Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Abhi’s residence
As pragya lies atop him, they both eye each other awkwardly. he thinks that he feels all of his life’s problems are solved, if she is this close. she thinks that they should be this close all their life. he asks what she just said. she denies. he tells what she was thinking. she says that she didnt want that, but when she hears him thinking so, it means he might just be wanting this, and that he doesnt want to separate. they eye each other romantically. Granny comes and is super happy to see them like this. she amusedly coughs, and asks them to get up as its good morning. she asks them to come have breakfast. he says that they were finalising the deal. Pragya says that its nthing, as they stand embarassed and flushed, and asks granny to side

with her. she asks them to have breakfast first. they rush out. as tanu comes in, he informs that the share is finally happening, and leaves. she thinks that his relation is being halved. she says that money is like that, due to which she first left him, and now the vice versa, and its good she kept the key back to pragya.

Downstairs, Pragya’s mother welcomes them both, and asks them to come have food. he asks if they can divide the money first. granny talks about the 50-50, and they are amused. but sarla reminds them to have food first, talking about what she has made, which makes abhi’s mouth water, and he readily agrees to eat. all are amused. they all proceed towards the dining table. sarla eyes tanu and gets tensed. tani thinks that she has already settled matters. Tanu thinks that only he knows where he money is. she remembers how she gave it to the nurse in nikhil’s hospital, to keep it safeguarded, and not open her mouth, about how, where and why she landed this kind of cash. the nurse complies and leaves. she is amused. he asks her not to be too overconfident, as pragya has a knack of hitting back every single time. he asks her to pay the hospital bills and free him from here. he asks her to remember how she brainwashed rj, and separated alia from her, and he says that they shall target her support system, her mother too. she asks him not to worry. she says that she shall be very careful, about hurting her. he asks her to start hitting on home ground. she says that its started. he asks her not to consider it easy, as the first chance pragya gets, she would hit back, and asks her not to be foolish. she asks him to beware as she would stop coming if he abuses her. she smirks thinking, that their delay is increasing their desperation, as her aides have been cut off, one is in australia and the other in hospital. she thinks that she shall have breakfast too, after which they shall start their game plan. mitali fights with her mother in law, blaming each other, of the faults that led to the failure of the plan, they continuously cast hurling accusations at each other.

At the dining table, all enjoy the sumptuous breakfast, while sarla asks how is it. they chatter while eating, like a traditional hearty punjabi family, while granny reminds them all of abhi’s old tales, and all are amused. then they have the traditional lassi too. they all start talking about how t feels good to have a nice family meal, amidst heart banter and cheerful chattering. tanu arrives. granny says that she knows she is hasty about the money, but asks her to let abhi have food first. she asks whats the haste, of her money. tanu stands embarassed, and wonders how to tell their of the plan to evict pragya, so that she becomes the owner. granny invites her to sit and have food. tanu says that she cant as its oily. mitali and the mother too join them. pragya and abhi again start fighting like children, over the food, and tanu reacts weird, which makes pragya worried and boggled. they again crib like children, as to who got the bigger share of the bhatura. all are amused. tanu asks if they can leave now. he complies. but sarla says that lassi is a pre-requisite, and then serves it to everyone. he drinks with much glee. she gets frustrated and again reminds about the money. pragya wonders why is she so hasty about the share. she invites all of them to witness it, to avoid any ambiguity. tanu says that its good since she would be embarassed in front of everyone. they all reach up. pragya thinks that she is super excited.

In the room, after much intentional deliberation, pragya opens the safe, while all watch in anticipation. but they are aghast to see the money vault empty, and when pragya turns around she herself is shocked too. tanu steps up, and immediately starts indirectly accusing pragya of the theft, while they are all tensed and shocked. tanu smirks evilly, as pragya lands in a tight spot, as she vehemently and fumbling, tries to prove that she kept them here itself. she is boggled as to where it went. mitali and her mother discuss that someone else instead of them, took the money. abhi is tensed how to react. tanu continues to pin point as to how noone else had access to the room, and only pragya had the keys, and ince its not a small amount that can be mishandled, and it definitely points out that they have been stolen. tanu asks where is the key, and pragya responds that its always with her. they are tensed as to what she is trying to insinuate. granny reprimands as to what she is saying. she continues poke and investiagtes pragya, as to what could have happened. sarla says that pragya couldnt have done it. akaash asks her to beware of hat he is saying about pragya. rajjo too sides with pragya. tanu asks abhi to be strict and pragya shall say everything. sarla asks her not to advise him as he knows whats to be done. she says that she too knows. abhi acolds tanu, and she defiantly says that she is doing the right thing, being his wife, she is concerned for his money. she asks pragya yet again, while she say that she kept it in the safe, and thn is opening it now. tanu accusingly asks her where and who could have taken it then. tanu asks her yet again. pragya is asked by akash, granny and sarla that since she isnt wrong, she neednt be tensed, and asks her to remember clearly where she had kept. she remembers as to how purab was with her, and calls him to confirm. he also assures her that they kept it together. they both are tensed together, and boggled as to how is it possible, and places it on loudspeaker for everyone to know that she kept. abhi stands tensed. the screen freezes on Pragya’s tensed face, as all eyes are n her.

