Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi eating food served in Pragya’s plate. Pragya comes back and says how can you eat my food.( the show resumed from Friday’s episode). Abhi says he has food and will sleep now. Tanu waits for Aaliya. Aaliya comes and says she is tired. Tanu asks why you didn’t call me? Aaliya says you are behaving like a typical housewife, and says she don’t need to tell her everything. She shows the CD and tells she has stolen scratch music of Abhi’s album. Tanu gets happy and apologizes to her. Pragya comes to office. Abhi thinks to make flop music. Pragya thinks she will make Abhi sings the best song so that his career stays on top. Abhi asks about his scratch music and looks for the CD. Pragya thinks Aaliya might have stolen CD yesterday and thinks to expose her. Aaliya

comes to office. Abhi asks where is the CD? Tanu thinks she will be trapped with her. Pragya asks how can you be so careless? Aaliya says I am same and not pretend like you. She says to Abhi that I will not play with your career, and life. I always think about you. She says I kept that CD at a safest place. Pragya thinks she has not stolen this CD. Abhi apologizes to her. Aaliya says I wish I would have say that I am not hurt. Abhi asks manager to give CD to Lab. He says it is not possible for few days. Abhi asks Aaliya to keep CD with herself.

Aaliya and Tanu are in the car. Aaliya tells her that she kept back the CD at its place, and says she got saved. Tanu says how will deal happen? Aaliya says they have to check the authencity of the producer. Abhi and Pragya are in the car. They argue. Abhi asks her to do as he does. He says my boss is rotten and shouts. Pragya asks him to get in the car and he falls on her lap. Allah Wariyan plays. Abhi asks driver to stop the car. Pragya refuses to give him money for the travelling. Abhi says he don’t need and have much money. He says he is going to Purab’s house.

Aaliya says let’s wait for that lady’s phone call. Ronnie comes and asks what they are doing here? He warns them and asks to cook food in the evening. Raj comes and says what they are planning? Aaliya says I am not planning anything. She says you are frustated as you can’t do anything to that Pragya. She asks him to concentrate on his work. Raj asks them to say what they are planning, and says as you sow so you reap. Tanu thinks everyone gives lectures to them.

Purab asks Abhi not to drink. Abhi says you are saying as I don’t have money. Purab says no and brings the wine. Abhi asks him to drink, but he says he can’t drink as he has promised Bulbul. Abhi says you have to drink with me. He says I feel light, and says fuggi was someone else. He says Pragya has same face as fuggi, but she didn’t have same emotions. He tells fuggi made him understand love, and says first fuggi left him, then his money and now his smiling.

Pragya meets Bulbul and Dadi, and tells that Aaliya is not trapped in the office. She says she didn’t steal scratch music. Bulbul says Aaliya is very smart, and asks Pragya to call her in the morning asking to give scratch music else they will get work done from other singer. Dadi says Bulbul is right and likes her idea.

Abhi comes home drunk shocking Pragya. He asks someone to come, while Pragya looks on surprisingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Frank

      If Pragya gets raped and all of you continue to watch KKB then you are as “Wicked & Evil” as the writers /producers that put it in the story. A rape story is NOT acceptable and viewers should all STOP watching if they put that in this show.

  1. Shruthi

    Sunday precap is abhi slaps aaliya but today story is totally different u will always do lke this u will put one and u show other.when u r gng to end this drama u will drag more than for a months

  2. vijju

    When will abhi slap aaliya?? In mahaepisode they showed in precap but it was not happened today plzzzzzz can one tell me plzzzzzz Nikki or chittu didi plzzz

  3. Shannu

    OMG.. Abhi n Pragya.. I can’t wait anymore to see u both together.. Who on earth can wait for such a long time.. These damn writers are dragging KKB.. ???

  4. What’s all this? They have started today’s episode from where they had finished it on last Friday. So what about that mahaepisode precap? I think it was not precap but actually a promo of this weak. Becoz when they showed precap in mahaepisode, there below it was shown for next weak not for today so I guessed it was promo which they have shooted in mahaepisode’s location and outfits. But it will b a dream or it will actual happen, it is yet to b confirmed. I think we could guess it after few episodes. Now I m fed up from repeating abhi’s same misunderstanding as she is not his fuggy but looks like as her. He says fuggy taught him how to love but I m saying that he needs to learn how to live for lov, which I think he will b learn after this track end. Anyways let’s see if aaliya will b catch or not.

