Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi explaining to Abhi that Sarla might want Pragya and you to be together. Pragya hears them, wipes her tears and asks Abhi if he is still thinking the same thing. She says Sarla got unconscious immediately. Abhi says he wants to know why she want to see them together, even after knowing Tanu’s pregnancy. Purab tells Ronnie to make Pragya have food. The compounder comes to them and says he wants to go home as he is worried about his pregnant wife. Purab lets him go. Tanu thinks now NIkhil can come here. She calls him and tells everything. Nikhil says you should have make sure that Sarla was given that injection. Tanu says yes, but she went to met Aaliya. She asks him to come and not to involve her. Later Tanu comes to Aaliya. Aaliya refuses to help her and asks her

to go. Tanu gets irked and goes. Abhi thinks I just hates emotions. He thinks he had taken a decision, but now this problem. He thinks he wants to fulfill Sarla’s wishes, but seeing Pragya he couldn’t. He thinks he couldn’t make any new relations, never. Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words and gets worried. She asks Abhi if he talked to commissioner.

Abhi says he talked to him. He asks why you are upset and blames Pragya for Sarla’s condition. He says your enemy might be responsible. He says I asked you to distribute my money among all, as everything is happening because of money. He says they can harm you and Dadi. This all have started since you have changed and took over everything. He says who are you? What do you want? Money or Family. At once you don’t want to leave money and at the other you care for your family too. He says my fuggi can’t be selfish and asks her to look at him. He says if I am the same who used to live life like a song. He is distressed and says his confidence level have gone to zero. He is mad as he is speaking his heart out to the person responsible for his condition. Nikhil comes home and says he felt bad hearing about Sarla. He tells that he couldn’t come before because of his friend’s dad dead. He tells that he met some goons there in that street, and cooks up a fake story. He tells that he followed the goons, but came to know that they work in the under construction building. Tanu thinks he is a big dramebaaz. Nikhil asks if they have noted down car’s number. Pragya says no.

Nikhil says I can understand. Abhi says once Sarla gains consciousness, we will ask her about kidnapper, I will punish kidnapper with my hand. Nikhil excuses himself and says he needs to send an urgent message. He messages Tanu asking her to kill Sarla, till he keeps everyone busy. Tanu gets tensed. Nikhil suggests Abhi that they shall hire kidnappers and convinces him. Abhi agrees and asks him to call detective company. Nikhil says okay and hopes Tanu does work fast. He pretends to call defective, and says their phone is switched off. It is difficult to get them. Tanu comes to Sarla’s room, and picks a pillow to suffocate her. Just then Sarla gains consciousness shocking Tanu. Ronnie comes and asks what she is doing there. Tanu says she was giving pillow to Sarla. Ronnie sees Sarla’s eyes open and goes to inform Pragya. She tells Pragya that Sarla have opened her eyes. Pragya gets happy and says I will go and check. Nikhil says it is a miracle. Abhi says you are a lucky guy and asks him to come. Nikhil wonders what to do? He thinks Abhi will not leave Tanu and him. Tanu wonders what to do? She thinks to escape before others come. Pragya and others come inside. Pragya and Dadi get happy seeing Sarla gaining consciousness. Purab says you will be alright maa. Abhi looks emotional and smiles. Tanu gets tensed.

Pragya asks Sarla to tell the name of the kidnappers. Abhi promises that he will not leave them. Sarla tries to speak, but couldn’t.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. nasima

    Pls..idhuku mela indha storya elukadhinga..make somethng change or twist..and reunite abhigya…today episode also lite boring…

  2. Priya

    Draggiñnnnnnnng atleast ippo vathu saralaku consious koduthangalae….but naliku anna avalala kidnapper pera mettum solla mutiyatha pannuvaga…..l

  3. ria Cassandra

    guys though I could not upload in telly updates till Wednesday…hence I created a page …ria’s the fault in our stars. ..guys plse read there and comment…

  4. Omg now how long will this dirty n nonsense drama going to be n one more question to the writer now that raj is feeling guilty abt his doing y can’t he support Pragya by tells the truth r u director fooling the plp pls end this Tanu drama plp r loosing interest

  5. Manvi

    This revelation will take for ever yaar waste of watching when the revelation happens that time only I will watch this until then good bye Kumkum Bhagya waist bhi mere exams hai shayaad mere board exams Khatam hojayega par yeh Tanu kabhi bhi nahi pakdi jayegi

  6. priya

    I hate tis serial. Tey il never unite abhi and pragya. I feel very bad wen abhi is wounded again and again

    • Kk

      It is dragging on and on like meri ashiqui Tum se hi. They had to stop the show cuz the trp rating was going low.

