Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to give money for Purab and Bulbul’s grand reception. Pragya says she will not give money. Abhi says if she don’t give money then everyone of them will go on a hunger strike. Everyone backs Abhi, including Tanu. Abhi says I can be hungry to keep up my promise. Pragya gets tensed. Later she asks Dadi, why did she agree for reception. Dadi says it was her idea and asks her to think about Sarla. She says you should have told yes to Abhi. Bulbul says there might be some reason behind her refusal. Purab says may be they would suspect her that she is spending money on her sister. Pragya thinks she can’t tell what Aaliya was about to do with Bulbul. She says Aaliya might think that they are teasing and celebrating happiness to make her jealous. She

fears of Aaliya’s reaction and says the person who is with Aaliya might do anything. Dadi asks her not to worry and asks her to sit. She explains to her that if people stop driving vehicles with the fear of accident. She says it is safe to take precaution and asks her to say yes to Abhi. She says we shall celebrate the jashn so that we can tell our kids later. Dadi says Abhi is very much stubborn and will not eat food if you refuse. She asks her to say yes to Abhi.

Aaliya comes to meet Vijay and asks where were you, I was waiting for you. Vijay says he came secretly saving himself from security and asks where is security? Aaliya says you didn’t do my work. Vijay says I have done my work, but your brother saved her. Aaliya says Pragya might be dead by now, but still alive because of you, Vijay asks do you think that I will do the same work in that money. Aaliya says I know you won’t do with that money. Vijay asks for double money from her. Aaliya says okay, and says you will get money after Pragya is killed and cremated. Vijay agrees and says your friends should also not know about it. Aaliya says she also want to say the same thing that Tanu and Raj shall not know about their deal. Vijay says he will kill her and people will think it is an accident.

Abhi thinks Pragya has become stone hearted and is not reluctant to spend money on her sister’s reception. He gets hungry, but makes himself understand that he has promised Dadi so can’t cheat her. He talks to Pragya’s toy and takes out his anger on it. Pragya comes and agrees to give money. Abhi says I don’t trust you and asks her to tell infront of all. He says if you want me to agree then come and tell outside. He comes out and calls everyone saying it is a good news. Mitali asks did you bring food? Abhi says hunger strike is called off. Tanu asks how did it happen? Abhi asks Pragya to tell everyone that she is ready to give money. Pragya says I am ready to give money for reception so you all please have food. Mitali and Tai ji say that they shall have food fast. Abhi says I am not done yet and asks Pragya to apologize to him for insulting him and refusing to give money.

Dadi asks him to leave the matter and says it is okay. Abhi says she shall realize her mistake and should know how it feels when someone decision is dismissed. Pragya says I am sorry that I had dismissed rockstar Abhi’s decision. Abhi says do you really saying sorry? He ends the strike. Aaliya thinks it is good that reception will happen, and she can keep eye on Purab, Bulbul and Pragya. Pragya comes infront of her and asks why she didn’t go for dinner. Aaliya says she is very much pained and don’t want to have food. She asks her to expose her infront of everyone, and asks her not to play mind games. She says you asked me to forget Purab, gave big lectures etc. She says I love Purab genuinely, and says I haven’t acted to love him or played with his feelings like you does with my brother. Pragya says I don’t want reception to happen, but agreed for Abhi. Aaliya says nobody can see her pain and if something wrong happens then everyone will blame her. Tanu hears her. Aaliya asks her to do one favor and asks her not to take about Purab, leave her alone. Tanu thinks if Aaliya was acting or really crying.

Aaliya comes to room angrily. Tanu asks if you was really crying. Aaliya asks what shall I do? Tanu asks her to cry infront of her and unburden her heart. Aaliya says I was just acting to cry so that Pragya shouldn’t suspect what is going to happen with her. Tanu asks what do you mean? Aaliya refuses to tell her anything and makes plan on how to murder Pragya.

Abhi sees Vijay outside Aaliya’s car and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Gina

      Here you go AGAIN…Let’s Kill Pragya. or let’s kill BulBul……..The SAME Shit…week after week, day after day, month after month soon to be year after year. Damn REALLY, You guys are NOT tired of the Same Old Story over and over and over and Over and OVER???? Really??

    • safna

      Bakwaas show…. nahi abhi-pragya ek horahahe,nahi sach saamne arahahe…agar sach samne agaya tho ye balwaas show aur bhi bakwaas nikhlegi….. ithna extend mat karo yaar……colours mein “NAGIN”serial dekho yaar….super serial….

    • safna

      Yaha koi comment competetion chal raha he kya????…itna lamba comments….jesa serial vesa comments…”EXtenDing”

  1. Wow everything is going so easily. Ways r getting open for evils and wellwishers r empty handed at same place. Everything is going out if pragya’s hand slowly-slowly. Now my trust on pragya is breaking. I don’t think so pragya will achieve anything like this. I m sure precap will also waste coz abhi as usual will not doubt on aaliya and he will come in her excuses so easily. Dragging, dragging just dragging we will see according to CVS wish.

