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The Episode starts with Pragya crying thinking about Abhi’s words asking her to distribute his property and money among his family member so that no one fight for money in future. She cries. Khamoshiyan song plays……………Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words that Tanu will break his dream of a happy family if he doesn’t have money. She feels helpless and thinks Abhi is going far from her. She asks God not to separate them. Abhi thinks Tanu is not after my money and I will prove this. Purab tells Dadi that Sarla will get happy knowing Pragya’s truth, and says it can lower her pain of losing Bulbul. Dadi says I am doubtful if this is right time or not. Dadi says Sarla’s hatred is seen on her face, and if she knows the truth then she will not be able to hide her love for her. She leaves

the decision on Pragya. Pragya comes. Purab tells her that he told Dadi about Sarla, and she left the decision on her. Dadi says you have paid a heavy price, and asks her to take a decision. She asks her to expose Abhi’s enemies also. She asks her to think and take a decision.

Tanu is on bed and thinks she is feeling weak. She thinks she haven’t visited spa and skin quality is getting bad. She thinks once you gets married, then you will get luxury, name, fame, money and everything. She sees greeting card given by Nikhil and wonders from where it came on bed. Abhi comes to her room and sits on bed recalling Pragya’s words. He happens to see the greeting card. Tanu comes. Abhi asks who gave you this, hugs, kisses are written in it. Tanu says I wish that someone would have given me this, and says it was actually for Aaliya as someone proposed her. Abhi believes on her story and asks if she want to have lunch with her. Tanu agrees and goes to get ready. Rachna tells that she has made food for everyone. Taya ji says Rachna is so good and asks Tai ji to accept her. Tai ji says yes, she is good. She asks Mitali to learn from her. Mitali says I told her about everyone’s preferences, and taught her cooking. Rachna confirms.

Ronnie and Mitali talk silently. Ronnie says he has done all the arrangement to catch the third person. Abhi and Tanu comes down. Dadi asks Abhi to have lunch and says Rachna made good food. Abhi says he is going to have lunch outside. Dadi thinks if Pragya knows this. Purab comes and asks Dadi about Abhi. Dadi says he has gone on lunch with Tanu. Purab says he will spoil his date and will call him. Pragya asks him not to call him, and says Abhi is so good that he can’t differentiate between right and wrong. She says we have to bring Tanu’s secret infront of him. Purab says we shall have some idea. Pragya says we shall do same thing with Tanu. She says blackmail. She says Tanu should know that someone else knows her truth and she will get tensed. She says they should tell the truth to Sarla, but they have to catch enemies also. She says we will decide later. Abhi and Tanu gets down the auto. Tanu looks here and there. Abhi asks where we will have food? Abhi says we will have food at the stall. He says one thali for 50 Rs, I used to have food here in my childhood. Tanu says you took me here in auto and now insisting to have food here. Abhi recalls Pragya asking him to have tea on a road side stall. Tanu says we shall go to nearby restaurant and have food. I have some money. Abhi asks if she is interested to have food with him or want to have food in luxurious restaurant. He asks her to decide what she wants, money or him.

Abhi asks her to reply. Tanu says she was thinking about his reputation. Abhi says he doesn’t care about his reputation and asks her to tell someone that she doesn’t care about money. Tanu says I just love you. If I really cared about high profile life then I would not have left my career. She says she would have get her abortion and continue her career, but she thought about Dadi’s happiness and sacrificed her career. Abhi asks why she is refusing to have food at stall. Tanu says I have refused to have food here, as it is unhygienic and unsafe for our baby. She acts and traps him in her cunning words. She says I have understood that I have to proof my love every day. She asks him to come. Abhi says you don’t need to prove, but just have to tell this infront of someone.

Abhi asks Pragya not to create doubt in his heart and says Tanu is bearing his child and he will give his name to baby. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Happy with d promo.. But now one thing is clear that cvs are not ready to expose tanus truth without testing our patience..

