Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi hugging Pragya and says he needs a baby. He says where did you go my fuggi? Dadi and Purab smiles looking at him. The girls standing there, say that Abhi and Pragya are meant to be together and love each other a lot. Tanu scolds them for gossiping. Tanu fears if Pragya gets pregnant with Abhi’s child then she don’t have to proof that the baby is of Abhi, as the baby’s face will resemble Abhi. She says but my baby’s face will resemble like Nikhil and gets worried. Dadi, Purab, Ronnie and Akash are happy about abhi and Pragya. Purab tells that Abhi have spoken his heart out infront of Pragya and expressed his feelings. Purab says we shall make Tanu have bhaang. Dadi says no, as she is pregnant and says we can’t play with the baby. Purab and Ronnie agrees. Tanu

sees Ronnie and gets scared. She tells Purab and Akash that Ronnie is there. Purab asks where is Ronnie? And why she is scared? Tanu calls Mitali and asks her to say if Ronnie is there. Ronnie hides. Mitali tells her that Ronnie is not there and says she is going to find Raj. Purab asks Tanu, why she is scared to see Ronnie? Tanu says nothing and goes. She thinks Nikhil and Tanu haven’t seen him, and now Purab and Akash. She searches for Nikhil. Tanu drinks Bhaang unknowingly and asks the waiters to go.

Akash asks the waiter if it was Bhaang Thandai or not. Waiter says it was not my mistake, before I could tell anything she drank two glasses. Purab says Dadi will get angry and says he will call Dadi. Tanu smiles and asks someone if she has seen her baby’s father. Girl asks if she is talking about Abhi? Tanu says no and says she is speaking about her baby’s dad. Girl takes Tanu to Abhi. Pragya asks someone to bring lemon water. Tanu tells Abhi that she has seen ghost. Abhi says he is afraid of ghosts. Tanu says she is searching for her baby’s father. Abhi says you are carrying my baby. Tanu says if you are married to me, no. She says I am searching for my baby’s father before marriage. Abhi gets confused and says we will search together. Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi is not taking Tanu’s talk seriously. Pragya says he will forget after he gets into senses. She says I will give him lemon water so that he can understand Tanu’s truth.

Pragya brings lemon water and gives to Abhi. He refuses to drink it and says he is seeing cloud. Pragya brings water and asks him to wash his eyes. He wash his face. He takes bhaang glass and makes Pragya drink it forcibly. Pragya asks what have you done? Abhi makes her drink one more glass? And asks how are you feeling now? Dadi, Purab and Akash smiles. Pragya also smiles and looks at him. Purab, Dadi, and Akash bring Tanu near Abhi and Pragya and says they know about the person who was searching. Tanu says okay and goes to them. Abhi asks her to sit and says they are matching cricket. Tanu says she couldn’t see. Pragya and Abhi argue that their team will win.

Pragya, Abhi and Tanu are under bhaang influence still. Dadi asks Purab to do something. Abhi asks them to sit in the car. Pragya and Tanu insist to drive the car. Abhi says you both will get punished and says Kiss…Both of them forward their face. You both will not get and says he will drive the car. Purab tells Dadi that he is having keys of he car. He asks them to sit at back side. Aaliya comes home and searches something in the house. She gets Abhi’s music will be stolen before it is released. He says I will make him big time loser with the help of this music.

Dadi asks Abhi to question Tanu about her baby’s father as she said something in a drunkard state. Abhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Pls bring her truth out soon I beg and fall on writers leg also pls throw tanu out and we all people who watches will lay I her fees pls bring new villain I am tired of seeing tanu and aaliya face

  2. yaar wat is this if at all abhi asks tanu vil she let out the truth wat a Crap nd wat abt promo of recording this track seems to b highly impossible but watever enjoyed abhi xpressions throughout the episode

  3. Waste, waste, waste total waste episode.? I will say it was a flop episode. Again they showed misleading promo. Nothing happened, not exposure and not even recording and even precap is also nothing, dadi asking tanu about baby daddy without proof infront of abhi, like someone is shooting arrow in darkness. ?Now how tanu will exposed now?? After two-three hit and gud episodes, we got nothing and has came back to square one!! God ?Can I expect some miracle!

