Kumkum Bhagya 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling that he wants to be CEO of Abhi’s company and Tanu will do this work. He says he wants to see Abhi’s international contract, and says he will have knowledge of his every work. He asks Tanu to enjoy personal life with him, but he will handle his professional life. Aaliya asks Tanu to help Nikhil and says he deserves this. Nikhil thanks Aaliya and asks Tanu to think till he finishes paper work. He goes. Tanu asks Aaliya why did she stop her. Aaliya says Pragya and Abhi divorce papers are with Nikhil’s lawyer and he might stop the divorce. Purab hears them. Mitali tells Raj that she has a news for him. Raj says he don’t want to listen. Mitali says you will not believe on the news. Raj says I don’t have anything to with you. Mitali says Abhi have divorced

Pragya and will be marrying Tanu soon. She says don’t kn ow what will happen after that. Raj asks when did this happen.

Abhi comes to his room and finds Pragya decorating the room. He closes the door and asks why did she decorate the room. Pragya says I am very happy today. Abhi gives her candle and Pragya lights it. She looks at him and burns her finger……A song plays….Bolna….She shouts and says my hand is burnt because of you. Abhi says I was looking as you was looking at me. Abhi says I will apply saliva. Pragya says no, and asks him to apply ointment. Abhi gets some ointment and applies on her finger. Bolna song plays again. Abhi blows on her hand. He asks how are you feeling now? Pragya says good. Abhi asks if you will stay here after divorce or will go to mum’s house. Pragya asks what do you want? She says if you marry someone else, then will I sleep in between you both. Abhi says yes you can. She says I was joking. Pragya looks at ointment and says it is Krack cream. Pragya throws pillow on him. Abhi says you have beaten me with pillow. They have a cute fight as they throw pillow on each other.

Dadi prays to God to show some miracle to make everything fine. Akash asks her not to worry. Rachna comes there and says Abhi apologized to Pragya, and Pragya have become positive and determines to fight for her rights. Purab comes there and says he has an idea. He tells Mr. Jhunjhunwala will be handling the case. Dadi asks them to ask Pragya first. Purab says I know that office. He says Tanu is flying high because of those divorce papers. HE says we have to steal those papers from the lawyer’s office. Purab and Akash come to Abhi and Pragya’s room and see them fighting with pillows. They ask if you are fighting. Pragya and Abhi says no. Purab says there is nothing urgent. Pragya says okay. Akash says they are looking cute having pillow fight. Abhi asks can I come to your house to fight with you, as I will miss you. Pragya says how can you come? Neighbors might think we are having an affair. Abhi says I didn’t think about it, and says I will call you thrice in a day. Pragya says your calls are long and says we will end up talking whole day. Abhi insists to talk to her. He sleeps and says good night. Pragya thinks she will not separate with him. Purab and Akash come to Jhunjhunwala office and says he is Mr. Desai partner. Guard asks them to keep papers in the draft box.

Pragya is sitting on the bench. Tanu comes to her and says Abhi has selected a good card. Pragya smiles. Tanu says he is looking sad, but is very happy and celebrating. Pragya says I can’t tell you why is he happy. She says if I tell you what happened between us, then you will feel bad. Tanu says he just sympathizes with you. Pragya says he lied to you. Tanu says my doli will come here. Pragya says my divorce is not processed, nor your marriage happened. She says I will make you lose with your way. Tanu says you can just dream to win, but can’t win. I am near my destination. Pragya says you can’t touch it when I am infront of you. Tanu smiles and says I have snatched your husband from you. Pragya says I will be two steps ahead of you, and will never let you marry Abhi. Purab and Akash search for divorce papers in the office. Guard gets suspicious and gets inside. Purab asks him to search the file with Nikhil’s name. Guard locks the door and thinks to catch them red handed. He brings the gun and threatens to shoot him. He calls Jhunjhunwala and tells that Purab entered office to get some papers. Mr. Jhunjhunwala calls Tanu and informs her. Tanu tells Aaliya that is why Pragya was so confident.