  2. Now razia and sheetha now pragya finds raj means it is also waste only I think so because raj didn’t know anything about tanu’s pregnancy so how will he help pragya and how he is being caught up to pragya what mistake he did to make pragya catch him but one thing is kicking in my mind did raj know about tanu’s pregnancy or not??? and another thing sorry everybody knows tanu’s pregnancy but the father of tanu’s baby ? I mean nikhil he didn’t know anything about nikhil and nikhil where had he gone

    1. s reji .. again it is a dragging… i have a doubt in promo raj is taking with whow ???..

    2. Looking at promo it looks like Pragya will not expose Raaj in front of everyone but she may be the only one to know about him. I am guessing, Raaj will think he is speaking to Tanu but instead it would be Pragya. Obviously, they will have some heated argument as to why he is cheating Abhi.

      And later may be Pragya will make him help her in exposing Tanu by striking a deal that she wont let his truth out if she helps in Tanu’s thing.

      1. I agree with u sahithi even I m feeling the same like u coz in promo, pragya is confronted raaj in loneliness not in front of everyone and as pragya is searching for a person who could blackmail tanu and she says to purab that soon they will find that person so I think it will b only raaj who will help pragya to expose tanu.

      2. I think she wont involve Raj for blackmailing. That she can do herself, but like the way she had to place lawyers to frame Aaliya, she needs someone to help in getting some proofs against Tanu n Nikhil. Say to take a video, capture some pics, conversations or even worse enough, gather their hair(like I saw in some other show) which can be used for a DNA test.

        Raj may help for that, by being nice to Tanu n making her belief he is helping her, but actually by working for Pragya. Raj cant afford to go to jail again, at this point. When Aaliya herself is in deep trouble, he knows he doesn’t have anyone to bail him out also this time.

        Covert operation guys!

  3. One thing cleared Tanu not exposed and it might be rajs dream also as the makers don’t want to increase the trp but to drag the track always shows promo as this time it will happen but the thing becomes opposite. 🙁

  4. Abhi marry Tanu and give your name to the child may god bless you

    1. ha ha

  5. Ya guys very shocking and Ricking promo with really unexpected twist. Gud that raaj is going to exposed but I m not happy so much becoz CVS have kept tanu’s truth to exposed for last. Now it means, it will going to b much more difficult for pragya to expose tanu and will take some more time. After aaloya and raaj’s exposure, tanu will get more weak and scared but it’s not mean she will give up becoz she still have nikhil with her and that baby power by whom she could bring anyone in her side, specially abhi. And in promo, with whim raaj was talking? I felt it was aaliya. Becoz why raaj will say to tanu that now he couldn’t spoil abhi and pragya when he knows that tanu wants only pragya’s spoilation not abhi’s. And from behind that girl’s hairs were looking like aaliya’s straight hairs beciz tanu’s hairs r little bouncy with light curls and her hair is coloured but that girl’s and aaliya’s hairs r shiny black. That’s why I felt that it is aaliya with whom raaj is talking in promo. If it is really aaliya then how she came out from jail and if she has came then it will b more tougher task for pragya to expose tanu in the presence of aaliya becoz to taking revenge from abhi and pragya, she will never let tanu or her truth exposed.

    1. Pratiksha I didn’t saw the promo but with ur guesses u r sure that it is aliya but join this with ur b4 guesses last time u guess that now tanu has nikhil may be nikhil will take aliya from jail then y not nikhil yes with your guesses I can guess that nikhil will take aliya from jail but I can’t surely say it’s just thought ? in my mind and the second thing is according to this promo the main thing is raj is being exposed by pragya then the girl which raj is speaking will be pragya if it happens like this only we can logically understand that raj is exposed by pragya

      1. Yes reji it was really looking like aaliya from back, from her hairs. May b raaj himself bring her out from jail or may b nikhil bailed her of from jail on tanu’s request but I have a gutt feeling that it was aaliya in promo. Well let’s see.

