt baby’s dad definitely tanu and co will be alert
    This dadi always worsen the situation and creating troubles for pragya

    1. according to kkb twists and turns mean suthi suthi angaye irupangaa….. athan meaning….. eneme if they say twists and turns it s a clue to us…. ethum expect panathinga naanga ipadi than storyline eludhuvom nu solama solranga….. ithan actual meaning….. if i am right….. ??

      1. Ya gowtham
        Do u knw how its looks like

        Oorula lam puli varudu puli varudu nu solum podu everyone will come out to see puli but it would ve not come
        Ippadi eh yemathi yemathi kadaiciya When puli has come really no one will be there to see

        Likewise they are tellin we r going to expose tanu everyone sits infront of tv nt it would ve not happened
        Atlast when tanu is really exposed there won’t be any people to watch it

      2. ha ha you are good at giving examples…. sema example…. kadicila ipadi than nadaka poguthu…. exactly

  4. intha abhi enthan thanu va namburan . i think she has done some black magic

  5. hey guys…….plz read my fan fiction “yes,there is True Love!”…………and plz support me!!

  6. Guys yesterday’s episode was bad but moreover I felt that it’s dialogues between tanu, abhi and pragya and whole interaction and conversation with each other was so cheap. Pragya’s talk with tanu in drunken situation like she is her best friend when she knows that tanu is caused of her all problems and Darla maa’s condition and then their talk about baby, baby daddy and then tanu offers her boyfriend to give baby to pragya. All these were yukk. I mean it’s night of vulgarity which CVS should not show in a family show. Already they r showing such a cheap track in which a man (abhi) is handling two women together, wife and girlfriend. One is using her baby to trap him and another have no problem to see his husband , his love with that girl becoz she haven’t any proof against her. And with these three that girl’s boyfriend too joins them by using his girlfriend and baby to get wealth of a person when he have enough to give them gud life. But becoz his girlfriend is not satisfied so he is helping her and playing evil games with her. All I m trying to say that showing cheap affairs, using a baby for benefits and evil things and putting everybody’s life in danger only to get one person and to get his wealth fall so low that no hesitation from crossing any limits, these were already enough stuff which CVS showed us and we have tolerated only for sriti and shabbir( abhigya). But now they r crossing every limits to showing nonsense things. Before they were showing nonsense things but now they r showing vulgarity through these things which is not acceptable in any sense. It has become very awkward and embarrassing now to watch the show with family. Already they r irritating us by this record breaking pregnancy’s track which is not taking the name of end and now with this if they will show these types of vulgar things like this then people will get to force to live the show to watch. I didn’t give attention to yesterday’s episode’s dialogues and these scenes but when my mom scolds me in the morning to watch such vulgar things which she mentioned about episode, then I noticed that yes this is wrong. I just want to request CVS plz keep some limitations and reputation in show becoz it’s a family show. Guys how do u agree with me and my mom?

    1. actually…. this situation happens many times…. whn pragya found about tanus pregnancy… and during rabuls marriage celebration itself… this much of nonsense dialogue were on the part… hope tamil fans knws it… coz nw currently in tamil tat track is going on… so if this much of cheap dialog need to stop, frm starting itself people should have been shown their opposition… but since nothing happend lik tat, kkb team till continuing with this…

      moreover many of us here still watching this blo*dy…. for abhigya only…. though it shows many nonsense things lik wife and gf in same house and wife allows the blo*dy gf inside house…. this is the story from the beginning… so as a viewer we get used to it… so lik u said if these things should stop menas, it should have beeb done in the starting itself….

      1. Agree with what u said Gowtham. Pratiksha I am surprised you felt so only after yday episode. Similar convo happened when Pragya is declared pregnant and Abhi Pragya get drunk, Tanu comes to their room n they try to take out her baby. Only diff now is Tanu is also drunk.

