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The Episode starts with Abhi asks his fans why did Abhimanyu forget the way? Pragya thinks I told him this story. Girl asks who is Abhimanyu. Abhi says what is the use of telling about him when you don’t know him. He blindfolds them and says it is a good chance to meet your favorite star. Pragya asks Abhi how did you know about Abhimanyu. Abhi asks what is your name. Pragya says Nikita. Abhi asks what do you do when you feel thirsty? Pragya says I do drink water. Abhi says sometimes we just know the things. He asks her to concentrate on the game. Aaliya is about to come there, but Saira comes and says Boss is here. Abhi asks his fans to find his wrist band while blindfolded. All the contestants couldn’t find it. Abhi scolds the fans and says you don’t deserve me guys. He says but one contestant

is left, it seems she couldn’t find her own stuff. Pragya comes infront. Abhi asks her to take out her specs and jokes. Pragya says not funny and takes out
her specs. Abhi blindfolds her eyes…….turns her and says all the best chashmish….Tere Sang Yaara……..

Pragya touches all the stuff placed in the bowl to find Abhi’s wrist band. She finds it. Abhi is surprised and asks how can you find it. He asks did you do cheating? Pragya says no. Abhi asks her to prove and asks her to find this wrist band again. He blindfolds her again. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai plays…………….Abhi asks everyone to turn and takes out the wrist band from bowl.

Pragya searches for it and says band is not in it. Abhi says it is there only. He puts it back. Pragya thinks he has lifted it and now kept it back. Pragya holds his wrist band. Abhi says it is not the one. Pragya says it is the same one. Abhi says it is incredible and asks everyone to clap for his big fan. He says when you have won the competition, one selfie is needed. Pragya refuses to get the selfie clicked, but Abhi insists and takes selfie with her forcibly. Pragya gets tensed. Abhi asks everyone to claps for her and says nobody will come to my musical recording. Someone comes and informs that Aaliya came. Pragya gets worried and thinks that Aaliya might see her with Abhi. Abhi is about to tie band on his hand. Pragya asks him to tie on left hand. Abhi thinks she knows him so well, and asks how do you know. Pragya says just as you know about Abhimanyu. Abhi says I will not forget you, and call her fan no. 1.

Sarla and Beeji talk about Pragya. Purab comes there. Sarla gets happy seeing him. Beeji asks him to download a new game in her phone. Sarla asks him not to download any game in her phone. Beeji challenges her and says she will challenge all her neighbors and win. Purab laughs seeing their argument. He asks where is Pragya? Sarla says she has joined some office two days back. Purab gets upset with him for not telling him anything about her work. He says we don’t have any relation. Beeji asks Sarla to make tea for him. Purab agrees to drink. Beeji asks him to download game fast.

Abhi talks to Mr. Sethi and asks him to give him money before the recording else the deal is cancelled. He tells the advance money is kept in my car and says it was just my loss compensation. Pragya thinks what to do if Aaliya sees me here. Abhi asks Mr. Sethi to take opinion from market and says whoever makes my loss, I ruin them. Aaliya asks him to let her talk to Mr. Sethi. She questions him if you want to do deal or not. She says this deal is getting complicated and says loss will be yours. She asks him to think if he wants his loss or want betterment of his company. Pragya thinks Aaliya is controlling Abhi fully and he is agreeing to her demands being blindfolded.

Aaliya says I know it is difficult situation for you, as you don’t have money and my bhai don’t have time. She asks him to approach Abhi when he gets money. She checks and says I don’t think Abhi has time to record anything. Abhi asks what? Aaliya asks him to let her handle, and says Abhi has no free dates in future. She asks Abhi to come and says Mr. Sethi will call and inform us. Mr. Sethi gets tensed.

Aaliya tells Saira that the deal is complicated because of ego. Now he knows what is the result of arguing with Abhishek Mehra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Great serial…
    Along with Abhi, whole city got amnesia it seems…
    How come so called die-hard fans of abhi doesnt know of his marriage or his wife..
    No one asked about his wife and even after seeing pragya, fans are unable to identify her as mrs.abhi…
    Goddddddd, Ekta maiya…aaap na…
    The attitude of criminal aaliya…
    Fhat the Wuck.