    • Abhigya

      U r absolutely right pratiksha first they give us hope then they spoil everything?fed up totally fed up…. Don’t know what they want…

    • Reji

      Ya pratiksha……. now Dadi started to give hint to abhi but it is waste ….. easily tanu will escape that becoz of bhaang influence she blabbered sumthng….. now aliya returned to home to steal abhi’s music …..but she is still in aim to ruin abhi’s name and fame…… and the ronnie’s ghost drama is still running ….. now pratiksha wat will happen if nikhil come to know abt ronnie’s truth…

      • Dadi have started to giving hint to abhi but abhi was not looking convinced. His expression was normal when dadi was questioning to tanu about baby daddy. Pragya’s expression was normal becoz she knows tanu’s truth but abhi has shown giving normal expression instead of shocking, it was so weird. Abhi says to dadi that tanu says all it in drunken situation, in which anybody talks anything usually. But dadi says that a person speaks truth when that will b in drunken situation and says to abhi to ask her about badly daddy. Then also abhi was standing with normal expressions. It has only two means, if he knows truth also like pragya, which is not possible or he is not taking dadi’s words seriously. Anyways whatever happened, surely tanu will try her best to convince abhi as she is master of manipulation and making other persons fool. And she have already an excuse that she was drunk and abhi also convinced with this. So it will b not difficult for tanu to escape. And if dadi will give pressure on it then tanu and nikhil both have a chance to prove them wrong as dadi and pragya have no strong proof against them. So if they will try to do DNA test of tanu’s baby with abhi and other thing then it will not b difficult for nikhil to change the reports. It will b very easy for him becoz he has become bigger player now so these kinds of things r things of his left hand. Dadi and pragya needs their confession and very strong proof by which they can proof that tanu’s baby belongs to nikhil not abhi. Then only they could defeat them. Otherwise they needs some miracle. One thing only could gud from dadi’s this step that tabhi’s marriage and abhigya’s divorce issue could postponed until tanu proves that her baby belongs to abhi. Till then if dadi and team pragya collects strong proofs against takhil then it will b gud but if not then only miracle could make them win this battle with takhil. Dadi, pragya and purab needs more efforts and things to fill abhi’s mind with doubt against tanu and side by side Ronnie’s drama keep continue. So they can record tanu’s confession as a strong proof. Nikhil will not believe on tanu until he will not see ronnie from his own eyes. So till then ronnie and team pragya’s plan is safe. All they needs to b extra careful with their plans and moves and needs to put all their efforts and power to exposed tanu completely. That’s it. Otherwise we have to wait for some miracle. And about aaliya so she is taking that path which is right for her. She is taking advantage of everybody’s diverted mind which is on only now tanu, abhi and pragya. So if she or her attempts will not come in anybody’s eyes then she will get succeed in her efforts. Raaj was claiming to not let anything happen bad with abhi but he is actually let happen everything bad with abhi. He is not telling about tanu, nor telling about aaliya’s intentions to abhi or anyone. So he is still in suspicion of us that he is actually changed. Well aaliya and raaj r the persons of later track which is on it’s start but presently most important is tanu, which chapter needs to close now as soon as possible.

    • Sahithi

      If they want to drag, like the studio video footage which everyone conveniently forgot, nothing will come out of this also.

      But if they want to show some progress, Purab n others were mentioning about cameras being installed at this holi event also. So it can be shown that Tanu confession was captured on some such camera. Point to remember, KKB promos show summary of what is going to happen, not exact scenes, as we have seen in past.

      Also, Tanu confessed about baby n father not once but twice once when she was fine and once when she was drunk. If Daadi n Purab want to handle it smartly, they can mention the same – even Akash was around when this happened. So he can also tell same in front of Abhi – Daadi, Purab n Akash why will they lie in front of Abhi. Abhi will trust these three right.

      One more irritating thing is Aaliya doing samething again n again. It is such mockery of blood relations, sis n bro ties. She cant earn or be successful but can plot to destroy someone. As everyone else says, the evils keep changing in other shows, its always Aaliya n Tanu here.

      • Sahithi this is the only thing for which I m too hoping that promo is talking about holi event video recordings and purab have that proof on which bases dadi is questioning tanu about baby daddy in front of abhi.

