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The Episode starts with Dadi telling Pragya, Akash and Rachna that she has failed Tanu’s plans and has convinced him that Pragya might acted to have affair with Champak to take revenge from him. Pragya asks then why did he eat sandwich from Tanu’s hands then? Dadi says he was taking your test. She tells Pragya that Abhi didn’t throw her out of the house, as he still loves her and wants her to return in his life. Pragya asks then why did she sleep in your room and not in my room. Tanu asks Abhi to take divorce from Pragya. Abhi says Pragya is doing this helplessly, and says I have been unfair to her, and taking care of you rather than her. She might be felt that she needs someone and that’s why have affair with Champak. Tanu thinks Dadi is ruining her plan. Abhi says Dadi is

right, I didn’t give her love and care which she deserve. Tanu asks him not to talk to Dadi. She says Dadi has to understand that Pragya has betrayed you since beginning. Abhi says may be Pragya thinks of Champak as her friend and may be Champak is after her. He says I have to forgive her and make her understand that she is wrong. Tanu says this is not right. Abhi asks her to go and says he has some work. He says I have to make Pragya understand that whatever she is doing is right. Tanu thinks plan was hit, but flopped now. She thinks she has to do something and sees Mitali. She asks if she forgot the chilli. Mitali says no, and says she was looking at her condition. Tanu gets irked and goes.

Dadi gets up and asks them to hear carefully. She tells Pragya that if Abhi doesn’t love you, then why he did he think of proposing you. She says Abhi was jealous seeing you with Champak. Pragya hugs her and says mistake is mine. Just like he didn’t trust me, I did the same. She says I will never doubt on him or his love. Dadi asks her to have faith on her love. Rachna says Tanu can’t come between you both.

Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house. Nikhil says he was going out to have food. Tanu asks him about Champak and asks him to call him back. Nikhil asks why? Tanu says we need him. Nikhil asks why? Tanu says Dadi has ruined our plan, and filled his ears saying that Pragya is right and have affair with Champak as she didn’t get love from Abhi. Nikhil gets angry. Tanu says Abhi is thinking to help and care Pragya, so that she doesn’t get trapped in wrong relation. She asks him to call Champak to Mehra house for 2 days. Nikhil says he charges more. Tanu says we have to do this. Abhi makes list of the things to impress Pragya. Pragya comes to room and thinks Abhi might have proposed me by now, if Champak wouldn’t have come. Abhi comes near Pragya. Pragya thinks about Dadi’s words asking her to go to Abhi if he takes a step towards her. They think what to do after going near. Pragya falls in his arms. Allah Wariyan plays………..They have an eye lock. Abhi thinks she might have cried all night, but her eyes are so beautiful even now. Pragya thinks he is looking handsome. They start arguing. Pragya asks who left the room yesterday. Robin comes and calls her name. Pragya says you came on line.

Abhi says Robin came. Pragya thinks Sarla has come and asks Robin to tell her that she will come in 2 mins. Robin says Sarla didn’t come, but your friend Champas Das came. Pragya goes running. Abhi thinks he has to find out about him. Dasi and Tai ji are shocked seeing Champak. Mitali says I have won the bet and asks them to give money. Tai ji makes excuses. Taya ji asks his wife to give money to Mitali. Taya ji asks Dasi to give money, but she asks Mitali to forbidden her and says she will support her always. Rachna informs Dadi that Champak came again. Dadi thinks she made everything fine, but this Champak will ruin everything again. Tanu comes infront of Pragya and asks if she is so eager to meet her boyfriend, and asks her to marry Champak. Pragya says you have to marry and that with Nikhil. She asks her not to come infront of her, else she will fall for sure.

Abhi asks Pragya to select someone better than him with whom he can compete. Pragya asks if he is better than you. Abhi says no, he is like peanut butter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. All time dragging …I am sorry shreya. ..just for fun

  2. OMG! How long they keep impressing each other.. why cant they both open their mouth and confess their doubt and love to each other.. total waste of time .:(

  3. When will this tanu drama end. It has been sooooo many months since this nonsense started. Please get rid of this plot and add something new. Oh and when will you expose tanu, aliyah, and mitali for planning the kidnapping??????!!!! This is too much yaar

    1. if i dont like dont watch it
      ..i thought ur d only one who likes this dragging what happened…
      just kidding….frankly any1 in this world will hate this dragging not only u
      yesterday ritvi was saying the same….chill dr?