    1. Truly said?

    2. So correct!!! Like many of us (and others too must feel) the writers and Ekta Kapoor think people to be dumb. Guys stop watching this serial – which seems to have begun again! Weird!

      It is like this new Abhi (with amnesia) is in a new country so no one knows about his past life. Or wife. Imagine if people forget about Hritik Roshan and his wife or Aishwariya and her husband! LOL!LOL!!! Celebrities lives are never hidden


      True said…. everyone got partial amnesia along with abhi…
      But KB fans its good news that might be abhi is acting about his amnesia for saving pargya…

    4. Then y r u watching. just give up and let others to watch.

      1. so u r the sensible guy following this series..sdid i ever say not to watch..its illogical to show whole fans to be under memory loss.get ur facts right before texting..else dont reply my comments..

      2. dirty f**k.. Prads didnt ask anyone to stop watching..we do follow KKB and saying that it is not logical..we all fans agree to that..Dont interrupt ass*hole

      3. Why do u comment as indira then..faker

  2. Narendran

    Awesome abhigya scenes??????Shriti and shabbir nailed it.. but I came to know.. abhi is protecting pragya??then it will he little interesting.. I knew he is doing deliberately to irritate tanu???Thnx for the super fast update..

    1. Yes… I love to see Abhigya’s Cute Romance Scenes. last epi was so good….

  3. Did abhi really loose his memory or he just pretending

  4. With the each passing episodes confusion, doubts, curiosity and interest is increasing. Hatts of the cvs for brilliant work to keep the show on number one and interesting for the viewers. We still can’t guess anything surely but whatever is happening in the show is interesting and quite entertaining to watch. What is the best thing about these episodes is tanu is seen very less on screen. Irritating stuffs has become less in comparison of before. Both abhi and pragya not in complete old getup and behavior, in fact they both r mixture of old and later’s getup and behavior. That’s why we can’t say that they have become like before, like they were in starting of the show. Aaliya was OK for the show and for us from always and for now her cruelty also has become less becoz she has no reason for now to do some criminal activity so aliya’s existence also fine. Until tanu and irritating stuffs will b far from the show, till then whatever show’s story will b, it will b gud for us. For now I m just enjoying these episodes and not thinking what CVS r up to or what abhi is upto? Becoz already we have been so much annoyed becoz of last track. So just want to enjoy these gud and peaceful episodes with peace without any tension of further episodes or story. Guys I heard and read so many spoilers these days. I personally and usually don’t believe on these spoilers, even news peoples also doesn’t give exact info so i left to believe on anything. Now i just watch the onlocation updates and segments and tries to guess about the possible sequence after watching it or I simply watches the episodes to enjoy gud ones. That’s why i just want to suggest u guys that don’t think about it and just enjoy present episodes otherwise in this confusion ur all enjoyment for the gud episodes will get ruined.

    1. Asmithaa

      Hey guys…. Didn’t you read the spoilers??? Abhi is staging memory loss to protect Pragya from her enemies… So now we are seeing Abhi’s planned romance…

    2. Yes Pratiksha, there are so many spoilers being created as per people’s creativity and thinking. They mentioned Abhi will bring Pragya to MM for winning the game yday but as he said before, he only took selfie. I think Abhi taking Pragya to her house that we saw in yday segment has been predicted and written this way. See how much difference in what is written and what is actually happening.

      I think for now they are not showing any irritating stuff, as in Tanu, Nikhil n all that screeching and plotting stuff, to keep audience at peace, as there had been too much drama for last 1-2 months right from the time Champak gave entry. I think they will continue this for some more time to have audience glued else, this ML track will backfire for them.

