Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul asking Pragya why did she lie? Abhi tells her that he did a mistake by reading the pregnancy report, and says he stopped Pragya from telling the truth too. He says Pragya supported him all this while. Dadi tells Pragya that you are getting inside my heart, the more I am understanding you. Pragya hugs her and cries. Dadi tells Abhi that she is forgiving him this time. Dasi too scolds them and asks to parents soon. Dadi says you both shall make us grand mum soon. She says I am sure that real happiness will come in this house soon. Dadi hugs Pragya again. Bulbul thinks how to make Sarla understand. Tanu gets irked and thinks Abhi spoiled her plan. She thinks what is going on in Abhi’s mind. Nikhil comes to Tanu and insists to talk to her. He says did you realize that Abhi

loves Pragya and doesn’t care about you. Tanu says Abhi loves me. Nikhil tells that Abhi loves his wife Pragya. Tanu says her determination to marry Abhi will not change with his nonsense. She is about to fall, but Nikhil holds her. Abhi comes there and sees Nikhil holding Tanu. Tanu thanks Nikhil and leaves. Abhi asks Nikhil, if you are here till now. Nikhil makes an excuse and leaves from there.

Sarla tries watching Abhi’s birthday party news, and hears about his party getting cancelled. She hears the reporter saying they didn’t know the reason behind it. Sarla panics and tries calling Pragya, but her phone is switched off. Jhanki asks Sarla to call Bulbul, but her phone is at home. Sarla says we shall go there. Jhanki says we shall ask Bulbul and Purab once they come home. Bulbul asks Pragya not to take any tension as Dadi forgave her. She says she is tensed about Sarla’s questions. Purab tells Bulbul that he saw her handling Pragya’s problem maturely and is happy. Bulbul says she has learnt to be happy with other’s happiness. Purab asks if you are upset about our marriage cancellation. Bulbul says I am happy that I got a chance to spend a little longer with my family. They ask each other to promise to remain the same.

Dasi tells Dadi that something is wrong for sure, and Abhi and his wife’s name are on the report. She says we shall go to clinic and enquire the truth. Dadi says I will talk to them. Dasi asks her not to tell them as they might hide the truth. Tanu thinks about the happenings, Abhi taking Pragya’s side and clearing her name. She thinks what to do as situation is getting worse. She thinks how to stop Abhi from developing feelings for Pragya. She thinks of an idea and thinks why will Pragya do this. If she do this, then everything will be fine.

Abhi goes to brush his teeth and freshen up. Pragya stops him and says she needs to talk to him. Abhi ignores her and he says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Pragya asks why did you do this? Why did you talk about my favor. Abhi asks why she talked to Media in his favor and asks her to reply. He says he don’t wish to answer her as she has no reply for his question. Abhi says he couldn’t hear against her. Pragya gets angry with him. Abhi says how can he see his friend getting insulted? He asks why did you fight with media for me? When you have no answer, then you have no right to ask me. Pragya thinks how can she let her love getting insulted. Abhi thinks whenever someone insults her, his heart gets affected. He wonders if it is friendship or something else. Humsafar Toh Hain plays………………

Tanu asks Abhi either sign on her abortion papers or on divorce papers with Pragya. She asks him to marry her in court. Abhi looks on shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tanu is making things worst for herself to live in abhi s house
    Isn t she crazy
    Tanu ,nikhil is waing for u dear
    Dont spoil abhigya

  2. narendran

    Wow nice words of abhi made tanu jealous when will pragya know truth about tanu’s pregnancy yaar ?????they are dragging don’t drag anymore…kumkum bhagya came 2nd place in trp beating yhm..

  3. oh god super episode friends…. and what this tanu is saying in the precap…. that she will marry in the court i can’t understand that …. anyone plz tell

  4. kowsi

    im happy bcoz tanu pregnancy track coming to end ..but its not fully..so sad for abhi ..seiyatha thappuku abhi ku punishment..but tanu unoda unmai therincha day ne galli ..abhi unai kollama vidamatan…im seen the upcoming scenes in aaj tak..awsm performance for abhigya..i really loved it..tat time alaiya s very silent ….she look alike dnot care anybody…i m waiting for tanu truth tat episode..

  5. Spoilers la….dadi s gng to throw abhigya out of d house nu sonanga. Inga enalamo nadakuthu…what s abhi dng??? Find out the truth fast….boring epi…except abhigya scenes….