Precap: Tanu asks praga again as to whre is the money and if she even kept it, and if she did, and noone else had the access, then its sure that she stole the money. Pragya continuously tries to vehemently emphasise to abhi that she wasnt after this, looking in his eyes to seek confirmation. he stands tensedly though. pragya is distraught, while all others are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Teeshta

    Wat a bullshit scrap… this tanu episode isnt going to end… d writers are going to keep TANU EVER PREGNANT N NEVER DELIVER… NONSENSE SERIAL

    • sham

      Who is tanu question about money. If pragya even acting like owner of whole property then why she shoulf answer about her money.as usual illogical script

      • Sahithi

        Even when she was not allegedly carrying Abhi’s baby and only Aaliya’s friend, she still did this lawyer giri of trying to question everyone in MM about everything. Now that she is the official fiance of Abhi she HAS RIGHT to question his legal wife. Or so the writers showcase always.

  2. ann

    we aren’t going anywhere are we?….the story is lost in recycling and absolute nonsense…this episode had nothing of interest but tanu’s screeching voice and her idea that she is indeed the boss and what did she say ‘the wife’ of abhi…these writers are seriously in need of some desperate help,,,because it seems they cannot move this story in a different direction…but only keep repeating and repeating especially this tanu irritating and complete @#$@ track…

  3. laura

    What the hell,don’t they have a cctv footage in that room near voilt .it could show tuna stealing the money.such a stupid episode

  4. steffyrao

    Thank you Rimjhim for a detailed WU. It’s so easy to visualise the whole episode. Thanks a million.
    I find it sòooo hard to digest todays episode& dialogue! !! SO MUCH SO IT HAS CAUSED ME TO HAVE GASTRITIS. Even if i dont have a history of symptoms of it….
    The dialogue & the whole episode made my tummy & my head BURST!
    Its just sooo ludicrous!!
    Gosh how can Tanu be given sooo much
    lee way to scream, screech & question Pragya while Dadi & Abhi especially jus stare & look tense. Sooo much of stupidity in the script & direction. Gosh when is Abhi gona get an inkling of a CLUE….
    Takhil seem so confident & unafraid having committed so many crimes. Abhi hasnt questioned Sarla ladoo abt her kidnappin
    & accident. And this stolen money reminds me of Purvis incident. Because Purv had to act inanother show, she was accused of kidnapping& taking money. Now the same thing with Sarla ladoo.
    If there were no Abhigya scenes this show wld have been buried long ago.
    But CVs seem to be giving KKB a slow death at tge rate they are going.
    Seriously CVs blinking give Abhi his BRAIN & freaking put a seed of doubt in his head abt Tanu for goodness sakes!!!!
    If you wana drag this this track ….pls do it with intelligence! KKB is shown on an international platform. ..pls dont embarrass yourselves & have some dignity & respect for the hard working g & talented cast that you have plsssss. How can you CVs stifle the casts ability & talent to this extent with such scripts.

  5. Rishneee

    That nurse was the luckiest… she got abhi’s hard earned money in a jiff for a couple of lies.. where this serial is going!!!!!

  6. maria chenelle

    I already stop watch this serial … day by day the storyline is getting worse and nonsense…tanu and the evil plan always win…abhigya relations no movement…I dun want expect more ..just end this serial …

  7. Ishani

    This is too much..
    When will end this evil thanu’s stupid story line?
    I’m fed up…
    These writers have no seance…
    This is soooooo boring…
    They repeating same scenes again & again..

    • At one time they show pragya & CO intelligent in nex moment they are shown as duffer’s, why can’t they check the hospital CCTV,home CCTV,
      When they are confirmed why not go for DNA test ,and why sarla not exposiñg nikhil and tanu’s deeds directly to abhi,and why abhi is behaving like duffer when he sees tanu acting like having pregnency painin one moment and being OK twice in quick succession.
      Stop all this rubbish

  8. sandhya

    Congo money stealing drama third time and this time also pragya trapped great hapennings every thing is going onn as merry go round seriously now I am confirmed that this totka queen is not going to reveal the truth so soon wait for one more year

  9. Sni

    Pathetic serial …..itz just waste of time watching this…..how cud it b so full of this drama
    Useless story…..

  10. Alia

    After all this you would of thought that tanu would give birth or have a damn miscarriage. Plus how is her baby bump literally as big as her brain.

  11. Naveen

    I now abhi will do anything right now sat ala and Pragya abhi will help and find out the tanu truth now who the thief is now tanu will expose fast now the director donot have brain pergency drama going above 2 years and expose tanu fast please any another direction and tanu pergency drama going too much now

  12. Shona

    This is the worst written show ever from SA
    Have some pride Indian writers just end this blo*dy show that shows evil triumphs over evil sick

  13. shobana

    Hi ? rimjhim. I must really thank you for this update because I missed todays episode but while reading this update I can really visualize what has happened in the episode. Thank you for spending ur valuable time for updating this episode for us

  14. bukky

    Stupid, irritated nd disgusting show, am very sure tanu will be pregrant nd dey will never reveal her truth in d next 1year so dey should stop dis kkb nd slot in another new show for us

  15. shobana

    Guys im out of town. Came to my native. So I missed todays episode. But im not worried about it since prathiksha has already updated what is going to happen.

    This stealing money concept reminds me one thing. When pragya was in fuggy avatar she stole 1 crore rupee under tanu’s compulsion which was given by Aakash to dasi. And pragya was blamed by tanu for stealing money. At that time abhi was stands tensed thinking this can’t done by pragya
    Now purab gives one crore rupee to pragya and again its tanu’s plan to steal the money. This time she herself steals the money and blames pragya like before and abhi to didn’t say even a word like before. But only difference is this time sarla ma is also be blamed for stealing money.
    How many times the CVs will show us the same scene .

