Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling herself that she has to leave from there, as she can’t hurt Abhi with her presence. She looks at the papers and thinks she has to end the story from where it had started. She looks at their marriage pic. Hamari Adhuri plays…………Tanu tells Abhi that she will be always with him. Pragya comes there and says I am leaving from this house as you don’t want to see my face. She says I came to return your property papers. Abhi looks at her…..with teary eyes…..Veer Zaara song plays………..Tanu says you came for some work. Pragya says when I came here, I couldn’t make you understand that I didn’t came for money.. I hope you will understand now that the reason for my arrival and for going from here

is you. Tere Liye plays…………. Tanu thinks I thought I will get everything when my baby is born, but I am getting all those things after his death. First I got Abhi and will get his property slowly and smiles. (She is happy for her baby’s death being a seflish woman). Pragya thinks she shouldn’t inform Dadi, else she will stop her. Hamari Adhuri plays……..

She recalls about their marriage and moments between them. Hamari Adhuri plays. Abhi is also sad and thinks about her. She prays to Ganapati lord and asks him to take care of Abhi and cries. Abhi comes out of his room and sees her standing. Pragya also looks at him. The song continues to play while they reminisces their marriage. Tanu comes and keeps hand on his hand. Abhi goes inside. Tanu smirks. Pragya leaves. Abhi goes to his room and sits sadly. He recalls their romantic moments and cries while the song continues to play.

Beeji tells Sarla that rain will start now. Pragya comes there. Sarla asks why did you bring your bag and asks her to tell. Pragya says I came to my house for everyone’s betterment. Sarla asks what do you mean? Pragya says I didn’t want everything to end and that’s why came. Beeji asks did you leave that house. Sarla says did you leave Abhi? Beeji says you have to prove your truth and expose Tanu’s lie. Janki says a daughter shouldn’t come like this. Pragya says if you have problem with my stay then I will leave from here also. Sarla says this is your home and you can stay. Pragya goes to room cryingly. Tere liye song plays……………..Abhi cries. Pragya also cries at their respective homes.

Tanu knocks on the door and asks him to open door. She then thinks to leave him alone for sometime. She says Abhi has no one except me. He have to come to me, then I will give him love and support that he will forget her.

Tanu thinks Abhi and his property are all mine, and thinks it is an amazing feeling. She thinks she don’t have to become mum now, and is back to her normal figure. She thinks to take up modelling again and says it is a good feeling. She thinks I will remove Pragya’s memories from his heart and will romance with him in her room. She gets Aaliya’s call. Tanu informs her that Pragya left home. Aaliya is happy and stunned. Tanu smiles broadly.

Abhi tells Dadi that Pragya did wrong with me and snatched my fatherly emotions/rights from me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. shobana

    Oh my god such a painful episode
    I have nothing to say about the episode and on seeing precap I got irritated. Dadi should have opened her mouth but still she is not ready to do it.
    I wonder how come kumkum bhagya name will suit this show

  2. Narendran


    |Registered Member

    πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Šthis is for writers.. Worst story line I have ever ever seen! What the writers are upto?? I don’t know! Is there is any social message? Nothing.. Full of backwas. Now I am thinking when will this show end?. Many knew.. I am big fan of kkb.. But now a days.. I hate this show.. Full of crap..😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  3. asmitha

    Emotional episode sriti is marvelous no words to describe her acting really abhi is stupid when he himself said to her to leave house then what is the need to feel fr her and precap was annoying how can abhi say like that and when she stopped his marriage with tanu then y he felt happy so disgusting and now also dadi not open her mouth and also she stop purab from saying truth and one thing I am not understanding is pragya left abhi then y she collected proof of three evils and y abhi left home it’s really confusing what u all r thinking

    • Iswarya_santhosh


      |Registered Member

      hello asmitha! In my point of view, Dadi is the biggest enemy of pragya. From the beggining itself she stopped pragya from saying the truth to abhi. How can She think like abhi wont believe pragya! abhi told many times that he believed his dadi and she is like god to him. And if we comes to pragya that also he already told ‘after dadi he only belives pragya’. Then how come they get doubt on his belives
      If both goes together and tells the truth to abhi means he will definetly belive them and he finished all the problems in his own way.

  4. sohni

    Is serial ( kkb ) se hamein yeh seekh milti hai ki ” jhuthe ka bol-bala , sachche ka muh kala “….. Bhagwan bhi achhe log ka sath nahin dete. kkb ne Bhagwan ke astitve ko nakaar diya hai.. kisi ke saath achha karoge toh aap ke saath achha nahin hoga, kkb dekh kar toh aisa hi lagta hai …. well done pragya.. pl…..zzz leave abhi. Ab aap koi plan mat banan , aap tanu se jeet nahin paogi kyunki koi uske saath ho na ho …. writer uske saath hain, I don’t know why…..