  5. keeping abhigya aside epi was somewhat over aaliya’s acting was not nice as before at first I liked her acting before this track but now it feels like overacting and abhi he became totally money minded I think pragya will try to calm him but abhigya scene was nice song is also gd he called her chashmish it was so cute nice

    1. Ya asmitha aliyaa is doing over acting or can say she is trying to show herself over smart. But her presence in the show never made us irritate like tanu irritates us so much. Whenever I sees her even for a once then also I feels hell. Aliya’s gud days r enough for me to watch and I digested it somehow with difficulty but I can’t bear tanu and her most screen space like always with gud days. These few episodes were so much peaceful without tanu. But after watching latest pics of shikha and Leena, it seems like tanu’s presence r going to b increase in upcoming episodes. If she doesn’t put any effect in abhi or until she will b away from abhi then her presence will b bearable but if she again gets a place and chance to being with abhi like before then show will become again irritating. I hope as pragya got opposite reaction from what she thought , just like this tanu also get opposite reaction and response by abhi towards her what tanu thought. I want tanu to b extremely disappoint after her first meet with abhi. Then show will b rock.

    2. Yeah me and mom have been feeling same way, from day 1 of season2 as much as Abhi is behaving wierdly, Aaliya is over acting. Better than Tanu and Nikhil but still she is becoming irritating.

      And Purab is back for u 🙂 But why he is not involved with Abhi’s work matters and allowing Aaliya to take over, we have to see.. Abhi is not thinking of Aaliya marriage with Purab, even Aaliya is not thinking about that, she is in hurry to control Abhi n his music deals.

  6. Well said praghiksha.agreeing with u the great performance of abhigya leading kkb now. So we should enjoy our abhigya moments.

  7. in there world do there exist something called date . how he is not asking what he has done back two and half years …making us fool nothing else

  8. Christine Nanan

    Just speed it up it’s getting ready annoying

  9. Christine Nanan

    If u speedy it up a little it will be interesting because the stories are too long

  10. agreed with one of the comments made by Pradishma, you mean to tell me none of his fans knows about his marriage bullshit and as u rightly puts it all of his fans have amnesia lmao these directors really thinks they are dealing with a pack of dunce you know we are all stupid or so they think duhhh

    1. Totally confusion

  11. Bkwas drama

    1. Just give up men.. y r u watching this without any interest? has anyone forcefully shown the episode to u?

  12. Hey guys.
    Abhi is aware that it is 2 years later.
    In one of his old epis he did say that he doesn’t remember and that his family knows everything.
    It was a scene when they are all eating and Robbin makes a dish that Pragya use to make.

  13. boring day by day

    1. Just give up men.. y r u watching this without any interest? has anyone forcefully shown the episode to u?

  14. boring

    1. Just give up men.. y r u watching this without any interest? has anyone forcefully shown the episode to u?

  15. What the hell is really going on…so like everyone also got in the accident it seems…noooooooooooooooooooooooooo one remembers Pragya oh come on give me a damn break the world knows that he is married to her…and all of his fans steupz talk about BAD writing

  16. How long will it take for him to figure he was married to pragya

  17. Natasha mahase

    I still njoy the cute romance,i knew all along he was pretending.

  18. Nowadays The serial started boring. When you are going to complete? Irritating.

    1. Just give up men.. y r u watching this without any interest? has anyone forcefully shown the episode to u?


    1. Just give up men.. y r u watching this without any interest? has anyone forcefully shown the episode to u?


    I left this show due to dragging but now i am back but i hope they do not drag it too much…

  21. Guys just saw the new pics posted by Leena and shikha from kkb shoot. They both r some pub or club type place and in party costumes for that place. Looks like they r going to introduce tanu to abhi here.

    1. I thought Aaliya meant it is promotion for Flying Jatt movie. For a change they are giving chance to Tanu n Aaliya to be part of promotions.