      • Maggie

        Hi nikki even I think it’s new promo n not pre cap
        I don’t think it’s dream in today episode raj told them in will not involve in their stupid plans n that’s y he was not scared in promo like Tanu

    • chithu

      Nikki..i saw a really shocking news about upcoming story line in Entertainment Tadka… I think it is not true..but not sure why they are posting such a worst prediction..did any other sites mentioning this??? below is the link… i just don’t know why such a prediction came…


      and Nikki, regarding Ekta’s visit to the KKB set..i think it is not special one for KKB alone…becoz 2 days back..they have visited YHM set also..Divyanka has posted the pic in instagram…

      • chithu

        but per all these predictions, this story line is during Ganapathy Mahotsav..but i think that entire Mahaepisode is just one day story line and it is not involved in actual KKB story…even today it started with the end of friday story…so hope this prediction is completely wrong and stupid… Hoping for the best.. the popularity of this show is fully based on the cute and funny story line of Abhigya and Rabul..so hope the creators will not break both which will make the viewers leaving the show definitely…

      • sana

        chithu its about kidnapping drama which is already over..then how will this come true..i don’t believe this..if its true then its d worst story line ever

      • Chithu PRIYA and sana is right. I have also read those spoilers. They r 200% wrong. Becoz what they r saying it will not happen, it could never happen. Those peoples who r gud fans of kkb and watches it with gud observation, they knows it and they can tell it why. And as sana and PRIYA is saying that kidnapping thing has already been over in mahaepisode and pragya is safe now. So yes I m agree with them. This kidnapping sequence was just for mahaepisode, for making the episode dramatic and full of entertainment. That’s it. These peoples r just misguiding us from their wrong and cheap spoilers becoz I think they heard SBS reporters talk that some big twist could b come becoz ekta has visited on the set. So I think by taking that news, they r scaring us by their fake story of their fake spoilers. So don’t believe on these kinds of spoilers and just ignore it.

      • ramya

        I hope this wil not be the upcoming track … But if it is so … Then def this show s just a crap …. No one wil watch kkb … N I don want this to happen to abhi aur pragya

      • chithu

        yes Sana..i also told the same 🙂 that the Mahaepisode just seems to be a one day story line and it seems to be not a part of original KKB story line…:) i am thinking why they have come up with such a bad prediction..not even bad..the worst 🙂

    • Priya $

      Ya chithu u r rit actually kidnapping scene for over just they creating some bad rumors abt it. Damn sure it won’t happen. Some new twists going to come but not this one. I think it’s promo only not precap.

      • kowsi

        chithu and priya…u r all remember last time one fake rumours abhi gng to die..pragya give baby boy blah blah..we r all hope it will not happen…we damn sure if it will happen in kkb definitely ektha will face trp also…bcoz now adays her serials meri aashiqui and kkb got only top five position..

    • ramya

      So tomorrow super good romance between abhi n pragya … Btw nikki was abhi really drunk n doing al this? Or he’s normal?
      I mean does he know that she’s his fuggi? Or as usual he’ll forget everything once he wakes up next morning?

  5. ramya

    Yesterdays precap is jus this weeks promo … Understand guys … I know aliya wil not steal the cd I thot she would be careful … It happened … By the way … I wish tanu to get exposed first … Then aliya …

  6. cousin

    told you that currently the makers are showing a fun one-one-upmanship game on the show where Abhi and Pragya are trying to outdo each other. However, in a recent twist introduced by the makers things will go awry when Pragya gets kidnapped. And we hear that the story does not just end at kidnapping.

    Pragya will be abducted while she prepares for the Ganeshotsav celebrations in the Mehra house. And amidst all of this two goons will come and kidnap Pragya, Abhi who will see all this unfold will follow his ladylove. However, seems like Abhi will not be able to rescue Pragya. Not until something really untowardly happens. If buzz is to be believed then the makers plan to have a more ghastly track on the show. So, Pragya will not just be kidnapped, but she will also be raped!

    And from what we hear this evil plan will be made by none other than Abhi’s vicious sister Aaliya and her gang. So, Raj, Tanu and Aaliya we hear will also threaten Bulbul of dire consequences if she does not leave Purab alone. Will Abhi find out the truth about his wicked close ones a little too late? Will Pragya regret her decision of trying to show Abhi the real faces of his mean near and dear ones? Well, watch this space for more updates on Kumkum Bhagya.