    • asmitha

      nice shobana enjoy u r Sunday
      abt epi nothing but didn’t speak a word I think precap is not that tanu shouts on her for money and insulted her abhi stops tanu and says that she is also feeling for money and he asks pragya to remind where she kept money she feels so tensed then sarla ma says that pragya don’t feel tense nothing will happen and says when u not stole y u r feeling tensed abhi looks on

      • asmitha

        by seeing precap.I understood one thing that if abhi misunderstands her then it will be again a big crap no more abhigya scenes and again we have to watch abhi hatred towards pragya and if not it will be nice if they both unite and solve this problem na then it will good to watch but what is going to happen don’t know let’s watch but what he should not misunderstands her

      • shobana

        Just went to temple (Thiruchendur Murugan Temple) full of crowd in the early morning 6 o’ clock itself since yesterday and today is vaigasi vishagam. But by God’s grace we had very good Darshan in spite of the huge crowd.

  16. riya

    plz end ths trck nw totaly fed up wid it
    if there is no new stry atleast end ths trck n thn bring new twist dont revolve the stry again n again on the sme concept
    evn reading episode is unbearable nw

  17. Raaz

    This is such a bull shit..Cant you guys just end this track. Are you out of story to keep dragging this track.

  18. puntu

    Omg…how long are they dragging this kkb? Plz expose Tannu and show something new. I think tannu will also take same time as rachana ( more than 10 month) to give birth a child . its getting boring day by day.

  19. NAVEED

    As pragya is owner of the house ,how come someone questions her about the money and Tanu has no right at all.
    Why Pragya is nervous and WHY ABHI is quiet?
    Does he not know Pragya can not do such thing as theft of her own money?
    Pragyya should get loud on Tanu,everybody is dullard in the house that nobody doubt Tanu.
    They can watch CCV TV footage.Why this crap is being shown?
    This is totally illogical and unecessarily dragging of the show.

  20. karthika

    pragya gets suspicious abut tanu when she was very desperate to share the money…but when the money went stolen she must have known that it’s all tanu’s conspiracy but she didn’t even think abut it…..today’s episode abhi didn’t speak one word defending pragya…tanu accuses her for stealoing money..he knows that pragya vl not do it but eventhough he didn’t speak up..in precap abhi gave suspicous look at pragya when sara maa said when pragya didn’t steal it,then why is looks frightened???i mean sarla maa is helping tanu and i wish abhi should not suspect for it…if tanu accuses sarla maa,i’m sure he’ll not believe…but lyk prathiksha said regarding self respect she might leave the house..as nikhil said after all this melo-drama pragya vl do something as she luves her mom so much can’t see her geting insulted…let’s see what vl be pragya’snxt plan to prove sarla maa’s innocence????

  21. gowtham

    ha ha ?? one big family…. they are all standing in a circle format… in center tanu is standing…. and tanu is questioning the owner of the house.. taunts her very badly… for tanus wrds, prgyas is crying… i seriously laughed on seeing this part.. actually yesterday i didn see the episode but whn i turn on the tv tanu questions prgaya….. on seeing that itself, i laughed… i mean anyways prgya is the owner of the house… if she had taken the money, wats the problem fr the rest…. her money her wish…. and juz fr tanus wrds and juz fr blaming sarlama, prgaya is crying … wat is this…. why she has to give that much important to tanus wrds…… in response if she says one wrd agianst tanu, entire stryline will end….. as all says.. we can change the name to ” tanu bhagya”….. tanu has all the right
    to taunt mm members
    can do every conspiracy against mm members
    can accuse anyone fr anythng….
    finally can question the owner itself
    this much right tanu is having….
    coming to prgaya all she does is

    challenging vigorously??
    doing romance wd abhi
    crying whenever tanu taunts
    accept everything whn tanu accuses her (by saying no proof??)
    i dnt knw wat she ll do with that proof and i dnt knw wat she meant by proof… she only knws the definition of proof on her level… finally abhi… he is a rockstar…. thats all…. in home he is like tubelight nowadays.. but nothing to be blamed frm his side… i will put all the blamings to prgya only… from the starting itslwf she and dadi was the reasn fr all this tanus stupid activities…. tanu takes advantage of everything… she knws this people will search for the imaginary proof which ll be never findable… so she easily understood them and moves the plan frwrd…. in current line whn tanu taunts everybody is silent, atleast if one comes ahead and says,”” who are u to interfere you third rated cheap ” if anybody says like that it ll be the ultimate twist ever happened in kkb… but obviously it will not happen as we all knw y this drama is happening… it s for letting sarla ma out… so nthng is there to put our expectations with…. so i dnt feel fr missing yesterdays episode….. bcoz nothing importantly happened and lets see aftr sarala mas departure wat cvs have in their alien mind???