      1. But sahithi flying jutt star cast didn’t went on any fiction show to promote their movie yet. They only went in reality shows for promotion. And sahithi where shikha clicked her pic as aliyaa, that place seems some dance club, disco or pub. I thinks she means it. But let’s see. But mostly, I feels they made this setup to introduce tanu to abhi. Like tanu was saying to aliya to introduce her as glamorous model look. That’s how she is dressed up in her latest pic. But I m bit relaxed with it brcoz I think tanu will b disappointed after her first meet with abhi. As we and pragya was thinking that abhi could b shocked after seeing pragya and her presence could b distiurb his health as he has been forgot her. So like this, as tanu is thinking that may b abhi will remind her or could b impressed with her after meeting with her first time but I think it’s opposite should happen here also. Tanu should get nothing from abhi in his response towards her even he should feel annoyed or irritated from tanu’s presence. That’s why I m bit relaxed but we can’t predict anything surely so let’s see.

  22. You all hit the nail on the head – THE WHOLE CITY GOT AMNESIA AND CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING OVER LAST TWO YEARS. Real Dumb Ass writers!!!!

  23. What is your problem INDIRA? Why r u replying like a PARROT to comments. People should be free to express their distaste and how ridiculous the story lines and the writers taking the viewers as no brain nit wits. If you enjoy such brainless serials then just state so & stop parroting for heaven’s sake

    1. Hi yaar ,INDIRA here replied to my comment as NETHALI…
      just changing name,maybe he/she doesnt know that symbol remains same/

      1. Thank for bringing the fraud / faker to all our attention. We got axxholes and stupid idiotic people who don’t think what they are commenting like fraud / fake INDIRA / NETHALI

  24. Well said Krisangel. .I was just about to comment on the parroting when I noticed that u had already read my mind…

  25. New segment update- Tanu and aliyaa’s beat pe booty dance under the setup of impressing abhi towards tanu. Full update- Tanu and aliyaa comes to a disco to introduce tanu to abhi. Aliyaa calls abhi to come to the disco to enjoy but aliya and tanu’s actual plan is to introduce tanu to abhi to impress him by tanu and to being sure that if abhi have remember tanu or not? Tanu and aliyaa waits for abhi. They have drinks and they dances on beat pe booty. Tanu and aliyaa both waits for abhi but abhi doesn’t come. Then tanu says to aliya to call abhi. Aliyaa dials call to abhi but doesn’t get any response. Tanu gets disappointed and bit angry and tensed. She says to aliyaa that abhi has forgotten her too like pragya and he went away from her too like pragya. Aliya tries to make her calm and says to her to not to think negative. Tanu says to aliyaa that she can’t understand that how much this is difficult for her to stay away from a person, with whim she was near, as she is not in any relationship. Aliya says that she is in relationship with abhi as he is her bhai and she don’t want to spoil it now and just want to focus on it. Both tanu and aliyaa dances in the dance floor then a guy comes and starts dances around them. Aliya feels irritated. Leena told to reporter that yes they have made this setup to abhi, to get to know that if he remember tanu or not? But abhi didn’t come yet. Shikha and leena told to reporters that they r enjoying the beat pe booty dance and yes they have accepted this challenge. Shikha says to viewers to shoot their own videos on beat pe booty and upload it on instagram. Reporter says that this plan of tanu and aliyaa to impress abbi and to trap him in their trap got failed but they will soon make another new plan.

    1. whatever it be nice their plan failed if not we have to see this stupid tanu but it really interesting after their new start they r showing gd only as like sriti and shabir words it really interesting and they r showing new and interesting abhi but when he sees tanu he should not act like before he should feel irritate more when he sees her but up to now it was gd

      1. Asmitha I too wants different and totally disappointing response from abhi towards tanu and with this I want aliya too ditch her and not bother for her to helping her anymore. In best of all I want abhi and tanu should never meet with each other. But it’s not possible. But if they meets then they should meet after abhi getting involved with pragya in relationship until that level where tanu’s entry in abhi’s life gets impossible or difficult and where their will b no scope for her to getting place in abhi’s life or getting abhi again. I wants to see tanu as totally ruined and far from abhigya. That’s it. If CVS wants to bring twist between the way if abhigya’s love story, they can opt other ways but not tanu like always,at least not now. And with this I want Bulbul’s reentry for purab. It’s very sad to see aka arjit act like a supporting actor instead of second lead. I want this time story should b on the mark and best now. CVS should show their gud creativity by showing interesting story not by showing irritating story or stuffs. They got a gud chance by getting gud response from the audience for this new start. They should maintain it now. I hope they learnt foom their past mistakes and I wish they do not repeat thise muatakes again. After a long time, we git our intrest back in kkb which we don’t want to see as ruined. Their r going gud but let’s see how long?