  4. sam

    God when will they get proves of Tanu’s pragnancy??? Tired of this part.
    They celebrated holi as if something big would happen but it went meaningless in the garbage
    Go to hell all of u

  5. Brintha

    Dadi can’t do anything good for abhigya… and abhi he will never allow anyone to tell the truth or to prove… he will be fool like this for another 50 episodes… and media is not asking any question to tanu whose baby ur carrying before marriage?… or they close their eyes when tanu comes?…Sarla is missing… thank God she is not wasting our time… when pragya and Purab saw nikhil and tanu were trying to kill Ronnie why they didn’t record in mobile? if Ronnie wud hv died they just left how they did now? they hv to go to police with some proof na ? then why they missed?.. now a days we carry mobile to toilet also… means we never be without mobiles… in kkb only bedrooms and bathrooms will have glass partition doors… Heights of stupidity.. and if they go out they won’t lock the rooms…. they leave it open… otherwise for theives it will be a problem of breaking the lock… so alia utilized it…. now I hv only one wish to see the most wonderful idiot who writes this story… he should be ashamed to wrote like this stupidities… I wonder the writer’s children are not commenting the CVS foolish job… if he is my father or my mother I will Kari thupify like anything…

  6. tanvi

    Really its heights!!!!!! Today I was eagerly waiting for d clock to strike 9 pm..but !!!!! Aaahhh m getting mad..cvs go to hell

  7. razia

    Since they ve started these kind of promos I mean tanu getn exposed I think soon shell get exposed I mean already in aonth shell get exposed ..

    • Reji

      Razia in polimer tv New promo is out in iru malargal. … dadi is announcing that rabul’s marriage is going to happen ….. but definitely aliya will spoil it …..but I am happy to see that becoz in between the functions we can see abhigya and rabul romantic scenes…

      • gowtham

        as u said… now iru malargal going awesome…. semaya poguthu… even tanu i like in this track…. fight among abhi pragya tanu super…

  8. Swarnali Mukherjee

    Ha ha ha… So funny episode.. #abhigya Is best no doubt… Even Tanu looks so cute as drunken…. Keep this cute scenes going on but please do something of this Tanu track soon… RONNIE doing fabulous job…

  9. rajvi

    When abhigya hugging n dancing, dadi n purab was happy. I thought purab wil remember bulbul n his romance. But he dint even bother to think of it. He is only behind tanus truth. Strange pu-rab.

    • shobana

      Ya purab didn’t think of bulbul these many days
      But it is better to be like that because if they show he is feeling sad without her means they will drag more
      I think after tanu exposure he may think abt bulbul

  10. writers this aliyha storyline is too boring now you sent her to jail for committing a crime why bring her out of jail to start the same storyline and that is trying to get back at abhi and pragya it just does not make sense and to top if off we the viewers are fed up of the storyline and another thing this tanu/Nikhil storyline is dragging way too long that also needs to come to an end and you writers make up your minds if you want this serial to be hilarious or serious you are straying too much from the point of what is to happen one time you showing like if you dealing with Nikhil to be caught then all of a sudden you switch to pragya and abhi with their usual game playing to tell the truth all this simi dimi is too frustrating let the serial be serious and solve the problems in a quick manner that is exposing the bad one for whom they really are get what I mean writers buck up with your writing or let some other writers step in and take over remember these serials are not comedies so stop introducing so many games in them and stop destroying all the serials

  11. sathya

    please bring out the truth of tanu many episodes passed by if it goes on like this nobody seem interest in watching kkm

  12. Shwets

    It was june when tanu’s truth about her pregnacy was revealed now it’s march, 9 months r done bt ds tanu is dancing….what nonsens is ds..i dnt understand what dey think, hum pagal h ya ye writer everything is illogical.!!!! But i think these stars are fool why they agree to do such stupid acts, they r spoiling there image.

  13. angel

    Such dumb people.. They r just dragging n showing us the shittt.. I am not going to watch this show any more..boring track n nonsense.. Plz change the villans tanu n aliya r so damn boring..abhi’s DNA can b matched with the baby’s DNA… It can very easily be proved… Guys ur not in 1950.. Plz use latest technology..

  14. Abhigya fan

    Even after tanu’s truth is revealed out, I don’t think pragya will get back the look of fuggy……… Instead she will know about alia’s evil plans and will try to expose her again….

  15. tenu

    Nice epi…??
    Really enjoyed and got entertainmed…
    They act toooooo well in a drunken state. This time even tanu has drunk.
    I really enjoyed a lot kkb team

  16. I’ve stopped watching this serial. . Na hi tannu ka sach aa raha h na hi uska baby.. hadh ho gyi hai..irritate kar dia..