    • Exactly gowtham this was the most illogical thing that tanu is accusing and sreeching on pragya most but any other member of family and not even abhi was bother for asking questions to pragya. This is not the first time, infact this is happening from day one of the show that tanu always interfere freely in abhi’s house and it’s matters and no one stops her, never. So it was expected this time also. And this was the most stupidiest accusation that pragya stole the money, who is ownself the owner of everything. Can CVS tell us that how can an owner steel it’s own money? Is there any need of it? Why Sarla maa too can steal the money when her daughter have the money and all the power in her hands? Sarla maa can ask for it to pragya and pragya too can give it to sarla maa. Nobody have a right to raise question on it? We knows pragya and sarla maa will not use abhi’s money for their profits but logically for the mehra’s, it is fact that Pragya and sarla maa no need to steal the money? And one more thing if briefcase finds in anyone’s room, so is that mean that the person is theif? How it can prove from it that pragya or sarla maa stole the money? Did anyone saw them at the time of stealing? Tanu’s plan is much based on manipulations more than well execution. If peoples in the house really have minds then they will not come in tanu’s manipulation but if they r stupid and dumb and it is CVS wish that they believe on it then tanu will easily get succeed in her plan. But seriously gowtham, whatever, I m not interested to seeing this much crap which can’t b digest anyhow.

      • gowtham

        yeah pratiksha…. as u said if briefcase is found in anyones room, it doesn’t mean he/she has stolen it…. if it was tanu in that victim position she would say someone put that briefcase in her room… and she will ask fr proofs that proves she is the theif… and prgaya ll take years to find the proof…. but coming to protagonist, they ll accept everything … they dont have brain to ask proof and all… but to expose tanu they ll look fr prrof which is taking liftime…. b4 prgaya told tanu that she ll slso do some cheat business to let tanus truth out.. but it seems she doesn’t do anything at all…. same plan she can reverse it to tanu also by putting the briefcase in tanus room she can ask her to get out…. but if the cvs do like that, they can’t drag the story so it will not happen… so bad thngs and non briany things only happen fr the antagonist…. evils will come up with alien brian with 100% brain activities…

    • Brintha

      gowtham fan’s here always tells. we are here for abigya.. so cvs gone down to kinder garden kids level.. to fight for paratha, channa batura.. i was surprised am i in pogo channel..akash has a baby abd living his married life happily after so much problems.. look at the abhigya scenes in open forum kissing to her hands are such a big deal…. all famimy ppl blushes… shameless writer… i hv one question… why abhigya room never latched.. it’s like a living room any one can come.. anything can be done apart from what supposed to happen thr.. its husband and wife privacy place.. shameless writer showing as mall lobby.. particularly elder ppl won’t enter to anyone bedroom like this.. shameless dadi.. only when funtions happend due to space contrsints ppl wiill be allowed in bedrooms.. otherwise no… this is what something fishy from the beginning of kkb.. if pragya wud hv latched tge door many problems wud hv not happened frm mms track..

      • gowtham

        ha ha nice question… and like this many questions arises brin… but cvs will continue wat they are doing now lik u said, they ve gone to kinder garden level.. so its little bit difficult to grow fr cvs…. they became child and persuaded us to accept the state….

  22. Bulshit show kkb

    the writer dont hv brain ,bacha kitne mahine me paida hota hai use pata hi nhi bas ghisa pita story likh raha hai sala haramkhor
    Tanu ka bachha to gnzz book rcrd karne wala hai..
    Itna khrb cmnt sunne k bad v ye writer nhi sudhra

  23. After getting yesterday’s episode, I felt wow!! How easily everything was happening according to takhil’s plan. How easy is for tanu to execute whole plan so easily without catching. Her actions were clearly saying that she is behind all this but everybody were behaving like they r unaware from tanu’s evil tricks. It says that thief makes loudest noise among everybody, which was tanu doing from the starting of the talk of money matter and later for accusing and asking from pragya about money stealing more than others. But no body was trying to give pressure in their mind, not even once that why tanu is giving this much pressure to this money matter from starting. Except abhi, Along with pragya, most of mehra’s knows tanu and pragya’s truth and difference between them so it should not b any place for doubt that who could do this? I was wondering how much easy for a villain to execute it’s plan under the roof of a rockstar’s house even after so much security, cameras and peoples presence. Abhi’s house looks like a normal man’s house more than a rockstar house. Can CVS not give any logic in their story? Firstly, pragya kept keys under her pillow, then abhigya’s all time open room for all, then tanu’s stealing of keys and then money easily and then kept it in sarla maa’s room so easily, then she again successfully kept keys back in the room! and then in the morning, she takes the money to hospital and gives it to nurse and came back without noticing anyone!! God! Lots of indigestible things. Now if abhi too will doubt on pragya and sarla maa according to tanu’s plan then it will not b surprising. Becoz when everything happened so easily then making fool and manipulate abhi is the most easiest thing for tanu. Isn’t it guys? He is unaware from pragya’s truth so if once he will suspect her then it could b acceptable somehow but if he will doubt in sarla maa then no one could b stupid and dumb as him. We r expecting positive reactions to abhi so if we will see opposite if it then it will b worst for us. Now from this Monday, there will b most space for tanu’s screeching and accusations in the show. which I can’t tolerate for a second and if abhi too will give opposite response then it will b worst torcher for me. So I have decided that I m not going to watch the show atleast for two- three days and if later also nothing will happen positive and gud then may b I will not watch the show in this whole upcoming week. I will just get updates. That’s it. Now I m just waiting for shikha’s aka aaliya’s come back becoz whenever she comes back, her entry gives the story interesting turns and some conclusions. And the Gus news is this guys that shikha is coming back from her homemoon holidays from Australia to Mumbai. She gives this info through her instagram account that she is coming back to home and on work too. So i m eagerlt waiting for aaliya’s come back.