  4. This drama was so nice at the beginning and now really draggy , I am also waiting very eagerly for Tanu to get expose but the twist is it was easy to make a false true but so diff to make a true false.

  5. Tanu dat b*t*h. Gets away with blue murder. Ey dumb serial

    1. Oh no wen Wi they stop dragging?????
      ☁ Sleepy ☁

  6. plssssssss stop this pragya and team nonsense, why the dragging naaa? we sick and tired of this stupid drama learn from others naaa. they’re all ahead of you, I hope you won’t get rewarded for these foolishness

  7. Hloo all.. Is their any malayali here?

    1. Yes Nilu that’s me am fed up of this nonsense ???

  8. I am tired of this drama being of repetitive type and thinking when the end will come.

  9. The show has been completed 600 episodes yesterday and in result what we got?- just nothing. We r still stuck on the same eye- lock scenes of abhigya and they r still trying to search love in each other for each other, like the beginning. Now it seems their love story is like an about to fuse bulb ?, who constantly lights up and lights off until it’s end. Usually shows moves with the leap of the story for further progress but here in kkb they r moving with same recycled scenes and story again and again. Abhigya’s love story is like an about to fuse bulb, abhi is like a growing child who needs someone to teach him everything, pragya is like a typical woman of 18&19th centuries, a helpless, poor and goddess of greatness, who can b easily used by her emotions and extra greatness. And enemies r still behind them like all peoples has finished in this whole world to take benefit, tanu is still behind abhi like he is one and only rich man. who left in this whole world alone to trap for making her future bright. Nikhil is like he could b nothing without abhi’s business, like all other options has finished, aliya is like only purab is left in this whole world to marry when she is a rockstar’s sister and can easily get lots of more gud options like purab, purab is like, he have no aim left in his life except to solve abhigya’s problems, abhi and pragya both have their bright carrier in their hands, one is expert in music and other is well educated but both have been left it and busy in personal life’s problems, abhi is like he has nothing left to do and handle in his life except pragya and tanu and pragya has left no self respect and she is like that without putting kumkum in her maang or without marriage, she can’t live and like she is found abhi so difficulty and if he will b lost then she can’t get other and her life will get finished. Everybody has control on them but they have no control upon ownself or each other. Abhigya r like childs and others like their guardians. And rest of members of the show like only for time wasting or time pass.Show is based on a sensible and passionate and a mature love story but it has turned into nonsense and immature love story. Sometimes I feels like I m watching a cartoon show of Tom and Jerry, types,in which everything is just childish. In these 600 episodes cvs have ruined all the essence of the story of the show as well as characters originality too. They have wasted such a long time what they got to give gud entertainment by gud story. We had so much expectations with this show from it’s starting but now we watch it like just for time pass. Feels really bad to see such a scopic story is getting ruined by their stubbornness of stretching the story line by rubbish dragging. Let’s see what they will do in next 100 episodes? They can cross 600 more episodes or will get finished before it becoz of their stubbornness. We like sriti and shabbir as abhigya very much and we have been addict for their chemistry so don’t want to lose them like this. Hope God give some brain to cvs on the mean time before it gets too late. Anyways, I want to congratulate all the star cast and crew of kkb to reaching kkb till 600 episodes by their hard work, I wish they use this hard work in more better way so we can see kkb more than 1000 episodes with better story and interest.

    1. Pratiksha, adding to it, we audience are like either we dont have any better show to watch or we are like – dont know what to do with those 30 mins from 9 to 9:30 that we continue to watch in a hope that some day it gets better. When .. when..

      1. Exactly sahithi there is no other interesting show in this 9pm time’s slot to watch. But i heard that mahesh bhatt is going to launch their new show in august on star plus on the same time slot, which will replace diya and baati hum. And another show can also performs better by their gud turns of the story so let’s see until when kkb’s creative team and writers can determine with their stubborness of this rubbish dragging to stretch the story. But as shobhna said that abhigya r charm of the show so until their charm will remain maintain in the show for us, till then our expectations of seeing abhigya’s love story and their union will not b end and we can’t keep us away from the show for long or ever. This is our biggest weak point, of which cvs r taking advantage and they will take this advantage further also until we will completely disconnect with our interest for the show as well as abhigya too. So as u said till then we can just hope to watch improvement and gud progress in story. That’s it.

