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Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu thinking she will win in the dance competition. just then she see Nikhil standing and is shocked.Vijay acts during the rehearsals. Raj says you are really wonderful, and asks about his preparation. Vijay says he is ready to attack. Raj asks him to complete the work and not leave proof. Vijay cuts the apple with a sword. Raj asks why did he take up Ravan’s role. Vijay says he will end Sita in kalyug. Raj thinks to arrange money. Tanu asks Nikhil not to meet her in house. Nikhil compliments her beauty and says your dress is suiting you. He asks do you plan to dance in dandiya competition. Tanu asks are you mad? Nikhil says I don’t want my baby and his mother to have any complications. Tanu says I didn’t spend good time with you from long and asks him

to meet her in Aaliya’s room. Nikhil asks if she is joking? Tanu tells that she will meet him and asks to wait in her room. Nikhil says i love you. Tanu thinks I will play dandiya when you will wait for me in her room. Nikhil happily says that he will wait for her and kisses her. Tanu takes a sigh of relief when she sees Nikhil going. Dadi and Dasi get scared with Ram Leela’s rakshas. Mitali teaches dandiya to Taya ji. Taya ji says it is very confusing. Taiji comes and says her leg has sprained. Mitali taunts her. She asks her to think about 10 lakhs rupees.

Tanu comes and shows her dress. Tanu says you are looking beautiful. Dasi says you are looking ok.

Dadi asks Sarla if she is ready to do dhamaal at dandiya dance. . Sarla says kids will do dhamaal. Dadi asks about Bulbul. Bulbul falls down and her leg gets hurt. Purab asks Jhanki to take Bulbul home. Bulbul asks him to keep her informed about the dhamaal. Abhi asks Pragya to back off. Pragya says she will make dandiya as her sword and dance. They play dandiya and fight while dancing. Dhol baaje plays……………………..Pragya recalls previous year celebrations. Abhi looks at her. Pragya gets uncomfortable and stops dancing. Someone compliments Pragya on her dancing.

Announcement is made for the dandiya competition. Vijay collides with Dasi and she scolds him. Raj tries to stop him. Vijay says he is playing ravan. Dasi asks him to practise. Raj thinks this man is crazy and I shall take care of him. Tanu thinks how to dance and decides to send Nikhil to room. She signs him to go. Mitali sees and thinks Tanu is signing Dasi.

Mitali tells Raj to play dandiya with her. Raj seems uninterested. Pragya and everyone are busy seeing dandiya dance. Abhi comes to Pragya and pats on her shoulder. Pragya asks what? abhi says i came to tell you that you are so alone. Pragya says people will be away on heights. Pragya thinks she is helplessly doing this for him. she says it is her choice to stand alone and not helplessness. She asks Ronnie to bring food for her. Ronnie brings it. Abhi says people care for rich people, but only relations stand irrespective of the status. He excuses himself. Dadi and Dasi look at the girls who were dancing. Abhi asks about Tanu, and meets Vijay. He asks if he saw fair girl here. Vijay says no and gives him prasad. He asks about the crackers. Vijay says it is for the festival. Vijay thinks his eyes are on Pragya.

He thinks he has to find some other way to kill Pragya. Someone compliments Tanu and asks why she is wearing ghunghat and dancing. Tanu says she don’t want to be distracted. Pragya tells Dadi that her mood is off and Abhi talked to her. Abhi comes back and thinks where is Tanu. She sees a lady dancing and thinks she might be Tanu. He then ignores his doubt. Abhi comes on stage to dance. Ronnie thinks this dancer is dancing good and I have to see her face. He picks up her veil shocking everyone.

Abhi asks how can she put their child life in danger and says we are marrying for this child. Tanu says she is helpless to do and the reason is him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Y r yu so late these days?? @hassan.. Any how.. This s damn boring episode.. I just read updates these daya instead of watching

    1. Watching KKB is a WASTE of Precious Time

      KKB has LOST it’s charm

    2. Yup i feel really bad for the late update…previously he used to update immediately after the programme,but now he takes like the next to update…

  2. Sahil qureshi

    Hey writer have u gone mad . This serial has cross the level of laziness…

  3. hmm! good…now KILL Pragya mister! then Dadi ll directly go by heart attack..! the only good soul(Pragya) ll b gone and then Abhi can marry Tanu and name their child fuggi Junior..then Aliya , kidnap Purab and hit him on head on the exact spot where he ll get memory lapse and then they both marry…Bulbul ll be running KKB mahal solo..then fuggi junior,who is a rock star ll marry in that KKB Mahal..repeat the loop..

    1. repeat the loop until the children of the current unmarried viewers ll continue..