  7. Rishma

    But she could write…I’m sure she can. If she can’t talk she can write. It better be that than they drag some more

  8. I just want to say that feels very bad seeing abhigya in this condition. CVS have ruined their characters in this track, just becoz of their dragging. I can’t see them like this anymore. Now I desperately wants our old abhigya back so soon .That’s it. Enough is enough now. I m missing my charming abhigya so much which they were in before.??

  9. callmeprincess3

    From tommorows epi sarla cant move becoz she is paralized one of the nerves near her brain is pushed {bent} now whenever tanu or nikhil will come in her room she will behave differently.

  10. Sahithi

    Daadi keeps quite even now.. OMG.. Same with Pragya, if not tell the truth as they have decided long back, at least speak up when Abhi was getting so emotional n upset over what is happening around. Why does she keep mum n only cry. Who in this world wud behave like that.

    Pragya’s character is becoming too unnatural day by day. Even when she knew arrogance of Abhi in the starting n when he wouldn’t bother about her, she would still speak up. Now when he keeps questioning her again n again, why not now.

  11. Eva

    Not again.. now pragya’s mother cant speak out.. why the makers dont want to unite abhigya.. its been a year since they realised love for each other and still standing at the same position.. pl dont drage n unite abhigya soon..

  12. Shyna Thomas

    Bus!!!! An agla drama,,, she can’t speak and blaaa blaaa blaaa and den she can’t move,,,all take care of dat moti unty who is a headache for d viewers,,, and den tanu will try to kill her blabla blaaa,,, and did year dey will run with its story…..

  13. Shangni

    This is toooooo much I really wanted to slap Tanu before Abhi slap her..now sarla maa could not able to speak and evil tanu and nikhil will start there drama agian…poor abhigya…. I really want to cry.

  14. Kiara

    Did anyone see how the lead of Zee TV’s new show, ‘Meri Sasu Maa’ looks like? The main character’s look in that serial is very similar to Fuggi’s look?

  15. Dafny

    Hai I m dafny in T N . I’m the big fan of kkb in H .Tamil but 2 weeks the story veerrrrryyy bordering. Thangaa mudiala Writer Anna w s abhigya?this is not Kkb story . kidnapping story .

  16. razia

    Hi Megha m too from TN chennai .. Irumalargal IPO track is rocking yaar .. I love dis n today’s irumalargal episode was jus awesome .. Don miss tmrws episode ..

    • reji

      ya razia i am also enjoying tamil episodes abhi and kundachi is rocking yaar but soon tanu will start her game and waiting for the time wen tanu is exposed wat do u think???

      • razia

        SE already started reji bt wt I love on dis is .. Abhi started loving his fuggy n vl avoid tanu n her baby .. Adha vida interesting thing is .. Abhi vl cry to get his fuggy back n vl make her confess na .. I like this particular track in kkb very much I was dying to c dis .. 🙂 so let’s enjoy irumalargal n forgt kkb 😉

    • Megha

      Ha ha ha you both are right Reji and Razia. Let’s enjoy iru malargal for few days….did you notice that Abhi is thinking smart in this track and find why pragya is weird. But in Tanu’s pregnancy he didn’t what a mokka writers…

  17. di

    Now only aliya got married so that she take when tanu will marriage so that possible as tamil but iam watching hindi serial like kkb, ssk., kkb <than sawaragin as evil get back as ragin by lak. but only kkb evil get win always….

  18. now sarla can’t speak and in sbs segment the doctor said that sarla is paralyzed so she can’t write too now all the way has been blocked then how she will reveal the truth to abhi ???