      2. Until the trp is high we can’t expect anything from CVs.
        And yes hope u remember I have told you that I’ve started to watch a new show kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi. Don’t know why I was not able to continue with it. I couldn’t feel like abhigya. So I stopped watching it. Infact im searching for a better prog by 9 o’ clock but couldn’t set mind anything beyond abhigya.

      3. Pratiksha, Shobana, I watched the show on Sony for 2-3 days only, but couldnt connect much. May be because of watching it from middle.

        I think the 1-2 shows I watched so far is only for the actors, as I realized even some mediocre scripts shine with wonderful actors. The only show I struck to before this is Balika, which had some great actors, but after Sriti quit I stopped watching completely and never ever went back after Shiv character died.

        And Pratiksha, you are right, Abhigya is the only reason ppl r watching anything they r showing as entertainment here. But if anything is stretched too far it ultimately breaks, hope the writers realize soon.

    2. Prathiksha, each and every words in ur comments is true. The essence of the story is lost. The CVs are fooling us with eyelock scenes with bg songs. For over 300+ episode the lead of the show was tanu since the story revolves only around her and the situation is always in favour of her. I really don’t know when all the viewers are going to get bored by abhigya scenes. And coming to purab. Is he exist in the show. Because most of the day he is invisible. Since bday party tanu drama begins he was not there. Mitali is a supporting role but getting more screen space than purab who is a second lead of the show.
      And one more thing yesterday there is no baby bump in tanu’s tummy. Can’t understand whether she is 3 months old pregnant women or 7 months old pregnant women.
      The writers are thinking that they are entertaining us but they are not. They are irritating us and with this stupidity they have reached 600 episode. I hope now the cast and crew will be happy. Anyways unless and until im not getting bored by abhigya I will continue the show.
      So lets hope for the best in the upcoming episodes.

  10. I have no interest to comment on yesterdays episode ??.
    Mitali team members are increasing. Dasi too joined with mithali and teji. Its really boring and irritating.

    1. Poor Abhi everyone enjoys his property and fame but no one joins him in their group .. LOL..

      1. Ha ha.. Sahithi, I think there is 3 groups: mithali group, tanu group and pragya group. If abhi joined in anyone of this group, he would have come to know all truth and his brain would’ve started to work long back ??

        The number of comments itself indicating how much the viewers like this show. Day by day no of comment are becoming low ??

      2. Sahithi ur comment is super.

  11. so boring

  12. R u guys still watching this bullshit drama. I just happened to come across this telly update today after about 6-8 months and with no surprise found that the same meaningless dragging is going on. And I have found a reason for this. This stupid show is going on only because the fans despite disliking it use to watch it and some of us even goes a step further to write fan fiction. Guys!! the writers are enjoying the foolishness of the viewers. Anyway, keep enjoying and writing about this never ending, illogical drama full of all dumbo characters .

  13. I think this the only serial without logic also it running nicely with a gd trp I think only fr cast and their acting so congrats kkb we want to see u like this as always all the best fr u all fr ur future epis but don’t become this much dumb pls pick up ur selves

  14. Abhigya went to ditto TV app launch I think they went after shoot only they r in show costumes only looking grt both of them

    1. Asmitha did you watch their interview and Shabir’s statement at end on TRPs. He was saying audience will bring TRPs for the show and it is channel’s responsibility to deal with TRPs and show’s popularity. As actors they always try to do their job – that is acting.

