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The Episode starts with Aaliya coming to Tanu’s house and asks her to do something to cheer her mood. Tanu says boyfriend cheers up mood, but you don’t want to make and asks her to splash water on her face. She says I have become single because of you, and can’t mingle with anyone. Aaliya asks her to make drink for her, to cheer her up. Tanu makes drink and thinks why Aaliya is angry. She is hiding something big, I have to find out. Purab tells Abhi that he is happy and became his fan no. 1 for the justice. Abhi says but I was in loss. Purab says that loss. Pragya comes and says what loss, asks him to tell. Purab asks him to forget the loss and asks him to drop Pragya home as she is his fan no. 1. Pragya says I will go home by myself. Purab says it is his duty to drop you home. Purab says

today is her last day at office and your last day too, don’t know when you will meet each other or not, asks Abhi to drop her. He leaves. Abhi says okay, Purab was right and asks her to come.

Pragya in his car, thinks don’t know if we will meet again or not. She gets sad. Abhi asks her to teach him silent talk, and thinks why she is sad. He asks what is your problem. Pragya says nothing. Abhi says your problem seems to be big. Pragya says nothing is in control of us, and says whatever we wants couldn’t get. Abhi says I have become rockstar and says anyone can write his/her own destiny. He says you are worried as you lost job, what you will tell to Sarla, etc. He asks her not to worry, and get a job in any company taking his name. Pragya says you will not be with me for recommending me. Abhi says yes, you are right and asks her to feed her name in his phone so that he can call her back if there is a good job for her. Pragya gets happy. Abhi asks her to save her name as Miss Hawa Hawaii, and asks her not to call him often. Pragya says she uses phone only for important work. She thinks it is good now we can talk.

She comes home. Sarla and Beeji asks her to cry and lower her heart. Pragya asks why shall I cry? I am fine. Sarla says Purab told us everything and told that Abhi saved you. Pragya says I am happy that he supported me and went against everyone. She says he gave me happiness knowingly or unknowingly. Pragya says he promised to find a job for me. Beeji says she will work, but Sarla says Pragya will not go out for work. Beeji says I can guarantee you that Abhi will be with her. She asks her to think positive and says it is all destiny and God’s game. She asks her to have faith on God and says he will unite them. Pragya promises Sarla that she will take care of herself wherever she works. Sarla gets happy.

Abhi talks to Purab on phone and says I dropped her till home and not inside, I am not their damad. Aaliya comes and tells about his appointments tomorrow, and says then you are free. Abhi thinks to call Pragya to builder and thinks to get a job for her. He calls her. Pragya thinks he asked me not to call, but now calling me. Abhi asks what you are doing? Pragya says I was going to sleep. Abhi asks her to stay awake and fulfill her dreams. Pragya says only ghosts stay awake at night. Abhi says he is not afraid of ghosts as he has chudail like fan. Pragya gets angry. Abhi asks her to reach builders office tomorrow. Pragya says I couldn’t believe. Abhi asks her to leave her attitude and ego at home while coming. Pragya nods her head. Abhi asks her to say something. Pragya says I nod my head. Abhi says I am not infront of you. Pragya says but I am seeing you and says I will come. She smiles.

Abhi comes to the builder’s office and asks him to talk to Aaliya about his work. Builder asks about Pragya. Abhi says she is sweet, special, efficient and praises her a lot. Builder gets impressed. Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks why didn’t she come till now. Pragya comes to office and collides with someone. He scolds her for making his papers fall down. Pragya offers help. Abhi thinks she has lower her impression. Pragya asks the man not to shout. Abhi praises her and tells Builder that this is the girl. Builder asks are you sure? He says I thought she will be modern being your no. 1 fan. Builder checks her certificates. Pragya says I am double Ma. Dadi is there itself and sees her. She calls Pragya…Pragya hides seeing her.