  5. Billu

    Dude just reading the updates is making my ears and eyes bleed crap…………I wish I could just go and tell abhi everything because this high level of stupidity I am waiting for Sunday to get the next update

  6. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Hello prathiksha thanks for accepting me as a frnd and teammate! Ur assumption is true! Abhigayas relationship, and memory loss etc…i was also assumed the same thing but guys the fact is tis is a mega serial and it is produced by balagi teleflims! Basically the rule for the serial which was produced by ekta kapoor : lead pairs wont be together for atleast one day, and in her serial some of the women got pregnancy always but her baby dies in her womb itself.
    I dont why she always grind a same batter in every serial! Ex:bade ache lagte hai, meri aashiqui tum se hi and know kumkumbhagya… Every time her serial started well and got first in trp ratings but bcoz of her teams stupid story line the total setials reputation will comes down and atlast they finished the serial in a urged sequence. Even they dont show the last scene as lead pairs were leading their happy life.
    The same thing was happened in meri aashiqui tum se hi and now kumkumbhagya.

  7. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Hello prathiksha thanks for accepting me as a frnd and teammate! Ur assumption is true! Abhigayas relationship, and memory loss etc…i was also assumed the same thing, but guys the fact is tis is a mega serial and it is produced by balagi teleflims! Basically the rule for the serial which was produced by ekta kapoor : lead pairs wont be together for atleast one day, and in her serial some of the women got pregnancy always but her baby dies in her womb itself.
    I dont why she always grind a same batter in every serial! Ex:bade ache lagte hai, meri aashiqui tum se hi and know kumkumbhagya… Every time her serial started well and got first in trp ratings but bcoz of her teams stupid story line the total serials reputation will comes down and atlast they finished the serial in a urged sequence. Even they dont show the last scene as lead pairs were leading their happy life.
    The same thing was happened in meri aashiqui tum se hi and now kumkumbhagya.

  8. Sherry

    Delay delay ….same ole crap day after day …nothing interesting n Abhi acting like a woman ,sits there n cry like a big baby and cannot think for himself even if d truth hits him in d face he wouldn’t know it ….stupid serial .

  9. Pratiksha

    I think cvs of kkb has become totally mad in happiness of getting 1st position back in trp ratings. That’s why their mind is not working properly to create and write a gud and correct story. What they r showing and what they r doing? Have they completely lost it? Horrible episodes, out of the definition of ridiculousness and disgust. It’s like they r digging the grave for their show. Don’t know what r they thinking but their thinking is not understandable and justify. Really feeling very-very hatred for them. In evening, I was watching the starting episodes of kkb. I was really badly missed our old abhigya. But now when they have changed and ruined totally and they r going away from our minds slowly-slowly so it’s like the show has finished for me here. I have decided that from here, I will never b attached with any show or it’s character becoz it is so much painful when they gets ruined amd their originality gets finished. I never thought that the show which I liked so much in it’s starting then I will start hating it also so much. I never disliked any of the show after liking it as I have started to disliked and hate kkb from now. Hate cvs, hate each and every character of this show including abhigya and hate the show. If it will run like this then soon it’s end will b near. Go cvs go.. Better to finish it, instead of torchering us.

    • Iswarya_santhosh


      |Registered Member

      Hi prathiksha! I think u got frustrated very much bcoz of watching the initial episodes.! 2 days before i was also in a same mindset but now i m ready to watch a new segmrnts of kkb. Bcoz tanus pregnancy sequence was finished atlast(for god sake).still she is in serial but that awesome dialogue ‘mere bacha’ dialogue wont come from her now. Wright! I have a doubt is she really a girl? I dont think so! How could girl have these kind of evil thoughts, weird behaviours… Etc.
      But after ml i think we must be ready to watch lots of eyelock sequence. Salt and pepper fights b/w abhigaya,etc… But these are the things which we are eagerly waiting to watch! So im sure their trp will not come down

      • Pratiksha

        Ishwarya u r still hoping for betterment so I hope that at least this time, someone’s hope get fulfill but dear this hope we r doing from the day one of this show but in result we got only worst. Even mrunal left this show becoz CVS left no important work and role for her anymore in the show. When they can disappoint their actors so how we can hope from her to do some mercy on us by giving some gud story and impressive turns. When thry don’t have any care for their actors so why they will do for us? Their main purpose is only to get gud earnings and polularity. Until their popularity will remain same as high as in present, they will not care for anything and will do only whatever they wants. And iswarya we r watching this eyelock, salt- pepper fight between abhigya, cat fight between wife and girlfriend since very long time, from almost it’s beginning so that’s why i m not interested anymore to watch same things again and again. Every thing needs progress. Think if we will do same thing again and again in our life daily so will we not get bored!! Obviously we will get bored. That’s why we tries to finds different ways to do some different things in our daily life to bring some freshness in our life. So if we can’t tolerate same thing in our life so how can we tolerate same story in the show, specially then, when things r irritating amd annoying. Then also we have been given more than three years to these samethings and crap of this show but still how much they needs? They have two lead pairs in their show, on which it’s story is based but they r only focusing on since long. Overall i mean to say that when the show has so many new scopes for it’s story so why we accept same things again and again always. Time asks for change and it is necessary for everything and this we wants in the show.