    • Brintha

      Athukula tired ayitta epudi…innum 50 episode iruku boss…tanu exposure ku…200 episode wait pannitom…..innum oru 50 episode than….evlavo parthutom…intha 50 episoda parkka mattoma

  19. Jay kumar

    Plzz director sr isbar koi majak mt kizeaga
    I m waiting for this since last year. Plzz avi pragya ko mila do

  20. Brintha

    Sarla is been kidnapped…and tried to kill her in the house also….still tanu is trying to kill her …for what…and i don’t know what is commissioner sab doing?…after 2 attempts also why police is mot investigated…why compounder is not investigated by police…why..why….if the complaint wud hv gone to constable…he wud hv taken action..
    .rock star house..rock star complained…still police ppl are doing nothing…is police ppl are waiting let pragya do the investigation…so finally they will come to arrest?….plz writers plz…use ur brain…and sriti ja what happened to her ?…once any one come to know mom back to conscious…after that she shud run without any dialog….she completes her dialogue and runs…oh my god whr is kkb standard going ?…actually purab is done gr8 job than pragya today…and abhi ad if nikhil ad come for house function he is casually calling him to see sarla…as if sarla is a tajmahal…

  21. chinki

    rly disgusting story..the shwmaker is only draging th shw n nthg else..
    mns dy by dy its boring..thy cnt unite abighya thy dods only drama n drama.
    ..plz shutup th chapter of tanu’s nautanki n overactng ..she is so cheap
    she dfnt desrv abhi’s love…
    so.plzz dnt drag more n reunire th abhigya….

  22. mgreen Araujo

    I probably think that everyone will be exited because Sara has gained conscious and that night they will sleep in peace. In the middle of the night tanu will wake up and take the pillow and suffocate Sarla. When they get up the next morning everyone will be shocked and will be in sorrowful tears.
    What do you’ll think about this???

  23. lashmi Sivagnanam

    HI!!Hindi its going on well but curious to know wen will tanu n nikhil will be exposed???????? Draggging too much in tamil episodes so its a bit boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!so pls don drag!!!!

  24. Shangni

    Guys I have one doubt as per the promo ‘pyar ka jeet’ actually Pragya suppose to win but the show seems like tanu will win again….so wats the used of promo pyar ka jeet in kkb…..guys say something I really don’t understand wat cvs wanted to show.

  25. Naz

    Show is draaaaaging tooooo much now. Do they not have any other story lines to work off? Seriously enough is enough. I will stick to my young and the restless, way more interesting. Good luck to the rest of you watching, I guess patient really is a virtue.

  26. Arul

    I think Abhi suspect nikhil,In last two days before episode nikhil came to the ward boy,On that time abhi saw the nikilhs eyes only…anybody note it..Yesterday episode, abhi again noted the nikhil eyes.and also forced to sarala ma room upstaris.

    I thought abhi will search for the kidnappers.but paragya,ddai & purab or dumb…….
    why nikil interfere these mattetr, they dont think anything,…

  27. Megha

    Really getting bored some days before bulbul can’t able to speak now Sarla maa can’t able to speak. I really think that writers are weird.

    • Ya rose we have a segment today. In which abhi has shown holding pragya’s hand in a naughty way with a naughty smile and pragya has shown angry on abhi.

      • Pratiksha I hope its not abhi taunting pragya telling tanu is great and all that cuz I am going nutz because of the current track…….

  28. Swetha

    Hey guys you all see krishnadhasi serial it’s tamil remake serial it’s telcast about 2000 na pathadilla neenga yaravadu pathuirukingala?:-)

  29. karthika

    yes reji ad razia irumalargal is rocking now and once again we can able to see the golden and romantic episodes of kkb.i ‘m daily watching it in tamil also.yesterday episode was nice in tamil.abhi pretends to be drunken and tries to find feelings of pragya towards pragya.i have already watched thi episode in hindi whatever i’m going to watch in tamil also.it is interesting in tamil.i ‘m also once again waiting for abhigya love confession episode in tamil.so that i can able to console myself to watch in hindi.please unite abhigya .we are very die hard and far off fans of abhigya from tamil nadu .it’s a kind request of die hard fans of abhigya.

  30. Sahithi

    Aaliya also clarified to Tanu that their goals r mutually contradicting. Tanu as a fool didn’t realize that from past 6-7 months.

    So we won’t see Aaliya involving till Tanu’s truth is out.