  4. Now a days update is been done lately or am I the one who is facing the issue??

    1. Sahil qureshi

      You are not one . We all are facing it

  5. I hope Abhi’s anger will not turn towards Pragya..and even if it is, there is some good behind it…

    1. Chithu ur fear is correct. Definetly he will end up by scolding pragya and blame her for tanu’s this step. Surely tanu will say to abhi that she cannot see him in this poor situation and we have to secure this child future too that’s why she forced to pick this step. Then obviously abhi’s anger will turn on pragya becoz she has owned his everything and she has not given money even after asking by him so he will definetly scold pragya badly for this in his anger in fact I think, he will do it infront of everyone in the function. Stupid idea of bulbul. Pragya and team r just wasting their time in foolish plannings. I wish that sharp shooter’s attack bring abhi closure to pragya or if abhi will get succeed in saving her then also he will taunt her like always. But ya he will b worried for pragya if he will get to know that attack has done by purposely. But for now I m not going to watch next episode becoz I can’t tolerate abhi’s bullshit talk about pragya and his sympathy for tanu. Idiot man, one side he says that he is forced to do marriage with tanu becoz that child becos it was fuggy’s wish but other side how can he blame pragya becoz of this baby? I m not at all interested in this crap. I will follow only update until the track will come on it’s interesting and right path.

      1. And chithu did u saw tanu how fastly and jumply she was dancing! She was not looking like a pregnant lady. And that nikhil! He is most useless character in the show. Nobody can see him with tanu yet, not pragya and team and not even abhi. He simply comes in house, meets tanu, talks her simply and then goes out simply. No one could see him with tanu, even after so many peoples in the house. But everyone is busy in their foolishness. Even pragya she remains busy now,with foolish fights with abhi mostly instead of keeping her eye on tanu and abhi! He have only a work- to fight with pragya and taunting her instead of finding her truth. Everything is going like a crap.

      2. Ya chithu and nikki surely abhi ll get angry on pragya stupidity. I too stop watching this show till this stupidity ends. And one more thing nikki u saw tanu was dancing they even can’t identify her. Just before only she came and showed her dress to dadi and Dasi bit no use of it. Y these writers doing illogical things and making fool of us. And one more thing nikki and chithu u noticed yesterday episode bulbul was not there. They took some scenes by using dupe.

      3. Ya PRIYA I noticed. Bulbul has shooted only one or two glimpse scene of herself to show her presence in the episode becoz mrunal aka bulbul was on her trip of canada and before that she was doing rehearsals and shoot for life OK’s channel dushehra special programme’s shoot and then she had gone for dandiya programme somewhere. She was very busy during these days that’s why her screen space was less in the show.

  6. Iwant bulbul and purab to get marrried & abi Pragya to reunite

  7. And still it goes on with no josh.. Pls dont dissappoint kkb fans

  8. I have a doubt who is the heroine of this serial pragya or tanu? I get irritated jus by reading the written updates! I feel really sorry for the ppl who watch this show without pulling their hair out! Gawd it’s awful !! Get this track over with already! I’m a tamizh girl but I watch hindi serials jus because it won’t be boring and dragging bit I feel lik tamizh serials are kinda better at least the story moves forward! This drama is going very messy ! And I feel so sorry ! Pls director and writer bring abhi and pragya back and expose alia and tanu! Or else you gonna lose your viewers !

    1. Ya chitti I can understand ur feelings becoz I am also a Tamil girl because that time I thought that hindi serials r better than tamil but now I am losing that interest ..

      1. Correct reji ? Intha serial la oruthar ku kooda manda la masala ve illa !! Abhi lam epdi rockstar aanaan? Sondhama ithu varaikum Oru decision Kooda eduthaDhu illa ! Alia and tanu avana dig maari use pannuvanga aana pragya va matum kathuvan saniyan! Seriously Intha pragya Oru loose ava panra sacrifice ku lam avan worth eh illa ?

    2. Even me…im also a tamizhian..im bored of tamizh serials dats y watching hindi serials but they are dragging too much yaar…I stopped watching this serial… after a long time I read the update but it is still in the same track…:(

    3. Aama pa ! Pavam director padhi script ezhuthitu meedhi ah maranthutaru pola! Yaaru petha pullayo ? namma innum 10 days ku apram paathalum ipdiye than irukum Intha serial ! ?