    • reji

      but nikki 1 as all know mohit dagga’s instagram he has posted a selfie with shabbir while that chasing scene location so my thought is similar to your thought that abhi will chase vijay and find him abhi will ask him who hired you vijay will ask money to say their name like he did to aliya that to tell who is the person helping pragya so as you said in last comments that your guess that vijay will play double game with them for money towards them i think may be it can also happen as you said nikki 1

    • I have no hope…….. once abhi gets property in his hands even if abhi wants to keep pragya but tanu will not allow. ……. obvious isn’t it

    • nivi

      during precap abhi’s reaction itself shows nthng wil happen, abhi actually gets doubt on vijay as he threatens her sister aliya, then hee ll shout @ him, tats al wil happen
      idhuku edhuku ivlo periya precap
      ivunga gethu katradhuku edhachum urupadiya yosika mataangala
      maha millap episode abhigya rejoint survi nd karthick, LOL……….
      1st abhigya u reunite urself plz then u ll help others
      in reception alos nthng wil happen, they jus show smthin big ll happen bt everythin ll go on to evil’s hand, bakwas track

    • nivi

      nikki 1 more thing, wat abhi actually thinking????
      he alwayz wanted to ask apologize prgaya in front of all his family members, even dadi hav smiled, wat rubbish, really horrible tis moment 4 me even it s 4 fun
      hz dare they can show such a things to tis track???
      in tis, all property is pragya’s, then she has d authority to decide everything bt here everything gng to reverse, im very happy guys to c such an idiotic track nw
      losing hope day by day, dadi al bcoz of ur plan, u ly shld pay d cost 4 it

  2. davy y

    Though precap makes us to look on, nothing s going to happen yaar. in this part too alaiya will say some bullshit to mske abhi believe. He too stupidly beleives.

  3. Sahithi

    Not much hopes from precap, Aaliya will come up with some new story n may be Abhi will believe or he will run after Vijay if he tries to run away. Vijay will get double amount if he kills Pragya this time, so no hope of truth coming from him.

    I am sure if Abhi saves Pragya from Vijay after getting those papers, he will make Pragya follow his orders the way he was asking her to apologize today. Pragya, this time u may not even get sofa, may have to be back to balcony…

    • Exactly sahithi even I have also no hope with precap. And ya sure if abhi will save pragya from vijay this time also then he will definetly become more demanding towards pragya. Property is already in his hands now just changing pragya into fuggy work is left for abhi so he will use this chance for it in his favour.

  4. Ayesha

    Guyzz chill we can’t say anything … But abhi knows vijay tried to kill pragya and aaliya was taking vijay side ..

    But after watching today precap I am thinking abhi takes property back from pragya to save pragya life .. Maybe he won’t share it with tanu and I hope abhi will try to find pragya truth ..

    I am just waiting to see what will abhi do with pragya after getting property back .. Will he try to find pragya truth or will he throw pragya from mehra massion … Waiting to see dadi reaction ..

    I think maybe next segment will come tomm ..

    Nikki 1 waiting for your reply ..

  5. jignesh

    now its hightime that Pragya should reveal Aliya and Tanu`s truth to all. this track was supposed to get known to all in almost october. now it looks as if it will get over next year

  6. seema

    What a stupid serial is this wasting a prime time slot. Some one of zee channel stop this you are just disappointed viewer.

  7. It has only non jhok and tragedy.no good romantic dream sequence,no good dance sequence,only hiding emotions n planning n plotting. And dressing nicely.not a single day taliya worked in the kitchen.the one who is a writer is forgetting the storyline.the same kind of scene in the bedroom no kitchen romance no water romance.no birthday celebration of dadi or pragya aliya.only the functions for rabul get creative yaar.

    • xavier

      So true. They need to spice things up a little. We are sick of the same on repeat almost everyday . I am sure if we do not watch this show for 5 months and return back. It will be the same boring shit .

  8. tsk

    Nothing’s gonna b interesting in dis serial….I nw seriously want pragya to get killed so dat atleast somehow truth comes out…..no hope from any1….dadi is such a dumb….Abhi trusts hr so much….she could hv easily revealed d truth in front of him….anyways its becoming crap.

  9. jenna

    i think they wont be able to expose those people even after doing long drama, and im sure that tanu will give birth before marriage, without exposing the truth, dragggggginnnngggggg too much. there should be some limit, blo*dy writers

    • sarah

      Yeah u r 100% right I wish we can say this all to writers but not posible and for me never because am pakistani

  10. heidi

    OMG THe SAME Sh…….t is going on and on Really writers what is the reason . NOT to expose the 2 b*t*hes !!!!!!!b

  11. sarah

    What rubbih this story have not ending, today I will pray for writer that god give him or her a mind amin huhhhhh………….

