Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya get stuck as bank robbed

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The Episode starts with the old lady blessing Abhi and Pragya. She asks them not to fight. They recall Dadi blessing them. Old lady gives their phone to Mona. Mona thinks there is something between them. Disha confronts Aaliya for her feelings for Purab and asks her not to take any step towards him. She says she has to face her and says if she can give her life for him then she can take someone’s life also. She asks her to knock on their room door next time. Pragya goes to the record room of the bank. Abhi follows her and says if someone goes far from you, it doesn’t mean that he don’t love you. He says he has love for her always. He says he did a mistake and it happened. He says I came to make you stop crying and started crying. He says I know that you also loves Dadi a lot and must be crying.

Pragya comes infront of him. He asks why there is so much sorrow in your eyes. Robber talks to the Manager and says they are waiting for their partners. Manager asks him to go and sit outside.

Robbers tell him that this cabin is reserved for them and says we need you just as our partners come. Pragya says whenever we meet, past gets infront of us. Abhi says you want to say that I didn’t care for you and hurt you and you got happiness with King which I never gave you. He holds her hand. Pragya asks him to leave her hand. He goes. She cries and thinks I thought he loves me, but he was talking about Dadi and will anger for me. Old lady sees bank staff member locked in robbers’ car and tries to open the car, but the robber come and shows her gun. Old lady gets scared.

Abhi apologizes to Pragya for hurting her. They hear a couple arguing and find them in their situation. Pragya looks teary eyes. Kiara thinks King is having much fever and she can’t leave him. She tells Chachi. Chachi says she will call Pragya. Manager asks Robbers to take the cash in the bank and leave him. He says keys are there and is about to ring the alarm, when the woman robber catches him. She says they are ready to rob the bank.

The robbers who are outside come inside the bank with the old lady. They ask Manager to call everyone to the centre area of the bank. Manager calls everyone to hall. Pragya is about to go, but Abhi pulls her and she falls on him. Robber hears the sound as they fall down. Abhi tells Pragya that there is something wrong happening in the bank and he saw someone holding a gun in his hand.

Pragya asks Abhi from where will he get the lighter as he doesn’t smoke. Abhi says he will bring someone. Pragya says she will come with him. Abhi says no and tells he can’t let anything happen to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is wrong with people??? Why are they still watching this nonsense??? murder attempts and robbery or Terriorist.. uff i am sure even CID doesnt show so many murder attempts..lol… this is a joke of a serial.

    1. U are absolutely right,I just don’t understand why people watch this

  2. time for another robbery, lol

  3. Cathy

    I’m waiting for more romancing while a fire rages around them…

    1. And just think, if Tanu hears about the robbery in the news then she’ll race down to see if she can find someone to kill Pragya. Who do you think Aliyah will murder? Disha or Sunny or both? If Pragya accepts further abuse i.e. she accepts Abhi, then it becomes very obvious about Ekta Kapoor’s intentions regarding this plot-free production. Well, the very short plot runs over and over again in a circle like a gerbil wheel. (gerbil is small animal pet, usually has a round exercise wheel inside cage). What a waste of a wonderful cast kept limited by the non-plot, a genius music director and the rest of a great crew. All of them hobbled because of Ekta’s own limitations and personal demand to normalize horrific abuse and criminality..

  4. we expect more romance but they show all robbery ,terrorism etc …..bored of this serial

  5. The story is same like kasam Tere pyar ki
    . Same terrorist attack… After some episode abhi will know that Kiara is his daughter n he will try to get her… Afterwards king will fall in love with pragya … But pragya will not love than he will know their relationship n turned negative… .. same boring track like kasam..

  6. Ekata kapoor’s all show are same. This was olready shown in kasam again and again same track with different serial

  7. Boring it lost it touch should end it

  8. Frustrated frustrated frustrated…. That’s all I can say as a loyal viewer of kkb. I used to watch this serial because of shriti and shabbir, though shriti is a much better actor, their chemistry and their sweet nok jhok. But now nothing is left in the serial. Tried of the same plot repeatedly being shown… Kidnapping, terrorists, bank robbery, getting shot.. Don’t know what the writer is trying to say.. Are there no police enquires happening do for all the crimes that they have shown in kkb over the last 4 years… The blo*dy culprits are moving around Scott free in mm and enjoying.. Ok writers incase you want ideas and you are incapable of taking the story forward here are a few points, maybe you may use these.. First of all show how pragya met king and landed up in london, what did sarla do to find her daughter did she not file a missing complaint and against abhi and his family especially alia and tanu for torturing her daughter, let abhi know that it was tanu along with nikhil who framed pragya and what was the reason dadi went to save pragya. Let him realize his love for pragya and ask for forgiveness.. Let pragya have a dignified life rather than be a doormat. Also alia is irrating now she is more of a psycho and need treatment. How can a writer for the last 4 years justify that she is still in love with purab and can kill and murder anyone who comes between them, this is ridiculous. Abhi should recognize this and treat her else she needs to be kept in the asylum and tanu how can she even dream of being Mrs universe, gets blo*dy drunk and is so aggressive in public, this is demeaning the basic value and criteria for qualifying for the title… Guess writers this is enough to keep you going for the next 4 year something new.

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