      1. Sahithi I didn’t watch interview but I saw pics only apart of these how much I like abhigya on onscreen more than that I love them off screen their bonding is so nice their offscreen chemistry is so nice their INT’s will include so much fun I like that and their understanding their coordination very nice I didn’t seen a pair like this anywhere I think that’s why they look awesome on onscreen just as like a real pair

  15. Brainless people

  16. Well done pratiksha… Very nice comment????
    Is there any improvement in abhigya’s life? No
    Is there any improvement in tabhi’s life? No
    Is there any improvement in takhil’s life? No
    Is there any improvement in rabul’s life? No only disappointment
    Is there any improvement in aaliya’s life? No she went to 2014 April ( bcoz she went to Australia again) normally if a person murdered someone the killer will be sent to jail. But in kkb they will send killers to Australia to enjoy.
    Is there any improvement in kkb serial? Certainly not
    Then what r they doing from episode 272?
    * Mehra members – cheating, betraying, romancing, joking, planning, failing, still helping takhil by hiding their truth, always wasting the episodes by talking, etc. I think they have forgotten their mission & they have became takhil’s saviours.
    * takhil – those two need others things. Others money, others husband. And nowadays they have became pragya’s broker.
    * cvs – dragging, disappointing, irritating by bringing utter nonsense twists.

    From 272 episode till now they haven’t got an idea to expose takhil.. I don’t know why their brain is this much of weak & stupid. Oh!! Mr. Abhi puppet please react like a healthy, clever man without reacting like a puppy dog.
    Sometimes I feel I want to hit abhi’s head by using his dumbbells. He is living, & loving his enemies a lot. And keeping them with him always with all the facilities. WOW???. But the unfaithful members betraying him & enjoying his money without any guilt feeling.

    In my view pragya & co don’t have any rights to scold takhil. Bcoz there is no any different between takhil & pragya team. Pragya team is worse than takhil. Takhil betrays abhi means, what does pragya team do?? They r his own family but betraying him more than takhil & aaliya.
    There r no words to scold pragya for her ridiculous activities.
    If they don’t have an idea to expose takhil then cut takhil’s tongues. Afterthat they can’t manipulate. Then how can they discuss about their plans each other. So takhil will fail…

  17. One more update guys, Shikha posted on IG a thank you message for the show completing 600 shows. From that it looked like she is still part of the show, and we can hope to see her come back.

  18. Abbi n pragya married and haven’t slept together as yet as husband and wife, no wonder she is so frustrated. Didn’t watch kkb for months ,didn’t read updates either, only comment on what other viewers write!!! Don’t know how you guys read the updates, you must be mentally strong. I agree with all the comments above. Wonder if kkb crew reads the comments on this page and if they do something is wrong with their logic, and I’m being very nice and polite here, and if they don’t read our comments, they should!!!!

  19. what is this yar kitna boaring serial ho gaya hh

  20. Any new segment update friends ??

  21. I thnk Indian male r lyk abhi??? gd 4 nothng…brainless…plz shw somthng which 00.00000001% represent our Indian society or make it full frictional lyk naagin???

  22. SURBHI

    ok first the great confusion in the show is abhi’s thought he said that she has cried all night still her eyes are beautiful I mean what he want to say when he know that she cried whole night still he want to find a way to impress her what a story great salute to writers total ILLOGICAL

  23. Guys i saw a pic from the set of kkb, in which abhi is with raaj and mitali’s son Bunty. It seems Bunty came back on shoot. Surely cvs brought him back with some purpose. Bunty’s toy car was played a big role in mms track to proving pragya’s innocence. Let’s see if he will again play same role in proving pragya’s innocence this time also or cvs brought him just for time pass like others. But somewhere i feels that surely cvs have some purpose to bring him back. So let’s see what role he will play in this track. I think abhi will take his help in this champu matter. Well let’s see.

    1. If Bunty really plays a role in knowing about Champak, then it’s confirmed writers intentionally recycle scenes may be not because they are out if ideas but may be they are obsessed with their own writing that they are so proud of it and keep repeating themselves.

      Or all of us feel the characters changed so much off late that writers repeating such old scenes is to remind us it’s the same show ???

      1. Hahahahaaa…?same feeling sahithi.?✋

  24. This is the first time I saw such few comments on this page…shows how everyone is loosing interest…hope the same happens for the shows and that will drop the TRP and hopefully CVS will realise……just hoping (sigh)

  25. I think we have to be patient
    d way I see it this tanu an champak drama will very soon as u are seeying abhi have started thinking abt wat grandma tell him so we have to be patient an see wat will happen next


    1. SURBHI

      31st february 😉

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