  6. Reji Raj knows nikkil and I don’t when Tanu gonna exposed but Tanu’s exposure ll b a great break n Tanu gonna deserve more surely CVS ll plot something really big to expose tanu as Abhi done in MMS track as the same pragya ll reveal her truth on Tabhi’s wedding day as Abhi burnt the divorce papers pragya ll burn the papers infront of everyone. So don’t fed up guys just wait a while ??

  7. Guys in yesterday’s episode pragya was telling purab that we will surely soon get a person to help them in blackmailing tanu that there is someone else also who knows her truth about her pregnancy… is that person going to be raj?
    If that’s the case it will be good n interesting..

  8. I used to watch Ds drama…. Now quit it….
    What abt suresh,innocent purvi & d corporator……
    After ds much y pragya didn’t suspect alliya & tanu for kidnap case etc
    And y did Raj get angry on abhi
    No one know abt ds mitali….
    After all pragya & dadi s d big reason for hertrouble
    After knowing tanu aliyas truth she shud have told that to abhi…. He might trust her… Support her… Now everything waste… Such a stupid decision
    And if abhi loves pragya truly why he can’t realise der s something behind her change
    Aaliya s exposed n that property mater only… BT what abt kidnap case,vijay case etc……
    And exposing tanu s not that much difficult……
    In between bulbul,sarla,purab confusion

    Fed up with it

    So they will drag it like anything…..
    I can’t tolerate… So I quit…sry if I hurt anyone…

  9. Divya chandru

    Hi Guys, i dont think Raj will be exposed , becoz pragya and raj are in the same costume and I think it must Rajs dream , as Mitali is also trying to find the third person , Raj would have to more careful with each one of them in house , i am sure , cvs are trying to maintain their TRPs and audience … usually the promo will be coming on sunday, this time they have released the promo on saturday itself , becoz yday and today episode are going to be the same of Tanu – Abhi- pragya.which already is quiet annoying us. let see

  10. When this dragging going to be end….oh god

  11. I am totally agreed with Diya and support your decision Diya as I also think the same this going to become only serial which is full of dumbo people

    1. Thank u subuhi

  12. hii pratiksha diya reji and all guys do you have any new update if you have then share it plz…………….. .

  13. Kharemsha ravichandran

    Waste episode

  14. Kharemsha ravichandran

    Sry type my mistake

  15. me also think the same. raj has more brain than pragya

  16. New segment update- Abhi pragya in their room with tanu. Abhi confronts tanu and slaps her hard becoz he gets to know that tanu is carrying nikhil’s baby not his. Tanu requests abhi to believe her and she tries to convince abhi that someone or pragya filled his ears against her, she says that she and nikhil r just friends. Abhi says her to get out from the house. Tanu requests abhi but abhi grabs tanu down and pushes her towards exit door. Reporter says it’s all tanu’s dream sequence becoz tanu is scared after seeing everybody’s exposure in the house one by one so in this fear she sees this dream sequence, in which abhi gets to know about her pregnancy truth and throws her out from the house after slapping her. Leena says in her interview that she herself don’t know what is happening becoz everything is happening suddenly. Reporter says in background that but they knows that what is happening. This is all her dream sequence. She says next that there r so many twists going to come in upcoming episodes so keep watching kumkumbhagya.

    1. When I saw this segment I didn’t believe on it and I knew it that it could not happen so easily or without any official promo becoz tanu’s exposure is a biggest and most awaited twist of kkb which will lead abhigya’s reunion so it could not happen like this. And as we have been seen the new promo which is about raaj’s truth revelation in front of pragya which is called as second victory of pragya so it is obvious to guess that this segment or sequnce couldnot b true becoz but I hope this dream comes true soon and we gets rid of tanu.

      1. Other family members are missing in this sequence, so we can assume it is a dream. Also we saw promo for Raj’s truth, and generally the scene shown in segment comes in next 1-2 days.

        So I am thinking they wont show both things so quickly one after another.

    2. pratiksha will raj be exposed?? or it is also his dream??

