Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mitali seeing Champak coming and says she will take care of him. She says if he came to meet Tanu or Pragya. Champak says he came to meet Pragya. Mitali says I will get money through him. Pragya comes and asks Champak to leave. She says she knows who has sent him here. Champak says I love you, and came to stay with you. I couldn’t sleep if I don’t see you. Pragya asks him to. Champak says we have a love relation and asks why I shall go? Pragya says okay, I am ending my relation with you and asks him to go. Champak thinks what to do now? Tanu comes. Pragya tells him that Tanu can’t help him and says she will kick her out she delivers the baby. Tanu looks on angry. Pragya holds his hand and asks him to go. She says my husband is only mine. Abhi comes and asks what is happening.

Champak thinks Abhi will beat him up. Abhi thinks if I don’t stop Champak then how Pragya will know that her choice is wrong. Abhi stops Champak and calls him Jamai Raja. He asks Tanu to make food for his wife’s lover. Tanu says if I shall go? Abhi says when Pragya can cook for your boyfriend, then why can’t you for her boyfriend. Mitali and Tai ji think to bet again. Tai ji asks Mitali to pay the money first for old bet.

Pragya comes to kitchen and asks Tanu to make food. They talk to each other and think abhi is planning to kill Champak. Pragya thinks she has to stop Abhi from killing Champak as it is not right. Tanu thinks Champak will spit the truth if he is beaten. Rachna asks Dadi, what is happening? Why Abhi is talking to him nicely. Dadi says may be he is in shock. Rachna asks Dadi to question Abhi. Abhi asks Champak to sit and thinks he will prove to Pragya that Champak is not suitable to be her friend or boyfriend. He shows his attitude and asks if he smoke cigarette. Champak says he don’t drink or smoke and tells that it is bad for health. Abhi says I didn’t understand your hindi. Champak says he is talking in pure hindi and says Abhi’s hindi is corrupt. He questions Abhi. Abhi answers him.

Champak says he is hindi lecturer. Dadi asks who called you here. Akash removes his shirt and show off his muscles to scare Champak. Champak gets scared. Abhi takes Pragya to side, and asks what did you do? He says you should have date someone like actor, cricketer or someone like me. He says what he has which I don’t have. He says Champak is like Charlie Champion and says his specs and moustache must remind you of him. Pragya asks what you was saying? Abhi says nothing. Pragya insists. Abhi says Champak is looking like Suresh in specs. Pragya gets angry. Abhi asks her to select someone worthy, so that he can compete with him. Pragya says you think he is better than you. Abhi says not better, but a peanut butter. Tanu hears their conversation. Pragya thinks Abhi is jealous seeing her with Champak. Tanu thinks I would have heard their conversation fully. Dadi tells Champak that she has stopped Abhi else he would have smashed him like a mosquito. Champak says Abhi asked me to sit. Abhi comes and says yes, I don’t like you. He asks Champak to stay in the house for few days, and tells Dadi that he will make Pragya realize her mistake. Tanu thinks Abhi is doing what they thought would do. Nikhil thinks they will win.

Nikhil shares his plan with Tanu and tells that Abhi is insecure with Champak. He says they have to take advantage of tonight and says this might be Pragya’s last night. Pragya hears them and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Jackie

    Why is Pragya “shocked”??? How stupid is she that ANYTHING that Tanu and Nikhil do can Shock her!!! Please…..

  2. Asmitha

    Epi was so funny abhi jealousy was so cute really laughed so much but precap is really worst I think pragya can’t hear their conservation they only showing to keep audience stick to it so let’s see what will happen is pragya going to win r tanu but epi was so funny

  3. Sahithi

    Asmitha – here is the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toKs_FEo-XM

    Guys anyone observed in yday epi, the door lock, when Tanu went out it was the lock shown on that day when Abhi walked out and locked from outside. But when Pragya walked in it changed to how it was all these months. In fact Pragya was holding that latch for sometime.
    This set is also wonderful isnt it? Changes per convenience 🙂

    • shobana

      Exactly sahithi, I saw the lock when tanu was out of abhigya room. Later when I saw pragya I forgot to compare the two lock?. Now I could remember pretty well that the latch pragya holding was different from the other one.
      I think the kkb team might not thought the viewers will be observing the show so keenly ???

  4. mahi

    Hi i am also big fan of abigya …daily written updates read pannuven….naanum unga fans club senthukalama???