  10. raven

    Tanu is so blo*dy obvious and yet no one is noticing her, they need to get rid of this serial now what are the directors showcasing that the villian always wins i will watch this serial only when i dont have anything to do because Tanu will never get caught she is the lead right now on this serial and the lead can never win so three cheers for Tanu ra ra ra if girls like her still exists in society god be with us cause we have words for girls like her cant say what though but i know for sure you guys know what that word is lol

  11. Pri

    Never saw a women who will e happy for her babys death and celebrate.. And abhi don’t understand Whta rel and reel really he is so stupid and dumb..fed up of this kkb now..

  12. saman

    soo…. mr writer proves dat fake peopl olwaz win….. i think writer hd done dis wid his family…. dats y showing …. wats wrng wid dem….r dey sleeping…. hd hoti hai kisi bat ki…. is bullshit storyse betr hai yr serial ka end krdein …. shabbir yr paise k liye itna stupid rol bhi ni lena chiye… i mean dere r many odr ways … kuch ni ho skta writer n producr ka…. it shd not named as kkb it shd b evilbhageya… or liersbhageya…. as dey r showing how cool luck aa b*t*h like tanu have..

  13. steffyrao

    Abhi & Dadi are a total joke. The way the writers have evolved this 2 characters are really senseless. Theres simply no connection with the previous dialogues of the previous scenes.
    What happened to Champaks investigation he claimed to chk on. He doesn’t follow up on that?
    Dadi ??? Seriously the writers have messed up her character in this track.
    Theyve turned Abhi into a dummy in this track.
    Gosh just tooooo much BS. ITS A WASTE OF TIME EVEN COMMENTING.

  14. amanda

    Yes yez yez tanu wins, good show zeetv this is how all Indian shall behave lie and ruin another woman’s marriage. .. yes the writers should get an award for best show of the century

  15. jyo

    How many times preghna will be lost. Very boring and sad. What is the love that abhi had. Without any faith belief. Disgustingly abhi is not having belief on preghna. Now a days kkb is boring. I am missing abhis fight with preghna,and love, romance everything. I don’t when thanu will be lost. I wana see the love,fight,romance between abhi and preghna

  16. shambhavi

    omg plz save Pragya. so much painful epi. give some break n take some u writers. khuli hawa mei jaao dimag bhi khulega.

  17. modeste

    is it that all the people who know the truth in dis serial are afraid of Abhi or what.Can’t anyone tell him the truth.From daadi,purab sarla and all the rest what are they waiting for to tell him what they knw.Pls writers just cut the crap

  18. Siritta


    |Registered Member

    Abhi is really very stupid for a rockstar and his poor pragya is a very weak woman who is unable to proove her innocence or to expose tanu. I hope she leaves him for a while till he understand what is going on.

    I’m surprised haw actors accept to do this also, it’s really too much

  19. Anu

    Hollywood series are best every day new things to watch
    I guess these director’s don’t have any stories so this continues ek is worst all her series have same stories from kasauti zindagi ki to saas bhi kabhi bahu thi all dies then he will be alive
    Always same junk in her series ban this ek
    Hate her n this series as well

  20. Tinnu

    Guys this serial is gonna end by 4th August.. So let’s cheer up for final virdict by the CVs

  21. Jess frank

    I think all those who are finding this serial bakwas, should quit watching so that they can end this Kumkum Bhagya.
    We have 3 main women on the show – Pragya, Abhi and Tanu. Dadi, Purab and the rest are all wallflower.
    Kumkum Bhagya is sending a wrong message to their audience that evil always triumphs.

  22. sahitha

    Arey yaar Aur kab tak ham ko intazaar Karna padega Tanu ki such bahar aane kiliye I am too tired to watch this crap show 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😬😠

  23. taher

    The writers are really physchos as they don’t know what to show and purab just goes around saying pragya di like a baby but never never does anything intelligently

  24. Evan

    Haha. Look who’s talking about her figure. Tanu should take a good look in
    the mirror, and if she ever watched Disney movies, she should know what happens to all those wicked witches.