  31. vidhya

    hey stop it yaar,,,,, it’s boring…… please do think and make some twist and turns for the upcoming episodes atleast… don’t drag anymore… it’s a kind request…

  32. hema

    Hey Tamil guys, watch en kanmani in polimer , it’s ek mutthi aasmaan dub. Its gonna to be more romantic than kkb.

  33. karthika

    yes kiara me too watched meri saasu maa.the character and gesture ressembled as pragya and pari also talked in front of media against maasab as pragya talked about mehra family during the serial starts.and did u watch kaala teeka i just luv it after leap the luv story is awesome.i love the song jal rahi hai.guys did anyone heard the leap kaal teeka song.and swetha krishndaasi is a remake.i’m confused.can u please clear my doubt.

  34. jaydeep

    *Episode starts with every1 surrounding Sarla and Abhi tells them that lets give her some rest. Purab says 1st we need to ask her some questions. Sarla has a blurred vision of every1. Purab asks Maa who did all this. Pragya says i will ask. Precap scene.. Sarla is unable to speak.. Takhil and Mithali get tensed. Purab asks Abhi to call the Doctor.

    *Aliya comes to meet Raj in his office. Raj asks Aliya when she came out of jail.. Aliya says am tired of this question. Aliya asks Raj that i heard that Abhishek Prem Mehra forgave u gave you a second chance. let you stay in the house and ur fate is really good. Raj says yes, fate gave me a second chance. but i dont want kismat. I want saza for what i did. Raj says its Abhis Sharafat that he forgave me. Aliya says what kind of Sharafat is this that Maafi is given to brothers but not sisters.

    *Raj says i dont knw why you came to me. I am not that Raj anymore who used to support you in what ever you did. Raj says he wont support any1 whoz doing wrong.. Aliya says that ur wrong.. this is just a temporary change.. APM forgave you once and everything is soo good. and U’ll go back to being the same person u were if APM did something with you again. Raj says if any1 does something wrong with you u take revenge. but each and every time burayi ka badla burayi nahi hota. Raj says if you cam here expecting something from me then i wont help you in any of your wrong doings. Raj gives her an advice that forget this pagal pan and go in the right direction.

    *Aliya says i came here thinking of taking ur help. U couldnt destroy the enemy so u joined the enemy. M not weak like you and i will take my revenge. Raj says Do you think i ‘ll let you take revange. M not with Abhi coz m weak. M with him coz hez right. Some1 else gave me dhoka. I wanted to give you a chance, thats why i took the blame of bulbul’s death. Aliya says that i wont let ur kurbani go waste. I’ll play a safe game from now on.. I dont have ur support.. But its ok.. Raj asks what are you going to do. Aliya says just w8 and watch

    *Takhil fight.. Nikhil says did u notice that Sarla didnt utter a word even after soo many questions. Tanu says may be shez in shock blah blah.. Nikhil says there is something wrong she didnt even say a word. Lets go and see. Tanu says m nt going. Mithali comes there and asks every1 is inside and what are u doing here? Tanu-Mithali fight.. Mithali leaves. Tanu says if the doctor comes and does something to her and she starts speaking then she’ll take my name first, so m not going in and asks Nikhil to go and if there is a good news then only call her.

    *Doctor checks Sarla Maa. Pragya asks the doctor what happened to Maa.. Doctor says that shez Paralysed. Every1 is shocked. Abhi asks the doc when will she get better and when will she speak. Doctor says in paralysis if u give the treatment in the early stage then person will get better. doc says keep giving her the medicines and consult the physiotherapist.

    *Nikhil thinks to himself that nothing is sure means the danger is still there.. But seeing her condition it looks like she’ll get better after Tanu-Abhi’s shaadi. Pragya cries and runs from there.. comes to her room and keeps thinking what the doc said.

    *Pragya goes to her mandir and starts crying and shouting.. Why are you doing this.. when ever m trying to do something then some1 close to me is leaving me.. there is no miste with Maa naa.. Its my mistake . Paralyse me not maa. Please give her voice back. Abhi comes in.