  6. anamika

    Happenings are interesting but dragging like kidnap scenes. Please end the pregnancy track soon yaar…

    • kidnap scenes were waesome ,though they dragged,but this pregenancy drama is not good,but anyways its fair becoz a girl in the serial who was between the hero and heroine is going to be proved which means its the greatest step in the serial,when people take serials for years ,then the major twist of the serials which is gonna decide the hero and herones life wusd af-course few more months. and i guess when abhi is thrown out then pragya will also go with him,then abhi and pragya alone staying in a same house where they maybe a lot of romantic scenes.

  7. I think dadi will get to know about tanu’s pregnancy from clinic becoz they have decided to investigate the matter. Thanks to daasi who gave dadi this advice. I think till Friday we will see dadi’s confrontation with abhi and pragya where pragya will try to convince dadi and I think on next week, abhi will go out from the house as per dadi’s order.

  8. And ya precap is yuckkk.. Becoz of vamp tanu and her wickedness. But I m sure abhi will never do what she wants so I m not worried about it. But ya abhi’s most tough and worst time will b start from here now.

  9. Kristelle

    As much as I hate Tanu, that actress who plays her…..exceptional…..she is soooooo much better than the previous Tanu!!!! As much I want to see her fall flat on her face…I actually do want to see her. Unlike Aaliya, who I don’t miss even for a second when she is not there…as a matter of a fact I don’t even notice when she is missing sometimes. lolol

  10. One thing is happened gud that now nikhil has realized that abhi loves pragya and will never break her heart for tanu or any other things. Now nikhil is more determined on his decision to get tanu and will never let her free to marry with abhi.

  11. miss nas*

    Tanu enuf is enuf. Can’t u c dat abhi doesn’t love u anymore. Move on with ur life with nikhil. Don’t run after sumone dat doesn’t love u.

  12. TINA

    I think.. dadi know truth in hsplt report.. thats y only dadi send out abhi from home..
    In last abhigya scene super….
    Waiting for tanu truth come out…..

  13. lara

    I’m here to read the updates after one month….but still nikhil didn’t hv gutts to spit out da truth n tanu still didn’t get a kick to her ass got knocked out yet..wats this???for how long it’s gonna b dragged??

  14. Jo

    I think Dasi & Dadi are smarter than Abhi & Pragya, so they will find out the truth. When Abhi gain courage and admit the truth, Dadi and dasi will prove that Tanu is pregnant but not carrying Abhi’s child… I think that’s how this show will go forward…. It will be interesting to watch all this… I wish this comes true 🙂

  15. Kanchi

    the dress which Abhi wears in tomorrow’s precap is the same which he wears in the onlocation shot video while leaving the Mehra house……

    If so it will happen either Friday or Monday!!!!

    so sad to watch but soon the truth needs to be revealed by ABHIGYA!!!

    • kanchi,we saw many promos but in aany promo the dresses werent the same.infact,when they take the promos they will start shooting.this hapened,i dont have any idea of whats gonna happen.

  16. Priya $

    How much tanu blackmailing once truth comes out I mean Tanu’s pregnancy to dadi how she ll do all those things. Surely dadi won’t like to c tanu. hate tat tanu stupid woman.

  17. denuiqe

    I love this show its my favourite one abhi might sighn the divorce papers but change his mine I hope something like that happens soon or nikil tells them the truth

  18. Chithu

    Guys..did anyone notice that Abhi and Tanu are wearing the same dress in precap as the one we saw in SBS where Abhi is going out…

    • Priya $

      Ya chithu I too noticed that. I think within this week they ll show abhi going out scene.

    • Ya chithu I noticed that’s why I was telling that i think till Friday we will see dadi’s confrontation with abhi-pragya and abhi’s exit from the house on next week most probably.

  19. Guys if u read my one of previous comment and if u rememember that where I said that at that time when abhi was throwing aaliya out of the house then dadi was saying that I always supported u but if the matter is related to my family then I cannot b with u. Dadi’s these words r the sign or alert for abhi in future. See, now dadi is going to throw abhi out of the house becoz of his betrayal with pragya and breaking her and family’s trust. Pragya is abhi’s wife and so she is family member. Becoz of abhi, pragya’s relation and membership with family is on sake and family’s union is going to b break, which dadi cannot see and tolerate like she said before.So guys dadi’s those words which were alert for abhi, r going to b convert in reality for abhi now.

    • Chithu

      yeah Nikki… I remember… but Tanu’s truth is going to be out through the clinic or as Tanu told sterday ,through Pragya…if they show it as thro Pragya..then Abhi may get disappointed with Pragya??