      1. Rita promo is not looking like dream becoz they have given a particular date for it which is on 27th January. So I think raaj’s truth will get revealed infrint of pragya but he will not exposed in front of everyone as sahithi r thinking that may b pragya will not exposed raaj on the cost of help against tanu to exposing her truth in front of everyone and abhi, so raaj will help pragya in this and forgiven by pragya for his mistake. But pragya will reveal his truth after tanu’s exposure or not, it’s not sure but I think she will leave him and forgive him after giving him last warning becoz he was a gud person before but he converted into evil becoz of his misunderstanding for abhi so it is his first mistake and abhi will b hurt more after getting know his truth so I think pragya will forgive him after giving last warning but he will help pragya against tanu, it’s surity is 90%. Rest of 10% is up to on CVS if they r thinking from another perspective.

      2. But riya new segment is tanu’s dream becoz it was told by reporter.

  17. I have one news that abi knows the Thanu truth and slaps her. but it is her dream. reporters says as it is thanus dream. I saw this one in another forum

  18. Guys wt abt today sbb segment … abhi slapped tanu .. give clear update frnds prathiksha

  19. Dumb serial no proper continuation and abhi stupid believe tanu immediately but his love pragya do anything he didn’t believe it he ask proof. Pragya pls give all share to abhi family and made him a lonely person then only he know about u and tanu true colors.do it.

    1. I totally agree with ur thoughts sana I think adding this in track will be better than this dragging track

  20. They tells that s dream sequence

  21. Today’s segment update:
    AbhiGya in their room tanu comes thr n Abhi slaps tanu hard n says,I know u r not bearing my child but tanu tries to fill his ears by saying no its ur baby n nikkil is just my friend. But Abhi drags her down and asks her to get out Pragya follows Abhi n smiles at tanu.
    Offscreen interview: Leena says,It may or may not b dream but there is lots of twists n turns in upcoming episode
    reporter says:This was sure a dream of tanu

    1. Already once tanu got this same dream before some months.. Still they r doing the same. Wat u think srimati it could b dream r not… 99% conform it ll b dream sequence according to me..

  22. Ya srimathi it s dream sequence. Cvs wil not end tanu track without any twist .. it s just for trp trapping.

  23. Today’s episode glimpse
    Pragya was sitting in sofa in their room very sadly Abhi comes there n sits besides her n taunts her by saying tanu is loving me truly and she is not after his money Pragya hurts alot by his words n tries to leave but Abhi holds her hand and continues his taunting..
    really feeling bad..I agree Abhi doesn’t know the truth behind tanu that’s y he is doing like this but he is hurting Pragya alot!!??

    1. Ya srimathi very much worried pragya now it is confirmed that it is a dream sequence soon that dream should come true then what’s next will tanu’s fear get more and she will be exposed or not

  24. where u see this

  25. Dumb abhi stop this all shit actually its all a bulshit

  26. Ya guys we have a too annoying episode today. I heard in today’s episode we have an insulting scene of pragya by tanu and abhi in front of everyone in which everybody joins them against pragya, abhi’s lectures for pragya and admiration of tanu in comparison of pragya, we have tanu and abhi’s scene with sarla maa and we have tanu and nikhil scene too with mitali and ronnie but looks like it is not important. So from starting till the end of episode, we will b going to torcher.

  27. Uff wt d hell is gng on frnds…? Wen tanu’s truth will come out???

  28. Priya for sure its a dream!!
    Pratiksha I won’t watch today’s episode such an irritating crap Tanu!! I think better Abhi should marry Tanu.. I wish him the best n requesting CVS to do Tabhi’s wedding soon!!

    1. Gud srimathi even I have decided that after getting highlights of every day’s episode’s if I will get to know that we have any tabhi’s bullshit scenes in those episodes then I will definetly skip it for my convenient becoz I can’t take it.

      1. Hi prathiksa even I am big fan of kumkimbhagya .i do not know Hindi but I started learning Hindu by watching and reading updates . What I think is we can see how much he hurts pragya today doubles his loves towards her and how much he gain confidence double he hates her when truth comes out.