  5. Thahira

    Hi friends. Colors Naagin will be telecasted from next Monday at 10pm in sun TV. And today’s episode…………….. just a total Crap. It’s clear that CVS will never bring an end to this show. Drag all you can LOSERS. Because you writers don’t have anything in your head except a sack of sand?. No use of increasing my BP with your so called story. Just go to hell with your stupid story. Now I’m really feeling Tamil serial are far better than kkb

  6. HEMA

    in this soap …..seems like evil wins all the time. the sad thing is that here in the caribbean where kum kum bhagaya is so popular…..its loosing viewers daliy because no one wants to see such rubbish all the time. It is time for Abhi and Pragaya to consumate their marriage. Only then will Abhi know that Pragaya is innocent. Tanu should start feeling the wrath of truth now. Come on writer. get real

  7. Thahira

    Not only kkb but all the other serial writers in zee TV have really gone mad. Especially jamai raja and tashan -e-ishq along with kkb

  8. shobana

    Guys did anyone noticed pragya’s conversation with champak. The writers have given answer for our questions through pragya. She says that tanu will be send out of MM after her delivery. Which means tanu will be exposed only after delivering her child. ??
    This is totally unfair if she is exposed after delivery ?
    The entire episode was funny ?. And its gud that they have shown pragya hearing tanu Nikhil’s plan. Else I cant watch another evil plan winning

    • Asmitha

      Shobana what I am thinking is pragya can’t listen their plan I think she will try to listen but it may fail this is the same that when pragya signed divorce papers and they shown that dadi listening tanu aaliya conservation but she didn’t heard anything now also same but what I am thinking is they will do plan but it may fail unknowingly may it success also as like bday party r may abhi will become saviour pragya which we don’t know let’s watch but epi was very funny that champu feared expressions r funny abhi’s testing was very funny and abhigya conservation was so funny

      • shobana

        Asmitha, there are chances for that too happen. This cvs will do as u said , wantedly to irritate us. cant expect anything from them. And ya episode was funny and I am eagerly waiting for Pragya making champak to drink ginger garlic juice. Its going to be more funny than this ?

      • shobana

        Maybe CVs might have planned not to give segments so that all will sit infront of tv to watch their stupidity. This may be the writers trick to increase the trp.

  9. maggi

    Its really very boaring kkb… guyzz show somthing intrstng…
    It was my fav serial. Bt now i dnt feel to watch..
    Its all bull shit…!!

  10. KKB-fanornot

    Ridiculous serial Kumkum Bhagya. Story writer is making us all run around the bush – they are leaving a bad taste int he mouth. If they could finish the story well and close each chapter nicely – people will think of the actors in a nice light. However, it is ridiculous! I read what is written once in a while – no interest in watching the writer make fun of us as an audience and think we are children – with this silly running around in circles game/story!

  11. utopia

    OMG still the same crap? Pragya is shocked?????????????? why would she be shocked? she has known all along about tanu and Nikhil everybody knows except abhi what a joke, let us stop the comments and jus walk away, Zee tv has gine crazy all the serial are so stupid abd nauseating.

  12. surbhi

    why exposure after delievery of.child. CVS. let.the child born then.do the exposure.after that child.gets.married.u will like to do.so.also very good going keep.it up and.I.know.when.tanu gonna.dilever her baby that is 31february that’s it

    • shobana

      Ha ha …. Surbhi Feb 31 nice prediction?? Even Feb 30 is also possible???
      Symbolically u said that the child wont born as of now and exposure too wont happen at any time. ???

      • shobana

        And Surbhi for past 2 days there were no baby bump in tanu’s tummy ? don’t know whether she is 7 months pregnant women or 3 month pregnant women ?

      • surbhi

        hahaha shobu neither she is 7 months pregnant nor 3 months she is.just pregnant lolz.and u know.why the baby bump.was not shown because may it is possible that she is wearing body suit 😉 lolz everything according to.suitability

  13. Sri

    Hey really guys I am reading this update not for serial but for urs comments. Really some comments are hilarious some are my thoughts over the serial some are alternative thoughts some are different angle views… Its quite a time passing… Be chill. Bcos in kkb u cant except good things…

  14. shaz

    I wish abhi has to get some notes from mitali the greatest secret finder about ‘how to find the secrets?’.bcoz she has completed PhD in secret finding.
    Guys mehra family members are done PhD well.
    Dadi- PhD in mind controlling
    Mitali- PhD in secret finding
    Tanu- PhD in manipulating
    Pragya- PhD in hiding
    Abhi- PhD in being fool

    Marital status
    Abhi , pragya – married
    Abhi, tanu – proposal
    But exactly the truth abhi is single.
    Wt a funny serial???

    Abhi the rockstar’s life is worse than a normal poor man.
    His life is like playground. So pragya team & tanu team are playing cricket.