Abhi asks Rachna and Dadi, if they saw Pragya. Rachna says she saw her in the morning. Nikhil tells Purab that he knows that he is on Pragya side, and asks what did he want to steal? Divorce papers. Purab slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Leila

    Good n pragya should take her mom n leave to her house n let see wat abhi does or tell tanu the witch

  2. Naveen

    Today Pragya and abhi romance is good but when the tanu truth come infront of abhi and tomorrow probu slap nikhil and how many days this pergency drama going on . It toooo much of dragging please close the tanu chapter now we cannot see serial only pergency drama is. Going like one and half year please expose tanu truth fast

  3. Divya chandru

    Cvs are trying to cheat audience every time by showing tanus exposure nearing, now suddenly raj is shown , may be raj would help pragya now or tries to postponed the wedding ….. dragging

  4. Rishneee

    What is wrong with this pragya team.. r they born dumb or acting. Super flop planning by purab. Going to rob a office after taking permission from security. Ha ha ha

  5. Sarayu(honey)

    May be raj’s sudden entry will be having any connection with tanu’s truth reveleation.

  6. Akshata Chowhan

    Pragya neend not tell Tanu each time that she is fighting and make her alert. She can act sad and deceive them letting them think she is broken and can work under the cover of deception. If CVS wanna postpone they can join Raj with aliya coz he never opened up regarding Aliya and Tanu all these days….

  7. navi

    I’m so confused guys..! bec aftr so many episodes they shown raj tday.. wich means is he a part tis exposure..??? ll purab b arrested fr stealing..? who ll blurt out truth either Raj or nikhil..? its confusing.. bt they r showing raj fr sme reasn… may b b4 mrge raj ll say abhi abt evrythn.. thn while keeping kumkum he ll bring his hands enga hr maang n stop the mrge n slaps tanu hard.. awww it ll a nyc nose cut to the vamp.. atleast in the upcomin week they should reveal the truth.. lse it ll b dragging.. wt say guys..? prathiksha,reji,sahithi,Karthika,fowsiya ur comments r so gud n making me thnk of al the possibilities.. keep it up guys.. sry if I have missed sme of yr names.. evry1 r osm wit ur comments n fan fictions..

  8. Silent reader

    Guys i think pragya has some other plan with her. Coz she doesnt know that purab went to search for the papers. Even without knowing it she was talking so confidently to tanu. Tanu thinks shes talkin like that coz of purab. But my guess is abhi has already started helping her and thats y that much confidence in her face nd about raj am not sure he will expose so easily. Maybe he will join with pragya’s team. Thats all he could do cpz this CVS will forget that he was once in the evil side and knows everything nd if he tells abhi he will believe. I think pragya is helping sarla tp recover soon and thats y shes xonfident…

    • navi

      no yar.. she s confident bec abhi feels fr hr and he doesn’t actually wanna separate frm hr.. pragya has faith on hr love.. tats y she s so much confident.. bt she has given clue tat pragya ll win in tanu way.. I dnt knw wt it means..

  9. karthika

    guys i didn’t see kkb’s 22 april 2016 episode due to some cable problem zee tv got struck in my house.i feel so sadddd.eventhough kkb is draggging i can’t afford to lose any episodes.i didn’t see abhigya yesterday,but i read the written updates.cute pillow fights amid abhigya.pragya is looking confident.in precap nikhil tells that he knows that purab have come to steal divorce papers.will nikhil double cross taaliya and help team pragya?tamil guys hav u all watched iim yesterday?nice episode right.inniku episode um nalla irukum.pragya will hug abhi from back and let him not to go out of house.nalla irukum.

      • shobana

        In my home also Zee Hindi is not coming in cable connection
        2 days before I saw a tag on that channel saying cheque is bounced. Maybe because of that they might have cut the connection.
        In my dth is also there so no prob for me I wish Zee Hindi should soon get telecast in cable connection

    • sheetha

      enum sari agalaya… cable contractor ah contact panigla Dont worry ready agidum… s karthika IIM was nice yesterday… eni monday varai wait pananum next epi ku…

  10. gowtham

    i was thnking nikhil wont join hand wd prgaya…. and i thnk my guess is true… coz now raj entry makes me think like, he ll be connected to abhi…. coz after a very long he comes into the scene… so it is certain that there s something to do with him… this whole one week is for showing the romance and care between abhigya thats all… nothing happend like a twist or something … prgaya telling same thing to tanu wd using different wrds thats all… it ll be good if she stops talking and do the execution… but nothing makes me thnk that she is planning…. juz romancing wd abhi…. i still m not giving away my thut… finally it ll be abhi only …. coz now raj entry makes me feel more confident on abhi only… wat ll happen to purab?? nikhil seems to be very much angry after getting a slap… and i thnk this promo will be used fr next week also… coz this week there is no scene relating with the promo.. except selecting the card for marriage….