  9. Why dragging like this … Watch vani Rani tamizh serial see how they deal with problem and finish it off within week……

  10. I’m very very disappointed with abhi. The writer has to do something about his behavior. We can’t accepted this.kkb was a good serial but not anymore. The only thing we want to see is the reunite with abhi and pragya and I will be happy

  11. Too much of dragging. I think the person who writes the updates also feels so irritated so only delayed updating nowadays. Tanu the irritating idiot. When will she evaporate from this serial. Bulbul is not in this scene to extended the dragging episodes.

  12. Fed up of this series. Bulbul marry purab, pragya forget about loser abhi and let him marry that fool tanu. Find yourself a good man who deserves your love. Not an idiot who has his eyes close to the truth. Nikhil you need to buss tanu file about your baby.

    Aaliyah needs to get sent to jail, mitali needs to confess to her husband that she was the reason he went to jail. Dadi and Dadi go to the Caribbean and have a grand time without your grandkids. Take pragya and find her a better man than abhi. Some one like jalal, Sid,. Just someone other than abhi

    1. I think more like Vihaan!

      1. Marie how do u fix photo ? ? ???

  13. Chantal, there is only one reason that this should must be taken off the air and that is its absurdity.

  14. The writers don’t care about the fans of this show! I’ve lost interest in kkb. It’s boringggg! Please do someting.

  15. Round and round and round and round…….until Diwali. And again, round and round and round until Xmas…..and still the writer don’t hv any idea how to end this messed up serial…because they themselves are a bunch of messed up writers….hahahaha…..

  16. Hating KKB.. It used to be my fav serial but now I am all ok with the written episodes only.
    Writers have forgotten their actual plot of story and just are dragging this unneccessarily..
    Stop this crap show some good episodes in show.

  17. Guyzz nxt wat ll happen anyome knw?? Whether dat vjy kill pragya r not?

    1. Yuvi dear….we don’t hv the slightest idea…..KKB is one big mystery show…..to the extend of being a nonsensical show….with no direction of where its going….hahahaha….

  18. Dear all I too think this serial has been dragged too much than its necessity. Hope the writers speed up n show something positive ….it being vijayadasami today I hope the gud win over the evil……n s I’ve a serious doubt. If abhi loves n respects his dadi so much can’t dadi just blurt out the truth? Is he not going to believe her? N this abhi is one confused idiot…..wid his musplaced love n trust

  19. I think tanu is not pregnant and she also showed her dress ? to dadi and dasi but then also they can’t find and one more thing she was wearing netted ghunghat but then also ….

  20. what a story is this? This is very nonsense when u are going to expose tanu.aliya raj stupid .without completing this stupid drama they enter into another track This stupid killer will begin to love pragya and it wil take months (no,no) years together to finish.very boring plz end this

  21. Guys kkb has been crossed 400 episodes last Monday and we have still empty handed becoz we r roaming on same path of the story. Nothing sought out yet, only crap, crap, total crap is showing in the show. Shame on CVS. They have ruined such a nice show and talented actors. They r thinking that they can easily stretch their show by fooling us through this much crap but we r audience, we r not fools. We r watching the show only becoz of the great chemistry between the lead couples but if they will ruined this chemistry then no means of watching it. So I have decided that I will not watch kkb from now until they will not bring positivity and logic in the track. I will read only update and watch only segments. Becoz for now watching this show anymore will b like we r fools and I m not going to include myself in it.

    1. And nothing will b interesting happen till the end of this month becoz shikha Singh aks aaliya is down with dengue so she is in complete bed rest and tomorrow shabbir aka abhi is going to San Francisco for channel’s festival programme and 31soctober he is going to malaysia along with shikha singh aka aaliya for same festival programme on behalf of zee TV so becoz of their busy shedule, I don’t think so they will shoot for any big or interesting sequence without abhi and aaliya becoz their presence r important and needed to shoot any important sequence so guys till the end of this month, only crap and illogical stratching will b showing in the show so better to avoid it’s watching this month.

      1. Ya nikki
        Track will speed up in November only
        One more thing what if Pragya scold Tanu before Abhi could blame Pragya n shows like she cares for baby more then Tanu definitely abhi
        will believe her n scold Tanu more

  22. Got bored just d fights between abhigya but it 2 lost its splendid beauty

  23. Serial takes the prize for going on and on with nothing happening switched over to zindagi where stories are good they move fast and serial ends in approx 25 days

  24. Abhi did u hv 6 senses…..if hv sr u can tink as a man……u r realy wasting.

  25. Kkb is the worst serial.I don’t like.. Romba panranga tanu va pakarapo erichala iruku.I hate the serial.. Plz serial la sekaram mudichurunga.na ipolam YouTube LA kuda indha serial ah pakkaradhu ila..semmna mokkaiya iruku plz writers go to hell…thirumba vandhuradhinga

