Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul calling Purab and asks him to come to her place, and asks to make her feel special. Purab says he is busy right now and will bring two gifts for her. Bulbul orders him to come. Sarla hears them and asks her not to take advantage wrongly. Bulbul says she is showing her right. Sarla makes her understand. Bulbul hugs her and says she will call Purab again. Bulbul calls Purab and asks him to finish work and come. Purab asks are you Bulbul Arora? Bulbul says I am your sweet Bulbul. Purab thinks she is angry and says he will cancel his meetings for coming there. Bulbul says she is not upset and asks him to finish the work.

Dadi, Mitali, Dasi enjoy the food make by men of the house. Dasi and Mitali crack a joke. Nikhil comes and Tanu gets uncomfortable seeing him. Abhi

tells function is in the evening. Nikhil says there is some problem and asks Abhi to do inauguration. Abhi says he has function at home. Nikhil says it is a matter of 1 hour. Dasi says it won’t look good, if Abhi is not here. Dadi tells about bulbul’s mehendi. Nikhil tells that it is about orphanage kids and he has promised them that Rockstar Abhi is coming. Abhi agrees for orphan kids. Dadi says we can do this for kids. Nikhil invites everyone. Abhi says we all shall go. Tanu refuses to go and tells that she is not feeling well. Dasi says you must be tired after working hard. Abhi goes to bring chair for Nikhil.

At the orphanage, Abhi comes and greets the kids. The kids get happy seeing him. Orphanage manager tells that these kids are happy and even prepared for a song in your honour. He is asked to cut the ribbon along with Pragya, and inaugurate the orphanage. Dadi calls Pragya. They cut the ribbon together. Everyone claps for them. Nikhil comes to Abhi’s house as everyone is busy at the orphanage function. He thinks he has only 1 and a half hour and drops a vase on the floor. Tanu comes out of room and asks who is it? She picks the vase and keeps it back on his place. Nikhil enters her room and closes the door. Tanu turns and is shocked to see him. She asks him to go.

Dadi and Dasi are happy seeing the orphanage kids. Pragya thinks I didn’t notice that media is here, and wonders what will happen if Dadi informs them about her pregnancy. Pragya calls Abhi to a side and tells that your real work starts now. She asks him to see the media and tells that Dadi might tell to Media that she is pregnant, and they will spread her pregnancy news. She says she is going home. And tells that Tanu worked hard today and she has to take care of her. Abhi asks what I will tell? Pragya asks him to handle and leaves. Abhi asks the kids to party.

Nikhil holds Tanu and says he won’t do anything to her. He says I want to touch you, feel you, etc. When I saw you, I was tempted to see you. Tanu says this is Abhi’s house and if anyone see you then………Nikhil says no one will come as I sent them away. He says just you and me and pushes her on bed. He tries to get closer to her. Tanu says she is Abhi’s girlfriend and says you are touching his girlfriend. She threatens to call Abhi. Pragya reaches home and hopes Tanu is fine. Aaliya is in her car and thinks she can’t accept defeat so easily. She can’t let Purab and Bulbul marry.

Nikhil tells I know you can’t call Abhi as you can’t tell Abhi about us. He says you also feel for me. He says I remember your memories and want to feel you. He acts madly and possessive. Pragya thinks why the lights are off till now. She thinks Bulbul will get married soon and then she will settle down Tanu here. Nikhil asks why you didn’t call me after that night. He says I used to wake up with the hope that you will call me one day. He asks did I hurt you in anyway and asks her to complain, beat him etc. He says you have right on me. Tanu says forget it, whatever had happened between us. Nikhil says I couldn’t forget. He says it was not a night for us, but a starting. Tanu says it was her biggest mistake and says she didn’t love him ever. Nikhil is shocked.

Nikhil talks about their baby. Tanu sees Pragya hearing them and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. At last!!!!! Cant wait for tomorrow!

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    Wow .. !!! Nce epi :’)

  3. Every1s gt a pattern.. dats grt nd unique !!!

  4. Nice episode……. ☺

  5. can’t wait .tanu’s trth shld com fastttttttttttt.

  6. Guys new promo is out. Tanu’s mom are forcing abhi for engaged with tanu and pragya stops it. Full update is- Tanu’s mom says to abhi that prove it that u both are doing natak and get engaged with tanu right now and get married after or bulbul’s marriage.Tanu is happy but abhi was shocked. Abhi hesitantly is about to put the ring but suddenly pragya comes in between , looks angrily tanu and says this engagement cannot happen.