  12. sarah

    Plz dint make this drama like qubool hai make this drama like tum sath hi jub apna ‘,qubool hai was my favorit drama but now I don’t like , because it have also no ending and surbhi jyoti is my favorit actress of this world,…….

  13. diya

    hello …guys actually am not kkb watcher . i only watch on balaji serial YE HAI MOHABBATEIN . i started watching kkb dn again left it . cz i find this abhi the rockstar very dumb…… he is having a wife nd gf at the same time. but still no body is protesting? what about dadi … cant she tell abhi to leave tanu ..she cld hv said bfr also. whn she didnt knew tanu is pregnant .well i will not commnt much on the story line .cz dunno know much . but this ekta is ruinng all her serials badly . she is dragging kkb nd yhm like hell .seperating leads in matsh showng old scl revenge drama nd dn replacing the leads only in darmiyaan .

    this track in kkb looks never ending .i again started watchng it after pragya’s transformation but again left it bcz of unneccessary dragging . frst of all the balaji heroines like pragya , ishita , ishaani hv a favourite hobby of hiddinng big secrets frm thr husband . but here atleast dadi knows it . but in yhm ..the situation much more bad . evry balaji serial has a ghar bhedi . a ungreatful family member . sarika in yhm , aaliya in kkb , vidya in kthtmd !!!!

    same old school planning nd plotting nd dragging ..evry whr .
    we yhm fans atleast tell nd protest against all this bullshit .but y dnt u ppl say anythng .though some interstng twists do come .but again evrythng comes back whr it is . y dnt u ppl say nythg?????
    u like this never ending drama . dnt u ppl want to see abhigya united ..??.evn i wld like to see thm united . kitne din chup chupaye firenge feelings ko. ..

    last but not the least … this tanu is pregnt for sooo many still no baby bump , no pregnancy cramps nothng!!!! she is just saying she is prgnt .she doesnt look pregnant .

    p.s ==>> mrunal is purrfct as bulbul .will miss her 🙁

    okay kkbians .. bye ..hope i didnt hurt ny of ur feeling thru my commnt.:)

  14. jada

    this show just isnt even realistic… the writers leave out details that were mentioned before and the viewers notice. U mean to say that if this were a real life scenario aliya and tanu still wouldnt be caught!? and wtf is wrong with purab and bulbul still going to that freaking house where aliya has tried to destroy their relationship multiple times. Used to love pragya but now i hate her character so stupid and weak… all she had to do was tell abhi that tanu was carrying someone else’s baby and aliya was still evil and he would believe her dammit!!!! stop creating such unrealistic plots and enough with the “cute an funny” abhigya scenes the situation is supposed to be serious

  15. minna

    The show was boring stopped watching long ago now even the written updates are boring u can read a couple of lines in the middle and beginning of last Para and u know it all
    It should be thrown out

  16. razia

    Y pragya dint tel the truth to abhi is .. Long back wen pragya told abhi tat yua supposed to b dad of tanus child BT actually it is not .. Wenn she said this tat night abhi jus hold her neck n said u left me fa money BT she’s still wid me even though I don ve money .. So abhi has to c the truth nt jus to hear he’ll
    not believe .. Guys dint u c tat episode ? Bt dadi is such an idiotic person

    • Sahithi

      That was long after Pragya got this make over right. She could have told the truth to Abhi after she met with accident. Daadi saw her in hospital and then Pragya told the truth of Tanu and Aaliya to Daadi. Instead of this makeover track and Pragya claiming to have the property, she could have straight away told Abhi about what she knows.

      Instead the show is going in circles from last 4 months.

      • Sahithi

        In fact, this Abhi flirting with Mogambo was also a waste of time, as Pragya didn’t sign the POA papers because she thinks Abhi loves her new avatar.
        She signed in drunk state, Abhi could have done this with some sweet talk, ask company for a drink and get the sign.

    • nivi

      indha dashuku tha manusanuku tension agudhu
      y abhi wnt believe pragya after she have done everythin 4 abhi
      im really fed up nd day by day gettin lose hoe towards abhi
      is abhi really gud pair 4 pragya?????
      apart 4m chemistry, abhi shld hv little bit hope towards her
      omg really im hating his character day by day

  17. The precap show where abhi sees vihay with alliya I think alliya will make excuse about vijay and again he will believe alliya. This story line is getting out to b one of the most dragging story line ever.