    • xavier

      but didnt this whole gunapathi celebrations ended on saturday and also pragya and bulbul got kidnapped. and abhi and purab saved bulbul and pragya ?? and the kidnnap scene ended ?? goshhh. this story line is so dumb and confusing. they just totally ignore and completely forget about what happened in mahaepisode

  7. Sea

    if they allow that rape track then im totally off tis show….i dont mind seein her plans backfire but to go to the extent of rape is alittle too much for me……

  8. This s not fair guyzz if dis track ll cum means i Dont c kkb anymore….plzz expose dat evil tanu frst more than aaliya v need to xpose tanu frst

  9. KumKum Bhagya:Abhi dearly misses Pragya. Abhi talks to the doll. He makes the doll wear the specs like Pragya and assumes the doll to be Pragya.Pragya takes care of him seeing him drunk and upset. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and tells her how much he misses his old Pragya. Abhi wants Pragya to become likebefore, he feels Pragya is lost inglamour world, he is unable to bear her new changes. Abhi confesses love to Pragya and hugsher. He is actually drunk and loses his senses and annoyance too.

  10. lakshmi

    OMG…. what a waste of time… thank you telly update, b’coz within 2 min. we can move on to our other useful work. never really watched a serial till date…. Will never think of it too. Thanks to this episode.

    • Flo

      Don’t Support a TV show that writes in EVIL Rape scenes. If Pragya is raped show your dissatisfaction by NO Longer watching it

  11. Razzy

    If pragya gets raped I will not watch the serial, as I was enjoying the show. I’d love to know will pragya really get raped? Abhi will b lost without pragya

  12. sun

    oh god i just hope the writers dont spoil this show with a rape scene i wil totally be put off this show will never watch this again

  13. Have the writers lost it?? How could they even think of such a bad track!! If it’s true they’re totally gonna lose the fans of KKB. Hope it’s not true!!! We’re waiting for Abhigya reunion and they are thinking about Pragya getting raped. Totally Nonsense…

  14. xavier

    Abhi will rape Pragya while he is drunk and she will get pregnant. well she can use that to f**k over tanu. i dont support rape. these writers are just sick. oh gosh ekta shit head kapoor. you are the most hated writer in india. you shame india… no guy will marry you.

  15. Guys new promo out. We were right, promo is same as mahaepisode’s precap. Abhi slaps aaliya and says I don’t believe this that my own sister could do this with me. I remove u from my business. Everyone looks shocked. Voiceover says sach ka pardafaash. Guys they have mentioned the date period also in which this promo thing will happen and that is 21 to 28 September.

  16. Fay

    This story line is dragging on much too long. I am so bored and fed up with the whole Aaliya, Tanu, Raj crap and the idiotic Pragya, Granny, BulBul conspiracy. ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Can’t they just get over this story line and move on? It’s so damn annoying! These writers are idiots!

  17. chithu

    The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhgaya will show that Abhi gets drunk and recalls Pragya’s memories.

    Abhi express his feeling to a doll which makes Pragya worried.

    Pragya gets broken down seeing Abhi in pain.

    Pragya wants to tell Abhi that how much she loves him but circumstances stops her doing this.

    Pragya takes old Pragya avatar for Abhi

    Pragya tries to makes Abhi sleep but he refuses to accept her words as she is not his Fuggi.

    Then Pragya wears goggles to make Abhi believe that she is his fuggi.

    Abhi also takes kiss from Pragya forcibly and then she makes him sleep on the bed.

  18. kowsy

    so aaliya is exposed within this week right ….. after that atleast will abhi come to know about pragya s intentions …… and how tanu gonna get exposed…. so many questions

  19. Arul

    HI,This is Arul from chennai,I love so much KKB,Now, we have lot of lacking in that serial,PLs Ekta Kapoor,Pls create new promo,,expose aaliya and tanu speed

  20. Rahul

    Mai kabhi ye serial nahi dekhunga. Yr what the hell is this. Ek aurat itna kaise gir sakti hai ki dusri ladki ko kidnap karke rape karwa de. Sab milkar ekta kapoor or writer ko juto se maro. Ghar tak to theek hai par pragya jaisi innocent ladki ke sath ye sab. Mai ye serial dekhna chor rha hu pls aap sab bhi chor dijiye.

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