        From last 2 days, it looked like the writers just lost all logic n sense. Leave around the dialogues, as u said, Pragya speaking to Tanu in drunk state. Last time when Abhi Pragya went on date and Pragya got drunk, she spoke in such a way that Abhi doubted she is still Fuggy. Now Pragya was behaving as if she is not related to this house or doesnt know Tanu n Abhi. This time after getting drunk, she was speaking like a new person.
        Most irritating thing so far, Abhi blaming Pragya for his drunk situation n his speech on stage, Now this is too much, he is not able to take responsibility for his feelings n words also. Blaming Pragya wont solve his problem.

        But coming back to vulgarity, the show always was showing things unreasonably. Rem Tanu would get into Abhi’s car when Abhi Pragya were returning back from Pragya’s mom house. Abhi would leave Pragya in hotel n say I m going on my honeymoon with Tanu. Abhi keeps trying to get intimate with Pragya but then finally blames her only. Tanu starts living in MM even without marriage. And in this holi event she is going around as pregnant saying Abhi is my would be husband, sometime when drunk asking ppl where is my boyfriend.
        These r only few scenes I mentioned here, there r lot more which r quite irritating if thought from a family audience POV.

        Since it is fiction we should either leave logic and keep watching, or stop watching it.

      2. correct sahithi… tat was the scene i was too talking about… so blaming now is not gonna do anything….. starting itself should have been stopped….. now our only option is continue watching or stop watching…

      3. Sahithi I didn’t noticed it after yesterday’s episode. I noticed it many times as u mentioned but as I said that we have tolerated all these for sriti and shabbir. But everything it’s limitations. They showed from the beginning of the show these types stuff so many times and I ignored it becoz of abhigya and I still doing this becoz as u said that it’s a fiction show but sahithi it’s a family show too, which we shows with our family members becoz usually family gathers around television on that time when show telecasts. Becoz of this, I skipped so many things and episodes to watching on television. I saw it all online. As u and gowthem said that we have only one option in this condition, to leave the show to watch. I loves sruti and shabbir as abhigya a lot that’s why I chose to watch these types of episodes and stuffs online after getting highlights of the episodes before the telecast. But when yesterday my mom with me when I was watching the show, my whole concentration was on show and tanu’s exposure so I didn’t give attention to all this. But next day when my mom scolded me then I just kept her point of view which is correct and logical. That’s it.

      4. And as they r dragging the track like this becoz of which I and I think most if peoples already leave the show to watch regularly. But during these days we r not getting highlights of the show of upcoming episodes. So we r forced to watch it on television. And if they will show today one more disappointed and waste episode then I will again leave the show to watch regularly. Well guys after getting my mom’s scoldings, now I think, I have to b more careful to watch the show when she will b near.? becoz CVS will not b shame but we have na.?

    2. i completely agree with u… even my mom scolding me nowaday for watching this show…

    3. Exactly ur right prathiksha… everything has a limit.. kkb is going beyond the limits.. at one stage tanu will be killed all the people in Mehra house to enjoy abhi money… hw is that possible?… pragya shud realize what ever she want to prove she has to change as fuggy… in this avatar she exposed alia and Raj but still abhi is not liking her… just one try she shud do and go away with her mom from abhi… it’s so cheap to expose tanu.. pragya putting Sarla , Ronnie, dadi, purab everybody life in danger…

    4. My mom s very irritated wid the whole concept of pragya sacrificing n Ket tanu in MM n abhi being so irresponsible n nt being serious ..vshe hates wen abhi being so illogic .. Bt as of now my mom watches oly in Tamil .. May b soon shell yell at me to watch it further