    • asmitha

      s pratiksha I agree with u how tanu can question easily and if abhi believes tanu words and misunderstands pragya then it will be waste of time to watch this serial and if he not believes and find himself who then it will be nice but whatever it may be I am feeling pity for abhigya they r really talented actors but cv’s r not using them they r showing them as dumb it is very sad by seeing them like this when they will change their story line

    • gowtham

      ha ha ha??? you potrayed better than the cvs pratiksha….
      1)tanu enter prgya room
      (no one notice???)
      2)taken keys
      (no one notices???)
      3)taking money
      (no one notices???)
      4)entering sarla room
      (no one notices???)
      5)putting the money
      (no one notices???)
      6)putting the key back
      (to d core no one notices???)
      7)dominating position of asking questions about who is she frst of all??
      (no one asks and all gives expression lik prgay or sarala really stole it??)
      8) aftr all these incidents like prtiksha said, manipulating abhi against sarala and prgaya ll be the easiest process fr tanu…
      i thnk she must have taken some invisible tablets b4 doing all the process.. so only she was invisible all the time… and the best part is she could take ten lakhs
      and given to nikhil… superb awesome…. tanu…. but seriously i laughed on reading your comments pratiksha… ??? have shown your comment to my mom and she also laughed…. rather than getting upset., nowadys am laughing only….. everything goes wandering without the way after saralas recovery….. super cvs

      • What! U show it to ur mom! ?What she will b thinking about me na that what a poor frustrated fan of kkb!? felt gud that if not kkb then at least we can laugh and enjoy through commenting on it. But seriously gowtham kkb has become such a waste and rubbish show now. It has dead now and needs a life to grow again with it’s previous charm which had in starting. We all got tired more from the limit of tiredness by watching this crap since long. God knows when we got our old kkb back? missing those days of kkb so much.?

    • Brintha

      prathiksha, alia entry is it possible now?.. i like alia entry only whn bulbul rentry.. otherwise after tanu exposure.. let her come with more vigorous.. but it shud hv a proper reason .. now the reason is not much intresting….mms track, bulbul marriage, property name changing, and last now, so total 4times alia is been exposed… 2 times reentered.. so no interesting.. now audience far most waiting is tanu nikhil exposure.. otherthan that nothing can bring audience attention.. though abhigya scenes are more no one is interested..

      • shobana

        If u want alia to enter after tanu’s exposure means she will never enter into kkb again since tanu’s exposure will never happen in kkb

      • Yes off course brintha it can b possible if CVS will want. Shikha was telling that she is coming back to home and on work too. So let’s see. Aaliya can’t come to mehra house but she can live outside somewhere from it, hidingly and no one can know it as for everybody she has been gone for Australia. So let’s see.

      • gowtham

        y can’t come inside pratiksha?? if cvs want to put aaliya inside mm aftr her arrival, then they ll create some atryline and again put her back…… its normally happening in these days of kkb… if they want to kill anyone next day itself they ll do… who knows aaliya may be turn good to enter mm again… and thn again they ll change the characteristics…. we cant guess anythng in kkb….

    • Aishwarya

      Yes prathiksha ur each n every words r right n i felt after watching yesterday epi that abhi only needs pragya for romance n nothing else more coz if he loves her love is all about trust so he should shut that tanu mouth but he standing silently like doll there is no logic in his behaviour his behaviour may be right when he hates her n misunderstood her but in current situation he believing that his fuggy is hide under this mogambo for that only he doing many to make her confess her love but when tanu puts blame on pragya she again n again looked at abhi but he didnt open his mouth n single words to make pragya feel safe what kind of love is this no trust atleast he should trust his fuggy na yesterday abhi behaviour was disgusting i m a huge fan of abhi but yesterday i felt like hating coz his behaviour is like slaping on pragya face infront of tanu i realy disappointed what u saying guyzz prathiksha,reji ,gowtham anna,shobana,sahithi n others

      • Aishwarya

        I m also saying that from this incident pragya should leave mm or abhi’s room n also maintain distance with him it will be a punishment for his behaviour n also it helpful for her to fo her work without distraction it also make him understand how his behaviour hurted her

      • Aiahwarya we should wait for his response at the end of this money stealing drama. If he will again misunderstood pragya and sarla maa for money then what I think trust can never make it’s place between them becoz of this difference of status. Pragya belongs to middle class background and abhi belongs to high class. Although he stood up from lower to high but he become married with pragya after becoming high in status. But pragya still have a middle class background by her maika(mother’s house), which always creates a rift between them of high class and lower class by manipulations of others. Abhi’s weakness is this that he easily gets manipulate by others. This is the reason that pragya too diesn’t trust on him completely. And that’s why she and everybody is hiding truth from him. Off course love is there between them but lack of trust is the weakest point of their relationship which is biggest cause of every problems and issues in their life. Like this, there r many more weaknesses in their relationship which makes their relationship weak but it is only their love who keeps them together always in any circumstances. Abhigya have to remove the weaknesses of their relationship to make it successful and complete.

      • Sahithi

        Aishu, we should wait for the actual episodes as OLV and segment have only few details. Let us wait till this sequence is complete and see what Abhi has to say. Looking at his expressions yday, one thing was evident like he said lot of times before to Pragya , to divide the property between family members to avoid more issues. If the money is not found in Sarla’s room, he will definitely scold Pragya that money is creating all problems in his family. So we have to see how he will react when money is found in guest room.