    2. i too wont watch d show.. its becoming more irritating bcoz of abhi’s unwanted emotions towards pragya.. tanu and abhi’s togetherness is more annoying to see.. bycotting d show today..only written updates..

      1. S i too wont see today..

    3. But I will watch 🙂 , I like Abhi’s that villainous behavior, of course for the sake of Shabir’s performance, he shows grt variation.

      And guess we will be reminded of the initial epi after Pragya marriage, where Abhi would continuously taunt Pragya.

      On a serious note, when Bulbul is not around to motivate her, and Daadi also given up, Pragya needs some strong push to come back aggressively.Think like this – if Abhi was being nice to her, she wouldn’t be in much hurry to catch Nikhil. Only when pushed to a corner would anyone want to bounce back.

      1. But sahithi I feels from ur view that abhi is doing all this with pragya intentionally and purposely. Otherwise marry with tanu is other thing but for it harassing pragya and insulting her by his rude behavior and taunts or by emotional torcher is not needed specially by abhi becoz abhi’s purpose from always was just to marry with tanu for the baby’s sake only but he with this he always wished to keep his fuggy with him and now he wants to remove her from his memory also! For accepting tanu as his wife and for giving her all the rights of a wife!! Suddenly he has decided it just in a moment!! It is indigestible. That’s why I feels that his behavior with pragya is purposely but what purpose it could b don’t know. What u think sahithi?

      2. Pratiksha I can’t correctly say that abhi is doing these taunting for a purpose but his only purpose that he thinks that if he taunts pragya this much means she will return as fuggi this only his motive no words to tanu as sahithi said let tabhi get married and after marriage let pragya reveal the truth to abhi then he want to believe in her or not that his wish but I can’t think that abhi keeping pragya (fuggie ) in his heart ♥ how can he marry tanu what feeling he has for pragya he can’t think even single second for pragya that pragya without any motive will do like this what love he has I don’t know can u pls explain me????

    4. I too don’t watch… It’s irritating yaar to c.. Nowadays I stopped watching so many episodes lik this.. This full week they r showing so much painful scenes..

    5. The hell all serial is turning out to be bulshit yr I am saying again and again first that pragyas kidnapping track took 6 months or more then this Tanis pregnancy track started in April 2015 now it is January 2016 and tanus pregnancy track not disclosed now I am thinking that makers have decided to drag on sequence till one year so stay back peacefully because this Tanis track is going to end in April or June lol blo*dy bulshit ;-p

  29. I wish that dream will come true very soon

  30. i stopped watching kumkum bhagya from 1 week so irritating and i wont watch it until something good happens

  31. hahahaha, i think the writer really lack of story now.No fresh idea at all! its like going into ferris wheel. Its so damn boring and i do stop watching it month a go as its was good for nothing drama.! you will see the plot will keep repeating and soon, new people will come, the leap year then all of these common nonsense will be out too.. This drama promoting selfishness, nonsense,unlogic action, stupidity, and the list go on and on..

  32. I watched promo raj will get exposed

  33. hey guys i have posted my second part of just for fun i know that everyone is angry and irritated so just read just for fun and post comment if u liked it guys and pls mention that whose fan r u plssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    here is the link


  34. Yes this is the right time to get abhi move on. or otherwise pragya will doing same drama to find the culprit which will took more time. abhi once decides he will make a fast move. I also think abhi doing some drama which will make pragya to tell the truth. I hope so. now only the story moving on with emotional as well as irritating abhigya scenes

  35. Was busy yet . . thank God .. If I had watched tat segment first then I wud ve believed n later wil b ditched .. So better .. I jus came to knoe both at a tym tat abhi slapped tanu n its her dream

  36. Same shit different day

  37. I am new here.but by todays episode I feel abhi observing purab,dadi n pragyas reactions.n he is taunting pragya intentionally.I think abhi as he told before he is following tede rasta to know d truth.

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