    • Brintha

      no gowtham.. what i feel to confuse mor only raj shown… raj is not going to do anything.. so all of us start thinking about raj… the purpose is done… and pragya.. she is not confused or not scary.. when she was talking with tanu.. which means she has got very strong proof not a single ithing morevthan 2 or 3…because now single proof can’t be enough to expose tanu and nikhil… it might be anything.. my doubt is ronnie might be investing about the woman who acted as nikhil Wife… it is my imagination only… aakash and purab tried to talk pragya going to steal the papers.. then seeing the cute fight between they didn’t tell anything they just went without informing pragya they will do this job… but my doubt is before praagya lighting the candles she might hv got a call from ronnie already stolen the papers… if purab and akash had chance to talk to her she wud hv told its already taken… to justify the scene only they showed the scenes abhigyya pillo fighting.. and pragya mentioned i am happy today.. which means she is succeeded… so she wanted celebrate wit abhi… so she was lighting the candles…. its clear that ptagya got the proofs… am i right or wrong.. freinds

      • Brintha

        and one more thing cleared that nikhils love wit tanu and curiosity with his baby totally went off… he is least bother about his baby now.. i think he doesn’t want the baby from a lady like tanu whi carry his baby and want to live wit abhi.. so it clear after the reveal directly to jail… but aalia will b escaped.. because before alia entry only takhil did crime activities tried ti kill sarla and ronnie.. so alia may not go to jail… obviously through alia, tanu will get bail and come out from jail.. and both will stay in rented house because when tanu going to jail alia again will b kicked out of out house also…

      • shobana

        brintha Ronnie cant steal papers as Pragya doesn’t know that the papers are with Nikhil lawyer .
        How Ronnie knws that the Pragya has signed divorce papers???? and how he knows that the paper is with Nikhil???? If Pragya said to him also she would have told abt Tanu has submitted in court.

        My doubt is Pragya doesn’t knw that purab and aakash are going to steal paper. But she told Tanu that she will defeat her by cheating. I think alia is the one who is helping Pragya. Because till now her entry is mysterious how she got bail and Pragya too didn’t react on her entry in MM.
        I am not sure but I feel alia is behind Pragya

      • shobana

        And Tanu didn’t give bail to alia because aft her return when Tanu asked help to alia she said u haven’t come to jail even once to see me . So I don’t think its Tanu

      • Brintha the actor who plays the character of Ronnie, has been quited from the show very before. He is no more the part if the show. He gives this information on his instagram account.

      • Brintha

        iyooo shobana, prathiksha.. i am so confused now… even i had doubt about alia… her moves against pragya is not so powerful hw it was before… again a doubt.. when tanu told alia i told pragya i got sign from her without her knowledge.. that time alia was angry wit tanu why did u tell her still the papers are wit lawer. and in the police station with alia help only tanu escaped… otherwise pragya wud hv caught takhil in the police station itself…

      • shobana

        Brinda that’s because alia wants to get Tanu trust. Maybe because of that she is acting as if though she is helping Tanu

      • Fowziya

        Shob you are absolutely right.. i too have a doubt on Aliya.. i guess Pragya have bailed her, coz till now they havent show how Aliya got bail, but in the beggining she told Abhi that her friend bailed her so its very perplexe? And as u said i lightly hav a doubt on her ! N since her re-entry in MM her behavior is weird..

