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The Episode starts with Nikhil telling that he wants to be CEO of Abhi’s company and Tanu will do this work. He says he wants to see Abhi’s international contract, and says he will have knowledge of his every work. He asks Tanu to enjoy personal life with him, but he will handle his professional life. Aaliya asks Tanu to help Nikhil and says he deserves this. Nikhil thanks Aaliya and asks Tanu to think till he finishes paper work. He goes. Tanu asks Aaliya why did she stop her. Aaliya says Pragya and Abhi divorce papers are with Nikhil’s lawyer and he might stop the divorce. Purab hears them. Mitali tells Raj that she has a news for him. Raj says he don’t want to listen. Mitali says you will not believe on the news. Raj says I don’t have anything to with you. Mitali says Abhi have divorced

Pragya and will be marrying Tanu soon. She says don’t kn ow what will happen after that. Raj asks when did this happen.

Abhi comes to his room and finds Pragya decorating the room. He closes the door and asks why did she decorate the room. Pragya says I am very happy today. Abhi gives her candle and Pragya lights it. She looks at him and burns her finger……A song plays….Bolna….She shouts and says my hand is burnt because of you. Abhi says I was looking as you was looking at me. Abhi says I will apply saliva. Pragya says no, and asks him to apply ointment. Abhi gets some ointment and applies on her finger. Bolna song plays again. Abhi blows on her hand. He asks how are you feeling now? Pragya says good. Abhi asks if you will stay here after divorce or will go to mum’s house. Pragya asks what do you want? She says if you marry someone else, then will I sleep in between you both. Abhi says yes you can. She says I was joking. Pragya looks at ointment and says it is Krack cream. Pragya throws pillow on him. Abhi says you have beaten me with pillow. They have a cute fight as they throw pillow on each other.

Dadi prays to God to show some miracle to make everything fine. Akash asks her not to worry. Rachna comes there and says Abhi apologized to Pragya, and Pragya have become positive and determines to fight for her rights. Purab comes there and says he has an idea. He tells Mr. Jhunjhunwala will be handling the case. Dadi asks them to ask Pragya first. Purab says I know that office. He says Tanu is flying high because of those divorce papers. HE says we have to steal those papers from the lawyer’s office. Purab and Akash come to Abhi and Pragya’s room and see them fighting with pillows. They ask if you are fighting. Pragya and Abhi says no. Purab says there is nothing urgent. Pragya says okay. Akash says they are looking cute having pillow fight. Abhi asks can I come to your house to fight with you, as I will miss you. Pragya says how can you come? Neighbors might think we are having an affair. Abhi says I didn’t think about it, and says I will call you thrice in a day. Pragya says your calls are long and says we will end up talking whole day. Abhi insists to talk to her. He sleeps and says good night. Pragya thinks she will not separate with him. Purab and Akash come to Jhunjhunwala office and says he is Mr. Desai partner. Guard asks them to keep papers in the draft box.

Pragya is sitting on the bench. Tanu comes to her and says Abhi has selected a good card. Pragya smiles. Tanu says he is looking sad, but is very happy and celebrating. Pragya says I can’t tell you why is he happy. She says if I tell you what happened between us, then you will feel bad. Tanu says he just sympathizes with you. Pragya says he lied to you. Tanu says my doli will come here. Pragya says my divorce is not processed, nor your marriage happened. She says I will make you lose with your way. Tanu says you can just dream to win, but can’t win. I am near my destination. Pragya says you can’t touch it when I am infront of you. Tanu smiles and says I have snatched your husband from you. Pragya says I will be two steps ahead of you, and will never let you marry Abhi. Purab and Akash search for divorce papers in the office. Guard gets suspicious and gets inside. Purab asks him to search the file with Nikhil’s name. Guard locks the door and thinks to catch them red handed. He brings the gun and threatens to shoot him. He calls Jhunjhunwala and tells that Purab entered office to get some papers. Mr. Jhunjhunwala calls Tanu and informs her. Tanu tells Aaliya that is why Pragya was so confident.

Abhi asks Rachna and Dadi, if they saw Pragya. Rachna says she saw her in the morning. Nikhil tells Purab that he knows that he is on Pragya side, and asks what did he want to steal? Divorce papers. Purab slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wht is this harini???ur comments r disgusting.what an irritating and rubbish comment…..this is juzt a serial don’t take it seriously and talk rubbish.if u r fan of abhigya then first respect them nd love them.don’t post ur abusive comments here.don’t dare to type the rubbishes in tamil.by ur comment u just making urself getting insulted.

  2. I saw tis spoilers guys..! here u go……..

    Kumkum Bhagya: Purab (Arjit Taneja) gets successful in provoking Nikhil, confesses truth before Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)

    The upcoming episode will show that Pragya is shattered knowing about her and Abhi’s divorce.

    Pragya wants to spend her last night in this relationship by recalling all past moments.

    Abhi and Pragya spends some cute and romantic moments together and enjoys it.

    There Purab plans to steal away divorce papers from the lawyers office.

    Lawyer finds about Purab being there and informs Tanu about it.

    Tanu and Nikhil reaches the office to stop Purab and Purab slaps, gets angry at Nikhil.

    Nikhil confesses truth 

    Nikhil gets instigated and reveals that yes he is the father of Tanu’s unborn child but Tanu will get married to Abhi 

    Nikhil reveals that they are fooling Abhi for his property and will throw Pragya out of his life.

    Abhi listens all this from a distance and is in shock, Pragya-Purab’s plan works.

    Nikhil and Tanu’s truth is revealed before all, Abhi and Pragya will reunite soon.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Navi
      If this spoiler is to be believed then in promo scene why abhi and Tanu exchanged garlands ???????and why he was trying to fill kumkum in Tanu’s hairline?????

    2. i dnt thnk this ll happen navi… but lets c… if this happens.. i ll be the first person who gets happy… hope fr d best

    3. I thnk tis ll nt happen bec cvs r Gud at dragging.. they ll drag til wedding moment n oly reveal the truth..

  3. Thought to give some nice comment after a long time… Totally mood spoiled… Anyway abighya toonice cute ppillow fight scenes… Rachna’s comment to pragya towards abhi’s kiss awesome… Getting some nice scenes. I hope tanu’s truth will be out soon…

  4. tamil guys if u miss weekdays episodes of IM dnt wry…. IM thogupu sunday aftrnoon, 2 to 3.30 poduvanga marakama paarunga…. fr office going guys specially… dnt miss it

    1. Really Thanks for the info gowtham.. It will be useful for me..

      1. yeah sheetha.. i thut of putting it fr u… coz u told bcoz of office wrk, u r missing the episodes… so dnt wry…

      2. S gowtham.. En offz 6 ku mudiyum home reach aga.. Corct ah 7.30 ku adichu pudichu varnum… Sometimes offz la late achuna avlo tha.. IIM miss paniduva.. So thank u so much gowtham…

  5. wen will abhigya reunit yaar
    realy fed up yar

  6. Hi guys
    i am sandy frm mysore
    can u all acept me as ur frnd

  7. Nice episode….i like pragya n abhi pillow fighting

  8. Pardeep singh

    i think mitali and raj will do somthing specialy Mitali.

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