    5. U r right pratiksha…my mom also scolded me cuz of yesterday’s episode…

    6. Yes Pratiksha u r correct. Also another illogical if anyone noted???? Dadi says everyone speaks the truth in drunken stage. Abhi said he loves fuggi, Tanu said the baby’s father is her boyfriend but Pragya didn’t express her love on Abhi though didn’t speak about Tanu’s pregnancy… It’s a very simple logic but they didn’t note it…how the directors and writers makes the story I don’t know. Also, Akash Purab had more opportunities to take her video but they didn’t. Atlast Purab’s mind works there only. I have very mild doubt on Abhi still I don’t know why. The way he questions Tanu about her boyfriend makes me feel something different. When he asks Tanu about that I thought Abhi may not drunk and he is acting. But it may not happen…but anyway yesterday’s episode is funny when we consider them as stars and not a real life story…their expressions are cute….especially Pragya’s…let’s see today’s episode…

    7. Ya I too agree
      My mom started to scold from the beginning itself when abhi married pragya and having affair with tanu.
      In the beginning tanu will be abhi’s house only. My mom used to ask what tanu is doing in abhi’s house . Y she is always wandering with abhi

      1. scolding ah. daily i get tat frm my mom. ???… en vetla periya war varum between me and mom….. she used to say till now….

        “epadi tanu 2 varusama pregnant ah iruka… neeum atha paathutu iruka… kandhari (mahabharath) oda vaarisa nu lam kepanga”

        daily sanda than from starting itself… and another thing at 9.00 pm i need to watch kkb… bt she will ask the remote to watch kalyana kanavugal (polymer) athum hindi dubbed serial than… so almost daily in my home fight…. finally i win daily??????? u guys saying about scolding…. so only thut of say this

  7. U r right Prathiksha… Even i too got scolded from my hubby for watching yesterday’s episode…

  8. s off course i agree ..the same thing my mom did not tell but my wife scolded me very badly

  9. Exactly Pratiksha…… same here… what ever crap they r showing due to dat our parents start taunting us….. aj kal ki ladkiya aisi na waise….. this kind of dialogue is used n we have to listen wtf…. they take dat as real .

  10. U r rite pratiksha . Nowadays CVS r crossing their limits. The show become very worst.

  11. kkb writers ku ena aachu…. big question??

    abhi pragya tanu are drunk…. so in druken stage, its potrayed as all revealing truth unintentionally….. since abhi doesnt knw anythng he was a silent listener and talking wat he thnks…..
    coming to tanu she knew baby dad… so in druken stage she is saying baby is not abhis…… it s her boy frds….

    coming to dumbest pragya… she also knew babys dad… thn why the hell she didnt say that… and talking lik a new person…. according to logic of kkb writers person should tell the truth right….. this is the logic given by kkb writers…bt avanga kudutha logic ah they are not ready to follow or pragya pathi maranthutangala????? ena screen play pa…… inum ena ena kaathiruko… who knows

  12. People use your brains and stop watching this drivle. Neither Ekta nor her writers care about uniting Abhi and Pragya. You will be left waiting for years.

  13. I completely agree with you pratiksha. My husband scolded me so many times.he said :how can you watch a serial that learn you to separate wife and husband, husband has a wife and a girlfriend.i’m watching kkb when he’s not home, hahahaha.

  14. Hi guys….. m back so many new joined commenter hi nd hello fr all….. ys ur right prithiksha m also fed up wit tis….my dad also scolding badly I use to mute wen dialogues comes really vry vulgur in all serial 2 r 3 husbnds boy frnds chaa wat hapn to cvs all serial bore…. wen evr I c tanu chaa I thought to kill her she bleedy idiot saying she lovs abi bt had relationship wit tikil jus m feeling bad nd shy to c wit mom plss chng track bt v fans also stupid vil sat vil nt watch kkb bt stil our hearts frce us to watch kkb r to read story. … hmmmm lets c sabar ka phal meeta hotha hai dont wrry guys soon tanu track vil gt over ……

  15. wat d hell is dis.. such a disgusting serial… hey guys bettr no one give any commnts in dis.. whn he will nt get any cmnts… thn KKB will get fed up by dis thn dey will end dis serial.. as soon as possible… ?? its a good idea na.. ??

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