    • Silent reader

      I think purab might have slapped nikhil coz he might have talked about bulbul…. I strongly hope pragya is upto something

      • gowtham

        i dnt thnk so…. i am unable to put hope on prgaya…. i agree her confidence and her speech and all is good… but she is doing that always know… but end result is bad in tanus case…. unlik aaliya and raj,, tanus exposure is difficult… prgya alone cant do anything including the co.. its my guess

      • Brintha

        i think purab might hv got angry nikhil wud hv talked bad about pragya and purab.. saying like after bulbuk died ur trying pragya something nonsense

    • Sharada

      But prathiksha….Ronnie ‘ s instsgram account gave a reply that he is still in the cast n will come later

    • sritz{fan of abhigya}

      gowtham can u say the name of the song which is played during abhigya’s eyelock plsss

      And im also tamil

  11. I guess we should give a rest to our guesses and wait for next segment till we get to know wat is going to happen we have to tolerate tanu’s taunts…….probably arjith’s police station sequence was for this pragya might bail him and aakash out or probably raj…..who knows anyway shabbir is unavailable for shoot as he is in Canada so we will have segments probably by monday

  12. shobana

    Raj has given a entry aft a long time.
    His entry should make some changes in the script.
    If Nikhil wants CEO post then it can happen only through Pragya as is the boss the company. How Tanu help Nikhil to get CEO post???? And even abhi too cant do anything as his everything is with Pragya.
    On the other day sahithi was telling abt a pic purab was near by police station. I think now purab will be arrested for stealing

    Precap was nice purab gave a good slap to Nikhil. But did he got divorce papers or not???

    • Reji

      Shobana I think purab and akash didn’t steal the papers. ..becoz yesterday itself u will see that the watchman caught them and by the precap I think they didn’t steal the papers….

      • shobana

        So if purab didn’t steal paper then Pragya has someother plan that’s why she said to Tanu that she will defeat Tanu by her way. Which means either alia or Nikhil is going to join hands with Pragya. I don’t think that it will be Nikhil. But alia is most trustworthy for Tanu. If she join hands with Pragya it will be a biggest betrayal for Tanu.
        I don’t knw whether I am right or wrong. But I feel like this.
        And I think that Tanu is not going to be exposed now. Because yesterday also Pragya said that she will not let Tanu to marry abhi. She didn’t say that she will bring the truth out.

      • Reji

        Right shobana…so now tanu is not going to get exposed only pragya is going to stop the marriage and for that only purab and akash went to steal their divorce papers….and with the papers they can prove that abhigya r not divorced and stop tabhi’s marriage. ..

  13. karthika

    it’s really complicated and hard to say who is connected with whom?but raj’s entry hopefully makes some diffrence means it’ll be nice.if raj comes to know the real motive of pragya,then he’ll surely help her

  14. Aishwarya

    Hey guyz that kumkum promo is for only this week but today is the last epi of this week but nothing is happeened yet so this promo is also wrong plzz anyone tell me

  15. Reji

    I can’t say that pragya is planning or taaliya is planning ….actually guys ekta kapoor’s important fact is …..u will notice that mostly she will use a girl as the villain….and to escape from them main leads will be doing planning!!! planning !!planning!!…so now raj’s entry is telling me that he will help neither abhi nor pragya….but now the precap is telling that nikhil got to know that purab and akash helps pragya ….and abhigya were looking so cute in the pillow fight …and pragya was speaking to tanu and challenging her with full confident…but guys pragya didn’t know that purab and akash went to steal the divorce papers….now tanu is thinking that this is only her plan but pragya’s plan is not this wat will be the next plan ..??so tell me ur guesses guys…

    • navi

      s u r rit. nw tanu ll.thnk tat stealing papers s pragya’s plan.. so she ll concentrate on tis alone bt on the othr side if pragya plans smethn tanu ll b unaware of it n ll definitely lose tis tym

    • Brintha

      reji our guessings are beconing more complicate.. when we tell something others are clarifying our guess is wrong… actually nowadays its very interesting… soooper yar.. this ud what we expect frm writers ..

    • gowtham

      in that case, it is confusing wat is gonna happen next….. and brintha if u say raj s not gonna do anything.. same way prgaya also not planning anything other than doing romance with abhi… she may seem to br confident like alwys she does…. but end result not ll be in favour of her…. so now its all in a point where writers have to do something coz from this point anything is possible… anyone can help anyone… who knowa aaliya too might help pragya…. so depends…. shobana is right…. hw tanu ll help nikhil getting CEO post?? so many questions arising?? and reji hope u and all tamil frds seen IM yesterday….. i could feel the agony of dadi…. and abhi as well…

      • Brintha

        no gowtham… pragya talk was more confident than earlier….my guess is for that victory only she was celebrating wit abhi… before she had no proof so she was not given any hope to abhi so she maintained some distance.. nw she is coming close to abhi.. which means she has got enough of proof and confident.. without any guilty she is getting close wit abhi now..