      • Chithu

        no Priya… after Nikhil’s talk..she got afraid whether Abhi has started developing feelings for Pragya..so to stop that she was thinking somehow she should make Dadi knows this pregnancy truth..and for that she was thinking she may use Pragya as she herself can not expose as Abhi will get angry because of that..so using Pragya would be a good choice she thought

      • No chithu and priya it will not happen. I mean truth will b come out but not through pragya becoz pragya can never hurt dadi by telling about the truth becoz she knows that after listening about the truth, dadi will b very much affected by this truth than any other thing and she could face another shock and may b she couldn’t survive. Anything could b happen with dadi. That’s why she is pretending bad bahu for dadi. Other wise she could tell it before na. That’s why tanu was saying that why pragya will do it. Then she made another plan to make way easy for herself that is blackmailing abhi emotionally. And this is whai she was doing in precap. This is her plan to forced abhi once more for marry with her. Becoz she knows very well that abhi is so much like as pragya so becoz of his gudness he will never keep an unborn baby’s life on sake and will b ready to marry with her. One thing is came in my mind through this and that is, what if abhi himself will tell about tanu is pregnant and he is the father! Becoz of this blackmailing plan of tanu.

      • Chithu

        hmmm Nikki…but not sure how many days/weeks they are going to show Abhi-Pragya away yaar..it will not be good to watch for many days as the other normal track do..i hope writers will also be aware tat showing Abhi-pragya alone will make to lose TRP..so hopeeeeeeeee they ll finish it soon….

  20. rahul

    hey guys what if the sbs update was just a dream sequence seen by pragya. Just a prediction !!! 🙂

    • Chithu

      ha ha ha 🙂 good Rahul..that is a good prediction..this might be a dream same as Pragya knowing Tanu-Nikhil’s truth earlier 🙂

    • No guys, it’s not a dream sequence. It has shooted for real which we has been seen in SBS segment. But pragya will get to now about tanu-nikhil’s truth it was dream sequence that’s why they didn’t show it in their segment. And other thing is, if they shows any scene which is dream then they usually tells us about it definetly.

  21. farida uttan

    Bottom line – expose Tanue and let Abhi/Pragya find happiness thus making everyone happy

  22. Chithu

    Nikki..one more prediction yaar…don’t you think Abhi felt something different about Tanu-Nikhil yesterday??? his face was having some confusion or some doubt ..that kind of feeling??

    • Ya chithu. For sometimes he felt something fishy but for him tanu met with nikhil first time in his house. That’s it. He never saw them together so cannot imagine nothing like that. That’s why he ignored it and forgot it. But one thing which nikhil should assume too that abhi doesn’t have any care after seeing tanu with someone else.

    • kowsi

      yeah im also noticed…im also think tat same bcoz of abhi reaction … he s not satisfied with nikkil excuses…

    • I was thinking that also what if abhi was thinking after seeing tanu and nikhil together that they looks nice with each other so he should fix tanu with nikhil so his problem gets solved and he could live with pragya happily forever.??

  23. Swathi sri

    Will the truth of tannu get exposed only after 10 months ah?????….plz yarrr…..make others to know about the evil game of tannu…..unite abhigya….

  24. SA

    Dasi an Daadi deserves the award here, they ar the only sane ppl in this serial. They ar not so gullible as the rest, N Pragya, u shud fight for ur husband an not roll ova an giv in to that Horrid fat face Tanu, (Model my ass) atleast Abhi stood up an told the truth, well done finally Abhi!!!

  25. Nikki did u see in precap abhi wore white shirt he was in the same shirt when dadi throws out of house so it will happen today or tomorrow

  26. soraya

    please get to the end of this tanu pregnant stuff because you are influencing the youth to do the same.it is disgusting.

  27. nikki and chitthu ,u both r very good at writing serials and predecting.and abhi and pragya will not stay far after abhi gets out of that house.its just my guess

  28. Chithu

    But Nikki…onething am not understanding is why Abhi seems to be confused about his feeling for Pragya still… As yesterday, he was telling that he is not sure whether he supported Pragya as a friend or due to some other feel…

  29. I don’t get time to watch the serial as I work in shifts but reading the written telly update the episode r only getting dragged n frustrating on tanus attemption to marry abhi.. V r tired of this.. Please get some twist in ur future episode and kick tanus out v r more interested in getting pragya n abhi closet n to c a happy married couple…

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