        Pratiksha, I dont agree with your opinion of status gap between Abhi n Pragya. He was under that impression till MMS track, but after Pragya signed the divorce papers without asking alimony, not once did he think about Pragya or her middle class status. Even when he hated Pragya as Mogambo after start of makeover track he, never ever, thought to himself or said to Pragya or anyone else in family that Pragya took property by cheating owing to her middle class nature.

        He said this twice that all that property is as much his as Pragya’s as she was his wife – once when he asked Pragya how she will spend this money, she replied go on world tour, he said u could have gone on tour being my wife, along with me.
        Once more when Aaliya got the property transferred on her name, and he was crying in his room, Pragya tries to console, he said samething that Pragya also cheated him for money when she was his wife and all his money belonged to her.

        Both these occasions he meant wholeheartedly that being his wife Pragya had all right on his money. So even if someone tries to manipulate him showing their status gap he wont buy into it now. He would only be sad that Pragya took property on her name, giving others opportunity to point at her.

      • Sahithi plz don’t mind. U ever agree with me and my any points so why u will b now? It’s been record that u never agreed with my any comment. Just joking? Anyways, I m not saying that abhi measures pragya by status and money, I m saying others measures her by money and status. But like u said that money always remained an issue between them mostly. This is what I m saying. Everybody took advantage of pragya’s middle class background for proving her wrong in front of abhi. Although he doesn’t accept any direct blame on pragya but definetly a rift creates between them becoz of it, whether abhi’s thinking is different from it or not?

      • Sahithi

        Hehehe Pratiksha, I think we can agree to disagree.
        I am also keen to know how this sequence will be ended, as this is not the first time money drama and theft are happening in MM, just very recently Aaliya tried to take away money for corporator. But still ppl make such surprised faces everytime.

        And this was same ditto plan tried out by Tanu at start of the pregnancy track when Pragya wanted to make herself look wrong and move out of MM. As per their claims, Tanu is still 7 months pregnant so this happened less than 6 months ago, but still no one is getting any doubt, including Abhi who was aware of the plan these ladies were trying out back then.

        Please writers, the loyal audience havent forgotten any sequence so stop recycling the same scenes, and when u do recycle, dont make the characters behave as if this is happening for the first time.

    • Aishwarya

      Tq prathiksha so kind of u always ur gave a brief n clear explanation to my every doubt or any stupid questions ur right we have to wait for his response but one thing yesterday his behaviour was disgusting d cvs make him lost his talent charm braveness they gave pragya new braveness but made abhi a dumb lets see how much he proves love for pragya(fuggy)

      • Aishwarya

        Tq sahithi for ur explanation prathiksha u gowtham reji n everyone in d grp u guyz were such amazing u guys r solving others doubt without fail n without any problem tq u all u i feel blessed to have a frns like u n all credits go to kkb n tellyupdate for making me find these type of good people really hats off to all of u guyz

  24. Amouse

    This series will now run up to Episode 600 before it comes to an end. I used to love reading your comments. I can see you all are fed up and perhaps watch something else.. When evil asks God to hep like Tanu, money comes. So you wonder where is God for the good people???????????????

    • Aarthi

      God is always there to.help gud people….if any wife knows somebdy s taking advantage of her husband she will just told him this is happening,and u should hve to keep distance from that person.and te matter will end there…..but indian serials always showing wives as the most iditic people who cant talk face to face and in the name of sacrifice nd patience ruin everything including the hus wife relation….and most wonderful thing is that this kind of foolishness always get high trp’s….

    • shobana

      In reality only god will help for good people.
      But in serials god will help only evil people maybe at the end of the show god will help good people

  25. sheetha

    Hi friends how u all…. Missing u all…..

    Coming to the episode… Irritating… I wont watch Monday episode.. I cant tolerate that white rat scholding and shouting pyagya and sarlama.. Instead of exposing tanu cvs are torchering us..

    • gowtham

      hi sheetha… epdi irukinga… why not commenting often… missing yr comments… cvs are torturing us more fr the past three weeks…

      • sheetha

        Nala eruka gowtham.. Full work so only comment pana mudila and my exams starting on June 1st .. So I m taking leave from coming 25 to June 8.. So I have to complete all my work before so only I cant comment but reading ur comments regularly… and how is ur new job bro..

      • gowtham

        my wrking atmosphere is highly professional i have too agree that… but till mow i dnt gain any new companion there… sitting all alone in my respected area… and since starting period they give some documents to read.. like that only going…. m looking fwd to much more excitement.. but till now none happened.. lets see how it goes??… hoping fr good…

      • sheetha

        Don’t worry bro.. It will take time to mingle.. Soon u will get a good companion..

  26. Mima

    Seriously? A rockstar living with is wife, mother in law, pregnant girl friend and granny under the same roof has money stolen from his room that has cctv and everyone is shocked and tense? Am sure you can do better than this!

  27. Shaz

    Before every plan pragya says “if it fails I will tell the truth to abhi”. But finally after the failure of her plan, start to think for another failure plan… Very nice keep it up.. All the best for many failures… Best of bad luck…

  28. Hi I m silent reader it’s better every one stop commenting even not signal comment for kkb than trp will be down and kkb will come on original track… so pls stop commenting ….
    It’s better to watch tamana , dehleez altest they are not darrgging the serials .


  29. chithu55

    Hello Guys….how r u? Not sure whether many people here know me …I was one of the people,to comment often some months back…
    Nikki is still there here??