  17. samira uwes

    To hell with this series?… This all a waste of time so boring ND it’s heading nowhere ??

  18. Hey today epi was some what gud so veiwes pl watch but still im in a doubt that this time also TrUth will b xposed r not? Hi rufi

  19. Shavi

    Same drama.. only thing they find tanu’s baby’s father is nikhil.. in drunken state they should have shown only abhigya. . Along with tanu is irritating. . Does purab forget totally about bulbul.. nearly three months went none is bothered about her.. is really they will show reentry of bulbul ??? Not a even sign that bulbul is alive or she is returning. . On seeing purab its clearly shown he is forgotten everything about bulbul..

  20. Jamaican girl

    I got scared when i thought Ronnie was dead and was shouting no no, i love Ronnie in he show. Was so glad when he was not hurt or dead. Keep
    him always in the show.

  21. Neha

    Funny episode but plz end this tanu pregnency drama soon getting boring bezari aari we want to see abhigya reunite

  22. gowtham

    actually episode i liked it…. it was cute…. and tanu was also cute excluding the baby drama…. and i am very sure…. inum one mnth la tanu truth will come out…. and current track is way more good compare to past one month…

    ghost drama may seem sily.. but i thnk its gonna do somethng…. and tanu is gonna be exposed… so nothing to blame about todays episode actually….

    • Brintha

      actually growtham when Ronnie had tried second time and hit by taking was the perfect evidence and jenuine proof for tanu exposure… the track wud have ended thr itself… that was the perfect situation to expose them to get arrested… I don’t think another opportunity like this or brilliant idea will expose tanu… to drag they wasted that perfect situation… Ronnie cud hv been saved by Purab and pragya with little injuries… but they want to highlight pragya has to expose tanu and nikhil… this will take another 50 rubbish episodes

      • gowtham

        but brindha…. i thnk purab or someone captures wat tanu talked herself in holi event….. so i thnk tats why dadi ask about babys daddy to tanu….. bcoz i thnk wdout any strong proof pragya and co wont be ready ask like this right…. so maybe they got proof frm recording…. but i am not sure…

        since dadi ask this question, i am not sure with wat m saying… bcoz dadi is nowadays making things worse in pragyas case…. so maybe this time also by her question…. takil will be alert… and takil will thnk family members have doubt on them…. so they put all move carefully… and whn if it comes to DNA test… it s not difficult for nikhil to change the report… so everything is going on harder parts only… depends on writers hw they could handle it…. bt somehow i hope ds time dadi wont fail by asking tat stupid question wdout any proof….. hope they have some proof whch ll be later show on

    • Ani

      You are right Gautham. Logically they should not ask abhi without any proof since they are planning so much to get it. But CVS can do illogical scripting to any extent and give silly explanation by pragya team. No hopes for me in this track. Exposure will happen but will take its own time till CVS gets some interesting script which they in turn could make it boring for us.

  23. sravs

    since abhi is not taking these words seriously, tanu will again manipulate abhi..
    dadi will request for DNA report, but reports will gets change by takhil
    so, tanu and abhi will decide to marry soon
    on the day of marriage sarala ji get conscious and tell the truth.
    abhi will believe because he knew that sarala ji got kidnapped..bla bla..etc..

  24. Brintha

    when the food has to be served at the right time as it is supposed to be… otherwise it will go to the dustbin… same here… nowadays even they show some good scenes of abhigya hope most of us not having any feeling… because of tanu track dragging… it’s of no use the movie released in the empty theater… and food served in the empty dining hall… either it’s appreciation or criticism ppl shud be thr… kkb slowly moving towards no audience theater because of tanu track… tanu should get high payment.. if she is not there abhigya, and all hv to go home.. because writer is trusting only tanu.. he believes only tanu… apart from tanu writers can’t think any thing…

    • di

      No pain no gain but we have only pain not gain tanu evil wins…. Other serial make many twist & turn turn around itself that prove writer hav’nt brain….

  25. megala

    hi guys i think tanu’s truth will been on postponed please write uncle expose tanu as soon as possible its my request. Very nice to abhi and Pragya in drunken state.

  26. Sonam

    Totally hopeless serial, channel should off air this serial and make way for any new serial. I have stopped watching this and hope others also do the same soon.

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