  18. Guys watch the reception’s pics of everybody. Our heroes r matching with their evil lovers. Their outfits r almost same n colour. It has just 1%different. That’s it. Purab is varying a black suitwih darkblue collor which is almost matching with aaliya’s royal ble lehenga ad abhi is also varying almost same colour’s suit matching withanu’s lehenga. Tanu’s lehenga’s bottom’s colour is almost matching with abhi’s suit. Our heroines r looking different from their heroes,in dressing. When I saw that pics, they r irritating me more. God knows, how much episode will irritate us.

  19. mona

    Why that pragya is not taking DNA test of abhi and that baby the test will not come positive and tanu’s reality in front of all of them

  20. xavier

    Aliya will NEVER be caught. She will make up a friggin lie as usual and get away again. Shit man. This is the writer trick to attract attention and views . Do not watch this show for a long time and let the trps drop badly. Then they will friggin change it

    • if pragya got a strong evidence against aliya she can expose her easily then aliya can’t make lie story and can’t escape from pragya

      • Sahithi

        Pragya keeps saying 3rd person from family helping Aaliya n Tanu. But she never even tries to apply the logic to see who among family members. Now Raaj , his wife n parents, Daasi, are the ppl probably left, one of who must be culprit.
        She has Ronnie for help, so even if they try to keep a close eye on the whereabouts of each of them, whom are they meeting, what r they doing, that could have been bit more sensible.

        Problem with this track right now is, instead of showing anything sensible, it is going silly.

        Coming to ur point, they only did unwanted drama when the killer was in the house. Pragya couldn’t get him tell truth when he was in front of her, now how she will get evidence, I m puzzzled.

  21. Bujji

    Ya absolutely crct…we shall not expect more from this precap…beacuse already we know that abhi has a dumb character..whatever the evils will say, blindly will listen , whoever wants to save his life will say he will misunderstand and blames pragya only obvi..only three intentions are there in this serial. Do by this pragya.first thing aaliya should expose infront of abhi, second thing is tanus witch blo*dy pregnancy (fake) one , and the third thing is the person who is helping them…these are the blo*dy targets to them…is this any court or what..each and everything to show the proof..if a person says anything they should think over of it they the truth will know to everyone..instead of that simply what is the proof…such a stupid questions are always will raising in that house..and to whom they want to show the truth…? To that blo*dy family persons..? No one is crct in that house..all are dumb characters or else blame on others..this is the only wrk they have…no one will worry what is happening in the house..no one atleast think what should do..how we can help them..how to maintain relationships…? Ntg..is there….simply prolonging this serial with stupidity….no one have brains..no one have eyes….no one have ears too….so sad of it….writers if u still prolong in this way not even one person will watch this serial..already everyone are disappointed and fed up of this drama and dragging stories…that’s y good actress mrunal itself wants to quit in this show…if u still do lyk this everyone will quit this..then writers itself wants to become those characters and wants to run this show…….so sad…..

  22. nivi

    pragya gets d property paper nd changed with fake papers
    its moving in circles, dn knw wer ll b d end……………..
    during reception she s dng d exchangin

    • reji

      but nivi i have a doubt how will pragya come to know the paper was inside the bed but as you said it is coming in circles only

  23. nivi

    abhi hides d paper inside d bed nd covered with sellotape.
    tpragya found out nd trying to take out, at d time abhi came, she ll manage, as usual nok-jhok came, abhi leaves, pragya after that take out d papers nd keep it fake papers, closes with sellotape

  24. Ya guys nivi is right. I too just saw that segment. Finally pragya have done it. She has changed the property papers with fake ones. Now just hope she will turn or burn it before reaching back in everyone’s hand. And nivi I know it’s again moving in a circle but it was very necessary for pragya to take that papers back becoz abhi was being over confidence about his plan. He was thinking that after taking his everything back, he can bring back pragya also in his life by changing her into fuggy then he was in big misunderstanding becoz tanu does not let this happen ever. She again starts her emotional blackmailing and then abhi does not have any choice left except agree for marriage with tanu and then he becomes helpless becoz I m sure even after this also pragya does not tell him the truth from the fear of his disbelief. So for now it’s better that property keep remain in pragya’s hand until she will expose tanu’s truth specially. Becoz as I said that exposing aaliya is not much difficult but exposing tanu is so much difficult and needed also. It is very necessary to pragya to keep it every thing and power in her hand until tank’s exposure.

  25. vins

    Waste of time! This serial is really a bore now..Aaliyah, Tanu…Pragya who always trying to prove something and never can. Your serial is quite booooring now and very soon it will be off-air because its not attractive to your fans anymore!

  26. srimathi

    Guys newupdate- property papers are back to pragya
    full update: in AbhiGya room Abhi hiding the property papers in bed mattress and sits over it pragya askes what is under you why u r hiding something and Abhi teases her outfit and gets out of the room and pragya closes the door and saw the papers behind the mattress and replace the original by fake papers and she opened the door she made Abhi fool and Abhi doesn’t know about that Finally papers are back with pragya???

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