    • Hi chithu? it’s me Nikki but i changed my profile user name as pratiksha becoz of some issues. But O my god! After so long! Where were u? I missed u a lot and always thinks why u suddenly vanished? I thought u have stopped watching kkb. That’s why u quited from here also. Feeeling really very nice to see u back and glad that u still remember me. Welcome back chithu. Hope from now we will keep in touch.?

      • chithu55

        Sure Nikki? yeah..am still watching KKB..but has gone out of the group since someone kept on using my name in the group….

        Anyway…after longtime ..so good to see you ?

    • navi

      hey chithu.! I ws missing ur comment al these days..! I frequently ask abt u in tis site..!! 🙂

  30. kitty

    very stupid how tanu allowed to talk so much its pragya money why should she steel it and abi has no brain his own always agree with tanu,

  31. Dimple

    Completely boring fed up with this Tanu’s crap but still sticking to it for the sake of Abhigya . It would be better when the show evolves with some improvement.

  32. asmitha

    I think from coming episodes we have to see that how tanu is going to escape ing from pragya plans but not what pragya is going to plan

  33. Jess Frank

    I think it is time for KB to pull the curtains because they do not seem to have anything more to show except for the very overdue pregnant Tanu who never seems to get caught along with the father of her kid. Then we have a dumb Abhi who cannot live without Pragya and yet does not trust her. And lastly, Pragya and Sara knows that Nikhil is the father of Tanu’s child but they are not telling Abhi. How much more of this can we digest? It is best to stop watching.

  34. Mittenzz

    I think these people need to read some John Grisham novels. Yes we all know that Sarla did not steal the case of money, but as the writers state she only needed 10L, why take the whole case load?
    2) yes they found the case in her room, will they not count to see if all is still there?
    3) when they went to search the house, if Pragya and Sarla, like Tanu screechingly suggested were in on stealing the money together,
    a) wouldn’t Pragya dissuade them from going to her room in the first place?
    b) why would she be stupid enough to have her mother keep it?
    c) when the search gets underway, why wouldn’t they be smart enough to move it from Sarla’s room?
    Instead innocent Sarla told them I have nothing to hide, go ahead and search. Would that be the call of a guilty person?
    These writers need a refresher course. Their story line, lacks imagination, substance and logic.
    Pragya, instead of standing around opening and closing her mouth like a guppy(fish), she needs to push back or even give Tanu a slap for her cheap remarks. She’s not the owner of the house or money, she’s the one begging, so what right does she have to question or talk to her that way? What efrantry?
    So Sarla needs money for her wedding all, will they not check if all the money us accounted for? If found that 10L is missing, will it be hard to track if payment was made to the hall? It was said that all evidence will point to Sarla? But what evidence? Just the briefcase in her room and the bill for the hall? Would that be all?
    That’ a cheap trial… Will there be a receipt of payment to the hall if 10L if found that 10L is missing?
    Tanu and Nikhil believe they are smart, that that 10L won’t be able to be tracked. Yes they might be able to create a rift with the bonding between Abhi and Pragya but for how long. Pragya is going to pull away from him because he will not show support or believe on her that she or her mother would not steal from him. He will see or rather feel the distance growing and will then try to find a way to get them back to where they were, hence the umbrella over Pragya’s head. He’s gonna try to bridge that gap.

  35. Sahithi

    All logic explained to utmost detail, but unfortunately the writers have left logic in the show long back. They only want to write emotional drama.

    Pragya gave money to Abhi before also, remember the 10L that Tanu asked for buying wedding dress, but then she just gave in Abhi hands. But this time there was no reason why Pragya should call every one in family. That sharing of money should only involve Pragya n Abhi, but instead she called entire family for showing that drama. Tanu is being given way too much screen space to talk when Pragya may be, is answerable to Abhi only. In an effort to expose Tanu, Pragya and people supporting her are going dumb more and more with each passing episode.

    Coming to montage, I think Abhi looking away signifies that from mind Abhi is angry with Pragya, may be because of this incident or may be more sequences after this money stealing scene. But he putting umbrella on her head means he cares for her from heart though his mind is telling him otherwise.

    • Sahithi

      My comment was supposed to be in reply to Mittenz, somehow it got posted else where.

  36. Swarnali Mukherjee

    So once again I am here for Abhigya only… Rest are invisible to me… O Abhigya day by day you become more cute… I just lost words for you… And Pragya don’t you think now a days you glow very much? Whats the reason behind? May be love! God bless you…. And last but not the list I love you cutie pies… Keep flirting keep rocking keep smiling and keep the show still on top…. It’s you Abhigya who deserves all the credits….

    • asmitha

      really u r right now a days pragya looking so pretty I to observed this so that’s y abhi is not leaving a chance to romance with her but yesterday she looks so pretty in pink saree

  37. Shaz

    They covered about 300 episodes by tanu’s pregnancy. But she is only 7 months. When will they expose tanu??? Will they expose tanu or not???

    • Akshya

      In kkb 4-5 episode equal to 1 day according to u its 60+20 (leap)days its just 80 days approx and if tanu is 7 months frm feb it is August or September so its still kkb is traveling in sep 2015 but illogic thing is to 2 holi and film promos …… I donno wer it vil going to end and when dey vil reach may 2016……

  38. Tanusri

    Its better to stop watching this serial…….bakwass….therw will be no reuninon of abhigya……they bought corporater in between and they stopped aliaya character……bakwass show never seen…..they wont reveal who is the father of tanu baby to abhi…..

  39. john

    once again abhi pragya va than santhegam paduvaan.. ithu therinjathu thane .. dai ippadi kathai eluthurathuku poi thongunga da. romba naal kalichu updates vaasicha ithu kevalama iruku.