Abhi tells Dadi that he don’t know where is his fan no. 1 and says her name is Nikita. Dadi gets doubtful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Arjit quit got confirmed by his own too through his message.
    Arjit’s message update with it’s link-
    ” I don’t have words to express how much I will miss each and everyone of you. You all have been my family since almost 3 years and have literally taken care of me like a kid and even spoilt me to an extent 😉 I’ve actually grown up in these 3 years and learnt so much from everyone, I feel I’m passing out of school and going to college! It was really tough to let go of this show but I had to move on and I can go on and on and on about all of it So THANKYOU guys and I can proudly say it really is the best team Everrr and the production house too! , I LOVE YOU KUMKUMBHAGYA! (30thMarch2014-21stSeptember2016) Thankyou @[email protected] For PURAB and also @devikamm #Blessed#Gratitude #KKB ”
    Guys arjit has finished his last shot which we saw today with abhigya. He has been quit from kkb.

    1. This is his gudbye message to all cast and crew of kkb.

      1. bulbul purvi rachana akash suresh nikhil ,,,,.u now purab 2………..
        all these elemnt make the shw perfect plz introduce all bak plz…

      2. The show was never perfect with all of them – full of imperfection and bakwas as the plots were always the same – murder, killing, accident, kidnapping, memory loss etc. So the writers will continue their same old crap – I now know why no actor with a sensible head would want to come and replace Purab or Bulbul in KKB serial – as it has no realistic storyline. That is my opinion.

      3. Why is it so difficult to keep Purab or get a replacement for Purab or for that matter Bulbul. KKB is rated highly on trp so people must be keen to join or is it the storyline that is the problem. Your views pls.

    2. Somehow I feel we will see Arjit for 2-3 more episodes as yesterday was his last shoot day and the cast are in a different set of costumes in the video posted by him.

    3. prathiksha is they r going to end purabs character

    4. Very good he was a looser anyway

  2. I was thinking from past few days that y he was not asking her number but today he asked it is nice epi is also gd but when abhi is going to know her name as pragya but overall today epi is gd sriti is looking so cute in pink salwar

    1. But Asmitha I somehow didnt like Pragya behavior at all in the epi. Why are the writers making it so incoherent? Already the way she was fan girling Abhi was over the top.
      Now the way she was behaving in that new company, like a tensed teenager. She was a professor, handled so many ups and downs in MM or at her mom’s place, then being Mogambo. The way she handled Abhi’s property, finances, concerts, his career, everything during Mogambo track, it was so wierd the way she was behaving yesterday.Bumping into someone, being awkward, pulling out that resume or her expressions. And finally hiding from Daadi.

      I feel all this is to make sure she doesnt get a job here and Abhi may end up taking her into his company. But for each twist, the writers twist their characters so badly. We only end up pulling hair.

      1. yap sahiti ..i too thought abt it ,pragya is well molded character . she can handle the situation with more maturity . but i think pragya is behaving as a kid in front of abhi may bcoz of her excitement . but pragya the professor must be maintained by script writers .her childish character infront of abhi is ok that abt their personal space .but to public pragya must be our practical pragya …

  3. bakwas bandh kar yaar

  4. Y is she hiding from dadi n she should come n talk to the builder in front of abhi

  5. I wish dadi help pragya..nice episode…

  6. I don understand how it ll b with out purab .. absolutely it’ll b nothing if abhi vl not ve purab by his side .. then it’s only Dadi who vl only confuse abhi .. only purab can give better options n ideas in terms of Abhigya relationship.. only he developed n made abhi understand his feelings fa pragya before pregnancy track.. even Abhigya were in the same phase .. other than purab hu vl encourage abhi getting closer to pragya ..

    1. Don’t worry to much as the idiot writers will come out with further illogical storylines to confuse and irritate us further as they can’t seem to be able to be more creative to keep us excited.

  7. Iswarya_santhosh

    guys, whai is the meaning for damad and chudail?

    1. Damad means son-in-law, and
      Chudail means witch.

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        Thank u prathiksha

  8. Whom going to to support Pragya now hope Abhi be there for her please remember what you guys share precious moments together

  9. Mzaher

    So nice, keep up…

  10. Only increasing confusions.

  11. nice…. 🙂

  12. Please dadi don’t help as before.abhi will take care of everything.our rockstar.

  13. Purab is a good talented actor and I guess the role currently in KKB does not allow him to exploit his potential. Any good actor cannot put up with the writers on KKB as they remain in the same track without much progress and lack of ucreativity. It is a good decision for him to go out and explore some more interesting and challenging roles that will bring out his talent and potential. Sticking around in KKB will do him more harm than good for his talent. I guess there will be another killing, murder, accident to get rid of him by the regarded writers and Ekta!!!!