    1. metoo yazhini enakku ippaellam indha seriala paakkkave kaduppa irukku nambalum manishanga thaana i am totally fed uppppppppppppppp

      and guys as everybody we r saying kumkum bhagya do u have any sense please change the track u r losing biggest fans TRP also nowadays going down so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

      and nikki i am also not going to watch this serial

  26. till the Kumkum Bhagya start no track found by writer foe a married couple… Wrost day by day have no minnor reality

  27. Still dragggiiiinnnnnggggg

  28. Hi NIkki,

    I see for your comment..
    Current days, I had read your comments important,bec you have some more news for KKB.Now you are not watcihing KKB,Iam also not watched KKB,If you have anything changes will happened,Please inform written updtated..KKB.ORU BIG GUD BYE.

  29. New segment update- Raaj has planned to harm pragya. For this, he spills some oil on the floor from some distance of mata rani’s idol. Pragya comes to see some arrangements of worship of mata rani infront of mata rani’s idol. Abhi also comes there and gets start his usual nok- jhok with pragya. Then he moves from there by jumping on his one leg. Shooter vijay cuts the rope of big bell which was about to fall on pragya but abhi comes on jumping on his one leg, he gets slip becoz of that oil on the floor but he ends up rescue pragya on time by pulling her with him and they both falls on the floor and shares an intense eye lock with each other. Mata rani’s Kumkum’s thaal also falls with them by which that kumkum puts on pragya’s forhead by abhi accidently. Pragya assumes that mata rani’s kumkum has put on her forhead through abhi.Shabbir says to reporter that he doesn’t know that the bell has dropped purposely and this all happened becoz of someone’s planning so abhi is thinking that this all happened becoz of wish of mata rani. Shabbir says abhi’s Japan is pragya so if someone is behind her so it means that person is behind him also. Reporter says abhi and pragya gets come closure becoz of mata rani and mata rani has given pragya a very special and gud navratri gift as abhi’s name kumkum.

    1. Guys shabbir says pragya is abhi’s jaan so if someone is behind her so it means that person is behind him also. but when I was writing it then mistakenly it has written abhi’s Japan. Sorry for this.

      1. That means Abhi is not going to blame Pragya for Tanu

      2. Can’t say but ya looks like abhi is not seriously type angry with pragya. So that means tanu’s dancing issue will not turn as a serious matter to pragya through abhi. May b abhi will taunt pragya and blame her and then again will b normal as usual.

  30. KB: Abhi fills sindoor in Pragya’s maang, saves her life from Raj Upcoming Episode

    Raj plans to kill Pragya, Abhi saves Pragya life in Kumkum Bhagya

    The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Pragya (Shriti Jha) prepares for Navtratri celebration at Mehra house.

    Raj makes a plan to kill Pragya by make a bell fall on her so that no one can suspect on him.

    Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) makes Pragya annoyed by his useless talking and Pragya allows him to go anywhere where he wants.

    Abhi walks on one foot and goes outside.

    On the other hand, Raj pours some oil near to the temple and Prgya comes there without noticing this.

    Abhi fills Sindoor in Pragya’s Maang in process of saving her life

    Raj open bell’s threat and it falls on Pragya but Abhi saves Pragya in nick of time.

    In the process of saving Praya, he mistakenly fills sindoor Pragya’s maang.

    Both Pragya nd Abhi share some romantic eye lock and express their love for each other.

  31. This serial is now a big joke. If they have nothing to write then stop this nonsense. Expose Tanu , and give Pragya the strength to LEAVE ABHI who has no respect for her. He is a MORON .

  32. guy upcoming scenes abhi fill sindoor in pragya’s maang also save her life…c serial gossip in facebook also kkb fan pages.

  33. so much of dragging guys….no proper CV’s….tanu saying tht shez helpless due to abhi so both will argue if abhi gets anger he must slap tanu in tht track one pragya ll interfeor n gets slap or while try to slap tanu nikhil will enter n stop abhi by saying truth in anger na it ll bcm so good episode guys……what u all saying if it happen…..but it won’t happen bcz kkb writers there to be make us fool only……..

  34. I liked this show very much at beginning. But these days it is really going unworthy to watch. I did hope that when misunderstanding between abhi and praghya comes to an end, a beautiful relationship will come alive but everytime, even when abhi had come to know that praghya is different from his opinions-i find no difference greatly in his attitude towards her. I agree that story with unexpected twists will steal away the intersests of viewers but i find these twists to be dragging and ending in tangles which all viewers will really hate. so please writers,dont drag the story like this. You are utterly wasting potential of such brilliant artists from my point of view.

  35. i think it tooo drag guies

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