Kumkum Bhagya 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi plans to make Pragya confess her identity

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The Episode starts with fb scene where Abhi tells Dadi and Dasi that he wants to gift Pragya. Pragya refuses to take the gift. Dadi says we are with Abhi. Abhi says I have to do and asks Dadi and Dasi to control their emotions. He runs behind Pragya and goes to kitchen. He locks the door and says you knows what I want to do and holds her close. He licks her fingers for the tasty food which she made. Fb ends. Pragya is seen reminiscing it. Disha says same days can return and asks her why is he hiding the truth. Pragya says I will tell the truth when right time comes. She thinks she has to find the attacker and looks for Simonika. Pragya comes to her and asks what is she doing? Simonika says she got letters of Abhi’s crazy fans. Pragya says there is a close connection of girl with the house. Simonika

gets a call and goes. Pragya thinks who can it be the girl. Simonika gets her goon’s call and he tells her that he has kidnapped Khan. Simonika thinks indirectly I have become your boss and you are my secretary. Tanu and Aaliya come home.

Tanu says they shall celebrate the big win. Pragya asks what they are talking about? Tanu says if we haven’t brought you as Munni then we wouldn’t have been sure of your identity as Pragya. Aaliya threatens to expose her and says I am enough for you. She says lets go and have champagne. Pragya thinks why did Tanu say that celebration reason is Munni. Why did Aaliya say that I am Pragya. Simonika comes to Khan Chacha. Khan Chacha identifies her. Simonika says you told everything to Pragya and Abhi is saved. Khan Chacha says God is always with good people and will never support people like you. Simonika gets angry and kills him. Goon asks why did you kill him and says you would have asked him what he told Pragya. Simonika says I know as Pragya took my help. She says now thief and police is me.

Disha tells Purab and Abhi that Pragya told her that she will tell her when the right time comes. Abhi tells Purab, your wife couldn’t do this. Disha says she respected her decision. Abhi says we have to go and enquire. Purab sees Dadi and Dasi spying on them.

He asks if they were listening to them. They say no. Abhi asks them to ask him directly. Dadi says you couldn’t do anything and that’s why we have to spy. Disha says even you feels she is Pragya and says he asks them to do test and keep hand on heart and close their eyes, and then asks their heart. They all say pragya. Abhi says I will find out. Dadi asks him to hurry up. Dasi tells that once Abhi and Pragya get together, she will be very happy. Dadi feels drowsy, calls Pragya and falls on sofa. Pragya comes, calls Robin and takes her to room. She asks Dadi why did she faint? Dadi says it came suddenly, but now I am fine. Pragya says I will make your diet plan and asks her to rest.

Pragya plans to get Dadi undertake medical test and plans with Dasi. Dadi hears them and says she is Pragya, as Munni can’t think of this. Dasi says yes. Simonika asks her goon to throw Khan’s body and says Abhi will die soon.

Pragya thinks where is Abhi, and thinks once Khan Chacha returns, she will know everything and calls Purab. Purab says Abhi met with an accident.

Pragya goes to the police station. Abhi tells her that police arrested him for drunkard driving and hitting a person with car, but he was not drunk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I can’t believe that the Producers of this show haven’t nipped it yet. The show have been going in circles with plots and twists being repeated time and time again. If the writers are not coming through with new ideas, get new writers or axed. The show isn’t portraying a good image of the Indian culture. My take

  2. I think simonika did somethings to the car

  3. Good episodes.shabir is the best.an outstanding performer.

  4. Pragya thinks where is Abhi, and thinks once Khan Chacha returns, she will know everything . This dumb prgagya give clue to the person about Khan chacha and killed him and now waiting for him to return.

  5. Seriously, I have lost interest in this show a long while and stopped watching. I only pop in sometimes to read updates. It’s kind of annoying that the storyline is going around in circles and it’s been so long already. They should wrap things up already.

    Good actors but poor story??

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