      • shobana

        I saw yesterday episode it was nice but today’s episode will be more good than yesterday
        Saturday also they are telecasting IIM ????
        Anyways I am looking forward to this episode Pragya will be running down from upstairs and will hug abhi. In Hindi itself I saw many times.

  16. Reji

    And tamil friends today afternoon 3 o clock I can’t comment …becoz going to watch theri !!! with my mom and dad in theatre …Guys movie is nice na??and iru malargal yesterday dadi took a stick and beated abhi badly. .I wished that this beating tanu only shuld get …wat u think guys??

  17. Yesterday’s episode have made the things more massey. Firstly, sarla maa’s hand movement of a sign of her fast recovery then pragya’s warning to tanu confidently, then nikhil’s entry with a deal, then purab’s attempt to steal the divorce papers and now raaj’s knowledge about abhigya’s divorce through taaliya, all these lots of things have made the possible guess about the exposure more difficult. Now It has become very difficult to guess that who will b expose tanu and how? Now Everybody is moving with their own plans means everybody’s plans r different from each other except abhi becoz he is still unaware from anything. So when everybody’s plans and goals r different then it is hard to guess that who could help whom and who could b beneftial for whom? After watching yesterday’s episode, it is clear that pragya is thinking in another way to defeat tanu as she doesn’t know about purab’s move. This is the first time when she didn’t discussed her plan yet with her team. Let’s see what she will do after knowing about purab’s move. Raaj is back in the show and first time mitali did a gud job by telling about abhigya’s divorce to him. Definetly mitali will tell taaliya’s whole plan to raaj. And that part was skipped by CVS to hide it that what raaj will do now? So let’s see what raaj will do now. His step will show that how much he has changed in gud or he is really changed or not and how he will prove his words to abhi that he will not let anything bad happen with him? Purab’s catching by takhil was disappointing thing for pragya but nothing will happen with purab as alliya is behind purab, for which she is helping tanu. So takhil can’t harm him. So pragya and aaliya both here for purab. Nikhil’s lawyer is handling abhigya’s divorce case according to yesterday’s episode. But most funny and illogical thing is this that the lawyers which CVS showed in the show, they trio r different person. The lawyer who came to meet taaliya and whom taaliya handovers the papers that lawyer were someone else, nikhil brought which lawyer with him to discuss his deal with taaliya that was also someone else and yesterday when guard informs which lawyer about purab’s stealing that was again someone else. So how much lawyers nikhil have? If his lawyer is handling abhigya’s divorce? Again an illogical and massey thing. Track has become so massey after coming the near if it’s end. Now cvs have made it’s climax very difficult to guess for us. But looks like, the track is still far from it’s wnd and it will take some more times. Could b end in may. Well let’s see what happens?

    • gowtham

      pratiksha exactly i too mention this above….. really getting complicated…. cant able to say who ll help who?? and i am still stuck wd abhi… once he gets slightest doubt thn its done….. unlike others, he can do massive things…. but nw he is unaware.. so lets see…. i can say only this finally it ll be abhi… may be raj may give a key to abhi…. anythng is possible….

    • sheetha

      yes u r right and one more thing where has pragya gone or she went in rescue of purab and akash .. in precap abi is searching pragya

    • Fowziya

      Pratiksha.. Your guess is acceptable, as u said yesterday’s episode had made things more convoluted.. N ya Takhil cant harm or misfortune Purab, coz Pragya n Aliya are with him! And Pratiksha i have one small hypothesize, it could b also like this na, since Bulbul’s death, they havent show kajol’s entry as bulbul n now is ratified that she ll no longer play this role so maybe writters r upto something na ? Like Aliya nly is helping Purab n co.. maybe Purab gave a commitment to her..? so they ll b a new couple on screen!

    • Aaliya’s screen space could b less in upcoming days or may b she will not seen for some day becoz shikha’s marrying is very near. If CVS shot her scenes for future episodes in advance then we could see her but for those episodes for which she has shot before going to vacation for her wedding. So I don’t think so for now, CVS will use aaliya or give an important role to play for further story of tanu’s exposure as it will need her max present which she could hardly give becoz of her wedding. Further story should depend and move around nikhil, raaj and abhi pragya for tanu’s track’s end.