  40. Fowziya

    Heyyy Guyzzz..How r u all ?
    Sorry i was not able to comment for past one week, as i was busy with my exams, now nly finished ! ?
    And coming to past two episodes, thank god i didnt see it, nothing got improved, still the same crap?No comments !

  41. hema

    Kkb writer/directors logic: some bakwaas promo on Monday like ‘some scenes which creates eagerness to viewers’. Tuesday and Wednesday some mokka scenes of other family members. Thursday
    some discussions of pragya with other family members and set expectation to viewers that tanus
    secret would be caught that week
    .Then it won’t happen on Friday. Instead tanu would win. On Saturday to make viewers happy they will show some romantic
    scenes of abhi and Pragya. I think writers are thinking viewers would be calm if they show some unwanted low grade romantic
    scenes even if
    they show some bakwas whole week . I hate kumkum bhagya, am going to quit . Waste of waiting
    For abhigya reunite. I think they dont have any other story line. Just 2 girls fighting for 1 idiot guy since 570 episodes.

  42. ananthalakshmi sarma

    After tanus delivery only the truth will out n the child will look as nikil only then only tanu is only going to revel the truth. Befote tbat praghya should revel the truth.

    And tanu has stolen the money that should be exposed by tanu only because tanu is the main culprit

  43. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Tanu sbould be thrown out because she is cheating everybody n she is not a family membet of abhi n praghya n should not interfere in abhi n praghyas family matter.

  44. Guys I was watching starting episodes of kkb. I m so much missing old kkb.? So much missing our old simple and lovely pragya, intelligent abhi, chulbuli bulbul, sincere suresh, purvi, pragya’s rockstar dadi.? Missing them all very badly. Hate CVS to take these characters far from us by their disgusting storyline. God knows, when we will see them all back.?

    • Hai pratiksha..? hw r u?
      U knw in Telugu MMS track is cleared
      Now its proposing time for pragya?
      I’m enjoying Telugu episodes than Hindi???

      • asmitha

        hai kutty how r u me to enjoying Telugu epi now we can see more cute cute scenes of abhigya do u know these episodes r missed by me in Hindi now I am enjoying really we r missing our cute pretty pragya & funny rock star & I think today epi will be nice in Telugu that aaliya cut her wrist

      • Yeah.. Asmitha✋✋✋
        I’m good.. Hw abt u??
        Actually I hv watched in Hindi
        Again following in telugutelugu???

      • asmitha

        I am gd enjoying holidays today pragya so pretty in Telugu stupid tanu always comes bwn them precap is nice pragya consoling abhi very nice

    • Aishwarya

      Prathiksha from where ur watching old episodes from youtube or any website plzz tell me

  45. Sue

    I sincerely hope there’s a hidden camera in Pragya’s room or in the safe, that way they will be able to bring Tanu’s reality out.

    • shobana

      I returned home karthi
      Nothing to enjoy since we went to temple.
      Saturday and Sunday vaigasi vishagam so went thiruchendur murugan Temple

      • shobana

        Which is my native too. Since all have work on Monday returned soon. Karthi I love traveling even if you asked me to travel from morning to night I don’t worry but feeling very tired

  46. Fowziya

    Nowadays i’ve started hating pragya’s character and her attitude.. how ILLOGICAL the story is goin’ on, my god ! After the accident sequence Pragya camed on a new avatar just to expose Aliya Tanu n all, she’ve started behaving rudely with all, but now she is just behaving like this with Abhi n hurting him with her repeated lies, Tanu is accusing everyone for the stolen money but now she didn’t open her mouth nd gave back her a harsh replay ? she only knows how to challenge Tanu n co energetically.. she don’t even know how to execute a plan properly! As Gowtham n all said she only have time to romance with Abhii.. ! It is sad because Srithi and Shabir are talented n a very good actors, i donno how can they accept to play a miserable role like thiis.. really CVS should try to do a betta storyline.. really they’ve gone made nowadays.. viewers are getting very fed up with this storyline! ?

  47. karthika

    really..sis..u luv travelling…to be frank i hate travelling..i feel lazy to travel…i’m homesick too..when i went to my grandparents home i really missed my parents and sister alot….i felt lyk i’m in some other world…..but what to do ??we girls have to make it habitual….my perimaa vl always say me i’m not even bearing seperation from them even for few days then how vl u go to ur in law’s house??sorry sorry i’m commenting too much ryt…happy that u r back..take a nap n reload urself. .thiruchendur murugan koil lah early morning sunrise ah parthingazha….

    • shobana

      Yes karthi I just love traveling. If I am going to reach home means I will start to worry that im nearing home, my traveling is going to end nu im also homestick only. I don’t go out at all. That’s why I love traveling and going out of home. And even I can’t live even a single day without my mom that’s im not going out anywhere.
      Kaniyakumari la Thana early morning sunrise parpanga??
      But ya I saw sunrise early morning in thiruchendur also.by God’s grace We has a very good Darshan of lord murugan in spite of heavy crowd in early morning 6 o’ clock

  48. karthika

    realy sis.u luv travelling..that’s good..u know what i hate travelling!??i’m quite lazy abut travelling…i’m home sick too…happy u r back..thiruchendur lah early morning sunrise parthingala.. take a nap and refresh urself…happy that u didn’t watch kkb…becoz if u watch it u’ll just get out of patience…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.