  14. I miss purab so much. He is the perfect friend and advisor of abhi. I dn;t think how it vl b move further without purab……… And sriti was so cute in this episode and abhi toooo.

  15. Hi,
    Anyone notice the TRP for last week. KKB has got the 12th position .its has dramatically fallen.Last wk story line was poor .Same will b on this week as well. writers should impress the viewers than this.

  16. #1 Shakti 3.5
    #2 Brahmarakshas 3.1
    #3 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3.0
    #4 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2.9
    #4 Kumkum Bhagya 2.9
    #5 Udaan 2.7
    #6 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 2.4
    #7 Kavach 2.3
    #8 Kasam 2.2
    #8 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.2
    #9 Sasural Simar Ka 2.1
    #10 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2.0

  17. I was little bit disappointed with this episode yaar. Aliya treating Tanu as a slave to her asking her to mix alcohal, abhi instead of appointing pragya as PA suggesting job in another company, Pragya not comming to office ontime and her bump into some other person and asking sorry to him asking him not to shout and her childish behaviour with MD. disappointed with this episode dont know what cvs are upto, will see in next episode.
    Got a shock guys purub is quitting the show dont know how it will be with out him. some one is saying purub is quitting that means some other person will lead his character and some are saying purub will die in an accidend.
    can any one clear it guys??

    Abhi comes to meet tanu with aliya somewhere outside. Aliya and tanu plans dinner date with abhi, on which they plans to call abhi to mixed up with tanu more and more. Abhi comes and joins aliya and tanu. They trio talks about each other. Abhi gives nice treatment to tanu. Tanu gets so much happy with this meeting with abhi. At a time, a producer meets coincidently with abhi there. He asks from abhi about his wife and asks that where is his wife and why she didn’t came with him? Abhi gets puzzled and blank. wondering what producer said. He looks aliya surprisingly with question full eyes. Aliya seems pissed off and bit nervous. Tanu too looks on all this silently. Aliya somehow manages the situation by some excuses. Other side, pragya in arora house, senses something strange at the same time when producer asks from abhi about his wife and start wondering. Pragya losts in her thoughts, while rock star dadi and sarla maa busy in playing game on mobile and arguments with each other. After leaving of producer, trio abhi, tanu and aliya takes dinner and spends time in talking with each other. After finishing the dinner date, abhi leaves from there after saying bye to tanu. Tanu gets start flying on cloud nine in happpiness becoz of his meeting with abhi. She shates his happiness with aliya and says that she is so happy becoz after a long time abhi talks a lot with her, treated nicely with her and liked her etc etc…blah..blah…. Reporter says that abhi is getting things about his past so does it means that he will get his memory back?
    ARJIT’S LAST SHOT- Purab comes to arora house to meet with pragya, sarla maa and dadi. They all talks with each other happily. After finishing the shot, all crew and cast shabbir, sriti, shikha, leena, supriya ji gives farewell to arjiit and arjit takes gudbye from all after meeting eith each and everyone before leaving. Reporter says that after this last shot, he will move for delhi and then what will hapoen with him, it will b seen.
    Sriti and arjit’s interview-
    Arjit talks about his reasin of quit. He says that he had no more work to do in the show so he decided to quit and move for further. He says that he will miss kkb and it’s set a lot and each and every people related with it. Sriti says that no one can replace him on this set of kkb for her and she will also miss him a lot on the set as she was used to share her each and everything with him and every time asks for him. Although they will keep meeting offscreen but ya here, on the set and for the show, he will b really missed a lot and but he is going after taking a very gud gudbye from here.
    There is no news came out yet about any replacement for purab’s character or what will happen with his character in the show.

    1. According to sbs new of trp ratings-kkb is on 3rd postion in trp chart , which is sharing it’s place with ye hai mohabbatein too.

      1. Links for the video of-
        SBAS- http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4u7no3

      2. Guys tanu and aliya’s conversation’s part after abhi’s leaving, is not in these two videos becoz it has shown in SBB serial express segment and I haven’t got it’s video link yet. I saw it on TV , that’s what I shared in update.