    *What are you asking him.. he dosent have voice then how will he give ur maa’s voice. He dosent help any1. he just sits there and see’s the tamasha. Hez not there.. if he is there then he only gives problems for his devotees. Why are you crying infront of him.. Hez stone and even his heart is made of stone , what will he help. Pragya says nothing like that. God is there. He listens to us and helps us. Abhi says if thats the case then ask him y does he give problems who do puja for him. people who trust him y does he breaks their trust. Pragya says i dont have answers for ur questions. God is there. Even i get angry on him i still believe him

    • jaydeep

      Its only half update… Remaining update is here*Abhi says after all that happened ur still taking his side? Pragya says yes m taking his side. We might not know but his might be helping us. Ur only seeing what he did to maa.. But ur not seeing that he saved her from the worse. Ur seeing maa ‘s condition. But m seeing that he bought /maa from death. Abhi says ok.. i will believe ur god is good.. he helps every1. i’ll believe all this but on 1 condition. Tell ur god to bring me out my problems , the tensions and complications in my life. ask him to make everyhting like before.. Tell ur god.

      *Pragya tries to leave from there.. Abhi catches her arm.. U cant do this naa.. coz i dont trust him or believe in him.. But ur Maa is his devotee naa. tell him to make her better. if he cant do that then tell him to give her voice back. If he does anything from the 3 then i’ll believe that ur god exists. IF he dosent do then dont tell me he exists..

      *Nikhil comes to Tanu and tells her that we almost won. Nikhil tells Tanu that Sarla is Paralysed.. Tanu gets happy.. That means she cant speak. and she cant write too.. Nikhil says without killing her we made her live in death.. I wont tell all this on phon e to u. Tanu asks y.. Coz if i tell u all this on phone then i couldnt see the happiness on ur face. Tanu asks him to stop flirting. and asks what the doc said. Nikhil thinks to himself that if i tell her the truth then her mood will change. And he tells Tanu that Sarla will be in this state for the rest of her life. and Tanu gets happy.

      *Nikhil tells Tanu to go and talk to Abhi about their wedding.. Otherwise Abhi will say to w8 till Sarla gets better. Tanu says I very well know what to do now.

      *Tanu comes and hugs Abhi from behind.. Tells him that i knw ur feeling sad for Sarla’s condition. I’ll take care of her like shez my Maa.. Infact we both will do her seva. Abhi says u dont worry about Sarla aunty. coz the stress might fall on the baby. there are a lot of people to take care of aunty. U take care of urself. Tanu says i want to do her seva with full heart. Coz i knw that u wont think of marriage till she gets better. Thats y i want to take care of her so that she gets better soon . As soon as she gets better we’ll get married. Abhi says its too late.. go and sleep. Hez going to meet purab.

      *Tanu thinks to herself that now this is called Baat kahe bina baat kehjana.. Even if Abhi wants he cant stop thinking about our wedding.

      *Abhi thinks to himself.. I though when aunty opens her eyes i though i would ask her.. but now i cant. what should i do. Should i wait till aunty gets better or should i forget what aunty did with me and Pragya.

      Episode Ends

      • Reji

        So no doubt on raj happy to know that raj realised his mistake and now who will help aliya in her revenge definitely tanu will not help as aliya also said that she will not help so tanu will also not help tanu is busy with her baby matter itself then who??

    • Sahithi

      So doubt on Raaj is ruled out with today’s epi, that’s good n happy one too as we already have enough villans around. It will b relief to have at least few positive characters. Its getting irritating to see more n more plotting n scheming.

  35. Shangni

    Guys any one knows today’s segment…?? If knows please update wana know what will happen to sarla ma…. & Abhigya.

  36. Brintha

    Hello friends,….i had strong doubt that abhi might hv come to know about tanu nikhil….abhi is very clear…whn sarla got conscious she didn’t open her like as first time….any patient will open slowly slowly…like closing and opening…but sarla came to know tanu is going to kill her so she opened her eyes frm acting like unconscious….abhi was eagerly waiting whn sarla opens her eyes he just wanted to be nect to her ask his doubt…and u he was nect to her only …after he talked wit pragya he might hv vome to sarla room that sarla wud hv got conscious…and might hv told the truth….come to the yesterday episode…abhi clearly noticed tanu got message..and he gv instructions to ronnie to follow tanu..which was hidden for us…..i am sure……i watched 3 times….frm morning i was trying to post this but today i was very busy n office…sorry guys….but abhi has come to know about takhil….

