Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi explaining to Abhi that Sarla might want Pragya and you to be together. Pragya hears them, wipes her tears and asks Abhi if he is still thinking the same thing. She says Sarla got unconscious immediately. Abhi says he wants to know why she want to see them together, even after knowing Tanu’s pregnancy. Purab tells Ronnie to make Pragya have food. The compounder comes to them and says he wants to go home as he is worried about his pregnant wife. Purab lets him go. Tanu thinks now NIkhil can come here. She calls him and tells everything. Nikhil says you should have make sure that Sarla was given that injection. Tanu says yes, but she went to met Aaliya. She asks him to come and not to involve her. Later Tanu comes to Aaliya. Aaliya refuses to help her and asks her

to go. Tanu gets irked and goes. Abhi thinks I just hates emotions. He thinks he had taken a decision, but now this problem. He thinks he wants to fulfill Sarla’s wishes, but seeing Pragya he couldn’t. He thinks he couldn’t make any new relations, never. Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words and gets worried. She asks Abhi if he talked to commissioner.

Abhi says he talked to him. He asks why you are upset and blames Pragya for Sarla’s condition. He says your enemy might be responsible. He says I asked you to distribute my money among all, as everything is happening because of money. He says they can harm you and Dadi. This all have started since you have changed and took over everything. He says who are you? What do you want? Money or Family. At once you don’t want to leave money and at the other you care for your family too. He says my fuggi can’t be selfish and asks her to look at him. He says if I am the same who used to live life like a song. He is distressed and says his confidence level have gone to zero. He is mad as he is speaking his heart out to the person responsible for his condition. Nikhil comes home and says he felt bad hearing about Sarla. He tells that he couldn’t come before because of his friend’s dad dead. He tells that he met some goons there in that street, and cooks up a fake story. He tells that he followed the goons, but came to know that they work in the under construction building. Tanu thinks he is a big dramebaaz. Nikhil asks if they have noted down car’s number. Pragya says no.

Nikhil says I can understand. Abhi says once Sarla gains consciousness, we will ask her about kidnapper, I will punish kidnapper with my hand. Nikhil excuses himself and says he needs to send an urgent message. He messages Tanu asking her to kill Sarla, till he keeps everyone busy. Tanu gets tensed. Nikhil suggests Abhi that they shall hire kidnappers and convinces him. Abhi agrees and asks him to call detective company. Nikhil says okay and hopes Tanu does work fast. He pretends to call defective, and says their phone is switched off. It is difficult to get them. Tanu comes to Sarla’s room, and picks a pillow to suffocate her. Just then Sarla gains consciousness shocking Tanu. Ronnie comes and asks what she is doing there. Tanu says she was giving pillow to Sarla. Ronnie sees Sarla’s eyes open and goes to inform Pragya. She tells Pragya that Sarla have opened her eyes. Pragya gets happy and says I will go and check. Nikhil says it is a miracle. Abhi says you are a lucky guy and asks him to come. Nikhil wonders what to do? He thinks Abhi will not leave Tanu and him. Tanu wonders what to do? She thinks to escape before others come. Pragya and others come inside. Pragya and Dadi get happy seeing Sarla gaining consciousness. Purab says you will be alright maa. Abhi looks emotional and smiles. Tanu gets tensed.

Pragya asks Sarla to tell the name of the kidnappers. Abhi promises that he will not leave them. Sarla tries to speak, but couldn’t.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pratiksha where r u ??? i can’t see ur comment come to this page soon … do u have any guesses about the sbb segment

  2. Wow… guys I think todays episode vill b intreating nd thanks alot Jay deep for updating new segmnt hus waiting fr tanus explosure wen abi vil giv a slap in her face chi jus I hate tanu nd nikil he s loser nd fool also he cant find iut tanu s playing wit his emotions nd making him fool I think abi vil revel the truth of takil really hoping fr gud lets c guys thank u so much fr tis new news v can hope frm today co pyar ki jeet right it ll b mokka itseems

  3. thanx frds 4 the updates plssssssssssss pragya tel the truth to abhi dont make him mad or go crazy so sad to c abhi crying ya pls na dont do tht.tq

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Where R the FF’S ???????

    1. Ff writers can’t upload their ff upto Wednesday because telly updates its not accepting any ff

  5. Disgusting nikil and thanu

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    Omg..???this is tooo tooo much

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