  15. Nandhu

    I think for past 1 year and more than 1 yr same story… Till now abhi don’t know abt tannu n nikhil… Always tannu n nikhil will plan smethng n episode moves with that. Everyone knows the truth abt baby except abhi… I love to watch n even mad to see kkb now it became waste of time to watch it… Please writer end dis tannu baby truth as soon as possible. Its getting bored.

  16. Sahithi

    Today there is a segment, where Pragya and Champak in Abhi’s room and Pragya beating Champak hard with a rod. Finally Champak jumped out of the window.

  17. Asmitha

    I seen a video in which pragya beating champak very hard it really very funny to watch and there is a segment too of this

  18. Sahithi

    Last week TRPs out – show on No. 5 including urban and rural. In urban didnt make to top5 and in rural at no.5.

    However drop in no. of viewers when compared to previous week.

  19. Ammu

    Hi Guys,

    How are You?I have stopped watching serial and een updates.I will read only precap and comments cos there is no improvment in the storyline.

  20. Pratiksha

    New segment update- Champak comes to trap pragya but ends up by getting beating from pragya. Full update- Takhil makes a plan with champak to prove pragya and champak’s affair by making a video of romance of pragya with champak in abhigya’s room. For this, firstly, champak keeps a glass of some drink, in which they mixes something so pragya gets drunk. Then he puts a camera to record all the activities of champak and pragya. Pragya in her room, lost in abhi’s thoughts, she gets that glass of drink. Pragya have that drink and start getting unconsious. Pragya falls on the bed. Champak comes in the room, according to takhil’s plan. Firstly, He acts infront of camera that how much he is in romantic mood and happy to go close to pragya. He goes near to pragya on bed and starts touching her romantically. Pragya sees him, she asks from him that why he came here and what he is doing here and then she tries to stop him in half consious state. Champak holds her hands and tries to go near her more but pragya gets fall from the bed in trying to stop champak. Pragya controls herself and gets an iron rod down from the bed and then starts beating him so badly by that iron rod with saying it that she is married and how dare he touched her? Champak runs shoutingly for escaping in all over the room here and there but pragya doesn’t loose a single chance to beat him. At last champak runs from window. Reporter says that it was all takhil’s plan to prove champak and pragya’s affair to abhi. They shows in a clip where takhil makes all this plan with champak, nikhil makes champak understand the plan that what he will do, champak gets understand and moves to abhigya’s room to completion of plan. Sriti told to reporter that it was all takhil’s plan to prove pragya and champak’s affair infront of abhi as abhi is not believing on it and supporting her. So takhil wants to make abhi believe on it that pragya have actually affair with champak and she is serious about it. But pragya is trying her best to fail all takhil’s efforts to trap her. Sriti says that she is feeling bad to beat a new guy ( a poor kid) who just entered in the show but ya pragya is enjoying very much to beat champak as he has created so much tensions in her life. Sriti says that ya she saved herself according to her but takhil have that recording too and she don’t know what and how much they have recorded in that camera and they can use it according to them. So let’s see if she gets saved or takhil will get succeed in proving her affair with champak? It’s still not sure that their plan failed or not? Reporter says that it was all takhil’s plan to capture champak and pragya’s romance in a camera so they can prove their affair to abhi.

    • Pratiksha

      This week kkb is on 3rd position on trp chart becoz of allegations drama on pragya by takhil Last week it was on 2nd position beoz of abhi’s efforts to propose pragya.

    • Sahithi

      Now this is too much, they have a recording which they might edit as they want. Everyone keeps cams in every room, except Pragya when her mom was bedridden and being torched. Will Abhi be her saviour or ..

      I don’t want to again see Tanu n her dirty smile if she succeeds

      • Pratiksha

        Ya sahithi can’t see tanu’s evil smirks, can’t see nikhil’s happiness, can’t see abhi as believing on same nonsense which he has been experienced in suresh and pragya’s mms track and can’t bear more rubbishness after it. How did pragya let that champu stay in house,, when she is the owner. Everybody is doing everything under her nose and she is just watching all the tamasha and bearing all the insult helplessly when not only everything even every truth in her hand. I think pragya should hand over everything of abhi back to abhi becoz already it is useless for her. Heights of crap. That’s why i had stopped watching it since tanu’s stair fall drama. God knows how u guys handled it by watching and tolerated it. Needs so much patience for it. It’s ur wish guys to watch or not but still i suggests u that do not watch it and better to read updates only.