    1. Where u got this nikki

      1. PRIYA I got it on India forum. Some one shared this promo on that site. I saw it, read it and then updated it here for all of u. The things is now hope pragya will stop this with proof or I wish she reveal tanu’s truth successfully and CVS just finish this annoying track here.

    2. I read that but I didn’t watch any video pa. Did u???

      1. I too didn’t see the video because video was not working but I saw promo pics on Facebook.

      2. Oh what is now this and all. I have a doubt this abhi really love pragya or not? How can he put ring to tanu? How he did? He can refused na saying he loves pragya but what is this? Again they are dragging. What a idiot tanu mom? Her daughter is pregnant with one man marrying another man who is already married. Totally crap. Again the writers found one more story to drag a two months story. Realling hating storyline

    3. Oh kk thx nikki

      1. Abhi is putting the ring to tanu forcedly because one thing is that he thinks he is the father of tanu’s child and the baby is his responsibility and the second thing is he is sure about his feelings not pragya’s feelings because she is not ready to accept that she loves him and her proposal was not a joke. She was forced to say this because of tanu’s pregnancy. But this is not the thing to focus because peagya stops him to put the ring, the thing which is important that when pragya stops this, I hope she have a solid proof to over tanu’s chapter in abhi’s life but if CVS takes it to DNA test then god knows what will happen because we all knows very well what was happen in rachna’s case and here tanu is so cunning and wicked. She will not accept her defeat easily or she can’t afford to lose abhi and our pragya can be easily fooled by anyone from which we are familiar. And the last thing is nikhil becauseit is heard that he will ruined abhi’s life and carrier.This pregnancy track was started from last week of April and now it’s June is about to go for it’s end but god knows when will this track meet to it’s end and finally we will see abhigya’s love story.

      2. Ya its ok nikki. But they willdrag again this 3 weeks or 1 month but we thought after knowing tanu truth pragya and abhi will united but they are keeping so many twists without solving all. So only I said like that I think we need to wait again one more month to c abhigya unite together

      3. This is exactly what I m to say too. CVS knows very well if they will let abhi and pragya unite early, viewers could be loose their interest in the show because this is only, for what we all are waiting for. But how far cvs can make us fool because they also knows that if they dragges it by nonsense tracks anymore, they will loose trps here also. And u said it right that they will drag it another month because they have started bulbul’s wedding+ nikhil’s entry for future with tanu’s pregnancy track .Anyways let’s see what will be abhi’s reaction after knowing tanu’s truth.

    4. Im also seen in facebook page for kkb-abhi and pragya..i think this s nxt week promo…and my doubt whr s dadi and other members..

      1. Kowsi I don’t think so that this promo is for next week because they can draggs it god knows how many week and we already in the third week of first promo and promo’s scene is yet to be telecast in the show so can’t say when will be this promo’s scene aired, in next week or upcoming 3-4 weeks only cvs knows.

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    2. Hi santya don’t feel like that .we all are friends. Welcome. 🙂

      1. Im new fren tho…hahaa…anyways please to meet you too divya…

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      1. Yeap.tamil…but my tamil not so good like urs….yennode tamil konjam mix cos im not from tamil school…but okeyla…at home talk in tamil too

    4. Noo… Plz don’t mind. I sleep aftr 10.30. U can post ur cmnt. When they free they’ll rply u..

      1. Hello everyone…so much dragging yaar wat to do?:(

      2. Alright zeha!

  8. Eagerly waiting fr abhigya unite but they rr draagggiiinnnngg guyzz.i thnk tdy also pragya ll not know the truth about truth..guyzz

  9. hlooo fndZz… I am missing kkb and abhigya too much bcoZ we cnt watcy tv….really miss u abhigya….and love so much……keep watching kkb frndzz….

  10. precap was so gud….I am rly gonna miss that episode…sad….vry sad….miss you abhigya….

  11. the episoode and precap was so gud….I am rly gonna miss that episode…sad….vry sad….miss you abhigya….

  12. kavin I will come to chennai for ur treat…hehehe….

  13. Congratz kavin..& all the best fr ur bright future..

  14. evry1’s profyl 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Ehhh Evn myn???

  16. Nikhil look like a more that capable lover. 1HOT GUY. Tanu should drop abi n go to Nikhil (he know what he doing- lover)

  17. Episode is ??? but I don’t think that pragya saw everything!!!

  18. congratulations kavin anna.

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