      • Sahithi

        Pratiksha, u forgot Purab. In fact he was the one right from start trying to save Abhi Pragya’s relationship more than they both or Daadi. He is not being given enough intelligence in this track n that determination n seriousness to expose Tanu given he lost Bulbul for all this mess.

        Thats why I was very happy to see Purab slap Nikhil in precap. Tanu has become expert in manipulating Abhi n showing the same rudeness to Pragya, but now when Nikhil speaks in same tone with Purab he should give Nikhil back well.

      • shobana

        Oh prathiksha maybe because of that only raj gave entry it seems.
        Because in kkb if someone goes out someone will give entry

  18. Reji

    Pratiksha u was right …shabbir is going to Canada …today April 23rd na? ???we can meet shabbir if we go zee tv Canada booth … now who is going to canada to meet shabbir real? ??ha ha. .???

    • gowtham

      i am ready to go…. but vetla vida maatanga….. thaniya poi palakam ila… knjam age ah iruntha poirupen…. yarathu pona solunga… me too join….apdiyathu abhi ya paathukuren….

  19. Sahithi

    Precap was too good, finally someone gave back to Nikhil. Nikhil n Tanu speaking to everyone around in such tone when they both r such losers actually. It is Abhi’s property which everyone feels they have a share in it. So someone should show them what r they, good Purab gave it to him. How could Nikhil speak to Purab in such demanding tone.

    As I thought, this may goto police station next and I really want it to, and Abhi should also reach there. Because whenever Pragya tried to create some suspicion, Tanu would say Pragya is jealous of her having his kid. So if both Purab n Akash reach police station n Abhi also comes then it will be interesting. Else if only Pragya bails them out, then it is waste of opportunity.

    Coming to Raj, we have to see if he will finally open his mouth or it is just a smart thing from writers to keep us hooked. And as for promo, it will continue for next week also as there is only one more epi left for this week.

    Coming to Pragya’s plan, this is my understanding, she doesnt have any plan as of now. First she was upset with Abhi that he got sign by cheating, but after he apologized, and he expressed his feelings, she is happy he still loves her only. So Pragya recovered from her shock, and now when she saw Tanu she was again challenging her. She feels she can fight out on the divorce thing now. True, Abhi n Pragya sounded foolish first when the papers were filed, talking about the court order coming in. But that was because they r too upset. After recovering from it, now Pragya will plan her next move. But before that let us see where this Purab stealing papers will end. As they were telling Daadi, Purab n Akash r too pissed off with Tanu n Nikhil playing such games with them and they were saying they dont have any options now. So I am hoping atleast this time they will speak out and act firm without hiding truth from Abhi.

    And in latest pic posted by Tanu, she is in kurti only so marriage and preparations didnt start yet..

  20. karthika

    pratiksha,pragya will discuss something to her team mates only if she have some plan.she is not having any plan at present.she talked confidently to tanu becoz of abhi’s eternal love for her.at present she’s flying in happiness by seeing abhi’s love.but surely she will plan something later.and u was right.nikhil can’t harm purab in any way becoz aliya will not let it to happen.in case if he go against alia and harm purab then takhil have to pay for this,alia will not leave them.if something happens like this also it’s a poitive sign for team pragya.alia will get fumed and help purab in exposing tanu.who knows this might be the plan of team pragya?this has twin benefits as alia is power of team tanu.if misunderstandings arrives amid them,then it will be easy to smash the whole tanu team and alia unknowing will help purab also.

  21. karthika

    we r all seeing the situation in all perspective.this had became a part of our life.we r thinking about what’s gonna happen next?everytime we’ll get some clue & say that this will happen.but this time the situation is really complicated.we can’t able to think anything.i can’t even able to guess what will be pragya’s plan to stop tabhi’s marriage???guys do u all hav any idea about pragya’s plan..i know at pesent she’s not planning anything…tell me what she will plan????

    • gowtham

      karthika…. my point of view is.. prgaya will not be in a position of getting tanu exposed…. this is my view…. bow she is not having any plan…. and in future also case might be same

    • gowtham

      but prgaya will stop the marriage that is sure…. but in exposing tanu.. i thnk she ll not be in dominating hand… my guess… wat u thnk??