  25. adamu alhaji adamu

    Kkb story is rubbish and needs not progress, because Indians has their values all over the world and they are well respected by the whole world. I really don’t know what the producer want to prove in this story. Never the less the producer should understand that there is law enforcement and rule of laws in Indian. Kkb has no meaning and should be stop from airing all over the world. It is a shame as if there is no security in Indian. Please stop this nonsense and go back to school. Indians has their values and u can’t take away that from them. Please just stop this rubbish!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Natasha Singh

    I dont know y do they have to prolong this tanu for an y they dont let pragya expose her now dis is nonsense y so long its going crazy now im so hangry with the director

  27. Oma bedasie

    Wel the writer is lining up all his ducks in a row jus now they would all come crashing downπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  28. Pratiksha

    Oh god!!!!! What was happened with telly updates? It started working too late. Since many days, problems r accruing with this site but today it has taken almost a day to recover. I got so much bored as I was unable to connect with u guys due to some problem on this site. I was constantly trying since morning but now I can connect when it recovered. Anyways guys I have two little updates for u but if u r enough intelligent to guess then find the hidden important facts in it. First of all today’s sbas segment update- There is NOTHING in the segment Only that Abhi is getting drunk and that is it. He is either drinking to dwell in the sorrow of losing his child or his broken relationship with Pragya. Abhi is in some other flat or house.

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/cd3iqenUy1s. And second thing is that I saw some off screen pics of abhigya from the same location, where abhi was drinking. Pragya wore her mangalsutra. Sriti and shabbir both clicked pics with a Nepali actor who gave a visit on the set. Pics r posted on instagram.

    • Asmitha

      ya pratiksha I seen those pics but i didn’t understand anything is it dream r true and today segment i think it is from today epi after dadi lectur to abhi

    • Sahithi

      It was good to see Pragya with Mangalsutr after so long. the location seemed as the same bar where Abhi was getting drunk in today segment. I hope it wont so happen that by the time Pragya reaches Abhi to show him video footage he is too drunk and out of senses.

      And yday episode most painful till date, I dont get teary easily but the moment when Pragya was stepping out of the room and waited for a moment looking half way back at Abhi, I got tears without my notice. After that point, I wanted to switch off as it was too sad to watch further.

      Though I never liked this plan from Pragya n Daadi n hated them both for hiding truth from Abhi, felt bad for Pragya finally after an yr after she took this Mogambo getup. May be what she and Daadi did was not right, but still she didnt deserve to move out that way yday. She didnt deserve that hatred from Abhi. I dont even want to say anything about Abhi, so when he is convinced about Pragya being either involved in baby death or not letting him marry Tanu, thats his choice what he believes and what he concludes.

      But when she moved out, he should be rather happy finally that she moved out of his way and left him with his baby’s mother. He shouldnt be recollecting their past moments. Anyhow she returned all his property, signed divorce papers. So he is back to where they started, he has Tanu who promises to be always with him, he has property back and a wife who left without even saying a word. Without taking single penny from him, but who wasted a proper part of her life trying to get his love. He shouldnt be a fool by thinking about her now when he couldnt stop her from leaving, he kind of lost right to even think about her. When u couldnt react at the right time, no point in crying or drinking later.

      And though the Arora ladies are known to be obsessed about Pragya’s kumkum and over reacting at times, they were mature yday than anyone in Mehra family. I really like how Sarla stands by her daughter in all such situations.

    • Iswarya_santhosh


      |Registered Member

      Prathiksha i agree with all ur emotions. The same thing is im also going through! But dear tis time i dont want u guys to leave tis show. Just now we became frnds! Lets wait and hope little bit. I told u already na tis is a serial dear. i accept u they are having many options to turn the serial into good track but i just want to tell u something. Dear in tis serial atleat they shows thay lead pairs have some values, morals… But in other hindi serials they are spoiling our values, morals and cultures. But i agree withu completely they must change their story track orelse obviously every one will get frustation and leave the show one by one. Even now itself lot of people had already stoped watching and just reading wu only. Lets hope for good change atleast for sometime . What do u say? do it for me!

    • Iswarya_santhosh


      |Registered Member

      I think after tis drinking scene only the other scene which pragya and abhi consummation will happen and after a while, going through car abhi will get ml.
      Prathiksha tis is just my guessing. What do u think?

  29. thinker

    same thing happened with me pratiksha.and I think after seeing precap now dadi and purab tell him the truth.but less hopes.

  30. Uma

    I think abhi in drunken state they consumate marriage and abhi forgot everything.pragya then pragent.she want to prove that baby is abhi”s

  31. KD

    i think that in the show, should introduce a smart,caring new guy for pragya, and that dumb,confused abhi can have tanu.The viewers will be happy as pragya and abhi are both content atleast by separation.

  32. Rhea

    All these indian soaps are a waste of f**king time..just teaching people that the more wrong they do..the more fukin long they live and the more they prosper..imagine the fukin old witch from ek tha raja still fukin living all the good ones die…two women have to be fighting for one man… These producers are a waste of fukin timΓ©….

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