  21. Billu

    After this nikhil will do some editing of the video send the mms to abhi and abhi being abhi will beleive it in case of suresh .suresh admitted he didn’t even think about in that way but yeah some how the remaining truth would come out tht will be interesting to watch pragya might try committing suicide because of her repeated failures and abhi’s lack of trust mitali will keep quiet this will continue eventually one fine probably after a 120-150 episodes we will see tanu’s exposure and yes u can see abhi slapping her (tanu) but nikhil wouldn’t get exposed so complete exposure won’t take place after that probably abhi’s trust over pragya would increase ….probably I think since tanu considers dadi as her main enemy she will plan of kidnapping dadi but that plan will glop cause pragya will get kidnapped and abhi goes in search of her I hope they atleast get kidnapped for a month cause then we can see a lot of abhigya scenes and without tanu’s thoughts I don’t mind them dragging this particular kidnapping sequence …..cause it will like rain in a desert

  22. Pratiksha

    Same recycled events with little difference, same bakwaas and cheap sequences and heights of disgusting things. They r trying every cheap and disgusting thing in the show on the name of twists but still calls it a family fiction show. They made a show on such a respective theme of kumkum but now they have finished all it’s dignity and respect by their cheap and disgusting storyline. Kkb is doing insult of such a respective thing kumkum. I think peoples should protest against it and should file a complain to broadcast associstion against it. So atleast then they stop this cheapness and disgust. They r showing this cheapness since long but now they have been crossed all the limits. On the name of showing a woman fighting for her husband for saving her kumkum, they r using and showing cheapest and disgusting things. Although it is a fiction show, which is based on an imaginary story but they r telescating it for family audience as a family show. Everybody sees it so it is their duty to keep some limitations for their creativity and imaginations. It is not only makers responsibilty infact channel is also responsible for it becoz they keeps most rights on the shows for what is beneficial for them in a show to showing the audience. Becoz although makers and cvs shoots of the shows story but at last it is channels decision that what should show or not? So they also should take care of it. So cvs and channels should stop showing cheap and disgusting story and if they haven’t any new story or track to show so it’s better to end it. Now feels very shame to watch this show. Just fed up, completely fedup. Every word is less in their crticizations. Anything they can show on the name of entertainment. Should shame on themselves.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, I dont support this idea of trying to point at Pragya’s character again n again but I think the segments are showing only glimpses of actual content. So I suggest we should wait for the actual episode.

    • Sahithi

      But one thing I want to see is – next time someone shows a video clipping in MM, the person who has hand on the video should be slapped first. We know ppl r dumb in MM but for a change, the person who is recording like it is a 24*7 live news tv should be thrashed first.
      Content of the video should be secondary.

  23. Asmitha

    I think this time we can see gd episodes because trp has fallen so much i think this the first time that kkb has got fifth place so to gain trp pucca they will show gd episodes because they also need high trp so may they will try to expose tanu i am hoping what u guys thinking but onething is that trp has fallen

  24. Pratiksha

    Sbs and sbb segment says along with Champak and sriti that video have 80% recorded, which they wants to show to abhi to prove, only 20% remained left becoz pragya controls herself and beats champak badly. But what 80% they have recorded, according to them, it is enough to show as proof to pragya’s affair with check to abhi and to defame her. But telly express spoiler and IBN7 peoples r saying different thing. They r saying that pragya is pretending as unconscious becoz she is already alert from takhil’s plan and now she will finish takhil’s chapter. One more thing guys I have noticed one more thing in segments that how many cameras in abhigya’s room. I saw champak as putting camera on the couch. But when he was acting, his face was on the direction towards that side where TV has placed in abhigya’s room. Then I saw that one more camera was capturing champak and pragya’s activities, which was on dressing table’s side. So how many cameras have fitted in that room by champak? If we believe on spoiler and IBN7 news so if pragya is alert so may b she has also fitted cameras in her room so she can catch champak or takhil with their evil plans or someone else have fitted more cameras in abhigya’s room, like abhi. Firstly, when I saw that morphed photos video segment then most of us believed that abhi will not believe on it easily but he believed on it and now we r believing that abhi will believe on it surely and again he will hurt pragya and will get angry with her. But somewhere I have a feeling that opposite will happen. Maybe takhil and champak got what they wants but with this pragya or someone also will get to fail this plan also of takhil’s. May b takhil will use first few moments of recording to prove pragya’s affair with Champak but may b it’s later part will get used by pragya, abhi or someone else to prove pragya’s innocence and champak’s plan. If there were more cameras in abhigya’s room so it could b possible that it will b fitted by pragya to capture takhil and that Champu’s evilness. Well let’s see.

    • Pratiksha

      And one more thing guys I have noticed that wheen champak was trying to touch pragya and trying to getting close to her then the way pragya was reacting, it was looking like that champak was trying to molest pragya and pragya was trying to protest. It was not looking like that she is enjoying with him. Although they r saying that they have recorded enough but like that morphed photos, this video also seems nothing. But let’s see what happens.

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