    2. Highlights of the segments and it’s video link- Tanu and aliya comes to a disco to introduce tanu to abhi. They wants to make abhi impress by tanu’s glamorous and modern look and they wants to being sure that if abhi remember tanu or not? But abhi doesn’t come and their plan gets fail. They promotes beat pe beauty too under this set up by dancing on it. A guy troubles them between the dance. He tries to tease them. They gets irritated and leaves for having drinks. Aliya calls abhi but he doesn’t pick her call. Tanu gets disappointed and restless and says that abhi has gone away from her too like pragya and she has been lost him forever. She says it seems that he will never come to her now. Aliya suggests tanu not to think negative. Tanu gets angry and says that she is not in any relationship so she can’t understand that how much this is difficult for her to stay away from her love. Aliya says that along with abhi, she have also a celebrity image which she can’t ruin in all this nonsense. So she have to leave. Shikha and leena says that they never dressed up like this for disco but these extra efforts to impress abhi by tanu. Links for the segment’s videos- SBAS http://youtu.be/V-c00VbpOlM

      SBB http://youtu.be/Z86OaWMt0kg

      SBS http://youtu.be/eptYmx0lvEQ

      1. They r saying that tanu took this getup to impress abhi. But frankly speaking, she was looking yukkk..in this getup. I personally felt that leena has put on so much weight in these past months. She is not concentrating on her figure since long. That extra fit western cloths r looking weird and bad on her. When I saw both leena and shikha together on dance floor, I noticed difference between their figure very clearly. Shikha is so fit as usual. But leena’s tummy and waist was clearly shown as fatty. And the dress which she carried and the look she opt in this disco sequence, it was not suiting on her. I should not say this and befor saying it sorry for this but she was looking like a bar girl instead of a model. In starting of her appearance in the show after madurima’s quit, she was better in looks but now she doesn’t look happening anymore. Leena should focus on her figure.

      2. yaar pratiksha me to felt same after seeing her pic in Instagram she was not looking gd as before but more than Leena madurima looks perfect as model I liked her as model but after her I didn’t liked Leena in her place and sriti and shabir looking great in new look sriti is looking so cute and her dressing was quite gd like a normal girl which is liked by everyone and shabir was changed so much than before at start of their serial he was not handsome as how he was now but now he was looking dashing and handsome I liked his cheeks so much so cute too and his looks were awesome especially in Friday epi his looks were awesome his t -shirt is also gd even my brother liked his dressing

      3. Ya asmitha I too personally like maduhrima as tanu as supermodel. Her personality justifies the image of a supermodel. Her height, her figure, her style and dress sense all was on the mark, when i saw her in startung if the show. Actually madhurima was best for tanu’s role. But leena was never. Leena doesn’t fit and suitable for a supermodel role. That’s why i never liked her as tanu but i somwhow forcebly accepted her but cvs have ruined even her chatacter horribly then i started hating tanu’s character completely. Until madurima was there in the show as tanu, cvs kept maintained the sparlke of the character of tanu but since lwena replaced her, tanu’s character become useless, worst and waste. It not leena’s fault. She us just an actress and accepted thus role only fir her earnings but this is only cvs mistake that they couldn’t made tanu’s character worthy for the show after madurima’s quit.

      4. Asmithaa

        hey.. why guys so much frustation.. read the latest news… abhi is staging memory loss drama… soon abhigya will unite..

  26. Crap…. I donno whats going on in ektas mind… I think ill have a child and send him school also b4 good tyms come in dis serial… Too much dragging.. And y dont anyone remember pragya as abhis ex wife… Show some logic in d taking man…

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