  22. Hi guys pragya is confident bcoz she saw the love & care by abi that was her strength till now she don’t have any plan but soon she will do something regarding purab he will come out easily even if police arrest him there r plus points i.e. alliya will not allow to do against purab even pragya will not & most importantly abi. He is abi’s friend so he will come out easily. since strength is increasing raj came to know & even mithalli in both the sides she might be acting to get the information & from the beginning she is behind gossips. prathiksha u gave a nice name for mithalli baddari haaaa.. I feel Nikhil is 50 – 50 he might help or may not & there is a chance of 2 groups abi & raj 1 group & as usual pragya group wht are the chances guys ur opinion ?

  23. Gomathi

    It’s al waste just one day test will ended tanu k chapter but they dragging for a simple.mater

  24. amna thapa

    Guysss check out my new story in fan fiction – ISHQ jisko milta nahi
    its better than this stupid tanus track !!:)

  25. Poorna

    I read in spoilers tat nikhil confess tat he s d baby’s father which abhi n pragya wil listen from d distance. Its s purab n pragya’s plan itseems… bt don know whether to believe or not…

  26. gowtham

    disgusting comments…. look plzz this area is for abhigyas fans… dnt put comments like this…. chi get lost…. i thut of coming and greeting all my frds here…. aftr seen this.. juz got irritated…. guys is there anyway to delete that msg plz do that….. chiii….nothing to say more…..

  27. karthika

    wht is this harini???ur comments r disgusting.what an irritating and rubbish comment…..this is juzt a serial don’t take it seriously and talk rubbish.if u r fan of abhigya then first respect them nd love them.don’t post ur abusive comments here.don’t dare to type the rubbishes in tamil.by ur comment u just making urself getting insulted.

  28. navi

    I saw tis spoilers guys..! here u go……..

    Kumkum Bhagya: Purab (Arjit Taneja) gets successful in provoking Nikhil, confesses truth before Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)

    The upcoming episode will show that Pragya is shattered knowing about her and Abhi’s divorce.

    Pragya wants to spend her last night in this relationship by recalling all past moments.

    Abhi and Pragya spends some cute and romantic moments together and enjoys it.

    There Purab plans to steal away divorce papers from the lawyers office.

    Lawyer finds about Purab being there and informs Tanu about it.

    Tanu and Nikhil reaches the office to stop Purab and Purab slaps, gets angry at Nikhil.

    Nikhil confesses truth 

    Nikhil gets instigated and reveals that yes he is the father of Tanu’s unborn child but Tanu will get married to Abhi 

    Nikhil reveals that they are fooling Abhi for his property and will throw Pragya out of his life.

    Abhi listens all this from a distance and is in shock, Pragya-Purab’s plan works.

    Nikhil and Tanu’s truth is revealed before all, Abhi and Pragya will reunite soon.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    • shobana

      If this spoiler is to be believed then in promo scene why abhi and Tanu exchanged garlands ???????and why he was trying to fill kumkum in Tanu’s hairline?????

    • gowtham

      i dnt thnk this ll happen navi… but lets c… if this happens.. i ll be the first person who gets happy… hope fr d best

    • navi

      I thnk tis ll nt happen bec cvs r Gud at dragging.. they ll drag til wedding moment n oly reveal the truth..

  29. Devil

    Thought to give some nice comment after a long time… Totally mood spoiled… Anyway abighya toonice cute ppillow fight scenes… Rachna’s comment to pragya towards abhi’s kiss awesome… Getting some nice scenes. I hope tanu’s truth will be out soon…

  30. gowtham

    tamil guys if u miss weekdays episodes of IM dnt wry…. IM thogupu sunday aftrnoon, 2 to 3.30 poduvanga marakama paarunga…. fr office going guys specially… dnt miss it

      • gowtham

        yeah sheetha.. i thut of putting it fr u… coz u told bcoz of office wrk, u r missing the episodes… so dnt wry…

      • sheetha

        S gowtham.. En offz 6 ku mudiyum home reach aga.. Corct ah 7.30 ku adichu pudichu varnum… Sometimes offz la late achuna avlo tha.. IIM miss paniduva.. So thank u so much gowtham…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.