    • Sahithi

      Good that u r still hopeful that Abhi knows truth. I was also hoping at the start of this track that he will over hear someone or finds out himself. That didn’t happen so far even though there were occassions when Abhi could have learnt the truth, so lost hope that Abhi will find something himself.

      • Brintha

        Yes sarla eyes were not scared…instead she is angry…and she is fullfilled she told the truth…compounder went wot some reason as abhi told him…so automatically nkhil will come…as he planned he also come…and nw he is watching tanu and nikhil drama…and darla patalise drama also as paer abhi plan

    • shobana

      Even I agree u brindha that might have known
      Y im saying like this is cuz no hero can be so deaf n dumb
      Lets wait n watch for the entire drama

  37. Swetha

    Hai karthika yes it’s a tamil remake serial you can check wikipedia in krishnadhasi serial am also check wiki

  38. jaydeep

    Sarla is sitting on the bed, Pragya is in the room with Tanu. Pragya gets worried for her mother. She calls out for Abhi and Purab. Purab Abhi come running and are concerned for Sarla Maa.

    Reporter mentions how Abhi Pragya and Team KKB turn serious situation into something fun. Sriti, Shabir and Arjit along with the nurse and Sarla Maa’s body double…they all burst out laughing midst the shot. Arjit fumbles while coming in running and cutely walks back out . There is a fumble between nurse and ShabirThe first two takes of the scene went in the cast and crew laughing and having fun. Finally, in the third take they could finalise the shot

    Reporter mentions about Pragya’s Maa being her major worry nowadays.

    Another scene – Pragya is going somewhere and Abhi stops her. He questions her why is she always wanting Sarla Maa to speak when she knows she cannot speak. Pragya turns angry ‘fuggy’ and tells Abhi he cannot force him to talk to her always and he always wants to do manmarzi & he’s always like, whatever he wants to talk about is important & why doesn’t he understand that someone else might have something important to talk about too? Abhi looking at Pragya with a jaw-dropped expression

    • Sahithi

      Tanu came into sarla’s room, may b will again try to kill her or by seeing Tanu only Sarla gets scared. Sarla was like shivering n Pragya wonders what went wrong with her health, why she is shivering. So calls out for Abhi, Purab n nurse.

      • jaydeep

        Yes its only because of tanu…whenever tanu is in the room or around sarla she will start behaving weirdly that’s why pragya will call everyone in the room and in the off screen interview Shabir Sriti asked about why were they laughing again and again, Shabir says Maa wanted to dance so our Director allowed to play her favourite song i.e. Abhi’s first song Love Love Happy Love…Reporter requests Shabir to sing to which he says, ‘Main sirf bajata hoon’ . Sriti starts clapping to this joined by Shabir. Shabir tells the reporter, ‘Beta gao (sing)’ . TiSha are further asked about Pragya scolding Abhi – Sriti says she has to do it at times. Shabir says he wants her to stop his bolti forever…’Abhi tum kuch nahi bologe’…so that he can do masti TiSha joke about Pragya’s important work being going to the washroom…Shabir says ‘bathroom hi jaana tha…suspense bana rahi hai’ its very funny interview

      • Reji

        Ya jaydeep and sahithi this means once again tanu tried to kill sarla maa but pragya came there and she called everyone and the doctor tanu is standing near sarla only will pragya get any doubt on sarla

  39. Shangni

    Thanks jaydeep for the update..m happy that faj was not supported aaliyah…. The story was dragging but seems like like little interesting is there….

  40. reji

    pratiksha where r u ??? i can’t see ur comment come to this page soon … do u have any guesses about the sbb segment

  41. Wow… guys I think todays episode vill b intreating nd thanks alot Jay deep for updating new segmnt hus waiting fr tanus explosure wen abi vil giv a slap in her face chi jus I hate tanu nd nikil he s loser nd fool also he cant find iut tanu s playing wit his emotions nd making him fool I think abi vil revel the truth of takil really hoping fr gud lets c guys thank u so much fr tis new news v can hope frm today co pyar ki jeet right it ll b mokka itseems

  42. anne

    thanx frds 4 the updates plssssssssssss pragya tel the truth to abhi dont make him mad or go crazy so sad to c abhi crying ya pls na dont do tht.tq

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