    2. But after watching the segments I feel Purab character may also be ended, and we may not be shown a dead Purab like it happened with Bulbul. May be based on finding an actor as replacement in future they will bring this character back or left the way Bulbul, Akash, Suresh,Purvi.. oh my, list is going on..

  19. worst n stupid serial ever…total bakwaas

  20. ImRagela

    Hi guys !!…Tomorrow is my last exam …I mean tomorrow my exams r ending . So from tomorrow onwards my holidays starts ??..But i am very nervous about my results !..?..Please pray for me guys .

    And coming kkb .. Yesterday i gave the update of Sbb segment . that Arjit has quitted Kumkum Bhagya and it is officially confirmed and nowdays we r getting a new spoiler that Purab is going to die in kkb and a new character is going to be replaced so i saw a video of desi feed’s update ..They said (in Hindi) ..That Purab is going to die in kkb .. I think that is not true .. But just a spoiler ..

    Video link – https://youtu.be/RKVjPe9I5qY

  21. ImRagela

    Guys a very very shocking news for u all !..This week’s trp is out !..Kumkum bhagya is not in top 5 ..Its not in both in rural and urban ..Now days brahmarakshas is on top !..Don’t know why ?..But this week we had some nice episodes …What do u think guys ?..

  22. ImRagela

    Ya Pratiksha i saw the segment !..And in trp kkb is not in top 5 ..I saw it clearly !..Kumkum bhagya is not in top 5 ..

    Just click this link – https://www.instagram.com/p/BKpnfPsBvdI/?hl=en

    1. Reji it is on third place or out from top five but in any position, kkb is losing it’s audience. It seems peoples have started disliking this track. Until there was a doubt and confusion in audience’s mind and in the show regarding abhi’s memory loss that if it is actual or fake, show was doing gud and was on top most position for more than ten weeks but now when it got clear that abhi’s memory loss is actual and whatever story is going that pragya is meeting with abhi with her hidden identity, abhi’s treatment to pragya as his fan, aliya’s annoying change, tanu’s re-entry in abhi’s life again, almost same story like before with not so big changes, all these could b the reasons of it’s decreasing trp. Now arjit also quit from the show and story will remain left only around abhi, pragya, tanu and aliya. Many other shows r doing gud and many new r on the way. Let’s see what happens with kkb and with it’s trp further?

  23. P.N. Bhargava


  24. ImRagela

    Guys if you want to see today’s episode on YouTube here are the links :- Thanks Pratiksha for your update !..?.

    SBAS segment link- http://youtu.be/ErNNpMBbLUE

    SBB segment link – http://youtu.be/U7_OlA9xmGM

  25. B_Ani

    hi reji. its been a long time since i commented. i am having exams. so, busy till 30th. and i dont know who has commented in the same name. its not me. i can never talk ill about KKB as i lv it 2 d core. and coming to Purab…i mean arjit’s exi…t i dont no to desc in words. ??????he has been a strong support to both pragya and abhi. dont know how will be the further track, coz dadi has seen pragya 🙁 hope for best

    and dear all the best for ur exam ???. and dont worry u’ll get the best results coz i know u wud have performed wonderfully in all your exams. congrats in advance.

    And pratiksha sis how are u. u didnt reply to my previous cmnt it seems. its OK.
    i am happy that u didnt bother those comments by sm who criticized u. we lv u and will always support u.?? also thanks for the update.

  26. How long are they going to continue this garbage? Good that this has tanked in the rating. This is total shit

  27. With KKB not in the top 5 or there about. I hope they don’t take it to mean that they can start in with the whole Tanu, Aalyia craps and torments. The more they put these two in the mix the more the viewers will turn away from the show.
    I hope what the producers says to Abhi also give him pause and try to figure out what his family is hiding from him. I want him to go in search of this and his memory start to unravel the truth. It’s full time these wretches get their just desserts for the problems they caused both Pragya and Abhi.
    There’s no reason for them to live free and undisturbed after all that they’ve done. it’s time for them to really feel what they had put others true due to their greed.
    Writers please don’t give us anymore unnecessary scene where these two gets an edge over Pragya. end her torments and give her a little peace and joy in her life…well deserved and long time in coming.
    Lets see and watch hope they will turn their TRP around to get it back in the #1 slot.

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